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i thought it might be appropriate
comfort so many new students tenggara students
to remind ourselves
and couldn't we enter into practice thread worried that we're entering into
in him the notion of practice period came up in india because of my current it was too wet to travel around so
they didn't travel right
the best of it so they stayed in one place and
turn that into a time for intensive practice
and an that tradition have been carried forward into china japan and now
do you work
i read somewhere that the translation of the term angle what to not travel right or cannot move around
who are here
hopefully to be here as fully as possible
and a my coming and going
and the momentary experience
and and physical reality of going out or with a and back in
whoa in the next couple of day including today including the morning during a day will be setting up the working
of the monitor
in enron and bulletin the
the guidance
referred my way to
personal behavior and interpersonal behavior
but because they were i think we're traveling and wandering monk they didn't have much need to attend to
an organizational structure with defined role they did actually haven't defined role
even in shakyamuni bangor
there were particular road
for what they didn't have what they didn't have a cliff
bringing that up with him mad
a way of fig
the rogue the killer
when the admonition and guidelines around contact remotely to enable harmonious working of the tango and to enable awaken
why to or to
and then then the term that was developed as monastic practice in the saddle place
big became the flavor of then became the heritage of our then practice
there were extra will develop monday
that's how the the shingle or developed and dogan benji my quite
particular and how he wrote up fishing
if you haven't read that book at a wonderful book
your standards for than monetary and by tag enlightenment shall have okamura
i recommend it
it's marvelous city dorgan danger you will describe so many things in detail
very much the heritage of the than way that they didn't hear go without access to the momentary experience
and that access enabled
the mind from the new awareness
did realize the nature of a victim
this is the flavor of our school
the pretty simple
and difficult to practice
whoa on a personal level and an a level of shinji and kinda as personal behavior
how to behave in a way and engage in a way
the turns his back to our intention
why we came here in the first place why we go through the order of hungarian
and to mm
ripen that intention
who are crime of brings us to practice and then and we practice
we start to see through our on karma or likes and dislikes our own imaginings notions about i wasn't a improve ourselves or how we're going to an escape from some of the suffering of the world
he continued to practice referred to see through that and a deeper
a fool awakening over intention to awakening comes forward
so arising the mind of awakening is a continual profits if when brings us in the door
and constantly refining it we're rediscovering it we will ripening it
it is if or practice would like
and tape
sobering now we will be saddled and the intoxication of our own emotions and imaginings start to dissipate
in something quieter some things steadier
something more real because it's more connected to what's going on
teach you that what it is to be alive
and it helped to write this awakening way seeking mind
huh the shinji the hitler
i to enable it
the return to the moment
to engage the process of sobering up
when we we so entranced by what goes on in our own mind it's hard for us to believe that it isn't the most important thing that's going on
take to be hard for us to imagine that all our imaginings and fears and anxieties and yearnings
are not the substance of reality
that they don't commanded and define it
and of course when we're in the throes of our subjective world they do that simply what's going on
who are intention is the pod
this to remember yeah
that is the nature of human mind
that intoxication that way of investing our energy
what we want and what we don't want
some mysterious notion that if we invest our energy on it it'll come true
but eventually will get what we want and we'll be able to avoid will be gone one
sometimes that will happen but overall it's just not realistic
in some ways it's literally a waste of energy
huh we remind ourselves of our intention not to be lost in that intoxication
he something in it knows that the chirping of the bird
he directly manifests the nature of what is
it's not held sway by our imaginings our likes and dislikes
it has the commanding authority of its own big
and that awakening to this will enable us
to see what's going on instead of using dreaming about what might go on or what my nicola
so the details of our forms
the constantly or for us it's access the present experience
and the daily schedule and the weekly schedule they are for right
go beyond what we want and what we don't want
they drive into the awakened life
they drive into the buddha life
when also they draws into
an interrelated life
we are in this life together
we can eat or okay because someone goes to the kitchen early and makes breakfast and someone else stand right on the angola
and bring the food in and thirty two it
so we bow before we receive the food and we bow after we receive the food
because the forms of our practice or showing us the interrelatedness of existence
there is a mutuality to our welfare
we support each other
don't get benji says within one body there are many body
within the one body of the monastery
there are many body
here's the kitchen the shop the office the browse
the study how meditation hall
when the one body can no one human body of the monastery there's a whole bunch of individuals
each person living their life
which was going through our own personal prices
he was very helpful if we can remind ourselves
the shinji is asking each of us to engage that one body
with kindness and consideration and respect
when you serve food with kindness and consideration pretty soon you get to know how much a certain person picks
much like you can feel it how much they want
have each person you come to you stop
and you make that connection then you bow and then you go to the next person
when we come to the monastery when we enter practice period
it's very much about dropping off
but sometimes dropping off seems quite close to falling apart
sometimes hard to know when you're dropping off body or mind i just literally falling apart at the scene
the thickness of just how practices
bennett is why we need each other's kindness and consideration and respect
one of the definition of sanga
is a body of practitioners with shared intention
as we do with each other we should always keep close i respect for each other's intentions
maybe have the person is manifesting it right now isn't clear to with
but still we should respect it
and still we should endeavor to be supportive and generous
what kind of environment if we can create that together a kind of environment is very helpful
when i walked up the road yesterday
and i was remembering how extraordinary it is here in the late fall
has a melanin
as darkness
the it becomes quiet again
and still some of the lingering stumbling one
have collectively we can move into this new mandela this new way of being together
like a sky just a realistic
but with gratefulness
a wonderful is to be able to do this together
can be here
in this enchanted valley
and this ferocious heritage of hungarian
those who is walking around outside remembering oh yeah can gargle i remember that
i said kangaroo like me
come up with thirty years ago
i still remember the flies
wandering in and out of my ears
going to the corner of my eye
to use it as a drinking finally
the walking around and thinking oh yeah now
now this great group of my sight places in there
pouring their effort their determination their sincerity
in can manifest in buddha body
he needs to others
and it stirs our hearts
it reminds us
a what the heart practices
and an open car hard
get support
and then sitting inside thinking
are those people outside went through this
they've done this
they mean this effort
hi to make this effort
huh this is our mutual support
he is our mutual respect
this is what enabled us to go beyond what the one who we like in whom we don't like how we want things to be and how we want them not to do
we align ourselves we were line
i'm being very heartfelt
something deeper than like can dislike we align it with the heritage and the request to practice
so the shinji
the interpersonal the interactive aspect of the shingle is to turn of thing is to foot fully express this aspect
of our common intention
when you clean the beds clean the bad to the monks can be
the body fat for my side for
huh the winter boot in are different places in our different departments
he works for the benefit of others
and then natural human tendency of getting caught up in our selfishness it constantly under
this is the spirit of shinji
the internet active the interpersonal aspect of it
and in the third aspect of shinji
he is is that which connects us to the whole world
is that which connects it to
who use all the resources carefully
we don't waste water we don't waste food
we are always kerosene
i think piano was a little surprise through the day when i mentioned to her that the lamps were lit very early
that's what was in my mind
but use this precious resource kerosene carefully
what's not contribute to global warming any more than we have to
who's we take the water
but we've used to wash our bold we put it towards us
instead of away
sustaining our connection
when not casting away our rubbish
our discard
in deep belief of separation we pour it towards it
that cometh
this planned this stream
our bodies are all part of the one body of be
huh this answer we will fleck and are shingle
the police over the following days
as you're learning the details
even though they may seem at times unusual maybe even unnecessary weight try to remember that they are part of a heritage it's trying to express and enabling
the awakened body of buddha
the interconnectedness about being this is their intention
who's listening to the wake of well this morning
and i was remembering for a long time my most immediate visceral response to the wake of bell was a kind of a version and grey
not something i intended to help with just
but momentary thought something like oh no

it's hard to pick the rigors take on the rigors of monastic practice
when my site
some sense of
struggle some sense of wine thing
the stay safe for the stay separate or something
who to remind ourselves the cape
activating our intention
to realize yes turning up
is a powerful practice
what actually wholeheartedness as something extra from us
can to turn up reluctantly
what did turn up
fully committed
which time we notice or dread or inversion
our inclination to cut corners
when it's say well maybe i'm too tired to go up today i think it's better if i just sweeping
to really examine that carefully
to let the paper intention shared a light on it
is this just the intoxication of like and dislike
the always ways seeking mind
offers us a deeper truth
way to examine more thoroughly what's rising
similarly when we interact with each other
of course our versions and attachments are going arise
how will that be what we energise will have been the place from which we act
how we allow its way seeking wind to see that from what it is
and to remember
the inter dependence of our existence
to remember that this monk is right now annoyingly
it's a great pilgrim on the path of practice
where do they have my support and respect
had the say we're gonna be perfect at this that would be amazing if we were absolutely maybe
wouldn't be even be that helpful for your perfect
sometimes i think
part of why we support each other's practices by knowing each other
then we get to see what arise that we get to see these karmic arising and then we have the opportunity okay don't get stuck in that
what returning to the expression avoid thinking like
the find a mentor
intention of our practice together
when in this practice period when i would like to offer
as a teaching
our the teachings of early buddhism and i'd like to start with the the kind of ceuta
know it's my notion that these early teachings
aren't really any different from so later teachings mahayana this day
a guy think they are
express the three bodies of buddha they all express
the path of awakening
and i think the early teachings day off right
a certain flavor certain straightforwardness
a certain involvement and engagement
in the yogic practice of entering the moment and becoming attentive to what's happening in the moment
if it's my notion that no matter what school are no matter which of the meditative schools of buddhism you practice the best theme runs through them all
so that will be
well we will study
and with a little luck will have one copy for that
by the first class
and then practice the study
the study the the teachings is the same way we may stay you may say you might study playing the piano
but there is music theory there is technique
but it's in the doing know if she just study music theory and technique
without actually engaging in playing the piano it's just an abstract learning
maybe even a little ridiculous
similarly as we study will take on the kitchen can we find it in our own life
so i hope as well as we go through the study that we can find a way to do that together
and i'm certainly in terms of docusign in terms of one on one interviews you know this is my hope that
these a teachings
these engagements in body and bread
in feelings
in mental disposition and lying objects
that they'll offer a reference they locked her vocabulary
and that in docusign that can be eliminated
the nature of docusign is to bring forth the dharma
in addition the point of idra is not so much a hierarchical convention with this person tells you want to think or what to do sometimes they make
but even that just in the service
have a mutual bringing for the dharma that
meet you he went to the dover same room as buddha
and buddha amitabha buddha and the garment is manifest
when i made a practice period eighteen months ago the
davison pretending to be quite long which meant that
i didn't see people that frequent way
so i would like to suggest
maybe after the first docusign where i think it takes some time to get to know each other
have you are practicing can be established and then that can be addressed in a more succinct manner
when an indication can be shorter and more frequent which i think it's more helpful
and of course if they need to be longer they can be longer it's not a fixed route it's just an ocean
and then also we have a you know the wonderful practice leaders that we have here i was just thinking this morning how wonderful it is how many of the rocket gg
a senior staff are continuing in their positions
so they can bring that seasoned experience with them
it's a great benefit
a great port
when way we're always in a learning mode over
when we have a good season senior staff they can support us all in and are learning
have it also encourage you to have practice discussion with the other practice leaders to
invention greg will be a practice leader now too
how show and i were asking each other while would be it
an appropriate ceremony or acknowledgement of that unfortunately we don't have such a thing
you have to make one up
but just so you know he is available as a practice peter
also i would hope that we would have some way to interact as sanga now
in my role is habit
i spent a good deal of time thinking about what's best present center
of christian center is basically a people church
we are as in center
yes the buildings are very helpful to have been really weird she take us away the building just
it's it's our whole hearted effort inside of them and i tried them that makes them as incentives
i don't like to have a way to engage and hear your thoughts and your feelings around or practice and how we're doing in what you would like us to do
this would be very helpful for me
as a look at these questions where are we going wouldn't want to go
how are we doing here in our monastic practice
i'm not sure whether doing them in chosen as the best way or just informally or whatever
so i looked to you for your opinions as to how that might happen
huh okay
that's my piece for today
to thank you for coming and thank you for those of you who just said hungarian
as i say it reminds those of us who settled in the past
oh yeah hungarian
you know it would be nice
somehow is i practice or awakening is always a kind of the sweep event
had that happened
in the soft and gentle manner
where'd you know sometimes and it does seem
the other expression of it to help
how will we should be careful
it's not just arduous
in fact isn't as we explore the practice a little deeper
he led this whole hearted giving over
in its own way it has more of us then just sitting through the difficulty
his practice it as of the to look carefully where are we holding
who to call up the intention that says okay even that
allow like the opened and relief
this is the way of all the buddhas and ancestors
this is the way to awaken
and be free from suffering
thank you very much