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Tuesday Class

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but time is that serves
by the way
start but
a very bad tendency of unfortunately to be late and we're working on it for fifteen years of sober and spent
sometimes there were times that
this will be the last time with late
this class and going to send around a little tablet so that i can have the who's and a class to election
a pig tenants if you're not a gringo to resident if you would write your phone number down it will be very helpful in case something should happen and i get hit by a car who knows what and there's no class than you can call me to schlep all of a jerk
the rest of the people you don't need to put your phone number down
and if you can just of quietly circulated through the room as the class goes on
no i would like to
go to the
just to be clear that you and i agree on when as it is that we're meeting you know like what we what days and so forth
i think that
i we're having for classes
now it's february twenty nine
and we're having class tonight and then next week marks the seventh
and then a week after that marks the fourteenth
but then we're skipping a away
march the twenty first
no class everybody will remember
i would hate for somebody to become far away you know
making this class and then we'll have one more class than march twenty eight of for classes
and my plan is ah
i'm using this newest
second the volume of the translation that has been done here it's and center
mostly with on she's work enlightenment on polls and
if you're a student of santos and i think should get a copy this book in paperback no-no
not yet well well well she really
but actually
i appreciate hardback books some code like this that you this is not the type of book that you are going to read and then not read again you really just put many times anyway i recommend it but we will have xerox
copies of texts that will be reading
and what would what we'll do is my plan is that
this week we will do undivided activity which is the title of one of the
best for the shop again so will do that this week next week we'll do expressing a dream within a dream
and then in the last two meetings
we will do
the first
the first thing that translated the book which was titled
journal of my study in china
that's that's my plan and i think that we without being
yeah to
and tenth about covering material is something like that i think we can actually do that
so that's the plan
four classes three different
the texts of durga

so that's that makes sense considering
i usually lately i used to have a very elaborate introduction dogan follow
details and information
things like that but
in recent years things are just falling away little by little i don't really care
i can't about that stuff that much i'm sorry
and usually the people and knows knows it all anyway so why repeat it but understanding that there probably are some people in the class who are relatively new
the to dogan and his works and thought i thought i would ramble on for just a few minutes and let the board of people who already know all this but just little bit to orient the rest of the people to
dog in his life and in the thought
so this year's the eight hundredth birthday a building big year for dog and there was a big conference earlier in the year
i actually late late last year too
celebrate his big some kind of big
ceremonies and stuff are going to happen in japan later on near
so he's born and twelve hundred and only lived about fifty four years
seemingly got pleurisy or something
right yeah
he was brilliant person really smart guy and lost his parents at an early age came from a
hi very high born family probably his father was a emperors allow years
son of a courteous and he wasn't
in succession or has been like that
but he have not with the rich and famous and royalty and support
but his parents have passed away when he was very young and he which is not uncommon with religious people
so at an early age she
was shocked into a recognition of impermanence and had made a kind of youthful internal vow to follow the path and was ordained quite young
of course in japan as in europe in those days
it was not unusual for
hi born youth to join the church especially if because of circumstances they were unable to rise to secular power it was an avenue or people to exercise their brilliance and become educated and achieve some status so it
addition to
duggan's against sincere
desire to to practice the buddha way i think they're also were social reasons why he would have gone into the into the
ten that school of buddhism his uncle was a very high ranking priest and ten thai buddhism to dog and under his wing and dog and apparently was quite brilliant and and mastered all these very complicated texts and practices quite easily
and felt
as maybe somebody today might feel who had religious yearnings and religious feelings
entering a conventional religion
not encountering anyone who could meet the curve in or need that the person had they might feel dissatisfied
you can imagine that happening nowadays and this will happen to dug in although he was very painful to buddhism
he didn't feel that his quest for realization was going to be met by the tendai tradition or of the teachers that he had
so he there was a new teaching within the ten day school that was coming to japan called zealand he went inside out the earliest japanese zen masters and right away easily within a few years in his early twenties received dharma transmission and was concern
ordered a a zen master in the rinzai lineage
and he was really sold on the idea of them because it had to do with direct experience and it had to do with somehow the communication of the of the actual ineffable sort of content of buddha's enlightenment so he really thought that was the right path but he felt that he need
good to go further so he made the very difficult journey the china it's difficult now to about china but i was much more difficult than of course
taking your life in your hands and ago on gonna see and on about china but he did that and then china after much trials and tribulations he ran into a a monk who are
enriching who became his teacher they had an immediate mutual recognition and he hung around with region only for a few years years and then came back to japan
you know buddhism was
as it was almost everywhere in asia in japan buddhism was
involved in the politics of the day
and so dogan apparently nobody knows exactly the details of it but again went through a series of disappointments and difficulties which eventually led him to
go from
setting up a center
open to everyone in the capital's to eventually occurred at the end of his life in the last years of his life setting up a
very strict monastic compound in distant mountain tops you know and believing at the end of his life that this was the only way
so that there's a kind of there's a great variety in his writings reflecting that kind of gradual change in his in his viewpoint
his writings are extremely and as you'll see in a moment extremely
poetic and
linguistically and philosophically sophisticated so that some people when on first reading dogan don't know what a laugh or cry or run screaming out of the rumor that was going to think dogan is the most brilliant person and most most profound person they ever matter is this really a joke know
thing that happens when you first start reading don't but after you know ten or twenty years you kind of get used to it and it
it does sort of makes some sense and in a dogan like way
but it but the writings of dog in because of this were
actually hidden from view for hundreds and hundreds of years the the various dogan were kind of like venerated like buddhist statues but not really read they existed in only a few copies were hidden away behind screams you know the man
and eventually they were made it kind of catechism lot of his writings and they read that
but it wasn't until many hundreds of years actually after his death that people began to read and and study his writings and there are many traditions of interpretation many complications about which texts are accurate and so forth and so on and you can imagine
but then
so that there was a dog in of the soto sect the last two hundred years that really began on or jogging read his writings and then curiously enough
in twentieth century when the japanese were becoming aware of western philosophy and there are many japanese in the early twentieth century who became philosophers in the western sense
they were looking for they're doing a lot of of never soul searching and they are looking for thereon analog to the profound in a western thinkers the hegel's who are the japanese goals and the japanese can't known japanese heidegger's and don't like that and they and they stumbled onto dog you know who is already you know seven hundred
the years before but they realized and that dogan had that degree of profundity and so they then modern japanese western style scholars began to promote in as not only a religious figure but a great figure for a modern philosophical reasons
so and had this funny kind of double life as a very orthodox soto praise priest and simultaneously as a very forward looking almost postmodern
philosophical writer so it's kind of very curious thing these sorts of things happen you know and cultures borrow from one relate to another the funniest things happen and something that looks you know one way in the context of one cultural tradition
and the looking quite different when it's most your another throughout that's what happened to in
and i think that so they've been many studies people comparing bogan to heidegger and dog into this and dug into the and postmodern kind of analysis of token and so forth and so on which are kind of interesting and away
for us dog and of course is very important because
some of the modern soto's in
practitioners priests and leaders
who were trying to update and revitalize soto shoe in in the present time
follow dogan found in dogan something really lively and one of those people was suzuki roshi who was that although the one hand the very conservative
good priest from a medium-sized temple in a fishing village and efficient town in japan he was also very much a part of the foment that was going on in the early twentieth century and japanese solo shoe and he really loved dogan and studied with some of the and experts on dogan and in that day and suzuki roshi is the main
themes of suzuki roshi is teaching
clearly are inspired by and directly relate to dog and stems
no doubt about it and secure shop and mentioned stuck in it is teaching so
what will find in in the ideas that will find in organic and sort of main thrusts of duggan's practice and thought we will think i think we will see are very familiar to us because this is what we i hope anyway we still remember what we're doing it is so
understand the garment in this way and so that you
although the forms of expression may seem exotic and strange i would imagine that that you'll find that when when we can't really get down to what is but is really think said here once the import of this that it's pretty familiar stuff and it has to do with the way we practice on an everyday basis and i would like to
encourage us to keep coming back to that place because
one of most important
ideas of dogan and in a way the most radical idea of drogon is the fact that
is manifested through daily practice
net daily practice is not a means to the achievement of enlightenment it is the manifestation that realization on a daily basis of the enlightenment shakyamuni buddha so
when it does we talk about dog and we want to keep coming back to our actual practice and were actually happens to us and on in the process of practicing for the down so that's my little to the thought of so with that when we started with the undivided activity
and i see that there's a few more copies of here with it

what i would like to do as it as a kind of rule
it was okay with you really is
just go through the text
in this case that's pretty short texts i can go through the whole thing
with longer texts i might go through part of it
and then stopped and see what's on people's minds was questions you have a what dialogue you have
so that's okay i foresee like that
and then everybody will have the text in front of them so that you can see
that answer this them
when divided activity sometimes translated as the whole works zheng key
you can see how that makes sense for undivided means whole and means activity
or it could mean work to work or works at the whole works is if and of a upon and english right because there's a slang expression whole works in the whole works on divided activity and of course many of you know that that's the name of our senior teacher the whole works anderson
so his other name is tension in which is usually know by but isn't it as actual garment and tensions navy which means the whole works
so we all know that mean
that's where that phrase and zones
a great way of all buddhas
thoroughly practice
his emancipation and realizations
means that in birth you are free of births
and in death you are free of debt
thus there is detachment from birth and death and
ah says penetration of birth and death but i would say embrace it
a birth and death
such is the complete practice of the great way there is letting go of birth and death and vitalizing birth into such is the thorough practice of a great way
so this is a very typical
the remit don't get as many as you'll see if you peruse this book there there are many styles of right riding a dogan has
one of the important things about this particular text in this whole book the shovel gonzo of which it's part is the fact that
is the first time in the history of japanese letters than anyone ever wrote an important philosophical religious work in the japanese language
before this just like in the west same that everybody had a thing to say that was at all important they always wrote it in latin even though maybe they spoke italian or french or greek or whatever they would write it in latin
same in japan they would write it and chinese and or so all japanese buddhist literature was written chinese so dog and actually was a tremendous innovator she had a kind of create a buddhist language and japanese and in his more philosophical works with some of this works are the easier more colloquial and his philosophical works
he often has a beginning like this where he
sets up almost a mathematical mathematically precise dialectic in the beginning of the piece which he then of unravels and impacts as as the essay goes on so i was more interested as i was studying this part a how beautiful and how intricate
and how balanced or this passages and how profound it is too
he he's bringing up
he's talking here that undivided activity is a very profound
thank you know it's shit means
sometimes they call it like one act samadhi
meaning like totally concentrating
not only so technically concentrating the mind you know but the whole being on the person given to and fully concentrated on that which is you are doing now that which is occurring now a complete giving a over of your life to your activity and in
the doing of that
findings that ah
everything is there
all of time all of space
all realization is right there on every act if you give yourself to it that his undivided activity of course usually are activity is not a divided with we were we're trying to prove how good we are or were trying to get something out of it are we have an ulterior
your motive or were thinking about something else or not sure about ourselves or something this is a total commitment
a total
almost like a sacrifice of self told thoroughly and totally on each activity that's what he's trying to talk about what that is in terms of bodhidharma so he saying that that the great way of all the buddhas the way of practicing in in buddhism when it's really thorough
it's not just a theory when it's not just a wish but when it when it's really actual in your life it involves two sides and he's gonna later say that those two sides come together and undivided activity one side is freedom
to letting go freedom means like there's nothing is letting go there's no nothing to hold onto and the other side is a realization
a making real
so once one side is throw it away the other side is make it so real that it couldn't be thrown away
this this is this is the practice of buddhism seeing first right off since the practice of buddhism is on the one hand doing two things that are exactly the opposite these are to these are like by definition opposite things one thing is throwing everything away
because everything's a dream everything's on real throw it away
in so you know apply this to your life throw away your life and i don't think your life's important don't think you you're even exist this throw it away have that freedom can you think about how that would be have the freedom that just every moment throw it away you know it doesn't matter everything
is just throwing it away nothing makes any difference i don't mean like a nihilistic sense and oh my god nothing makes any difference but i mean how nothing makes any difference it's unbelievable it's wonderful that nothing makes any difference
it's freedom on the one hand and on the other hand make of every moment so real and so weighty and so profound that there could be no strong anybody could even think of throwing anything away and there's no room for them so these are two opposite things can you see that and they meant to be there would be understood
good bye bye a person steeped in food as lore as exact opposite terms so the buddha away consists when it's thoroughly and most truly practice consists of these two opposite simultaneously used to two visit things freedom and realization now he's going to talk about these terms
so freedom means
that in birth
you are free from growth you are in birth in life you are alive
and to be free means that within life you are free from life and in death you are free from death
now on top of these two opposites
that are unified in undivided activity there's two more opposites now birth and death birth and death seem like opposite still dead
ah so this freedom transcends birth and death usually we think about freedom we think of freedom is in life
but this kind of freedom here is freedom in life there's freedom in a death is so when it's time to live you can live fully and freely and when it's time to die it just give up the body and that's the end of that jump right into it
logan's death poem is
a four fifty three years i've hung the sky with stars
now i leap through
what a shattering
as times death i'm so in death your free
from death not attached to death in life you're free from life of text-align thus there is detachment from birth and death and embracing of birth and that now in this sentence birth and death is one thing existence and actually that's what existence is it
distance is birth and death something exists it means that it's contingent
it includes within it the ever present possibility of its own demise everything that exists is that way that is the nature of existence right when you think of existence you think of things are were walking around and doing things and software but actually the nature of existence is that it is
at any moment
in fact being erased moment by moment
i remember when i was studying buddhism in college professor had a trick that he did i'm sure every year with every class you know he would say according to buddhism what is the cause of death
and everybody would raise her hand and and then save millions of different things you know this edition is and finally would say no no it's all wrong the cause of death according to buddhism is birth
this is the concept and with no birth naga if there's birth there's definitely death and in the twelve poetry organization this is how it goes birth the home there's there's all bunch of different things and and there's birth and then there's death right right away
that's existence right so here he's he's he's before was separating out these opposites birth
freedom within birth freedom within death now he says birth and death as one word
thus there is
detachment from birth and death freedom
freedom and detachment we we know what that feels like right detach from the not i'm not worried when anything and stuff anything
there's freedom detachment from birth and death at the same time embracing of birth and death
so that so these two things again seem like two opposites joined together birth and death and now again two opposites
the password from birth and death and embracing a britain that
so we think of detachment and embracing as being two opposite things if your detach from something you don't embrace it and if you embrace that you're not detached from the eerie saying that no with a real practice of the buddha way there is detachment from birth and death in
brace a complete embracing birth and then and there isn't one without the other
if you have detachment without it really embracing and it's not detachment it's nihilism and if you have embracing without detachment it's not really embracing its attachment confusion
the only real embracing of life is in the midst of detachment and reverse is also true so it's kind of amazing way in the way says it with these little lapidary almost like mathematical uses of opposing terms
k so
this is the complete practice of the great way there is letting go of birth and death and vitalizing birth and death
such is the thorough practice of the great way
realization now he's talking about the other term the second term in the beginning paragraph realization his birth
birth is already realization because in life all the reality we could everyone is present always so realization his birth
we don't have to make something real in israel are we have to recognize that things that real and this is the greatest satisfaction i think this is what you know i think human beings are the only creatures who talk about whether something is real or not
because we have a need that things be real even though everything is real all the time but somehow we need them burial and we have the idea that it might not be
so this is an activity that we actually have to apply ourselves to is to make our life real that to me this is what the religious quest the spiritual path is only and always about making life real but then again life always israel anyway whether we've taken that we are not the thing is that somehow
we have managed to
an exit exile ourself from that reality and we have to return to it somehow so realization his birth and birth is realization at the time of realization there is nothing but birth totally actualized
and nothing but death total the actual as at the same time so at the time when things are really real in our lives at that time
there is nothing but life completely real and also at that same moment there is nothing but death completely real so this maybe it gives you the idea that maybe if you haven't integrated somehow into your life a contemplation of death
and some appreciation and understanding of what that is maybe this gives you the idea that maybe that some work that you should do because
he seems to be telling us that in order to know and be real and free and embrace our life we have to understand our life as birth and death not just birth so we don't see the whole picture we're going to miss out on what's real so of course it's not so easy to recognize
nice the presence of death in our life every moment this is a maybe a little unpleasant a little challenging to the sense of do we think we are because who we think we are by large doesn't include death part that's the part that we eliminate
from consideration when we think we are so this is sort of giving us the idea that well maybe we need a bigger picture here
such as a thorough practice the greenway realization his birth birth this realization that the time of realization there's nothing but for totally actualized nothing but that totally actually such activity
this activity of being real with our reality such activity makes birth holy birth
death holy death
actualized just so at this moment
at this moment in the present moment this activity is needed a large or small neither immeasurable nor measurable neither remote more urgent
birth in its right known as his undivided activity undivided activity his birth in its immediacy so this emphasizes sense of the present moment the profundity of the present moment which cannot be measured it can't be
large or small and so forth asos and you can't even say it's beyond that
because it's it's the site is beyond that has already to conceptualize and other words undivided activity exists in the present moment in the radical present moment of our existence itself which can't be really conceptualise and the thing about our life if you think about it for a minute you
you can recognize that
our life is lived pretty much on a conceptual level
we conceptualize know who we think we are what we think the world is who we think others are all of our acts of perception actually are analyzed in buddhist thought as acts of conception data comes into the mind and heart and is interpreted
conceptualized and we say all knowing who i am and i know where i am
but this undivided activity is radically being real in the right notice of our life and throwing all those conceptualizations aware that they say we don't have conceptualizations in her mind but we don't situate our lives in those conceptualizations we situate our lives in some radically deeper and more real
place so
i wish i could share with you to wear that i was marveling over this to the actress was thinking this is the most wonderful thing i learned my lesson so greatest thing i was just i was i was i can't explain and i was feeling about it because what this means is to me anyway how i understand this
is that it means that
everybody here
without exception
like we think you know that the pope is important
we think that the president's phone calls matter
you know but
there isn't anybody that matters in this world more than each person here and each one of your act has that kind of the size of profound quality that you would think like the quality of john kennedy when he was like figuring out the cuban missile crisis we think well that was
a really important that was really a big and well it was it was very important and in every moment of your life is exactly like that it's just that important and just as much is riding on
this is the amazing thing just as much as riding on it each moment of your life as those moments in in that man's life if only we would
settled down and let go of our ideas and just situate ourselves within our lives completely make our lives real so so the boot away is really is really the practice of the intensity of our acts it's really in a way an ethical i'd come to feel that that practicing
good arm is basically in a question of ethics in the sense of it's about action it's about what we do and i don't mean like what we do that you can write down at a book or narrate but i mean what we do on an intimate present moment basis moment after moment after moment and that ethical
it also simultaneously a spiritual journey because it's not just about
and in what we do is spiritual how we move how we speak how we act how we think
it is a matter of the deepest concern for our own lives and for the whole world
so that's what i was thinking about today and i think that's one of the anything because it means that that your external the conceptualisation of your life conceptually your life doesn't measure up to and who's liked us who can say on my life was very good you don't look at all the wonderful nobody's life
conceptually is that big a deal
but on an intimate level everyone's life actualized and activated in this way is extremely of great moment to the whole universe in in our moment by moment acts the whole universe is created
the whole universe is created for you
and you hold up the whole universe on every one of your in of so i'm getting too enthusiastic and
it doesn't and i think i'm
and this i think is worth dogan is talking about and this is what undivided activity is is really about
where was at goodness yes needed enlargement nursing themselves first neither comes and goes
birth neither appears nor is already existed
thus birth is totally manifested and that is totally manifested
know that there are innumerable beings in yourself
also there is birth
and there is death
quietly think over whether birth and all things that arise together with birds are inseparable or not
there is neither a moment or thing that is apart from birth there is neither an object nor mind that is apart from birth
this the background of this a passage like this is the teaching in buddhism of emptiness

how did you ever think of about this how could something that one minute wasn't
the next minute how could that think be
it wasn't how could it like leap into existence out of nowhere
can i would get them we always have to get there from somewhere right
so if something was nowhere i'm going to get there
i'll get something that wasn't be
well i can't really because the category is basically when you think about our common sense everyday notions of being and non-being life and death and so forth if you actually were to analyze them as the great sage nagarajan it did you would find that they don't hold up
they don't make sense actually life is logically impossible it can be
that's true
so that's really saying you're in a birth we think birth comes you know there was no birth and something is boring but it neither comes and goes actually it's a miracle it's actually quite of it's a miracle you know you nobody could i'm all i'm amused and are like that listen to the television and that this guy wrote a book about the genome mapping the genes like
soon i'm going to figure out you know life
i got news for you
they won't figure it out they'll figure out a lot of things don't have a lot of data they're going to have a lot of data you know much data that many things they'll know that they don't know know
but how come life comes when there's no life this they won't figure out because it's not concession and it doesn't make sense
so that's what he said in a word
because it at birth is totally manifested on each moment
every moment and that is totally manifested on each moment and you think that you're so and so as such so but actually you are innumerable creatures innumerable beings and i think this one thing you do zazen long enough
in this will you will notice that this is so and so many of the things that you're now worried about you really don't have to worry them because all the things not all things but many things that you're worried about that is so worrisome and troublesome about being the person that you are and being that person and not
somebody else you easily i'm worried about when you realize that you really everybody and nobody thought it mean like there's all this things going on
did you notice
so so you knew you have a very small category
container you know and you put these marvels and you say inside those marbles these little marbles inside the container that's me but then you sit there long enough and you realize i'm losing my marbles
there's so many marbles that on who's the fucker
i didn't say you're getting the idea you know what i'm talking
so there are innumerable beings in yourself and in your life all of birth is there and all of death is there think about that
you think crying me when you think like most people think for fortunately now i'm alive and death is coming later but i don't have to think about that because it's really a long time from them even all people
despite the logic of it
they have many years the and she asked me say oh i'm all the know anymore but then you know the next minute they look in the mirror and they think i'm really probably live forever
this will never come which is true of course but at the same time death is here right now
really it's not far away and it's not later that isn't later this is really the truth that doesn't live so
quietly think this over quietly think over whether birth and all things that arise together with birth are inseparable are not well they are they're inseparable
all things that arise together inseparable there is neither a moment nor thing that is apart from birth there is neither a moment or thing that is apart from death that's why on via activity is an effect because all of our act completely connect us everywhere and to everything
in each moment of your life all of life is there
and to experience this a to live in that way wouldn't have be wonderful instead of living as a poor little soul over there in the corner wishing that they i don't know what we're better looking for something
right this is different from that this is like completely connected knowing the all reality flows through your fingers moment by moment
birth is just like riding in a boat this is one of my favorite past the drug was funny but is my time in events
you raise the sales in love with the pot
although euros go about gives you arrive and without the boat you couldn't write
but you are the owner undivided activity of the both entire earth and the entire sky are both the and activities and a hundred vital activity of the book best birth is nothing but you and you are nothing but but
so this is a beautiful metaphor about our life no matter what we do
where in the ocean of life and all the water of life flows through us were no matter what we do
our responsibility in being alive
is to row the boat to make act to make effort in our life this is stand up and be a person act up the karma of our lives
but we're doing that in cooperation with the ocean of life if we think that i'm rowing the boat i'm in charge here
wherever sadly mistaken the boats and charge the oceans in charge the wind and waves are in charge on the other hand if we don't row the boat doesn't go
so it's a kind of a co-operative co-operative venture being alive is a co-op co-operative venture between your own activity in the whole universe i mean
was particularly sounded like to read
as you can save picture
yeah he uses the same metaphor there to business journey to l classic change right for like all good writer to recycles amplitude
yeah yeah he's neutered him but i i often use a metaphor like this this metaphor too
to think about on a more not even on a more everyday level to think about how we live our lives and how we make decisions and how we negotiate our way through life's confusions and difficulty
one hand we have to make effort
it's that you can't live without taking responsibility completely for your life and making efforts on the other hand if you think that you're going to make something happen and you're going to be controlling your life and and staring it in a particular direction as if you can control it well it doesn't really work that way
and your life can become i and you can try to do things that way but then that's like narrowing down your life come very narrow
and more narrow as it goes along well
is the metaphor of the about such a good one because one puts up the sales used to the south uses the oldest you can go in any direction so that you can or can't the you said you can
well but but not without the cooperation of the elements you're not you it i mean if you weren't on the ocean he would go nowhere else the way yeah pardon me you can even say again for when yes let's not get to exacting with these international ha ha yeah i think this is what dog and is saying to us is that this
dynamic cooperation the a yes of course we can do many things and but we're in a dynamic can cooperation with the elements this is the this is the idea
we we have to recognize and i'll be open to the whole lynn and the whole ocean and in that case we can sail are what very successfully it doesn't have to tip over right
does not tip over yeah we have some control but that's only because we're in cooperation and we know we're in cooperation with the else this is the idea
and i'm saying that in the living of our lives we should live our lives in that way on a process on an everyday practical level some flexibility like when you're sailing about the wind changes use changed wherever everything changes right you don't say wait a minute and i had to set up that way i don't care where the wind is going know
you know do when lynch and and who's in charge you are the with the cooperate with you if you're a sensitive items on sale so i have no had to go and i'm talking about but i would imagine
sailing a boat and that that you're not going to the you're not going to say well here's the kind of when we're going to have and we're going to do it this way i know that you do that i think that you have very sensitively react to the when and if you re at reacts with enough sensitivity and and of skill then you can go the way you want to go but only because you're okay
one to surprise and open to shifting and changing so that's how i think we have to live our lives is that one could i think
it's seemingly when the case of our life one can say i'm doing this in this and this and this and i'm putting my blinders on and i'm not going to be swerved from them when could do that thing and and stay alive but in my opinion that would not be so much like real live in
that would be like controlling our destiny in some way but i think that that path as i'm saying is now i think better to remain open to the changes that life brings in the situations that we find ourselves in and cooperate with them in some way and just like sailing above
anyway i think in this case though logan is using the metaphor in a more profound sense than the network and talking about these sort of existential nature of of human being is always that kind of collaborative working with the conditions of our lives and that when we do that
all at all of existence flows through our every act and or of justice
then he reveals to us that you got the idea for this
chapter from an earlier zen master who had they made a statement birth his undivided activity in bethlehem divided activities and that his captor here's a comment on that old saying
clarify investigate these words why you should investigate is the following while the undivided activity of birth has no beginning or end and covers the entire earth
in the entire sky it hinders neither births undivided activity nor deaths undivided activity
while the undivided activity of birth as know beginning
or and and covers the entire sky
and the entire earth this undivided activity hinders neither worse on divide in other words itself doesn't endear itself nor does it hinder that's under violet activity so that your complete commitment to every moment of your life
is an opening it's not a shutting down it's an opening it doesn't nothing is hindered you yourself are not hindered your life is not hindered and death is not news
at the moment of deaths on the violent activity while death covers the entire earth and entire sky this hinders neither deaths undivided activity nor births undivided activity
this being so birth is not hindered death and death does not hindered birth
it's also we could another way of saying this is to say each one of you
completely includes
the whole universe and all of the past and future and somehow each one of you is able to do that
without hindering the person sitting next to you from doing exactly the same thing because logically if you have the whole birth and death and all time inside of you that was but the rest of us right how come you're grabbing everything
but somehow you're able to do that in such a way that have to leave does not hinder the rest of us from having exactly the same experience when we also include the entire universe in all of our acts that's why when buddha was awakened in the maya and scriptures it says that his first thing that he said was
i alone in the were on honored when i only me how good an arrogant kid you know
he gets bored he takes a few steps salon and then he says i alone and in were a lot will only mean nobody else only me but this true for all of us each one of us alone
includes the whole universe so think what it would be like what would you what would your life be like if you live that way suppose you were took that seriously
and you felt that suppose you felt in every moment of your life that you completely were in charge and all of existence was only had only been occurring
because of you and for you how would you live your life and in that case if you really understood that this is the how it is for all of us and yet for each one of us we don't hinder each other in them so our birth and our death don't hinder each other each one completely cover
years and when
when we breathe in
think about when we breathe in
we bring the whole universe alive
and we brew when we breathe out we die with the whole universe just goes away in little logo and actually this is really the truth it's literally so that in each inhalation and exhalation we wake up our life and we look over life and this is going on all the time twenty four hours a day
and if you can have the experience just for a minute
nevermind a minute twenty seconds or ten seconds
in your zazen practice of unimpeded lee and without hindrance just breathing in breathing out
freely with that sense of life coming and going in you
your life will be changed forever just with ten or maybe twenty seconds of and kind of breathing in a really letting everything else go and just being all of life and being all of death at that time in an unhindered

both the entire earth and the entire sky appeared in birth as well as in death however is not that one and the same entire earth and sky are fully manifested in birth and also fully manifested in death although not one
the all other not one
not the same they're also not different and although they're not different they're also not the same although not the same not one but also not many so again all our conceptions
you know that the the the effect of our conceptual way of approaching or life is basically to reduce limit and make everything pale
this is what we do we make a very small world that's very confined and then is nipping at our heels like a dog trying to fight us this is the world we live because we've created
here he say all those categories of conceptualisation and shrink our life in our world and end up eating us alive literally are simply not the way our life is
and when your mind makes conceptualizations don't be so serious about recognize them as conceptualizations and let them go
similarly and birth there is undefined activity of all things and in-depth there is undefined activity of all things there is undivided activity in what is not birth and not death
there is birth and there is death in undivided activities this being saw the undivided activity in britain death is like a young man or woman bending and stretching the arm
in other words very natural action or like someone asleep searching with his hand behind his back where the pillow this is realization and vast wondrous life
so this profound undivided activity that he's speaking about
is the most natural thing in the world
and i had many thoughts about this arm
which is often used in the engine the arm and of course we know the koran about reaching back for your pillow in the dark as being a and in an image that suggests the an image of compassion the bodhisattva of compassion
and this is the idea that
under violent activity is the is the the pattern the working through of existence the existence is activity right natural unfolding moment after moment after moment just like stretching on an arm and in an arm stretching out his like
you know we say reach out to someone you know we stuck on a reach out to someone and i've always been fascinated in the in the in the bible it says at the time of the exodus the most mysterious thing that i ever heard of in the bible there's a lot of mysterious things in the bible somebody had to read that things some
do you like me i should read that i never irrevocably but there's one part in there that says when when the god freeze the israelites it says a freedom with an outstretched arm it's interesting if you reached out why do they use that and they've made me think of this
that's are so this is what this is what all activity in this world is is an outstretched arm
this beautiful thought the they are you getting an emphasis and i'm not to articulate man i'm still on the airplane flying over i was in miami this morning
there was nice i'm i'm a nice and warm
so all of so
we've had all this philosophical discussion about undivided activity now the other side is it's activity it's activity and activity is always a reaching out it's always a connection it's always warm all activity there isn't special activity that
compassion activity is one of duggan's main ideas there isn't compassion isn't something special that we do
like you know give somebody money when they needed for something like that of course we do those things we should certainly do that but it's not like that's compassion and standing up or stretching your arm is not compassion or painting the wall passion or anything that you do eating a meal and so forth everything that you that's the whole basis really of our practice right
how do your cushion
i don't know if they explain to you probably a christian
but if you value your cushion
the feeling is that when your body your cushion
you know before you sit down
for zazen
your bowing to the whole universe
and went and your bowing to the universe is like stretching out your arm toward the universe high so good to see him
and then the universe stretches out it's arm to you and you hold him the animals bowing to so that kind of thing so everything's like that you know when you when you wipe the meal board you know when you clean as advertised and the zendo you clean as avatar you not really clean sabaton i mean you are but also your
eliminating defilements from the entire universe of you can just get that one's time cleaner in saudi is this means that you have purified a buddha lamp and a whole world that's the feeling cme me that's the idea that's why we do that stuff
in that way
so they're all activity is this kind of thing of reaching up and arm and being reached out toward we gonna be you thing to think about this more but i think it's ridiculous
this is realization vast wondrous
and then this is a paragraph where a dog and does this fight often he
i think that it's hard to appreciate this in english language i don't really know cheap chinese japanese but i have a sort of intuitive sense that because of the way the language works it's more like gum spatially oriented so you have a bunch of characters you know and at a certain point especially when you're writing about
such an abstruse and impossible to speak about thing as dog in his writing here and especially for your what you're trying to say is don't conceptualized reality
don't be attacked then then you know words our conceptions so then you might say well let's take this character over here and just stick it over there i think this want to put it over there and then put this one over here and he does that sometimes and so you get paragraphs like this where he's actually transposing all the characters especially on the page and coming up with a gun and a little bit like gobbledygook
but you can see in this in this passage i don't want to go through it but basically that's what he's doing anything that he does that kind of me it's a literary technique of duggan's kind of like finnegans wake type of thing in that he does once in awhile which care
the one that begins similarly similarly in britain
i think the movie
in any finishes about just such a moment you may suppose that because realization is manifested in an undivided activity there was no realization prior to this
you might think that you know you when you use season yourself and zen practice and yeah this is the thing i remember when i were one one of the things that impressed me most earlier on in my practice i would was reading this something or someplace and i remember when they're forget this somebody was writing
they were this person went to japan and they visited some zen teacher
and they said that
they didn't know it just he invited fear something and the zen teacher they said
greeted them
and was with them as if
they were the best friend in the most precious person to this vintage and that's how they felt they didn't have another guy in but they can ah i feel like and the most precious person and then they said goodbye and this the part that i remember than the zen teacher turned around and walked away you know goodbye
turn around walk away and then the person who wrote this said and i felt as if when he walked away he had utterly and completely forgotten the whole thing
that there was some kind of like other words he was completely then at that time into the walking away and the what had just happened didn't exist anymore at all
so in other words undivided activity when he was with me i felt his undivided love and attention when he was gone i felt that he was now doing the next thing and an undivided where i could feel it in the way he walked away
isn't that nice way to live you know
but also you should send a car to
the word
so we think so after we after we become like you after we become like that zen master and we're living in that way you know and you know this whole sense of the profound sense of every one of our lives after we become like that we might think well before i got all this
good xin stuff you know before that i wasn't then and i wasn't practicing undivided activity with now well my activity is really undivided don't you think
that doesn't sound right
because it's not really true the underlying activity that that would be a kind of conceptualisation of undivided that can be that would be like oh look at my nice undivided activity while there isn't any such thing as undivided activity that wasn't there in the beginning and always they're everywhere in all the time you might think that the didn't exist prior but but it was there
all the time however prior to this realization undivided activity was already manifested but the under violent activity manifested previously does not hinder
the present realization of undivided activity because of this your understanding can be manifested moment after moment in other words moment after moment you don't know anything you're doing you don't know what you do
it's a terrible thing that because oh it happened that way yesterday so today and maybe it'll be the same way
i'm i'm planning on it
which is how we live right oh you were my wife yesterday you must be the same way but i'm not so you know none at all
every woman is a surprise every moment is fresh every moment his undivided activity completely unknown previously even though it was already there are
so anyway this is just an impressionistic
little discussion of this farcical but ah
think about it think about making your activity hundred violent activity and the beautiful thing about our life here is that
relatively speaking it's pretty simple
of course under violent activity can be manifested in the most complicated situations doesn't have to be a simple situation but it's just easier to appreciated and to train in it when this things are simple so does of you who are i have the opportunity in this short time
to be in the practice period or to be in residence at green gulch otherwise
please think about making all of your activity from the time that you wake up in the morning and find the earth again with your body and the time that you go to sleep at night and let go of everything
each moment try to appreciate how undivided activity is really right there all the time while you have to do is opens up to it this is the way to live you know that way and there's never anything
to worry about the realism and everything that happens absolutely everything that happens opens up the opportunity for undivided activity is a profound sense of happiness and gratitude so please
good luck with them
so long
excuse me i went on to learn but we do have a few minutes in when he has media
comments or questions yes store limerick screw back in the beginning and laugh when you were talking about the enormity of the impact that our actions have he had a good think about that you seem to me
come that that could be a little intimidating to think about in one way and you know i mean it could could make you uptight or something that you might just want to put it out in your mind you know the if you had to think about you said that you're constantly effect
that you are having the area in the world via even right in your immediate surroundings then you know that might you know it you might feel as if that would have to change the way and you're doing things in her anyways yeah i'm glad you brought their rounds at random for case yeah i'm glad that you brought that up because you have your thought
about this like that then it can be like a you can say well i was going along fine before then i went to this class as guy got up and said this thing now i'm totally paralyzed i can't do it and i can't even like i can't get out of everyone and kinda i don't know what they have for breakfast because my god and the homeworld my fall apart because i already know
so that's very logical you makes sense what you say so
yes so undivided activity is not
the concept of undivided activity that we may have a concept of on a variety of activity like that that we may have could certainly be very inhibiting and put a lot of pressure like oh boy like i had certain things that i felt pressured about now i feel pressured but everything going crazy know it's it's a way of be
being it's not a way of conceptualizing it's a way of being it's it has to do with
just an opposite of conceptualizing the idea of undivided to now has to do with the offering up moment after moment of our conceptualizing in mind and not been not letting it be where we situate ourselves in our lives but i guess the where i have a try
think about it is
and for me this kind of makes sense sort of like in a and the body way out and of it communicates in the the other people but where i think about it is it's like you'd drop below
your usual way of moving through the world which is really appear somewhere you drop below it used to just go back and use plonk yourself down in the middle of your life
and then the fact that the entire universe is depending on your and on your every gesture is not something that makes you worried because it isn't that kind of thing it isn't like that it's free and easy to like stretching on an arm
they just very nice something very natural
but i'm glad you brought that up because yeah if you could easily save like added pressure and added difficulty but the beauty of it is that with are divided activity that can never there never can be any pressure everything is always
working together
you're always connected you're always being guided me
so that's true but
is it just a matter certainly will realize it that charlie's and devices are just a matter of realizing we're seeing the divided self or activity as opposed to work as opposed to
some people not and everyone's always turn and divided the answer to here
i'm so happy people who do doubt yes so it seems like it be this matter of whether you realize it
yes but what do you mean by realize because it the that makes us sound like while now i will i'm self conscious about it right it's not a matter of being self conscious about it it's a matter of realizing it literally making it real so this is what practices about right practices about the daily effort over time of training ourselves to make
our lives real
but that isn't necessarily a kind of self consciousness or and knowledge or something in fact quite the opposite i think that a person who is doing on divided activity doesn't see that are doing under make them they don't say it look like i'm saying well look i'm doing undivided action isn't that really good and doing more on divide activity today than it was a weekend i'd like to have a huge under activity child in my room
like it's going up if there's some towns but you know it's not like that you so so i mean it is realization but not realization that sense of self consciousness realization and sense of just just like yeah like making it real for yourself anyway anyway you know it's interesting you know like
people think that
when people get older they look worse you know like i was just with relatives in lot of relatives and they're all like a it was kind of funny you know my son and i when i visited the her relatives and friends we're in a room small room with a group of people and they were all like over eighty five
and you would think that they would look worse you know in a way i'm in an externally they look worse you know then they did before but actually they don't look worse because the that way that they look is the result of their entire lives right there in a eighty five years of living is right there and that's a profound thing so
over time we make our lives real and it's not a question of being self conscious of that it's a question of doing it so practices going in that way going along that path of making your like real
and you always either and you're always are anyway
is there a conventional reality in which the president's actions are important
higher actually the first there is you don't read about me and in this paper
besides i never had a when you call it and they'd like to hang editor
yeah of course and we recognize that as as something real and it's way but you could you could if this is your whole i mean imagine to me i can imagine a worse fate you know to sort of believe what you read in newspapers as if that was what was important think about how awful that would be
the that's my life is i only follow what i read the papers and that's my life no you that's not your life so the idea of democracy comes from his now from conventional normal mean among advance
elements that no intention
well in a way yeah this this what dog and saying here is
democracy the nth degree rape it's really really dumb
what we have as a system of political system has many problems i think
on a profound level there is true democracy which is the real worth of every individual and the dignity of every person in the possibility of their recognition of who they are
in in practice we we don't say that will deny conventional reality nor do we have a hierarchy of realities in which we say that that that does the reality dog and speaks of here is higher than conventional reality you aren't we recognize multiple realities as all equally
but we know that there are multiple realities
we don't limit ourselves to a conventional on
and rid is planning commentaire and and i have him
the people always ask about that you
planning of our planet they have undivided well you just do the undivided activity atlantic
even that's not percent for your it isn't present moment course it is when else do you plan
here is conception
hm well you might think so but actually your end of the president if you're presently now writing down things and thinking things and someone in the president i mean i know about this because that's all i do
i spent all my days i know i i have my calendar on my computer because there's so many things are shifting and changing and so forth that i have to have it on the computer because i'd be constantly erasing it through so i it's it's for many years i i was a i hated it actually you know because i didn't never i really don't like play
many but now i've sort of real released myself to my fate and all i do really i never do anything
what i accept planning you know as planning is a president activity so i sit there and the computer and i'm planning a wedding from who knows if any of these things will actually happen or not and who cares you when you have to play
that's my job of planning and scheduling and what times the airplane arrive in all this and if you think of you say this is the thing if you think of it as planning for the future
it does drive you little bit nuts
but if you think of it as right now this is what i'm doing
it's fine it's really not that different from anything else i mean i'm typing characters in the typewriter on the computer right
so severe
just happens to be dates some things could be something else so that's planning if you'd like i say you don't think of it as the future you just think now here i am a breathing on the live this is what i'm thinking right now
and then if the if so-called future moment would arrive and you would actually get on the airplane and that would be the president then you will do that
it's a sense of have a soft mine in a flexible mind mind that's not worry a mind that doesn't think that there's a past or present or future
so plenty is no problem
like i say it's my favorite thing
so exasperating news for it
from palm pilot
has some problems that works for
unless you work with other people like in it like if you have if your like going to work group and everybody wants to be able to see the calendar at the same time and add to add and subtract from which to me seems like the worst nightmare i can imagine but apparently that then you can use a pump only because you can only works individual
but that's what i use it
you can choose whatever colored background your one
and sometimes meals and next generation have an av a jack and she can plug into be projected on the wall oh yeah
yeah because perhaps we can we can talk at the people to
the secrets to stack to by palm pilot oh yeah and it's very popular
earlier you talked about that's something you said you were to excited valuable and i it was one of the metaphors for antibiotic activity enough surprised me because i was thinking how could any how can you be too excited about and divided active
to be in and nine an activity the can use just share with that were well if you are really an undivided activity you wouldn't be excited right
if i get excited then i i want to calm myself down them little excitement is good in know otherwise you'd be there i suppose but as
but ah
i think that you know one doesn't want to get entirely carried away because then tasmin in confusion take over so the end of my inactivity turn yeah right
undivided activity is not excitable this it's just me and they're completely like that zen master you know
but i find it is interesting that the fact that
we do have this word people say it is very positive where i'm so excited about that
actually excitement is a little uncomfortable
so but but but nowadays because everybody so juiced up their game has to be juiced up in order to make more money and everything so that we should get ahead and somewhere everybody should be excited with excited is very exciting through very excited over
but i think it's a little the middle of nuts and will get over it eventually but in the meantime
now as five after nine and we do have to end right so i'm sorry the next time we'll have more chance for especially when
but i was kind of like excited about the idea of going to
check through this fast ago
yeah now do we have it we have a custom though and practice tree is going to descend out about out of the end of the day and revising healthy for the industry
oh i see that this is a can some of them are in this ambiguity and the same time
now food by suitcase