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A defining moment of metaphor, Dale Wright, time is money, need to create new metaphors for American zen, too green to burn, Daigan and Arlene leaving GGF "AS"

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think it's a mobile on there
he's escape
a collection the fourth case your fist case
that has the metaphor or the any jump
the monks hanging from a branch
with this release
over a precipice or three times as sir
many the person eating tiger
he was as a dangerous situation below
and the
the question is
that's another month or a student is asking
and hanging by his or her teeth
why you to jail and come from the west
of course
if he hangs on
you can ask the question
and if you let's go produces his life
oh we owe it to answer to that metaphor his first he has the local
who comes a time when question is asked of us what is better to hang on with our teeth for dear life
if or
can let go and to have free fall into younger
in my
opinion or my views and sums up what our practice is about
and of course not just was but over and over and over again at
certain junctures of of our life
the rather than hang onto what is secure and what is known
we have to give up any sort of pretension of knowing what's gonna happen to us and fall into open space school
and this can come you know this is what are
study of the obra keys are joking
pink a roku or the transmission of latest about those particular moments in which
we have to awaken to the possibilities of letting go
and to surrender and to giving up
what is impressed me over the years in our practice and i brought a bring us up again and again is actually the
the importance of metaphor in our life the importance not only of languages we use it in a day to day
says but in the heightened and deepened sense of the poetic in our life which means that reaching down into a more profound level
but coming forth with whole new ways of
glimpsing our world and ourselves in the world
and in
you have that feeling i thought i would like to
we'll share some poems with you tonight
and a paper that was given by a professor from occidental college that was given here and said one of was founded in the library
called metaphor and theory of cultural change in search of skillful means for understanding buddhism
just the other day
what's like this it was sitting in his you sit down at a chair and your
your eyes glanced out the window like they have a thousand times and you see the play of shadows on on the wall in the late afternoon sun
but this time
there's something that transfixed as your gaze
and when your gaze turns away
and you return to what you're doing
you might not exactly know yet what you feel that you have just been witness
to an occasion that answers
what it is to be a human being
you know quite why have you had that experience there's that moment of seeing something
once it was as in japan it was the sound of a new roof than japan a play on fruits of my feeling feeling when the little vendors push cars to the streets and i remember waking up one night in haryana and having the same shooting that my life is being turned on his face but as sound and didn't know why
and as mouth can do it and the course as we know from reading proust that tastes finger
and bring forth the whole world force the whole universe force just one moment that we're not we haven't planned it but not looking for any answers in particular that homer but there will come up a moment when this occasion arises and that occasion is
give his ah ha
an occasion provides the opportunity for new metaphor an ally for new sense of understanding for a new turn on language
so what professor right is talking about it in this paper and unless and certainly read it on which is to cover of
a couple over things a couple of paragraphs from it so you get the drift of where is tiny often
he says that in an earlier era intellectuals would have maintained a strict separation between the ideas or beliefs of a religion and the languish in which they happened to be expressed
but he says language theory in our time raises doubts about the validity of making such a distinction concluding instead that language and concepts are for all practical purposes inseparable
the quote linguistic turn on quote in contemporary thought in vices to reconsider language as the very fabric of meaning rather than as it's incidental cover or media
well our earlier conference colleagues might have talked about how language quote clothes or cook conveys meaning were more likely to take an interest in how it's structures and constant to its meaning itself

one reason why metaphor has received so little attention and the last few decades of cultural theory is the realization that metaphor is the place within language core language expands and grows thus making possible new forms of culture that come to articulation was in it
the realization this realization is itself is itself a cultural change of significant proportions and this ramifications are only now beginning to be felt in a variety of fields for the most part in the history of western culture metaphor
it has been relegated to the domain of linguistic ornamentation as one means among several to bring greater beauty to one speech or writing metaphor thus was a poetic or imaginative device a tool of rhetorical flourish
i think i'm leading to put something with this but will find

first where we have definition metaphor is the prototypical way in which we understand one kind of thing in terms of another so when we say that time is money or god is love or life is suffering or form is emptiness we have evoking the linguistic power of metaphor understood one
thing in light of another quite different say
i am yes i first met of course ah get us happy there
metaphor is the dream work of language somebody said the unconscious productive activity that extends the workings of the mind it is in this sense that we call metaphor the spark of imagination and intrusion upon language demanding novel interpretation and requiring us to see
think what has not yet been thought
there is an important sense in which metaphors are not consciously made or treated is what has tried to get to before about this thing of looking up and are hearing something or tasting some
and the other thing about this is the as i'm thinking about this very thing of of course because of the this serendipity or what we call synchronicity concept very thing i'm thinking of off i go in the library and it comes into my hands
there is an important sense in which metaphors are not consciously made to created instead the a courteous down on us pop out of or into our minds metaphors shows us clearly the freedom of language to develop an unlimited and unforeseeable ways it makes imagination or creativity rather than truth
as counts as correspondence or accuracy the primary locus of our attention
when you get some examples here something that's kind of interesting i thought i'd like to share before
a deep
he says that cultural changes of magnitude
oh not so much the results of the base and the influence of arguments as the are linguistic see changes that gradually sinking and sweet fool language practices as a society as a whole he talks about china's in the confusion
periods of confusion and swept to china and also in the case of mohammed and and them in the muslim world where those teachings suddenly almost overlays changed the whole view of who have poor people thought it think of them think of themselves as as
and one of them questions i want to bring up for one of the the sentences i want to reiterate and that you've heard it and said before is something again from deal rights now writings on zen buddhism
the sentence or memories i think enough now that can be done correctly
anything not experienced as something is not experienced it
at all
see not experienced as something
enough you said to be experienced
the pump most pro powerful and provocative metaphors develop in a systematic way spinning off ever more extensive uses of the route metaphor systemic metaphors that therefore a well-worth special attentiveness and study historical texts for historical trees let me provide an example in modern
english for many of us might react negatively to the metaphor time is money
time is money denying that we do in fact
conceive of time as though his analysis just to our financial world a study of our everyday linguistic practices would be a lie that denial all of us think in terms of wasting time and saving time giving our time and spending our time investing our time running out of to
time budgeting our time we borrowed time we use time profitably and think hard about whether our activity is worth our time time is a valuable commodity a limited resource something that we ought not to squander we get paid hourly or weekly or monthly or annually
the a film or phone bill comes in units of time and we pay our mortgage will receptors of time when our ill conceived deeds cost society reap we replayed repay the debt by serving time
we could extend these conceptions almost indefinitely because the metaphor time is money is now so deeply pervading our mind and language that it is hard to imagine it as being otherwise but it was indeed otherwise it has been and other historical epics and and other cultures the idea that time is money would make no sense
whatsoever he also goes on to talk about our own buddhist language
says to fusion familial metaphor structure thinking about dimensions of these asian society for example
have you talks about for buddhist the route metaphor to came over time to be the sanga as a family once this was fully established to be kidding after to understand every dimension the monastic social life and true of plan changes the revelations of uncles and cousins and nephews between months in their patterns of interaction where model
are these in traditional chinese family
and then he says agricultural metaphors can be found throughout com occur of buddhist text as well as other east asian tax for example given the sophistication of this vocabulary is dish a wide variety for the words cultivating tending and nursery tend to be found in buddhist discourse
drawing upon earlier engine uses of the image of seats or visa we find a wide range of references to cease planted in the mind or heart sees a virtue or merit that it properly cultivated could be expected to grow to yield spiritual nourishment and well
he says you're literally in for example thought of the day dymo that is the practice of the the just the name of the lotus sutra as a seat requiring discipline cultivation to be sure
the concept or routes through the version to route also economic metaphors the images of depth and reward abundantly used such as saving or salvation merit gained and lost and so on
to proliferate finally
the overall view of language presupposed in this way of looking at metaphors stands in contrast to the opposite one that can his language as a barrier in city between self and the world now this is particularly of interest to me in our practice since we are taught in buddhism again and again that
that direct perception of something is the only way we can understand truth that is a perception unmediated by our conceptual our projections
and this this is what is being now disputed in circles
i'm concerned with a language as part of our processional equipment
rising concurrently concept of perception or not sequentially
so he says the latter view is very common however is worth are characterizing the difference briefly whoever languages imagined as a medium of communication which implies categories and concepts to the experienced world that is otherwise encountered directly analyse on a kind of dollars is posited that cannot help but cast a negative light
how language into respects the first is that language is located in a limited role as a medium for communication but not in the more pervasive dimension of perception and concession the second is that the metaphors for language that develop in this vein cast it in the role of intermediary and obstacle to direct and to experience
languishes thus in this respect a quote veil a lens a filter a reflection of what can otherwise be experienced directly and without mediation the modern image of this is the veil of appearance so natural and obvious a metaphor that if captivated the minds of very greek philosophers in india
andrew was alive
but anti essentialist and unrealistic ways of thinking and contemporary thought as well as in some forms of buddhist thought how for another way in which to conceive of the role of language as an enabling rather than as and obstructing factor language makes possible largest communication about the world as we experience
but also experienced itself in both perception and consumption
group perceive that world already in that we should understand our perceptions in terms of concepts that are also already linguistics destruction on this model languishes not simply a means of to medication it enables who makes possible the kinds of complex experience that we have and distinguishes the way we understand any kind of
thing from the way that say animals do
the contemporary realization that languishes historically that it changes continually through time opens up the possibility for us to recognize that modes of experienced understanding and culture or more thoroughly impermanence than are buddhist ancestors could have ever recognized this would be to say that as they
was changes so do the possibilities of a way of living and if my thesis that metaphors the place where language undergoes is most radical and creative changes correct the metaphor is where we might expect new forms of understanding and enlightenment to appear just as it did in the japanese language for the camera for recruiters
well i bring it up because
one is always enjoy poetry and the power of language and their lives not only enjoyed the for something essential
a route radical nature of language in the form of the way it has changed my life
that certain junctures in a student turning points in life and in my life in particular there is always come forth the need for a new metaphor
a new way of seeing my life in terms of language and a way to hang me
before me from my life and by extension i think that as buddhists this is my thesis in a nutshell
in america at this time
i'm a practicing buddhist and so on what we need to do or what we are unconsciously looking to do is create these new metaphors and work for us in american terms of our heritage as buddhist and frantically zen buddhist practitioners

now that i got that off my chest
can you switch to a polish writer
you know this vistula to starla zim moorish
now that horse yeah thank you
handing out on well as said once wanted a piece our hearts in verse that services and yeah this is a wonderful wonderful porters and i related
the quit if you're not already acquainted with some of her work in the courses in translation was marvellous marvellous power of that way languished him
this poem is called life while you wait
life while you wait
performance without rehearsal body without alterations head without premeditation i know nothing of the role i play i only know it's mine i can't exchange it i have to guess on the spot and just what this place all about
you're prepared for the privilege of living i love that my ill prepared for the privilege of living i can barely keep up with the pace that the action demands i improvised although i loathe improvisation
a trip at every step over my own ignorance i can't conceal my hasty manners my instincts are for hammy histrionics stage fright makes excuses for me which humiliate me more extensive waiting circumstances strike me as cruel
words and impulses you can't take back stars you'll never get counted your character like a raincoat you button on the run the pitiful results of all this unexpectedness if i could just rehearse one wednesday and advanced and or repeat a single thursday that has passed
friday was the script i haven't seen is it fair i asked my voice a little horse since i couldn't even clear my throat off stage
you'd be wrong to think that is just a slap dash quiz taken in makeshift accommodations or know i'm standing on the set and i see how strong it is the props are surprisingly precise the machine rotating the stage has been around even longer
the farthest galaxies galaxies have been turned on oh no there's no question this must be the premier and whatever i do will become forever what i'm done
wonderful piece of
yeah i haven't had the thing that you wish you wrote the
how much
very glad that somebody here
this has caused some people like poetry
some people that means not everyone not even most of them only a few that county school of course where you have to and puts themselves you might end up with something like to per thousand like but then you can like chicken noodle soup or
compliments or the color blue year old scarf your own way petting the dog poetry but what is poetry anyway
more than one rickety answer has tumbled since that question first was raised but i just keep on not knowing and they cling to that like a redemptive handrail
as for buddhist as

this is called
the three honest words the three o d d e s t artist as an odd to pronounce artist
a favorite my mother's name was odd video says you're very high
i didn't get it elizabeth taylor
have been it literally
metro hired about my mother
and then one day it hit me ah audrey all and that
not you're there when i pronounce the word future that first syllable already belongs to the past
when i pronounce the word silence i destroyed
when i pronounce the word nothing i make something no non-being can hold
when i pronounce the word nothing i make something no non-being can hope
she doesn't know how good she is she
does she still alive
in november yeah
well we have put in our own nest
and good ones
recently using the power of language we put together own little will go to green burn
some of the people are sitting in his room he wrote some of these words you know the power of language and we know there were looking for new metaphors
and here's one called demolition
it just took a strong when just the regular rotation of seasons to approve a thatched hut and be done with it today the monuments we build are designed to withstand just about anything except maybe our karmic return
here this roof roof and these walls were pieced together with careful attention these were designed to grow higher and stronger so it makes sense that seems riff a bit with the widening it makes sense that the beans of the frame mon as they gear for a mind full of
smashing things what is the tool that takes down without destroying
herein lies the mystery
like those incubating chicken eggs and third grade the miracle wasn't just that the york and whites had dried up and turned into volition
sexual says the chick and mother hen don't know each other but is this just a favor between france the point is in this business of emerging the question is first who is packing out then if there's a knock in response from outside the question is who is packing
in and then if a whole is board wide enough for the gods to offer flowers and the rain does so through when the effort needs beak to beak the last question is who is left standing herein flies the revolution

that was a poem by soliciting in this room and or embarrassing to say what is that sarah emerson

i almost forgot my eyes
to green to burn they say i weight slowly drying gathering patients getting ready for the fire
many of these don't have names the anonymous
to green to burn
try it i that a poem turn three and sixty degrees and see what the my picks up and this class help bring immediate into focus somebody took the exact words that i was speaking and turn it into a park
to green different eyes bright heartwarming this doves gonna fly
to green to burn to red yellow blue purple to damn plastic to burn picking up litter and near a beach recalling the fifties they carry this a smooth translucent stone deep red stone green and andrew and clear light transmitting stolen and smooth round a stone long pieces of wood lumber brick broken glass all be
king part of it joined with sand shells rocks and driftwood can you remember life before plastic
everybody can like fox is a good box
to green to burn
no not me a bonfire blazing sixteen foot flames me on the beach come on up and warm yourselves gather round and dance and sing and as you get too close to two green clean up your i can sit right down sit right down and sit right down and sit right down and watch the flames consume this night his day this morning just like other
in the other day he wakes up and you sit right down you just sit right down next to the fire but is fading history
uk procession in san quintin chapel yard moon palm trees deep sky

les body such as us in praying for the period in the pain and suffering i felt to be delivered to myriads of cortez of distractions a good book or movie or a chat with friends practice period zazen praise and will never end despite the
a few only to be delivered to myriads of coaches and onions to slice and then to pass with no poem to read

there's one one new so funny

cat sonnets
going inside going outside for moving around
wind blows in from the best great pacific hard lined up neatly sharpening cause on a log and interests that a turkish rug no distinctions
nine inches of rain and many days waiting inside tail curved like a sickle
sitting on the inside not outside the door late winter sun does homework catherine
loring the head to sense it than a little more the tongue finds water

stitched up in hand stitched up and him in the neutral priest tries the bar
the company
so she sent a good will again to refill the same old shirt
it's they safe bet
try to find the one that really blew me away
for me it is very cultural
hi thanks yeah henry
not many people would get
dancing with demons maquettes the drum boom boom boom kumbaya my lord
daughters of mar of from far and near tempting me flaming somebody
early spring white blossoms everywhere couldn't give a damn
fifty percent
fess up monk we must be happier than you most


in the walled city there is a sign that reads too green to burn but so far the frames have known how to read even
where's the one

anyway i'm going to make some copies of this
this rule anthology of ours and put them in the librarian send some people that were here

hi bring up this question and metaphor nice and have a kind of loose
meeting because
a new metaphors come into my life and early in life since in the last twenty four hours is finally come to a head that we decided to leave
and are looking for my new life and soul
ah i figured somebody doesn't already notice to tend to just announced that it won't happen overnight
but god it's in the works
and i wanted to say it because you for a number of years now i've lived here and thrived and benefited deeply from the practice and from in my life with the sangha and so forth and love
then i had this heart condition and i felt kind of weekend was getting old and i thought well just in my days in own not my life is pretty much over but then love
lo and behold i got a new heart is it were after the operation and with it an abundant new energy so
was another possibility of live another ten years and have a meager you know
i felt that i've kind of reach the end of may
ah monastic days or more formal aspects of practice the the those things are when we in this and this practice the robes and the the formalities of it and maybe the now it's time to kind of broad now and november and were ah
direct way find a new metaphor of using what i've learned benefited from him to take it off into the world in some way
an early feels the same way about herself so we had a long discussion about this last night and also i tended to every time i shave looked in the mirror
and time is passing and i didn't think i could live here just to survive and other was hanging by the brash with my teeth and get our space and not really shooting that the that it's a viable life for me anymore when there's a possibility of now kidding what i've learned here out in open
some space for others to come into where we are
and in consequence of their ah yeah and after much soul searching and agonizing so forth certain events bring these things to the for but it's it's really dependent korea and cool reason event and this end we become who we are from these events and as neatly and neither prisoner blame
in the midst of it is just how things come about and so i'm very grateful for all of you that have brought into this partly due to this place and had given me a chance to sit up here and hold forth in
different times in ways and and learn about myself in doing so
well they would like to do
we one more foam because i wrote it akasha and each has it has some bearing on
but i started to subject tonight about our language and metaphor
kind of canada you know if i could really do a bit like a slam for the slammed on your own down real fast but i can't do it that way but maybe some yoga and how anyway
it's called as and i based it on the fact that anything that experience as something is that experienced at all and it as such so here isn't rape
and i stare in the mirror i stare in the mirror on the bathroom wall and see their an old guy hairless with jowls and all staring grey eye back at me with a rather fierce glare as though he was some stranger which is kind of weird when you consider that we pass the last twenty six thousand days and
as together that's two six zero zero zero days and nights in each other's company and sort of so i say to him so i say to him to my reflection and out loud to because there is no one nearby the here i say as room you might have will tell me friend tell me nothing i've done was ever really lost or won
for has ever been saved or salvaged but simply given as in given up for given in or which to that effect and he arches that browse if to say why heck yes pal
you mean all those long last places and far gone spaces and love be gotten faces all that good old stuff once to agree the burnout changed and turned as if from cash to ashes and sure enough i see that laugh as i that warns me that what this is is narcissus dreaming up some once upon a time
time somebody's daddy who sat so tall between the sticks and of all that you just knew he'd have to freefall or end up as humpty dumpty
and staring at this mole on his job that is my very own i make up jokes about our around a third base and puffing for home to meet the final score with such expressions as thus and so not to mention those more common ones oh boy or man or gosh golly gee whiz and of course damn
or as up vista or data such fascinating data as appeared in pairs used for to pair like you know when lose last fall praise blame guest host or politically as king for clown or as a blade pinch hitter in the game of our darkest most intimate shutters
his best and rapid friend i say let it go and leave it for a rainy day did each other fairly well and do hi ho silver away and drop our momentary hesitations about near conventional designations you go to turn yet another page on which is written inscrutable inscriptions of time and age leave
the mirror empty now in the bathroom wall and smile for it move smile for next time we come around here will stare each other down again with eyes past weeping and to dry for leaking and sentiment from twenty six thousand days and nights and permanent spent and what they might have meant

that's my speech
for tonight and how i feel about my life this time with you guys in the but what i would i wanna live with this idea about finding a new way to appreciate our language him and to be since it to the metaphors that you as practitioner roof
and i and all of us will develop in this time and place
for realizing and expanding with the heritage of the buddha dharma that is not some timeless identity that has come down from buddha to ask but that identity his us and that we will expand upon it as we find both the practice and the language with which to embrace and is this expressive
in questions
i have an force for something
is a metaphor for something
making that for it i know many find out empty handed i am narrative in africa me
european story and see how disgusting
i don't think you can make it up i think the point is that will have found is that the question is that will happen spontaneous well i think in a paper could happily send ascended to heaven it will not decide
may have to remember calling
once you have it had you had in a stick to any grasp is much interest in trouble well the first half to grasp it but you don't have to clean your
the group traits that we have evolved from went through the trees like this way i mean they didn't fly from branch to branch they grabbed branches but in order to keep moving out to let go the crash we have to find the new branch to get higher and the tree with him as a goes so there's no own next that's enough for demands period that are you
your seat manufacturer suggested
cost you are seeking i mean we're all seeking even though he say we're seeking non seeking for are looking for a way in which we can broaden our perspective he isn't seeking next breath of the chimpanzee is input as advanced mean consciously the chimpanzee has provided to that we are
advanced chimpanzees seeking the next brash
you know willy nilly though we actually as human beings and no choice but when we look up to see the shadows on the wall you the flute in the night to hear the bamboo see the morning star see our faces streams
it comes alive to us because we prepared because we're hungry to know
what we are
and we do that with our like linguistics with our language becomes finally comes forward in in full expression and that's as human beings as the poetry of her life
it isn't or maybe difference between palm resemble a lot to answer to life by aliens with your life
since poet has access to that somehow and is able to write it down but then he comes round nothing can be because the gulf ready
so why does it mean seeking a metaphor
well this let me see what the metaphor is and find out the answer that question for yourself
i don't have an answer for that i just think that that's what we do you august this part of rather than get caught in productions suggesting that rather get caught and old metaphors old forms of the cultural past that out of that waste
as a living practice we're always looking for a new imaging and that will finally be expressed in a new way and then that will become the status quo that would become the whole thing that this is a living process of constantly expanding our knowledge of ourselves
that's my delusion
as my life
and as soon as the truth i'm just presenting my best my story i feel we test these other stories
and we use of language and we have these stories about how we should be in the world of how we want to be on the world and we put that into words
but the stories are changing to some extent
i don't think that you know any was here conceive of ourselves as the thirteenth century buddhists
invented that the dharma is something like toyota that we're going to drive away and and and
but that were discovering for ourselves from moment to moment and day to day over and over again was and isn't a as senses teaching teaching each moment with discovered the dharma
anyway as how i feel about it
tomorrow i don't allow for for this moment that's who i am and in this sitting at this moment with these words this is how expressway
but i'm that is gonna realize their necessary tomorrow
what janet i'm i could go on a giant they still a little disturbed by
here's you say or here saying that the farmers and is is the metaphor long lines of times by the
have a farmer's farm well
the rest away of to understand that across army that isn't a as metaphor yeah
that's a totally new york comes to yeah it is a new conception as ah is a metaphor
life is metaphor like the visit with what this thesis is that we spend our lives you buy a sudden new metaphor sent new image comes forward in our consciousness maybe from the collective unconscious who knows where it comes from is he said pass up
and then mix what was that possible yesterday suddenly very near not remote any longer but at our fingertips
and that's how i tell by my life i mean for a long time
can you even know current somebody actually language is actually on earth
how does as this our conception yeah
a state like as status than don't of thing as company
yeah that's that's is a kind of new way of looking at language and practice and it excites me
so every year i experienced something as basically what you already know
but he's experienced something as you already know that you don't know i no not necessarily a thing actually you can have a homebrew strength with what you weren't yesterday that's what awakening every the directors deputed from direct experience but it would have to tell come into the form that is novel is intact chandra curvy so
says there is a director in a democrat he says that a rock perception itself cannot articulate realization it was not until it is linguistically designated that the realization can be articulated that it can come forward as such
ah so ah i feel that that's when you actually cut when we say i can't quite put it into words we have some can inkling you know the elements which is a way of grasping and in terms of language and then i can communicate
and then of course it is all already she's not a new thing that we found withdrawn from them find a new step new language that constant self renewing process
but i don't want to you know i don't want to try to reapply this into a whole new family grasp and to digest i just find it very kind to be sending my own life because it seems the living god everything's contexts and the little context to my doing right now
it interests me because we have a priest meeting every monday morning and we'd go into the library
several thousand books around on this means as we sit down with dictionaries and easily be puzzled over the meanings of words and he tried to decipher what the languages are all about only to get to the position where we must find a draft concept in order to understand what real ideas
it doesn't it it strikes me as if nothing else than quite ironic
that we do us that we have to do this that this is where we weren't as people isn't as beaks so i don't know i mean that's my delusion to ask for
one day i just started laughing at a ourselves in nerves working very hard to get her to a realization that it's gonna step out of language
however poetry about step in our language anything on the language who stood out from
never to do but yeah but you can you have to use the language to to do
the point to a dimension that is another one that was whose as is hon of usernames to describe that dimension
it's a thirty year almost so
i feel like allies they call it quits how about you
the or