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no one
my overriding concern and same as tell
and that's all right come on the morning wind gets stopped right there
and just before about what happened was i was enjoying his unless my favorite part of talking less microphone
i'm i'm hearing person i love salmon
the sand making as being money than i minute
so i can grow it
i am aware now that my voice was probably a little bit deeper than i usually speak
as a migraine
but ah what i wanted to talk you not tear tonight but actually was show tonight as something that sounds like fun but i realize that we've been talking about that for at least a week
if not years so i didn't want to call it form exactly
but that is what i'm going to be speaking about but more fundamentally
as i was walking down the stairs the question came up to me what rarely are we doing here
and somehow or another those two things are connected for me

if we really think
or believe for any way have an inkling that it might be a good singing to kind of believe in that
everything comes out of emptiness which is a little bit funny way to put it but i went out for now
a favourable feel that way then
how in a world away manifest that understanding
my thinking is that what we are about care
is to free
the heart
and if that isn't what it's about them
somebody tell me

and my experience is that it's not easy it's difficult
so what gets in the way
ah junko back has a wonderful way of expressing the for vows that we'd take she says caught in a self centered dream
exactly free
to self centered thought
exotically the dream
so what gets in the way
me me me me me me
play me
i ain't gonna be happy
i'm not gonna be unhappy

or sometimes we go me while i was a me
i ain't gonna stay unhappy and i'm liking it here because i'm familiar with it

so how is this talking about farms

it stocking about it and two ways
the first way as
i love the forms first them all so let me get that said i really allowed them
make come up right it could be anything
but the first ways is that when someone asks you
for example to lab quietly in this rainbow
and it was talking kind of an unusual approach in their xander and someone taps you on the shoulder and says excuse me are from whatever that is that we just made up
yes to while quietly and slowly in this ando and then you go fuck this
does he was there
and that's not so bad
that's fine
so the files in error or a wonderful mirror for us
and we can love that person who has that kind of response
that's a person with a lot of energy full of life has real opinions
he knows what's right and wrong probably knows what the best thing is for everybody
can can tell you why

but you know another i'm not gonna tell you the other isn't yet for a minute but and anything about walking slowly and as i know it really mean slowly
i told somebody that on time and i say prose works well and there's and you know i'm sitting face out which has a real problem for two reasons one is the candle has right in front of me so i'm sitting there you know and it's going
that's one thing and i will anything is especially in the beginning of sauce and you know it's really busy in the morning and lately i've been led by myself to sit in the morning which is a gift so but people go by in i'm sitting there trying to sydney gosh
first they were first rounder this way
but then everything quiets down a little bit and then the gender happens and then a sudden everybody goes that way
hey go practice discretion and dog
so it's like about ten minutes before and then people can make more close to me so they one i know oversight
so sometimes i tell my accent place now walk slowly and then they say yes and then they try to walk so i can say they're really trying to walk slowly
but they have someplace to go i understand totally
they are hurrying to their suit to sit
and then i want to disturb anybody

circular shape said one time to if you think you're cleaning the room to claim the row it don't understand why you're cleaning the room
and i thought oh my sand gone
i didn't understand
everything i don't understand it as soon as as zen koan

i gave him to paul he can experience

but now i understand
if i have a go by getting to the said
cleaning the wrong on getting enlightened
or whatever
well not really present for the life that we're living
and this is where it comes back to form
for actually gives us a chance to manifest our life
it's a wonderful thing
and we do it all the time
it could mean
offering a stick of incense
it could mean washing the dishes
he couldn't hold on your hand and and ultra
he couldn't
any of the forms
it as in fact the way we manifest everything manifests emptiness
way ah
what emptiness looks like

so even if you're during the so-called the forms in a very peculiar away were still manifesting emptiness but you don't get to enjoy it when and me is there so but when you bought the forms
no trace like riding a bicycle
oh my playing basketball when there's a game
are you when you practice me
maybe so
when we offer the incense completely offer the incense completely paint
completely wash the dish why die without any thought that in ten minutes you have to be somewhere and have to be really fast with these dishes and it doesn't mean that you're not fast and only means completely and bar for chopping the onions completely there for your
and personally

and personally
my experience is
is that they only regret really
that we can have in life is having missed it

it's also regret sometimes comes up if you hurt somebody
but mostly i think
if we're miss our own life what else have we
so the forms are a great
performs are tremendous opportunity to try again and again and again total repetition over and over and over again to pick your little self up and say thank you very much i realize at you
i'm tired of chanting the same stupid thing over and over and over again
but i can set you aside this morning
he hadn't been a real grade advisor to the most of the own anyway frankly
can set it aside
an raleigh be there for service
rarely chant for on champion
the lot of energy of right out
why because of form it was just offered to you like today where it i gave out are you used by day or use the twenty four hours
twenty four hours a curls to us and create who we are seven o'clock in the morning i am i'm a chanter
no said that does that right mama chandra said my god why i'm a worker
i surgery
hadn't are surging a lot but
having going to the flop around lately because anybody more map as books in the flop pro or they i cross x of science fiction or murder or then across acts of murder mysteries their their junk chug so
i don't really trust myself to go through that's not enjoy living room for growth
but maybe somebody can come with me one morning their anxiety and we can look through the book cincy although i don't know maybe some time junk
am i a disparaging some
anyway as go for some i remember no i don't think so wrong good science fiction is what we know why it is
colon cancer and i've been looking at is quite a lot lately cause i'm enjoying it surgery when it died down there with that from and i'm looking and sometimes i do take one off the shelf i put it at this
put it in the to be reassigned open
okay a little nervous maverick as i'm not sure if i'm going toward the core like sexual i don't like had atlanta recycle something it's own rules and along with it
what was i talking about
get the picture
south forms so
just a know actually have any that you know about that i'm not gonna mention you could raise your hand and we can say
so when you get up in the morning you brush your teeth there's a form okay
really brush your teeth but enjoy it more there for that
zaza an
walk slowly
don't around here say k because there's nowhere to go ever it's only here
sit up straight
i'm just really on on i'm just running down a list okay so i'm straight and zen in south on buddhism the posture is important very important
sit up straight emotional grand good from the back when you're sitting up straight is it
turns vanity csj so it was roger

you know that we care about you do know that
jeanette the practice can be really cares about you don't know that
well the which i am blessed to take care of you in the best way we know how
hey set up straight
home chant with vigor
service where else did i miss a bunch
kim yes
how much good thing a reminder for kenyan once a good kenyan reminder
coordinate your foot with your breath
stand up straight
i show
ah once a form that we like
bowing is a great one bowing is a widow for one borrow until everything disappears know but i know just bowing
did i tell you my bowing story of says okay russia anti that i muster
nineteen seventy hours so this i think i'll stop after this day nineteen seventy hours in tara for the summer nineteen seventy and suzuki roshi came down and he was doing there's great talks and the guy which is going to be a book in a minute it's coming out i can no longer when i saw
the blanco with after a great great great job
where's and i let me tell you it was not easy special was last lectures paint debt that i am impressed really impressed great great thank you very much
it's coming out sound and why
job as talks the somewhere that i was at tassajara and ultrasound was also and she was teaching tea the tea ceremony and i was taking tea and then
ah that's not the story and and i am not saying that wrote the connection is that in the same rule that i made a portion which is now cabin further she saw her whether she says days
blossom also and docusign in that room so i was having dogs out with him and i asked him what is going what is bowing about it was a new thing for me i'm jewish we all bow and jewish
so a new thing for manhattan i did
i asked him he was sitting right across a right across from me and i asked him what about battling
and he got up right then and he came over to my loved and they started bowing like this right here
and i looked at them i like oh but i haven't talked to him before so and during dogs on he had never done anything like this in a little and on a stop to me it felt like years
wow over and over and over again bowing
and then i sat down right in front of me again and then he started talking like nothing had happened
and i kept talking to him i have no idea what we said at all the only thing i remember was his belly oh yeah
and it wasn't even like he answered my question certainly not in words
but i saw him bow and that for the rest of the time for a wears live and now sometimes it comes out for me what is bowing and then pow
bow just throw yourself bow
there are lots of other forms and down i'm not going to mention that because i'm going to say goodnight sir
but please ah
what we're doing here is
helping each other train in this
well numberless kind of soto and training and one of the world core of things that we do are the forms there are will help to our own practice and to everybody else
and they are a man of has an embodiment they are understanding
and like grab is fond of saying all the time
so that girl she told him
when will i know
zan is in
when you completely can be yourself
no matter what it looks like totally there
the world comes alive then
and that's a gift to everybody
that's they gave to give to the people you're practicing with when you rarely who you are

thank you very much