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Summer intensive

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a business so here's the business to business of the day is it today those people who borrowed blanche suit your class from blanche please return them there one two three four five people do i need to read their names to remind them maybe will
just put him back in the drawer andy teddy janine travis and jason

and the other business to do is here are a three
sites if you want to go to them one is the access to insight that i told you about yesterday that all kinds of the tehran cannon on that website and the place where yoga chara seminar yearly seminar is is de vito vw you and c w i l
l that
edu edu slash p and r p and
pete and percent and present
p m percent are slash yoga chara
and the other one is a kind of a dictionary to theosophy dictionary if you will find their helper they have some no birds
david harvey w
scioscia ya t h e o s o ph wise dash and w dot org
o t h e o s u
i think w slash
g j slash something but anyway that'll get you there
i having a monitor
i think it's a dash a geezer eighty ag because i looked up in a word
oh you looking at can you learn to the internet immediately martha
who knows it may may maybe open i read here we go
so i wrote this up behind me
the books
library books please put all library books back on the back got table and then we'll like an irish be them back
did she did she send you an apology
oh she should send you in five yeah
i left her that her
yeah she qualified to me but i wanted her your pie is all the c c she sent that letter to
okay so i put this on the board frankly i think this is really good
competitive laptop i really did
i really do i thought about it and i think yeah i think this is kind of a really terrific summary whether it has anything to do with us a binder and i haven't yet made the connection but that i almost don't care because if you
and it because this is kind of a summary of our practice i just kind of
wanna make sure that we get to this today and also go over the last couple of things but the last stephen investments in a thorough us over here anyway so i list i'm going to read you from the madame in a guy that middleweight these courses are last advice
from the buddha for this class anyway
which is where this comes from nothing would soever and he doesn't mean kind of nothing he doesn't mean sort of nothing he doesn't mean only what is convenient or what you can do or where you not scared of letting go of he die
doesn't mean that he means everything okay so nothing what so ever should be clung to
we can stop right there
but as i or mine and you can see here the i part is clinging to grasp basic he grasping to self or mine which is grasping to other
hey so nothing whatsoever should be quand tu as i or my nothing whatsoever should be grasped that as self or other
happens you know what happened
so the home first part of the wazoo binder part explains to us how we got to delusion how we got self another you know we talked about how the mind works and films over we followed it as much as we did or not
we ended up with self or other and then he explained to us that they were such thief things as past seeds and karmic tendencies and so on and he told us where they were you know how they were available to us and how they came up and how this turning of the mind which
is called monitor which we can also call if we want you may be the watcher sinker okay how that comes along with a tendency to first love itself love that separation appreciate our individuality and so on and how along with that comes
all of the past stickiness is that have been stored that are available to us that have to do with a similar kind of perception you all following me right
and those let's have that under the category of delusion because it is the it is first an illusion the illusion of self and other which becomes a delusion when we believe that to be the absolute case we have dualistic consciousness consciousness that
that is sure about self and other we have all kinds of body stuff we assumed the body to be mine isn't that odd
that we actually think the body as mine that we're good enough with that really you don't really think if you don't really think it seven the body think of yourself as the eye that has the body and weird
i can eat weird
ah we have carried pendency as we have future wishes and fears and you can feel in you know reams of your particular stuff i and this is where we start practice or we start practice in in delusion and usually suffering unless some
sometimes we have no case server
our true nature and then people come to practice because they think in a few weeks if they work hard enough they'll get back to that mind state i should put mine states up here
because it's another thing that we cling to
pleasant mind face
we also clean to put we prefer unpleasant months they've actually
laughing then
he laughingly cookie monster
we had stuck in them
i right so here's how we come okay now the first this is the first turning the first turning in practice is a very mysterious one and i i don't still understand what helped somebody returned to do this
because i myself
i didn't do this for years and years and years take responsibility for my mental and emotional being who i was
and was a really interesting experience because i was by that time you know so-called grown up i was in my twenties and i had a job and i was independent and was having relationships and as making money and i was doing everything i was supposed to be doing and that people i was relating with the most intimately while relating with
yep telling me overwhelming and that i'm not taking responsibility for what are you talking about i am pay he returned to and and playing everything everyone's doing it remains to be an adult you know
as actually pretending to be an adult
how haven't quite an adult
i didn't understand what it meant i just couldn't get it for milan can really made me suffer for long time of just was wondering what does it mean when they could they possibly mean
and i don't remember how it was it i finally understood that what they would try to tell me was
that the feelings it came up in me
where my feelings and my responsibility
so on and i don't even remember exactly how it worked
so i can't help it it against me much personal and i remember it but i remember distinctly it took me a really long time it was very hard to figure it out
so but this is the first thing the first thing that has to happen and exist doesn't happen you might have you have it's a it's a really difficult time because you think we think we're doing lots of things and practicing and sitting and so on and so forth and we may well be i was but i wasn't real
really in touch with ah
i wasn't really
working as i guess that's where with i wasn't really working really with what was coming up and me because i i am
i was it was oh i was feeling something probably because of other people because other people didn't do something i was feeling something something like that and exactly sure but something like that anyway that does have a lot to do with blame and being the victim and being sorry
for yourself and so on and so forth that can think if you're not taking responsibility
so once that turns then the next thing that happens it needs to happen it must happen is we need to actually accept
we need to start from who we've come to be we need to accept the person we have come to be by dependent call rising we didn't necessarily choose that person almost always we are not happy with that person the person is usually quite selfish usually afraid very good
greedy embarrassed at who they are sync all kinds of bad thoughts about who they are whatever usually we don't like that person
usually almost it
now suffering it the suffering in this place the place of not taking responsibility is just massive suffering but you're kind of lost in it because you don't have a clue really hear suffering is a little clearer you do have a clue
the clue is if you're suffering you are resisting to what is right now suffering in this places non-acceptance you are stuck someplace
and the world wants to keep moving
and your grabbed on to something
but you're resisting your existing whatever it is that surprising that you are that you just don't want you know want it
suffering is that kind of existence it's not acceptance it's resistance and it's clinging
mine is caught somewhere now in this area this business about accepting the body were the body is extremely important because all of the pain that we grew up with
that was given to us is given to us by it's generational generation after generation after generation and now we receive it as children
thank you very much
casino you can't blame anybody because your parents had the same thing almost always if somebody is abusive parent they've been abused almost always that you don't invent that you know he doesn't come into the world feeling that way
so when you begin receptor accepting responsibility and you begin it especially if you see the pen and colorizing you begin to have some amount of space you stop blaming so much it's easier to accept our responsibility because ultimately there is everybody's forgiven totally
from this point of view of the pentagon rising
so you can start taking responsibility so the body is really important here because all of the stuck places that we've been resisting and haven't wanted to feel the pain and hurt that we didn't know what to do it goes right into the body to in the body
and the process of healing that pain
even that you know thoughts that come that are so thoughts that are really painful voce what we mean by painful thoughts often is as if they actually have they manifest in the body it feels like you're stabbed or you with are you crushed are you going
something heavy is happening or sweat anger your muscles are tight and it's just painful and the way to heal it the healing that happens is simply with awareness awareness turns out to be healing it's a it's a magic so it works well
kind of with not judgmental not grabbing onto it because that would throw you right back up into the poor meeting and not a virgin
for feeling exactly how you're feeling brave in breathe in breathe you wait you wait you open open open your life brief until the sensation in your by his path and that much of the karma whatever that was his relief
is my theory meme says i'm wrong but i think
i don't know what if if he just didn't like that he didn't like to a height put it i put it in terms of energy and he made me i know maybe convert me now and if the is changing that but i really feel it that way and so definitely saying if it's wrong just ignore it if that's not your experience throughout
so i'm so it's helpful it's helpful if you don't struggle and it's helpful to know that if you're caught you know a fallback and fallback mode here is if you're caught just surrender
okay you win and then it is to open your heart if you can it's really important who can't go forward in practice without developing at the same time you do wisdom practice you have to develop ca
i'm passion for yourself first
and the way you develop it is simply allowing yourself to feel your own pain it's okay to have whatever feelings you come up with and not yours anyway
my as well
let them either
so you have to have this
heart sang in a course in the beginning we don't we we hate ourselves so much often that you know we can't even bear to even imagine liking is awful yeah you saying that we seem to be so in the beginning the heart is a little bit broken
so you take a kind of a broken heart
you're feeling broken in your heart is broken and that's the person that he turned to and hold as an adult you can hold this person and you are the one who are responsible for
we're giving to that person whatever that person didn't get when they were broken up in the first place


hadn't either
but this is not analysis i am not talking about analysis here i'm talking about staying in the moment and feel was in the moment you do not need to analyze anything everything that you're ever going to need to see is gonna come up right in your face right right there if you just are there to see it


losing friend
no anything now it just is well i'm here
bed i'm erica
happy you lose both ways to get it
i don't know what needs to be said about it just is that way if you first you could you have arrogance since then be loved that one bc because when you really are aware there's a little hair's breadth that you're not actually bought into it at that point you're watching yourself be this person
you can hardly bear ray
that watching is where you want to that's legitimate you wrecked their and that watching within this tender tender heart you watch this person who you can hardly stand there so arrogant you know but you'll love that one because why that one is so inside and and
reset usually the arrogance is as much as it is down right you're judging yourself as much in humiliating projecting that you know that somewhere you love that one
that's how it happens it's all about really just pouring love and warmth and acceptance on to this person that we've tried not to know we've tried to keep in the closet


hmm hmm
las vegas

patting is good as from laughing again
i put him a bailout package ability not about that
a few m oh you are
oh r o r this is my excuse me have heard of
i i love the spell check uncompleted
and since the best thing over there was
ah very loving so we love very important
now here's the interesting thing let's go to this little part rate of here body sensation perception emotion stock consciousness

that's okay because for now because when we are this the one that's broken doesn't have much of a a self you need to have a little bit of stability before you start doesn't i taking away identity identity from it it's got a kind of sort of you have to have a good outline at least
you know
absolutely absolutely
no i would just go ahead and completely substance smug sense you know i would go ahead and completely love that one we hit we don't have a self know that we didn't let herself we do have a conventional self but he never said they didn't exist
we're not into nihilism an excellent nothing there


yeah but a presumption was very hard
what i mean that a word
ah i see


you know
you know

at what a lot
is it
their lives didn't shoot look up no matter loving-kindness around and hard as tangram valjean practice the he does
the for guidance is and bodhisattva
one as of again

you mean some sleep
he was awake that's what it means away or up are present
who thinks i'm
so over here we have body sensation perception emotion start countries are these are familiar rate we know it these are
this kind of right now what happens
i i thank anyway and practice is is that now we work at really gross things first and the way we work is by removing our identity
we just remove our identity from these things
that's what happens you know first were totally believe that all of this stuff is me
and then as you sit more and more you can see certainly the sensations you know come and go all the time it's always changing
and eventually you can see that emotions are always changing and so on so within some people sometimes get stuck on emotions and less on thought some people can see that thought comes and goes really clearly
but their emotions are really dominant they really believe the emotions the or some people feel like the body is really then they very identified with the body but eventually as we practice i guess identity with these things
we remove it
and then at the most subtle level
you do not identify with cut with consciousness
don't identify with consciousness the mind
you are not your mind we are not the mind subtle but true
let go of all of that do not identify yourself in any of it
then i wrote well how exposed to do that
i didn't so then i said

book i really understand now you know been doing okay then i said total one hundred percent engagement in the present
now you've heard that eight
isn't it so for them however what is the president
people don't know i was asked that question category as me what is a moment the
every time you ever ask me anything eight millions with
but it turns out
it turns out what the present is is activity here and now
whatever you're doing see i'm lifting as have been putting it in
whatever you're doing whatever you're engaged in picking up a cup of tea you should seem to be here if you pick up a of tea the whole entire world was there and him picking up the cup of tea
hundred per cent

it would be i could do best impersonation of me picking at would completely
oh and this is this
can you see down here
does a good news
this is true
give you an you don't and don't believe this do not believe this did not believe this until you find out do not believe it but know that it's down there
we are all ready already what we want to be
we are already open-hearted we are
i used to take alternate my heart was closed because if we it felt like because it felt like ahead a big iron ball over my chest to protect me
but it's not true under nice iron ball was as big massive kind of sentimental
i'm very kind of open-heart what happens is we protect it he put up barriers
the heart stays open we hide it
because we're afraid
yes we did

yeah but we need to as kids you know where we that we have barriers you know for a lot of things because we can't handle it but as adults we have tons of barriers for things it as adults you know are threatening us at all and we still have the same barriers

so pew of the other part is what we are so where does open heart
and we are pure joyous silent spacious awareness it's not ours doesn't belong to us dependently color isn't
and it is us we don't have it it is who we are that's what we are
that's what it says at the end of this

it is without thought and without object just present activity such as things as they are as blanched resulting it's also the super monday knowledge through the destruction of the to full pret depravity is as the grass beings of i in mind there is reversion to the source of such to
gravity's reversion means that the mind simply his return reversion mean revert means revert back to its return to its original pristine nature
this indeed is the realm free from influx is it is unthinkable beyond concepts it is wholesome in a stable it is the serene body of release and this has called the doctrine of the great sage

i think they are influxes where you have impressive
i think that influences are when we grassley we create another see have a debt habit energies that coming in i don't know let me see if i have here
free from influences the realm
oh is there were
it's the realm free from in plexus
influence intimacy free from leaking energy it says
the dad soft cushions gone and it in another news in front of others be tennessee looking been transform whereas we from dispositional tendencies in the filing afflictions instead of grasses and and i doesn't say
i love learning

oh okay
what the third reich was so
that's a definition of of influences is over there is free from stress
influxes of the description of being free from influxes what's an influx
but an average
i think the leave
winter you know what
right here's an here's where that comes from nothing whatsoever should be clung to as an iron mine
ah let's see
venerable sir there's a blessing when recall stating and brief to a certain one of the renowned spirits with a great following deliverance through the destruction of craving
yes this is what i said i told him here ruler of god's a monk has heard that nothing is worse adhering to
when a monk has heard that nothing whatever should be clung to
he or she directly knows everything having directly known everything they fully understand everything having fully understood everything whatever feelings they feel whatever pleasant or painful neither painful nor pleasant they are by contemplating impermanence in those feelings contemplating fading away contemplating says
asian contemplating relinquishment
contemplating dust they do not cling to anything in the world
when they do not claim they are not agitated
that's gonna me and predominant know playing in an educated when you are not agitated you personally attain nirvana
birth is destroyed the holy life has been lived this is another famous line what held to be done was done there is no more coming to any state of being
that is how i recall stating in brief to the ruler of god's deliverance through the cessation of craving
this is the number thirty seven the
in the medina nokia it's number thirty seven the the cool cooler time her son kaja seater
page three forty four

and i want to review from dogan because
that's our way
tibet my car
i'm here is
justification didn't believe me that a moment was time
this is duggan's fuji being time
since such is that you're not gonna be sadness so don't worry there but it's very it's all very poetic
you may understand it
i think don't entirely to understand myself but
so pretty there since such is its fundamental reason we must study and learn that myriad phenomena and numberless grasses things exist over the entire earth and each of the grasses and each of the forms exists as the entire earth these coming
eggs and goings are the commencement of buddha practice when you have arrived within this field of such notice it is a single grass a single form the forms are understood and not understood the grasses or grasped and not grasp
in spite of this a person holds various views at the time he is unenlightened and has yet to learn the buddhist dharma hearing the words the time being he thinks that at one time the old buddha became a creature with three heads and eight arms and that at another time he became a sixteen foot buddha
a he imagines it is like crossing a river or mountain the river and mountain may still exist but i have now left them behind and at the present time i reside in the splendid vermillion palace to him the mountain or river and i are as distant from one and
other as heaven from earth
as the time right now is all there ever is each being time he uses it is one word better is without exception entire time a grass being a form being are both times entire being the entire
world exists in the time of each and every now just reflect right now is there is there an entire being or an entire world missing from your present time why not
it's been time and then i wanted to morphing short
this is from exudes one bright pearl
this is his statement about this is why the ways that he talks about one where all one life lighting
which is the all were just like thing like in time in britain getting
it being less it is the one bright pearl all the universe so although it's face seems to keep on changing turning and stopping it is the same bright pearl knowing that the pearl is in
indeed like this that itself is the bright pearl in this way the coloration and configurations of the bright pearl or encountered when it is thus there is no reason to doubting we think that you are not the pearl
because you think i am not the puddle
these thoughts and doubts and are accepting or rejecting our but passing notions it is moreover only the pearl appearing as a trivial notion
henry and his last when i went to from the kinda com
tibbets and begin from car

yes nothing is excluded even our delusions
when it is thus there is no reason to think that you are not the pearl because you perplexing lee think quote i am not the pearl
perplexing thoughts doubts and are accepting or rejecting
our but passing trivial notions
it is moreover
only the pearl
peering as a trivial motion
he really doesn't matter if that it doesn't matter where we start really doesn't it's just awareness of whatever's happening is already there
it were caught
hi ginger corn
come on
when all things are the buddha dharma oil minister margaret in me
when all things are the buddha dharma there is illusion and enlightenment practice birth death buddhists in sentient beings when all things are without self
there is no illusion or enlightenment no birth or death no buddhas or sentient beings the boot away is originally beyond any fullness and lack and for that reason and his birth and death the illusion and enlightenment trivial notions in such yet for all that flour
as fall and yet our regret and yearning and hated weeds grow
practice that confirms things by taking the self to them his illusion
for things to come forward and practice
for things to come forward and practice and confirmed as of defense
for things to come forward and practice and confirmed yourself is enlightenment that's how are you will it it's better than other
those who greatly and white and illusion or buddhists
those greatly diluted amid enlightenment are sentient beings some people continue to realize enlightenment beyond enlightenment some proceed amid their illusion deeper into further illusion
to learn the buddha ways to study the self
to study the self then you can forget herself to forget the shelf is to be confirmed by a whole diamonds to be confirmed by all dharmas is to cast off when body and mind and the bodies and minds of others as well all trace of enlightenment disappears and this trustless awakening continue
use without end
the enlightenment is like the moon reflected in the water the moon does not get wet and the surface of the water is not broken for all the breaths and vastness of it's like the moon comes to rest in a small patch of water
the whole moon and the sky in its entirety come to rest in a single dewdrop on a grass mere pinpoint of water
enlightenment does not destroy you any more than the moon makes a whole on the surface of the water
fish swim the water and however much they swim there is no end to the water birds fly the skies and however much they fly there is no end to the skies yet fish never once leave the water and birds never forsake the sky when they need is great
he was great activity and you need a small there is small activity in this way none ever fails to exert itself to the full and nowhere does any fail to move and turn freely
if a bird leaves the sky it will soon die if a fish leaves the water it will die at once we should grasp that water means life in the sky means life it must be that the bird means life and the fish means live that life
is the bird life is the fish we could continue in this way even further because practice and realization for all that is possessed of life it is the same
because it is just that one practice since here is where the place exists and since the way opens out in all directions the reason we are unable to know it's total knowable limits simply because our knowing lives together
and practices together with the full penetration of the buddha dharma

have zen master po che of mount my you was fanning himself a monk came up and said the nature of the wind is constancy there is no place it does not reach and why use a fan
paul j answer
you only know the nature of wind is constancy
you haven't yet grasp the meaning of it's reaching every place
what is the meaning of it's reaching every place asked a monk
a master only found himself
a monk bowed deeply
verification of the buddha dharma the authentic transmission of the vital ways like this to say that one should not use a fan because the wind is constant that there will be wind even when one does not use a fan fails to understand both constancy and the nature of wind
it is because the nature of the wind is constancy that the wind of the house of buddha reveals the great births golden presence and ripens the sweet milk of the wrong river
our way is we practice because we already are what we want to be we are already the buddha dharma that's why we practice
but if we don't practice we don't realize
we have to practice
this doesn't have to be even buddhism is just a buddhism is very clear you know you don't even have to be religious to do this
but it takes a lot of work it takes courage it takes determination it takes patience it takes kindness and gentleness
yes the train fares are all qualities can we have
so i'm
i guess we're done and i don't know really how much i have explained mr bond i think in some ways a kind of not at all but am it this time going through it i just come mostly talk about fashion
so i hope that's okay in a fight and you know told you things that are wrong than just you'll learn what is right from other time and if there are things in it that are disturbing or that you know you don't think are worth much throw it out
and dumb
and if there was anything that was useful take it and use it well and
and i would like to dedicate our effort

you know one time out to have fun
the driver for the sixteenth karmapa in hawaiian hotel in our and our health and hawaii
there's a big huge golden buddha and one of those hotels chili kind of i i can imagine ever so slightly funny but there was any so we were having a target and friend and he said that the thing that he remembered most of the sixteenth karmapa was it he get akin he offered
everything all the time
yeah whenever he did anything is offering you know them
so in that spirit and in gratitude to all of her teachers that we've had
what i can't say you're all feeling so
i dedicated to being complete
awakening of everybody peace in the world soon
pet may we all work together as far as without