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Summer intensive

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get a comprehensive manual of abby dharma is that but you said yesterday death
tomorrow is another going to be a light day wasn't that quick
isn't how funny how the first time was so far away and the second one is oliver said upon us
so i just wanted to remind everybody that it is coming up in ah
last day off so if that was good for you then do the same thing and if that moved you too far away and do something different
i again would suggest staying close if you leave the building then do it you know for some kind of exercise but don't don't meander about come right back and down
take care of your gathering of
ah ha mindfulness and the continuity that you're trying to develop don't at this time
league don't don't
don't leak
and having to do with that is silence so for those of you who are staying around the building
see if you can maintain some kind of ah contained
silence it doesn't mean you know be with each other and so on but don't do idle talk don't do too much idle talk
and also try during today the day that when you're around the kitchen and in the small kitchen so especially for the rest of the morning
don't don't don't leak leak and if you're trying to really do that practice of staying silent and maintaining then people come up and try to engage with you it's perfectly ok to say
i'm trying my best to say on practice silence and i love you very much but go away
don't bother me i'm working
you know there was somebody at to tassajara david
is it has a her and he took on that bragg that's how long did he do that by doing them
yeah measured the idea is not that make contact natchez to remain silent but don't make contact and i don't like in a brush show get some one i made silent
how about you
yeah the idea of met with her
yeah development
the time frame
he was

yeah at it
and you really do have a chance in the morning

this is a from a book murderer
their palms by trungpa early pumps by jumper
i was thinking of reading you about my rt which pete there's a piece in and i really like and navy when we get a little bit farther into the text i need it but the one i want to read this morning is called
oops where is a wild duck
no it's called the silent song of loneliness

some people when they have a
pics of emptiness peaks
where's the duck
oh yeah i can
the people would we have this experience in to way sometimes people have an experience of emptiness and and it's full because you know it is that it's everything also you can interpret it that way as a kind of a fullness and some people have an experience of
dry alone desolate nurse
and that's scary
sometimes for people so i thought i'd read your little bit of for
this isn't scary want to scare
but this is a very very i think can
no rich feeling of
ciampa sway his mind this was written in the sixty five june of sixty five so he had already walked out of tibet
you know what's having innovate is beyond sadness is just one of these horrific things that are happening the odd thing about it is in a way because that's have happened already and can get we get the benefit of their ah wonderous ways enormously has reached
enrich the west but at a horrible expense horrible expense and
here you know when i was in tibet when you when i was there i think now they've built up the monasteries a little bit but the devastation was just a really impressive
the tankers are all you know chipped away in from off the walls and written over and monasteries were in ruins and you know of of hundreds of buildings they would just be like one building left and so on and as to say nothing of people who've been so hurt
fiat and
how they can maintain their you know quality of
still loving in a pre understanding of what's happening from her compassion point of view is just unless beyond me
in amazingly and present seemed to me
so anyway he walked out you know the dalai lama left in what fifty nine i think and down many people walked out with him it's not easy walk over those mountains
when i would i take story

yeah okay is there
when you get really high up it's very you can't the actually it doesn't come into your by as he can have a workshop
i'm not going to pay a stoner rock okay and private isn't too much higher
this is the silent song of loneliness
the one to whom peace and solitude are known forever perfectly you milarepa long chen path the girl to whom all things are known the one who shows the single truth you i remember i your son crying from an alien island
he was in none
the wild duck companion less cries out in desolate loneliness and flies alone wings outspread soaring in the boundless sky
in the womb beyond the one and many yours is the inner loneliness and yours alone with emptied and yours alone the emptiness within and everywhere around the mountain side alone creates the clouds that change the rain the to that
that changed to rain to the the to that never go beyond the one so sore away wild duck alone
thunder resounding everywhere is only the elements at play the for expressing the sound of silence the hailstones triangular the black clouds and storms blast or earth bound only wild duck so do not fall prey to doubt but get you
gone upon your flight
the waters of the sunset lie saffron painted beautiful and yet unchanging as the light and dignity of the sun so cut the cord that joins the day and night and stretch your wings and fly while attack
the moon's raise spread over the ocean and heaven and earth smile the cool and gentle breeze moves over them but you are young and far from home while deck so stretch your wings alone and travel on the path to nowhere
a sharpness is on the summers tail the healing breeze of summer yields to the bitter wind of winter time if this was a signal to you bird than you would know the seasons not themselves but as a turning wheel
the young deer wandering among the summer green and pleasant ways remembering his mother caught and killed in a trap can yet enjoy the freedom of the empty valley and find relief and rest of mind
the lonely child who travels through the fearful waste and desolate feels and listens to their bare and tune greets as an unknown and best friend the terror within her and she sings in darkness all the sweetest songs
all his days in a place apart yet did not know peace or the dwelling place of peace
but when the face of loneliness is known to you than you will find the himalayan hermitage
the jungle child seems his song sad and alone yet weeps for nothing and joy is in him as he hears the flute the peaceful wind is blowing and even so am i in the sky dancing riding the why
while dec



well i think traditionally there are three i think
levels of understanding i don't remember exactly but the first one is listening i think listening to the dharma
yeah i don't know if i have this right all but anyway the sense of it is that we we
we could we need to use all the ways to actually understand listening as one way
studying is another way so we're studying intellectually so at that level we have may be intellectual understanding which is useful because it's encouraging it clarifying and then
but then the most important thing is to have some direct experience yourself of that and ah
you know the difference maybe but it directly address suffering you know until we really can let go of a sense of me a sense of solidity and everything we really don't
and are suffering and can't really be with anybody else we have to pass through hundred a real experience of are not self and not other





which one
he was

movie movie

search for some people that's right the intellect as an entrance where some people don't need it
but for some people's and important attributed to man ahead

so what i put on the board is kind of and away relevant to what we're talking about because
for a couple of reasons one is sometimes a in it in a certain kind of way a direct experience of emptiness is a gift as just kind of engrave saying if we if we grab after it it seems to go further
or away but it they say the way some people talk about is is that you can kind of know it's an accident they say it's an accident but you can make yourself accident prone
the and
in one of the ways of making your exit use of accident prone is to really thoroughly understand intellectually what we mean by emptiness and then to act to put it into your life and you and practice with that not thinking that it's gonna anything's gonna happen but just because
just because why
yeah the reason why i stopped is because
it's really a fine line between practicing and grasping after some which is which is
we have to be careful that and some people have to be more careful than others about that but it's also true that there are these methods and tools and so-called practices and phone and so forth that do help in some ways so
so it's an it's some people say that it's enough to just go and sit suzuki or as she says it all the time but what does that mean just sit you know doesn't mean to sit there and and just let everything
well in a certain kind of way and if that is what it means
but but we have to be present and and being sitting we can't be not present being sitting thinking that that sitting it's not so in the beginning we have to make an enormous effort to be present if we're not
so there are practices to do so i'm like the the person or people are have very very very clear practices they just deeply deeply my newly train themselves to slow everything down massively everything is
really slow down and you can you can see all of the little minutia that make up the smallest experience like you know like they're walking meditation is you know three quarters half a quarter and know factions but of ours they go real
lee slow it took me when i said i am as it took me to go from here to you know the buddha hall would take twenty minutes at least you know if not longer either really really slowly and then and man what happens is you see everything just kind of falls apart because you can see how all of the like imp
little ah
tendencies and elements and silence over it you can see how the whole thing is is totally change there's nothing substantial near that's one way one way and the tibetans have lots of ways and and in a certain kind of way through intellect now and then i got intellectual but and analyze
the analyze a lot
they use it method and what we do is come we just sit but we also take are just sitting into our daily lives so this is what i put on the board

so one way to do it is too
you know and we also have cohen practices which i've done
in my life a little bit and then for people like me i don't recommend them
but what you do as you just hold
you don't tell me intellectualized it but you just hold an awareness a questioner your particular cohen and in the same way you can do that with in with other things like for example grasping you can just hold in your mind or keep that foremost in your mind grasping and then every time that happens
for you every time you lean out of the present moment every time you lean toward something up comes and awareness that that's what you're doing here and that's a neat thing about the passionate practice because no way before you even get to the lean you're already knowing that you're leaking you know it's really minute
but anyway you can hold grasping in mind and then you can buy by the awareness itself which is what creates the space around the grasping you don't i say you don't go there were i mean as you don't hold on just don't do that grasping you watch you settle
and by settling there you can see change you can you can see that nothing can be held as you watch what it was that you were trying to grasp like a relationship like somebody when we get into relationships we often think that that person is going to stay just the way they
they were when you met them and that's them that is who they are now when they change you know year surprised you know if they're going to relate to the person
and the same thing is true on this side if you just stand there and wait and not buy into whatever it is that you're watching or studying or holding in the mind you can see clearly that everything changes this side and the other side
and that you can see them that it so called is not there to grasp
and you can't grasp on this side either so just holding some some idea some concept or some something you're working with him that way is very effective way to work deeper and deeper
and this is another way which i think it's really good i was talking to somebody was talking you may actually once and they said they are they were bet they said they aren't blah blah of us and they stop themselves before they got to this word they were gonna say they aren't friendly visit the but they didn't
they didn't say that they were present enough to be aware that they were just about to conceptualize somebody they acknowledge that so they were going to do the precepts popped right into their mind well this is actually one of the eightfold path but speech don't do
long speech popped into their mind they stopped they didn't impute that concept in a truth they stopped as soon as that idea came into the mind they stop they just they just noted that they were that they had that concept in mind and didn't do anything with it they do
didn't deny it no no no no no they really probably are friendly and they didn't grab onto it yes they really are not friendly they just had the thud and stopped
did not
do not
no no no no no
right and we're going to understand that today i want this to be really clear
oh okay here we go right
bully let's say belief for starts okay
like i said yesterday we are trained in the united states and probably all over the world now you know to to think about people who are different than we are that they have certain inherent characteristics so when we say if you're living in the balkans and you talk a
i'm a muslim let's say that they are bla bla bla violent or whatever it is okay we're taught that now because we're taught such a thing those thoughts are going to come up in mind that is not imputing substance to them when you
reapply that thought and say yeah that's right they are violent and you believe what you just thought
then your imputing substance
you see the difference

no clue
no i think if i may be so
yeah i disagree i actually disagree and i think if we we don't say online
well but i i do want it to understand the text and that's not with the text is saying here
my opinion
okay that that's the difference between having a concept which is not a problem we have an idea of self it's not a problem that we believe that there is a self with inherent existence separate from everything else that is a problem and
that's imputing existence or substantially allottee or reality or substance to an idea that is only a label on a bunch of characteristics that's totally fluid and empty in its essence

well the idea of the accomplished okay is that you stop at the arising of the concept and you don't impute do not put this is ahead of the class k this is a head but you're going to get this tomorrow you
do not impute you do you do he accomplished his the dependently arisen concept with out imputation that's numbers twenty something or another okay that's what we're going to study they accomplished is this that com
published is this without this
without imputing
we have have concepts that's how we are in the world concepts arise there's nothing wrong with concepts
i wrote for
what him
but years where ignorance of fun summer

for having the bathroom
the river and that's the imputation
this is a good reputation
some of it
or manager
yes inherent existence that the idea is represent something that inherently exists that is that is the mistake
was mistaken
you know that no i'm not we label by concept i want to limit let's just do this for a minute but then i want to bring the class along otherwise not fear okay i'm not saying the label is if we label all the time that's how we think that's how we know something we
that's how we are in the world
redefining it imputing some inherent existence to that concept is a mistake grasping that concept as real as a mistake

only if you only if you read only if you impute the truth there
i i i i i don't want to go too much with this because we're only on seventeen it will get there tomorrow
yes that's how i'm talking with
right now
where break
right now yes
i don't know if i would use karma quiet in that way but but the just what you're saying i agree with


you can't hear you

if you don't have as if they're not if it isn't coming from self yeah question

for they were well
the so much i love
i don't understand your question

yes yeah
yeah because role

i think that's true i think that are developed you know there it's infinitely developed i think they're i don't know there might be maybe three or four people who may be really have completely know
no and the self is really completely the rest of us are you know
in the pm
are you happy and we heading to karma enough
i brought i bought a even brought the facts just her just too easy to stay
right so let's let's try to bring the whole class together but let's be warned that tomorrow we're going to be at per capita per ton to in part of spawning and there
the day after my the like oh okay day after tomorrow so could you guys go over that both you know in the definitions and also injured in the clue behind and you're studying so at least we have the same vocabulary to deal with
those are in the twenties starting with a twenty i think
yeah twenty twenty one and twenty two
and we'll just talk about it will just have a discussion but you know the thing the most of the bottom line is how are you going to use it in your practice for me that's the bottom line if this helps for our freedom from conceptual clanging
that i don't care how you think about it
from my point view this is a tool is texas a tool for are awakening so i'm just basically interested in presenting something to hear that you can use
how will you know i do want to go i want to do seventeen eighteen and nineteen so that would just go quickly so from my point of view she didn't improve impute anything to the idea that came up she did go to the body and noticed the contraction of separation which is painful she withdrew
withdrew her involvement from the idea she was studying the process of mind rather than the content that turn is really important
she noted how she was creating a self by really you know about to believe that how she thought of the the situation was right she was used to being a person who is right she and she didn't she she turned her life or awareness toward that id
a of self image that she had and didn't cling to that idea of me she saw there was a watcher they're watching that she was not grasping a me
and then she and then she was noticing while who is observable who is that who is the watcher and didn't impute substance to that didn't grab on let's forget and pt seven didn't grab onto that as a me
and doing that you can see the and the whole thing is a process and keeps changing in that you can the change from for changing of the whole thing come
helps us to see the emptiness of whole thing it can see you can say the change you can say the dependent colorizing of the whole thing many courageous a great way to study on this guff
so that's what happened there so let's look at seventeen
thus sought involves this transformation of consciousness
for that reason what has thus been sought of does not exist in other words the way we think of things the way human being see things in that way things don't exist it
i'm not saying that they don't and that nothing exists they're not saying that nothing is out there what it saying is the way that we think it's there is not the way things actually are that we see you know apparent things we give apparent things
inherent existence we impute inherent existence on to
a process that's happening that we go onto we put in a box we label characteristics we impute separation on them in that way things do not exist
therefore all that we know conceptually is basically a representation
it represents something but it's a complete mental event it is not ah
it is not the way things actually are
we see things as separate we see things as and ourselves we feel ourselves to be separate inherently existent ah
solid even unchanging and none of that is true

yeah all they have although it's not wetness is just sensing just as sensing

i know i think they are a member in the beginning we did say that there can be just sensation fit physical body consciousness as a direct experience
as soon as you make it yours or label at something or tea or whatever it is or wetness even right
and again that's not a problem the problem is to think that that actually is the case it's like the whether you know to say that there's a weather or even storm you know you keep deconstructing it to it's the whole thing disappear as a whole thing is just this one life empty of pie
arts you know
mt of separation it's just this one
life death same thing no difference you know me you know difference we come up together as one consciousness is not separate from its object it doesn't exist without an object there's no such thing it's one event kind of reassuring
eighteen consciousness indeed possesses all seeds it's transformation he's just kind of summarizing this now it's transformation occurs in a variety of ways three in particular it proceeds on the basis of mutual dependence it's all dependently korea isn't there is no
you know ultimate
as a result of which such and such thoughts are born
he just summarized what he's been trying to explain to us
a number nineteen is karmic dispositions together with the to dispositions of grasping
karmic dispositions being a habit patterns and habit energy together with the to dispositions of grasping which is grasping itself are grasping it at other produces another
sit event another produces another event when the previous result in his way and so each one of these things is independent co rising by influencing a alive again and elia influences the arising of of the the concepts in the way that they come up because of all in the seeds
that hat member i drew in this thing in the beginning that went like this and it went back up and down up enough so a lie is influencing or the way we perceive things the way we perceive things and create a self goes back into our consciousness and so on so forth back and forth back and forth when when
we have what
okay well and then wet
that thing
yeah i think so
grasping you know remember that thing that we study that we didn't know this volition thing that we didn't quite understand because it wasn't really conscious there's there's a tendency of mind this tendency of mind is what grasping is coming from our mind has a tendency to grasp because
it wants to its reach it we are reaching for ground all the time the mind is tries our survival mechanism it's trying to help us understand what is basically threatening and interestingly enough what happens is it creates as it create self and other in order to know whether this other thing
is threatening or not it feels threatened anyway by what separate from it it's kind of ironic you know it's kind of ironic we mean that separation to know what is happening out there apparently our best guess of what's happening out there i'm running it through
all of our you know past experiences with with the closest thing that we know of whatever that was and yet that very process which separates us from
life itself you know we feel basically inside were really
threatened and nervous by the very fact of separation i find it really interesting anyway that tendency of mind to grasp and is just a tendency of cut of a consciousness it's inherent in every every
consciousness that arises is this tendency to grasp and that is the beginning that has been the beginning of the of the revocation of self and other the grasping of the separation really makes it really solid but was me
not measurable
i think it's the nature that can it comes out to one of the mental factors it comes up with every
civic consciousness event or severe

thought right
i know it isn't a karmic event traditionally is volitional volitional activity you're using karma in the in the kind of pop buddhist way you know that karma is just everything that happens to you as com
karma the definition of caught the word karma just means activity
and karma in the sense of buddhist our understanding is it's volitional activity like in the twelve full chain it's based on ignorance which is the ignoring of our ah to true way that we exist which is not separate so comic the karmic event
is based on separation based on self
k that influences consciousness

you know i think we have to remember this stuff is not exactly linear you know these things are happening all the time with billions of events are happening to us all the time so it's not like you know isn't
well because i think that it's pointing to the pinnacle rising
now it's all dependently chrism
so it does it all everything depends on something that happened just before it
so we do have this we do have this event we do have seeds we do have this transformation we do have this whole process which is which is mutually dependent means dependently car isn't it depends and and
and as a result of that process thoughts these kinds of thoughts are born thoughts of separation and solidification of self and other are born okay
it happens in the way the previous verses explain it
it happens in that in that way it transforms in the way he's been talking about
can't joseph

as well
where the way
well for

so classy arise with the way like some
knuckles with
you other water
or joe

ticknor and explains says i think really well he had their book

at some point
moving moving
and then are aware that will
move it over time
no it's there even in delusion comes out
from it without said the soul
you are
you can tell you can tell
you pay close attention you can tell first of all see now this is what i want you guys to do
on your day off the development
on your lighting you take this the business about what really notice when a concept comes up really notice when you're feeling contracted and the difference between how you respond that way and while kind of awareness that is that when you don't and you're just being you won't even notice
feel that separation you're just being in life so completely different and we all know just now notice
notice the difference and then come and we'll talk about it
ask me
not much fire
and they are
neither can be it
how which
honey rather than it is a separation re
person is accomplished
it's still going to award fire
so hot it is i haven't you know this was interesting
the nazis
mel yeah i asked males specifically about that and he said exactly not based on a show sense of self it won't be karma but he also said it that's you know kind of theoretical in a certain kind of wake us
ah but he didn't even wanna in certain kind of work in a way talk about that level of
from meeting think but
some i am i not understanding why has he began i hit an narrative
why our just want to say one thing the interesting thing about this is that it it seems to me like when we had i think it was last class or two classes ago when i felt like there was a sense of not believing that you can actually be an act in the world was out a san
serve lit self let's say without a sense of self
i don't know how to ah
i don't know exactly how to address that except to say just keep going i mean
it's easier to be in the world without a sense of self without self reflecting all the time it's way easier to to be in the world without all the time having to think about how you're affecting some
body whether they like you is it going to be okay it doesn't mean to not take to come from a place of not itself does not mean that you are a vegetable it doesn't mean that you don't have discrimination is just that discrimination is not based on self on preferences in certain kind of way it's based on awareness
but it's not based on self
so it's clearer the world is clearer that way
it's not fun
clear distinction
the six consciousness is discrimination it's discrimination without manas
when will just that it
where i might get caught
one of the vegetable yeah
and i have the with the idea of like the enlightened one come only from a place of my
and then there's the cutting the with the economy
i i don't think it gives many i'm asking it really that same as with practice
there i just read the other day i think i read is by the dalai lama that some for some people awakening in a way does happen that way for most of us it's a gradual releasing of self many that's what people get clever
i didn't go to me
my will look at what dogan says dogan says to study the self is to forget this up the more you study the more as you study we study the superficial things first the gross things and as you study and are clear about those those are forgotten and then you go to a deeper level of identification
of self and as you do that those who have forgotten and so on
to be awake is to be awake about delusion
we study delusion we studied delusion
also yeah
that include include include awareness is the awareness can't let dalai lama has ohio awareness it can be you know
endlessly expansion expanding and that's what happens you know the our awareness is like this can swim with were more self ing wen were cells ago i think about surfing k as a verb when we're selfish or awareness has like is constricted tight painful
experience and as we release the self in part you know the selfish business as more we release the wider and wider and wider awareness
the awareness is you know big anyway but we we
released in more and more into that awareness as a question of releasing relaxing releasing he agreed not like well for some people they have sudden awakenings and there's a can experiences but they have those things have to be a bit put into and embody
ede in their day to day life or otherwise they're meaningless
so for example of a person who has a can show experience and those the self let's say is completely in hell not there then when they are self comes up that's what they renounce they renounced the barrier they renounce grabbing onto the acting from and believing in herself
it has to be digested and lived otherwise it doesn't mean anything that's why it takes all long
you have to do that work
the word
the one of a pretty straightforward

about things like bread

a about plan linguistic thing
oh wait wait wait wait get just they let blanche and then you can come

conventional designation we have to remember that the relativity
the first time
where were we wait wait wait wait wait wait wait take it easy way wait wait and they would you like to respond to barnaby
oh i'm sorry that your i don't leave in the sense that the
you know that
the resident so
one for
okay them
third person directly way
the violence
bring something to them
wait wait wait go miss one on
other colors
here's the really interesting

the corner for treatment
but something i don't have
report on over like the not read
once you get to where we wait wait wait wait wait wait let's not have a cross listener let's not that and should get everybody's points of view out there they're gonna cave we're going have lots of talks over the light day i can tell when who is for universe


out of the including
he was that
is usmc
wait wait wait wait barnaby by amethyst second hold on hold on
shoot me
no nobody read
the literature
but the idea of their vibrations
wait till the right or something you are able to
describes to be enough night
he turned out
even if you have to is that
i put behind us and that metal strips are still there whether you know
okay that's point
ah god kelly
can everybody please speak later so everybody we can be included another point is sad
and like something red
we have been in the dark green
how on earth and
so i then said that what is it
excellent point coffee

you speak louder consecutive on




a gesture will you dan coughing thank you you a great glasses and like that wouldn't i get look
what to hold a second part of it are you listening or you writing your bike
oh yeah your head
head lock all now
i'm sorry way
i've changed age
hello thing it seems to me york for his but
the about whether
he was and
that's what they ever to go by filter salaries
what good for
learning process
he was discovered worth the cost of doing
this is so interesting i think we have a debate a day after the war
pray and me refurbished
describe it experience that ipad and
i have another person would have similar same experience understand what i have experience
the color red never read
pregnancy or whatever happens to me
am i say read just
it's just describing an experience that at somebody know who had quick now i've never describe your experience i've had somebody would not had that experience of them understand there's during the attack or again you never have seen in the
world muslimah that the moon
anybody else
yes okay
how like a for
the difference between how they
neither point of view bench
somehow getting it will only
i said it was quite funny
physical body

taken up
the red tape
it was that
something different about
how don't know how to describe me
well delusion were trying to wake up about delusion victor
i know
what was thought that was improving over time
parents of phenomena system
a man
oh know our without me
right from some sort of comfort of mentor passion
after protection on the power of the project
you are designated
also in time for get by on the basis of relating after
with that stores

when you play with them
oh i don't think that
when i understand it
i think that really go
that mean any description of the and downs that of one
fine ways
does it mean
but my point really was good
i think that the fundamental
a living
can we can talk about the in a good or bad but i think that the course but i think the fundamental
the book because ah
so i'd like to stop there because that's what will mean by substance impugning substance silly
but i want to stop in what i'd like to say is this okay every i went to hope person in this room is feeling in some degree or other
a self
we're feeling it because of we're either interested in what we're talking about or night she said would i would saying it a visit a good thing or it's not a good thing i feel such and such and such and such about my participation or such and such and such as about not participation
and so on and so and so on so for our steady the important thing is to turn the light toward that
if we don't do that all the talk is sam
ah flowers in the sky
k so when you have your light day which are not beginning until later
in the meantime you're going back to the zendo in which i hope that you feel what has actually risen in you from this
discussion and that's what you study where are you grasping there are you grasping some idea of self or r you're grasping some idea of other and if so what does that feel like and can you have some space which is awareness
around that and can you see that you can let it go and what does that feel like and so on it's own chauffeur that's our study
through all of whatever arises that's what we're concerned with them
so the day after tomorrow will be that
the fox
fair requiem