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Summer intensive

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i have to shuffle day

and why are you doing
you also do a reminder hum
i got a note well that's not connect that let's just do a business breakfast
those of you who have been taking are using actually some of the books that are appear from the library the way we'd like to do that is for you to return the book after you use it in study that words don't wrap it in your suit your costs and don't take it away out of the room just in
during study go ahead take the book bring a bag rated if you want you and then return it to the table
i think you've been doing eric
does anybody have
i don't need to know that i think you've been doing that and then if you haven't been doing it can do that
oh you can share i mean i doubt it's a kind of thing that you're going to want to take home anyway
and we can make more i if you really want when we can make more
so put that aside for a moment and let sir
since do something else for a sec

ah today we're going to talk a little bit about mental factors so i thought we could slip very easily from mental factors into how to practice with emotions which i think i'm not really so different from mental factors anyway
i'm so i wanted to share with you two things had happened to me recently a good example one is to success and they can say the other one with a massive failure so i both happened to us and
in both we want to remember that basically no matter what hats in our practice we have to maintain we can be good anyway if we can maintain some connection with the heart center
let's not forget
that tom no matter what it is that we are doing in our practice fundamentally underneath it we do have this open you know pumping beating heart that's in there all the time and if we can just get underneath a barrier that we some
to put up it's there and we can feel it and we can feel it for ourself and we need to be in touch with it for herself because practice is not so easy takes a lot of them termination encourage
and i was gonna say faith but go out for a while lot of us don't have a show
so it's important because sometimes we fall down and now we need to get up
and it helps us cat
to know that were actually perfect just the way we are which has tried to ram
get out of the get out of the year
then what what my mind it was rented you know when a lotus comes up and upon their all of this stuff and upon that cling onto the lotus all around the stefano course my mind right when like colby ks only way i think that he possibly could now made it out the pond and up some but something with calling
the man
anyway so i gotta know the other day and the note i thought accused me
in a sort of a subtle but definite way that i got that i had done something
that accuse me of very something i hadn't done
and when you get a gloomy when we get accused of something we haven't done
our our self comes up very often right there because every i mean i was innocent
i was right
i didn't do this thing that i was being accused of
and i resented it a lot and i got i got mad i didn't want to be and not only that it was communicated to other people worse really bad
for not only didn't i want to be thought of in that way i didn't want these other people to think of me that way i have a certain image that i like to maintain that
and i've been trying to maintain appearances vent and or three years
hi i a just wrote that people
i think it's the narrative myself they are really not any rate the first place i think there's any with that i am if okay know the one that i actually am but i would i pay trying to maintain the other thing that i'm not in any way but anyway
did anyone over and over
you are really a minimum
so there i was being accused in front of a jury and i didn't even have a chance to talk about my side of the issue
i get angry and i call this person and i left i didn't or i didn't get angry over the phone i must say i held myself back bathroom
but i did make it clear that i disagreed with what had happened that that person's interpretation what had happened
so then i kind of breathe in breathe in breathe and i was just feeling myself be angry zones over there go of it and other things happened during the day and children but then when i was sitting at night it came back and i was glad it came back because their particular sitting and arrow is different but for me that particular city was very wide
and had lot of space and so this event bubbled up and with i didn't even think about anything like that it was just had it just came by but it used itself in this big bass and so when i get up from sitting all of the
ideas and holding on to and not wanting to talk to this person all about it and wanting to send letters all over the place to make sure that other people didn't think about the in that way
and when that happened of course then i said now i can actually i'm open enough to not to try and tell the other person with the right point of view but that actually hear what that person had to say and what it was about what i hadn't that probably hurt that person
and try to understand it from that person's point of view i was perfectly ready to get it because they didn't have a me to defend at that point so that was like a success story although i haven't had the meeting yet so i don't know the again a good story but least i rarely i'm really ready to have the media are not holding a grudge in it
a book
now tell you the failure at her head
so and day off i i ride a bike by the gully my exercise
so on day i took my little bike and i started biking and i i was writing as peddling up market street to the copper market straight line to go down the i said portrayer i think it
and so is peddling along having it was going really fine and you know a bike you can't when you ride a bike you're supposed to be like a car get to have a lane because if you ride too far over to the rage and then somebody opens a door which they do or including myself i never turn around look to the a bike is coming and going to open the door
so the bike person has to really be looking and stay far enough away from the doors so that if they open a door you can ride my bike scream at him for not looking good
fenway i on top of the hill and i start going down the other side of the hill and i'm pedaling pretty fast and we're going down the hill after all and peddling on third year
and i hear behind me something big come behind me so okay i still maintain my any compelling on and then the thing behind me gets really big it begins to get closer than else feels really is going to be passing me such this really big truck really really big
trucks and right when it gets next to me right exactly next to me it smashes on a torn
and i'm so scared and and because it's scary it's really big and at surprise the adrenalin i'm even now and having a gentleman that counts
if you had an affair for
so adrenalin started happening theft i fit and marianne mean here's my stupidity
so the truck you know continues on down the road and i'm going downhill i'm shaking them and i'm going downhill and of and of course i am having now all this energy so what do i do with all the energy i start putting it in the bike and i'm racing down the hill
to catch up with that if i try to
a bike
a pop of an experiment figure for one night it's greed and i do get through that light and it's green and i see him down ahead and there's something in the back of my mind that said here
cantor but it's not loud enough are
so if the guy turns right
so i turned right
and the guy stops can these unloading some you know
and i pedal right up to the door at his door and he you know a thing i
tonight in a roll down the window he wrote anyone doing and
i can be really bad for the
my brother has the i'm supposed to be i've been sitting on the years ahead and when i'm with my brother i always think of my brothers the person who kind of you know am
gets hysterical and stuff and and but actually it's me i know when when we're together hear someone they always stays calm i'm the have wondered can pop thought i did that once when he and i were walking he stepped off a curb and there was a policeman in front of us stopping people from going across the street going to the olympics
whether you carry and protect individual he touched my brother and i almost exploded at the policemen and my brother is standing there he's bigger than i am here standing there like the
when i was very angry when we grew up i was gratefully angry that i have that into can be i have to be careful
which i wasn't with discharge
there and i think he rolled down his window and eyes hurt x trying to explain them that know when you pass a bite of the like and beep their horns really dangerous because the bike can get really scared and if you're scared and holding onto the thing he turned the front of it you just go over either away or toward the truck it's really dangerous
so as beginning to say that with that kind of energy will crush he didn't hear what you're saying he just was feeling the energy of what was happening and so he started yeah i was yelling
he started yelling back at me and so there we were right in the middle of the street
yelling at each other about it neither one of its hearing what was going on
there so
and then i did a very cool thing
an official can
and he really unkind
have you are they
a different kind of revealing that next a contest period
so he was we were arguing and he came back down
and i forgot exactly what the altercation thing of it was
but anyway he was standing really close to me and i said to him can heal your i'm disappointed value
different really not good area so we're having this argument and then i wasn't winning and he wasn't hearing me for then i said damn i fiddle what kind of man are you anyway
the very unkind because what happened was he immediately stop
i really i really know it was not it was not part of the even the disagreement you know is definitely an
not appropriate
anyway he stopped and i stopped and then it was over and of course for me it was nowhere because i felt harlow
he was just nothing good about that experience and it stayed with me for awhile and what a and what happened was that the next meditation thank god and he said so much
the next meditation where i did with that was it came up and there was no way for me to rectify that events i had done something let something out into the world that was not helpful and maybe even hurtful a little bit and so what i needed food was napa
which i did and
i sent him mecca
and i said sent me matter as much as i possibly could and that
let me
relief yeah i confessed and i repented and i tried my best to take care of it and hopefully won't ever again and am
and that's how that's how batman
so the reason why i'm telling it is it because we are now at a place in our text where he lists a whole bunch of mental factors

which i think we should go over

ah before we do that let me draw your attention of here this is am
this is a cheating from their fellow tulpa
who i like a lot he's in the lineage of the karma kagyu in which is trump his lineage you like i say with a little bit and they would always tell me their lineage goes to open the ropa marber malaria on popa tulpa was a cd city in in india
and this is what he told his disciple naropa he said
don't think
no thought
no reflection
no analysis
no cultivation
no intention
let it settle itself you fucking about the mine obviously that's it
you know don't think about it don't make up stories about it you don't have to analyze it
don't make it better don't intend anything
just let it settle itself yet

he's talking about wisdom package that that was the other store
okay for me it's really important to do both i can't always just do the woods and side i get caught so i knew i have i do the heart side a lot
need to know where you are you know we can't just always to the wisdom that you do the wisdom sideways when you have strength of mind to do that but if there's something to day care of you caught then do the other
yeah yeah
i think about it anyway you want but we need both bottom

hi listed as a little bit so
this is a kind of a quick
summary of where we are mit now although you know you guys can feel and this is a very skeletal kind of thing so what happens is or mind give comes up with a natural event it's a natural event that gives us the ending in a feeling self and other and then grabbing onto one of the other old boy
we have contact with something
it's an image in our mind we do a best guess label
which comes with old stuff
we have a sense of self and other and then we grasp on and make that sense of self another meal
and buddha said that was not a problem what problem with that is is that we is that what the problem is here you know that we actually grab onto we attached to it and make it real
what how are the ways that we rebuild the sense of self
we do it over and over and over and over again
we rebuild it with our belief systems and assumptions
i'm right the truck driver should not have peaked at horn
and should have known that i was well within my
right to be exactly where i was on the street
i believe in buddhism
i believe in the
ha i think i know what practices
i believe in
i believe in
now have have having trouble for hangar roof but last of assumptions you know i assume that anybody who has dark skin and fair man and walking down the street or a danger to me how do i get one that taught to us
we need to know these we really do you know it and as just exactly what i was saying before it's not that the thought that comes up in our mind is neck and necessarily wrong were taught it it's conditioned event but if we believe it and act from it we cause tremendous
the amount of suffering for ourselves in everybody else
projections or another way that we have and solidify yourself whatever it is about me that i really can't bear
i project onto somebody else and then i hate them for it
i used to hate the part of myself that was weak independent
couldn't stand it couldn't stand it didn't believe it i wasn't that kind of person
and i used to really hurt people who are like that i really really was really awful i'm better at not perfect but better at least i know have to be careful
identification when you have an experience
your mind talks to yourself all the time all day long as telling you who you are what you're doing whether or not it's interesting maybe this is something i can tell the somebody else whatever kind of dramas i have i'm definitely going to share with other people you we recreate ourselves through stories all the time all day long with
constantly telling ourselves who we are
and then once we have an image of who we are we are defensive about it like i was when i got that note i really did die try to defend who it is that i think i am
and then the last way is for this set of things anyway actually you know believing everything believing the belief system believing the projections believe in the identifications with the stories believing that you need to be defensive about your image and so on we rebuild it
over and over again

i'm a level
and credit was all the
you can make your own list is what i do
ha ha
everything from the buddha talk about why
yes he did
that's also away practice but this is the fundamental a recommendation that i've been reading you over and over an area
i have another thing i brought justification and blamed for you forgot iridium in a radio netherlands
so what do we do about this well this is this is basic the first thing we have to do is be present so some of us are just simply for the next week and a half however much we have left a just working on being present no matter what happens the pratt
this is is to let go of whatever it is if you can if you can't even remember me
let go of it and come back to the body breath just be here
yeah against of a criminal
getting funded
i was you got
no it's simple
because when you really sitting and you're really there and there isn't a you really present there's no separation self another there's no intention is no body to and can there's no intention leading could be made
when it first of all credit
he said with job
you don't let it settle itself
one census
know when that at the point is to not
depends on what stage you are you know you've gotta be present you have to develop the see the mine usually when we begin the habit of the mind is to flit away
so what we're trying to do over and over again for years is to re habituate the mind and then eventually the habit of the mind is to be present so whenever a thought comes up instead of the mind running with the thought the very nature of the thought coming up the mind immediately returns the present it
becomes the habit of the mind to return to the present moment
at that time what you the instruction is is to do nothing let the mind do it's own it's already perfectly aware all by itself we just have to get out a way so you don't have to do any practices and trends when you just have to let it settle itself

i beg your pardon
are you cry you the fox an and either faction in sheep's clothing
he said that on the one years
we're finished the glowing
we're both you know
in the comics effective it
and one
he says
we have to always remember that two things the to choose have to be there all the time so let's just let me try to take one thing at a time
you know my mind i can't remember
what can you can either
and every other
i wonder if i have something to say about it i want
but i wanted to do at one thing at a time say you'll remember tell me slowly rationing and i went it was fun
oh this is one thing when to say and i know you remember like odisha one thing in on one thing is we don't just amazing and i have to share this if he can now i can't escape it i just stopped taking hormone replacement therapy and
the change in my mind is just stunning
i can't remember a thing
i'm kind of enjoying it
hi i'm not sure
he got up to angina
because i'm it put me it puts me in touch with the life force leaving no but i mean actually touch with it it's the awesome
i wanted to say some in a was really important
say just what you say it me north america
oh that's what i will say we're not we're at every moment it's true we're conditioned it's also true that in each moment this free will and that's why in buddhism which not fatalistic so at each moment we do have choice so for example
so then continue on guess

well i'm
let's see when this is my understanding anyway when a person is truly without ah
the self of the separation one's life comes up in an appropriate response to lightness at that time it may very well be appropriate to sit down the person is not gonna be a vegetable they do we do make choices and we don't ignore
nor karma it's just that the climate is not coming from
a self at that time
so a person like that has an intention it seems to me too
live to benefit all being
if the appropriate response than like let's say they live in a practice by for whatever the bell rings the appropriate response at that time was gonna be to go since as and they're not gonna have to
unitil whole bunch of impending about it that's just what will come out of the appropriate situation

i think maybe that show because because compassion come that of a a mind that is not self reflecting on the i understood that space the activity of with and is what we see what looks like compassion to us but it's an approach that person's natural way of is funny
i think so

was hoping for
one girl
good good people
was just
my yeah
cup of ambulances
for the event
introducing so let's get back to this because i do we need to get to like think this
oh i'm sorry

you seen
was not
holiday doesn't
on while
basement of the
i like it
that's what it should get going back a bridge
so i'm after we acknowledge that are resistant or whatever is there then
ah sink right into the body physical sensations physical sensation but that you are with suzuki roshi she said that all we're ever gonna have to know is in the body i can think it's true
so go down to body sensations
breathe relax breathe breathe relax wade breathe wait wait wait don't grab on it passes it will all pass it's all changing if a big fluid event unless you grab on it will not stay
no on the way that your life
er almost like is waning
waiting for something
okay then know which one it is
converting and go to averting grey three
then when you're settled enough to feel it in the body to wait and your open then see if he can turn toward the i who is so called having the experience the feeling whatever it is
pretty you let your awareness be aware of the watcher basically


but but are you but i but are you you have a sense of you having the experience
ah the who is that
well if it's not if it's not than on what's happening is
experience inc there's not an experienced that it did not a watch or watching it which is fine that means it's just a just life happening all by itself that's fine but if you have a sense of somebody having that experience watching that experience than there is a separation of watcher and experience
and you want to just be aware of that
don't put your attention that is just attending happening we do not have to put our attention anywhere it's not our attention anyway
it's just attending happening is just attending k that's the whole point there's no me having the emotion is no me having the thought remember we said the other day that now these things that arise are now possessed that's the feeling of it it's my thought
my emotions my feeling my awareness okay

the bunch a characteristics that you have grabbed onto enabled me
that's what we're just that's what we're document
there's a sense of you sense of identity that senses okay but as soon as you grab onto it and think that all of those characteristics are a someone in there
look for that someone see if you can find it in those characteristics there's nobody there
there's just characteristics going on all by themselves
don't believe me go go look at capacity
i know doesn't work
right now it does not that's exactly the point you don't need your identification with a separate you to do any of that stuff
yeah it's very interesting guess what people always yeah it's a very this is a very interesting point items to i don't exactly how to explain it to exactly
the sense of of the mind is good at mathematics can i tell a little bit about the note that you left me the other day
i enjoyed it so much
i'll bet on get to david is a mathematician and then we were talking and i asked him when can what kind of what concept you know comes up in your mind you know and for anybody else they would have said
no mean your anger jealousy or something like that he said five
preferred you prefer to and then and then and the nobody left me
and have another note he said he said
for plus one equals five
eight minus three five two per three five it's everywhere
african group
anyway the mind is good for that kind of stuff it will it's good for them it's good for knowing it has to make a plane reservation it's good for saying that this is a chair okay that's all pretty much it's good that it's it's the i don't know exactly how to explain it except to say that
you don't need to self reference life comes toward us all the time i have to do is respond you don't have to be thinking all of these extra things i'm married to something from this book community to understand what i'm saying you it it doesn't if you don't need it
main money
but i've soon as the
yet the buddha never the buddha never railed against the natural event that brings yourself in a sense of identity sense of separation he only said it's that it's not inherently existing it's not separate from anything it's not substantial don't
grab onto it don't think of it as a separate me that's what he's talking about
don't be attached to this erasure that the way my papers here
itself there's no fixed shelf
all in the
and i'm having sex
now that i can say
that's right of it
the dealt with it
and felt some
grab ahold of that movie that
and then based on based on separation we become afraid of everything that we think of his other which is everything including our bodies and everything else and as soon as that fear comes up we begin to do all of these grabbing of things that will make us feel safe and pushing away things that make us feel unsafe and sign the whole
well hello
on it out the moment
the very real found the down
yeah no way you can think of that way have
they would be perfect for but my toy not really
that might it
his wife would out and not leave the web now you can pick up minute i
the equipped
and emulated the way a lot about
creating i like identity up on an elected government
and then the other day he said
my my be a threat
why did you like that
no a bit to find that very well a bad guy
have faith that are like february
whatever your credit
you know what i'm hearing you i say which is kind of interesting can use that you're afraid of not have a really
believing that there's nobody running anything that you're afraid you're not going to be able to make your plane from afraid you're not going away ever you know do philosophy you're afraid that you know you're not gonna
be able to you have one show
lots of hand you know you know can we stay a little longer to i really wanna get to at least sixteen
let's just go quickly around the room and safe
you know

the development of here and wouldn't women them well i think that's a legitimate concern
we do have karma together and it would be nice if we didn't have to the worst of it didn't have to live out the worst of that but look at what look at an ignorance and in a certain kind of may i say mostly in ignorant the world has been run and decisions are being made
and we all as one body yet as one body we will live out that karma it's a tragedy huge tragedy the saffron burrows
but it's ours is everybody's together that point
we share the climb of the time yeah he did so let's keep going yeah

yes and that's called zan sickness that's when you have an experience of emptiness and you think that that's the truth and then you get caught a net for what people get caught in a long time it's really
easily it's easy to get caught in it and it's a real problem because it's very hard to wake somebody up from that kind of starkness can it's so pleasant and they think they really know and they do know something very important but i'm not the end of the truth

drank surgeon

oh good
so how the plaza gap
the buses and trains
african american men
he are
there was no hint
so that's good
good thing
it was
so what
not have
philly bird watching

is to new
yes and i would recommend that for those of you who want to take it up to actually go and look to see if you can find anything other than the scandals in there running anything
healthy exact
sunday night

exactly exactly that's very true
you have to really know about yourself before you can let it go really
because it's in the blank parts that we don't know about the parts did and not illuminated that we get caught that all the problems come from so you want to know all about the self as my ear particular sell as much as possible
right like that i've only had my father
and every round
like every
when they were gonna live
when my dog
i mean paper
heck no
what i want you are yeah
but like all the people like
okay now they now know

navy either either
uruguay like

they can hire and
live life

if you like it's scary from good i found myself
everything you would think matter
this is a good example of
the limit the flip side of that actually isn't isn't that's example of one side of the delusion side but the flip side of that is is that when a person meets another person who doesn't have this image self then it's very simple because it wouldn't make any difference that yeah
you're no longer this or that or the other thing the one person who's
doesn't matter if there's this that of the other thing meets another person who doesn't matter if it's that of the editing and then when you come together and meet something is created out of that meeting and then that's what you enjoy
so one side is very much separation and the other side is not
i'm jason kidd on find that new to the wanted to say brings together
get like psychology
century bought the galaxy
the bastard connect
i'm you tomorrow very kind of on my impossible
that's exactly correct
they just bubble up like blanch said the other day like a stomach bubbles up
ah digestive juices the mind bubbled up foot
exactly the same

the little symbolic are far as where looks like him as a whole so i went there now
kristen that
he's talking about the executive make a decision know it's like and like dependent call right like goes back and forth like we look at and world
no idea why
factory that every
so it's the same
the same right here as in many ways
yeah jackie
so the point of one is so sensitive
yeah that's right one
can we do
i i read something here
do not know
the inquiry thousand
i've got everything to my body

i've been asked let's see definitively determine
mami this is from everyday zan joko beck i was gonna read you what she had to say about emotions and feelings but instead i'm going to read something at what she says about to practice and the observer and not having one
hum in a skip around a little bit but
all the describable parts of what we call ourselves or limited they are also linear they come and go within a framework of time but the observing self cannot be put in that category no matter how
how hard we try that which observes cannot be found and cannot be described these thoughts are not real these emotion thoughts but they are connected with sensations the bodily feelings of contraction
all thoughts and emotions are impermanent changing empty
all personally centered thoughts and emotions are empty when we realize this we can abandon them this space of wonder oh when we do very naturally we enter a space of wonder
i have been asked
isn't observing a dualistic practice because when we're observing something one would cut because when we are observing comma something is observing something else this is the watcher than and tajima
but in fact it's not dualistic the observer where the watcher is empty instead of a separate observer we should say there is just observing there is no one that hears there is just hearing there is no one that seems there
is just seeing but we don't quite grasp that if we practice hard enough however we learn that not only is the observer empty but that which is observed is also empty at this point the observer or witness collapses this is the final stage of pratt
optus we don't need to worry about it why does the observer finally collapse when nothing sees nothing what do we have just a wonder of life there is no one who is separated from anything there is just life living itself hearing touching see
seeing smelling this is the state of love or compassion
so the way of practice that i found to be the most effective is to increase the power of the observer whenever we get upset with lost it we can't get upset if we are observing because the observer never gets upset nothing can't get upset so if we can be the observer we watch any drama with
interest and affection but without being upset and without identifying it as me
when we reach a stage where the witnesses collapsing we begin to know what life is it's not some spooky saying however it just means that when i look at another person i look at them i don't add on ten thousand thought to what i'm seeing and that is the space
of compassion we don't have to try to find it it's our natural state when the ego is absent
so we need to have patience not just during the intensive but every day of our lives to face this challenging task meticulously to observe all steady all aspects of our life so that we can see their nature until the observer sees nothing when it looks out it
accept life as it is in all its wonder
our practice is to open our life like this more and more that's what we are here on earth to do

i love the way she talks observing your thoughts experiencing your body instead of getting carried away by the fearful thoughts feeling of contraction in your stomach as just tight muscles grounding yourself in the midst of crisis what makes life so frightening as
that we let ourselves be carried away in the garbage of our whirling minds
we don't have to do then please sit well
did went in her when you sit with joko beck she has these for chance that are for or her the four principal practice principles and this is what they are
caught in a self centered dream
gus k only suffering
holding to self centered thoughts
exactly the dream
each moment life as it is the only teacher
being just this moment
compassion way

so let's tiptoe back to our text which i feel i am
not giving enough for
respect to hear

we were on h

ah we had just said that the third trends the third transformation is the acquisition of the sixfold object and other words grasping onto
i image ear image sound image etc etc
who's more the book

oh and then here support that i handed you out the that list from because the next one says the acquisition of the sixfold object is associated with wholesome psychological dear conditions both universal and particular and similarly with primary as well as secondary defilements and that and
cluj three fulfilling the three full feeling is a pleasant unpleasant and neutral and then he goes on to lists were the different mental factors summer universal ones the ones that he already spoke about a in terms of a liar contact feeling perception volition and utm
and then he lists a bunch of other ones in that goes from ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen
and instead of you can either just read them from the text which is they are yearning resolve memory concentration wisdom or particular is confident shame remorse the triad consisting of up of absence of greed and so on effort diligence nonviolence are wholesome
that he says last diversion and confusion which is great hate and delusion then it goes on to say pride view and doubt
furthermore anger m niti epoxy malice and v avarice along with deception fraudulent self esteem violent shamelessness remorseless nest
when to save on as stupidity lack of confidence sluggishness indolence forgetfulness distraction inattentiveness worry sloths reflection investigation these are secondary defilements last two being twofold which they can either be to filed or not defiled so i just zoo
xeroxed that list in for you sometime this is a list of one translation there are also other translations they're also different numbers but basically
if you haven't there
no this is from ma'am
oh for heaven's sake man
may i beg your body but why does it say contend him as it is compendium
companion the blue book
yeah but that's all i think this old and yeah that's it
so anyway
it's a comprehensive manual above dormant and i think that we have one for you i'll bring one-term or bring it tomorrow hearing my mic
anyway the universal's you can see come up with all mine states that then there are the next wednesday occasionally or they come up where they don't come up and then there's a whole list of unwholesome factors which are listed and then the beautiful factors at the wholesome factors and under the bus
beautiful factors you have here listed non hatred and neutrality of mind which are two of the brom of horrors non hatred being loving kindness and neutrality of my being equanimity and the other two are under elimite a bull's compassion and a breach sympathetic joy he says appreciative joy
anyway these are lists and if you want to go into them more thoroughly than you have to go to the rv dharma books and take a peek at them they're interesting and we can identify with them how come there's no jealousy did he say agility somewhere didn't there
right so you can pick your pick your delusions
okay and then let's go to fifteen

the arising of the five forms of consciousness which we know what they are i ear no stranger together or separately within the foundational consciousness is like wage in the water so
you know it's not a solid saying it's in flux it keeps right on going and it pops up all of these or consciousnesses and it influences them it goes rushing on like a river
said okay
right and
the manifestation of mental consciousness takes place always accept in the sphere of non perception the to attainments those are the jonah's and in the state of torpor occasioned by in sensibility in the absence of thought so in other words the stream of mental continuum keeps right on going unless you're really
schick if you're really really concentrated if you're unconscious you know
otherwise it's there all the time
now i don't know if we're to talk about number seventeen to day maybe we should start with number seventy tomorrow so what i'd like you to do please is take a peek at seventeen
because we want to know what it means what has thus been thought of does not exist that's a little bit difficult therefore all this is mere concept we wanna make sure that we understand that in terms of this particular interpretation anyway
and then you can look at eighteen
and nineteen
now will probably stop were probably stop there probably because then the next set comes are the three natures and that'll take her its own class probably
so with that i'll just remind you just because some of you like david
it may have forgotten already
this is for you
oh have lots of david's her
said only wanted to do

this is from on utara makhaya
whatever in this world is seen heard sensed thought of attained sought after pondered by the intellect that do i know whatever in this world is seen her
sensed cognize attained sought after pondered by the intellect that i directly know
that is known by the buddha actually he says to togheter okay that is known by the to togheter but at or togheter has not been obsessed with it
thus monks that the togheter when seeing what is to be seen does not construe an object as scene he does not construe an unseen
now that when he doesn't look for it to be empty he does not construe an object to be seen he does not construe
a seer
when hearing when seeing its photos and and so on when cognize ng what is to be cognizant he does not construe and object as carbonized he does not construe and uncompromised he does not construe an object to be carbonized he does not construe a car
organize or
thus monks that the togheter being such like with regard to all phenomena that can be seen heard sensed and cognize his quote such and i tell you there is no other such higher or more sublime
whatever is seen or heard or sensed and fastened onto as true by others
one who is search
among those who are self bound
would not further assume to be true or even false
having seen well in advance that arrow where generations are fastened and hung quote i know i see that's just how it is and quote there is nothing of the to togheter fastened
so i'm
we are at a time now where we've been sitting a lot so we're sensitive and our emotions are a little bit you know up at the top
so please
be gentle with yourselves really gentle and do your practice wherever it is and with every issue practicing
if it means being president or practicing awareness her are investigating whatever it is but do it with some determination but gentleness k and yeah
and let's keep going and also i really i really appreciate everybody em coming as eyes in and being on time and ah i i am
i feel myself very supported with how it is you guys him practicing
so let's keep going away