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Summer intensive


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and plays
as in short step in the short ways that i'm grabbing on to
our the illusion of the police in a separation of self and other is what exactly is is is our lack of faith it is our lack of says
so how does that work specifically how does it really works specifically where what we need to do is really be very clear about what it is the way the mind works that brings us the delusion in our daily life not a maven talking about the text
and i'll give you an example
the other day we had a m c'est in the building in the kitchen the building in the kitchen and the building in the building of the kitchen
and i i for the first thing i booked thought was that it was an in-house heist
i didn't feel very good about it either
and of coriander is no
proof at all none i might still having you there was no proof at all but the first thing i did was i was quite sure that it was somebody who lived in the house and then the second thing that i that i the second the second
the second idea that i had and i want you guys to pay attention to really try to figure out what a concept is cooked me really long time i mean you'd think that i would know this from english you know but actually as it comes up in your life it's so close to us that we kind of miss that what we're doing all the time is making
concepts about everything all the time so i had another idea and the idea i had was that i happened if in case anybody wants to know i know who the thief edge
and i was sure that that was the case
and for about i'd say
about on almost serval i think it was almost like almost a day and think there was a night in between there and though he had than the next day can i think that when he goes almost a day
and i was really looking forward to the meeting we were gonna have because i was gonna watch this person really carefully
knowing as i did that he was a thief or she
who is the thief
well thank god that i have this practice to rely on and that i don't have to be such an embarrassment to myself you know
because as soon as the person as soon as i actually saw the person
a my grabbing onto these two ideas that i had crumbled in the face of an actual and human being and inside myself i apologize because i was creating this person into something
now i don't know if i wasn't true i mean if i wasn't right
but the point is it's not so much were they were right or not and eventually maybe you know maybe it is such and such and sell himself
but and even then well i would let's just does a little bit more complicated but my point and i'm making is is that wasn't that complicated i can go with go near to guess
but the point that i'm trying to make is is that we do this all the time we have an idea about someone whether it's a friend or someone we have difficulty with we do it all the time with ideas about being right or not right about who i am and who somebody else is and without even bothering to consider
her that it's a thought it's a concept we think it's a reality
and because we think it's a reality we zip on over to the knee done as i didn't put the madonna's up here today but let's remember them diana's which i looked up the word it's a great the word and not me never did he died or the twelve fold chain the wheel of samsara what we're bound to
two as soon as we ignore the truth remember ignorance was at the bottom of the day i'm as soon as we as soon as we
ignore that were not separate from anything and that these ideas that we have are just words being liberated of themselves like dogan says
as soon as we forget that and we buy into the truth of whatever our particular color that we paint the day and everybody in it with soon as we forget it we are bound on the wheel and of these madonna's which actually is translated to mean
cause of the disease that's what medina means it means cause of the disease cause of disease
it also means bound i guess it's where they get bound to the wheel
i remember i said that the way traditionally it said that you could cut you can take yourself off the wheel is by removing your your a little sticky fingers sticky mind on everything just don't you know what i'm wouldn't they're they're kind of it wouldn't their job
somewhere around with his little guy was can walking around like a magnet and the squished up against the wall now on the joke somewhere
and his head and virginia that's what we do you know we're walking around and all we say something and we immediately glom onto it is the truth
we impute substance with it where there is none
we give it a reality where it doesn't have one we do it about us and we do it primarily about these sweet little scanners over here that by talking about yesterday i hope that some of you are taking that up as a as an investigation and see if you can find than the skylanders and see
how they're actually flowing on very contentedly all by themselves all we have to do is let them
they are very content we are content we meaning the body the sensations the perceptions a mental formations the consciousness all very content if we just let it let it on let ago being on the page with what how things are happening
but know we have as need to grab on and as soon as we grab on we're out of sync with the flow of steph it will be very good if we could consider self as a verb instead of and now because it is these things like it says and of a city market as a little fraser i repeat sometimes it
says the constituent parts alone role on
it's what we are for a bunch of constituent parts that's happening all by themselves they're very good at it and they'll keep around doing it until we die
telling my nana seen when
yeah so the rolling along
that is are awakening just let him on let him go
i yeah
emergency emergency

do you want to sit in the chair you were in yesterday
yes she does

thank you thank you
what was it one it
there was another can smell thing

so that's what we that's how we work with concepts in every in every way all of the concepts and the i suggested what the hell you know i i suggested it for these three weeks radical radical practice why not just for three weeks try
it no matter what concept arises no matter what
first find the concepts i'm telling us as a leading omega and further they will be easy but for me measuring i was looking around corner and unconfined one
anyway he fought yes

this is what it is exactly what vasu been is going to tell us how that happens there is a sense of self and separation there's nothing wrong with it it's okay that we buy into it that that is the only reality that's the problem that other words he describes it as the sense of self and other is it an illusion
an illusion it's okay though it helps us
in many ways the delusion the thing that gets us in trouble is that we think that that is the truth that there is a me over here and of something else over there and they were going to relate to that something else almost always as if it's a threat

oh i didn't finish the did i finished the sentence
let me finish defend the sense of the radical practice is if you want to do this now first you have to really be saddled if you're not really you that you get know know this of yourself let's not leap ahead because if we leap ahead forget it is being wasted time the first thing as you have to be present you have to train your mine
and so that it it habitually stays present rather than habitually you know going off one place or another or into some kind of distraction or no over to some kind of them yeah whatever it is
have you know mine are there
her first
thing to do
is to be present
most important thing try to be present with continuity try to develop continuity remit it says in the hockey as my he develop continuity this is the host within the host develop continuity that's what we're trying to do take your mind of size and the mine that is present in zazen just plain old present they're sitting there
in zazen and move that into the rest of your like that first
and then see if you can settle that mind
i should have brought you to call on of bowed down the one who isn't busy maybe i'll bring it tomorrow i remember yeah there's that famous colon about
oh never mind he said yeah that he pulls up a broom is of which bruises the teacher says at us how come you're so busy he says sam
what he says there's why you should know that there's one who's not never busy is not busy
and then the teacher says well then there's two moon
and then the guy pulls up the room says at which moon is if
so the idea that always and always in whatever activity we have there's always clear awareness there's always a settled awareness of non dual that isn't busy that's not making judgments that is that is us that is who we are
so once your present than settle settle down to watching the process of mine rather than being caught by the content of mine then once she do that take a peek at the scanners
take a peek at studying separation notice all the time when you feel separate how does that feel notice when you're contracted does that have anything to do with a concept are you calling somebody named yourself or somebody else
is it painful yes it is
when he suffer the mind is caught always way if you're suffering your mind is caught somewhere on some kind of concept
and then of course just watch holding to any one of these above things that that are that are flowing along
so i'm so that's how to work with these concept things once you're settled and you're resting in awareness rather than the content of mind then when you see a when you're doing a conceptual about when you're buying into a concept when you're doing conceptual
just like just like what happened with the example that i gave you
remove your believes in that concept just take it back
so if we just do that for three weeks that would be really stupendous
well you know when you feel
separate okay that's what will happen to your body your body of they'll just read since it can even a subtle sort of averting is enough but you but you should notice at all the time
whenever you avert whenever you create self another there's in averting their
it's painful
amazon time that's what we're doing were avoiding relationship on most most i
i'd rather be alone
and then of course we're miserable
you don't have to be miserable alone
when out miserable alone when you're perfectly okay being with yourself
then you have company

the pentagon arising
so i am still talking about size and i just read you something from mars and my beginner's mind
ah beyond
beyond something beyond consciousness
the fair to go beyond consciousness in gen might be management
we should establish our practice where there is no practice or enlightenment our true nature is beyond our conscious experience
actually good and bad is not the point whether or not you make yourself peaceful is the point and whether or not you stick to it i say that written in my house on their place
forget everything the best way to find perfect composure is not to retain any idea of things wherever they may be to forget all about them and not to leave any trace or shadow of thinking
this is radical
how am i had this is quote i have to stop my mind in my practice but i can't my practice is not good on quote this kind of ideas also the wrong way of practice do not try to stop your mind but leave everything
as it is then things will not stay in your mind so long things will come as they come and go as they go then eventually you are clear empty mind will last fairly long time
so to have a firm conviction in the original emptiness of your mind is the most important thing in practice
actually emptiness of mind is not even a state of mind but the original essence of mind which buddha experienced quote essence of mind original mind original face buddha nature emptiness all these words mean absolute calmness of mind
to realize pure mind and your delusion is practice to have delusion is practice this is to attain enlightenment before you realize it isn't great
even though you do not realize that you have it so when you say quote this is delusion and quote that is actually enlightenment itself if he tried to expel the delusion it will only persist the more and your mind will become busier and busier trying to cope with it that's not so good
just say oh this is just delusion and do not be bothered by it
when you just observe the delusion you have your true mind your calm peaceful mind when you start to cope with it you'll be involved in delusion
the best way to develop buddhism is to sit in zazen just to sit with a firm conviction in our true nature
this way is much better than to read books or to study the philosophy of buddhism
of course it's necessary to study the philosophy it will strengthen your conviction
buddhist philosophy is so universal and logical that is not just the philosophy of book at him but of life itself the purpose of buddhist teaching is to point to life itself existing beyond consciousness in are pure original mind
in a philosophical discussion will not be the best way to understand buddhism if you want to be a sincere buddhist the best way is to sit we are very fortunate to have a place to sit in his way i want you to have a firm-wide wide imperturbable conviction
in your zazen of just sitting just to sit that is enough

question so far
put to the down to to the time
so what yes yosef yosef
thought okay
oh j
ah yes that's what it is but i'm not gonna go for yeah okay yes young
i'm sorry i was been cleared my throat but


social selected
how can this is not so we're not talking about so we're talking big self small self big sell his true name
today we are going to understand everything and then
i'm sure
i wanna say again what the most important thing is okay because we are studying this and i know that it's not easy material
but it's fine that it's not easy material and the reason why as fine as because what we're studying is not really the material but we're studying is what comes up in us and how to deal with that knowing fundamentally that they us that we think needs to either understand this
doesn't think it's worth understanding or does understand it and feels really good about it and better than other people who don't understand and sounds over that is the one we're studying and that one is the like or isn't there isn't a one there it's a bunch of conditions coming together can flowing
on and every time we grab any part of it like i i do understand it instead of there's just understanding happening for the moment here in this location we cut the whole flow into pieces and it dies and the way it dies is a creates a
solidifies the sense of me and although maybe we think that that is a berth in some way it's a birth it is it's what it is his birth of misery
it's the birth of a kind of solidity that doesn't actually really service in our life
so before we actually get to the material i just want to go back to the practice the practice is
over here on this side i'm going to read it you this couple of people came up to me after clashes at one after class on one i think this morning on the as my
and explained actually how it happens physically in the brain and funny it is the same as these yogesh thousands of years ago discovered on their own that i science now is confirming what these yogi a long time ago through their meditation actually
realized and that that's a happiness i think because it underpins and confirms that suggested practice which will get to through this
okay so here we go i'm gonna read it to you
can everybody he
it says ims bird fifty percent me to it's a reminder to tell you a story
all right so the way the brain works this is if i get it wrong you know you could clarify it again the way the brain works is the brain has a memory pat memory is a pathway and neural pathway neural pathway
days in the brain
and now it just turns out that the information that we get over these pathways of a new experience it goes over the same pathway as the old experience
so right there it's really interesting right there you can see that whatever we think is new coming in actually is stuck with all of the experiences that happen for that neural pathway the first time it got built do you understand that is that clear
you have to snot or something otherwise okay can they will go on to number two how well you know originally is when your little baby and and to come into the world and mommy's and love
number two memories are formed by similar neural patterns and the more they're used the stronger they get
we usually use the word rut know you can think of it as a ret
more times you do whatever the particular behavior is the struck earth
that and that behavior pattern gets
yes definitely definitely guy now
let's just say one of the pet
let's just say one of the patterns that you do over and over again that's really stronger
you tell me

these are just
is the same best that amazing things the same boom
now this is this part of it i really find really interested this has everything to do with them
let's think of these and you know separate neural pathways as energy let's think of it is energy if you have a thought for example that said i am blah blah blah whatever it is or that oh and so were any thought
especially the thought of me which is the most insidious and the deepest one in there ever that thought whenever you buff
you give it a reality whenever you think that year and somebody else is different and separate whatever you do that you grab on to that and you confirm that energetic
in the same way if you soup
suppress let's say you don't want us to you're practicing no self okay and s thought of self comes up and you suppress it was north africa and mozambique he

the death of great
this stuff is actually fun and i it soon
wish i had a pointer no no need to the point anything people
now if you practice by saying you're going to be practicing no self or alexei know concepts and you go know your comment but hit okay i blog about whatever it is and use you hear in your mind a thought of so
self you don't want a push it away and suppress it or if your mother or somebody comes into the room and you have a thought or feeling of of anger or disappointment you don't want to deny that you don't want to push that down because then what happens is that
it freezes the flow the natural flow of the mental event it freezes it and it gets stuck somewhere in the body that's why you see when people get older and they don't they don't keep on the same page where their life is their bodies are kind of hard and rigid it's what happens is kind of sad thing
so so our practice again is not to grasp and not to suppress over and over again we're told the same thing and we're being told that this time just through how the actual the brain actually as working
therefore you must we must meditate when there is no other way you have to sit there and let the process happen don't buy into it because you just give it energy and don't suppress it because it won't go away it just it's like the example was
like a tube a print with water pressure something going through it and it has a little hole in it if you if you don't let out some of the pressure or if you don't i actually added if they didn't understand the but yeah but the end of it but the end of it is the end of it is is that if you do if you suppress it it explore
close and isn't that what happens we work in the kitchen and we have these little irritations and we thank oh you know no problem i'm i'm not really irritated or i'm just going to irritate little bit but i can let go of it right i can let go of it and then it happens again and again and again before you know you'd turn to the person you say get out of my space
why not because he they did the same exact thing they did before but it's because you didn't deal with the he didn't deal with it when it was flowing last time he just turned away
really important so what is the meditation meditation simple at first of all you have to settle he must be present if you're not present yet than that's what you work on don't listen to anything else just work on settling
after your settled and you can be kind of stable and relax the body and just watch in wonder without knowing anything
and then stuff will happen you have thoughts are you'll there'll be sensation shall be perception he'll be emotional energy will come up and zones over you sit there you don't buy into it
and you don't push it away and in doing that the awareness that's it just being aware of the process somehow or another releases that amount of energy that amount of karma is used up
and your wound whatever level of wound it is is healed that's how it happens that the process we have to walk through all of the old

we know there's a there's a conventional we have to say you okay there is a conventional us and we're different i'm here you're over there and i can say that and i make vows and gentlemen i vow to sit that way
but this big me is exactly this also
k just bigger

physical entities and so
going over that same
till it till it
the changes dash

why not

so slowly


yes good

that's really good our realities a construction this right here this little thing reality is a construction is exactly what versa bond who is going to be telling us exactly that what we think is out there and real is just a metaphor it's a it's a it's a label that we put on
characteristics and then we connect the dots and think that it's real solid


the other
answer it and let's bring it a little bit more closer to home
and how we deal with the shonda our friends and fellow travelers this is the fishes them
part that is so important because we don't just do it to the stars up above we do it to the stars down below but except that we call him safe for example
or we say i am
that's what we have to watch out for
does everybody understand that we must meditate

that i ever
just in a history with the vr some may enlighten
the didn't
i have my twitter
but you know something there is there are also in them
in the world we people get gifts of awakenings little can show experiences and zones over it that's just the beginning and some people call that enlightenment but that's not what we're talking about you know
that when the self actually wizards
then we relate differently in the world and the self withers we don't relate differently in the world will we've had ah you know and experience of oneness that's not enough
the it's just what begins at that point
is not an when i met visit
that's how i put it and
yeah also the know now also yeah
well literally karma is volitional action but the way you're using the word i can say yes
now this is an interesting point for as an interesting one the more radical your change of behavior the faster those pathways dissipate
so for example if we are if we've always habitually related a certain way with a person it's really good to stop relating that way to that person upsets causing us us or the other person some difficulty
but an even better thing to do course we probably can't is actually turned toward the person with some amount of open heartedness that would change the pattern even quicker which is why we have all of these compassion practices and buddhism
exchanging self another patient loving kindness sympathetic joy sympathetic joy sympathetic joy
number five is what there is pure oh this is the happen now that the network after you know not even after its there anyway what what is underneath all of this conceptual reality which is useful or not saying it's bad
it's useful but what's underneath it is this original non conceptual bright clear open-hearted joyous awareness it's there it's all us we just have to like uncovered
and the way this morning it was explained his awareness does not depend on concepts it is dependently commission but not on concepts so all of what we're dealing is now is we're concentrating on finding conceptual allottee in our own life
everywhere it comes up and i hope you guys are doing this
and not grabbing onto it and not suppressing it
now i do know that we are in the fourth day i believe this is the fourth day of the intensive and we are intensifying a little bit so i would like to suggest now that we make sure that
we keep our container carefully a way to do that just to remind you is if you cannot talk after thousand in the evening through until lunch and were a period that's helpful another thing is to pay attention to details pay attention to the forms
they help us be present then they are give us something to attend to while our mind is you doing whatever it's going to be doing and in the kitchen the forms are chopping the carriage chopping the zucchini making sure you turn off so light if you take a pot off the stove
putting away and washing your knife carefully don't leave it in the sink
washing your hands after you come back from the bathroom and so on these are the forms of the kitchen and do them very carefully they will help
ha in the in the zendo i try not to bang your knees on the floor when you kneel when we do bows
when you handle year xanodyne and cushion don't bang it around you know place it perfect pop up the cushion when the people are coming in with a meal board towels know that they're coming in especially the people in the you know the first one when you come in with a meal board hell don't bow you just
in the percent the in lizard the person at the end you have to make sure that you get your or aoki up before they start wiping
and it's like a wave blanche really liked the so will do the wave okay
why does
right so you know does everybody know the wave you know it the wave is
right we're gonna do the wave could you let could you raise your hand and and put him down

okay now obviously we need to practice the way
with you
you will go now
are you got this table you can't do the way
he cares if the if then the wave goes like get across the room like that but we're going to go round the back of the room and then abandoned and then to the middle okay ready have been a month
said curved
yeah okay
right so now let's get back here to business now i'm going to review this again
and hopefully it will you'll understand it like that and if you don't just that's okay because isn't today's the last day with and do this within disturbed with other things but i think by this time he or she can get it in the blue represents the kind of v and template the blue as a template you have
an oregon
it's sensitive it's a receptor it receives things there are whole bunch of tons of things in the world that are sending stuff and i'm sure like dogs and flies and batch and so and they're receiving their stuff and we're not getting it were only getting the receptors that we get
and we think that the world is the way we think it is it's such a small idea no know but these are the ones we have so these are the ones that we pay attention to and they get they get touched by by the universe the universe content
the sun you know says hello everyone
so we have an oregon and a field that makes contact and up comes consciousness that's the template
okay now in the world of physicality we have an organ let's say the year my favorite
we have the field
vibrating energy and we have up comes sense or body consciousness
now doesn't everybody understand that now

no yeah that's mental this is physical body events
now there is one other oregon it's a mental oregon case but we but then we go over to mind okay
did i say that yes we we get it
oh no with me
oh we're not there yet
let's just make sure
what luscious make sure we get this okay so oregon field and up com sense consciousness and material and the material world can we go on and another one
what you mean awareness human consciousness and were no more mind
well consciousness we don't know what consciences actually is but we know that it has something to do with the brain there's not
and how we get to be aware but sir
what having a semantic problem yeah it's not that important i but we'll get to it in a minute okay
anyway do you have you have this parliament erase it okay that's over okay now
the just passed since event the consciousness that arose right over here is this

i'll show you how is just passed
have been
the road that the middle that
and discrimination
yeah that discrimination happens we're not there yet we'll get there okay when i get it
how past it said she'd see when she passed
very minimal know that
klein analyses the smallest teeny weeny on camera wizard
i don't understand why we're caught here ah
i don't understand so i'm going to ignore this
les les try to get to this because i kind of relate to get through this to the actual text if we can get so let's pretend this is a story if it's helpful to you use it if it's not helpful to you forget it this is not the most important thing the most important thing
thing is up here it's not me it's a construction and had a practice with it this is just a story a good story but you don't need this you just need to do the practice
right we just we have a m sense consciousness arises and that sense consciousness big big forms or function does a function performs their sword performs a function
that's what happens this just passed since consciousness performs a function it big it acts like an oregon it receives and it looks around it receives it it it dumb it even chooses it it reflects it
selects and what does it select from its legs from its field and it's feel turns out to be concepts
and when the concept and this oregon connect it's like this organ looks at goes around and looks for the best it's best guess of what's out there
so for example okay basket when that comes together in a finds it then it knows it
and that's called mental consciousness it's a mental event it's all in the mind it all takes place in the mind
yeah a constant mental construct
well his consciousness of construction as consciousness of construction
yes we can we have to experts
then tell us yes we can we can say construction
okay so
so clearly we are once it becomes a mental activity we're really not in touch with whatever it was that set off our little
our little perception thing in the first place
so let's say we have a flower
and that image goes through the i oregon
and it comes into the brain and again we don't see in the eye it goes all the way back pass this relay point i just learned about this way down to here where it turns out to be from our point of you upside down but i was also told this morning at panetta bishops i know i might be perfect exactly that way
so it goes to here and this is the image mental image
then this mental image looks around
to these concepts this by the ways of flour okay but it doesn't know that yet if there's a there's flour in here and there's also grass and tree bush
where we've
what else
check than
it and if it with kind of sifts these out and it doesn't even say yet that it's am
dahlia you know first product or maybe if there is that maybe it does made it seems die right away but anyway out of all of these and grabs one
and out of this it's it's best guess
best guess it's closest closest guess then we actually know it and in
the knowing of it i understand is all over the mind maybe i think there's knowing here after that would what was that call
particular activating system but the neurons all over the brain make for awareness is that right
oliver the brain and we get to have a mental
mental consciousness this is a miracle
a wonderful thing
however now here's the sad part this route
the way got in there the first place we had some experience before that told us that we have some experience with the flower could have been nice it could have been with in a relationship it could have been that that relationship is now defunct and we had a lot of pain so i'm sorry to say that the flower doesn't come all by itself
it comes with all the experience that we had creating this route in the first place
despair loneliness whatever came with it when we see this new flowers got all of it
so when i first knew taser when i first was really deeply in love i was really deeply love with her son i was walking around in part of me half a me was just floating and the other half of the was just incredibly sad and i just didn't understand why
and of course i realized that originally when i was kind of taught about this kind deep loving experience it was with my family and there was a whole bunch of sadness that got stuck onto it so when my love my my heart open to the same kind of level
the same kind of sadness over came with it and i was relating to somebody completely different had nothing to do with my family but there was my family
that's what it's like so when we have you know relationships or when we try to meet another person or whatever it's not just it's not actually almost very much of the other person's mostly you
the world is mostly a mirror for you when you get angry when you get frustrated she usually not about what's happening so called out there usually about this side
okay now do we understand
now we can erase this wouldn't go forward
say goodbye
which side is the definitive
i'm gonna leave them commending as brigid
ah no now i'll take that i have good
i was determined to have fun today we were getting so dour
no that ims i was an interesting thing happened this morning i was talking to somebody and explaining to them that
we were sitting across from each other and how did it come up for that now
oh because of dependent arising because of dependent arising what
because of dependent arising whenever we are like if you relate if i relayed to andy i am a i that happens differently than if i relate to kathleen i have a completely different religion with annie than i do with catholic who am i then am i the person who
snow i relate with andy or made the person who with whom i relate to get her a different when i really to want
who am i
am i smart well only when i understand something and tomorrow maybe i'm kind of dumb
so i am a story is that i was it i met ims as a meditation retreat and there's no talking in that retreat in my mile it was after a while you stand in for a while my mind was very quiet and i was just staring at the women you know lot of insights happen like that when you just very
right and just kind of staring
give you mind is blank and it's open till it comes into owns and a bird that was a bird on a branch and it was doing its bird thing and usually i would say burn you know great
and then have some kind of relationship with of with the bergner but actually that's not a relationship with the birds that's me having a relationship with the bird over there a way outside separate well i wasn't doing that i was just looking and there was nobody over here and the bird was doing its thing and so i'm real
lee looked at the bird and i had that i had the most innocent conaway awful understanding that the bird was just well as okay here's here's the awful by in it it was like m it was like a mechanical metal machine now it was it had its programming you know it
it had it it was doing it's peggy and cleaning its feathers know the rest of and religious dependently co isn't piece of life
oh just like the scandals flowing along with nothing else near
just like me and you
it's all dependently car isn't there is no me
on top of all that
so what's that basis and sad understanding with emptiness as the base we turned toward the text

it means that
in this case what it meant is that the bird wasn't like choosing to pack for i'm choosing to fly that moment are choosing it was can it's it was entirely condition event it was packing because it had a and maybe
at a flea or something that was had hunger feeling so it and some that produced in it packing of for food and then when it was not an a bird work but you know if that was gonna go somewhere else relative the wings would spread and it would fly and it's all happening because it's just it's a condition of conditions come together and
create that behavior the bird didn't have to figure out how to fly or anything was just on its way
what can explain the pinnacle risings
yes sir
it means that either way to him just
in order to limit put his way in order for something to be a certain way it depends on other things
in order for me to be who i am it depends on everything that's not me
so everything in a certain kind of way that isn't me as creating this so called me i am actually
no kevin else
oh when i said it was awful because the image i had in my mind was that it was actually mechanical and eight so much in the likeness of it somehow for a moment just flashed away and it became that the burden this of it somehow is wilson i didn't see that part italian immigrants
a moment
okay so let's go to the text the name of the text is the chimps is is i will have a thirty versus of assay bond do
let me put this on the board

it's actually vision not deem attractive city which means
mastery of representation only mastery of them
only representation

you have haven't h get
this vision opti as an important word remember i told you yesterday that we we're not going to do shit amatuer and we're not going to do fish nevada we were going to do vision up the madrasa is because this word means representation
and now you can see after all that we went through its this other stuff that the image that we have that we think were relating to is a representation only it's not that saying itself it's our version of what the thing
itself is
k representation

yeah actually it should be snapped a mantra and i think that tar and it maybe gets i'm not sure about that i mean i know that ties in there but i think it has something to do it how hello
it worked next to shane okay
so this means only and this means master
where present
so master of representation only
the mastery of representation only and the particular works it we're going to be looking at his vasu bond do
the is thirty
verses and the name of it is the trim
you spell

so this is vs

this is persons
and in this case this is gonna be consciousness
thirty vs on consciousness
thirty vs on consciousness thirty that's better thirty vs on unconsciously
the prisoner
that's a school and some yeah and that's the text or so now let's look at the text now you have the text in these in the
compendium you have the text both straight one to thirty and then you have each verse with five
the first one to fifteen basically described the arising of self with definitions and then also mental states that's about one to fifteen and we should be able to well we'll see
and then sixteen to nineteen gives further
no explanations about the illusion
of self and other and twenty to twenty five is basically the content of the meditation that you know we've been talking about are ready and then the end of it is basically the pair so often it's just divided that way so you have a sense and then a larger division of course that would be from about one two
sixteen or so is the definition and them
description of the illusion and of misery and the end of it is the release
so that's kind of howard an approach it and we're going
i am yeah okay okay and we don't have so much sense that this is good so you can have you'll have homework for study tomorrow cause we're gonna it before we actually get to the verses with i define three little words
and the words are anybody one guess
hey there on
right going to talk first about a liar or their previous know there is a good i get a liar and what's the next one
and miners very famous one
what's the other one
i know you know this one is really interesting when it kind of modest and elia get all the attention and concept of the object gets really short rift shrift
i don't know why because concept of the ashes very important
i tell you what is already concept of the object is the idea of something out there it's major important major important it's an idea as a concept for you okay you

but it's not say
everything yes that's right
yeah we do
well that's why you're here
that's a great career
so what is the practice judith
what is the practice
well how
you have an idea right now and your mind
and you mind if we do this
judith has sitting here with an idea in her mind that she calls she has people locked in boxes right
and you believe that thought to be true
nena would i come out right now in this moment
this is the hard part letting go okay
and it could be sadness is fine you get to feel that in the body came up sadness okay right now you're sitting in this room and you had a thought that sad it's sad that i put everybody in boxes it's a thought of the past i have put every
a body in boxes right
and by doing it i have in the past maybe caused pain to myself and into other people
okay that's a thought
that thought brings with it certain energy certain emotional energetic response rate
can you enjoy the energy right now
do you see that it's it thought
and how is it can create for you

well it set you believe it's true

yeah we should just what we talked to day
but right now your freedom is about right now right now it's a thought that your that you believe to be true and it's causing you suffering
can you let the feeling in your body happen feeling it completely and let go of recreating the truth of that thought
now what if you just sat there and let your body have those feelings but not recreate thinking that that thought is true cause you don't know
you don't actually know you don't know that if you what you think hurt another person is not exactly what that person's gonna use to wake up someday
but it's a bird it's a possibility

well until two things need to have and one is you have to have a sense that holding to thought actually is more painful than letting it go you have to have a sense that the thoughts that we think actually don't represent anything
you have to somewhere have these and it's easier if you have these understandings the practices of same but it helps to understand some sense of emptiness some sense of dependently cove is an event then when you have that kind of thought feel that feeling you can really be with a feeling but no it's only your particular interpretation
asian that recreates you more than it does somebody else
you're recreating you are suffering you have no idea what the other person needs or doesn't near how you can help them aware their at or anything else
the question is can we be free of our own step places then you can actually have a chance to meet the other person instead if you're gonna meet the other person with that thought that person is gonna always be oh poor that person
hey that's not meeting the other person not even close to your job is to get yourself free of that truth
it isn't true it's just a thought that you have invested with substance that causes new suffering
so once you ask when you check it out it's sometimes a helper
sometimes you do something to somebody in you think you've really done something hurtful or whatever ask the other person sometimes they don't even notice it and you can begin to kind of loosen your hold on those kinds of thoughts it's all us

if a practice
yeah right but if you do that you can't miss though you're feeling that's not suppressing what you actually feel you can't walk over the feeling he could just try
a different way
but even better to practice the pinnacle rising because your event comes to with the other person if you can see that over and over and over again that's really helpful




how interesting her so your idea of
view is different than somebody else idea be right but your idea of you causes you pain can you release that
then find out what it is that you're holding that you need to hold onto in order for you to still be you
sasha i
find out what part of you is is getting strong
by thinking that thought
you're rebuilding a you have a certain kind
can you let go that image
the for are and been nobody
same thing

the same thing it's dark it's an it's a you can say i am good for now because i sharpened somebody schedule needs it then as soon as you turn around and give the person a pencil you don't have a oregon
till something else arises that you can respond to know when you respond you'll find out where you are

you mean if you think something is really true
because the person because the person is never just that even if i knew who was really so-called thief
it doesn't represent anything that person may also be a father and a dog catcher and a kind person to old people and they know whatever that person
okay is not a thief
they took something once maybe
maybe they took a to give her an orphan what does it make them
you make him a thief or does it make a man you know said a set person's can sacrifice time in jail and into other person can have food
doesn't mean anything
but as soon as we call somebody something and believe it we've done damage to ourselves and to the other person good or bad

exactly yes
and it says and one i think it's seventeen or nineteen years only that if you don't stop at a mere concept you're also a problem in trouble just like you said oh i'm a person who can do this practice rate boom there there there it is it has created itself i def
fine mentioning
yeah these fun

it's really right it's really good at what it's good at for example i was for some reason really pops up in my mind making airplane ticket appointment it's really good at that and we need to respect him and let it do its think it's grade in math it's great in the
take it's hard to think of
yeah it's good really good in some things and
making lunch and also we need to handle it with a great deal of compassion because as we begin to let go of the part that we recreate that it really isn't it gets really scared and nervous and we need to really take care of it and a daily kind of way
search me

not so much

well you can go ahead and let you that it's good it's a at go ahead and let do whatever kind of puzzle intellectual thing that is exciting for it that's fine as long as you really clearly aware that you don't identify that nowhere
for that smart person for that whatever image you have wrapped up in just the plain old fun of intellectual pursuit
say it's fine as long as you don't paste as long as you don't impute of self they're fine not a problem for exactly the point
oh yeah
unless except why then when you're playing chess you can call yourself a chess player and know that it's empty just don't solidified the word chess players chess player just means that right now this set of gandhi's for now temporarily is moving these things around the board and somebody and you may
if you're playing with somebody else and and you have to communicate don't you know man don't call me on the phone right now my my chess player
it's it's helpful
tell her but that's as far as it goes as it later i'm like this
now you're better at ignoring the united church by iraqi new year didn't mayor
and right now we are many over
not enough
i think he probably meant that sometimes when he did something that
no might actually even actually anna reading
yeah when i'm here in the friend i'm teaching and when i'm you know cleaning my house i'm a cleaner