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Summer intensive

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after such a am
after such a chant i really don't feel like
they should say anything at all
we should just go back to the agenda
think i'm kidding
and not

first of all i'd like to welcome you to the intensive
we've all agreed together to make a kind of a focus stand
sincere effort to maintain the buddha dharma during these next three weeks and steady
the self steady ourself studies itself that for both of us for all of us actually gets us into such difficulty in the self that were studying in particular the one that gets us into their difficulty is the one that thinks it's really in charge of everything
a whole right and then
that self or we called a small self because it's only half of the picture the other half of the picture is the self that is this one life that we're all living together
we are that life
and if we can study the small cell the separate sell the self that's contracted and feels threatened by everything
then slowly we can forget that one see through that one and live in relation to everything
responding appropriately when asked and when not ask just being satisfied and settled in life just exactly the way it is
i would suggest then for these three weeks that you consider taking on at practice that's radical
that's a little bit difficult and that is true for any level of practitioner where they were just beginning or whether we're very familiar with all of the word that we're about to share
their practices complete
and total renouncing of the self
in every way that it comes up
now i'm not talking about beating yourself up
and making judgments i am simply talking about noticing and watching very clearly
whenever emotion thought comes up
just to say thank you very much
and come back to heartedly doing whatever you're doing
no past
no future
no nothing
and out of this know nothing somehow the miracle of our life or shared experience arises
those of us who has done his practice
know that my question
is not an easy one
i'm suggesting it anyway
but i am also get also suggesting that when way are not able to do that that that is exactly when our study begins we want to say really clearly
the self that is arising at that moment
through emotion
if that's what you're studying find out clearly what that is or a thought a point of view a sense of righteousness a sense of jealousy prostration even joy and happiness
if you get caught or if you grab on to any state of mind or emotion thought
there is the contraction
and that's what you're watching for
how is it that we recreate
buy into
then defend and justify this sense of separation that causes as such suffering
which we do so habitually and so ah
if that happened
and we're caught which happens all the time
what we do then is if you can we
hold that person with kindness and gentleness there i say love and acceptance for exactly the one that is so frustrated with this study that
they are ready to pick up the zero material and throw it across the room
that's the person
that you care about deeply
our radical
a practice which i'm suggesting for three weeks for two weeks for the day
for one period of zazen
first don't grasp anything any emotion thought anything that revive the sense of separation that avoids relationship
and if you can't do that just simply watch what happens next
gay the whole world arises your particular world the world of your particular
study at so well so deeply so thoroughly
that you know it will not knock you around and you can then forget it
that's her job
so in order to do that
you need some intention to be really gentle with yourself
because this kind of the self the little self
does not want to be studied
doesn't like it
is embarrassed by it
and sometimes gets really upset with you
so upset that if you're not really stable
it will toss you right into hell
and will be very happy about it because all the little self wants to do if can to keep living to keep existing it thinks it's very important and it is very important but not as important as it thinks
so when we start looking deeply and seriously it will do
whatever it can to distract you in any way it and if that means making you think about the future or think about how bad you are or how much better you are than everybody else or the past or whatever it is it will do that and it won't necessarily
how you end up
but the good news is
now will we look very carefully
and very gently
added it is actually a emperor with no clothes
it's transparent and has no ground
it's actually very timid
has no power
only that we give it
and the way we get it is through grasping
so with that as an introduction let us do some business
let's pass out we have for things to pass out and i would like if you don't mind just the people who are actually in the intensive to take the hand out first and then those of you who are not so in the intensive but they are more of here i think
more maybe not
then we'll just go ahead and xerox more if there aren't enough to go around okay so you're going to have
xerox called the compendium which is five translations of the main texts that we're going to be doing
you're going to be having the main text with commentary kullu bahonar
oh so if you haven't already
oh for heaven's sake
oh great
okay you're going to be having
lots of toys here
k the first thing you have our the thirty versus and companion form so they're five translations
everyone who needs them have that
do we have any more
this raise your hands will pass out as many as that's how many people don't have them
oh for heaven's sakes then we're going to have catherine
this during a war period as xerox a home and okay good
yeah let's have a how many people don't have them the first of all don't have the compendium the five with iraq the time with your and thirty so
set an alert where they all of it
no that's it
nine here
doesn't take away to date and econet die
okay everyone who the the companion everyone who needs one their hand was up or you have one
the next thing you need to have or it's called the thirty vasi bond is thirty versus this is the text that we're going to be studying and it comes to you with commentary by clue behind it and it looks like that
olivia who do not have that raise your hand
okay pass those out and then let's see
hey county would know you'll have more
oh okay count one two three
that's all despite great we did better there
and the next thing you need looks like this very very pretty page
this is really pretty
this is called vocabulary
everyone who doesn't have the vocabulary print please raise your hand

so tomorrow or maybe even the next day i'll wait until everybody has what they need and then we'll go over these things together
yes i had a him
and then the next thing that you need while you don't really need this this is just for people who want a continue study on their own it's a it's a you know just a skirt sort of i mean there's tons of material on this but yeah the kind of pick
get lots of different things so i just wrote down some things that that some of it's a little scholarly and some of it is for people who are beginners and you can just go ahead and choose what you need it's called summer intensive two thousand and two reading list
and the main text you have as the divisive and is thirty versus for you know to worry everyone who doesn't have this please raise your hand
no that's okay
oh i see okay

and well i'm at it let me just say that the the compendium has the thirty versus in a row it's a front so maybe some of you thought you didn't have it but if you have this that looks like this in the front you have the companion
and one else


yeah i just let little limit said it again okay
those of you have this that looks like this the thirty versus okay
does anybody not have this that's attached to the compendium those people raise your hand
are those the same amount of people are you the same people who thought you didn't have the companion when the first place

and then the one other business we have is does anybody need a sutra cloth which is a cloth that covers the books in the in the study wholesale three four five kilkenny coming up
and then please return those at the end of the intensive their blanches

so again welcome to the intensive and
thank you for coming and being with us and
and here we go again k
i just want to emphasize a little bit that the material that we're going to be studying is a little bit heady and i don't really like talking about it very much unless it's in the context of a lot of sitting meditation which it is here so please let's try to take whatever
it is that we're studying and and use that as it as a meditations is a suggestion of of meditation technique
and again if you have trouble with the material it that itself that trouble itself is what you'll be studying so the whole thing that we're going to be studying is not so much itself important but it's important as a tool for own waking up and freedom so
the ways you can stay it is either just plain old listening to it and letting it just flow through you can actually try to understand it really get into it you can if it's frustrating for you you can watch the frustration in the resistance
you can use it as a mantra you can use it is a meditation suggestion and selling their lots of different ways you don't have to important thing in this class is not necessarily to understand intellectually what's happening but rather to use whatever is coming up in you as the
steady k
can you hear with them
said okay
good for me

hi i'm going to read something now from the dome pada adama pada is a bunch of verses
not really said by the buddha a long time ago but certainly in in his teaching it's one of the very early on
writings and it is part of the traditional a canon
what we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday and are present thoughts build our life of tomorrow our life is the creation of our mind if a person speaks or acts with an impure
mind suffering follows as the wheel of the card follows the beasts that drives the card
what we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday and are present thoughts build our life of tomorrow are like is the creation of our mind if a person speaks or acts with the pure mind joy follows
joy follows him as his own shadow
he insulted me he hurt me he defeated me he robbed me those who think such thoughts will not be free from hate
he insulted me he heard me he defeated me he robbed me those who think not such thoughts will be free from hate
how can there be laughter how can there be pleasure when the whole world is burning
when you are in deep darkness will you not ask for a lamp
consider this body a painted puppet with jointed limbs sometimes suffering and covered with ulcers full of imaginings never permanent forever changing
the glorious chariots of kings were out and the body wears out and grows old but the virtue of the good never grows old if a person tries not to learn she grows old just like an ox her body indies grows old by her wisdom does not grow
i have gone round in vain the cycles of many lives ever striving to find the builder of the house of life and death
how great is the sorrow of life that must die but now i have seen the housebuilder
nevermore shalt thou build his house
the rafters of sins are broken the ridge pole of ignorance destroyed
the seaver of craving past
those who in their youth did not live in self harmony and who did not gain the true treasures of life or later like long legged old herons standing sad by a lake without fish

buddha in his m
teachings pointed all the time to ignorance and all the time to grasping because ignorant grasping is what builds his house
that's why we suggest for these next three weeks that you simply pet practice not grasping that's all we need to know
so i have written on the board the scandals and an adonis
can anyone tell me in english
but the scandals are
what's nama rupa in english
i say form
what's maidana

what songs you know
are these familiar
now i don't mean familiar intellectually
ah have you investigated these
what's some scar
mind our way out with another word
no well
this one is the big i'm not going to pay
what's this one
okay you guys you know what he
now this is great this is really neat okay look at the as are now waiting olympic let me ask you is is there something besides this okay well all right let's find out with his his first okay
this is this gun is are what we are okay now look what you guys left out this is really interesting to me this is really interesting think now you know yummy right here were sitting there and you know you have a form rights a year you have experiences that you don't let that often list
and you happen to know by intellectual intellectual or he till actually that their sensation do you spend a lot of time noticing sensation that you feel hot cold or neutral or uncomfortable day case and say we say and perception you
no i mean you're seeing hearing so on so i'm right and then you skipped a the way over a consciousness isn't that interesting why didn't the world did you leave out
there have we're forgetting okay said it again anyway
mental formation what gets us into trouble
idea is live concepts grab all the muck this is all this is the stuff of them up we left it up
we can call this sam
the traditional word is disposition of mental formations
you can say mental formations
you can take this position
you can say croatia's
you can say motion thought
is it an interesting why we left out did i didn't i say that the itself doesn't wanna be looked at
when i think i find that very interesting
now is there a number six
you and when okay like it form sensation perception mental formations emotion thought all of those consciousness
the i loved it if if you feel great now all the time were thinking something all the time were thinking something and yet there's nothing here that group that says if not a number six
you know what i'm gonna put down here
yeah self
it's not there
now listen why not
should be junit i'm a me
you are you i know i mean i know that but look it's not there yet
kind that we could concepts here sure
what is a self then
who says that
are you sure

do people actually believe that the self is just an idea
you know i'd thank you very much know there's some people here who don't believe that
if you don't believe that you might investigate when you go down to sit
you know see if you can find form it'll be there see if you can find sensation pleasant unpleasant or neutral see if you can find perception that'll happen see if you can find say if you can find any of these through through getting lost in these okay these are we there
this will be there
see if you can find this

so this stuff is no good intellectually it's only useful if you actually have some real experience that it really isn't there that number six is not they're not listed
now this is a description of kind of
it's not static but it's like this is a cat your category of death this on this side is what this does this is the active site this is the shows us how we behave in the world and i left off for things can you
fill him in
yeah and that goes i should have written them actually upside down
i should write that and read
okay what's what were the other ones i left out
grasping where's eko
what's another word for grasping
okay what else is missing
isn't that interesting it doesn't come up in in the very much in the buddha dharma and it almost any list
have yeah i don't think i've ever seen it
we have it
what's another were for eric and karma
karma which is that volitional
the volitional action is like is
the key okay and then what else
a version actually no fruit for for buddhism aversion is actually kind of a sub thing of grasping
sweating then but no not not there although you know in the wheel than madonna's twelve new guys actually the wheel of life and in the wheel of life in the middle of the with the wheel of life
linda donna's are on the outside you know you've seen this with this guy this guy on top like that with these teeth

and then it's a hands with claws really long nails go i debt and holding it over the coming
yes feet
it than a diet as and then in between over here there are the six realms and then in the middle you have the three poisons great hate and delusion so there's your hate okay
okay we're still looking for one thing consciousness
so now we have a picture of who we are and how we behave
and what we're going to study
well let me say one thing more about the new donna's there are two ways of approaching the nevada's for those of you who haven't heard this yet most of you can familiar with this one way is from the conventional view and the other way is from
the ultimate view and we're not gonna be alternating for a while the whole first half with vasa by saving versus we're not going to be alternating we're going to be conventional ising which means that the conventional way of viewing the fennec arising is about
to dualistic consciousness
the duality of self
an oven k
so what this is describing right here is dualistic consciousness
so i put the word that doctors on the board because pretty soon we're going to be looking at the dodgers which just for a moment is oregon
and consciousness
they're eighteen of them
so vos savant who who was state in the abbey dharma he wrote the damn kosher bus young which we have some books back there in case you guys want to investigate this a little more ib dharma
means the word means highest i'll be dharma
the dharma dharma means teaching ah bien means high so high teaching of a dharma kosher kosher means like womb or essence and bus yeah meta commentary so our guy vasa bonded wrote this commentary on the essence of the highest dharma and
these he was very very steeped in these and he was trying to help us
be free of the duality of self and other which
the buddha pointed to as the cause of are suffering
so grasping here
based on dualistic consciousness
molded by karma by by am by activity based on ignorance is what we have to investigate
this is from the
some you to nicaea
this is the buddha speaking now i wonder
knowing in what way seeing in what way does one without delay put an end to leaking
well then
knowing and what way seeing in what way does one without delay put an end to the leaking
there is the case where an uninstall active now uninterested run of the mill person
who has no regard for noble ones is not well versed or disciplined in the dharma who has no regard for people of integrity
is not well versed or disciplined in the dharma a sounds form to be itself
that assumption is a fabrication
now what is the cause what is the origin what is the birth what is the coming into existence of that fabrication
to an uninterested run of the mill person touched by that which has felt born of contact with ignorance craving arises
fabrication is born of that and that fabrication is inconsistent and dependently chrism
that craving that feeling that contact that ignorance is inconsistent fabricated and independently or isn't it is by knowing and seeing in this way that one without delay puts an end to the
vos bondo honed in on this fabrication this imputation of solidity of self and other how it arises and how to be free of it as
and that's what the text is about
let's see which we go from there
hi i wanted now to go over the things that we handed out but so
some of you don't have them so
hmm okay you can come up with a neighbor
so those of you please take a look at the vocabulary and i'm not going to talk very much more about the scandals and the donna's we couldn't run it
ah i'm not sure i

so please yourself be familiar with see vocabulary because we'll be using a lot of it and ah
it'll be helpful to you
so you can see that the scandals are there and also dependent arising in various ways
in the two ways and also ah
other words that you might pay some attention to the beginning is a liar
the difference between awareness and dualistic consciousness
the non natures and it's a park park township or our carpet and partners banner
and that's plenty
and then in terms of the compendium
that have those translations
the translations that are most helpful i think or the kaluga hundred translation with you would you have and then also that could she moeten translation i don't hey you say his name so i hope i'm not dumb
insulting the person but ah
that one and then the annika is also good you can see that those three are from the sanskrit and the one sitter from the chinese are a little bit problematic in that they tend toward a
thinking of us who bondo as an idealist thinking that his writing is about what the world is about rather than simply being a tool for us as a and describing something that happens that makes self and other
i said
no the sanskrit yes the chinese
all right i think that's enough and then i want to android's reading is this part
just to earn mentioned again before i be the last thing i went away
the main thing i think
if i if i'm too redundant because someone tell me later
but the main thing is to please go ahead and investigate don't leave it just words so wherever it is that you are in your practice that's what to do from now on so for example if you can really if you are at
this point i'm stable enough in your meditation that you can actually bring that during the day to watch where yourself comes up and how you're holding and not hold onto it do that if where your ad is to see if you can simply find itself in any of these things do
that if what you're going to be doing is watching where you get caught and you can practice and gentleness and compassion around that do that
the fundamental instruction is to be present in in in zazen and in the rest of your daily life
so whatever it is that prevents you from being present clearly
that's what to investigate
he says an instruction for soto zen buddhism the main instruction is to not do anything
when it takes a while to actually be able cannot do anything because we feel like
we have things to do in thousand
but the truth of our situation is is that we are this one life
and that there is actually nothing to do there is only the small self getting the way of that they gives us difficulty
so if you can sit there even in the midst of collusion
allow it to come up and let the mind of awareness
that is our true nature
the bright clear awareness that is behind and in the midst of all of the delusion it's still there even why we're being tossed about
i'm gonna read a little bit from the beak of the finch
according to present thinking the departure of our own line began six or seven million years ago and the african savannah when our ancestors switched from what is known in the jargon as bread
gration swinging from tree branch to tree branch to walking on the ground
that change led to a cascade of adaptations
one of the first was the trick of rearing up and walking on her hind legs which was one of the most striking shifts in anatomy you can see an evolutionary biology
somewhere in this sequence of adaptations
perhaps at the very start of the brains expansion there occurred the heightening of consciousness
that we ourselves as members of the species considered distinctly human
it is this character more than the sun the voice the hein legged stance or the human face that we feel sets us apart from other living things on the planet
to us a man or a woman who has lost hands legs voice or even face is still a human being
arrogance think of ourselves as a great work
worthy of the interposition of a deity
our gift of consciousness is a mystery one of the greatest remaining mysteries in biology but it is no more of a miracle than a beak a feather or a wing and it is made by the modeling and molding of the same living clay to the same
the process
why should we assume that consciousness is unique to our kind of anything to are kind in anything but degree it is our arrogance darwin wrote in his notebook it is our admiration of ourselves
i would like to say that this consciousness that human beings are blessed with
he is sadly enough the very thing that separates us from all other creatures
and this sense of separation the sense of self and other is the very thing that we're going to be studying
vasu binder helps us see how the sense of separation occurs naturally in our minds
and if we can see clearly how it develops then maybe we could not grab on to that sense which is a useful sense of separation but it isn't the deeper truth
and as we let go of that grasping and settled down into a place of oneness
that we can live easier with ourselves and everything else that we share this life with
okay thank you

every the