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Kosho Jack McCall in SF - Christian ceremony.

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may the words of my mouth and the listenings of our hearts but come for us to do the word of the holy one who is closer to us and we are to ourselves

brothers and sisters we are one
we are one in the sacred mystery of gross
that sacred mystery which fred
knew and loved so well
we are one
one to each and other
and one with shrug and he with us
it is not often that i have the experience of being humbled
but today it is very close at hand
i am humbled by the power and intensity of my own emotions and of the emotions which fill this cathedral
i'm humbled by the depth and stature and breck and width and substance
of this man
if you look about today we see people from the church
the national church the province
the dioceses parishes mission
family people from portland state of maine
who see people not from the church
she go straight lesbian
the sober and recovering
the depth and breadth of this man's life and his ministry
the ability to cross boundaries
and bring people together
and i am humbled because although i love this man dearly there are people here today who loved him much more dearly than i
much more profoundly much more intimately and for far longer time
i'm thinking especially of you barbara and your sweet daughters
i honor that love and am humbled to stand in its presence
it's exquisitely precise that we should be talking about humility because fred carried with him his entire life
a gentle and sincere and pervasive humility
and reflecting that humility he made me promise when he asked me to preach a sermon that i would not say a word about him
and that i would only preach about resurrection and life everlasting and leave him out
dear fred
that those times when you asked for my advice
you hardly ever took it
you are one of them are stubborn people i ever met
and you never did what i said
so today i am not going to do what you told me to do either
i am going to talk about fred
because we need to
need to remember
i need to but more importantly because his life was such a window of revelation
that we need to hold and up
and celebrate it
and reverence it and give thanks for it
we know fred while first as a man of immense heart
devoted devotional
deep feeling
he loved his family
he loved his diocese he loves the church he loved the integrity and authenticity of his recovery group
he loves the liturgy
he loves the vestments
will any of us ever forget
the tender
delicate graceful way
he celebrated the eucharist
love god and do you love jesus
that was a lover and that which he loved he loved with utter devotion
he was also grounded in his humanity in his ordinariness he told a story i must have heard it six or seven times
he loved telling him he would always talk with a twinkle in his eye because he loved the naughtiness of it
spanning about when he was very little boy in primm got iowa and his mother was giving him a bath and she became distracted and in a blink he was out of the bathtub
down the stairs out the front door
and on the try sickle
and he made four or five blocks i think
before his mother caught him now he would tell that story with that wonderful wry smile and twinkle in his eye and then a puzzled look would pass over his face and he would say and he meant it
how did that naked little boy from prim car iowa ever get to be a bishop in the episcopal church
he never figured that out
because he remained so grounded in his ordinary humanity
but the most important thing about fred wolf was not what he did
and not what he thought about himself
it was who he was
he concentrated a silence a space a quiet as a contemplative this in his own being in nature
a space empty of judgment
and a space large enough for all of us to enter into
a space i would call
radiant compassion
and often he didn't even know he was doing it
he was puzzled why people loved him so much
how often i've seen him coming to a room and sit
and not say a word and everybody knew they were in the presence of the sacred
and everybody started time the truth about who they were and what was going on for them
i never felt afraid to be myself
what to tell him who i was well what was going on with me and i've heard countless others say that
today you see is really a family event
because i look about me here at those of you are here with me and those who cannot be here
we have come together over the years we've come to trust each other and know each other and work together and love each other deeply love each other
because we've been drawn together
in and through and by the presence of fred wolf
we have become family
in the energy of that radiant compassion
this is a family event
we have come to love each other
because he sat among us
the paradox of this man's wife and every life has a paradox the dilemma the paradox the struggle was it the little boy from trim gar iowa could not get the
archetypal presence
of radiant compassion together he struggled with that all his life
he did not know why people loved him and we loved him immensely and we loved it even more because of his struggle with this
and in that struggle he was utterly faithful
faithful to that struggle and thus he became for us
a window of revelation
to be around fred wolf
was to get a glimpse
in to the nature and face of god
and we thank him for that

so he wanted me to talk about resurrection and life everlasting
moments like this we who are of the family of fred wolf
people of the sacred mystery of grace
we need to talk about resurrection and life everlasting and we need to do it in a way that is truthful not speculative not metaphor not sentimentality we need to talk about that which we know
we need to talk about those realities that are ineffable an invisible but are embedded in the mystery realities more real than this pulpit
his life demands that kind of truth and proclamation
so i stand here with you this morning in sure and certain hope of the resurrection and doesn't eternal life
my knowing is this that death is the great instrument of transformation
and that the resurrection
if not something that happened just to jesus
the resurrection is something that happened
to all those who loved jesus
they were transformed and made new
and that that resurrection goes on it has not stopped
when someone we love dies
the door opens and they pass out and we lose them but while that door is open
life light consciousness and love floods in
and for someone whose life was as big as friends
can you imagine
what is going to come our way
be prepared
not just to grieve him and mourn him but be prepared to receive
to be changed to be transformed to be surprised
big and little miracle some you may want in some you may not
but be prepared
the resurrection goes on
and we will be changed by the death of this man
it is also my knowing
that we do not live outside of god we're not here and god as somewhere else
we live inside of god we live inside the heart and the imagination of god
within god
all that was it is and shall be
it's within god
the living and the dead exist with in god
sad has simply moved to another dimension
but it's in the same space
that we inhabit that we inhabited with him here in this life and continue to inhabit with him we live in sai the heart of god
so in your prayers
in your prayer
as you give thanks for this man's life
and ministry
as he touched you and change to and
will continue to change it because to see to this ministry will continue to bear fruit
and as you let him go
be prepared to receive
to be transformed
and know that he is in that place where he has seen god face to face
the place of many mansions
the place
where the warfare is over
and all tears are wiped away and now he knows
for sure
oh he was and who he is
and triumphant in that knowing triumph in that known
he now praise for us
with more love and ardor and devotion and compassion
than ever before
open your hearts to his prayer for you and me
brothers and sisters we are one
in that sacred mystery of grace one with each other
at one with him
the bird be with you
the let us pray

how happy are the poor in spirit theirs is the kingdom of heaven
happy the gentle
they shall have the earth for their heritage
happy those who mourn for they shall be given great strength
happy those who hunger and thirst for what is right they shall be satisfied
happy the compassionate
geisha have compassion shown them
happy the pure in heart they shall see god
happy the peacemakers
they shall be called the sons of god
happy those who are persecuted in the cause of right
theirs is the kingdom of heaven
come in