Song of Jewel Mirror Samadhi

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5:00 class

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okay it's recorded okay what does dinner sixty six thirty
good evening everybody
you're going to have a little seminar
and talk about the how close oh my
and there
very informative
kind of fascial and i hope
and i forget how many meetings were going to need consecutive tuesdays at five o'clock for
the fireworks sent a very much

when the virtues as they're having a seminar format where everybody said of initiated that in other words people know the basics staff
is that there
it's possible to speak more critically in other words they're about our practice and
may have little bit more
ernest nowhere
something like that because sir
when when people are new to the practice and the teacher you kind of want to get across the basic abu is and it's not effective to criticize the lead was too much because they don't know what the areas you want to put the was out there and make them to disturb the band one should say familiar with fullest
dad and the practice it says then i think that smith read to be critical and so what does that really mean and what about that and mean we say that but what is it really that can that kind of attitude which i hope you can have and a group like this where people that i say more initiated and into practice in the and buddhist that so and
seminar format means that there there's a good and tank and that it's not that they're i'm telling with the soundbar car says that the as down i says but rather were discussing it together and the mobile long stretches of time in which other people are talking i don't say anything disability
a great
saying if we could have that happening
although i tend to take responsibility for shepherding the discretion because it get dispersed say i tenant shepherded a little bit so that's a similar to how when i have in mind in terms of their during a seminar
sam so bad i want to ask before the discussion begins actually what i wanted to put out i would have been a background information this is my yeah it was remove us at the beginning of classes as products if it's an attempt but as a background information on the text santa to do that
from its first person of the meeting tonight and then after that get into the text and discretion
babis studies at six thirty seven move movements and five till about six twenty or six someone that understands
well it's due to staff it is their first baby food and say anything that one hundred percent of i wanted to read officiate moonshine a little bit with you because those shows the author of how as an mri and there
in fact that recognize one moment indonesians early practice
where he wrote a poem attention the tears images from the poem actually tour in the jewelry or somebody and in fact the image at from the story with thousand and i'm sure we or another story is probably the source image for an
whoever the dreamer samadhi as a poetic image
so i assume that most of you know about his limbs to stories bed
that's nice to hear them again
yeah maybe this record his as practice begins with from approach of a buddhist teacher came the heart sutra and saying gee the house which he says no i've never known as banana eyes i have years iron as so as i mean
he sends this teacher sends them to nonsense nonchalance who sends a man to question where he this question he will recall about
i have heard to teach them about inanimate objects teaching the dharma
inanimate rooms teaching the dharma
what about that a murmur dialogues here
about that particular teaching
at this is for pious back the regular don't shine if you don't have the scripted and of print or something that's group that really really worth having it's an excellent skier with translation of don't show record
to shine said to women
ah nonchalant nonsense sends them to union right after we have a long discussion about and
man central beings printing with alma
returns with division same as don't understand where the masterpiece comment and in question roses is risk
do you understand more i don't please experience
a committed to explain to you by means of a mass of one born of mother and father
don't shannon said was the master of any contemporaries and ran through my clarify this problem for me and that's when he says of the union is living in a cave
he wears to a man and a again may speak about it
and then
this was to stay with lumen and they have a stay together don't shine said to room and i have some habits that i'm not going to eradicated
you can say well have you been doing
about it to help wherever you go to improve
boucher replied i am not concern myself with the four noble truths
i have not even of the four noble truths i'm in other words i met
do anything to improve it all am not
going step by step through the teachings
and simon said i will drill for it
don't show it will be untrue to say that i am not your iphone
it is as they have grasped a bright poor in a pile of shit and a famous sir
saying sir don't show notion of which is as family when a web image for human life appropriate and pile of shit live in general and they will grab their image river how close am i
show moves women
and there
hmm and lewis as where we go on i'm moving i still haven't decided we lost the
you're not going to hula and i you know
you're not returned to amount of town i you know when we'll return i ran into will have a fixed residents
this the why would i will say my favorite lines that don't show and it will be hard to woodlands as to him will be hard to root after you lose
and boucher says it will be hard not to meet
so then before the invention ask sad the master if after many years someone should ask if i am able to portray the masters likeness how should i respond there were rumors that portraying the masters like this is kind of
yeah kids i'm to to to to to indicate the masters teaching
someone asked me when i met as your teaching from my head what should i say
m causes for a while and says just this person
the bot for more tells us that justice person
a staffers
in chinese criminal law
when someone who is accused there was pleading guilty there were so just that person
so that's really as teaching just this person
the mercer like responsible for the responsible
this is my teaching i am completely responsible i think in a cosmic sense you know each one of our lives is completely responsible for everything
the ambush on bus and was last of that
and he didn't say anything in yoga and seven him
ochoa having assumed the burden of this great man and we must be very cautious
so deja instead of women still it didn't
browse the master's words here
and yet he the rest went on his way and this is the famous strip when he was crossing the river he looked at his image the nevada and this is where we experienced a great awakening
particularly as to remaining of the master's words just as person
and on experience and was regular moment he compares the farm and verse
new avoid sinking with that
rested we see fair from you to bear market demands were everywhere i meet him
who is now no other than myself but i am not know him
it must be understood in israel you know to merge with sadness
innocent the season with our best to receive friendly today i'm walking alone
whenever i meet him he is not is now no other than myself that i am not now him
so am
anything is none other than myself i'm alone in fact because i'm alone computer alone
i assume that athens are my acura self the self that i must truly them is not locked and sat here but as i things that confirm to me in the course of my time on earth
but if i say had an affair with that if i say i am rather as it is me is me but i'm not sure if i project was an avid to overstep staff that defines me moment by moment and self identify with seth define it wanted fuzzy
acid when it's not right said my roommate is nothing but everything that tsunami but if i project move on to everything that's around me it's not it
so that's the poem that that reflection
see his face of your
can understanding this that his face in the water and understanding this was i think and mathematics as to of his commentary that this is probably the cheapest for the image of the germany or somebody
a man he conducts and removal service for a woman after woman has passed away this is also one of my favorite stories of don't show somebody says where we stand with their armies of a teachers
and will receive any me from union survivor having a memorial service for him now
and he says it is not my former masters virtue and dharma that esteem only that he did not tell me anything
that's why i him so much
that's one of my favorite
rise from the insurance through that's just a little bit of flavor of notion and stay and will of course after that he goes on
to teach himself and many ministers from his teacher days but that's as is beginning
so ah
the pro the part of ship and the
how does a girl i am
he he is me but i am him there's two expressions
too much history of the hairdresser way
because that loser in the i write riders the dialectic between the relative and absolute same as santa okay
and then in rome could serve as the heartless am i was a restatement in a just you know that basically wrote a poem that speaks of the same manner as the sound guy to generations never
sexy turkey's own who who appeared pro tablet in the okay was two generations before
tarzan and
it's a typical center show thing to result those two palms
in fact priests are supposed to reset every day whether we're going to service are going to especially recited every single better because it's the heart of the teaching particularly the set timeline and observed in this issue of director for to name of an absolute
will say
the main thing incentives and that's of an absolute has be able to put a philosophical to put it psychologically the same thing in terms of personal psychology you could say it's a dialectic between the perfection of their lives in the imperfection of our lives but then arrives just as the
are absolutely perfect and just as the rare that you know and so
the moon as true two things is to remind us to things as fast exactly but the relationship dynamic relationship between them as the whole issue of our practice
and this seems to do the issue it seems like in a religion really
and it seems that the issue and been removed his
you're not putting ourselves that's where our imperfections and other hand not going around thinking that we can't do any wrong so we have to
improve at the same time
recognize can't to assume that were small reception remember and zubair we remove ourselves as we are a perfect
cyber as expressions of was sad and absolute relative perfection perfection
uw difference
it was sense there was relative
talks about the differences between things everything appears quite different from each other and the absolute everything was really the same
at the hotel was making some color with me today and he had that you read a couple of friends as well as the bamboo a pine tree is not
the little transit administration was puncture was not
old a new color
upper and lower
yeah there's the pine tree i the same the pantries i was the same
has nerves worn about letter so as difference even to the point of hierarchy you know this is high them and then add a better than this and at the same time those unity
same as very common in will poems accredited through the either hope as particular phrases before but he was reading them out for me in my and calligraphy lesson today show me that
so how does to can add the appropriate lose and scaffolding work together into life
there's the subject of these teachings in the subject of certosa and seems to me and bam sense to have reversible moody and i was thinking that was also a kind of a political power but you know is two and a sense of or i don't mean in terms of
democrats or republicans but i mean in terms of our heart and in carbone to the knives diversity so in a person in an individual like you have opposite things going on and you're right you're a wonderful sincere as a student and you rented in a duplicate the movies
is and so forth and so on and so when will serve how you integrate ones and diversity and within us human family how do you integrate the fact that some people are going different
whether it's a one leg were referred and how does that i can to honor that and at the same time i recognize that
that we also all like it where she was no resemblance but if we exist
i'm as the same my existence is a pretty good roof and factor
so let's us a little bit of little bit about thousand and little bit about
the general issue that we're going to be looking at in a bad limit isn't a poem are different rows of getting us to limit this dialectic from slightly different animals and i hope that in our conversations so do about not i'm the
tap that's the promise forty years to realize that actually mean how does it actually manifest it as as in practice as well as in a better life practice
so i have a bunch of i was sent under which will remember that with that we will end the hand and of various versions there's actually a movie different versions i read here one bedroom home matsunaga can avail will be to set to approach this in
and so as well in translation with questions or that time clue where we translate mean eleven chance in service then there's one and master show where many this prepare a firmer because he has a lot of interesting things to say there's a pretty good bet
teams are infinite were
ah which is common to in translation about the sandra okay and have chosen illinois
interested where he works from the chinese
without reference to the japanese texts that comes out of a the different
that's another matter translation
a cast on a hash you had a translation in there
the essential as then
i bet that he added which is a collection of those pieces from here near a repost the with september by remember have a rapid been shown that appears on here because they showed wrath or sending the sabbath for tax they were sent are hopeless and of my appears and paul's square
progress say thank you and notes

and i read other translations are that is more
a jew canon as well
and some alabama river
there were so kind of do a certain amount of translation happy
can i also have a the characters the chinese characters and dictionary definitions of said between all that we will try to rule around because it's you ever get there were close in the senators that were bred out in a different translations so don't try to put them into their member
okay so i wanted to wear
the talk a little bit about the title first
and i will were to references that a as a pretty interesting if you want to fire them up and then
the volume through and remission am a translation of shepherd moons and as probably elsewhere but i mean lifted up in a sworn translation has a fast way cause comrade
i think it's called cornmeal
you know your coco coco which translates as the ancient were so it's not called the same as the jerome years and i bet it's it's an interview and it's it was hard it's very long ago
and that it's all bad
the examples at instances of the tradition and the use of the concept or image or we're so it has a member of different stairs and comments on them
i haven't had to do with different times teacher and disciple gives them their out about the way using the image of a mere same recommend like that much but i just put it the attention if you want to move it might be interesting
at the intimate him as discusses proud move
the most famous and as such dialogues which is the one with basso and no naka who is
the same as sir
presidents teacher i think
next has mean that matter with a guy monson
well as
to about are sitting there for i'm i'm sitting president to be a career while passing that towel and passing the time to make a move how can we make them out of the town how can you make a brunette citizen
so ah who's lebanon's comment is very famous canada by on that story
i'd say we must understand that when the past tile is the rear
passover is buddha when best is buddha best served directly becomes basso when bassa is best his as indirectly becomes as and so partially she retired to make the rear which mr sounds like as an observer he says it was the essence of the route and projects
and have a famous same from situation that you're familiar with removed as a ever
comes from here
so you have further yourself as you are with little imperfections with report of shrimp
then buddha is buddha
and the is a mirror
a photo of retire becomes the age where and when polish the refined i'm tainted and pure practice
this is that not because those data avatar but simple to pass the taf its own sake
hey mr virtue of becoming the moon will be realized
this is the basis of a practice and observation and the as and ancestors if we can make the move and polishing the time we cannot make them or even by passing the were
who understand this
services an argument i would say it for gradual passing standard practice
except not see it as gradual policy practice to a perfect year but say that the tires i remember and we're just doing it to do it
so rare he was in coburg has to do palace some kind of practice humana kind of practice or improving kind of practice and that i understand it as improving where we have to understand it as i read in the mirror
so anywhere but the news is out
reference to the ancient we so there's a bunch of references to the mirror and you can look them up and think about it the mirror you know the course labourers that the gm
he's perfect where the reflects exactly what's in front of it without distortion
the humans
where a is that we everything we see is distorted by our preconceptions at karma our wishes or desires or confusions never do anything you know as a ruse in its sadness
but the junior will reflect everything exactly as it is another very famous instance of the music of were in the literature is the famous room with the substance as to read
diverse written notice to airmen a century century says the body was like a mirror
the mind is that can of the rowdies that can roost and we should i was paris the moore and six ancestor says there is no we're there is no
what's that for the first everything is perfect russian polish anything
in deadman's synthesis of as two positions in that
section that i just read to you pass the mirror understand and it's not there to begin with the polish it just do it
honeywell ah seven move the gerbil is this perfect mirror reflects everything exactly as it is
revenue distribution
to the bottom and other words things as the eye which is the all capitals red cap of tea capital a capital t cabriolet things as there
lily match psychologically not just not psychologically distorted but not disturb by any sort of human urgency everything's and the aspect as polo what a diamond that's where the jewelry rear reflex
that you can look up because the rather the junior also is has was systematized and discussed at length in this whole from of contemplated my name in school teaching i the road consciousnesses in for admissions and i'll add
so that's run up and so vast and it's three translated here in this new brick i was glad i day from that's cool has put are called can show the head of them
and was a sexual in here which is a translation of an essay about baja lynn
we've talked about the for cognitions
and the first of the for conversions is the universe and more cognition
and that's where the have to examine when it comes in
this person's consciousness cognition procedure things as an about conceptual glasses as if the mind where we're from partially reflecting that ever comes before it there's the first of a fair academicians these women were concept september in my manuscript was that those own consciousness is the sixth sense consciousness
it's than in their consciousness and then still has consciousness which is like trans personal
and enlightenment in the square is described as and in square definitely has a lot of a standard because the early zone guys paradigm at bound to the sixth ancestor
transmitted of this particular teaching the sister agree you know they notice so it's very zen in the says sam and to ever is there are no winners or two
imsa enlightenment moving aside the question who are transitory fits in that enlightenment is a turning around and that's what the comment is a the revolution a revision i revisions to and of the consciousness
so at the same consciousness is there but now it's turn around ten of in february entered through as there and then add as a result of that turning around these for conditions were arrives in a practitioner
inside the first one is the universe and were cumbersome and the second one is the combination of equality
it was as close as speaking here
insight into the universe in essence of things
so the internet you all things fed the seller observing cognition
which observes differentiation so you can see how this is quite related to the teaching of hockey as only for calibration is practical cognition refers to action in harmony with the insider knowledge realized through other three forms of condition
automated these for constitute the total integrity as enlightened mind
mm in nevada of text and haku and also removes these at these to work consciousnesses and the through bad as a buddha so if you're interested that with them nice that will be rich i would have done today if i had time was that the child you know i had to do stuff like that make a big champion
i through bad and a for conditions and all that us for together so that's that's funny no it's not i mean i don't think we need a will do anything but it's because i'm going to conceptualisation of tablet integration of these incense and angry with an name as everyone sounds and then integration of them
enter into really so all that stuff is behind the image of the dura mater as when i'm trying to say so
when you a job where somebody who are that all that isn't there are a different references to the moors from the past and it was teaching about
it's an too much data so forth
and then the samadhi part
no jewelry or somebody somebody we all know that word but just to make them once my point about it that the you may or may not appreciate is the fact that
the concept of somali
like milena buddhist concepts and we went the
tremendous stretching and pulling from its earliest used through the my own a period
service use it was attempted their term for a concentration in a literally you know one point of this of mine which is what the were literally means
the baby is mine and sutras which have getting paid one hundred thousand loan president every to sutra has page after page after page
have some artist named tomatoes like the tomatoes with iranians were the same model of a beta version this a matter of the go dragon clue who subdues are the same who have understand it all things without ever known as a matter of the blue meanies and nylon pay
users of these things and i am as you kind of with robbery that the gun brand in addition the notion of one point of concentration into some other kind of cosmic rooms set of term sobriety
becomes know bourbon those stretches to move to mean am a kind of powerful cognition
and that encompasses a particular round firearms so this is a cognition that samadhi characteristic of the mirror the somalia really soon things as they are so such this and such the relationship of centeredness and
different solidity perfection and perfection well as intimate to activities
is the topic of the germany or somebody that's so that's something that the title
chestnut hill absorption
there maybe some people who translate do dreamer
ah me as them
general awareness
i'm events are going to bit interpretive
who else matters and a translations and things you heard that of translation for somebody
turns concentration year
their balance has interpreted in a way
i think that were the things through the connotations of the road somebody is intensity
samira doesn't seem to prefer to have come in a casual everyday state of mind and been however when the planet
now this summer's that arrested in the in a pan of having to sutra and i will highly superb with intense states of mind that members was little like you know reg
and i'm going to the grocery store for reading your shopping bag somebody doesn't have under it's as things that everyone will superlative like having routines kind of moments you know so
integrating interests anyway

superior where
with for her
yeah so a heightened state of mind mind with hadn't capabilities
so that's a favour of kind of like warming as up to the task at hand here
i was thinking that the myth of that we can use
he's just to take affairs you know sending it to beginning
and math look at the characters look at a couple of different translations
and i can make a brief comment and able to discuss it
a man throws that we exhausted that one
you never go on to the excellent similar move neighborhood and i managed to set about some of the movie going on for quite awhile and then will be relaxed about the pot the prospect of going through the whole thing i don't really care myself to go through the whole thing you can take stock of ourselves in a couple of weeks and if we should have a compulsion against with all so we could try to move faster but as far as i'm concerned
and i met with read about it
so zeneca has a method nijmegen
there will be during the first mr snow sir piece of work years has divided into sections with phrases
and it says resin a but soon sam it's only for so
firstly afternoons like or as this dharma
well that know which is that you have to tata says like or as it was sense of such chest was like this just as this yeah this a threat to border this dilemma
there could be just have an english this obama of this
circa be understood as this particular bamba like a casual affairs at this could be raised up the bible vastness salmon women clue translated to teach them have lived with vastness banana translations just say this dhamma
when says the buddha and ancestors and we swell with a red meat so which means intimately close new as secretly
mm through which means to interest
so ribeira vastness of this banner
has been
intimate intimately
i'm interested
two s maybe by the buddhism ancestors or we could say i think you could say we can be a man who can move it this dhamma of substance or wisdom is what the buddha ancestors people trust
so transmission is repped transmitters we have cool translator but transmural as a sense of interest
which is actually read the road transmit means
so the transmit obama is actually to entrust someone
say then that's a with the thing to me because it emphasizes the importance and that there's a mutual trust and interest me of something precious rather than a passing on a gripping over there is that too
so yes the first nine this this dhamma have the protein ancestors
an intimate moved to ever need to be as you know to release a globe them road
in the remote meaning so close in on is no separation
and secretly
in the sense that it can't be known
because of a man if it could be spoken either cooper could be cavalry
when i wouldn't really be intimate
so brand with sense of you could well this is that when antonio we're keeping a secret know like that but secret in the sense that it's an animal so close that it couldn't be known
dennis enemy
how these words within the same thing so
in the meter square
that's the only rule by bunch of different translations and they have the beginning
masimo translated into wrath
into pairs begins with a little percents that says the buddhas and ancestors have directly hand about this basic truth comment
that's how he handles in
some users the web directly instead of italy
there was handed down instead of interest to transmit
well i think it's interesting to live with various ones you have some there
grab a copy know recap wikipedia
and master showman has it is this way dhamma the boot is a massive patriarch exponential saying your ancestors the readers and ancestors thanks secretly transmitted
so who as transmitted and secretly here
secret that the
i think when you said secure that sentiment and fluids or something which is must be with a world where a man owner to make secret yeah
but to hide from somebody right speaker were hidden
he has hidden there
so this is misery
what's it
it is this down and the booties and ancestors securely transmit and there
of course as we know intimately communicated is the one will translate
intimately communicated
it should check locke says there
he's the esoteric dara
who could see ever best sooner the best legitimate translations it's a matter of were considering a run with to the poem
i'm a rapper seminal excellent type rosanna wow
the planet says they're the buddha is and ancestors of
directly hand about this basic truth so since as basic and she's following matsunaga i think suits you
privacy is a pair of us another something set a guy who was the rescuers session so she's obviously losing his text and following along with him and made some improvements where she wants to change it
that's what he says to regularly and basic so i it's interesting because they are arguably different piece of with wherever the suggested and women factors
i'm going to talk me

whoever had affirmed that who had abandoned and it's i'm in missouri
new harmony rasmussen oxides known as mitzvah and benefit from my directors whose name is a man which means intimate sad
cause he's a great superhero midsummer night to remember you nine
henry england i used to work in a burglary in comparing all day long as great sarah
well remains a secret now you look into history some of the organization
thanks sms i would want to user ethic it's a nice day

into words here
that words
sansa be were going on in the had as i missed a basic secret interrupt as attack
sarah road after arab absolutely secrets where you can tell everybody except the retina is and nobody will understand that night
so the keep it secret level can be very open and there's no promise
everyone understands what i understand it so
as about this beginning

we supply them a rare improve our urbanization is chair sir marcus resume back seem so distant
i wrote a conversation and to fare better
simon that's no problem with a pretty simple

the next five says there
my career as a title rocker roku girl sebaceous sub se
at time again
the next characters and a pyramids
when it says carefully
i protect
says will close as now you have it
sam keep it well
do you have a different translations and missouri river habits i preserve it were

well you have received that we shall guard it carefully

preserve well
for now if a roommate have this is our
hello this is our pets


this is that to system itself as like the have resentment because
you have it implies you already have it
how did we read it in a liquid is reading this poem and on a sudden we have it because we haven't
we have to begin with
having it
protecting his

let's see what i mean
the absolutely
the answer is you have it i read it
now you have to

this is how

well that's a pretty interesting idea
and i wonder if other ever be cigarettes
and apart from the fact whether or not
the poem says that actually the school matter that much this is a sad that this discussion
what about that
yeah well i mean like so i'm asking red status about it
a bad face when it comes
no gums understanding about
is no situation with it
i don't see it weren't any is so it's almost like
how to write
i'd say i just don't see any anything
it says
it's dangerous for you know this intimately communicated me
i'm just stay in bed with me where we can't miss app you'll be about it you understand yeah right
so in that sense twisted ranger
yeah i understand it
possessing it produces
they will happen here
i you
at that
so seven dangerous and realism
another danger is possessive and we were dangerous about them
there was to where you might fall down and break your neck
seven you mean he will help you save her sometimes on his understand
oh just interested in exploring the say i do with with kinda that adam so that implies that it's dangerous i've ever read about it as is not it's so important the us at the dimer could be dangerous
two members discussing an elevator when i'm out there so there's that too dangerous but ah
i mean unable to a murderer and we should be really special of the dangerous here that will not an understanding about yeah

it needs to be
because it's its davis

could be
who is teaching
eliza this happens
the seventies

to say so
whoo hoo

must be it in here push you would say if it's not intimate with communicate and not the over because that's the i'm aware that you can communicate it here
what is so keep it real
grover the and care whose
size ashes were

yeah i could do that i sensuality and could do is they have interesting so listen to that could do that
that debian a to abu of mirrors an issue prep mentally ill will president by tax would definitely do talk about that danger because the teachings and angeles seem to
no obviously written up that possibility how things are empty you don't say what the hell you know kind of say but i think this teacher doesn't seem to doesn't seem to me to carry with it and will so much of that
dangerous possibility so if there's any danger you i would say it's probably
something else and i agree with adam sandler here in these lines but i just want that's how i was an interesting side point to is scarcer any like mitt about eleven so does that maybe we shouldn't be britain's as an instruction so readily or something you know like that i mean that's when i'm driving yeah i mean is the
kind of course there are traditions and resin approaching buddhism that a very secret and very you know initial term you have to you can't do this practice will address initiation will add this and for that reason because really don't want to mess up
but it seems like and and as a stand as were pretty it for the opener we are many minutes nine we we will happen but maybe there's different flavors of zone less open he was less than is that are not open right present as you can go with alicia
you know how committed student he isn't it like that not here but in japan

be careful
where where

where i think so you will travel with spoken it is
the maybe saying is i could be bandied about
presented in completely are circumstances where i can be presented
the conditions in the future you have to people right
well especially when you think of the image of the duomo is a precious sakura is closure as and they can your merits as shiny you arrive thing with do with is precious and doesn't need to be handled carefully and skillfully
the protected class that opens up the opposite aspect the matter was dangerous but that it is fragile in a way it can be
it needs to read the rules here
have you ever basil will say
my mind
i always have
the sun was you
has it
i'm sorry
international companies you may say that bratwurst said
the grass asked
professionals and said
chance to together
well here
yeah a where to look at and it's nice you know like guy who's is precious to the pharaohs be worse now now a mutual trust
i've never to you will receive it can turn record of take a kevin
so lets the sense of again just the fact that something
just polishing
us don't have to be threads on this israel
there were certain way we could say the dharma isn't fragile
was i learned in a minuet and also just that they made a difference we were all
one said it
the square the square where be respect for you
okay it was a request
that's a part of the edison is well with you after you will have to be challenged you know to to take care of it that's what i meant the beginning when i said what on the one hand gloves from savage rarely have a you can't screw it up
but then the challenges you must
we will stand up an act from it or pretend to protect in there we could not protected well whoever loses the red scarf and were carefully as if one had a one at i've worked at one had a know how to do it
okay well maybe
yeah the tower of sadness is welcome have

since vastness is a canada
your position between emptiness
whichever it's not my own existence
it's also does not emphasize existence right emptiness all things are perhaps the weather and i won in emptiness
know i am and on the other hand the differentiation and multiplicity of the world and lodge with scholar and distortion and craziness
in the more sadness were there are things
in an aspect of just as they are
say it's almost like access this is like not the role an emptiness and not the world of differentiation that maybe there will ever differentiation prefab by the lot of emptiness
says this it's this particular of this the teaching of ves
that has been handed down and all the stuff we could say about
then i the first of who were many images
to speak about the relationship between these worlds the world of the yoshio the one of the absolute someone
the literal translation of the characters in this next little second section
i say saw ball
hi are abundant are plentiful
can it says sad
bright moon
i then it says sir
similar for the same
and equal
mix or confuse
no realm
i read the web and this image of fit various now it's still a silver ball is now i'm hiding ahead in the moonlight that's pretty clear that we can see where the next bad as high as hard and know exactly
i would say and i have an m
confess to you that i never was a clear that too much the weather including translated it
for me anyway when you around them they not to say when you mix them you know where they are they've never had me that much to understand the empire these lines
the man charles look like luka have he said luck check walk through a boy his cousin check luck
that max noticed that a wrong like an unusual in the moonlight in ignorant all species species which are very uniform can be distinguished when assembled
that doesn't help either i don't think forget that i mean just distributed i don't see them as anything to our understanding of this poem or anything else
i've ever have definitely wish words
and you clean it says
yeah was a charities to another say ryan and as it doesn't look that own
ah master as and i think had a good translation analysis commentary and this is very cool i didn't never really understood it until i read his commentary and i believed it
he says that the civil war for the snow and ingrid hidden against the bright moon
they're similar but not identical when mingle the difference can be recognized
so ah
i have no up down how i understood this it will tell
the are made sense at the time
let's hope that it still does
us says here
farewell for level your herrera literary the reference to snow and several moments from the groups of record case number thirteen
the dresser with my day ago and definitely i would have looked up
but ah i know that the case cause that is the dataset
somebody asks and the teacher response snows every ball
but that's all i can tell you right now
so bear this is basically with children says and in a database of do it doesn't make sense i think anyway the ball
and the moon
i be absolutely
you can see that right the ball which holds everything and the moon which provides road so it all can be seen these are not images a particular is but a holding that this context for everything so this is the absolute
the ball and the moon and and this than the snow
and the hand
our the particulars either relative
so the road you put the relative and the absolute together and of course the images the obvious thing about the images is that when you put snow in silver ball i guess the concept as you wouldn't see it because server is the same looks like snow so when you put the snow known as a rebel it would appear that we almost same thing and will you put a hand which
he would barely see it
it's hidden in the moonlight
so am
they're are very similar so they wanted the absolute
when you really see them
i very similar and you could miss
one for the whether you could see the absolute in that it's most of the absolute that you would see it in a sense be blinded by it
right inferior to see the relative
because the absolute calls the relatives in the that can can all be this is a kind of nihilistic point of view in a way that coke i was bringing up early
so the right person sees them as really the same yet when they're together he can tell the difference
so rather than absolute are the same just like snow and the silver ball
our ahead in the moonlight but when you put them together
you can see the difference although there are quite similar
have any related
so when one last thing the not and and i see ahead and to ordinary person they may seem very different
see the person who doesn't appreciate the absolute found the absolute is a dream hasn't had the experience of the absolute would see the hand and and the moonlight as being totally different and could never mistake when for the other say that the person who experiences the absolute will see them as quite similar
that life is not something very different from the relative and yet see could tell fire appropriately
so that's that's the area and and or the other person might see the image of the absolute and relative as a cross flying across the moon
very different
are you know an apple and a silver ball very different but the right person showing the and says sees the similarity between know been that they are the same actually but when you put them together you can appropriately distinguish because there's a time when when it comes to the absolute position and relates to an end
the dialogues is and are like that you know it's the trick is are you supposed to now come from the absolute position of the relative position
what's appropriate see you have to know was the same that you have to know when which was appropriate so as separate as as a concept of to said her the jeffrey harris and a person and moon
that was it getting through had something on your own jeffrey

yeah definitely in the same with the the for
cognitions that we talked about a minute earlier
there's never a different systems to discuss this basic move
which is the essence of the practice particularly in soto which is where you come from a place of the other relative completely wrapped up in your own staff
and then you develop a taste for seeking out to absolutely totally letting go of all your barany
and then you see to absolute you let you completely lack of you've you give up your transcend can you see you know the oneness of everything and then that's a good beginning because
you can stop there you must turn from their new regret the relative world instantly absolute and then finally cannot let them in and just me there so we can appropriately comfort and ten back sony pictures is the same kind of statement saw this journey from a i'm saying in a mountains of now
mountains and mountains or that moans and i'll add some you said you start from ordinary whenever up ordinary
that us through this journey which uncovers the absolute and then falls back into her life
so that's what it's about you

so clue

the pile now
i think so it seems to be why the death dictionary definition of this characters warrior
there seems to be
silver ball here
i know do it is
the sonatas translation said sir
usa mercenaries his clothes that's why she is displayed and i think jesus are you know

well i'm sure that it's it's very awkward as writing and that but she was have had an do it should probably choose a musician so chicago as music or something you know tourists and i bet if she were to cancel the music

are no doubt about it you can tell you when you read it here

cerebral artery
in secret that so far everything else to say
let's go forward with the next
hey maybe not the time you have
six twenty two year
maybe we better off stopping her because it will be better to stabbed into to leave at any
this was to issuing this arrived to do like this
i think about this ran out of an absolute staff
and then let's talk about a further before we even to the next section next time in terms of
abs as an actual application of
whenever that might be to our life
that's what's been pointed out here
so let's remember to talk about that next time and it will go on
similar vs so
thank you very much