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Wednesday Lecture: George Lucas/Star Wars


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because i ride a bicycle
like many right

so i had really only two things to say i'm going to tell it to him now
ah and if i have to just stop and stab i'll stop in your hand already everything i've had to say at night
when is two thanks one is in my opinion i know you you don't have to agree don't want it
it really is important to sit then
that's come no one
we have to set
and number two is the reason why we have to set
the reason why we have to said if any of you are listening at all to the radio or you know can you hear me
to the radio or two if you are unlucky enough to have a me which i do
and the news
you will know that what's happening in the world today is
i don't even have words to say here
it just seems to me so completely
help me
and saying came to mind but this is as yeah unspeakable many to match disappointing is good you know enough already so but the second reason is is that there isn't also in my
opinion you don't have to agree
but i'm backed by it lineage that we haven't of a long chair chair is because of a sense of separation
and it's so painful
it had so much
at every single level
in the world you know world world and then in the united states with this children episode which i'll tell you about hannah
and then even closer to home i'll tell you a story about a young man dexter i met the other day
and then in our own personal lives this yearning to be connected
to be one with you know to understand how deeply we are really
i don't get too soppy but we are the heart you know we really are and our hearts are open all the time
and the only reason we can't
behave that ways because we're protected
we're afraid and we want we grasp
and that's all i have to say and the reason therefore the reason to sit is because as we do is as in
well you know
there are many ways to say what i wanna say
so much i say
if we practice if we do a practice which in our lineage we really don't we do nothing that's our practice and practices to do nothing at all and in fact that's the most effective turns out way to chip away at the sense of separation which is the
we do nothing that's the recommended tarzan

and it turns out that when you said it can actually say because we are this awareness
you can see the mind the attachment to this mind of separation but when the mind is quiet
just that much when the mind is quiet
a natural connectedness a sense of connectedness disappear
and many other thanks you know ah seeing through conceptual you know being bound to conceptual allottee many many things you know it all happens because you're sitting there watching the whole thing so of course whatever understanding and
we talk about in buddhism
will come will be there because buddhism is actually the study of
what shall we say
life you know the big
that we are
so now i'll tell you the story
hi my
holding back of these words because we hear them so often and right now to my own ears they sound even i don't even want to hear them anymore you know i can't even read i'm having a lot of difficult they studying thank god i'm riding my bicycle
men eh
and may sometimes you know the words of buddhism get tiring get tiresome we have to find new ways of sharing
or encouraging each other simply to keep
going with being awake
and if we just do that long enough
this would chip away little bit by little bit we chip away at our sense of separation would chip away at the ego
the other night monday night i went to her she says ceremony emma she says her mind she's been practicing here for twenty six hum years she lives a green gulch and it was a beautiful thing
anybody here go
it was really good it was really good
i know her for a really long time and the both of us one time i remember we were sitting on a hill it has a heart it was the summertime is very hot and the hell is dry grass yellow you know how it happens in california
this dry grass and we were sitting talking about re-let failed relationships actually hers and mine and it was about the same person so we were
hey we're not weird
we're right away we we're kind of bonded
the other thing that we talked about that we bonded about is that we were both desperate to be enlightened
and the thing that was for both of us for years and years and years the most difficult thing was doubt we're both really good at doubt i'm terrific it out i know a lot about it
and even a few years ago as we were talking in a she would sort of denigrate her own understanding and
we would take turns kind of a supporting each other turn it but underneath it i really hope her path and my path kind of diverged i became depressed and she remained layperson and
is very much into work practice and zone so forth it's not really a different path but it looks look different and many other things in our lives that are quite different
and so and we hadn't talked so much over the past few years so i really didn't know i thought we you know dad was still happening and so last night when she did her ceremony i was just i was just
how did i feel i felt
gratitude tremendous gratitude to see this flower this understanding she really understanding
after all this time
why did i'm talking about that
no idea
yesterday was an incredible day for me
kind of share it with you
i woke up in the morning and i talked to some people which i by doing
i try my best sometimes i make mistakes but i did try
and then there was breakfast staff meeting why was it such a big day for me
i saw clinton on tv
and yesterday was the first day over the tv that it was new story that in colorado in
lil in littleton colorado in a school called
columbine thank him and a school called columbine two young men one seventeen and one eighteen years old

made over months made bombs pipe bombs and things like that over the learning how to do it over the internet
that kind of information's available
and had guns numbers of guns just like a tv show you know i just like one these video games or just like the war were doing you know
and they went to school and they shot people they who fit they felt had basically ostracize them or anyway made them feel alone in separate
and killed in a number of people young people
so i heard
first one that's one thing and then i heard clinton
giving a very nice talk addressing what had just happened
and then he said a sentence said i just blew me away he said
and we should teach your children to settle differences by
without violence
and i thought wait a minute
what is wrong with this picture
i just couldn't it didn't compute
couldn't compare
what are we doing
you know
to me it was about separation the whole thing was about separation clinton's complete separation between what he's doing you know and the serbs and everybody else you know and us at the level that we do our violence at you know let's not
it's close it's not far away
he had it very neatly compartmentalised this was happening over here and this was happening over here and some hair another the connections where it may mean i can't believe it
anyway ah
and then i met a young person like that later on in the evening i was shopping and i came out of the shopping store i was buying recharge for those of you who train this is new to me in it so enjoying on this step reach
charges a a a drink or you get electrolytes back say you know faint while you're riding a bicycle
the very important cause and happened to me once as really impressive get going back one more okay so this young man's name he was nineteen years old he looked fifteen to me he was nineteen years old and his name was dexter and then a great name for young man
he had a dog and his dog's name was big mama
and i think she was like a pit bull i was almost a little scared of her i was not afraid of dexter
dexter was begging outside of cm
grocery store and
i stopped to give him some money and just as i was kind of reaching in to get some money as if i that's a man on the other side of dexter
had a a can of dog food and gave dexter the dog food for thought
and during that time
i would you know extra and i had a chance to sort of meet it's just happened by accident
we started talking and so i asked him you know well
marty was the money for anyway
and he said well
i'm going to buy a drink
and i said thank you for being honest
and then i said
i don't want to give you the money but i'll take you for dinner
he said fine i said where do you want to go
and he said k f c
i was aghast but
i took him anyway and we went over here and he was in
holy clothes and i don't mean these good
when you know he was on the street since he was fifteen and he's an alcoholic
he's an alcoholic and he likes drinking
so what was i to say you know
what's a person to do
i just sat with him while he had his dinner he ate his dinner with his fingers kind of slapped the whole thing heard of into his mouth and he ate all of it he ate it like he was just sucking all thing down
he was angry and
then i asked him well if he had a chance to ask somebody older than you are who had lived a certain amount of time and might have a certain amount of life experience you know
what would you ask them
tricky in shipping
and he said i wouldn't ask them what's it like to have children
and i said i have no idea
so by that time we getting to know each other a little bit
and and i asked him where he wanted to go and he wanted to go to be dropped off at her i think i was a bar down and unheated the round trader the hedge post or something later up there to see a friend so i took him and drop them there and just before a dropped him in the car i was fit
deerfield i mean i wasn't going to affect a little bit of affectionate anyway join him he was only nineteen in
a i'm fifty five for any by his nineteen
so it took off his cab on his head and i almost started light hitting and
and i said to him you're good you're good you're not bad your good cause you know underneath it he hates himself
he said
if you're good you're good you're not bad he doesn't have a family and his parents were drug addicts and abandoned him and of course he thinks he's a piece of shit
i wrote him by here told them i lived here
just in case and time when is thirty or something
yeah he'll remember there's a place ageing of said
work through his karma
so thomas time to go
i've told you some stories but really when i wanted to say it was
yeah you know all this stuff greed and hate is based on delusion the delusion of separation
and we address it by sitting zazen
now this is more important part
in time magazine
there's a great time magazine which has star wars on the governor
are we organise his star wars
but a necklace a star wars you don't know you don't care
my god
how are you know what to talk about with paper
anyway i'm gonna go see star wars and guy looking forward to it now and so in the time magazine lucas what's lucas his first name
george lucas was talking with bill moyers about
the great myths of the star wars movie
you know what i mean by myth myths is that right myth
you know the greek via the greek myths the great myths myth want to with
what a strange way
try it miss
as you know in star wars as in life there's a dark side
and a light side now just to be directly correct you know that's dualistic right and our ways beyond the dark side of the light side gay
however in star wars there's a dark side and allied side
mr lucas is explaining that the light side is the side of compassion
and the dark side is a side of greed
but it gets her for her
he says greed is evil
when we
oh okay and then he says there's a guy in the new star wars called
what to call the new one
the phantom menace the phantom menace has a character unit called darth maul here's the really bad one and i think he's the one that made darth vader bad on the dark side say darth vader day
darth maul
okay so yeah so this is a quote from george lucas
the issue of greed the dark side of getting things like kosovo for milosevic
of owning things
of not being able to let go of things hurts ideas people like when we possess our partner in a relationship
is the opposite of compassion
that is of not thinking of yourself all the time
these are the two sides this is still a quote from him
it's the simplest part of a complex cosmic structure
the i go out have good man
moyers says then how do you get to the dark side had a darth vader get to the dark side
and lucas says i think it comes out of a rash and now of doing certain things and denying to yourself
like clinton you're actually doing them
now this is a key
if people really sat down
and honestly look at themselves
and the consequences of their actions they would try to live their lives a lot differently
that's my talk for tonight and i'm no sure that you are
i'm having your best you know we all are really trying our hardest even people who are
doing things it to you know hurt other people
you know they're doing their best in a way to use all their conditioned situation they're not like an the front of front of time it says milosevic know the face of evil
what's really going to unkind i thought
too much pushing him away you know
his behavior
our behavior right
so my suggestion is basically sit plays or at least stop in your life and look you know see if when you feeling were feeling separate that we notice that and that instead of
behaving on the way to separation we try to kind of let that go
just let just let it go
and then if we can we can behave toward connectedness
you know and then