Save The Redwoods - Mother Theresa and Lady Diana

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Saturday lecture.

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well as you can see this is answer first set of maps and and mrs when
young people join us
for a pint of morning
so i like to ask you this morning we have memorial service
for mother teresa
princess diana and the people who are in the automobile with her when she was killed have you know who mother choices
know anything about her
a princess diana
this is are
unusual plump them
and people whom more of us are respect and admire and love
and i think over strong different
the extremely different but they have one thing in common
and that was that they were kind
and compassionate
and that's i think
why so many people
love and respect both of them because
let me see
the kind of kindness and compassion
that each one of us were like to
express in our lives and sometimes of hand sometimes we can
but when we see someone
who can
it inspires us to make more effort to trial trial of harder
to be kind and considerate
princess diana was a princess and she lived
rich and elegant life
yet those things that are most remembered about her or not
that are most spoken of now as who hear people speak of
five fashion is such a great loss was that she has a hand
a leper
she just a person dying of aids and tried to let people know that you can be kind to people who are ill
without being afraid of him
she went to countries where
read minds
we're still the as years after wars were over was still killing people who ever been born when the wars began
and urged
that governments quit using landmines
these are the things that people speak of about her that were unusual
for someone in her position
mother teresa
on the other hand in addition to
kind and compassionate decided to live with the poor people as a poor person who is the people that she was taking care of
and she said the poor don't need pity
me love and compassion
and if you don't know them
you can't love them
stranger nice to people
bring out a lot of admiration enough
because they exemplify
how we would like to be ourselves and how we are in our best moments those moments when we will feel good about ourselves for those moments when we fall
no connection a connection with people
these are people just like row
what was sick
whether her poor
when nobody wants to take care of them
so i'll take care of them because they're just like room

we have opportunities
many times in our life
to choose between
ah been kind
not caring
and i think we find that the times that we choose to be kind
who actually the happiest
because we feel good about our connection reception for every time to
when when someone is kind to us
i really appreciate it
when you see someone being kind
and compassionate the fellows will admire them
as many people admire mother teresa
princess to stay
when i talk about one other thing today
remember an oxymoron accepting but i i think may be connected somehow to ask your enemy of you have ever been
emily you've seen a redwood tree
how many of us ever been in urban forest
the kind of wonderful my thing
you will trees me and love and compassion to
not just people
everything that live
we're connected to the point of us
and then i personally have a precedent itself
a disciple of the buddha
does not kill but chance of life
we sometimes say i vowed not to kill for to cherish our life to not change me
mr arrive and take care of to run recognize the value of it to appreciate it
and so i think that's what
princess diana and mother teresa they're doing this people
what we want to do too
the to change our life
well connected with life
because we're live ourselves
and every aliveness that makes us who we are also connects us with everything or alive

truth grass herbs flowers people fish
everything know that lives
so no that's enough now maybe it's time for tea thank you for coming to attack day

so this is kind of it a next step
talk a little bit it may seem
and i want to try to get to tired prevented through the precepts
ah because of the best of
our mother teresa yesterday
and princess diana earlier in the week
i will wanted to speak of them
but i also want to speak of
the impending death of
the last remaining unprotected
although for edwards
in california
in the headwinds
in humboldt county
and i think it's not so far to connect the two because of our precepts would say
i vow not to kill the to cherish our live
and durban sent she says
by not killing life a a tree seed grows
and do not kill
in the mountains and waters the such as mountains and waters change engine says the mountains and waters of the immediate present at the manifestation of the role of religion critters
the and i'm particularly talking about the rebels to grow herbs that
i was invited yesterday
a gathering of the first community
i've ministers and rabbis and shakes and the people from various
ah first communities
to consider the agency
dressed and protected
first redwoods
and because by her first of the word
there will be cut down
if we do something and i don't want to be those among other materials that were given to to encourage us to speak to our communities about the importance of the headwaters first
various things go from sample was an ad campaign with developing
from agency has contributed services and those a picture of a rather
political change rather sam
cause will never say to records
another one
a catholic man was with a habit and sam
something like
if you should have made you feel threatened before think i bet it will show if you don't save the redwoods
so that made she was that i don't want to come across like a jewish mother
the golden men and calling your job i would rather to turn toward the love and compassion imitation and life
that are part of our heritage as produce
to have as consider our connection
with these forests and how
the way in which the being loud now
is dramatically different
when the hundred years when pacific lumber with the for the family owned companies when it was selective logging the fast as a as a renewable resource
and those of us who i chose me the player model of any kind that who often live in britain houses
ah but the way they're being live now is rapacious
and for crude
pacific number this bad by
maxime corporation or and clear clear-cutting
the result of clear-cut and his massive erosion and destruction of the streams and mudslides and landslides that wipe out villages and towns where people have been living for a hundred cubes
because they're clear cutting in the soil is then washed away
no all kinds of unwanted water vegetation the going i miss band saw the in addition
poisoning it they're spraying it with riverside similar to agent orange which then washed down into the rivers and streams that were once used by people throughout this area
as the water supply and for swimming and for fishing
so there's been a dramatic change which would which calls for the chromatic response i think
and this is why the first community is
organizing an unprecedented blue to support
other environmental groups and the people who live in this area for being devastated
by the manner in which
maxime corporation is ragging this area

i want to run
in our connection with with
a connection was our life and mobile an incentive brings out refer to some stairs from
the record of them shine
a record and the founder of this particular strain that but as average because cetera
bush and first can questioning ah
teachers about can provide her with respect to
this respect to inanimate objects teaching the dharma

gosh i need a visit to quash and said to him i've recently heard that the national teacher chunk of my name the doctrine the grand central beings expand the data
i have met with comprehend of the subtleties of this teaching
christian said a cover remember the details of what you heard
don't chancery yes i can then why don't we repeat it for me
from extra virgin among as torture what sort of thing is the mind of the ancient buddhist
the national teacher replied it's small and tolerable
my entire that isn't that something non sentient asked them up those replied the national teacher
the said a robot can expound the dharma
it is constantly expanding it
currently expanding it experiment without ceasing replied the national teacher
my guest
then why haven't i heard it
the national teacher said yourself haven't heard it
this can't handle that which is able to hear it
what sort of person acquires said shooting reply asked the monk
the soldiers called sexual implied the national teacher from my best can get ocean i can't reply the national teacher
the monk said if you haven't heard had had that man such a thing to expand the bomb
the national teacher said fortunately i haven't heard if i had i would do the same as the surges and even if i hear the burma advantage
what kills people have no painter had said the work
i teach for know people that soldiers replied the national teacher
what happens after people who asked the monk
there were no longer a mere people said the national teacher
bucharest a credible would suit or does it say that non-essential room to expand the dharma
we shouldn't suggest that a snap poll of the searchers haven't you seen in the oven can focus sutra that for the is expand the dhamma never been expanded throughout the three times everything expands it
the master this completed his ocean
conscience said that teaching also of here however when saddam was someone capable of understanding it
patients and i don't understand a cool with a masterpiece comment
porsche will as flood risk saying
do you understand
ah don't please her explaining
replied don't question said that can never be explained to you by name through the mouth of one born of mother and father
pension then asked there's the master have any contemporaries in the world who might clarify this problem for me
the question systems will go dilution of let lou will find some ruth case and original those caves as a man of the row when
when will find a of your respect
so or came and took the roof of question and proceeded director of vineyards making reference to his previous and can have a question he immediately asked what sort of person is out of world the damn expanded by nine essential things
it's a nonsense your bags or a neighborhood
can that shop estimation
no replied if i you the need not be the water damage that i teach
that's what answer restoration
man versus fly risk and said
can you hear it yet
don't shun replied no i can't
you said you can't even when i expand the damn how do you expect to hear it when it rang social thing expense the data
he says these guys from cousins
gosh said researchers at taught that man sense of room to expand the dharma
never applied haven't said and the amitabha sutra it says waterbirds to those all without exception the south the buddhism was out the dharma
the flattening was station compose the following data
how amazing how amazing hard to comprehend that essential things expand the dimer it simply cannot be heard with the beer
but when this heard with the i mean it is understood

i couldn't move paris not to do too
too quick to explain
since just a said last point of a father and mother can't explain it
is that the time is right in front of us the truth is right in front of us to be seen whenever we're ready to look
the essential things as well as sentient beings
sure it to us and sometimes we'll see no clue if we don't get all mixed up in the woods
when he a bird it's my job to say something in words
but actually will come to a deep understanding of the nature of things as it is
through our direct experiments
with add that
and without words
and we come to an appreciation
i vow to cherish our life
most often
when we see what someone who needs our help
i've been written
the blue and grandeur of the natural world
such as the labor force
this is the word which will actually see and experience directly
a real connection
with everything that lives
with everything that is
ten shines
the poem
later on in his life expressing his rump
awakening after the left canyon
is expressed
as about translation service to choose the one i on

don't censor outside yourself
leslie become a strange tremlett
long i go my way
and i need myself wherever i go
whatever i seen but was just me but i am know it

i must comprehend in this way
to merge with fasteners
i see myself wherever i go

this new commission
what's everything
here's what moves her heights to love and compassion
and i'm finding a way to express
an everyday activity
the love and compassion which we feel
this is the direction
it gives us joy in life
this is how really appreciate
for firmness
our human nature you know as a humor she says her wings
practicing true human nature
that's what else has and is
i was an helps us to become very intimate with our true human nature
and becoming intimate with are true gentleman measured
will become intimate
he's all thanks
we see yourself wherever we look
this is the direction we face in our practice
can we face this direction
ah what the cause
everybody says we ought to that because
our hike demand said
our heart turns us in the direction
have recognizing herself wherever we look

nothing else will satisfy our heart
i don't want to run
i urge to estimated to surmise on serving the redwoods and i don't feel that this was my position sitting listening to surmise
but i do have a
a list of elected representatives and federal officials who have something you know who have
have you encouragement to act
to to can take care of the entire
sixty thousand acres of the headwaters forest
and i have a bunch of
i've written material about it which i will put out on the table add hereafter left her for those of you who are interested
when finding out more about it i don't have lots of couples so just peruse and included there for the next person
and i'm sure there's going to be a lot of stuff
if available recent article in the
san cisco focus magazine was some of the details
it's it's through it's really height read and what is happening in the fish of this
lot of the forest
and i read
we encourage you to
throughout and fun
better candlelight service at dianne feinstein's office next sunday evening at seven
better version whatever moves you
can express your concern
pebbles redwood forest
first at this point of a four percent of the original redwood forests and this is the only first rushed to snap protect them
so i hope i haven't offended your bedding to political but sometimes
i can't help with
oh i think that this is total in campaign
what's our deepest understanding
oh how we live in the world as good as practitioners who try to take care reps right in front of us
what's right in front of us here and now
february seventeenth ninety nine loop
then on model will end and it
first will blob was something isn't done now

want to sell a little bit more about
mother teresa and
princess diana
because and i'm struck by both the similarities and differences
in particular
now i'm struck by mother teresa's radical decision
to live with the poor
two women turn her life over to the school kitchen chairs and to
come on
the in group simplicity

the nonsense it most of us
how find that
a kind of a shining example
i can't perhaps because the causes and conditions in our lives are all different
choose such utter simplicity russian chairs
that we can choose
to live arrives lightly on earth they can choose
how to live more simply than
sort of mom as our consumer oriented society
these are choices that are open to us

and each time you choose
to minimize
geysers treasure
the crest of life but insists on this planet
each one of us makes a difference
each one of us can make a difference
by using or what we need
david engine
at at term a huge a monastery which was founded by david century this approach called have to per bridge
because it's
he would dip folder full of water and your some of it and reading didn't use he would return to the creek
each one of us has the opportunity to choose a half the instead of affordable
ah many times in our life many times
and if lose what we need with attention
and care
and restraint
each one of us will make a difference
as to how much of these resources
i wish that and how much is left for our children and their children
so this has to do
was just how we live our life mounted by no mm mm with consciousness of our commission for was everything
and then i really do not want to be
speaking to a joke
i want to be speaking toward
compassion and love and connection

turn our vow to church arrive
right because
that's right and that cherishing was wrong not because somebody else has that because is what our heart desires
how heart desires a recognition
have this connectedness
we suffer from feeling separated
there is true
in experiencing our connection and interdependence
and recognizing that everything everything that we have as a gift
this life of ours is a gift
to accept what comes to us with gratitude and to recognize that every moment of our life is a constant interplay of giving and receiving shipping and receiving
this is what our life is
and to recognize it clearly
and appreciate the receiving inpatient joy in giving

oh will really
appreciate our life
thank you very much

the equal