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south florida
plank allowed to laugh

well as her temper
how about best
tomorrow best
and i say a lotta
i originally didn't want to have a selector
because i just wanted to just be with here actually had a bit much
pleasant or waiter
spend the next
what a minute or so
but i ended up
wanting to actually tell you some help
so i mean
the lectern
to remember what it was i wanted to say which couldn't have been that important because if i i felt were important in our height of i'm sure i would have remembered what it was
nothing really bush
she'll be so important that you need to have election and us a piece of paper to italian because
i think what we all fundamentally want anyways
showing of connectedness and
so seems to me having a piece of paper with a china is just one step slightly removed although now that i've told her her
maybe it need not be that way
oh and i'm also scared
shall also
i also wanted to tell i started wanting to tell you something because this morning

after ah service it was time to do surgery and then after surgery has time to go to the xander to do oreo can i was i had my okay to off and i was almost drank a home because i wanted to think a little bit about what i was gonna say to and i didn't think that the time i would have had after the by
for lecture would be enough times i was kind of in a stepping out the door i was on my way out the door and then i thought to myself

i thought what's the priority here
and i thought well
i thought the priority was to be with everybody you know in the zendo eating or yeah okay that's the schedule and
and besides i really like the people who live here a lot i think they really
wonderful people sincere and stuff and they'd be an agenda
and we'd all have breakfast together
when i got there
my impression was ah that there were
maybe not enough
people in the zonda that i would have thought about going to be an agenda of us there and i was it made me sad actually
so that's when i thought i was going to give a talk about telling you something
because the first thing that i went in to say was oh come on you know
oh it's part of being in a sanga to actually move from one thing to the next to the next as one body and we have this agreement that on saturday morning we would go like that which we usually do in the morning anyway said to parents of southern and and to service and
and clump and and clump kind of clump altogether
and i am saturday we agree that will clump a little longer in the morning
so i wanted to remind people that that is actually an important part
of our schedule for lots of different reasons not the least of which is that oreo k is actually kind of a profound practice in and of itself
for for two reasons that i want to talk about right now one is is because the way we become intimate with our lives is actually through the details of our life
and the way way our first the way we have to connect intimately with our set with life first is with our own life which is what a lot of people just kind of skip over
they think that what's gonna happen is they're going to have some intimate relationship first forgetting of course that the most intimate relationship one ever has in one's entire life as with oneself and if you don't if you don't appreciate and acknowledge that relationship if you can see
skip right over that when it just try to go to another one right away
it's often quite bouncy for lots of different reasons
so anyway or yogi is a very good way to be intimate first starting with your own life in the details of the form that were given to practice with

how is one reason
when there wasn't anyone
oh well that's mary in the a nightmare that's mary
or mary as the case pay
see that's the joke i have with motel

farewell have it so
first we have to kind of establish this intimacy with ourselves
which is not to say grabbing onto ourself because grabbing on to what we think of as ourself is actually be cause for suffering which is a natural it's a national thing the mind mm
makes this kind of sense of self another so it's not really a problem and in the conventional world we can say that that self is very useful it's the one net makes
you know
palms an airplane rides reservations and sewing and in a tech businesses and
videos essay it's a very useful one but when we grab onto that one and sink and give it more of a reality than it actually has like thinking it's independent of everything else unchanging ultimate can can live it's life all by itself without depending on anything else and we hold to those
beliefs this is the cause of suffering this is what the teaching is from siddhartha gautama the buddha
and i think three quarters of what we learn about in buddhism is to resolve those caught in that particular kind that's the most important one that that duality of sense of self and other as being separate and real in that way and as i
i've been studying see the thing is if i move it as i've been studying about reason
that i've been studying about resolving dualities i have no i've been studying the middle way it's it's okay still no

you can't hear me now right
oh isn't any
wait don't let me forget what anti matter
oh sarah case or better said better keep hearing yes however
testing testing one two three oh that's good
i've been studying the middle way because we're going to have this intensive which is going to be about the middle way and you know when you study something or like when you're pregnant everybody is pregnant whole world when you have a bit when you have a dog everybody has dogs and so when you buy a certain kind of car everybody has that kind of car so as i'm studying about the middle way
everything that we teach every single teaching in buddhism has to do with a little way
which actually i think it's true it's in the vigo county searcher it's in the ganges co on the first four lines it's in the sand okay obviously is in the hookers and my it's in the most important you know so called highest cohen's and rinzai practice or the go he co-owns and it's all about the relationship of ultimate and rare
clinton or emptiness in them form
and i'm sure if i sat here for a minute i can think of a dozen more coins and and suzuki roshi my favorite suzuki roshi chapter in the books in mind beginner's mind is the one on attachment non-attachment it's it's also about the middle way it's terrific
oh i haven't even begun my jacket
ah so
my talk actually let me let me start my interests
i'll give me activate
and my talk actually is going to be a bad right speech because i've been talking about right speech the last two times that i talked and i just want to review a teeny amount because it really really as important in terms of zonda in terms of everybody's life not just sounded like we could talk about in terms of the wider sanga
so that includes everybody and but there is no talking about is because i was talking to dana after
we happened to meet in the hall and am she mentioned to me that i had left something very important out and i agreed with her so i want to mention it but before i mentioned it i'm going to mention the for traditional
right speech
items john know why right speeches so important i gave two talks about it so i feel like i don't exactly have to go over their territory again but maybe if i tell you about them you'll understand why yourselves and i won't have to
so the first of all right speech is basically going toward everybody's awakening toward wholesome activity and and speech that is so called wrong speech why so called who was it that was category going toward a unwholesome stuff is a long speech
speech that leads toward delusion speech that leads toward pain and suffering so obviously
the first one in right in the first thing not to do is to tell lies don't don't tell lies that's clear and usually when we tell a lie it's because we want to enhance our own image of our own self which is a really stupid thing today because and buddhism what we want to do is study the self we really are which in that case would be someone who lies about
which if you did that if you are actually awake to the person who told wise about who they really were that would actually be awake wouldn't it then and that's kind of that's our that's our way it doesn't make a we're not supposed to be people who don't tell lies necessarily all that would that would be a more house have
see that's what happens when you're trying to tell somebody something
i'm going to going too fast
but it's important to actually important to try to catch yourself when you're telling yourself a lie or when you're telling somebody else something about yourself
that's untrue and it's a good idea to know why telephone
the second one is talking
divided making divisions talking about yourself or the song or somebody in the sanga in a way that divides people
i think this was originally is this right has anybody noticed this originally was one of the things that you were tossed out of the song offer when dividing the song of it
now this is the same on the same level as killing
yeah this is serious we're talking about something serious here

because the fundamental ignorance is about how we're connected so fear all the time talking about howard you know a protracted to to but disconnect what not you probably helpful
is about disconnection is about put making polarities is exactly not to do exactly what not to do and and hurts people use mostly yourself ultimately yourself more than the people you're talking against
and the other two are idle chatter which just as a distraction and a waste of time just to because you you're not wanting to face whatever it is about yourself that you uncomfortable with
and the other one is harsh speech with which goes with you know dividing the song i just basically
allowed listen to it this way allowing yourself to not see the good and other people is harsh speech
because there is really in everybody something that is worth upholding
so what you do is you just lazy you know you just go right away to the thing that you think is her you usually you know when you talk they aren't you make somebody bad person
we all do that we've done that and the way we do that is if we get hurt
and it kind of instead of just staying with the hurt you know instead of just staying with the hurt we have to just vomited out
we do which is dump it so that we don't feel the hurt i'm not really hurt it's really that the other person such a jerk you know
it's too bad that we did it but we do okay now the other one else or the other one is humor have to be careful about making humor at the expense of another person that everything in the one i left out that dana reminded me of his timing sometimes what we do is when we get x
side it or i do anyways and doesn't have a lot of energy and i'm sure that i'm right about something i've had this is wonderful insight and i can't wait to share it with somebody
i'm sorry to say an embarrassing to me is usually is something about the other person
you know that if i really drove and something embed themselves that was there
you know that they the they would fix
we are here would help them and firmware
that in itself azealia to think it in i air in that
a lot were less than i used to but still i do but the thing that is even if it's accurate
you know even if it's accurate you have to be really careful when you tell something somebody something they may not want to hear it at all and as a matter of fact and they may not be ready to hear it
and it's a disservice if you do it the wrong time dana was there another time thing that you were thinking about though is that okay now
anyway so this is a bunch about wrong speech and
not only did i start my speech and be mayor
i'm chuck late now i don't even have time to give you important that was going to be the most interesting to meet
oh and then the other thing that the staff asked me to talk about was not taking what isn't given and this went up community this could you close your eyes put your heads down so that nobody really looks nobody look everybody really put your head down nobody look this is a private thing now
everybody put their hand up by your head
i can't just one hand one hand okay now i'm going to ask your question now nobody is going to see your answer but me and i won't tell anybody okay
what i'm going to tell i'm going to tell everybody with the percent is again know people who have difficulty taking what isn't given a cave very quietly to note we your neighbor doesn't hear raise your hand
okay put your hands down
okay now that was a lot of people okay that was a lot of people that was really a lot of people and but it wasn't everybody everybody does not have trouble with this precept lot of people do but not everybody
i was actually i have trouble with his precepts so i was amazed when i actually met somebody who it never occurred to them to take what wasn't given i couldn't believe it
i just couldn't believe it
did at okay close your eyes
close your eyes put your hands then put your hands then put your hand up by your head put your oh put your head down put your hands up to your head so that you don't know nobody hears anything okay now how many people don't open your eyes okay
how many people take what they're not given raise your hand
i pajama yeah that's a lot of people
so a lot of us have trouble with this precept and sometimes we have trouble with it for because
we don't feel that were mostly i mean a lot of some i'd actually don't know if everybody else but sometimes for me i used to think that if i didn't i wouldn't get what i thought i needed
he it is very deep and very fundamental it's kind of it begins happening when you really a child and then you kind of enter this mode you don't think people here you in the first place you don't even sometimes and how to get you need out in the second place and in the third place it's just easier to take it anyway

don't take what isn't given don't steal
set clear
anyway it's really difficult in so i feel like it's not something that we need to hide among ourselves it's an embarrassing thing oftentimes it's a habit and it goes all through the precepts all away from you know i'm taking somebody's time when they really don't want to give it to you
you know not even noticing that they're you know on on their way because you need your needed so great that you just stop them in what misusing sexuality is the same thing taking something from someone who they may not be offering it on and on and on this this is such a fundamental precept and in some sense the
reason why it's so deep from an ultimate point of view is because again the way that you the only way that we can take what isn't given as if we think that there's something out there that's not yours
and from the ultimate point of view that's not the case that were not ultimately separate from whatever it is that we think is other and in fact the way to work with this when they will i'll take that and the way to work with it in the conventional way the first thing to do is acknowledge that we do that that's the first
thing and the second thing to do is to notice that when you do take it how bad we feel
and the third thing to do is to notice when you when you notice how bad you feel notice that when you feel that way you can't meditate you can't not just and i just don't mean on the cushion i mean in the rest of your life that feeling of badness when you take what isn't given is a bump in your consciousness for a long time
time after you've taken whatever it is it wasn't given to you
you can't it's difficult to settle the mind when underneath it there's this deceit is disquieting sense because you just did something you know is wrong
way to work with it in the ultimate box to the way were gutted in a continuing with in a conventional way is after you've noticed all that stuff the next step is try not to take whatever
whatever it is that you want you know try to actually not take it and then the next thing to do is to turn it just a little bit more
okay just flip it to the other side and actually give k practice the perimeter of generosity the perimeter of giving so whenever you feel like you're coming from a place of lack which is what you know what's taking is about when you feel like you're coming from a place of lack just
turn it over on its head and feel like which is actually the case that there is an abundance that you have an abundance you have a you have an endless wellspring of love and you can give
and give and giving given you'll never run out and if you want to read about this you can read about it in this new suture that was just discovered recently
it's called the seizure the name of the suture is called body said for hugs first sutra
so notice if you're having a you know some kind of relationship with somebody or not or whatever it is
and you're wondering whether they are going to hug you know they're going to actually make contact with you in some way that will satisfy your need to be
you know loved cared for whatever you're feeling that way that you feel you need that go ahead and hug somebody because and fact what we really want is not to be loved we want to love that's what we really one we want to feel
the feeling what it feels like to love something
so anyway that's very good practice when you think of taking what isn't yours you can just dump the whole thing over and it's head and practice giving instead and from the ultimate point of view
from the ultimate point of view on the way you can work on it is to watch
the dependent coat you can watch dependent arising how everything arises together that there really isn't anything separate from you in the first place you can watch it that way or you can watch it from the point of view of consciousness that consciousness and the object of consciousness arise together they are compose
lee dependent on one another there is no such thing as consciousness without its object with that closely connected
and that way there is no self and there is no other and in that same way there's no inherent self and in that same way just like we did this morning during oreo gain if you were there you would have gotten this teaching
there is no
how does ago the emptiness of giver receiver gift
so that's the ultimate way work on this very mundane thing about not stealing and i am now halfway through my talk and i haven't gotten to the part that i really wanted i really want
to sing the song actually
so i'll say i'll i'll tell you about how the song fits in with a second half of my target i'm not going to give
but anyway this whole thing is based on
again in a separation of self and other and the way you the way to self arises is through grasping grasping desire and attachment so if you notice grasping design attachment you are noticing the self have the self as functioning how self arises and you are also notice
in the pain physical pain when it feels like to be contracted possess work feel and you know even
i map
i'm going too fast like giving a talk on it's it's because i will tell you something with harry
had a good way to start
so oh so that's so that is the nature of the self this grasping after thing so here's this here's the song
i used to use this song as a mantra for very good seventy as as much

sweet dreams are made of the
who is a mind to this three
travel the world and the seven see he
everybody is looking for something

basically everything in buddhism basically says
in the shin shin min
it says it there too and it's also about the middle way
don't seek anything
don't don't act from a place of self centered
and so self self-centeredness
undercut that whole way of being in the world
sweet dreams are made of the
who has a mind to discern me
travel the world and the salmon's the and re body is looking for something
does it work
just here in this moment is enough