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and is very hopeful
i feel naked without my earrings
i tell you a joke
don't let me do this for the restoration i prefer
there was a m probably true story
there was a woman who had just got engaged to be married and she got a big ring and choose really proud of it and she went to her office to
work to go to work and she was you know fluttering hurry all over the place and nobody noticed it and she was flooding here in and learn nobody noticed that so finally she went over to the window and she threw and window open she said my it's hot in here with this ring on

slow me down can

i had a talk i do have a talk actually a a page talk which i hope to
not last for to home
the reason why i have some energy tonight is because
i guess i say that i had his talk already to
to speak to you and we had an interesting talk in r t at the end of our t and so it sort of through my talk up into the air
and i want some how to include what we talked about in our t tonight
okay so heavier

first i would like to apologize for whatever mistakes i have already made of which there are a number i can even think of right now
and to join my imperfect nurse with yours in this wonderful and outrageous practice that we try to do together
and also to recognize my own ah
i hope each of you
recognize your wholeness and that we join wholeness to wholeness in fact that's where we meet
and in that way we do this wonderful and outrageous practice together

and also as i used to do when i first started talking
in front of people which is in itself a great gift to me thank you very much
i would dedicate whatever
good or merit
comes out of this talking for the be
oh everyone me you
and everyone who's hurting anywhere
and ah may dedicate my life
to try to live
ha best i can
for the benefit
hope they release from surgery from every play

we had lots of announcements today at t to remind us
ah it was raining today yesterday and today little bit the seasons are turning
we're all getting older
hey we're dying
in this wonderful
turn towards the darkness
we are reminded again of the impermanence of life
everything is always changing
this year in particular i noticed
and i didn't hear the songs of the migrating songbirds
i understand that their habitat is being threatened both in north america and in the south
and i heard them less pay

so we are change and we are this huge fluid vastness

well there is no way in words to describe this truth
when we were studying versa been do i thought versa been who is the best thing
i still think parser binder is a birthday
but in studying the sand guy i now think that the santa guy is really good
and while studying the santa guy what we're seeing is is were studying in this fast huge changing
life deafness said it is we can learn from the point of view of difference
form and we can view it from the point of view of emptiness and oneness
and when by row when they come together
we see them as the same thing as the same thing there is no way to describe that because when we speak where it always falls to one side or to the other side
it's really hard to talk about and what came up and t today and if i get some of this wrong please
say something
when i was trying to share and t today is that for the last month i've been really trying to think of how to talk about the situation where just this such anus
is our life and our practice

in the realm of duality follow me here for a minute and the realm of duality there is practice and realization
and the realm of form there is something to get we have to practice
we have to do that because we suffer if we didn't suffer it wouldn't make any difference it's only because we suffer that we have to practice
in the realm of such this not in the realm of emptiness when the way i'm speaking tonight the realm of emptiness is part of this duality k in the realm of such this where things are just as they are there is no such thing as practice there is no such thing as
delusion there is no such thing as wisdom
things are just the way they are and as life comes forward we just respond and the less we have concern of self self concern presumably the claret we see what is actually in front of us
can therefore
we respond to our life coming forward

i have a tendency when i speak evidently to mention that there is something or it sounds like anyway that when i talk it sounds like and i'm saying that there's something to get
and actually there isn't anything to get there's just something to let go of
there isn't anything to get in there isn't anything to achieve
and yet and yet
if we suffer we have to practice
is this understandable am i making sense
believe it
i said it better at a dinner


when we first when we start practicing when we think that we are insufficient and when we feel a lack
k at that time we have to make great effort we have to first of all make effort to be present
and then we have to make effort to not hold onto what we think is ourself either in terms of the body or in terms of emotion or in terms of thought
that effort needs to be made first we need to be present than we not identify with the body that we not identify with emotion and they were not identify with thought why because if you'd pay extra attention we can see that none of that are we in control if we're not in control of any of it
excuse me so we're not the body or not our emotions were not our thoughts
nobody there
but we don't know that
so until we know that really clearly we have to practice
however in so tarzan it says very clearly dogan says that practice and realization are the same thing
what is a mean
if that were the case then would ruin fact don't have to practice
and when we can see
when we can actually say that they are exactly the same thing it's true we don't have to practice so what are they do in japan and soto's in where they do in japan and so does and is they say this is from echo nurse accuracy they say just do the forms
just completely do the forms and that is awakening that is realization just do the forms and it's true
just do your life there is no problem there and there's no lack
just completely be who you are there's not a problem
so where's the problem the problem is is that if we don't actually sure that way if there's some doubt
if there's some self concern
in the world of farm in the world of delusion there is such a thing as practice and realization in that world if that's the world we're living in we have to practice
in the heck he got logo in case number to the case it's called the real way is not difficult
hexagon roku is just is another a compilation of stories
ngos introduction is you can't say anything
then why do you do
he says you penetrate to the heart
and here's the case
he says that because it isn't up here that we penetrate
it's not in the mind
it's in the heart
that we understand
some people and soto's and so because to as and says that practice realization is the same right because we don't make a duality in santos and we don't say there's something to get sometimes people spend a lot of time getting kind of robbery
the in a sort of a kind of am soft bliss of emptiness and they deconstruct everything nothing's really happening it's not really and i didn't really do anything wrong
you know it's just empty turn it's over it it's a real mistake
and other people get stuck if it's runs a way where they give you something to get people get stuck in achieving something they get caught in the struggle they get caught and caught in form that was new york as you hear it
as born here they get caught and form that's a problem with twins i struggle over time
both of those ways we just have to realize that we're doing one or the other which has have to realize you have to be awake we have to pay attention where are we going off what is right effort
where are we going to much to the struggle where is it that we're spending our time in says and in a kind of a dull bliss state or a vibrant is bliss stayed
it's it's sir
it's inexpensive it's not in the middle it's not in the middle way
sony says penetrate to the heart and here's the case joshi said
the rural is not difficult
it only a poor as choice and attachment
with but a single road they may arise choice and attachment by may arise clarity attachment of course he means relative and clarity he means awake for an absolute
and then he says
this all monk does not have that clarity

he's saying he doesn't have any attachment to the absolute
and then he says you appreciate this or not
can the monk says
come on it really means by that as he means do you value the value an attitude of not sticking anywhere said a monk says
rarity what do you appreciate
he caught him
he said
he's an angel climbing that that joe shoe is kind of getting stuck in valuing not being stuck
st joseph says
so the monk says if you do not have that clarity what do you appreciate and joshi says i don't know that either
and then the monk says issue brown know how can you say you don't have that clarity
the food doesn't more than riding still so that you do not abide and clarity
so he catches jesu but joshua had to say something so he gets caught and clarity so when jason says
asking is good enough now bow and go away
he says joshi says it's good logic but now you must realize it in the body
what am i china's a

there are lots of
there are lots of ways to travel this path
hand hum
when we merged that's the door part of cylinder guy when we emerged we think everything is okay we don't have any problems everything's fine
when we're in the realm of
sun or differences we have some problem there
and when we have differences and difficulty there's a kind of anxiety
it goes on this has to do with relationship
what we usually do is we want to push away the anxiety
we can't stand that kind of difference
so what we do is we either adjust ourselves we women do this all the time we push ourselves down to make the situation okay
or we try to get the other person to accommodate
to try to understand our point of view
one is denying home on is grasping
can we do it because we can't stand still
in the middle have anxiety in the middle of this feeling of separation slight movement separation
but can we just stand there and wait and not come from that place for anxiety and just wait
if we know that form an emptiness or together
and can just stand there and wait
then we can just respond to what's in front of us
when we do that
we're not making a judgment
about practice or realization
we're just responding our life has just coming at us from the moment
there's no self concern there anymore
and when there's no self concern there
there can be attachment there can be feelings of separation
there can be the entire world of duality but it's different
and that's what's meant by mountains or mountains mountains are not mountains and then mountains or mountains again but when mountains or mountains again when things are just the way they are again
when son and dough
are the same
the world of such this appears

i'm gonna skip to the end of my cock

i am just learning to talk about his stuff and i'm not going it very well
but it's fun to try

this is the this is a poem by dogan
it's about such this
it's called the point of zazen
the essential function of buddha's activity
the functioning essence of every ancestor

describing session as it moves along with non thinking
cut it off
throw it away
the burden can put it down
it's so much easier without it
and is completed in the realm of non merging k so the round of non thinking is absolute and the realm of non merging is form okay so the absolute is completed in the realm of form
as it moves along with your non thinking it's appearance is immediate
it's intimate
you'd have to look for anything
nothing lacking
but that we think so
are which has think something i should keep reading a book
as it is comparable in the round of nine merging completeness itself is realization
if it's appearance as immediate you have no defilement

when completeness is realization you stay in either the general nor the particular
that's and okay
if you have a bluesy without defilement immediacy is dropping away with no obstacles
realization neither general nor a particular
that sand okay right his effort without desire
cool water all the way to the bottom
a fish swims like a fish
they asked sky transparent through out
a bird flies like a bird

so i guess what i want to say is
sly come bow che you know the end of the game joke on it's true practice realization is not just one it's like it's not even just one that even that is saying too much
he asked a fan

so suffering is real you know that's what the buddha taught there is such a thing is suffering
it's true
and there is a reason for it
this sense of separation the sense of lack
it's just a sense of lack
and they say
we can
have to keep all in this affray
and then there's the path and we've got to walk the path
we have to walk the path and then
the path
is like night and there you put your foot down in the path appears he put your foot down in the path of beers
there's nothing
we need do

thank you for listening to me i am trying
two top of it is nonsense
you know i'm trying to understand how to do it in my own words
i'm trying to clarify it for myself and i'm practicing with him and talking helps me clarify it and it helps me to ingest something and then try to speak it in a way it's encouraging and helpful to people which i'm not so sharing can africa
fed and i appreciate your letting me try
so ah
each one of us in our own way continual practice together