Our Relationship with Form - Speech & Food

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Wednesday dharma talk.

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hey a to the

somehow i was on
her last few days are worried about giving the stereotype because he thinks the rear to be retire to just the most purchase the residents
and i wasn't finding the time to be prepared really hard to morning yeah my thoughtless for for more
upsetting that i didn't tell
yeah top wouldn't meet pm
spirit of the group that was coming to israel in the time
the guy had like them more serious on that and then remember remembered read stalker i'm not in use now too seriously
retro that
come help me
to just relax and just realized that it is rare that we get to track it in that case and is there anything that i would really like to talk about can just get down to the basics he's there's simply i want to talk about and realize there are a couple of things
but i wanted to stand up i think i want my day was like today so you can know
get up and thousand and went under the fields left our little early to get back and up to the house to make to wake the kids getting ready for school may to bag lunches and breakfasts getting the car drive the kids to school dropping them off elementary school and high school and
staff meeting all morning and then wednesdays for elementary school get out early now for teachers to work so back over the hill i ran after lunch for one forty five pick up
i left the lights on of or battery was dead so then i ran to my neighbor lee got his keys got in his carriage over the on his cat came back at the batteries the cramps and for jumper cables we jumped the car and got ready and then una and wherever she is
it took
picked up there in high school took day to soccer the and i went to practice green and spent the afternoon presley me and land
right after practice three i got back in the current i went over the hill to pick davey up at soccer
and the soccer coach had a lot to say and
the young parents and so soccer practice ended much later we got back yeah i think it's about sixty sixty five they hadn't eaten for been through together some leftovers upstairs to eat i didn't have time to come down and and then now
and then what and then oh yes they have a lecture in gaming a down with time to
the gotta do my can get ready for director
and it could have been that way the first day of going out yesterday
so there's been a lot going on
and even with that i am
i was able to distill at least a few things that i want to stay in and maybe we could talk together the rain normally did the other time where you actually talk with each other in print mail however but we'll see
so captain hook in the the short peter pan yeah i remember captain hook he had those corkscrew curls and he was very well educated educated the finest schools in england and one of the things that they brought up all the time of the young boys in england was about for good for
form to have good form of like and ten bad form very ban good form us really a wonderful and he had bad form captain hook did and peter pan on the other hand hand it says in the rug
good form
and i never i remember as a kid that you want at a talking about no one had ever even use the word good form bad for him as a praise or something to be working towards it was just english thing remember asking what are they talking about
and in reading the book over several dozen times over the years
plus then practice i got a sense of what it is because the truest good form is not knowing that you have good form which was really peter pan he was not conscious of trying to have good form he was naturally this way which had to do with for example
when he was fighting with captain hook on the boat
i had a certain point captain hook's weapon got dropped and he and and he trip to his and peter pan gave him a hand up you know to get his weapon because it was unfair to get your man while he's down
and that and captain hook thought to himself
baroness it's good for you can be held him because it's so naturally came out of peter pan and that was and the final his final alum
that's i think his final thought as he got
fell over into the water and the crocodile item was the fact that peter pan had good for money or not the last thing he did visit the last thing that happened between peter pan and captain hook was that peter pan exhibited bad form he he was over nasty right at the end and so he went happily to the crocodile
to have seen which was proudly bad form it to see peter pan exhibit bad form that he could rest in peace
so i realized that for a long time i've been
i'm drawn to form
and devoted to form or try to be devoted to form
and examine it examine what this is about and
for another stories when i first came to zen center and the susan's and said was that so coaching in japantown
i was a guest june and there are these victorians across the street in little households and they made dinner each little victorian flat made dinner and i remember walking into the kitchen and seeing two people the woman's name was joyce kept member of the person name they have been and tessa her and they were chopping onions and i remember i went
i looked and it was like i never seen such activity was like what is it that i'm looking at and all they were doing what they were doing was chopping onions but that's all they were doing they are completely chopping onions quietly working away and
i hit me like a ton of bricks with i don't know if my jaw drop document my mental jaw just dropped open ah
there was almost like what are they doing what are these people doing what is the difference between my mother chopping onions away in the kitchen and i had seen and what they were doing
ah so it always a hit me at time
so i'm
so i wanted to talk a little bit about our relationship with form
you know in some ways
we don't say as much as we could about it about how to do a certain thing
we expect
the people if that works better if people can pick it up you know kind of get a feel for it you know ah so like oreo cookie practice when i first was given oreo construction it was without words he just followed along whatever the push was doing you tried to just do it with your body and get into it that way
and then we adopted more instruction now we talked a lot
but there's a lot of things we don't say
to each other and and then years go by and i know sometimes it feels like or is this practice last as this are we not doing this anymore or like
you know bowing before you go into the bathroom and bowing when you come out of the bathroom is that something we mentioned people get students i actually don't know is that something we're all doing is that something some of us to have been to tassajara and songs don't
so on a sunday it it's hard to talk about these kinds of things or it may sound weird to a group of people will just come on sunday morning
but i feel for the community to look at the forms that
there are arbitrary and somewhere that are created they're not some kind of divine revelation that are human beings teaching other human beings to try to do something a certain way like cut onions
without talking for example or
feeling the heft of the knife and how it goes through and getting a rhythm going in and what is that all about

we i'm in some ways we don't
everybody chiefs kind of sometimes at the forms having to do things a certain way why can't we just do it any old way
and this came up recently in the m study that i'm doing with grab and gary mcnabb
about the forms and in the in diamond transmission ceremony which were looking at the actual work goes on and ceremony there certain parts of the ceremony where the regular forms that you've been doing for you know twenty years our
changed you know what within the ceremony is part of the ceremony there's something that you to a little differently that you never would do for a regular basis but
ah put there
but because for all these years let's say
one has taken up the forms and
i worked on them and upheld them been at a certain point you you can throw away interesting the else
but if you haven't devoted yourself to the form and completely immersed herself in it for long time
and but you wanna throw it away and on the different just for them
for no reason particularly ah venue you have to be really care for their not the last machine in fact the last couple sessions that norman's dan he's done various things that were like surprises like britney music into the center for the last sitting you know to end the session with this sweet huh
kiss you know
i was the first time better sushi and i resent ended that way and down it was great and then this last time you ended it with them
a grateful dead jerry garcia who passed away during session and we ended it with that ah so my feeling is some that's kind of out of devotion and upholding the forms and studying them and practicing with them for years and years and years and years and years and being so intimate
you can do something like that it's very young
it just turns it around and it's within so it's not exactly that it's got to be this rigid kind of thing i'm always and forever but young
the flexibleness or the creativity with the forms comes out of i feel needs to come out of
thoroughly immersed in your body and mind in the form us
so i'm
and then like any event you throw it away when is beneficial
so the to areas that i want to talk about around
and food and
yeah i was reading the sooty makkah you know this fifth century work for this thick about them
paris meditation practices in monks practices india and there's this list of 'em paris ascetic practices around food for example on
one can take the sun you don't have to but you can be a house to house arms receiver anna
may have this various names were you you make a practice of going from house to house and not going to certain areas of a village and not other areas which is a general rule but you'd take it on where you it's in quite detail where you stay
dan there you don't step in the house you give the ball way and let them put food in in bringing back to you don't save any until later you eat what's offered you don't sit there you don't sit down and wait for them to bring you the food
all these practices that you can take on and i remember someone not too long ago told me that they were doing am a one scoop practice at mealtime
which the way that the person said it had sound like i should know about this that this is one of our greenhouse practices
but i don't maybe you know about this one's good practice a and didn't really and never heard of it but basically she was taking one scoop only of everything and that was it that was her practice so it really reminded me of some of these very all aesthetic practices that one can take on for a time to go
no see what happens can see what happens when you decide you're going to try something
that may be made mean you
refrain from doing something
a habitual way
i am
this was one thing i thought people might want to talk to each other but maybe not i think or
our practice around food is very individual and yet it's
i feel like there's some things that maybe aren't set about it
for example
and this comes out of doing one thing at a time which is a kind of general
you know can have a sin
guideline you know you do
do you take care of one thing at a time that which is before him so
in that way on
i o
i should preface this by saying i am
i wanna be very careful fat people don't
and i can't help it if they do but anyway
i haven't started thinking me as a policewoman which somebody was calming and test the her when i was to you know
because they said you policewoman they were trying
how was i remember it was student bath and guess didn't want to leave the baths during to bedtime and i had to ask him to leave and essentially for some more forcefully
and anyway by the end of any calling police overhead robes on and and so but anyway i can feel as soon as they begin talking about this there's something gets kind of constantly it like
please fill manner
i want wanna listen to you or authority figure telling me how to eat you know like that so if that happens this okay it
there's nothing i can do about it is have try to be very careful about i talk about these things
anyway so too
basically i think the practice you might say is if you're not amazon know which we don't
offer zendo meals except during
i want a sittings and sessions and registry to actually sit down while you're eating
i don't know if anyone's ever meant net but as a practice rather than kind of standing up and eating and you know coming to work meeting and walking around and eating to actually take the time to sit there and each which actually think the food
i'm actually you're probably your digestion may be better that way as well but not for any health reasons or anything but mostly coming out of the form of doing one thing at a time i know someone could say yeah doing month and standing and eating that's one thing and attempted to take arms
to give the the time that you eat the full respect and honor because what happens to this food is it goes into you to be transmuted you know into
south and energy and your energy to live for the benefit of all beings you know
so the bodhisattva vow emily
he is
i am basically you know buddhist practice to still down you might say is to wish
that down all beings may be exposed to the buddhist teaching and be awakened you know
and live and to benefit others
so would we each and our chant which i wish we could actually wish and the evening we chanted you know or had a time when i'm not a breakfast at we to a breakfast but
i miss chanting with the community the young meal chant which reminds us you know
this but anyway to have some practice where you actually take the time to eat
because the food as philip whalen once said that food is the dharma gets all is now philips and philips group practices
very young is a call on you know for some people when he spoke very strongly about food is dharma that's what it is
so i'm
i i don't feel like our practices you know one scoop if unless you wanna take it on
but down
if we could sit down while we eat
you know there are occasions when you're in the kitchen and you're working you have to grab a bite or something down
so there's one thing about through
how's house i feel safer
okay okay okay natalie
so ah
let's see the anything and this was a this was something that suzuki roshi mentioned which been a big impression on me which was to one lift the chairs up when you move them i remembered the dining room and at peachtree used to have to
clear it for various meetings and things and
get it done canyon was right about the xander and if you scrape off for dinner you're setting the table he scraped the cheers if you're sitting five o'clock seven and you could hear all this noise and clara bum and at one point it was suggested that we lift the chairs when movement
and that of course
ah spilled over into all sorts of other things that if you lift them and placed them down
there there's something about using two hands just like an oreo can you know you used to left in there and say to 'em listings to develop that whichever side it is for you that undeveloped and you can always just let things won't lift a cup or bowl one hand but that should get that left-hand in the
and do both together if something very awakening about your kind of awaken your whole left if you're right in left side that you know isn't called upon so much so you get to feel what that's like and sit down and so oreo keep bringing it up but damn moving our cheers quietly

if say what cheers now shanti dave actually mentioned chairs a tragedy for wrote
go to the body suffers way of life is a eighth century poet and normand in a class on his
go the cherry of entire list practice period guide to body surface way of life and in this text he talks about not moving chairs around noisily
so there's been a problem for long
but isn't my great you know in the year eight hundred or whatever it was seven fifty eighth century seven hundreds grab someone for your bodhisattva practice to live for the benefit of our being to to lift your chair of and set it down quietly
he also says i didn't bring it but he said down
an end this off it it has to do with mindfulness and being awake ah
he also mentions not i'm kind of gazing off into your drawing in the sand aimlessly with a stick you know you can paint a picture in his bunkers can awaken to go us around canon
i pad passing the time by kind of aimlessly drawing in the earth into you know
and this kind of now what's the problem with drawing an earth you know
there isn't it it has to do with kind of the aimless unconscious can
blah blah i'm activity and is that you know you can test yourself is that of benefit anybody you don't to sell for others are not you can i was asked you so that our
which goes into this other thing that i wanted to talk about it best just the little tiny bit about food but i thought if we did
i talked together
you might want to talk with each other about
once food practice or not we'll see the other thing was about speech and
i'd see i happened to me at my parents yeah i was visiting my mother quite a bit in the spring and i happened we don't have a tv that they do my folks do and i happened to watch this movie called little lord little lord fauntleroy
you've all heard a little lord fault but you know the story a little lord fauntleroy hard to say i didn't know it either but he was on my mom or fountain for fluorite little lord fauntleroy
how many a very seen that movie assess will be the guy i think you know
did you read a book matter is a book are you at the or worse on a good marriage
the movie was very delightful and if it was this kid who had this english accent means dad came from england anyway and he lives in brooklyn and he dresses in these days lol fed's but is a thing about in the main thing about and then i want to bring up is that young uses kind speech alta and it's not pollyanna ish
he actually appreciates people and treat them a certain way even the bullies you know he
i'm kind of wants a fair fight and neck anything he he has can like peter pan and he's got a good form and it's very unselfconscious
and he's very unafraid and he ends up his grandfather his father's dying his grandfather's the lord of this manner and he sends for him to become the air and his grandfather's terrible person very mean to all the peasants on the land and his dogs he's mean to and
as butler and
and little blurred
the he doesn't know anything about that he's kind of a rascal is man and he just goes the nurses cramped here it comes up with his grandfather i'm so glad to meet you and the guys taken aback because nobody's glad to meet him he's a he's a jerk you know but this little kid is just kind of fearless interested
out there curious and he has the of course turning his grandfather around you know he begins to treat his tenants well and
so forth but i'm just watching how they affect and mean this is hollywood ribbon the effect of kind speech how it
how it can turn someone to be spoken to kindly especially when you expect someone to speak unkindly to you
gail and gave me this interesting book and it was about
solutions kind of to difficulties people have that are kind of brief bad intervention to frankly but just solutions the way of talking about someone's problems and i wanted to mention one which had to do with someone telling their friend that a storekeeper was just the most obnoxious
rude and a horrible person whenever they went into the store they just couldn't stand them and you know they really wanted to tell him off and as so many tell him you know the kind of person he was in and about two weeks later of these two friends were talking again and a person said he i went into that store and that guy was so nice
east be no and did you talk with amino he said yeah i told them that you thought he was the i'm a nice this guy around
no one cockpit was pretty interesting you know
one wants to live up to that you know someone you hear someone thinks you really kind you know and you say
you might find you try to cultivate them more if someone tells you you are
a jerk you might say oh yeah well you should see what a jerks like a rhino know but i do feel there's this effect of kind speech that even to it and this is some
i think it's dogan but
but even to hear somebody else use king's speech with another person affects you very strongly
ah with that in mind a strong effect for kind speech and not using our speech
and the fact that the bodhisattva
lives for the benefit of all beings and their strongest vow and wish is that people will be benefited
so then it's like when you apply that to your speech what you're going to say
you may decide you need to see that or maybe you're just ate a little different way or
i was recently a soccer game and down
something happened
let's see how do i see this carefully
and was something half of the coach and and one of the parents got really kind of up in arms and
they began describing your how they felt about it and you know we should do this we should register on letter
and then they went to a recent years and they repeated the whole thing i happened to hear the second time and then i was some or else they repeated it again than the repeated again and then today when i went to the soccer practice favorite repeating it again this whole thing about the same points about writing a strong redder data done we should vote with their feet and we should
we give there we should vote with our feet and anyway i
i was kind of trying to examine what it was about hearing this over and over and over and over again that down how i was feeling you know what i heard it and
one of the other things that shanti david talks about his
get a bodhisattva does not
i have frivolous talk and idle chatter frivolous talk and i'll check so i think there is in effect a certain that i was feeling drained that's what i i i when i can have examined how i was feeling when i heard this
it was a refrain i guess it was it over and over and over
talking about the same thing
i began to feel kind of over dream myself and i do feel that there is this effect of
this is a technical term know frivolous talk and idle chatter when you hear frivolous topping out chatter over and over it kind of it kind of draining look at training
i find
v m
this is not i you know i'm trying to make a distinction between that and casual conversation dinner table conversation friendly conversation i'm not saying that everyone should be totally silent i don't want anyone
when i do feel like this time set aside for silence now during a sheen them at our workplaces and where we actually try to practice around refraining from frivolous talk and idle chatter basically and
this is a struggle you know it's it's really a struggle and we all feel it
and because we're all in it together and struggling with this we i feel
you know like we're all doing this together kind of am kind of them
i feel my own confusion around saying too much or speaking too soon and ah
are speaking out of fun
ah what's the word boredom or something like that so i
i just want to bring bring it up for each one of us to look at both harsh speech and whether or not our speech is beneficial and also the other cited at which is the frivolous talk an idle chatter and the effect that has i do feel like people come in we have a proud history coming up
we're thirty four people were in the previous period and another and a small waiting list people who were not accepted and then a group of people who wanted to do the previous period and we asked them to be on staff maybe five or so people were really really were planning on being a pretty scary but are agreeing to be on staff
so i feel like when we go into practice period it's not just the people in practice great it's all agree not that really entered into this eight weeks
intensifying our practices there's certain things we ask and like the silence and
be really aware of
how we handle our body in on an objects of our life
and times of silence after sauce and in the night and and all and these i would like we've had this long period of what has had been about five months six months between practice periods which is a more relaxed time in our focus is some
and growing season and it's summer in
anna i do feel like coming into the practice period time i would like all green gulch to take on the practice period feeling
which will be very helpful to the people who are following the more strict schedule for xp and i think it will help us to and it will give a nice rhythm to the year you know like vs ascetic practices around the house to house arms person in one lump it was something at the lumps agree
they do this for a time you know they they give themselves a certain time to do this it's not forever and you so we have this time set aside to really practice strongly ah
together more intestine
and to refrain from certain things that you refrain comes from are pulling back on the m the reins the vm a bridal which is latin is like the friend or a or something pulling back on the bridle you know the horses ten and you just pull back of a bit
goydos another pace different pace
so talking and our speech and really examining is our speech beneficial is it the truth you know the truth is beneficial and is at the time to say this
whatever it is you're saying is now the time maybe had a picnic it's the time but maybe in another time is not the time so as the time and place right isn't truthful and is is it of benefit to actually
take a look at them
there's this bobby mcferrin simon i've been listening to and i was gonna bring a i don't have a cd player is going to ask someone to bring a bit
maybe some you know if it's he he wrote it and it goes of refrain it goes over and over and over
it's another use the word print and the words are for those who for those who have been trained by it no discipline is pleasant at the time but it's painful is pleasant at the time but is painful
and you to understand what that means it should be a long time and to play it over known for those who have been trained by it no discipline is pleasant at the time but is painful is present at the time and it's painful and then his father sick i should play a few his father around
is sings the song with me as is very low voice re-build this from mic
so no discipline to i can misunderstand when he was saying with no discipline is pleasant at the time but as paypal no discipline is president the day i think
there's always this element of chafing at the old bridal you know as you've been refrain and chafing at the bit that's kind of a chafing at the bit must be like great you're being refrain you know so
so for all of us to understand that no discipline is pleasant at the time but his painful were all came in the same boat it's not like it's fun
i on tape and lacking okay
yeah yeah i to here we have time you'll like it i think it's sincerely a great shirt when when she done
so knowing that it's not easy for anyone to practice in this way is
and to help each other you know we can all help each him
so you just look at my list here

am bobby mcferrin alert for
i was given a wedding present from dan wilson you know damn well she yummy
do these wonderful
he for the figures and it's a picture of to body surf as having tea and his daughter johanna was she's down her i don't know how twenty five or something misunderstood form is emptiness and emptiness is form she thought it was form is happiness happiness sports so dan do these two little boys
after having tea which is supposed to be stephen me it was our room in the sense in building and across the thames this forum is happiness and happiness is formed by again
and i actually
in some ways i think that's true
very is the kind of happiness
wonderful this about especially with people doing the forms together
it's nothing like it you know
literally it's nothing like it we i happen to have this is the place called bring us where we do these things in practice them together we just decided that wouldn't do them
you get to try it out together
the everything i want to tell you she has nothing to do with anything but someone told me this recently there at a funeral
and it was buddhist funeral chinese buddhist through a bit in america and it was a casket an open casket it wasn't a cremation they were going to bury the body and before they closed the casket they put in a little tape and earphones i'm a corpse and turned on
the heart sutra
that will be playing until i ever really batteries
we can be closed down
i thought you might wanna think about their
the perfect and i don't know if have a year
i know that a player doesn't play
no criminal i can take credit
and investigating later work
am i right as going to tell it
yes i did that during operation five hour operation she knows procedure who didn't have any tibetan monks also because she told the sun readily update
yeah is right so lets you attack as eight fifteen
how would you like to just for those of you who are residents and visitors don't have to do this unless you really want to
kind of turn to the person next to you and talk about in turn if you want to wear a baby i used for hands kind of practices around food
and or speech
would you like to do that which retina or would manages to question just discussion
discussion discussion group okay where ounce or is
i heard two people say discussion anybody else discussion group discussion okay so would anyone like to add to the conversation
a and film as still transitioning the with a or aoki and i'm tending to eat faster in in in in so when i have a sit down in the guy you should never attend you think there's something to do this issue you know activity faster than the young women the fence if you're like
i only have so much are many when i didn't take much time as a leave during the early lg this end of the and sensors on seventy minutes or ten can
i'm very conscious of anakin and a rush rush through
yeah for certain people who have more need more food bigger taller people it's also a small and you know if we don't have much chance of ethics that true there's also i find
that if if there's talking i can lose track of how much i meeting years if i don't really know seconds and know there's this thing that i've taught the kids rather than being part of the clean plate club which we had to belong to my family have they belong to the just right tummy feeling club
where you actually when you feel full or just about right that's when you stop into it's very hard to feel that even when you're talking way to meal and so we don't have a silent time partially i think because of the guess you know in the evening we don't have like ten months of science
but i think that does help to of
calm yourself and eat more slowly
i have an unusual
gaza was a pilot project
make right
type of are too small
it's become a great home because i adore this surprise that you mentioned in one school was a great recession since the ball was more reading anywhere on the whole school
and to avoid difficult the gemstone in knowledge i have in previous years from on a pleasant is a rush
he can also that you're ready for seconds on a comment or after a number of years how you republicans are now regularly served with a store or yaki said that has two small role models are too small i just take one scoop of everything and then i
it slowly relax into it myself and i never had any more than that and i found out the nice because of my advancing age or something but not really that's perfectly fine
but when you were saying about restraint on
actually again it could be remember a case over advancing age was hired as hard
now i find that it's actually are
pleasant walk when you exercise restraint and variety of them to my life and not sure so on other words right now my ordinary time eating cannot be
restrictions on what i already
and it carry out those restrictions i find present
unconscious up in other words to choose what i need and stay within the guidelines that those restrictions as planets actually pleasant pleasantville cause of the feeling if i'm a little bit or agitated and don't have a presence of crime to operate under those restraints i don't of gomez
as march and that's true of a lot of aspects of our lives are at this point in my practice actually see
new strength as a positive who can enjoy it and i look forward to it and when i'm not able to practice and restraints on the which i have chosen to live for the rest or she was president
rather said may be more
can hold a moment
different parts of one's life
that's what i'm interested in changing rest he's going to see to see and feel
norman do people know about you
i have i have a stomach disease production that this actually isn't worth is referring to work to and other restraints of you
what i did have it's true that are your feedback so to speak
the from my your stomach
where the other things so
hello students i've taken on just for practice recent session
give me certain satisfaction of frame
that's what asked me to kangana can happen yeah
the district be more that the ones few crack younger
during our e que
is that of course there's the current where some people give you a like half a scoop
save the route taking are either house
immediate service is a to completely at the mercy of sound right
this something can check out our what's coming out pointed where they are fresh ah but one of the things i noticed was that an arrow is pointing out is that if your absolute about practice and you never you'd find an excuse even in a like symptoms
don't coming out with this practice like you need more roughage and i saw a huge
he's not finished the of going to have been more
yeah because once you have a one more than what you give in then year this position your tortured by making decisions that are all the time rationalized each time where he'd never make a decision to purchase trial practice then your free and you relax and euros with route ruka enjoying each way
eisner now spending lingering on answered the vicinity ministers it says if you do you take the sun and don't backslide they say than you completely independent you're just freed from all those exactly
hey and i am not understood that friends that town
whatever his name was singing letting the piano and discipline
no disappointments ever is pleasant at the time but notice though i was thinking he may not having a discipline
that's what i thought that's it i've gotten and i thought well that's i can understand that that makes some kind of sense but then i realize he was meeting not being disciplined and then i wasn't sure if that was accurate
well as norman just said he's fine a very clever now to and i think that's true
but soon as those different so
part of the discipline is to free you from message
our discipline
hello it you can take on the discipline or i'll eat one bowl and no matter what i feel like that's what i'm gonna do but you may discovered some quite as a server comes by for seconds get ahold of all that
in fact i have no fucking the most interesting i i want to have that urge to us
so in an intimate to this thing that we can't discipline which is sort of a form that would put down on something is this spontaneity is rhodesia
banana the bathroom life
there is the other way
it only you can know how many lie
i'm not even sure if one can know
applicant i mean there's a presupposition in air that our activities are always accurate to the moment and i'm not sure that's always true
what are you say anything man anything goes know and understand anything that i'm saying part of the client discipline is too
find the freedom that's available
in the midst of at which is not to be trapped by the discipline rate and you can't do that without totally devoting yourself to the discipline is giving yourself to and you can't just to thing still can i and shoes but you can't kick our shoes yeah but rate rate within that you just friedrich
to have it and as often we hear those stories rate about them it's like hockey grid with form unless you've established for yeah you can't the stuff you have
when say that's a particular way
interesting idea coming from problem from food
reason isn't to provide for am but he's also very religious heal you read the bible every morning and you know that song a simple pleasures wakes up in the morning and he went his kids went to school with our kids to ban and taylor he checks in others to pm me reads and it's he said it would also musically more girl
surprise are describing this isn't already know door to be a good improvised real are very very school that saying the disciplines musically and through the discipline of your training that you are able to improvise part of freeze there's no and there's no effect of improvised because and also
and as far as i know in music water feels reprisals done
who isn't highly highly disciplined performance and then out of that discipline it take off but with depends on temperature is usually like on child on years but there's a kind of candidate and of freedom but on the afternoon send your central years after the establishment of will some period of training
a strain will mastering
and orange and another aspect of
so you're limited to at the police and by heart attack entering into disciplines or really gelling agent form and way as speaking out his righteousness that council if it and it seems to be a stage that you have to go through pretty much live with that other people have to live
live with
ha ha ha and that's what we do
haven't we see that and i think it's time to need to be use sensitivity when keep their late to and conscious out it and when you really are entering into something very fully agree deeply you also exclude a lot
not necessarily on concrete and in that exclusion you can hurt people
not deliberately but of the consequent server so i think we play in that a lot in this and i think you were you on well it had it in that way i mean people if i say the united states to the apprentices and the beginning of the season we don't one of our practices is we we eat what is good
in and we don't decide to sit down at breakfast and bring over a lot of other foods which they really hadn't heard about some action and i kind of look to you know i mean they don't get it right and so we're always going through kind of his path of of
how to say well this is the way it is but you know is it and then what does that mean and the kind of that owner that it often kids off to each other's
if you take out a personal practice like i'm not going to be talking this week
so i think we're just doing that together and we're trying different things down and we're experimenting and we actually quite forgiving and also on strict with those barrels and go through that you know the fact that there are consequences to take run certain kinds of the strengths and disappointments and
man and key
and was kind of screwing up for me the question though undercuts disgusting of city malaga of that the difference between deciding for yourself i want to take on this particular practice versus receiving that practice from a teacher it will do with a teacher it worked it out and yeah or also
being a community where this is a practice that everyone is doing together sending it
well i think you know there's this
this section i was looking in had this long list of thinks it was asked about clothing wearing one rope to over three robes and beyond the also not lying down and curious things that you can take on but you don't do it and by yourself you work it out is this the appropriate thing for your practice
at this time may not be it may be
you know like recently talking with someone who turned out was using pain in order using intense pain during the session in order to get to certain states you know
well enough for someone else not moving is exactly what they should be doing for this person
if they were you know and you were kind of abusing the the practice and suddenly trying to intensify the pain as much as they possibly could in order to kind of flip into a certain thing so and that wasn't they were working at out with anybody was kinda and so yes i am
in terms of inacio at work bm and a bizarre for the next week it does have an effect although we have a number of people who've taken as on as a practice that they worked out with someone everybody agrees you know that this is a good thing for them to do
and then they write notes to you know
but if there's a difference between
a trip ambient trip and hour taking up a particular practice it's appropriate
i'm katie and was there anybody else it's eight thirty that we can listen to the song for the last
i well to add something about talking and eating you had come into the that how are fucking can interfere with noticing met full tummy feeling her
that i immediately thought of yesterday lunch when i was enjoying the conversation very much and consequently i was sitting there and not going to get sick it said that was thinking well maybe you know make becomes a scarf may make it look
get a little eight yeah maybe i'm in a thicket of and it permits and in that time
that whenever quite your brain in a kind of kicked in and i was four
so i think conversation can also be very ah
satisfy and nourishing where they can provide time as well as
doing the opposite yes
i agree sitting around a table with people i'm talking is one of the joyous like really
and you feel sad you really to fan by
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