January Practice Period Class

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jason to packages
the morning whoops
well i was gonna bring this out later budget since the stay on the period now show this is my prop
and are christian when know i was going to ask you questions
because that would you were wish you
what is it much
hey guys
it was used understand established starts artistic times battling air from diamond cutter korea and g d
on your head and i'm that's how i mean that's true
i let her borrow it
star in a styx so the reason i brought this is festival it's just so cute and and i house is full of things like this which is one of the privileges are living with a child and her with me because i get them for her so star in a stick this is what to put a saw the morning of his enlightenment
as dynasty
he's a star right without the stick
so what that means is that he saw star without the grabbing the holder
have a concept of a star
so he saw this just like your seen just like this with no imputations before you name it before you jump on it before you decide whether it's goofy or not or whatever you decide whatever you're thinking all of you have a different main you're doing in there in the privacy of the
your own mind whatever that thing is before that jumps out
three simple it's really simple but it's almost impossible for us to hold that
justice it's very hard with immediately start the storyline the narrative what's a start oil helium and blow up see somebody told me that once that we go off on this whole
how far away they are and not it's washington
so the magic of the diamond sutra is to see if we can cut away all the notions and just the star on a stick and so it's it's a lot it's great
it's wonderful i was looking at the stars that snyder you know trying to not take a hold of them is like mg alone up there with me together
so that's what i want to talk about today and
i was thinking before it came down that i wish you all could have been up in my house with me for the last couple of hours because
i didn't sit down at all which is what you've all been doing i was pacing around i had different stations where i had all these books which most of which i brought and i was trying to put together some kind of narrative
relating to the diamond sutra
and fortunately one of the things that i read is an article by a man named gerald dirty and i brought it if anyone's interested in a copy later he let them know but what he says his article is called a form is emptiness reading the diamond sutra
and he's one of these really bright guys that probably working on his phd or something
who plays with language and meaning and structure and you know using the diamond sutra as a kind of example of how to deconstruct story making
so what i began to think about was here i am trying to put a story together and got all these posted all over my house and i want to find a through want in are a connector to make the post-its into a story that i can then come and tell you that the beginning middle and an end the diamond sutra has no such
narrative no beginning a middle no end and we're all going what when is this
just these stars jumping out
so gerald already basically says that the diamond sutra is kind of an anti story making mechanism it sort of like d magnetizing your atm card you know it won't work you can't make your stories
so that was encouraging that was an encouraging story from either
and why i can't get it together
so i went ahead and did it anyway and
i brought my post its most of them and i'm going to share them with you
and i decided yesterday that this was really going to be opposed to talk that i would just bring each of them and tell you what spawn it and then that'll be the end when i'm done one ten thirty hits
ah there's no chalk
removing the shock
if you have no idea that's the worst mean why should the
of norm norman asked me to teach a class i said that's fine and then i immediately said to run i have to have a chalk board and so i was thinking about they know why do i attended the chalk board and for for twenty years i sat in a class with someone riding on a chalkboard that's what you do when you teach
isn't isn't that how you learned everything you ever learn so
i'm going to write on the chalk board
but i'm not because there's no ah thank you so pepper
say okay that was how we knew what else to take with you will close support and shrine that's that's right there was important
like all those who preceded me i i found some poetry that i like and i want to share and this first one is i guess maybe some of you hate hater i don't know but i think a lot of people like their mary oliver
have a a yes or no from some notes and yes
this is the called the buddha's last instruction
make yourself a light said the buddha before he died
i think of this every morning as the east begins to tear off its many clouds of darkness to send up the first signal a white fan streaked with pink and violet even green
an old man he laid down between two solid trees and he might have said anything knowing that it was his final hour
it thickens and settles over the fields around him the villagers gathered and stretched forward to listen
even before the sun itself hangs disadvantaged in the blue air i am touched everywhere by its ocean of yellow waves no doubt he thought of everything that had happened in his difficult life
and then i feel the sun itself as it blazes over the hills like a million flowers on fire clearly i am not needed
yet i feel myself turning into something of inexplicable value
slowly beneath the branches he raised his head he looked into the faces of that frightened crap

so ah the buddha is a response to suffering
and what the buddha taught was medicine for suffering
that's why he spoke at all
and i think when we study the wisdom teachings like the diamond sutra the heart sutra it's very easy to ah
wonder where's the compassion and all of this stuff where's the heart of the heart sutra
where the feelings
the carriage
and so it's helpful to me and now remembering about the caring part is that a buddhist teaching is basically ah
you know the image of a bird is is quite common and the bird has two wings and one wing is compassion which we all pretty much understand
and the other wing his wisdom which is how you have true compassion is by having understanding wisdom without wisdom compassion kind of flaps its doesn't know what to do it doesn't know how to respond
so maybe sympathy or empathy
no you don't even know if it's helpful when you're doing so wisam helps you to see what's helpful and what the buddha said was helpful was to help people to wake up that's the medicine that he had to offer was the teaching of awakening so the wisdom teachings are the teachings of waking up which is compassion to hell
people wake up is the greatest highest compassion
if you start to look at the history of buddhist teaching in on the beginnings and the old wisdom schools it's very easy to get a sense of how to practice you be good you'd be generous you be peaceful
you can you work on purity
purifying body and mind
so you know that seems like a kind of simple straightforward ah way of train the teachers are simple practices are simple
as you get into the wisdom teachings and later centuries you know it it's like the teaching and skin very hard to understand and the practices are like ambiguous what do we do this or don't we are we been silent or not salmon and mean what are we doing here
so it's there's something's happened in this conversation among practitioners over the two thousand years and that that's something that's what we are trying to understand for ourselves because it's also what's happening within us and we start off with kind of simple idea about practice and then we get confused and get more confused
the longer you stay here i promise the more diffused forget
i think part of part of what's been happening is a very intimate relationship between practitioners within the very same temples like if if you stayed around here for while you begin to notice that those of us who live here are not in agreement
why you already noticed them
about anything
and dad
you know and this was there has been true you can imagine just projecting us back a couple thousand years is always been so
the monks are not in agreement and so these conversations about understandings of the teachings have been going on within the monastic communities for for many many many thousands of years and is very intimate and it's very much about
are you carrying something extra are you imputing something extra to your understanding are you making it so heavy that the bird can't fly
have you real find something here if you made something real
no the spirit has to be very light to fly
so what are you holding on to what do you have it's extra what can we get rid of that will lie
reveal the buddhist mind
the lightest substance in the universe
and there are many systems if one of the things it's very confusing and has been confusing for me for my several decades buddhist practice is by dipping into to these various systems that they are contradictory so if
you read the old wisdom teachings and commentaries well that's not what it says and so it's also says no you actually hear the opposite and one of the teachers i was reading the saying he went to a conference of buddhist that if that was going to be just a lovely occasion gathering all these traditions together and they said people came away so confused
no one tradition said you'd do it this way and the other said no no you do it this way so
i certainly have had that experience myself of like walk which one is it what is ultimate reality what is enlightenment saw these different understand
so it's helpful to me at the moment i found a really neat book that i told my small group about called you know this isn't the final answer by any means but it's a good a good step along the way it's called appearance and reality and it's the two truths and the for buddhist tenant system by guy
i knew on these are the the tibetan monks debating the they're good scholars and
and what they basically have done this is a system about systems so the tibetans have come up with a way of understanding the old texts the mahayana the yoga trial which is so the mind only part of what norman's been teaching and madama cup which to stay
middletown teaching which in this tradition of the dalai lama's tradition is considered the highest understanding middleweight teachings in a garden so they they rank them by the finest layers on top and the thicker layers on the bottom
and then they described to you how each of these systems understands ultimate truth and relative truth and their each different
i found that very helpful as i can all that's why i keep running into these distinctions there are distinctions
of definition
and course everyone's to everyone is thinking that they are describing non-duality which is the you know if a bit of my first were a going of if the revived to have a i voice thought that if we're gonna put something up at the gate there have the road
this is
it might be best to put non-duality as the
kind pointer to what we're trying to realize
and and certainly that's what all of the systems are attempting to explain is what the buddha saw and what the buddha saw was a world it was clean of duality the star just the start just the start
not not to things not one thing not to things
now do you will have a pretty good sense of what duality is
mindy as anyone not to feel like you know what when where to where it is okay
a was
it's just that debate over
ah well ah
i really visual i can't think without a pictures like my books are all my books are full of use of dry so anyway this is a drying of via egyptian gods

if you like that lucas
ah so i saw this in a fiction book one time and they have different versions of is some of them have birds heads and and then human human feet you must skirt and feet
and i've had asked really curious you know this is a god but then it struck me as just exactly what it's like to be a human being
harry toes and ankles and knees and you got to hear you kind of after why you can't see anything anymore
you know except of sign and the trees and birds and
so you go from some kind of sense of yourself lower half to this the universe around you as what you perceive
so now this is like our our eyeballs looking out
and this this dual nature
is the basic problem for human life
you know is it inside inside outside is it right into iran is it me as at you that's duality all the ways that we see thing says two things dual
two things and
so all of the teachings are pointing out the fundamental fallacy
of this inborn way that we see things we it's just me come by it naturally we didn't do nothing we did wrong
the only thing we do wrong is to teach duality
that's where we go you know start with little kids
and we teach them all the dualistic ways of thinking and then they're stuck and they become adults were really really stuck so ah so the buddha was teaching
the opposite of our inborn perception
now he didn't say that we're gonna change our perception he said we're gonna change our understanding of what we see
the idea of seen through it rather than having a good way you're going to understand differently that's what changes is your understanding not the world this stolen look like this i'm really sorry but this is it this is it and a snap there
sept were pandemic in a mess
we're hurting like this world terribly so do
so non-duality right and what

oh okay
so i i did want to get back to the example from the first time i was here which was
a mrs boat
you know if we think of the old wisdom teachings one way to understand that is kind of like game and sent his boat you know he trained himself he studied he learned navigation he built this beautiful boat and it was see worthy and he set out on the ocean of reality and there was a very good story
til we turn the page and he fell off the boat
so part of what the the wisdom teachings are trying to prepare us for is the stuff we're not prepared for we're not ready for we're not ready to fall off the boat
but that's what's happening to us all the time and mean oce i'm sure you've noticed that and matter how well you get it set up here is that phone call at midnight
so we fall into reality the ocean of reality without our boat with that our system without our strategies
you know and then what
i am i heard a story from tar toku who have was teaching here years back and he was a wonderful teacher tibet and teacher and
someone asked him he'd been talking about fearlessness and to ben practice in swans one of the signs of enlightenment his fearlessness and somebody said to him well what did you do when the chinese came into tibet
he said iran
and i thought now that's enlightened
there is flexibility there
you don't just have one idea about what fearlessness is or how to behave what to do it's like you figure out what's going on here and you respond appropriately
you run
so one of the things that we often do as we get stuck in our notions
we get stuck in one side or the other of these of these dualities and this is called holding on to views and it's one of the first central teachings and the diamond sutra is ah
can't we recite this every morning midnight in the heart sutra the perception

one of the biased on this forms feelings perception impulse consciousness
perception is what you think you know
what you think you know out of all that's going on you think you know something that's a perception and that's the reason it gets its own of all the stuff point on with you reason it gets its own category of among the five sanders is because it's a big trouble maker
and what you it also means to grab hold of norman mentioned that the other day gravel
to grab hold of a sigh and notion of a sign
any being who grabs hold of notion of a sign is not a body be
so perceiving this a hominem attack
isn't word for sign you know grabbing hold of a sign is not a body be
thinking hope so
this is the mechanism of how we fall out of
since the important mechanism by how this happens and this is what we're trying to study how has this happened what's the experience of this
and are a kind of on one way and what defines awesome but it's one less safe inside the zendo was one place you can study this process
provided one small thing
this is one of the main things i want to talk about
you are not asleep
so i don't want to be retained by the because i've been watching the guys and
i have a sneaking suspicion that many of you
are doing this
when you sitting was given a damn right
yeah just have to pay back
but i won't talk about i want to talk about their about buddha means a week
why did they give him that name that's kind of interesting what does it mean to be awake that's know the name of the game game of the name
awake buddha is a week so that's the edge we're exploring and i also thought i had a secret agenda today one reason i brought the props is to see if i can keep you awake because i've been watching you and i've been here in this class and i feel like it's a good time to catch up and
so what is that what is that tendency we have we all know it i know it will really well to just drift into sleep
and there's a lot of different forms of sleep trances a very pleasant and fact is considered by epicurus to be the highest form of pleasure
is a trance good old trance not a cigar
but a trance actually if you've ever smoked a cigar they are trance inducing
no but and drugs sex sleep itself fantasies dreams notions
are all ways of extracting ourselves from studying
how this works
there's no judgment about that but that's just it's i think it's important for us to know what are we doing what am i doing right now i'm taking a rest good that's good probably more comfortable somewhere like in your bed than sitting on as often
but that's it good to know what you're doing like what am i doing am i doing if it's pleasant it may very well be trance
it's a good sign and if you're rocking it proudly for sure is a trance
ah ever seen this one ever done this one
they rock a bye baby that's what you do that with babysitter still
trance so i'm going to tell you a little bit about trances which i've been studying recently because i think it's really interesting and i also have become really convinced that that's most of what i've been doing in my thousand for the last twenty four years
his trance
and i'm and i'm one of the reasons i want to talk to you about it is because not because i suggesting you don't do that it's that i'm really interested right now in not doing them and that what it would mean to not join into the trance fields to flip around into trances

okay so
so as i was saying before the resume teachings have in terms of what they're teaching as the teachings progress through the centuries through the millennium they go from having a lot of data and information
and set of affirmations of practices and on
key chains and lists and songs on time you know the affirmation side is quite a thick and warm
and of
as the through the millennium what happens is the affirmations get thinner and thinner and thinner the diamond sutra is virtually affirmation was
you know it's name patients
that's not this it's not that it's
no no not that know
no no no no now i don't know what happened to you when we all read the diamond sutra together and actually be really interesting to ask the abuse separately what happened to you anything interesting
at all
in our small group there were eight of us and we each kind of says something about that on no that's not true
wasn't that a people
about eight people came up to me after the class and said do you know what happened to me and i didn't ask them that they told me and of one person said the light in here was so bad she couldn't read someone else said it's pure love
someone else said why don't we do that as a play next time
someone else said
i don't get
so it's like i kept getting these different people the first one i thought well maybe we should do as a play you know that must be right and then the next person i thought what she what did happen and then i began to believe that each person in this room had a different experience
and any that's that's probably true always about everything that happens and it's good to remember that there's no there's nothing happening like one thing
so what i had as an experience which
i must admit i assumed you were all having the same extent
i almost said wow look at that you see that
i've read that sutra you know again for many years in the way we're reading it in class and
and as i you i a little bit this is this sutra structure now
a so
you know i've read it by reading a little bit over here a is not a therefore a you know that her therefore a so these are all a is not a for a
so in the years i've been reading it i've read that one and that one that one that one and i've read this one too but i for the first time this one
it was really weird i was reading with you all and reading the whole thing and all of a sudden page twenty five
it says
i hope i have it
what do you think the does the fleshly i which type of to exist so good to replied so it is old or the fleshly i have to that does exist
and i saw this i have
open like it was like wow
i mean it does exist in below and it was like who's looking at me but as policies it was a kind of like the you know had tricked you say bold everyone can see both right well i says i saw i saw on i didn't think that was so mysterious but
but it did strike me as a wonderful if it was intentional which i'm sure it was because i think these guys for the great geniuses of the world that of there's one affirmation good as i would his wisdom consciousness and that's your eye when it's free of all of the
these notions the eye of the reader which is the only thing alive for two thousand years in any direction is you
that's your i good as i one one i looking at it you're looking at this old buddha said that you know and died
and you get to read that wisdom i is still alive and it comes to life through your flashlight your the fleshly i have the buddha wisdom eyes the one that you perceive and recognize as wisdom
so that's what i that's i
experienced this reading of the diamond sutra which oh i really liked that it was a wonderful
a possibility for
just as the ocean amongst has one taste the taste of salt my teaching has one taste the taste of liberation
so just one taste the taste of liberation
now that the
the thing about taste is that each of us alone
knows the taste of something so the buddhist teaching or your study of of the dharma and of yourself is not available to anyone else for you
you know the taste of liberation only you can recognize for yourself now you can go check it out with somebody and say what do you think of the soup know as it tastes to you and they might say yes where soup i ever ate and what do you think if they say that do then doubt your taste
as some of you do some of you know maybe you doubt their is i mean
they don't know anything food
so because that this is the tradition of taking your understanding to the teacher it's basically it's your understanding you've you've accumulated through your years of study and you bring that forward and the teaching stories of these presentations by the students are quite helpful to us nothing
towson who is the founder of the soto one of the founders of soto zen our tradition
hum when he went to his teacher with his understanding he said in his soup he said ah how do i find my true self
where's the taste of liberation
and his teacher said ask the messenger with him
you you taste when you think and toes said i'm asking now
tell me
and the teacher said well what does he say
very sweet sweet sweet taste
so this was chosen confirmation
confirmation class
now they're actually only two ways that we know that i can think of to learn how to cook and these are the two ways that the buddha taught
and one of them is

whom the other is
farming going gardening cleaning
for aoki chanting
so you know the story for buddha you know that he he
had a vision of reality called the four noble truths
and what he saw was so this is theory when he saw was that there is suffering
and it has a cause
suffering and it's cause suffering and it's cause for and spot the word for this is some sorrow it means endless circling

it's also if you know we had a cd rom of all of this you could push this button or mobile truth one and two and you'd get the twelve cold chain
that's the elaboration of how this works this the clockwork of one and two ignorance clinging ignorant clinging desire is the cause of suffering
now i have put a drawing of the tibetans depiction of the twelve whole chain in cloud hall if you've seen it the pictures is a again of like pictures they help a lot so at the center of that clockwork is our common ground or most common ground
greed i want it hatred don't want it and confusion i don't know if i wondered or not
rooster as snake in a pig we have see those in the middle and that's the center the driving drive wheel
have a twelve volt change
we hate and delusion
so that's truth one and two
three and four as another set another pair of cause and effect relationships so these are two sets
cause and effect relationships where the buddhist study was causality how does this come to me how does the world arise
what's going on here
suffering comes to be pleasure comes to be your desired clanging around around them
so this one three is cessation of this and this one the circles go this way renunciation
we renounce the causes of suffering
and and this is called we call this one nirvana
cessation and the cause of cessation
is where your way of life how you live
neither your life
so where you live your life is the cause for the end of suffering
it's no quick fix
so a footpath
he's got theory a for her
easy way to remember is this clam
fernanda dalembert taught us that years ago i've never forgotten a footpath thanks to amanda
this is clam if you can remember this clamp you've got a popup view
on that
why the
mindfulness meditation
the first to right view right intentions are
the theories
that your understanding right view means that you understand the four noble truths you understand
the chemical rising impermanence all these basic principles you understand intellectually that's that you have the theory and you might you know the theory drilled in the theory but yeah what was at what's done one the strong often twelve what are the you've actually learned the in you you've got
a theory right view
right intention is you really intend to learn this stuff you really gonna do it and you also intend to save all beings through your understand you are a bodhisattva intent on enlightening yourself for the benefit of others
so this is if this is the theory and so you set out
each day you set out that theoretical basis and then you practice you train your practice cooking with these other six
how you speak how you behave what you do for a living will kind of effort to make your mindfulness practices your meditation practices
hey this is how you learned anything particularly this is how you learn
a good time

okay so non-duality is the theory that we're pointing to in our
offerings all of our sutra offerings during morning service are non dual key chains sandal chi the heart sutra mean each one of them if you read them with an eye to non-duality you begin to understand why they're by their why they're like that
what is that flavor non-duality it's the flavor of liberation case to liberation
so what i want to talk about is in will more practical vein is the second step which is the training practice step and
and that's why i was wondering about what you're doing in the zendo because
ah cause i think it's good to know what you're doing
recently i had the a fascinating experience of studying for half a day with a john master

there are a
eight john
he's been popular conversions eight this and these are a kansas
do you all know about germans have you all study jarvis to anybody studied with the jonah master john a teacher
anybody know they've been in a job
pov you it mostly of you probably have and i'm going to tell you what their life and we describe them to what i really enjoyed about this listening to this teacher was i went oh oh oh oh i see that's what's going on
the buddha practice john is his first to you do actually know john's if you've heard the boots to life of the buddha because he first started by studying with john masters his first teacher taught him the realm of non perception where everything just disappeared
a thousand ox carts went by and he didn't hear sound
it does pretty good
so his teacher said you teach this you're really good at it and he said no this isn't the end of suffering as soon as they come out of the trance i'm miserable again and so he left and he went to the next meditation teacher who taught him the realm of perception non perception which is the highest the eighth jonna and he could do that and he said this isn't it either
he came out of that isn't very very refined state of mind segue you know
this a wisp of being
it's all you are little wisp of being
a cloud in an endless sky
i got this book in our bookstore but i came on who's a great john a master that was whisked her thing was teaching gianna
and people would come from all over the world to study how to do this she could teach about seventy five percent of the people that went to her she's well her students said and he's had the same percentage of luck so it looks like it's a pretty large percentage of people can enter these john has during these meditation times and
and they can describe what's happening to them and then the teacher can say that's right you're in john to your in for you in five and this man
he uses the germans to sort of relax
the reason i'm bringing up pajamas is because i think if i think if you don't know that you've hit one you might think this is it
and the in what they say is that when you hit the first jhana which is very pleasant
yeah i remember once characterized by pleasure
you get very interested in meditation
have you learned a very interested in a meditative i promise you your hip john one
that's the sign it's so nice
now what have you brought up the mission movie the mission but yeah there's another scene in that movie maybe you remember robert de niro is a can kiss the dory and he's killed his brother and he goes to a m
ah is this is lacking to rule where simple and he goes to am a priest
a brother david
and yeah he says i'm i'm just going to stay in the cell until i die he starts eating is so horrified at is action of killing his brother whom he loved by little over a woman
having just go out for dinner tonight
so he's killed his brother and he's basically guy he's wasting away he's not pleading himself he's completely given up on life and this priest comes and says come with me on this mission to the indians so robert deniro finally the agrees to go and there's this
huge waterfall and they're up to climb up a slippery slopes to where the indians are
the native people and robert deniro science himself the task of carrying his armor is metal armor and a sack as his parents and it's huge and is huge sat with his sword in his everything in it and he's climbing up here and it's a long scene you know that that him climbing was slipping
and falling and just like you sure he's gonna die any second and he's going to helping us with
the filing he gets up to the top with the sack he's laying their flat on the ground absolutely exhausting and this indian is beautiful markings on his face native indian it
yeah getting them
comes up to him with a knife and you think that you know i get it now and that in the indian cuts off the rope it's holding the armor and the armor goes crashing now
and robert deniro stands up free
first john
it's like that it's so obvious and so wonderful to drop that burden that you've been carrying all your life
the the sense of relief you know right away tremendous get when you hit the first job and that's why people spend a lot of time the problem is it's like the monkeys with eminence
you keep pushing that button and don't eat anything else but chocolate you get very sick
it's not the food to just go into a trance this is a trance
it's helpful for a calming the mind but it's not the point in it's not it's not what the buddha was doing wasn't trouncing
so that's just number one you know this all the way up through eight now once you have the experience of the first jhana the rest of them aren't like that you don't have this great big yahoo experience over and over again it's more subtle subtle steps of refinement
ah now the buddha he went from one one from one to eight
when he finally sat down under the bodhi tree
he was trying to figure out how to approach is on his mission his mission which was to find the cause and end of suffering
and he thought about
first time which he had quite accidentally fallen into as a young child
and he was fourteen years old and i know many people have these kinds of experiences as children probably children having them all the time
of slipping into a trance
with the butterflies in
so he sat down he was at a festival there are many animals being heard that even remember the story the agricultural festival and everyone celebrating the harvest and all he could see was all the animals being cut in half by the clouds it was terrible carnage to this young man is very sensitive young man so he sat down by himself away from the party
he and quite by accident he entered a trance first jhana
which is accompanied by pleasure and thinking
it's not blank
there's thinking
so when he sat down as a grown man under the bodhi tree he went there
first and that's where he studied himself from that position of relaxed pleasant feeling with thought and he studied reality was just thinking nine
and that's how he was able to articulate the formidable true
twelve food chain the side he was thinking about it how does this world come to be
what's going on what is it it's creating all of this before my eyes moment after moment how's it work what's going on he studied the theory
he learned with theory and then he talked the theory
and when you talk you don't know this is great i mean he got enlightened in all of that that was great but it's not it's not really that important it's not important at all
that one person gets enlightened
what was important is that he taught others he was a teacher and he taught other to do it
that was what was important to the self and other the gif the emptiness of the giver receiver and the gift of enlightened
that's why we celebrate the buddha that's what we were we know it who he was and put them on the auction because he's a he taught others still alive he didn't die
does he taught
and what he taught was expressed by his first cycle con donna was one of the aesthetics
and compounds and all that arises
and boosted it that's it
we've got it
and all that arise in ceases knowing that the world arises is the antidote to isn't
there's nothing the other than knowing that the world ceases is the antidote to his eternal of them
this is non duality that's what i'm understood not to reality neither is nor isn't
all that arises he says
it is there it isn't there fish is it
all that arise and season
it's this fall
one whole idol
that's a watcher observing reality
but not from outside
non duality he isn't isn't that's the whole thing that i'm future is just another version of that
and what it does i notice a not a
is it forces us to sit right in the middle of the skin
a not a not a and by doing this by putting us in this contradictory position
the paradox you can stamp here that is it or it
we want it to be one of the other that's our nature
so by forcing us to experience of this point it's fastly oscillating we can actually see
how to mine fabricates
the mechanism of creation and saw how the mind fabricates the world
how we make this into something more than just as
for good and for you
what beautiful poetry comes out of elaboration to but such terrible suffering
so my main point is that you see how it works so that you're not subject to it you're not just at the whim of is or isn't as your mindset so you think it's true
we'll start to doubt your mind it's a very good idea
in one of the japanese day
where are lucky handsome the first jhana just as a way of kind of being pleasantly comfortable so he could study you don't do your homework you know standing on one foot usually find a chair with cushion and good lighting cup of tea so that's kind of like john grisham
and you say included that what we do is a way of relieving the pain of the paradox of is that it isn't it by elaborating substantiated and body punch my name she thinks that i think they do now that i think i do to you can watch it you know
watch yourself on the main screen any day of we just getting carried away with your narrative
let you know the truman show it's like we're all just kind of like doing these narratives and and the thing that the another part that the this important you know in the heart sutra says inverted views
that ah
very important is key to the heart sutra is when these are reversed to their proper
yeah when they right thank you
so they are therefore and girded views that we all quite naturally no blame
assume to be the case and
we assume that there's itself
a unity or the self that we defend to the death now the best way to see this self was to be wrongly accused
who me i didn't take this cookies
so anyone wrongly accuse you and you can see that's why we do all of this self
revealing activity around here you know would you be kochi up
after a number of people will see me it up here me that's right
that's it you can see you and hear you to this is the artificial self that you've created and try to protect it's an imagination
so there's that believe the second one is impermanent entities outside of yourself
and you can get ahold of know of lots of of that all silver knowledge
part sexual partners
each other it's going to complete your you more perfect
so this self believes in itself
and it believes in the other
and it believes number three
chasing after the other it's pleasant
our entire culture is based on this
shopping that we will by virtue of acquiring these objects
we had this will make us happy forever
we believe it we do believe it i believe it i hit
i believe it it can get more and work you know nirvana that's a good one
a nirvana of not shopping that's a good either
sometimes i like stay home whatever you know that ineffective anything you want or don't want will work just fine is certainly a joke that somebody will release the american navy i was or another ever again
so this is pleasant this pursuit of happiness it's in the constitution that's pleasant good
mm and the last one is that the above three or true
professor of pathology of all of the above is true we really believe what we believe you know this is the conviction level when in fact these are upside down there is no self
there are no permanent objects this suffering pursuit you know it's the personal first and second album truth suffering is caused by desire
this is suffering county things imagining their things outside of yourself that you can get that you don't already have like the sun in the morning wouldn't like you already have it but you put them outside of yourself and long for it star and sky
and please hold all of the this whole adventure is empty of any inherent existence
it's all empty
and that's what it is yeah that's what we can say that's the affirmation of the persian army to sutures is empty
you don't get anything else on
get all on it back
empty of any inherent existence stars the moon and sun your friends you get them all qualified by being empty of any inherent existence so it's just the same thing all that arises
cc all that arises it is empty
the quality this is the qualifier you can put anything in the blank
anything you name all phenomenon so
any category of existence a language form that we've invented
he's qualified by the empty and including
empty there is no such thing as emptiness that's floating around out there
concept event financing mp to so
so it's very peaceful and you play
very peaceful just it's right here
what's happened and peaceful what's happened
but isn't peaceful kind of player
that pleasure is wrong
well that would be may be like what are you gonna do when it's not where'd you go to live when it's not pleasant
no you'd have to start sorting
and that's what we tend to do say i want all the pleasant things in my house with me and all the unpleasant things in his house with him
i am i know if we try that i try to make that happen not to get those unpleasant things it's much better to see how it's all empty to actually understand the emptiness of pleasant and unpleasant
that's more like true pleasant gonna be like route that these john states to get to that know john states or help the first time zoeken
and actually all of them are fine if you find yourself in a john estate was just fine but don't think that's the point of the exercise
it's good to read get rid of your stress and stop running around know to relax and calm down
the calm the mind and study the real you don't study the real from the back of a pickup truck you can't
it just it looks like the bank you know looks like movement movement erratic movement
so you need to calm the mind in order to see and then if you get better at it you know like amos he could he could ride the ocean waves you can you can see what's happening regardless of conditions you just stay with what's going on
that's pretty
fanciful man
so there's been a whale the guard
ah if your experience that much just stayed there
experience himself it's just a little respect
step out station like back to something concrete like is that if you're saying that that isn't sleeping and what system oh to come back to come back well you know we rang the bell cream and that's one way for you to check in
about what you've been doing when the bell rings like i've been for some time i've been working with someone who actually is fairly well trained in hypnotherapy
so i asked him about chance like what are the characteristics of chance he said well it's however if i snap my fingers you'll know you've changed your state of consciousness snap out of it
so that's one way to tell you've been in transit you'd hear that bell and it's like love whereby been you've probably been in a trance
what i've been trying lately just it in the in the spirit of experimentation not as like nothing more than that is to open my eyes more
which is kind of why i was bringing that up where the way i used to
be sitting my normal way and i'll still do it automatically when i sit down is to start with my eyes open and a pretty soon i they are all the way down and i'm cruising around in platforms you know i got a red gave a great teaching about this in the last the sheep were how many of you in the roads
i thought this is really helpful he said that one of the students hand to him with this image and reptiles he's be on site about what how it works so here's this iron pole covered with velcro
and here's his ball of opera
on a string
and this
these are magnetized
and this is a and one you know anything last week what you ate for dinner mom you know what you want to do with your life anything like that is is in this ocean like i can add for myself this kind of us you know vast ocean reservoir of all the
things i've ever heard learned or stored in my consciousness
and i don't know what's in there i can't access it just stuffed and stuff so out of all that stuff one of these pops off if you noticed that randomly we did you decide to think about that
so so upper times and then when it comes it is drawn to your attention and it sticks
and there you are you're in it
you know for a while and then it stopped
you released
back to my meditation
the next one
and this goes on and online and if you watch with your eyes open i promise you well
not an hour punch but anyway thing but i think what else maybe see that don't let me know is how sick is that you can't stop doing this
now over and over and over again and release
and release you know and some of these things are really happy and some of them make you cry and know it's just like while
and these are the six realms that you're migrating and buddhist terminology you're just visiting six rounds to the six rounds andre
the subject
the but you know it's married
government or its affiliates
the six realms are heaven
a human right
ah stuck as the acc example for stockbrokers
after fighting gods who want to get him from have ever prefer
one hungry ghosts over here who have just longing all the time and animals who are fighting period
so but the wine are fairly good realms these are war on the positive nine of quitting carnations reward for good deeds lower realms are not so pleasant
this is kind of like teenagers
animals they just
the criminal of at speaker than herself
and how you have no choice you just there you're you're pressured down there's nothing you can do
just like i can't move the worst depression you can imagine that's fell hungry ghosts just like the battles and army
so all of these kind of circulate around us human beings as states of mind user states of mind that we go through and that's what were visited by
oh oh
what do you do about that well if you watch it and you keep your eyes open and you watch this process
what happened to me is that i
but this was so sickening

it was so sickening that was that ah my my my urge to the to get away from this was so strong puppy to either join it like well let's just go to heaven if we gotta do this for you know it's just think about nice things
was to either distract to or to trance were just restricting trans i'm going to have etc
go live with the gods the only problem with heaven is it doesn't last everything is impermanent all of these states are impermanent and
so usually from heaven you can go right to help because you want to be back in heaven
directions you're longing for yeah you're longing for heaven so this is so sickening
that the next instruction is so the first and stuck and watches see how it works the next instruction is
let it get as big as it wants to get
meaning sickening
and how sick hey can you get how disgusting can you get well he gets pretty big our usual way is to try and get out it make a tiny play
i'm uncomfortable soil shake it but instead if you go the opposite direction and let it let it get big this is the same direction for going into the genre has been you just expand the feeling how you enter the johns and how you move up from you keep expanding on what's there and let me go
dig into your infant's face that's number seven
your mind has become universal mind
you better get really big sickening vegas sickening if you've ever never get it that because usually you will avert so you let it get really big oil happen is it costs
put it past because it has no contrast
that's my cue like there's no contracts
sydney depends on duality
all things depend on duality
pleasant unpleasant know they are in relationship to one another so if you stay with this until it's all there is there's no relationship
and it can't live
then what happens is for a while

isn't in i'm a little he's like a g let you lead of the second get huge or the the weeks the top forty of none of you know you stay away from the thought forms that's what will make you sick if you don't get caught in them inserted go into the story the
narratives re stay out of the stories okay
and with nothing there but the floor or the wall in front of your eyeballs that's pretty sickening
all by itself
the wall i am i have a floor right now as i'm sitting out but it's really
hard to stay with the for
we're having a great relationship not landscape very dense hardwood
this again this is an exploration i don't know i love you like it or not could check it out see if you like it but but my senses if this is one way to dispel this process of
yeah for what and i was i was noticing that in a recently in a staff meeting i was starting to get into my usual one of my realms which is often now it's kind of the hell realm where i feel oppressed by what people are saying
i can't believe they just said that you know the stupidest thing i've ever heard of my hair like yeah and unfortunately this is a friend of mine so i can't really respond the way like to and this is just pressure to not move or not act so i did this exercise of just letting that feeling get very big
lit with you how angry and disgusted and frustrated and you know all just to let it grow grow and grow room and it's it went away and then i was able to actually talk about the issue that we were discussing without all this
can contraction
and i thought that's really nice less to me a nice way to function without a one way to confront the aranda in the desert
i know indulge it but a surgery leave it alone
leave it alone let it let it have its way with you it's there it's come unbidden what's it gonna do
it wants to go away it's impermanent
it won't last
but are thought forms the stories will do around anxiety what we tend to do is you get an anxious feeling and you look around for the cause of your anxiety fred
you know and i'll make up a whole thing about and then i'll remember all the times at it and pretty soon you're in that conceptual world which doesn't have that same apparent impermanence that just the feeling itself will actually go
and let you think again
come back
thank you all do this some way or another children do it it's kind of you know we kind of know how to stop
we've learned this
a while when he down and downtown and i remember you asking us in the meaning and to watch our hearings and at the top half an hour demo was just just notice them mean say something and at just
i feel happier and it was really amazing to me because i saw that in that group time they went like this cousin just on anything you ready to my tempo
it was good to see that
it really helped not believe in a while struggling because i saw how quickly
doesn't it was a theater at the time but it was just a good example
hi to this
yeah i think you know well i was just getting a little worried that i was making this into a system another system you know and here's food system for something or another
please don't be burdened by it it's really just
you know for me this is an example of study the cell wall
trances chances in if you're gonna study through trances know what transfer him it's good to know what you're doing so study trances them if you're trans am fine learn about trances learn how to go up to number eight and back down again i think it dispels the magic of them if you actually engage with them you're not quite so like the and doll
just another tool for studying itself for study reality
can we a distinguishing like the chinese track states that squabbling and sobriety
i don't know are and i'm trying to get that all worked out i don't know yet if they mean the same thing if the first jhana
is anyone still you need you read up on a latina
is a difference to know when when a medina we don't
my country area doesn't know that it's not on
camping on
diana would you call read
the i was having a focus on the panel
and i was i was so distressed and i felt at some point her attacking him that i'm choosing every title from every existential writer i ever read now on no escape nausea
met on the and i couldn't have anything to stop it the only kind of best but it goes over the words i happened to describe what what i heard describing the difference for me is that isn't that i let it get a current through it just gets yes and there really is no escape
i mean there just isn't just and i remember going through this and i mean like complain why i can't get out of here and it's horrible and i can't stand it but i can't not stand it i mean what else is there to do and i almost said to me this is why we came here
and i just started tumbling effect
had his pushkin's
yeah it on after describing it when that happens
when i don't get out there by distraction
it does it just kind of goes it gets so big that it isn't a decision to state with it just there is nothing else to do and ah
at minute
now onto the next onto thing
to the watching that that's what we're in a rising and falling rising and falling all that arises ceases
a good at storing and wonderful
all invite the brain in fourteen that we were there she told us that one she would do well those of desiring arab won't be answered yes but that's a wonderful wonderful way of reading analogous to see if you all units
are you once you tell him the i don't think they do play a short and with the to back here that tibetan monks it was very oh and if of living and get a k for years and years and went out one day to get fresh air and where and he came back in his cave was ill with wagons going smoke
and fire and angry and he worked out and and was terrified and so he had pulled himself together in and get out get outcomes why wages earned them a lot of these drag and just with them walk out
hey but there were still some there and he waved his arms and yelled and we chatted and nothing happened and said well when you have some tea of now they all sat down and read some tea and were on with the in all
one got up and gosh out in life and then he was the last track and who was still spewing smoke with angry and snorting and the dragon woodley no matter what this for all love get
and so they well i you're here on here i guess we than the night
but first let me put my head in your mouth and the dragon open will fly in it with both
guess what the i disappeared
and start if it's only very powerful to me
take a we can the guys will stay for tea and a good
who are getting who's going to get married to me
well thank you i have one last poem and we can go back to the zendo
it has turned cold the mountains are more vast and more blue the autumn waterfalls are louder
i take my cane and i go out the gate for a walk i can hear the last crickets singing in the chilly evening
i am happy
the rays of the setting sun shine through the evening smoke that hovers over the village i throw back my head drunk with beauty and sing the will and song at the top of my lungs