How Can We Live The Next 10,000 Years?

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it's my great

cause they know it is the translator learn to up
just completed
another series of translations

this sunday service us city
oh great debt of gratitude
positively study
he also is

reads future
i think that this was such
ten millennium

take a bite
thank you for coming around
i always complaining that come to the
since center
him since and nineteen seventy seven i worked for the center as a scholar in residence for seven years
so on
hmm i was living in here and then they're turned fifty and
this and that usually also are burning heretics and coming here for breakfast lunch and
as in surface
now usually are coming for afternoons as an
as it was the morning
and are working and as grant know many people and
tasha in berlin
and i guess sam
i didn't know actually have a very cool idea that they wanted to come to the united states to work for us and center because on as i had met through se or before and nineteen sixty four and sixty five and then so off
the practice or where his at as so closer and then i've listed in this of other places in the united states iowa
and canada and then i said to this will be the best place for me to come and translate down to ben rose
so and
well and serve
he it to do embedded in here to work for in center
and then i don't really know to the base hit scan hidden agenda red
chess right they want of me
so i've found out that they're so well as son and the study's about the transmission of data transmission and video
certified advanced though
student as a end of the next generation teachers so reset a suitably doing that job and
then i think that i came back in nineteen seventy nine and i met that a woman who
the was who became my wife linda
and we'll get married there in and tomato
the about that time movie before and after her marriage and
i said well maybe disorder may not last long
because there's really on the seminal work nuclear am
who says were aiming at san francisco and other cities and then there was a can invoke fear of having them
some kind of extent i am nuclear war happening and then
to sort of woke up for and next morning
hello talk to people present and and super bowl that we should a stable about to
the nuclear weapons issues and so staring at my p and
and then
was fasting every was are we had the mutation on
u c berkeley campus i will just as know a movie responsible for and responsible as i mean the transition for development research and development of nuclear weapons have been there
the answers the bushy and when the is service and here are some other i think nineteen for me and then a very active in having
visual in downtown san francisco demonstrations and selfless
what actually i'm not going to really talk about that
nuclear weapons issues on at ten mindset of
intention of talking about it is and i really appreciate
my friendship as many people who have worked together trying to
work for survival of our monitor
what also said of them nuclear weapon systems and were extreme issue at that
the words can be tagged just almost car and entirely within a few days i will seen with
surface as as couldn't resist computers have time to listen
and that
this is the first time in history that humans will serve
so the actual practical set of end of the word mass suicide
and that survey this is a very unique a time in history
come when i was talking to woman was ten of about were warm and and fisher just a walking nuclear weapons are set of know i look at was can happen a woman and happen
that this environmental destruction
he's going to happen
so this involuntary vicious arrow ha
very serious and the same com
was here i love that
well i just i'm i'm supposed to talk about the practice or and house a practice or so
works in the life
the top of my practices to the a and certain sense going back to certain central just bad
when rosa
him and his teaching some her and a sense of says if not then not too
and this this is a wonderful experience going back to his thirteenth century where been tried to really understand where he was to say
but also through this kind of sense of cleanliness and can be applied to sense of oneness to have a pupil other beings and also and to to the future
a generations just somehow with feel not separate from our future generations
i often talk to them people
the a high school some art project was high school students
and asked him
one question maybe i should ask any questions to the question is and us to you want him and to live
and that some people so hundred years the two hundred years fifty years
i simply for server forever
that time
it's hard to find someone would say either diaz who will want him to the kids one thousand years were two thousand this
it seems that that will
people really listen call for have already lost hope they didn't really want to talk about that didn't want to give members they they usually give some bad reasons and say you know this jesus is happening and so climate is changing
we were losing rainforest and all these things so don't want want to
the seven and realistic and so we want him to to live for one thousand years and i think
i find it very very disturbing
i think on from the blue and that
the civilization and when people started our
some content didn't investigate and thousand or ten thousand
well as always an assumption that in this culture that real live for
thousands of years in westminster personal ideas about it and of the world in coming days and surfacing different cultures that's true too that i think in most cultures especially in station unconscious on mean
when there's like ten thousand this so the ten thousand instant japanese bonsai
which means man lives empire is six ten thousand this that compares with society or just our house
to spends on itunes
ten thousand years
and fountain pen is called nine nancy my name is emily way to say ten thousand bombs i am one night actually so
the pain that can last for ten thousand yeah that's more than a fountain pen
ah so ten thousand these are they are calling the same just lot of time
i think

and as focus on ice cream in me says now going into a meme by millennium
everyone is talking about the next ten times news at least the beginning with one thousand years next century
that time a man primitive people were they thinking about
like ten thousand and ten millennia
so instead of asking this question has stopped asking this question how many years the tantamount to live and
i found it very kind of depressing so i changed my marijuana question
my question is
we want to leave for concise and ruins as necessary
so i know here
i brought him
then some people may say this okay and said how how do you do that
people say is when he ran out in the us navy scientific researchers seven a finding that movie can take their
a deeper has seen a movie
stretch it to grandma had made a hundred and fifty
that doesn't many people are thinking that climate change is could come fast faster than twenty years and
so so highbury says
so that if i mean i know the answer catastrophes
and that
that long i think that
i think this
can be and will be one of the most important questions very time

so maybe expectation let's say to civilization started about ten thousand years ago in organic farming
standard about their time and then are set of those areas an assumption
as far as i'm concerned
that he lived ten one thousand years and then over seven have been the mood
this century
so that
possibility for her human tomorrow for ten thousand as was kind of decreasing radically and an internal
for now with the development of nuclear weapons and then i said of catching up for was sad environmental destruction
you still have em both have threats
commandment of questioning and close the population explosion seven king
and then a high consumption
so as simple as really our societies rushing to the and cover zero point know possibility to live for ten thousand dollars very close to their i think
so that's a very frightening figure
so my someone and the address so a decent line to know and then seventh
i tried to find the emerald of domestic fixture most epidermis fixture what would be going like this we're going serve the their potential for the or for that claim human survival and then something happens there and then
a instead of defense or restriction and then visit
and seven
possibility for them and server for that
a long time
he said a recovering
so that's a panorama picture i have
i don't know how to do it
kamala to us as questions how i should do that and at the moment weapon trying to do is trying to ask questions these questions and web and in other places and just ask questions humbly ask questions
another idea is a rousing article and i'm trying to remember it
the this and organizations
maybe pieces to in and how to invest in highly i have some connection and some groups disaster
to start a steady group will be a few people can just make you know
once or twice a year since we were that kind of lazy way couldn't stand there
ah but rubio be talking about ten thousand lives of everyone we don't have the best can
and so i think having a study group is one way and least people can stop talking about
i liked to have welcome
academic organizations have to have steady group and proposing it to the academy of art and science so that's where people are to
time to stab
talk to sarah i think that's a good place
for semigroups most stunning to start
eventually lead to have i like to see in admissions to establish a pencil for tenderloin future so that
pass curtain just talking about in long term sheet and that's all
that maybe i'll be asking him to involve people who has like specialist and leaders because basically specialist in leaders said of
i've messed up the planet
so you need for people and people young people
in a different cultures tribes those people to really express their concern
and presumed to of us so that's soccer
that's my seven
agenda software
well and
if she hadn't suggestions or questions please go ahead yes
want to thank you so much for
speaking about his
so much eloquence and passion
thoughts and understandings are taking my own
a in the twenty years or so that i've studied this problem
what's ironic is it already the price is board on the world map
population water
in so many ways it's blinking all over him
there's so much of a forest or collective either denial or see no evil speak no
the opportunities human needs to come together on its eggs and compassion and just to is now he was a rare they already have it is an were talking in terms of
two generations to some kind of a catastrophe hits for most of us unimagined one those are basic scientific kinds of
clear rational logic for projections and and yet we continue to continue on and so the question that i find and the coin know i find that i try and pass to keep from this they're just one and does too
and the other thing that seems to be i'm kind of been an educator for a long time sort of thrown out of the schools are assessing and summary when it came to me a number years ago at the most important thing that we can do to the young people as and before them at the youngest possible age what their ages i don't know
and then just say simply our kids we have something i want to tell you
i mean for really screwed it up
and we screwed up so bad that we don't know haven't get out from underneath because we're the problem perpetuating the problem
somehow we feel that within your genetic and hair and makeup is necessarily so the solution to this and for the first time ever margaret mead was a first person that i saw talk about it she was talking about this generation out of necessity becoming cold educators and off huge or
patients to grow educators with children because a had in their intuitive mind inherently a man to be able get his own where we were a problem my a the solution line so somehow we can take that most absurd radical conclusion of the
schools and the curriculum becomes simply how do we as as coal educators can
and as an from my heart
i just wanna can
the student
no very frightening answer her questions and i think so
lotta festival how does one
for this
i like to translate to trafficking so
two sentences is how do i don't what to what can i them and then rather than is what can you do
i think that's repression
hello i'm a pessimist taught me well see or bad elements melbourne
robert program them put an optimist to cause a see to pass to or humans and also have some experience of
kind of impossible things ah
sort of happening and it became possible first impossible thing was when i was so com
whoever i'm twelve
i see american bombers and of describing and dropping bombs on our cities just turn in cities long run and then
so it to you or join and they arise from then says i can drills and then japanese fighters will be missouri fighters return so that they couldn't take the ferry grow up
lean on this our sky was the sole of ah
video surface
come when the woman was saying that we will never know
and then they saw probably the best kind of a foreign fanfare set so ah
check a look sam catlin sir
hundred million people crushed like a japan tour
detroit has is to our days at on such a fighting in get killed and one or surrender for that say they're so when i was a cute and then
the allegation is such that we will never sell santa the
personal i didn't see any sign that will win the war
kid can flat
okay i will never settle forbid the was saying that because illinois whichever kind of half a commitment to ourselves in all of us
and then let happened most recently i also found that gap there
i'm just them
moto a paper she was a new wasn't he
he had a very crucial or and because he was kind of fine he said it over the present small country temple but he is a highly respected and the same plan spring of nineteen forty five to pages our crew
no further i was so clear he started the women carried on the result in jobs suzuki was ah
as to be your prime minister and then he was looking for an advisor and un to get and see what shall we do
and then whimper she said them were just a accepts the offer the prime minister cylinder as soon as possible
and peptide man had the courage to say that you know soil or
people on this is as can return i'll just grab presentation of a sudden as correctness in the extra help
extremes are confident integrity and so forth in his graceful he was the one you know he could say that and then ah
look he became prime minister and then you know less time
yeah he sent a message to them for washington say we wish i had the camera recording have unconditional surrender within a few days you see cigarette a let by magic to know that so can fall back and say you know your services going to stay
type actually now and you just turn
the autism and embargo and sustain what is unstuck sustainable and so he read this letter and were actually this became the ah
the of bar and feel phobic
composer he appeared for the first time on radio and then
for the have the inclination to surrender but he did it in any way to employ and the nice action is the salmon black fedex or face a richer smoking is still mask are frequently ah
current a from as a impress historic of announcement
anyway so sensor game
let's appeared to be ah
can possibly what can be
i can happen
personally will bring this south
no a bastard
grab arms it is impossible everything they did i know nothing worked
at worse and worse way to because one thousand and seven war nuclear weapons and there was no sign that recruiter for visit when i heard someone saying can wish the reverse to the amtrust it sounded so president said fresh because
reversing interests we can at least crazy but how could do reverse it
the same as you can see there was a breakthrough
somehow not how
want some or bad ah
who is a fear that will will never give up in the money the situation is not there were still at least we don't have that
susan immediate or
dancer at the moment and i think in the that's a breakthrough
it was perhaps it was completely impossible and the reasonable that been conducting reconnaissance will stop at a dead stop
set a retrospective understanding is that
wexler contests anonymous lives works or synonymous in no one person or move for people the special everyone's score and anything wrapped in every single ruin a good option calm and content
we went to san francisco
downtime and then on the freezer
service and the canvas i think you prefer the thousand citizen diplomacy or these things everything content i think
and the sink or so every step and failure and defeat was actually a stiff of victory
a step of adventure
so we can be sort of a award
we could have some kind of a vision of turning around to have impossible situation

all fences that guy and the united states was doing some kind of the path
i'm not the and the atmosphere that also
more importantly united states is
conducting researcher is a computer so would have to have actually asked her research
also be
in fear about that discretion and plutonium is something so
a different nations and so the situation is in a row
when we have the supercar well
developing these things this is however and then the scale assist or so frightening that that and then handed it is
the smaller to wouldn't do anything you know this is a kind of the situation burgers
over the spread

here has already do
continue the skyward
making these tests require more social
well on and something
an artist to comment on
if you're right i have a translator
and need their readers
and then actually when i was that the weapon two hundred twenty penn state in that time i have decent to me by ibm selectric in most computer it and said the was just one can live a minute
when using a custom of surprising and surface a realistic answer
well as was script but wonder i said were never this book will be to have a buddhists
i think adults to read the audience letters and then be some people who are
love you know where work peppers a who the artist can live in the new drugs and so say a little on
can i will soon the to do have to get away from the center and then seven billion with a reference or
work try to change to and policy that go back to
it gives said sometimes department
and then some energy you know when you come back to greece
wholesale feel comfortable vehicle at constant because we had we were facing with an empty and number one
painted this she called me up from as to them said cancer
we have to step to have this problem i mean my god save dinner i should work on that will happen certain so as to do as i will help you will work together
and that is a time japan as set of developing defense and fantasy that prepare him is at hanover
mattel you been and they were never been so it's like a been energy
and so on
the grants and like was in hundred years that still to and then let's pretend you know then in lieutenant so japan continue to have a process to process and for this plutonium that time christian and a france the usa
those people are so advanced because with nuclear weapon technology so the panelists conditioning
the bean counters and then there are thinking of adding a green two sips or there a little praetorian from the everywhere
so that kind of vision is at the within twenty years japan will have more protein than the us and finance a virginian awesome combine it's just crazy you know when then we'll compare bed
i one hundred thousand nuclear weapons and that's and then my days at this is a so severe entertaining
electric generation project
so that will scare them in and send japanese people that to remember standing a group called put them in fruitful chair i went through and an urbanized the international campaign and then basically the word a nearby disco
which is very dangerous and most of japanese where i went above and program
so was a complete outrage of the international opinion so the first soup
don't from france to japan where the because of the international and the tradition is so strong
now i was working very hard and my garage office basically
it changes to policy that this the multibillion dollar project and some of the council sandals and and reduced it to know
in turn out okay
step after that so six or seven years
the second shipment of manner there was no done so
this was them this as an owner slocum and near impossible project because japanese scientists were over to see to deliver to the books to a technological breakthrough there were more political products including communist patterns and who are against this policy
and the fact that this and not just the severity of us and the my purse rupees i worked for a haven't
a lot of environmental organizations in the web work today so
even food and sensing seems impossible
yeah he could change and that's like so ah confidence

i didn't know what was the are you going to happen
i think the
the best chance for you move to a for many times survival is rude awakening and as sustained effort of a special community
i can see a lot of problems is a spiritual religious content is a lot of exploitations now the now and all these things in asia is see we're past that a lot of problems
we can see the religious some seven movies as moves through served by denying an actual and so listen to a preparation for they can see doing is talking in general were a bad time i think to
as six future too
means to be
a to have deep understanding and to have deep understanding of the others including the future
and i think that's cool show he can't really a content scientist and can see
especially in this country know who are funding for science so how can the
where a lot of good scientist that the also that scientists were sarah
why because i'm lacking and integrity i think so
they can do the defendant and fifty for tomorrow and technology community i saw that
to to have or maybe intuitive
i think to a stranger practice can have if it's set of his his daddy this awareness
iran is and ethics and
since the responsibility kind of wisdom i think and say i think it's very thin
tempe february seventh like to be and talent and say hey on
was looking for a children business small achievement practice
active children should be needed to just enlightenment
i think that also if will get a than students and has been students you know how to
scholars in a business people and was involved in things somehow there's something about the practice and as noted in an apartment practice may be compassionate to islam practice that can really need people to the effective
and i think i sort of effectiveness
he's really important because we can be

i think and am celebrating a book two books and watch or
and then sell them dunes are saying that i'm stuck
and i'm enjoying been stuck
because i think thinking the eyeballs that to have breakthrough you have to be stuck
i'm also have to inject you have to be a healthy rate of customer or when you get sick you may have more chance for a bit slower because do you have to put that the i think will prevent things
to be healthy
and then
to be protestant
today is back i think
so developed tab criminals a breakthrough
and of their favorite places breakthrough married or or poker
if you can make a pet is not break through

well the first one is a definition in a breakthrough makes
what seems impossible possible
the last one is a detachment is a crucial element for our bricks
when alison center for introducing so kind of obvious things we already know about one of the same step is not really over a solicitor
turn from my mindset of practice about you when i was in
i mean
when i will said right after the war i was
student of more hiroshima
on find out about you know so bedtime japan is this and am i saw to
so the master was thinner or even when the countryside and fattening and i was several am lucky enough to be run america five students
the every night
underground okay though crash which is further rivendell after crushing to read so i was i was watching him and instead blame the on this term think about that because when a of nine ten sixteen am
probably sixty six or seven
what i am still asking questions and then i read through to time to figure out how he built a new things and what to named one of the thing i've noticed was that that when we all of us authentic five people i back him
this easy actually
because he was moved from there must be read as notice a group of simple and then we'll try to channel

and the battles a were just a matter of time on
if you had to send this to understanding that that the heart and muscle martial artist love
and to protect parents serratus months before the pearl harbor
sometime before that paint the as prefer it that that that time they know who is set of trying to teach prefer and then people come and say you know what the river compare china and were you know
i do the same with had stints and surface and then so he has to teach fit of you know and then we've ever more kind of more powerful people general some dinner when the stairs and and became and then his students so here to teach criminal fighting techniques actually
and strategies
only after him
the fruit through a lawyer concentrating on the peaceful use of much rather or expression of love
has spread and you can see now millions of people in the web and we can see steady stereo there and then the ran how to work together how to love each other or an island sinks so many people really use after for firing
canada is one of them as is that their life and do
the problem is the easier to during the first together
to work on that
it's a kind of obviously i'm not saying that the easier to solve the question
because it's the laws of the problem and system it's more difficult that the a hand
okay okay we have some programs in berkeley and maybe i had to organize some problems about movie that with a lab
i couldn't get me where everyone hundred people together you know that this and
japan's plutonium am sure there's socialists that roots of asks the word up environmental organizations to take this year as a top priority environmental issue
so we could get to seventy organizations we could announce the largest
legal procedure out in japanese government you know from all over world we could get a lot of work which improves them
that anyway so
it's so obvious that the to
the problem is larger than they have more forced to him and then i soon found out that the news first with a bad word i
ah the actually for know like prefacing is almost as waste for explain away
but those resources and the typical time web dynamics just some some kind of washington cetera
the momentum and to to change scepticism
and the same to time work it's a work in soccer
ten people
oh my first on fabric korea and it's understood
hey said
nuclear waste

well i'm not and fisher's but as a paratrooper group that exam preparation
yeah i'm running the and that now call were from china is through the weapon
i a cool air burning
he worked with plants which is half whoever a threat to to the world for climate destabilization
yeah i'm basically climate change seems to do
how can in very quickly
what does he say in water for the spread of chemicals over sink which is were invisible that i think
we are given a perfect and so annoying or history
chemicals fertilizers and
he thinks so
say i think the main is he was presenting is like a couple of years that i was relieved really
in development studies could swell and a reality or concerns only exists lungs problems presented medians median was it's no longer have taught me it was pushed aside as it is our vision is short attention span
well michael phillips center he wrote a book called down these elements disarming americans press this and i didn't say something really interesting man i think it i environmental people including scientist i think he likes to the bad news
and bad news is there you know i mean he's not saying that that
that's bad news so we with their land
but they're also the industrial people to accept of the like button is right goodness itself was so so the paper
and then rules and with finding maybe somewhere in between or maybe their site and a investors are they may have truth and then and then people will be over you know that's true too and seven can have a fancy color and this
landing changes every time he has also displayed his grandfather and then we said there this is a little less for them now and then know so that way
and then and people are not really convincing the public week
encountering because seen as one sided festival
and also seen as not to be scientific say hello to really talk to scientists more sites in and episode time describing scientists neutral in to
how to invest in scientist and then maybe an environmental scientist i think we should be very open to to them instead we just blading and said in a rather i talk to we should talk to him we should work together
yeah sixties and seventies and deadline to strategies
people act out of culture one was going to drop out of society corrupt you know we can't really deal with it which is going to crop out and rejected and another group said when we need to change it when you add this because they think radio presenter were false dichotomy pretty kind of you know device split things up
up that way when duncan came back from japan my understanding is you want from china he wanted to japan to be right on zen principles whatever those are you know i can imagine but when he found that the rule is more serious about this and that kind of retreated
it is the countryside like understand
thomas cleary wrote that all the tokens writing is one giant corn on the politics of knowledge you think there's a pretty interesting statement
so i'm a dog didn't have to deal with plutonium you didn't have to deal with problems that we have to deal with and we have to solve these problems
but can we learn from dogon methods ways of approaching these kind of problems that we have ah
yeah she says how can
he was sad to see members and one
peace corps guy don't find ways cause and effect in the coming book
basically he's saying that know
google the small action we took we will have an effect
you know we will see to him may not so practice
oh and i think this principle whatsoever in any one of us more about this type and entail
from the match award of causes to a know so maybe in in a community a destination do something mean to someone in come back to live somewhere so so the round the dynamics
damn i think you know our server the constants that that tennis more action
add some effect
she's a very powerful teaching and one time i interviewed emissions suzuki and this was saying you have to know
if i'm up in so closer
silky served to stay a week and then was a time for wants to talk
i killed have we just one person with to
so seven roger and i really wish you you worked so hard i wish you had ten people
and then he said you know one person in one thousand people that makes no difference
i think there's a great wisdom great encouragement especially when we have a workshop and a few people sure
that you know that's
and he basically was like he didn't wear and then he would go to the sand
a gender in ah
want to be like ha
said the weapon to go last and most of and
they had six thirteen seats and seventeen seats so they called hi cassandra
and that taco stands transcribed and published as was online feeling a smile which is that can be probably the best selling book in the world so changing thousand people reds he was loved one thousand and then
one person in a difference you know how you do it is more important thing away

this it's about time
yeah know my to question them that
up as she's actually i for she's from japan has stood out in japan wherever she's helping us them in fifty chance newton
she's going to mr wrote an article i wrote
and which was published in magazine called the waving waging peace
new clothes fit function so we do just that the first time to the
i just want to choose
and question
in question
thank god i for sure
well as you say a future generations
for niggers declaring was gather
from the clay that oil was for to the ball for added the tears of the children watched lady
it was his the words
depression is
the ban left to pass the ball collect juniors now
services reciting his phone
who's pulling lamp for a point

well we so kind of an increase it that way so the room
let our other com
responsibilities to pass on
to the next generation of award to a certain quality not just confusion and fear and
and seventy i think it's sad that we have to always remind ourselves that new era
our responsibility and it should be the greatest will have the islands going school today
then what should we hire work go
vibration our should hit my work
an element of erecting
the can take that them as work as think that of me
no taken effect to
thank you very much