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Taking refuge; our true place; funzo; placing robe on the head; story from vinaya about silk.


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this good zero is
the last dharma
people are not assumed that they do not have the authentic thursday
who had the authentic cantonese
they must be companions as games
they are present citizens
the to idea past color and unlock them only taking receipts and venerating buddha dharma was in fact that it can be there to place to returns for the sake of study that the domain
so again the pizza
let's send people
i'm but like to be made travel to i told him and sandra

he said
three days till he can
three place to return ah
when facing a good deeper

the way through was mean
three thirty pounds
and this key is a with key
he's got sea mammal tier the key say refunds
to take is me to replace returned to the break a very long to we can really
settle down and peace and harmony

so either i would have student we should do we should we can be the place where it can be very
the down in peace and harmony
lucky that our key are taking the kids nice
i'm in that case in
that means we can refuge buddha dharma and sangha
we need to find out party that january when the getting increase to your time we did a lot of creation
they met on alert
idea for the zarya
for fucking through gonna happen through that happen through summer

and in the case of okita publicize a kind of adults or coffee and all that point a christian i think from dorgan he says that an
pogue dynasty in china and those the very beginning and the history of buddhism in japan buddhism was attended by entered government or his craft and meet people
and are in there are no
we be the can building up kinda as take us within the home
you know about people's car or the costume
are you anything
is no different
and because they are in buddhist priest or monks were supported and or are sometimes attributed predicted that are
imperial court they kind of invented the ah
take a status symbol he was indeed a canal due to the or pudding
and up continue to be happy to be for guitar became a kind of a question for a uniform no uniform and know from is completely almost over the city think
in a good at rules the are all without home that uniform you
we'll put the idea to make it into one phone and even this so i can a the unique
paper without me
britain in japan i've got a panel the dogon was almost like that will
we i don't have much canada of illustration
packing century japan and whether to twins with thickest but if you are interested in the history of beginning at that time in japan
when in japanese
english the the history of japanese buddhism
i hope to welcome
take a punch
so we go ahead
first of all
we should know that cassia focus on is fuck all buddhists wearing and take refuge in
with focus is
according to dorgan this is a dynamite myself and next sentence that he said cassandra is good at body and put at line with it buddha
so we should not change depending upon our idea of conventional
ah evaluation
that's a good point
category added pressure
this is a without nine and wouldn't burden and with either
symbol or
i shoveled useful arrive at the reality of all means that the entire network of interdependent origination thing
so we should not change but design on a officer who up happen ally personal preferences
team like a point of boom
social studies had a the original or january
okay casa fun with and difficult to find it
it is called the law of invitation here tv start
nine names of this wrong
the first three are very familiar with us because it know that a pack of that are you all the time
it is called that role of revelation
gallo of the field of happiness
that low or no phone with j d
the unsurpassable room
i said possibly the visual graphics an unusual users unsurpassable complete at it enlightening
so i a job in there nothing to compare with this
the lot of patience patience to that cause we're not gonna
time more subpoena
and the role of co-pilot back
oh great compassion
the role of the victory been decreed gonna move
that sign of victory
good that
against mara and gotta go to to
painting in that would continue to move
had a victory against allow the reasons why we received as i as that a like the symbol of the delusions
so this officer is a symbol of victory or buddha against the
and the road called unsurpassable spring awakening this is not gonna find examples
in this way we should it truly she maintain cassia and buried it by pressing it on the home is bracingly come back
added happily do
which the robot champ in the morning
a japanese i show about

tommy's the top a for peach happening overhead i'm dying to put on to praise goes to a recovery needs to put something on about your kids this is without any
in the ancient times when someone ah was giving something from them color or someone higher than the person who received like this when we do is focus on duolingo nice and friendly okay i want to sleep who whistled at peace with is
tall gang so totally to the sheet with respect
i'm nothing had to do and actually go get out and with tenth and we do the same person to go to tell a in the beginning of ordered me
and japanese more are that i need the cocaine
thank god for told i e with adequate
and ah before you to leave can be saddled with me with a guy that message not only reason there is anything that i got up can call a reading all japanese society but i do you think he
many people still newcastle but not mean that not all that everyone said we gotta laugh at me were received with with and to know our video instead of thing we cannot be nothing are actually showed with
lot ah
attitude or gesture
so this is the expression courage matthew nobody comes at an explosion because the message came from ah the dispatches
and order for thin with finished eating
the bunnies is a good so far knock on wood saw a this stuff
i'm headed to the funny experiment
go in a mad all at kind of a can't remove the or analytics and she told me to run about running around
and with mean that were it again
we got can without got a kitty
an eruption is a are well known for his running past
but rather fast run
happening build the kitchen the iraqi land around the world and correct path for the mobility reading
oh good for mean we appreciate or and
canada without them
good coaches running alone and credit the poor
so the expression and basalt analytical came from with a topic
and he first to and tire in japanese culture

so we should in enough
even more at use to because this is a symbol or the are welcome
so because of this which the not change it according to our preferences
i wish the ready to berlin with data and tried to keep that new home and of of jamie spirit of so
not only design but so can we saw on the thing limitation and a community could the only every day which will a full marketing
replacing a pedestal too
something very important
but how will be valid after the our own right and the bag and a crucial and we express our gratitude for the people and all the new
this is nicola of interdependent origination ago as a bottle cap
i can
the next paragraph actually discuss the attacker markarian
how a fan

oh iraq nine nineteen
the for the maccario of the road
we is either
for cocaine according to conditions
this one
you wish you had a coupon
is an explanation


but work
ah okay that was i can't say the as cotton did not but yeti
well yeah logan the are
i got to you know a thing
and the chin
and the burgundian uses who
what know
me know
and this issue according to the chinese or japanese dictionary with full new cookham
but in this case it not only cooking
now via in the tiny denial
well i can
i have it my previous articles are listed
and fire them is sick and
ah about
the are on help
and are
from c
all the other things he our dog easy the tracking about hill and other materials
not only
but i don't know how to say you know
about different materials ah
one english rug so i graduate i used to watch cooking
the party that particular my periodic cotton
the matter was except you can philippines the bourbon
a global nothing
no question
what good is the been i left us
ha so and for the market yellow or gold
try something new
the dogon point is whether silk or other materials are okay but something


ah i said
yesterday or the hunger or chinese or
when i asked cool
london door center

chinese pronunciation with you know and some
ah shredding x new a him and his date five ninety six to six sixty seven so we live in the several paintings along the same time with gainesville or my hands
that they must translator
our this pattern because he was the founder of the screw you are the most he had moved up four thirty p about the banana and focus on it power to deny our study and this person who his writings she said
ed silk should not be used we conceal is a leg
they are three three fig one
so it has something to do with a preset of killing or nothing

but in that medium banana it said
instead of can be used but they're the one precinct login a luck
how many people not remember again that group of six monks
i visited our
make us
and asked them to donate feel to make their okita
wow no silk worms were still alive so that means or
the still could make i had to kill us to acidic guam
and the buddha had the that incident
she's a good month is a at
as pathetic makeup to the
i in that soup
for that way to the store they had received was still alive as airborne for that the
a proclivity that route
the silk haven't already we have anything abandoned is an abandoned can do you will not gonna that this album london and dawson and was again
is that
idea and changed the room and said and six
the news
as the are over pizza
that was a point of discussion with yeah we logan is against that idea said it is not to work

as so
the track his thing he didn't never true that the cotton is pure and silk is impure
so as you can be used
the point of pure and impure is not come up out of cotton or silk that that
point or we are just the a pure or not not pure or impure according to dog and not only dog that buddha with rather than my patio
it still is a desire for a cousin or green or if someone to have someone admit to that funny
neither silk or cotton or any my penguin
lungs should not peggy
because that is scheme
monks not take any anything that to not women to the precinct that's been the sole is that february as an apathy to his family
the monks should not take not been the precinct
so it is never true that cotton is a pure and civic is pure
and yet we never see people disliking cotton will fade out of attorneys seek this is preferable
so both didn't make discrimination leaking cotton and silk with the same as you know in a story or human activity cetera
we learned the handlebar bag against and how cassandra and civility don't prepared to re received the from to our neighborhood
but if you we really understand the equality of all three all games monks supersede receive any food phone for people and a beach fruit people without making discrimination this is a things we prefer cooking
and this rag sick that is another discrimination that is dog in point
as the everlasting dilema of all buddhist the rogue made with as i said before i use the definitely rather funny criminal or whose or a instead of exclaiming cleaning rugs
funny though it is considered to be most superior
though it is that from though

home we got a nice explained
i'm though i hope windscreen
you know i think new year's gala surgery or green hoping that for in bits of and candy to greece to thief
and a is role and this was a full door a is used up
both than my patio
our lungs find in the garbage heap and l'atelier de poder or to make the loan and also gallo and made yet
that my baby and go for gold the a
so both my patio under law or code to go in
and how i some color this free phone and really need a excrement that photo is a is a lot for the garbage heap
a guide champion
so that need a
people know discarding now maggie that they can give it years anymore
those are free from their attachment for a designer so don't don't lead to take
happy had kindle me and
important point the to use this excursion from though
couldn't this writing not only either or know napoleon
that is a reaction though
and this know
yeah and by a little a copy cat dependent regulation is google adamant that no market value and did this it most valuable
market current conventional
invalid or buried only within two months perfecting
i'll admit bank
been development them
is at
but only within human society
that you know this entire network or we can be into intermission for i shall call on with beyond human evacuation
human for fed or a human being that it's not only for human being
which the value we should
the measurement of body we should use was not something only buried for and let human beings are humans are
thank god you
we are because we are living with other living beings and not only did it but or either been together and we're supposed to buy or all beings we should
ah yes another measurement of that in things
and then
how could i said rather is good for nothing
when not well known as fitting calculus my teacher teacher platinum good for nothing i really like the right food from nothing happens it's
has no market value within the human conventional a society that this match
and it has much broader ah
but or human beings has more than you can
say this again and we cannot say it is wrong and we cannot sell our life
both and more important or pressure than something that will right
i think that me that a mean your priceless
we can put a price we can trade you can buy which i said that this is only thing we have
beyond the for beyond you want to know revaluation no jasmine
that is the value
mario this time we're living in and this nicola for the not only living up game that in caddies
should be back
ah true of measurement or brian how can the
lake or he does not let go up
have been catapulted into the nation for me
get a ship for a healthy wholesome shape
i think sebi the ah
we met a man
writing so i do
oh nice especially in this more than one our value is so much set of center for human beings will make we think we can use any
see in this run as a material oh making me
as for london happen for i have a try our desire
that is a basic
i think the reasons press briefing
we are doesn't undermine we are the most important rooms and hear the owner of this planet and everything we was in this land can be used for our pockets function i can get into a basic
do we have more than one are tapping basic television the the upside down when we are tiny part of this nature
and yet
we use anything this nature and with therapy meeting each other we'll see where the our position and then we can this thing we have been fighting for power to use them as ah
no proof
so this
i kind of time for transformation of measurement of value with be very important
and i think that we are building a with not change depending upon our preferences and are like and dislike
ah that's a very valuable are valuable for i mean true or not when
we shall see much data much fundamental ground
we put everything is within together
that can go further
there are ten candles for her kinds or boy used to make isaiah
so a full time they abandoned rock
actually i do get the new only at least four times that is they are bound growth
close to buy oxen
girls to by rats both used to cover box and so on
and he does that another
kind of funny though
hmm of sushi
page fifty pounds
i onda neither forgotten on page fifty five i put the number
ah let me need those things close to the by code
we are to stay there are many out in india and the parents are wholly so big anymore
so people don't chase how with they show their growth me
cause to showed by rats brought down by higher growth cited by means to be asian girls solid guy time the bath was used as are offering at a shrine and still trying with in the forest and can
some people do some at they have that were called or something
and ah they they've got cause gas and those clothes are paying for free or a desire or apache so thanks good a pig goes
could lift at the shrine
several across risk across semicolon
that is that was used by covered the get awesome
offering is a prayer with the same tree
and growth discarded by kings of sons
now according to the commentary the news
in a previous episodes
kind of a change there
status the we get new uniform and the the old one is not a necessary anymore
and they turned their condition
that is in such occasion they so how old the important
and they get you income for the highest position and goes all the one that discovered
and growth brought back from for my on
this is also i used for
covering a good person
kind of growth are abandoned
so ah to the next sentence pay the fifty five said these ten kinds and clothes are just carbon
died people have not used within human society so this has no market value and that is important
so critical nothing
five monks pick them up and use them as sure my academic focus area good at pure
we will go ar
so this enlisted pure
for pewdiepie we could preserve the environment of human desire for patching a creamy
what is now
we are to speak a crazy regard this is pure or impure

i go back to take a key
people over a five parts of india
with carried with kind of clothes on street parking
since it is the same as ha
he was home go the long needle from door is code and from the a often go wrong
the therapists allows pick up such a house wash them
folding together and use them to cover their bodies
with cabbage plugs can include various kinds of the silk or cotton
so what will sometimes you cannot make this distinction really this is cooking for other kind of turmeric was help
we should discard this bill that discriminates between silk and cotton and the study had the me so that discrimination between cotton and silk
is not how our body to make doesn't pay that this nuclear or not pure so we should really study at google me
he isn't the times when a monk worst
athens or globe to rake another cuppa and they a up car is are under the lake or in the same town the wand near the months the middle and are all the for grade three
about india are originated from that on a lake for the that me in our ganges us and i forget either to name of the to iraq iran and all those are the it from this way so this
they got walker in this snake is getting pure no defined no human department
that this being a story about a
happen for the name of the seller show now she was not a month he received he was a sham who didn't receive the vinegar
but ah
and it's that this path on soon now was shouted price our youngest brother
he tried to wash down
discarded lot of window and that come with the pure water
when the i want to play it with our day of colors and made constellations
for devil came here is a kind of our guardian goal about a month
praised know that discarded plugs with person schiller
i picked up from the ah
garbage heap
lucky that's nothing politically
and ah some in iowa teacher this again the party that teachers in the denial school
in china and japan
particularly london dorfman
some keen i our pizza us had a theory about transformed payment must be without ground i person of mahayana like laugh at this
this knowledge on
and address he said buddha had a film with soup
for she had to make some excuse
reason high buddha use silk
a and or it said he wins his dream he ran through the heaven
and i had that conversation to run occasionally been and hovering heavenly beings told him that the silk
used for good as
hokitika was not clear yeah phil made by single one but it was may
it was a transformed february
and according to that is this means
a new some kind of the heavenly been ah
go do it
the point for the payment for it's not nearly as silk
after a kind of excuse
nothing can go days without him
and for and his counter-argument is what is not transformed payments
at mean everything a rapid transformed favorite
ah today we can reuse the remake favorite them are we are called for no tree so everything is the really current home or dog engine with discuss our discussion is not
the only that kind of strange
transformed medallion that everything even cotton or hemp were all the other not only february at everything including with body and mind are transformed katrina
although they crossed their ears that here or transformation
they doubt their eyes got see the transformation
the discussion is only
what only the discussion for the sake of discussion
they don't see the young actor transformation nothing's happening always in front of our eyes and yet the
kind of a film
for a team
we should know that among the photo a we pick up
we're mightily cotton that things like silk and there might be think that seems like cotton
there are ten count and differences in local customs and to make that creation is measurable for us
we cannot make a judgment with our fresh fish and
i is also no doubt in my eye
if we see each and every marketer with our with our fish i cannot make know
and we can have rewritten at the i for wish to see things we are gonna my eyes
can we get such an athenian we should not discuss whether between silk or cotton we just call it home though in
for this photo is important point of to saga
i'm not pointing this wrong that he says even if they're a human or having the things that come into
from going
the rugs they are not sentient beings
they are simply handle a
he is home though not in
and even if they're a pine tree or upgrade past maps that can incur hanzo they are not with can pick you think and being that they are simply punjab
you know
human on the heavenly be a living being and pine trees and chrysanthemum or comedy contacted to know i can put it to living being have think can be
but both are from the at mean
without human evaluation
free from human attachment the janet
nama rupa was remembering is are as
burgundy said in organs of the show is the nature
when we believe and accept the french blue crab apples on he's not a lot since
black cotton neither gold feel about our or no do i was the more now are broken pain
no random person is going
whether it's a pretty thing are not gracious depending upon like your man our evaluation richard or
accept this
we go in neither
via know why to buy him
but this is just everything in one room
then ah that through of fungal manifests itself
with manifest he's been your
in danger in danger corn oh this is important expression in dogon can you discuss about got in with discuss your corn so if the same run run
and make some into the thing and kill the bill that discriminate between silk and cotton is go go
the talk the transmission of data the luck
we are seeing that are dropping look for the undermined
often when we
the become free from this discrimination
based on human evaluation then green pillow pope
oh god doth are not training to the material onto the evaluation or judgment
and we see on the go the be free from in a pertinent
the lebanese equally getting when the see okafor we should be reality of all been and dopo our discriminate in mind
why a monk asked the ancient buddha in this case three none the six africa or china
if the low you receive in the middle of the night among sheung drumming men or obi cotton or silk
ultimately speaking shop in so someone asked to the hearing at is the material of the aka she received can he or she became a transmission from the fifth ancestor
as as a kind of a symbol of dilema
when the ancient buddha like ensuring none said it is neither cottam know i think
we should know that custom that casino or okay so he's made us you know our cotton
this is a profound teachings of the buddha when
this is not only about the castle gonna die or will get somebody with goes for same as in a sauna
sunlight is a are called great ocean assembly that the
how do we awesome many different kind of water and come from to find kind different delivers and it once i war any water from defend are either was get into the ocean there
as no separation no disconnection with only one ocean
so ah
what can be in india but you would with his sons were many people come from different
came in
and this become just as salty water
i'm to water his case of burma
so gatineau
separation or discrimination whether this is from a great leader or wow film
more tiny lot
but this is one great caution
so where the know some people are very very educated at logan from a very high know friends family can to are from a humble know and and to a very greedy
i'm gonna tell some to granite is
dedicated ranks fabulous fabulous only i take from elementary school
but somehow he became a professor of komodo industry
and with generous studying recent recipe and finish lashkar degrees for the america or degree but he never thought anything we wanted he could that he didn't want to get want to
puppies from the to poor i
so all that you know ah and one our individuality individuality
the conditions of cadiz should be as pig there
even though i'm heading in the cut in america and the sweden
the amish and trying to share and that is american people will another bunny
and he and the family are you american people do
and yet once we are within a sauna we are all good as children
hmm so his hunger is filled with us children
that ah
our individuality or personality for condition
we've still there but still are all for our children film as evil
given it become a palpable gasol she'll be silk and cotton cotton and yet this is just a piece of kisser
can you gonna watch came from all different kind of background to return when we can i can come up with santa is just one sandra and coercion
and yet we're still department
i would think
get to go onto the page twenty four
venerable our son a bizarre
japanese pronunciation show now washing is the third on a sister who trying to make it a garima got my presently she was born wearing all
ah nodding his second when he would diagnosed show mccaskill or so on the dinosaur and the show know should by yourself with passing and would set the starting at born with an old
if you believe or not
and this group was a secular garmin
when he runs out a person
thank you left home at and became a lung it became a casino
i'm not only shown i was you that there is another example of the thing also because really
they have sakura
ah i'm not sure what that
transcript or party name of this ah diction
in japanese this is a sin sin yeah to begin mixing same jacqui gap means
right like
bright white that somehow in
this is my conservation it said aquila
suu kyi our age and in
your colleagues translation
ah the name is
i'm sorry mrs man under your coat transportation is dictionaries his name is chakra and he cannot actually conservation which would make her name is from the erica
i don't know
i couldn't find a sanskrit name of his effort
anyway after adding the body money and offering
i don't know the city the capital
the chinese cannot buy very unusual and connecticut look up the dictionary say the carpet but i consult with a couple of some kind of payment
to the buddha in that in her past life
has always been gone green arrow
life after life and the committee a distance between dives
so she was always reading the bike rick bragg quite wrong
right after live in between the drugs
in the present guides guy space she met shakyamuni buddha and became a home diva
the rope she was born we ready to be transformed into a casino
this is a thing as venerable ah
santa rosa price or know why she
so goes to people robin was wrong and can be ah ah
at home there was a will good but when they become a
he grew addiction there are already know ill
they were going with again bellow or be okay so
ah in or so can go
used to home or they
i hope i have now
the english translation
tangier stay on board i don't call pieces of a title of attack target shovel kinda and he english translation english is emma is happy heaven elemental body had the seven elements of body
and guess
one section of this chapter begins they just said was
this year here he discussed about got impurity or body this is one of the fall
have you had how the in english
the foundation of mindfulness
and what i'm the one with the see after the impurity or body
and about infinity or body dolan says
the point of the present reflection that the body is not pure he's also like this she discussed something before and on this basis
the totality of body the entire body that top canopy over the friction with the come and support therapy or not being pure
ah just like australia
to fit another year with bath
he's a casino or or kisa is not the cache august are to fit our mother you with the bath
goodies patriarchs prices crash never used the whereby using
how could i
santa rosa rice or know i should be the only one
this means on not on the show now russia and his finger could be clean and all of us were born with getter
we should carefully apply our minds to this tooth running it in practice and perfectly realizing it could mean the cache area
to fix our mother i'd give it back
that means oil at faint without home
all of us are born with a katana
you can see in this sar or mean amateur
what you pay
when and of a complicated hidden discussing tapping on old wrong
but suddenly we're discussing about barometer
well she's always back and forth between paul and a com
quarterly so we are confused what we are only compute family in already dogging call me up get getting kept the pepsi discussion about when i'm in a days starting to about so no actual and this from there could be equipment
handlebar how can it say
like going on is a story we don't think from other pension
the story or when he played this with he's dharma i'm the clothes they were born with
that good manager came and we are they awesome
manifests itself as a lake colby organic and payment will become among or please
have you can focus on for occupies not something outside of our body and nine
the alone but actually he's discussing about how to pick up got my period will work as a puppy acura i'm a former road
so we are automated confused by you know handlebar
i can occur between hadn't for home for having accurate pain and vip on any home
with early clinical and if we tried to grasp this time
getting that the right and yet we the a not going to that side
opposite right
so we are always computer and the conclusion is a very good way of getting go fuck
however will have our side we printed don't say to good
and we should attend to go without clinging to any time
rapid in burgundy expression just too
can cover just sitting in traffic without quitting kilda clinging to this particular form of city and also in this particular of shipping as i said yesterday either full of
that express thing but if we bring to the height of local rewriting the problems so they have to sit activating this problem and this money
and ah particularly on our second question in and praise the candle and hadn't time of day
we have to you know for that schedule we can have such a thing about who want
because we practice together we have to sit in second place with hadn't phone with happen
our procedure
together with other people
i'm that is a phone
and sometimes feel this is nothing or they could immediately
i can see and a month thing i can sit up at my room and i can see any time i want
so yeah i'm okay with the dharma should be something families with to be free from any phone
so we can do packet of room
i think the another extreme but if we cling too sappy phones at sadly a place that is another extreme
so we should that prove
right now backyard following that ah
station oh yeah that was accurate go now now this attractive chris is sandra is anathema to the know we asked our booth as we're not really a remember this sandra
the thing as far as we practice with this building or yeah i part of the
so we have to follow wow hand
the can hang on
at is our practice with
rethink my thing is much better than issue
know i can see such a rage that because i knew how we plugged in japan and we can see how to map lot more authentic traditional that to discuss such a way with getting me and we practiced together with
people in the summer need to practice ah
they can go of our quitting to our own homes
at wiki than know our plus with become our friends on
three from attachments are defined group
with criminal mind
ah something locally
quote this kind of stories we have to be here be real careful package trying to face
so we should the query know that cassio is neither seek nor cotton and so on
ah according to our kiddos you call the lawsuit
history of being done with a row
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