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good afternoon everyone
hello how are this handle
no profit here
because you pass along

passing around
two weeks wrong i went to greengart and he talked about pandora introduction of a sunset your omar
mountains and getting a cause celebre i booked on one another plan
by sushi in
or get someone for while there two weeks ago because criminality and friends
the person cooked rice
listen to what i said this morning might be surprised
because i said almost opposite thing
i'm the plan i know
the to excellent going out

the forest
regarded from one side is it a point about lounge room company a famous mountain in china for its beauty
regarded from the one sided
an entire range from another
a single book
ah we are high road or it pounds they find from the others
this the true face on mount the room cannot be known it is because no one looking at it in the standing in its best salsa so she said
king count in couldn't see the true face or mount new because he is inside the knocking
and i talked i do
i agree with this conservation
because he said diff
if when he cannot see at low face we bought a team because he is inside a mountain but i don't think this is if this isn't a roofing business difficult was always there's no way we can see the true face of
right blue because we're within the mountain so that means we can see
and swelling i said the agency
and i think was
does to open the things wow
how can you save my doggie
so is don't contracting tb
ha i think this is really important punk
to study and understand ah
logan is trying to fail in and this a classic
of sunset your mom pains water as flickr
everyone has ah
this afternoon focus is that without me one point of
san francisco
crazy keep this point in your mind when you get the and job
ah this morning and know this afternoon i tried to talk as a kind of interaction
this study of show organs on sunset go

ah fast and like to talk about this pedestal and then maybe i'll come from a brief
kind of a summary of bogans a nice
and ah she's writings and if i had kind of hype i'm going to talk on the meaning a title after the show get rapids is actually from can be looked at him
a hostile
a out do you have either a copy of the newsletter that minute film photos in education center
this issue is featured by a rough translation of dogon because
a head workers from japanese or the looks cool
now has a translation project of ah photo showcased in and can call good of it
has been putting on translation of chicago guentzel
and our is cook
made a transition of to get out with the americans were killed in teachers when got new translation for perfectly certain us
yeah i've been using this and sugar than likely to not
anyway and that's a part of that project
andy griffith see those are starting on that
go ceremonies ceremonies hundred hrs
prophetically has been working on conservation of chabot guzzle but it takes a long pen
can you have an saw it has been not only the five years have passed
and we i'm i'm a member that editorial board of that project and we decide to quit ah
one that one chapter on games or his time in this musica than keep you can see what's going on and as says some sicko was as me
wrote in his essay and rove in his essay
heathered africa
our ambulance thing about things and waters can describe his tummy experience about translate show you of us and said job
so we could adapt translation of the sunset your i got of first transgression
it was published in october after you win
the publishers of this newsletter with our library sense into a store you are interested in luck wishes breeze
got with our library
i copied ah got three or four six
besides past translation from exclusive a faster on was written by a larger circles ah me is car
his editorial board chair of this project ambition to describe about this project and
right we asked three american people through how hacking working on translation of dogging and was not kind of your friends are asian can make them
custom he he asked them to write about ah guardians of translating blogging and i think it's interesting to you so please or it goes is adequacy
this to say
the card in his article courtesy
fast she translated oxfam said job in nineteen seventy one
cassava a funky cindy was your head
so ah
she has been working on fanfic you're in for a long time

so now i'm i'm a proponent to use is a translation
fancy to have an extra of this ah
came to him
i think the his conservation is pretty good a good presentation
of course any consolation as a condition
i also have been working on translation of dog is so
sometimes i feel a kind of sad because in the process of translation so many things in the last
oh are changing
so i think fiber i can do it too
okay with a cap
and because i am i have been studying several games already japanese
integrity to wait
my english but really good man good but somehow i have been put that latin on translation costs talking about talking in english so one thing i can contribute to americans in as i think he has it this morning is
fill a gap
i hope you can frame for you
so i start to pokemon talking to drive
two numbers

how many people know dog

amazing variety of options
ah do you need some information about children
michelle was born i created one hundred so exact became a eight hundred two years ago
the here as she was born in this page that he is a to count his age
would we know is when we don't know what much of a logan's rack but i just said andrew
how do we really don't want to get going on a nice trim fucking he was ordained as a pin that muck so
he was how can he has over there
and every penny actually heard a big change
there with thinking see him in container
and there's something thing he found it is a modesty and khashoggi surety
ten forty three a he lived than to honest in total on yeah kyoto and moving too quickly prefecture on it is an insect name
established a lazy
ten fifty three he died
so every penny us we have that people change
ah we don't know all why his parents
prices are insane his father's name was a narrow told bitten sky and this person died from dorgan was two years old and his mother died when he was eighty years old so he became a born but what on the
we've had a theory
ah the some some one water for those kind of thing that person who died twenty two to apple two was not his father but his grandfather
so his father was alive until feel twenty seven activity from though he came up from china
rather of friend he lasted eighteen month
he became a monk and
i'm a
and hey was our main want us to old japanese kendo school at a time is at the name on game is a mammogram mounting new conference mastery located and then more than what actually was an the acquisition
and it's a c funny he was about fourteen or fifteen years old he had a question about that my like teaching said ah
you know everything on old people
has a job with amateur i've got to my childhood
then why put us and the ancestors had to practice to our body mind and study garima and practice hard and
ah rapping alchemy
if everything is already a
i save every everything is safe for our with an h are very nature how do we have to practice we have to study
methods snaps is a kind of us ah simple question and there are many answers in my paintings but somehow we interact those answers at least he was not satisfied i gotta ask us so
the right at this monastery and this started to practice them into a seventeen
so he was kinda bummed on the
add up
that times and she brought them
at the community
what as he founded by a sie a sie was the first japanese taste who went to china and fishing transmission from attendees rinzai zen master and came back to japan
and established i didn't want us today and she'll say scientific studies a few one extremes or companies are convincing chortle for zooming one him
see a guided tour his game
i'm sure it's either kind of arts program focused cause i don't care where that in make a site like not and
good discussion some people say is and to the know
we're not careful
but tenancy northern france this them with them
for the cases are we had to
so for
six or seven years long in practice in and up the kenyans he was in children with this teacher museum
and was and and dorgan went to china together
to study then these that tiny tiny's a master
and he stayed in china to
caleb twenty seven
so he instead internal for our ideas past he practiced with didn't i must have rule was the award or ah ah want us to named by can know that came for gritty
i my for us at pronunciation
i was talk that want us to do wants to the funny deal
and somehow are choose about that
have a good clip on a half years vega
before if he plugged as can one else could we can sing for in is she meant a kinda person from another today and yeah i'd die out recorded two inches back
the production for pencil
goddamn i cannot to go
the otherwise we picks one now
so anyway ah and was very important
at for him called in japan are from are very high grass family
and every other in japanese monastics system within that time
people from high society become highgrove place
companies those placed people from high society doesn't blocked him they just they could focus on studying and practice from candles vacation and for rubber and our ceremonies and there are go
people from progress her family can go crust punks
taken care of the hydra schedule and token was a very hikers or family said his father was not connecticut patience has run from was the nine guys that was our means are sacred by european
and personally it said his mother's father is a cry whether it's quite that was that
the prime minister
what and and
when i saw it probably wishing to didn't think working either cooking in a kitchen
what was now walk it's not a drug is a wonderful dog grass people
and the studying with his teaching was and recording or during ceremonies are those things out and
france guess for the monks
but finish the met with this chinese puzzle seems she found no difference between ah japanese buddhism as a pattern and chinese practice in the reference to split dogs
propose ah
he brings a effects in his life a skating and his monastic practice in japan after he you get back to the park
because the are about over there can be honest it must imitate your kind she left a nasty to go to get another different muscles and
hmm is he said she's a biography said she didn't find the actual kinda with a pinch of way so when is it was disappointed and he wanted to go back to japan
during his progress in found than new out of the same temple was nicknamed was giorgio was very good teacher so busy with back to that monastery and to with with this about their mascot nigel
all right your team in chinese
we we performed this isn't bad teacher
and unfortunately his teacher from japan museum died
almost almost the same time and document this teacher
after that he practiced with was your or your children are for what i told my years and he replacing the transmission and came back from china to japan
twenty seven
scores he was arrested in his twenties has been done
and fast three years he stayed at the same kangaroo community in kyoto that somehow actually had to read and also can ensue was are things and then lastly combine the police and nine tradition
that was not go back this principle dogan so i left and he moves to as of a children and the name of the press plays with cancer
today's coxsackie is or paddled geography
at a time of golden is the album town
ah outside of the captain
and the first sales he did by himself and and tariffs at the one logan dog has been go before that are like after he a got to japan and twenty seven keynote comes as in deeper
ah the universe or recommendation with consent
conserving was a fast very fast tracking of dogan
we must have been known to come in handy one
ah english translation of this vandalize my contribution didn't go on his whole hog and do
grab this of the when and
twelve thirty three
he established his own rusty and khashoggi maybe because people can do to him to practice with him
and in this day he wrote a tangible
and the islands
hence these are the fast rising
to data compiled in as sheboygan to cleanse your colon
i think they not going to go on and i'm not a hundred islands is a baby shop writings about my president diameter
a kind of our collect organs comment on a hot cetera
anyway so this is this twelve of sunday three with the beginning of his career as a pitcher she studied the practice with his own ah simply
and ah
nextiva to read thirty phone logan know the capital using emissions

uncle your this is a collection of an independent essays about the things i wish you could keep in mind family cat is away
and as a threat of thirty five
he did his own
the mosque after arts and arts and or a photo lungs for
and people who are you know
came while the more people can to practice listening and thirty six or seven zero to kinda broken what i'm too
came to the people
who came to graduation ah to give our interaction with how kind of attitude that practitioners should make ten to our practice and to of just sitting last than people karma that also
ah watching that many activities
and ah
they look thirty eight i think he wrote a column use or one bright
a lot the kind of much more yeah one piece go grant park and this is a soda can run to fun or plantings in socal him
in this case vanilla is not included in sheboygan so
and after that after at and thirty eight she was thirty nine next year she stuck it to like many some of shop sheboygan and and until our and then the sunset show
well as written in funding
and until two forty three finishing move to admit it isn't she wrote as forties seven i think forty seven tackles
shogun the or piano has insert as a man game sounds and game five seconds so more than half was written by a year to forty three
and we it to where it isn't and
establish ah own worst thing again
faster named diversity ah great for that improve
i'm a few years later in the reform his six contain changed the name of potential rivals it into any ag
ah the heady means a ban on a piece for can prove can prove got out a piece
not this a was the course of the name of the gala in china from reason was first transmitted were introduced that was a first century i think creating a sixty seven
so that people think cable him
that is why dolan name is one after the as hvac is that or the first time
yeah he truly regarding has doesn't get from to japan
right that's or not
ah and are so she changed her name of that were not want us to them forty six
and from this here simply stop writing and so many kind of shogun but hip or more can focus on getting everybody's discourse
at the diner for
he had been getting a former partner difference from our course sure you finish we bill the fast a michael
but have caddies patient since he a even tried many a sober pencil anymore
and he gave for ah let's see about seventeen or eighteen john tell when discussing a year
that means wanted to more than twice a week
i'm not least once a week
and those joseph or the former taliban discourse combined recorded in chinese and compile and she's a student and director named a corner
extensive really goes on for a hand program city
so what we're here in practice
add a hedging can more years and twelve fifty three died so she's right is rather as short as a ah
it must have
apples are very brief description gonna go get right
so she spent his entire life just true or the such a way
to study the dharma and ah
i've got she found
garima through his teacher
she focused on transmit that karma to japan
to establish a community
yeah people could hear the practice
please have a genuine sprint and gamma that was honestly did eat
for his life was very simple nothing's
the said a study is atrocious


do you think you need a break
you don't need okay
can i go to the test ninety minutes
this trip
so that was his life
and as i said as show morgan though fancy job
mountains and as cetera
ah was taken in favor of forty five dollars
friend she was forty years old and he was telling children at should
to me this is kind of important point of when i placed the i understand i study and understanding a fancy job
because with a be the first centers on fancy job
the case
it is wrong things and the waters of the present ah the expression of the old the grass
so mountains and waters at this moment
so he trying to a
call him he talks about her waters mountains on the waters
i have this moment
and address
for me
the mountains on the warpath and as and the associated with
dogan guy for at a his
here's your theory in a very deep mountains and go him getting love of the mountains
and he often talked about anime games and a the
that isn't and and for a long time
hmm my understanding of as hundred job was associated with got see scenery you could talk in very thin
but i found some how i found which was not at it is what a hazy she wrote fancy you finish your sightseeing george he was in job off
i'm from that area i was born in africa
that far from job so i know that your with kids or cut the area
just no high mountains
the highest mountain in that the area was his age not aren't here
it's about only and another one is a bangkok iraq and launched stage
but i don't think dog and go about those mountains otherwise on and kyoto get on the ramp now a high mountains so ah
question is not
yeah finally some to the south
so even though she's discussing about the mountain and workers at present moment
the mountains new guinea pig
that's a kind of on strange things i found and i tried to find for this means cry did he say ah how things are the workers
at this moment please
when the time maybe it was you know
right now down
of course somebody's interpretation
after they talked about now
right now if they're out my mountain right there he manages to
or amount of just there yeah that is what i'm told the guy time to save so mountain is discipline mountains in sunset job in this wacky in this particular dragging this mountains and waters is not fair actually do puppets are kind of identity
later after she moved to a hazy he really do think americans
i i'm not sure whether you agree with mean you are not simply an important point to under some actually discussing about
so he doesn't really discuss about real mom kings yeah he notes you live
but this is is a kind of that idea mountings i'm give us
now of course in chinese culture and donation days you're not culture and also on agents and cultures mountains are very important
divorce and in ah
chinese nation like an algorithm and also the japanese or asian backup
simple or added him handle

but somehow she's talking in sunset your is very different from
a just practicing about things for example
case so japanese surrender surrender is a very old folk region japan from may be graciously location
and that combined with it after ah but isn't was transmitted
it's it's called shooting go sugar need the practice
i'm told me the way
this is a kind of a combination of buddhist and shinto
teaching and practice
as a british element is is basically our our country lot
mitchell escape expanding that
you say ecstatic joy
no institutional
and happy was professional to is to give in order to purify their mind and body they stayed in the mountains and to kind of a ask an authentic practice
you know he can go on t not so woke me up
be time to everyday
crime jelly cheap
but hot dog and his writing here has nothing to do is suggesting
she's writing mountains are all kink

this week

ha i think the
to the point at like to
let's see
she's right tokens right
no not to study
better this fancy job

i am going to talk on that
to show kenzo and fhasecure
the shoguns was very you know
writing so i call the who knows what i like a short walk in at all
that translation of the show balkans of the easter bunny hop into case over cars conservation treasury you i i equals back to that now
treasury of the eyes of the to karma
ah i try to traffic data to guide my pyjamas
that connection between i and treasure it is not
ah i clear to me and this expression show ballgames or is no so old expression
it was made in china not from india
and even in the history of tiny them it's relatively to believe you
this expression
is were known as a as a one on the corn
in now
a memorial cup for catalyst for yeah

this is the expressions about his that in a story or transmission about transmission from the shakyamuni buddha to a shopper
according to the story for foreign story la mancha
said one day in front of the many people can use disciples
i can remember that pickup line spoke of put them by
any bad i don't know how to of and some kind of flower
without saying anything
then ah
just or was the senior student of shakyamuni ah shopper some loud smack
shakyamuni buddha said according to long
chattanooga said i have that true dharma i
yeah mothers with mind over nirvana
the to form of the formless and the subtle gamergate
an independent of wise and transmitted beyond our doctrine
this i have entrusted to a shopper
this is a hot dog i better finish camera said can he transmitted dharma to mark a shopper
so szabo get all is a name or the dharma
finch trust was transmitted from for that to makkah shopper and after musharraf america shopper you know many variations
i'm player in this case talking

i saw a show gorgonzola is a part of longer name or longer expression
in japanese
the full made of this document is show more games or may have musician just so show email on a whole one that is a lot
and ah
in this translation
ah confession but this translate accounted translate prison or and zone in the top twenty ah
a true dharma iv
because it kind of difficult to understand at pressure he wants all means
i thought i'd like to discuss now
and the rest of the name of this diorama
mark mcgrath lying for nearby marvelous are one that's machine on that time i come with wonders mind of nirvana of course nirvana he got our opposition of santana
so is now yoshi one does mind or nirvana
means life in this case mind as do asset
and our national man's psychology
but his mind is to mind and put them mind is not psychology
the are model she my teacher often said this is not mine putting this is life
i think wouldn't mind but mind is at a bright
so live in discuss mind include forty two

and ah next that is to phone or perform list are just so much so just thought to phone
and muscle is no phone
just sold the song
that means this came from a diamond sutra that virtual to reality of all beings phone is no phone that reform is not form that is that expression in the diamond sutra
we expressed our emptiness
through phone is no phone
this means to form of ancient everything right to form of our life
he has no form
it's a kind of in important point finally he studied
and also a dog and teaching
he broke know you often discuss about to form of all beings russia it is so
and this support the store is has no phone
no phone is to form
but don't often said
that we should stay both fight form and know from a telephone or to form has both form and no form
reason more show get toys or form is here and
no are more is is also via so more and the phone at together
according to dog and business through a side of one queen two sides of the attic so we can see ghosts side
it is true form has no form after form is no phone is ah
the way but all things that i wasn't too
my visit
i'm tapping the is bad karma is fun
have been fascinating from forgot to now catch up our act rock
datacenter nations

photo gif is
it was better known popular force of this expression show bougainville
but to in austin menorca or gator it risk korea was written are combined in created a twenty eight what is that year one year after dog def china
it's korea we didn't read
and all the text older than than literature
i made a the tenth century or eleventh century
and i got the oldest collection of corn stories are or not on not the a cohen story they're all this collection of
biography is author must ask
what was titled for those shoe
although who is a collection of ancestral out of horner
that was compiled in ah
nine forty five i think in the middle and fiji
yeah actually by good accordion
and your muslims in i don't know that sounds a lot of children
and the next one that must read a novel in china was k to with enjoy
collection that in a correctional
seven continuing hundred coins
he loves coach and seventeen hundred people were biographies of seventy hundred the mustard
a non-title a k taco bell talk
and this was compiled in ah
ah let's see how do you say in english on all three hang or three and four pm or for so very beginning of tens a different century
so it's ah
how about two hundred he asked before dog him
ah in both pakistan
in a story or airborne transmission from ah
shakyamuni to my shopper
the buddha said about them got got a mac he has a different
not sure bargains on
but and what i said according to ah
keto could paul could adopt a dog is often translated into english as a transmission of camera
he said i'm sure ball games
show us your hogan
sure joe hogan is kind of our authentic british come from china am from india sure your hobbies korea and the pure got my i'm
forget no president
and it's very and
understandably with treasure in fact perjury means she asked his address to me is difficult to track of fuck it treasury
and ah i inquired one long vulnerable focused treasure are presenting what though in show organs or didn't show morgan is clear to them i put that wisdom which ceased to a how
in all things had to pick up
okay ah
through them i
without any distortion
she's for everything he added to over all the things we've activated distortion
by our ah
say poisonous mind that is szabo getting at is korea
solomon's prison i couldn't understand
and ah another expression without so we have began to what i saw boards zone
he is also used from india show was or treasury you have to
that means clinica
in this case the treasury is a translation old fans can go on stuck
stock in english
basket basket
pretty scripture that is our sutra shastra aquaman patio cathedra and vinaya browser code are some us after we call meet up
george or lorenzo and i
it was all so it got this all means means can
it's crayons
a meeting is clear but we're happy to protect our basket or outrageous
this age
got i saw another
interpretation of show gorgonzola is our show was or and short walk in
a collection of to dharma
and also the i which sees pets time that is what wisdom
but if we transmit treasury of a
i'd have to go like italy or truly him i found i got this treasury when writing the treasury i describe through about when i need to store
mean i don't really understand
dynamite a paramount like correct was script scriptures are stored in a very korea
this president infant to determine my is flawed
like and as think and act i know i'm getting at the stuck and actually this expression or even this story about transmission between prada and i shut that appeared
no been that
of course no trip in are suited us maybe in india but it said distant our story appeared in that
sintra titled
they bombed can or moon would catch a good job i'm sorry
which means are ah great
wow that is bumping
brafman brafman india good asked buddha give a christian to buddha and desert the kids count or questions
this is the title of this et cetera
but no one i've ever seen rebel this sutra said it was stored opera ah stories in now some price of the emperor know i'm a reading
there's no atheists in fact etc gary existed
and even if we talk existing it was merely china
and because dissing school
story appeared on the after
okay to the in our case hope for the issue or collection of ancestral home and keto a group called or gonna lump there's no such story put up to cut back from smell
that was made this story was made after keto pinto beans after a different century
so you don't need to believe really happening

so he's preparing his expression show or on its kind of are questionable
we couldn't we don't know the source of this expression and i look at least i'm not sure a meaning of this expression
but somehow ah chinese in they must have whose name was dire so-called he was ah
how about can or
one hundred years before dogan so keeping that twelve thinking
crafted ah
six hundred coins stories and hatred shore war games or
so during the show organiser it's not the now
but there must have guess overall
she's a really great and are well known to muster eighteen that tradition he was quoted for a job ah photo to have with name was ah when she chalk
once you're on a diet are girlfriend and yet
they had ah kind of our famous argument
are you said
they called one she's was photo regular practice as book showed him
lock show means
excited aviation gin actually put one more why not show sure child's him
germany is evil or stage
for the side of outlook shows you know how punches are skype
but when she took this one mock show are tied into a nation as have plenty to be expression options expired or practice underdog a kinda back a long plane and tagged with book show me
dawkins denies it came from once get guy my brother was in and was sinking signal or our children or signal if you fill your tank of our lineage is this person who's think it said your thing
ah so dog and is of course our enough body needs and dogan criticized gaia very strong strongly
what's somehow
he tighter the he bottled pedro de is a collection of conan stories show on to his own collection of show could go on stories she made i think to his parties fires you have had
khashoggi he corrected ah
three hundred and corinth stories
he just collects data he didn't make any comments
it has corrupted three hundred conan stories and and title description shop or kenzo
much later probably up after she moved to a hazy you also titled the correction of his collection of she's a japanese writings
chapo guentzel
so actually get a free show gorgonzola randy's by tired and another is a fast one by dorgan that is simply a collection of a hundred stories
and this one that most famous at at to form of blast
logan's writings in japanese

sure i'm sorry i don't really understand the facts show bogans and means
they have some idea
one possibility is as i said boards or and short ball game
treasury was store has on true dharma
but his his writings and also sure ball game through my island
from two two things
but this is obviously a large store has walked through that my eyes focused stars weeds are yangon i have no idea
question please i know nothing in it doesn't seem unreasonable to me that it could be the treasury or storehouse of already seen by the true dharma and is what he writes is what is seen when with his clarity ambition he i think that's a possible our interpreted
ocean so why
in that case the i know that is a poor about vast storehouse oklahoma
are are writing scripts or she's idea who are kitchen
as the expression of
she's wave of thing dharma
i think that up
possible interpretation so
this in this case this ah
go or for house and treasury in a corruption
oh she's a nice things about the terrible thing by to that mind
that is my address be
any questions
where the tentacles of sugar gonzo originally given as lectures and they originally written up by duncan or does anybody done
no at the end of each a takedown show organs which said discovered some some of them it said the tomato risotto date and ah
he used or was that the issue
the students are show currently shown to his assemblies
so somehow or he showed that his writings to his assembly but we're not sure whether she gave lectures on had he wrote one not so we're not sure
ah is it is the titles trouble kenzo and goggins own hand so did he have in mind for the beginning that he was making a collection
i'm not sure our children
some else cannot tap bring are talking compiled and the name to the correction over his japanese writings show organs passion atmosphere for i'm not that many current i think that dog
and we have no
i guess
the story of are brewed in long shot me although it was in the move on i would you say no republican
ryzen it likely that he was being used as teaching in seriously he could he have just heard it
the story of that
transmission hell because it was
hi after they don't get me
in our broken road
dog or made a vow fees on nine p coins and this story is one of them
so it's it's very korea after she knew about story from the story was at least the older than dog

the show
ah giving these ninety five volumes of shovel gains gainesville
no it's written in japanese
i think this is also very important point in even in the seventeenth or eighteenth century and can beige era many buddhist scholar lot their writings in chinese
i'm a chinese for japanese are not only bullish but there are also our troop
confusion is team
chinese is a formal language to use i think it's not gonna keep a european european countries
prince but there's there's something about
it was needs to be translated into japanese
because sometimes when i hear people talk about english translations me
they say oh that was translating from the modern japanese translation so could you say is that true or or something that if it's turned into college or a modern japanese people to read and so it must be translated and been for a japanese readers
yes library chancery and image me so it's a translation that's being done right the translation project as from the original
the a current car car car is translating from what is not a codex writing
but these days many translation to modern japanese have impoverished i am pretty sure what i can can translations to modern japanese across not unless we are study
ah tourism and chinese and then literatures
i even japanese count de cherbourg angel
result commentaries
so yeah some
can i did some english translation it's clear to me this is translated from what i'm translation from the original
prince has repairs scary as still exists avenue
some of those games on ah
can say like the handwriting are domains
various places
but after dog tied shot more games or was kind of had copied by hand because they've they didn't have i think i would block printing yet so
they have to copy by their hands and many people are copied embarrassed presidents and still having various places
and the vera with crazy want to ski for basic a collection of the shogun topic
one correction is called seventy five for you brighton
another is called twelve volumes passion said traditionally said just seventy five for the environment is
i've compiled made by joking
and care of her volume button
was fun dog and lot after he finished writing seventy five and started to new fashion new writings and he wanted to i wanted to make one hundred volume writing but somehow she because he died so young
he couldn't complaining so only seventy five for us of eighty seven artist
so goes to collections
traditionally considered was you know
and the other there are another collections across six table inversions and
used to think this was made by a thief i would probably haiti was the name was que
tried to take the chapters in fitch dogging criticized in fact
reinvent their masters
them out yeah
heard some scholars the about it
you're gonna sixteen versions and also now twenty eight for fashioned that was our collection stored up energy
and some people with ah
think those twenty eight of kind of a leftover fan give you make a sixty were invited ago
can listen to find
ah but his base special ah
last several years
as at monza universe out there rats
what argument about fat is fedewa surprising ah is goggins how can i say hi noted kitchen
having ah
some scholars think of twelve for inversion
ah written in the final days of dogan should be now
because it was written in later times it is to pitching of drogon
what he wrote the in the seventy five button is not true that means she changed dog and changes his mind for his teachings and here
no doubt as a very
how can i say
trying to kind of raw ah
popular create a new
image of target
have you studied both versions do they differ significantly
some chapters
almost almost
you know
stephen king wrote a book about that are folks coin
the facts folks yeah chuckles your little out by them and a fox
and it
dogan comments in to
sometimes over chicago
one is they show you or great practice another is
changing in
the seem convinced ah
ah deeply depressed or i believe in ah cause at
and his comments his interpretation of this story about for vino for your fox almost offered by chancellor
i change if his pattern
and some people think key changes dog and changed his mind and preferred fuck a lot
but other people think both both or she's not understanding terrified of one pitching and no one know it is true
you know shoguns on
well as a kind of are hidden
do not molest me
on the just small cycle of risottos photos must have could thirty study
but now many people started to reach for bargains or san
many people who make their own interpretations so this is a kind of our new ebook was w in study
so with to get investing to the doors at argument among scholars but the one thing i'm saying something