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an equally
very grateful that show have was here with us today show how cool is
turn his own commentaries on the ginger cone is the midst of translating his teachers commentaries and the ginger cumin and now we have sydney's which i had the see translate anywhere which is made the earliest commentaries on begins oh come on so we're very lucky and i can work at it
when stalls purchased every
thank you for coming you very much

good afternoon

maybe october last year
my can ask me if i want to have a workshop and possess that
on your phone
i thought in february
i saw i i thought i had a lot of time to prepare
i felt the it might be interesting for me and for you to study ngo corn
with the all these commentaries oh sure we'll get so
made by tokens direct disciple
and mean when i translated my teacher commentary i translate i made the first draft and now i'm working
improving the english with michael and taiyo
for i translate that book
i tried tried to study has many commentary as possible to avoid
mistaken understanding and i made a very rough translation of that coming committees they all these communities so in october i thought this is a nice no occasion to peppy and america
a little better english translation
ah but unfortunately
i didn't have much time to work on this project and often i was in minneapolis last december i i packed it and make a little changes and i asked hiking can make them to take it or grammatical
mistakes so that is what you have now
so did this see to steal the
rough translation so please don't trust this translations

as is a kind of an introduction to this are all this commentary on the show bogans or
today and i just took conduct committee on the part of ginger cohen
i'd like to briefly talk on the history
of the studying did organs on
and that fi i also prepared a correction
did you make the correction of the short biographies of rd a total than masters
when i made this ah i didn't know about no i didn't remember
those people are in this book photos in
the media able to come by williams bodiford so if you're interested in those people who are the history of a risotto than in japan i recommend you to read this book
ah i brought those books
i talk about these books later

as as i think all over you know cherbourg gainesville is a collection of short essays written by dogon
and it was compiled and made ah
summer there are many different schools of scholars who compiled those are versions basically there are three or four collections of show or guentzel one is called a seven
on t seventy five chapters rough article szabo gainesville
and i'm going to twelve volumes to of has tapped out szabo gonzo
also there a fix t
volumes frightened or show bogans
and twenty eight
collection called a correction or
of twenty eight a fat group show begins up
and finally there a ninety five
for him by that was a made or corrected by
the out of a hazy
eighteen sixty

anyway this
commentary written by dog and derek disciples whose name was
sydney and tokyo sydney was talking to disciple and the kilgore was senator disciple
are based on seventy five volume version from sure gorgonzola

verizon fi i wrote a quick with translate these trash autobiographical writing moscow's
it is i don't i thought i didn't have time to talk of each of them
please lead
this regard by yourself
so i just a mess on their names
i guess

could you take a got the page ten of this
production of the bio weapons
i prefer child vineyards chat
people and a token

as you know logan's major my successor was israel israel was a second about or haiti and many chapter the show bogans or was copied by
israel and some scattered think a job was a person who made that connection seventy five version until regional collections some scattered think that was made by dogging him sooner
and since i'm not as gonna i'm not
and i'm happy i feel lucky i can say i don't know

and a main that his successor was catch the uk patrika was a thud about or were hazy
and cat so you can set the was case i'm joking
and kinda joking was ah
found hour or so dizzy
another major well actually in soto school japan
and cousins the news become the mainstream so to them as you know
those are not on the a children's or the teenage and and organ
i said a dog and had three dartmouth access for us pisa are to beside angel
one is sending
and it said another he's a monk whose name was soaking
but this person so guy died when he was twenty seven
hey are you
so basically seo and funny was to calamus access i wouldn't go in

and this sunday under kyoto but the people who made this
a commentary or
so cold that to this comment i was called the soul
first sunday got his own quaintly and later he's a disciple toggle
i did his own commenters and putting together and that was called go show or risk readily a japanese color code the key gawky sure
chugach he literally means a memo quiet
a memo shopping is hard
and for is hard prison
that was written by ah
sydney and short kik i can to show showed he could i mean that extract
and then this show was written by kyoto and they put them together
i'm told to put them together
these chiaki on the shore or yoga is called ghoshal the but are more than skirt or call this chiaki and the show because the a correction two different commentary by two different people

after job
am a senior practice with dorgan until probably actually dog with and after dog and guide a moving to kyoto
and bit or i think small small temple
korea ah dog and
cremation was taking place that is
it got in
is part of kyoto kyoto city yeah
does her cousin josh
the name of the temple was your cozy
yo is a bad excuse me is the same character with a in a haiti and the call is a fun character with call in causality khashoggi is a fast monastery dog and funding before he
we moved to quit prefecture
so your cozy i think the name of the real cause came from a hazy and court shows you
but unfortunately after togo
this temporal didn't exist for long
somehow it disappeared
it said until fifth
so after a free about after our kilgore it existed but somehow it disappear
so doesn't know long after october in this video chat

and so sydney and the kilgore news is one naga kind of up outside of extreme mainstream photo and
another other important people who received dharma transmission from angel
besides the pet thirty kind
hold cure jacqueline
get a person
was actively a chinese
he was born in china and then dogging went to china and practiced with
can can do unusual
jacqueline was still a young monk and maybe jacking tagged dorgan for after a dog and came back to japan went back to japan jacqueline came from china to japan and practiced with him
and yet we didn't receive transmission from dorgan but trust me to disease trust me mission from angel
and after dog and death jacqueline i moved to a temple named whole josie
how karate is still ah they are me after my hazy
it's a beautiful place
pretty in a very deep mounting
jenkins had by himself for many years until his disciple came and that the federal was g n
category his temper was called josie from kill jews and named after no different character africa in the case of hotels in media minnesota is cocoa and cocoa than mine
but this hotel is came out of that
the name of the era when dorgan was dog and practice with unusual
so hold your you know that logan's january was called whole killed key
that tokyo
so ah this on dn i'm i'm sorry you
that is a disciple
it's ah queen
and this lineage became be very important in the history of soto screw beside ah kids underlying because gee maybe i have to talk about
a short history of obey his after dorgan after i mean after angel
the guy was the success main successor of age or the second topic but somehow
a kid think i had some conflict
had our people
maybe that person for an image of key keep in india sitting in the new chat gm become the for sabbath
somehow though it's a guy it became the adult success after a retired somehow she had to resign
a job became the i tagging because of some problem and there are many he he
how can i say the interpretation of photos and conflict and i don't know
and a friend as your guide
a to week i became the car again
but after six years or so he had to leave
then after to take a left from i hate to the casualty
this path of and become the for sabbath gang you know ghee ghee in
yeah like after a review or game i mean that's a good guy
but it's sound think game was the our topic haiti it didn't have many banks many monks left a hit with tetsuya guy and our cousins rain and
ingen died
no one succeeded a hazy from ah
key in
so we didn't have many monks and building through a hedge was maybe
i've lost or band or something so since there was no
ah sucks jan had no successor at this person jacqueline's a disciple gig was asked to give you the fifth
fifths out of a hazy
and after dispersal doing that i was he'll be hazy who had taken by a givens i mean his goons what jacqueline's dues and you i think until do seventeenth century
so this v news
took a hazy
but it kind of us small
number of people and temporal session incompatible with cousins
and a next person kangen gain
not many things were known about this person but it said discount on game was the ah prince and son of the empire
but somehow she became a monk a man at a candyce cool
and ah he became gorgons
the cyprus
and he can again went to china twice
once it said was half right after jovians death and second time but i think ten years after talking death and this time hanging have brought a practical ah aj pollock
that is a collection of pagans jodo or a former paramour discourses
ah decode it in chinese
but has a ten use as a collection of jojo and though the and organs a tiny place
and ah
gain went to chain out with this text and asked organs or napoleon's my brothers and that can do unusual and to make selection
and this person can move ideal made a correction and make a made us at smaller belgium or we're hickory oak named a higgins and go look for correction nope add the mustard organs are things
and after he came
but to japan he built a temporary inclusion
so just passed on also left a separate from your haiti
so not many people humane at a hazy after archangels death then some programs
i think
and hunger gains teenage later become ah
kind of a bit bigger group of people
can lead to the out so in that tokens a stream
mainstream is seo good guy and qigong
but another streams is jacqueline june and hit the audience
sunday and giorgos crime those are kind of a major streams
and after dogon
and it's kind of strange think that those teachers
after dorgan really quiet
in can also be studying shoguns on
i mean sydney and the kilgore are only people who lot my pay when she'll go ginza
another pass on you
a disciple which are queen lot not a documentary by the passes
correction or planes on each chapter show bro gainesville
sixty volumes by a no-show bougainville and those two are only people who wrote something about show gorgonzola
as far as i know now we have bought today we have a ah
a dog and scholar from japan and from stanford i think they know better than me
i mean he is facing song is from kanazawa university she's already i mean scott douglas car and also kind of roofing the that i think most important to against guy in this country so please if you have christian productive day the title
beside a job or send me and the war and just are due to made whole lot points and
the one plane had tapped on thought it's not a lot and sixty points many nothing that he not
ha i wonder why but nani not many people who studies show gorgonzola
and ah

fact that they studied is ah in the case on the trying to their main things to study was so called the goalie or five ranks i kind to work cohen
so actually have a dog and died sugar window wasn't study a much
until seventieth century
is that because the the texts weren't that available or
do you think is that right where do you think
i don't carry know
very difficult to studied and
ah you know it was a handwritten
so it's not possible to
publish it can make so many copies so
i think that into a cyborg the was not available for so many people
but if they want to study i think they're they can make more
copies and more committed
so it was an haiti library
maybe so
ah so i said as i said until seventieth centuries
ah dogan guns on wasn't studied so much
it was copied and kind of work how can i say time as a treasure social gorgonzola is not something they had to study
but it's a kind of our our object with the warship or start as a treasure
but are in the seventieth century in pokhara canyon
there was a few chinese zen masters
came to japan
chrome ming dynasty china and one of them was over going
and overcoming and established as a hot dense group in japan
fuck father means soto show and in the and roebuck shoe we have three ten screws
fast japanese than masters thought that since for the good came from china
oh boxes then must be authentically
so fast they tried to study with overcome both a japanese didn't die and solitaire masters
the later they found over because then is somehow different from dog
so they started to study dorgan again
and those people are like a guess you're so cool
wow man mandan go happen our mens en vivo those are great a photo than masters
and they started to made commentary on show bargains on
and for them since that ghoshal made by sydney and kilgore was only one country
made by organs decide to gets a gosh all become a kind of our authority
so all those are so toil the scholars in google period studied discussion on this gossip become ah a source of authority
and you be centuries
i'll talk a little later
and that region fi i bought these books
this is a complete collection of dog and writings
two bodies and the first volume is collection of cherbourg angel
and ah
this is placed of dog and writings
so shoguns i is a week
so dog and dog many things but somehow his students and grants have been like a lot and or this is a collection of organs a and writings kind looked again
i think we have a break
if you're interested with a cat this is tokens by original writings before publication
some kind of that rid of this is talking or not of course george
the and this one
a collection of ah commentaries made
before may's era
that means in pecora including go show and commenter it made by ah
masters in fukuda ah yeah
it has a saw it as ten volumes
and in the modern times
after meeting at meet that after
ah nineteenth century
this is a commentary on not a comment by path decode of patient
by he had michelle book some fancy is shelley book found was ah most important moderns so to the masters tissue his formal lecture on a younger nature
and this is this his initially book fans commentary or understanding is based on question
so that fine crusher has been ah
authority until recently and michelle is and his main student at a disciple was ah coca photon was about publishes nz and that susan g ah
one of the disciple of cycle openly share the book some was actually our young aussie
i'm still young studied with okay sorta and also ah hashimoto a kolsch steadfast practice with this ah
we must have a photon and also kalki calderas practice with him
i'm finish ah stallion bush was a teacher to the kitchen do dorsey studied not that aside from that studied and hashimoto law she was a teacher of category los caballeros practice with ice model noisy
a hazy
the national through she was godot
and of course our close to my teachers teacher so are those three teenagers
i was ridiculous to the new age category roast dinners undermining it came from and this person is sadie book fans ah not a direct to the news but the tinderbox

and you know ah
and i said go show was
rusty has
authored a junkie recently that means ah after i left kamado university that means a thirty years ago
threading this last thirty years for study stein over scabby or dogging in photo school has kind of change
study scattered commodus cards become ah
pretty damn good issue sensor at later had changed
and to when i was a student
hamada university the president of a university was a clear bias caudal who is a person who made this book
who published this book compiled edit compared an average this book so
name peter scurrilous poet professor at kamaraj university was ah
dogan based on their understanding
after i left com our now it's tended people because scott has become more are kind of are critical
and they don't think crusher in a forest pick some have rather some scholars think car show
i made how can i say with understanding
it was not
how can i say
how can i say the authentic ah doesn't present authentic understanding of bergen
somehow it was
how can i say twisted

anyway that is about what i can say about now
the history the potential kaushal on the history of how sheboygan though has been studied in ah so the school of course that up
many more things i have to say we don't have much time ah i'd like to start to focus on the comment on the show will get an can you go on
they have any questions so far
please he needs to consider kershaw to and authority
the me personally no
i mean i studied
szabo gonzo
with my teacher which i'm a casual chic and his teacher in south dakota rossi and i think falcon was chandelier tomorrow she's
a interpretation is somehow different from cushion
they didn't criticized
do they think show is most of authority
but somehow their way of expressing dharma or the own practice is different from cautious so my understanding of ginger corn and or as commentary ah often contradicting
that is the most important important and interesting point to his daddy go show for me and skin i bead and talk ah
on or each commentary on each section of game joe cohen maybe i'd mention fuck it's my understanding and how different
a bushel
sketches allergens commentary based on projector who teaches our young vs i think so
i think so

it seems like having every major change school
coincides with a major social change of japan
romney adviser
is there an tobacco nation is that just a simple
of course it has something to do either history or situation condition or japanese society
our posting source
trying to write some heretics
it's that part of it attempt to interpretation from politics
i'm not sure it's a kind of fact that we're due for people are doing right now can be another
hi jonathan continues to look for something political
so we cannot tell
pretty with number version against over as as i descended commentary straight out on her warmth
the old com for
well enough as the almost all
all chapters of a shovel gonzo dogan discussed about some corn
and ah
as i'm going to talk for him a call on means game joe cohen
and raccoon as a ass
stories are christian and the answers between chinese to the masters and their students
tagging expression of this your coin
so are you okay so fuck
ah ok for time so we have three three twenties and three twenties okay
what we already know
not i'm not sure whether this is a reality was in a written by code or not but are some people believe so
it's gonna not ask god
our russia were written
this is our and about mega drinking
honestly speaking i can do good luck
he can read the
cause the hundred is in virtual worlds and characters changed her
no records
i don't know much knowledge about that calligraphy and ah
classical japanese so i really am grateful for about works over the scars
okay now i right
how to cope on
a sunday and the cold war i think about show bogans kinda corn
personal questions and dignity the scholars agree that them you know as a what would be to you the showed us the actual credit japanese is actually what is a handwritten carter's or even disagreement about that
a criticism it while there is a calligraphy on and then there's a printed part and he said that scholars
you don't have figured out that this is what he was what he wrote who had better put it into modern japanese is their disagreement within about that the there i think so many different the it is gotta have different opinions
right now
not as accountable
bibliography there's a sudden fixed way to beat you know nobody's know i'm writing
so i think that this is ah
this copy made by
he second songs at stanford and i can get to me
i think this is the thickest merganser photo scanner scan gossip
course there are many different era
interpretations of the are thing
since i am not a scholar i don't have much ah
about africa classic japanese
and since i'm a practitioner my understanding
i came out to my practice
from a academic point of view i think i make maybe the mistakes and ah strings understanding
ah that is my karma
and i studied to welcome translation and i was in massachusetts
for nineteen seventy five to eighty one some someone blog
translation of congress in
and after nine eighty
i thought this is not talking the dog and said
and i tried to make my own translation that was the first time i know translated token
so at that time know that are not to make dog in translation
kafka ah
the for to twenty five years there are many good translations now i'm now a pal perfect is working on new translation of show gorgonzola as a part of a project sponsored by
japanese soccer school
i think i
with his translation will be our best to
so far
for a long time
the far and the very beginning
ah togo and sydney sydney is a teacher to kill war while she's a phonetic student but in this collection of commentary so what could he is coming coming fast and centers coming second

since we don't have much for so much time i can't the that sentence by sentence so i tried to cut important points
the first part is about an item sold or games or kenzo cohen
i think the part of show more general is not so difficult to understand
and i think it's pretty
max understandable so i tried to stop
a part of the upcoming home
gainesville and corn
i got this in hang out

the to
a wide range of porn can be used
together with any names have one two three allegra for or pace to
history or
korea the top of page three hindsight
ah right the current i'm guessing
i made a different person and
may have that copy that we have excellent
thank you

it said a word game gainesville cohen can be used together with any links
so we expand the gala or doing what we can say tendulkar or puke
and of can we expand the government of long for a movie we can say kinda call corn of non-being
and when we exceed the karma of neither do nor are woman
oh i'm to see mood when can speak in the same way shogun joke according to this comment schedule cohen
can be expressed
in many different ways
to say room or a be he's kinda cohen is one way to express in your going to say no right no nor non-being as a in auto reset in the past sentence cocaine kinda cohen ghana ah terrorism
the enlightenment with as living beings that is and right dip and in the second sentence is a parent to idea is not such things
according to this comment segundo cohen can be expressed
in any way we can say viagra
don't think
yeah i'm not for things
what we can see neither being torn do
he said saga schedule cohen is a name of god reality
expressed by many different expressions to buddhism or them
the article is called can go corn
and he said it's title of the seventy five tough cause of this writing so angle can be called again the corn companies all that after all seventy five chapters can be called ginger corn
so according to describe commentary by gossiping gossip video cohen is a very basic fundamental a concept broccoli iraq or empire for bogan go her dogan is same going the same in and
diab sheboygan code is kinda poem
and he wanted to
explaining how to kinda cool and is to get out seventy five chatter
ah he said
there can be a gang geo of terrorism and the ginger or realization
forget terrorism is a can joke around and an argument for legalization is a gentle corn oh i got dibs your on poem or a risk risky for three and monks stuff that means each and everything
he's candy corn
ah because the reality a week thing is manifested
this manifested is a translation of what game joke
breathing excellent for everything
around us my calendar not only around aspect the also of things inside of us are all things your corn
this garage on is capitalism at a time an order must add up the karma
condolences good talks about the illusion awkward according to this commentary this on his part of larva
not something we need to any meaning
not something we have to dislike for something we have to escape
after all his expression kinda a poem is the to express a meme that has been transmitted in this translation that truth oil by placing some teaching of this tradition
i is expressed by dogon with this expression can do porn

so according to this this comment from a game joe cohen is kathy was oak and tired kids no target
and i got to talk about on kindle and corn
one preferred to this show gorgonzola said this corn in gainesville call an effort to show gorgonzola sir
and sober gonzo moons are now trickery or true dharma and then buddha sakyamuni buddha transmitted karma to mark i support
good i said i hope i have szabo guentzel
i have three territory of through karma and and pandas and mind of nirvana
and i transmit this to marchesa
so something basic point
transmitted from put up to
in this case going
through at
successive ancestors his show bougainville
and here said the schedule tendulkar is the to touch that thing
that has been transmitted so put us and ancestors are all
get your poem
he said gang gainesville or manifestation does not mean that something that has been concealed is now being a be
we should not consider that this schedule or manifestation is open the curbing a hidden or concealed
as a
the liquor mean or ten is corrupt cut again means to appear
got to manifest
what to actor nice
so then and job means to come back complete
so ganjam mean something pretty
didn't it was not there for which was hidden we cannot see
become clear
what appeared or
manifesting rock tracks then we can sink
but according to this commentary gains your cousin to me something concealed something hidden in the past
korea become appear in front of us and now we just see
but he said danger is something fits never been hidden
never be concealed
can is is was the mingle with watkins on the reality t the always giving
never heal
that was that
their understanding of again again and joe to
in the next calendar free
to say that a job
we should the cafe think about this like joe joe
can i mean august job and part-time his cat cajole is to become like i said become a complete for accompanies
in discussing the meaning of
at soccer scene jobs
ha this literally means that this body instead of become a buddha so this body become up with that they say that teaching in that
a japanese by ayana school pricing on school
and the founder with japanese single school with name was cooking wrote about liking aggregate foxing job with the and he said this body is her the my body becomes buddha
and as said it i expressed on suction vibrancy the mind is itself to the kissinger thing in
then literature in corn story
is not in accord with put our karma some scar said
have such a buddha can become a buddha at the second time saw something or someone who was not who are not caprica become buddha
had certain time through pattern or practice or explains the person said it's not a
i can say smoke
riyadh a buddha
cannot be revered because it is pretty clear that but taxi thing is that karma buddha have been better from the very beginning at beginning to the endless and
so this discuss this booker is not that person
he's so that dogma gaia is that we had a buddha awesome who used to be it and would come and likened to practice with not that ah
ultimately scooping up with that
this idea i think is dog dorgan i tried to said
the expression focused idea is to job com or is a man from gallery or it's gotta beginning
braga is a whole is already good at
and good i never change never did
that is con job or what you know
joe i had to translate into english but dog dollars
right to or
hey using the word of and job
means at this moment when it this properties
that gaddafi is manifested
not some some tango bad attitude reality beyond this person's life beyond discussion practice beyond person's experience
is not ah
get a buddha

ah talking about our comment and then and job
pays for a second line no place for
no they talk about porn
this was a poem came from
come on of has come closer
this was a and came from gang weren't so this coat rack expression koran was not present or is it i was not that with his town but that is came from our coding ordinary for thank you
in china
this should be understood in both wildly and scrap widely mean
so he said god cohen
as can be tapping into a fun is a group that codename for fighting and our as with our karma
and to grow lights and in poor
he's called to be public
the chinese character for coal the caribbean to be public
and the depletion of to be being public
according to this the commentary is to equalize and unequal conditions
to enquire unequal condition
he's code to be public
cocoons i think as a public person not private apple person again pair or governmental results
no they have to
do things the that to ah
make all people happy
so if get something
i'm fair
have to change it
not many actual government do this
are not the actors government or sack tried to do things in this way but that is the idea how the legal system smith yes so this were corn came from a dealer system in china
in something in public
it is not private
the new girl product public something like public official
the seven center
he said that if this is really meant it official
ah yes i'm sorry that it's a quarterback column as compound
no means
oh some document
how can we hung with angus or
that books


oh and
and our program and the ghosts or us lot is this time we can talk about ten scalp and i bought an anniversary was implicit amp
i'm nicole and pattern
and that taste of this and
with pub
when playful
it's also been to trace something
and with fuck
the truth
apple ipad
and with
family home

and ah that there will go of his some santa in that desk
no was happening i have been avoiding him
and on in
so with and roof or desk
as good now
government jobs and
people government officers
a government company said dominic on islam and at they do
have you know that providence the house with programs to get down
this america and will sink
so either
i thought on the and is corn at a compound
a public document ah
no no in order
the all case yeah but ah this could be issued by the emperor
and something in issue by the between the mainland
no one can question
no one can
against density
we got
so with all means use our
a low of to school without question
with have with that episode of thirty for we have to study and do something
there do something well have absolutely no physical bathrooms
half an hour
he's the offensive coated with on is also means
as seconds went by attempts at a quote
and some sentence is when time
but i said
the phone a credit note
a verdict it in as we say indic smoking from both professor oregon hundred and guess get get into it says this and now is something we have to suddenly ricotta
run your base
least for example of course
in pretzel of there must have things
i'm all call
whoa that express a i'm sorry to hear from the camp that are christian and we have to study
and those column stories are
from the pizza could as soon as the kind of occurred to them had to study
it's that can cause become
crystal from ah
whereas i was going to questions
have you done
a not form
then pricing
this candy and as a dispatch in heaven for phrase are hung on something
and perhaps you know
now that the process
it's a map
that am
trains and
and a treatment through accuracy and since
i've been locked in fact this commentary considered an accident
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