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this is living realizations at a concentration fiction verbal repetitions alone and will be freed from the trap of being caught up in
in in in meditations on our voidness or just total absence darkness
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wedding but join territory it at of changes going to tell you don't want to donate to share a number of hundred and about garish in touch him only to it calibrated over to dodgy and in india issues that are not due to multiple injuries it into the jr couldn't have to dislike that then i look to do that too
sure she's cute baby if there were three we didn't identity development of lodging coverage of a chinese leaders and it alone between that device you judge it a tough topic of chivalry patient i'm not much about a million to actually show you how money
push there are many at the depths of to can teachings for example in itself that is the outer what it's called seventy to get a great mind the inner the long day the category of space the secret manga the petition to get it gives the instruction of bit instruction
even with indeed secure instructional manga the interpretation there is also the outer inner secret and even more our a secret and that was dead for example there is it just said that many different types of
dzogchen teachings that for example there is one type of teaching that are given in the pundit as approach that is relating to the all the various teachings of the bodhidharma for example like the in the teachings of launch a logjam tech tool that and ensuring the are related to do like the independent as approach where is that the in the hindi yeah
he is approach in the yogi standard poor's really brooch
oh don't again to change to get a ton about traditional learning and here i have related to very briefly essentially to the commentary on tunes it but and sofa taught you
does not treating interest in china totally pageant two hundred and it shouldn't be a about to do your
so we should stop here at this juncture and afterwards during the environment we would perhaps find a time here and there for some questions and answers

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so i mean you test for money
dear a your on gain it gets them point but it out today i could do to the new share it to the to dinner to location and lumbering the call you say
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the blessing or a bomb and being given to do it belongs to one of the tree in a classes of tantra that they spoke of earlier this being give my yoga and under yoga and zopa a dioica and the environmental blessing with will just being given to deal but most ambala belongs to the first
the class of the inner tantras that is the give up my yoga which has two divisions this particular apartment belonging to a category of tantra called and the transmission of took to do good
in a total raji
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a new made up my shoes how you doing how many you order your we ought to never touch eddie mair not already and it
because you agree that can only really understand it to and it
globally dungeon you come a medium term summer term hours from me we are
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thank you tema some o'connor's kinda sorta summer commerce
when speaking about transmissions are especially in the numa system once picture of three different types of lineages or transmissions these being a long lineage which traces its source in authoritative teachings of the buddha himself and
the transmission really that transmissions of the short lineage which refers to the classes of practices mainly based on text of revelation or thelma and third
transmission of is third transmission and lineage which evolves from an egg experience of pure visions of a meditator someone thousand month to profound visions
but eddie carmel condo dog
tunnel under the a somewhat i'm cool pick that empowerment which be images being given today belongs to the third category that is the category of the teachings of appeal visions of good masters
dundee costs on average of molokai management area
and this pure vision was experienced by the fifth dalai lama
today i was another symbol familia and it some shimmer for now a solid idea actually meet you and i don't think i didn't put it lol the fifth dalai lama's
collected works are classified into three categories he's been the inner collect the inner and outer and extremely secret teachings and empowerment the text which is be used for today's empowerment belonged to third category that is the extremely a secret teachings
near which was a detailed article in issue eight i received the transmission of this empowerment from and that with you
or i shall we are going to thousand to charity to you are several thousand good children
do we get you you're to need t should i make any joshua
and the commentary that i gave earlier on on the practice of dr the t the teaching on doctrine the transmission i received from the go cancer but she based on a comentario text colegio lama
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the transmission of issue lama
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dermatology tunisia caucasian sierra
did you become more yonge are shaming
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che tanto de girolamo mum down and the glue i would have said that the timing
that dot do charge of them to need of a our energy thousand and young know diana was introduced usually was they were all by us that utterly temperatures all dianabol by i certainly didn't you do it
as explained on the first day of the teaching when engaged in teaching it's very important on part of both the a teacher and the students to develop the right attitude and motivation of listen to the teaching now in this case for this empowerment
the guru on the part of the guru the guru has permitted on prepared himself to a certain meditations so you should visualize the guru in the aspect of
but amazon bows manifestation by martyrdom tell surrounded by the it manifestations of padmasambhava in the mandela and on your part of students should try to and developed within your mind artistic inspiration to attend an argument for the benefit of all living beings and also try
it to really remind yourself with and try to sort of reflect on their understanding of emptiness try to bring within your mind your understanding of emptiness and if you have little experience of and and tried to bring about even if it be assimilated experience of rebar venice prison
northerners and with these perversions in your mind than you should have received his apartment
no unique large and done it as you want to handle
she usually i don't on which channel that la lecturer energy them you shedding here
and generally when i whenever i give empowerment of highest yoga tantra
i make one requirement on the part of the students and receiving and in taking the empowerment that is
to have to have been practicing buddhists buddhism for at least five years since taking refuge
are you know why aren't you the crusher crusher energy my daughter has turned into a year ago and into a caution you make it a twenty year though it can today i mean internet and you can move it to watch a video with it but then there might be exceptional cases where individuals although may not have spent that much time in the practice of buddhism dharma but might have from the depth of their ha
art interest depreciation and so support in in the profound teachings it day and now where you go to get lower energy going gonna use that don't that one make games and one goodness because of so among the audience here those who consider yourselves as buddhist practitioners should
prepare your mind in the manner that i spoke of earlier but those would not consider them themselves as put its practitioners they can be as a and they can participate in the empowerment only as a witness
badgering earlier
yeah to give dot dasha
ah victoria
prior to the actual ceremony of empowerment the i will
do certain recitations offering of termites in order to expel the interferences for receiving
the environment
i don't know that there comes easy to do robot comes over as a good to see sugary and do you take you a digit traffic at to get it a ticket it might seem a little odd from one point of view because as we have been talking earlier that everything that appears to our mind and every phenomenon that exist are mere sport or
display or manifestations of our christian awareness but at the same time where he engaged in it and in a practice where we are trying to expel interfering forces
and negative forces which implies that there is a negative forces externally and something which we have to expel that didn't get to your address the give them every but there is no contradiction between the two koreas i'm not a number of show on to funding thing about cause out malia
to two to became a gucci manga number sure sure you want to get him with embryonic came on at any yang mudah uber you see the robot lady yeah yeah kind of issue river look to the korea and
show you real on it now that i'm journal and only casually say usually you better and it tool we're going to you know yeah how's your lot of energy needs is similar to pass on to deliver you know
as a child you have some news from above bubble horology but i am knows you can measure teller who knows that knows you can nurture a you korra koran the whichever day digitally a part of seller changes and it knows you just pre-ordered memory that are the emissary anja
but there is no competition although all the phenomenon all events forces and so forth our main sport or display and manifestations of are pissed pristina venice ripper but so long as moments will remain under the bondage and and confusion or
remain illidan and in the midst of our conceptual conceptual think a thought level there's bound to be projections of form of a negative emotions and externally appearances in different forces so and these forces to interfere
during in our spiritual progress so they are to be overcome it but i want to not have the notion that the are externally independent existence beings but rather one should see them as one's own reflections of ones on a confused state of mind and even in the case of form a indifferent form
as we are which are in infant living beings but a practitioner who has a bodhicitta to altruistic aspiration and
jinan and compassion that practitioners compassion towards them the indifferent forces these beings would be so overwhelming and powerful that it would even transcend the degree of compassion that these living beings they themselves have for did they have themselves
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another way it is auda of a middle name of a of them you know what know all alone in the while the of them the way and me a little bizarre and a lot of when i'm alone i come in on a number and and i as all all
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on that all money and and among at all and hundred and little long argued over along there
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next we'll do the mantle offering
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tell can do it does not want eight hundred you post to be issued does your tiny or yeah you'll always you have amazon pay tribute budget movie lend you mean by lashing and my accept support is indeed they were constantly to him miserable again you put a order to turn into a congenital but gallon community just illegible mcgoldrick budget homies a why you should get know
share it he has like i didn't you choose then
mutual fund mountain or identity identity there's some climate to be a you can be given to walk or are living is on today's not budget romana me and amanda bill monroe's thin and i don't know lasagna where you there
i'm rather leader in it out a lot of brigade
long shows are us and thought of anybody then bomb and ceremony begins with the kittens and sappers making a request the guru to confer the blessings
sort of on the edge and pete our general tojo wagner on also do not know modernism guys are lamayuru zingy qaeda lama is changing gear a chamber on his own lama while invoice una to the symbol from the agenda and onto them to the the on those projects
anders on the traditional follow the traditional on the phone
add an image i am wondering marshall one canister with fringes don't meet their memorial on a single or you may i the enemy me they already know

that is it you will restart the ability to meet you meet me in order to protect the students from
imagine the and perceiving the mandela you are provided a blindfold to protect you from that authentic you will get gnarly a hundred jared liguria diameter than medevac targets and then students are also provided a flower
and each
hell which is to be used which is to be offered to the principal deity of the madonna than you are admitted inside the mandela
although your men al ahram online all modo own and alla romana all modern human not only in nashua but unusual and it although you'll learn a lot on on iowa almost on your money la monnaie all
oh man on i'm on ios on what a human i on mama on although you may know on a manejo ah
how come there all along along at all on their on their on and on them on then i'll come back at all
all long and on and on one level along little
come there are on

oh and i didn't each area for me
a salami thirty kg me show you to turn it down earlier about can watch it with whom will you be killed from dot com internet's them give it a the dog or anybody since tantric practices always a minor practice it should be preceded by a taking a
i refused the three jewels in in in a unique way that is you need to my anna practice and also generated the ultras to exploration to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings
but did he did dooley i don't i give you know setup and a dominating the lama emoji hogan manga any are too much any more did on in
right galella margaret tablet down in a cavalier to easy to cover monday could have a kind of carolina republican can a falling design in and a date
cause agree
dallas either okay and i see tradition be on the and ten back on it and it kind of calendar or did it it up on probably don't want to whole number and monday color can you just have a good landing right and gets know
check get that for that first of all you should visualize the object or refute in front of you all the buddhas and bodhisattvas including the guru in the aspect of the principal deities of the mandela surrounded with his retinue and focused towards all of these are
so you should develop a three strong force of fate but in your mind that three different types of faith is being of a fit of admiration and then fade or of condition in in the in the powerful these objects of refuge and fit which
aspires to attend the various state
the very same state yourself
ten and under cavalier about khyber some j numb and much a total on me number been to some near eau de toilette mimi
you somebody get a new detail edison edison subject to million-dollar mission to do with a turbine every musical brother and energy and middleware whereas into ten in an unusual phobia automata rising the ten and into korea ought to do time in for some w you know region and i need so we just all of
a renewed challenge videos ltd of you just and it needs to law law and it's time to achieve sounds was known to create a temporary we are it and then imagine yourself being surrounded by all sentient beings in the estimate of for human beings in the form of human beings and then focused on them or cultivate strong force of compare
as a feeling of unbearable ness towards their fear of suffering and reflecting upon their sovereign nature and compassion induced by i reflecting upon the impermanent and transitory nature and also a strong force of kadesh induced by reflecting upon their non
never-ending empty nature of of the sentient beings
so reflect upon these facts and a generous with new yourself a very strong force of compassion
ted our tabata new g needed tony a new g sunday fantasia i but i have other newsy term there and no go for dot com ten in new
yeah tony subject to merely tragically
ah doesn't it charges to need no not not in cavite a bit about personality and note on terra tiny or and it showed a dollars some change your children ma'am do you go on top of we're doing yoga and do with you or did it ever done wmd you charge each them but give ourselves a huge to to spotted intervene
cindy l would just set them induced by these two factors of mine that is or the faith towards the buddhas and bodhisattvas mandela deities and strong force or compassion towards older decent sentient beings induced by these two factors are you take refuge in the three jewels buddha dharma and sangha and
especially induced by your compassion are you develop a degenerate a wish a jinan wish that alternative bases be free of suffering and a induced by your feet you
you you develop the condition that it is only in the in the object to refute such as put dharma and sangha lies the the full capacity and power and ability to bring about the fulfillment of that aspiration that also deemed will be free from suffering so through such realization you generate a genuine sp
aeration as continent it's aspiration non simulated and spontaneous aspiration to attend the completely not instead for the benefit of all sentient beings
that palmer doesn't draw on dh and turns out angelica and repeat after me
lama they shouldn't do there was a month she did a quick google some iran law when those familiarizing a la tarde en route was some journal rather than those jan i'm cha gio about overkill for g i joe vardon just virgin lama tissue injury will lama is available
google from year law which was on the yeah no doubt on google's and agenda and and growth engine and joshua partlow your fuji to do about older in lama tashi dinner will mama to them goes on somebody around here law when you open your eyes and i thought our rules and journal of our rules engine and challenge or or goes on
will change until about a job losses
that daniel to draw on london town in in the seventy a deberry that's a given be in and eleven is jennifer some sandwich get about and it give them the that are innocent give a nice shinji and it was just had just turned out about current reality changes in pajama top dollar fusion to romania much any on t
is usable thomas food never seen and good altra toyota now this taking are going for refuge that rituals should they followed by a generating an altruistic aspiration of bodhicitta damage enlightenment and to disrupt the repetition after me when you do the repair
the recitation you should do think that and
and not only will our generators are altruistic exploration but also i will put that ideal or principle into into proper action into action and the angela i engage the bodhisattvas deeds but with such a sense of commitment in your mind if you take if if he's the bodhicitta
it'd be very powerful
this is because we are and then in in in any such attitude you take the bodhisattva vows
just a bit of from and
holiday looked into charles other runners can be so only it'll w designer and as i don't have the authority executive authority other diluted research in the and the nomination was or on it
when speaking or bodhisattva vows dominant forces for the and the numbers of bodhisattva vows all of them when a when combined together one finds mention of eating good fouls and forty six
seven drew vows this should be acquainted and practice to properly
don't do not another
sure that i was contrary contribution limit level all about talk to our to and he tells us about our local we it's just another level a year and dodgy so the as shiny canada with a shovel you know teacher the llama llama suchet we are indeed majors any dining com jersey this the top of to negotiate that was it done
in short want to think that
in in order to engage into a tons of practice i have to take
sorry in in order to engage into a practice of first of all generate bodhicitta to altruistic expiration date and enlightenment and then if i follow that generation of the bodhicitta by taking our pledge and vows of the buddhist art from my sense of commitment in my prep
tests will be all the more forceful and greater and it's for that reason i'm taking the bodhisattva vows one should think in such such terms on yeah
i knew was in asia and it sin kinda about dumbass food show on a rando clinical idiotic so on your part from the depth of your mind you should have certain three factors that is three and three more divisions these being
modern desire and motivation to generate the bodhicitta the new your mind and the desire to the wish to take the bodhisattva vows and that the wish to commit oneself in in in engaging in the bodhisattva deeds but as that the way of life
dundee is or what i saw cindy and all combine to get off and and or lasagna too many amazon jp a lot of them all out on new trilogy of duty lucky god or comes taught at angel's cindy and all and
dental and get all content or lasagna to louis lasagna to many color can do to league hollow or duty navy with our daughter comes out on the album
cendien on attorney and gender tell somebody to love to know how much tabata drama julia simpkins is just a lot about anywhere lot of it was a pleasure on of his own number national when you finished the last line of repetition the third repetition he should imagine that a dead
point accompanied that will put us up to about you have received within your mind a complete set of put us at our vows with that you should to repeated that for the third time
cindy a dog and dental gentle abundant or lasagna to me lasagna too many call out on neutrally on our guard duty navy on a toggle jaw or water damage

the us doesn't give only i pay a bottle of authority mobile little digital pneumonia and then are good i mean
middle east and template guinea comes a sharp pendula and gone toga and as a permanent gentleman and medically nya broader bit of as sind given to the motto chinchilla energy lives or the looking embers takes you to do what men i take it to do
watch men i am and it will not come check with are some key and all anytime atomic gala unit here to tell you like generation of such
such a buddhist bodhicitta with such sense of commitment is has said to derive great benefits everyone marriage
now the genesis in his rectum allah at precious garland and also on saturday vs and his bodhisattva tarawera that for a practitioner who has generated bodhicitta in such an
it's such a sense of commitment and
from the depth of his or her heart not only when the person is engaged in the bodhisattvas of life and put us up or deeds of with mindfulness of his or her pledge but even during invent the personal sleep or at the person to the person and slip to his
marriage a always increase
the digitally or any logical before doing that and next is taken the touch of vows

a g comes in a patrician to for me is low in very
the verses which will be recited in shot says that i shall observe the general commitments the common commitment of the five but the families and individual commitment and
patches of the of of the individual broader families
i under in a rage during the war our school age and turns out on hold after me cause for total tj your agenda or to thirty dollars is in there on youtube literature go okay i'm going to encourage involvement over using the llama to from havana
do a lot mount washington how to a non dollar various sends you also have the said it was was a tiger conditioners or hydropower project jainism changeover climbing usual from large gipsy issues my who zero from from touches the challenge or central medium for a kid goes to mature hours and ninety four the new bill
tajima the virginia the out and other comes in mandatory authority and them other target on t single de rigueur to do until this year to get them to give up to the mother of biology doesn't want his room and design team and your logic he comes you know the da dodgy olivia comes into charger nobel media of energy
it's i do not want it is why to ensure easy to get 'em to talk to your angelic here comes to chamber and i'm sheila large numbers are been injured and hurt somebody's and of energy you can do though and have been imagined yet and here comes your model the awful upon it up you have been doing all right another legacy you comes to to missouri nigeria create and the convention
or another double out and then jovially alzheimer's care about how does your budget for about lama disney target arguable from new no truvada target with union to talk shit i'm yvonne tondo a lot of shit and the amount antonella to launch average on not not be the to on the issue the idea of our larger shoots onions online matches are dodging and
the tomatoes tomato ginger about volume on your local a job or get materials or was a k introverted ruleta de year two verses or led to the climate or zhang is santosh or london dosage and guess auto show nor did a lot of work on it then you will go from here on a lotta but team would you our number
to gdr santa giovanna photography was much a mood our cottage of on a bear temperature the environment and alia or sort of becoming a person kind of your number come on a generative design does your timid and the top london lot of attrition to food never been any changes or lane he was aggravated during the second repetition
as explained earlier you should visualize all the buddhas and bodhisattvas mandela deities are the principal duties in the guru desperate of principal duties in the front of you in this space above in this space notice of visualize all the great tantra masters of the past and reflect upon their great
examples and and develop a deep sense of commitment a from the depth of your heart to follow in their footsteps by taking the tons of thousand and engaging in the tons of practice are properly so that such sense of commitment than the you should repeat after these verses
as for the second time
oh children to jours thousand and for two two digit i was not to show you little general terms of it don't you watch important role in the la maza who havana during our month of no not one dollar this as you have a lot is this point project and dinner was underwater i started doing as much and do about
a bushel from notification american you know decades is changing social media via he was in germany now sunlight dining with willpower in either in you get a man comes in target of energy the modern today's to do digital items you to do this year review at times you go from turbo models already customs is no models
no in geologic you can do to your dodger radio times a juggernaut woman is already a gun and may just on your judiciary items you don't want to hear radio continue to jimbaran and a large numbers are fun and eight lives and was generated energy items you do and they've been married and social mobility of far as out monday on another lady ga items
you do not all adat of nigeria a large number of genres and she learned a lot of us about how large is your budget rather hard to gentle just valuable go to bother with my number of to share them there are a to a lotta shit and mount onto a lot of generator on on our date roger rajaratnam and issues idea of following your logic there's i guess how ionizer
how dodging bill tamago part of the he wrote about polyamory over foreigners i am i'm doing i was like a to super legit allegedly it was village and climate budget challenges santos or antigen versatile shoe telling us on enough the climate change the southwest oh so it's not how much power than not you know my out what are we going to get on your share
when you finish the last man of the third repetition again image imagined that you have receive a complete set of tantrum vows with in your mind
the company is under yeah zellers or aujourd'hui your go dollars agenda or juju juju dollars religion the board and youtube original single this you work environment programme can do lots of gonna havana my was no not on our the decision was over tonight
does argentina will change over to our as much under obama google negotiations are now on job market is changing awesome some in your validity used in germany as virginia are you know the details aren't hungry are you your energy and i learned how to handle ggg items you to the anything that can kill a typical modern monarchy know
zomato euros a year them zero the radio show journalism major biology and canada is usually get 'em zero in the area chamber knows you know those numbers are one hundred dollars going to have emerged you don't do and then they married comes to your although foreigners or another legendary here comes in two thousand a year in london a dollars
shop and you know how about our judge don't run on hydrogen valuable from new york truvada and featured under my rock or of it and the amount onto that charles how long are the favourites one of my majors idea of all your logic there's i guess though i'm not saga you need your dominant not the event of an italian model local volunteers are other monday
those also was i can you this is allegedly it was literate and dodgers younger years and whole show i mental isn't here at all

ah not and in and you will acknowledge way you buddy doll always a chip as if you hold on the prove who never nashua next is that your entry into the mandela so than the guru deity
says it's our home bum hole than you should imagine being admitted into the mandela
law bomb all all packing want to hug on a yacht charger and other jedi about lot tomo these and doing it now visualizing that you are making presentations to the madonna deities with your folded up with your palms folded repeat after this
whoa she was i'm john good do there for she taught i'm down could live in tangier more lot and yeah i make you grow lot roma use home croissants at the highest numbers idea caught on to teaching year along with not toward year to year long
i'm usually i promise i was anybody
next is replacing them that son the students in the pledge of secrecy ah
doctors genius didn't have it come out about tomorrow
lawyer dot know
you didn't actually jimbo wonder the college of on diaz some borrowers law
that korean law may allow me general the arctic wanted you to plumbing advantage and wanted to remember user no longer berkshire
if time permitting
the grew at this point is supposed to distribute the net into the water from the consecrated water from the conch to all the students but since be to the short of time i want to do that why
poggio table a the pressure to to feel budget a bit of their knowledge issue tissue on on moodle at all mobile knowledge and virginia is your father a lot of from somalia he then not again

in you see what our bodies you were over twenty years
you cannot after the using yummy rather does guitar or canada and does know that we are it
next his invitation of the western beanies had this
showering of the western doing it has to be done by retaining the taste of the editor on your tongue
don't get it emmy which actually be done to for
dot on
luna songs tokuda that will share their community as you don't want to do the intersection of yeah you see yeah stuff now to perform the following visualizations now keep your spine straight
a lot on as that items or terror attacks and your to palms are folded at at a level of your navel and emitted a position
and the silly galia to be brought to the shop franchise that tara costa capital and retain a taste of the nectar at the on your tongue
zaw that the unit region niche and this is the physical posted that you have to adopt
log mit dog cause addiction study which showed the condoms dignity custody it
cause you the border he said it set up today in on what those tv shows are dabbling in as this lose them get tomorrow that currently because it sort of lucrezia to m from have of part of the we just want to change to visualization which has been described as to the performed than to grow actually engages in
in the particular ceremony they you will find it the than the ritual symbols and the instruments with be played it is the visualization has to be performed at that point now but i'll expanded earlier now your is you have to retain at that point of and while to into visualization
boss brett at the level of your navel
didn't linger you bringing very sorry at the level of your heart
two ten am on and orderly are ten and coconut or like
the that a downward avoiding wind being drawn up what and then
from the front upper
point of channel you on trough drawdown your breath and at the level of will have your heart you retain our boss brit
how does nigga the pizza just tomatoes to this stop by voices and you can do that in
that's not what they said that we are right but is he does heart should not be confused with the physical heart which pumps are blood but rather a cute
i one should refer it to the that the point sort of a midpoint of your center channel their normal of be visualized a the channel will chakras
but simply next gender my uber tell me but yeah because aliya dodgers and tony by biotech now hundred the to put the kind of posture that your mind has to adopt for that first of all you have to do
you have to reflect on the menu of emptiness
dundee done the tonys the idea de da da da to move tony to curvature now this emptiness is is the type of internet that is being spoken for the a sutra and tantra earlier today the time when you tempted to engage any montana to
now this mindfulness or a reflection on the emptiness serves as as as a cause which are conditions you to which induces you to dissolve even the appearances of oneself
aren't you can like stanger how do at a bar tells them that are sebastien de gar exhibit tiny and
dog and their our show com a cleaner that data shingle ten beverage and i need you to do it your courage by you know to come jr lot more do you to make drama mount up to resubmit number much about tony's on
now motivated by the strong sense of compassion towards orphans and beings now a contemplate on on emptiness for felt on emptiness thinking that normally myself not only a monsters but all's and zombies and all living beings all of nominee and events and so forth i love
the empty and leg inherent existence the up
ultimately get to know did not dare not inherently existent are donald independent existent
and contemplate on the internet of all all phenomena
today than a minivan
better tell because about said it was good too
really i to judge says as say you done it
casual really to class and you meet yeah exactly i knew you will watch now if we search for the essence of the the label person or human being or in beans and supports it is not to be found this is quite similar to that the current events
or vendors at the kind of conclusion that or even scientists to arrive at when they search for a for what is consciousness and what his mind and soul damage he was losing a lot of courage beta about such as an italian quick to jail to virginia in the injured to turn lot to the near meadows
charging for same is true or physical matters like on the material things if we search for the and the essence of the label will find it they are composed of law their part and if if he carried and an investigation of further and try to find what the pants
our again they are composed of the their own elementary part and so on and even ultimately arriving at a point that you don't find anything that is inherent lakes as dinner objectively insistent the recession of be possible to the your ship less corruptible you know yeah
that gives you know using the to new audacity but it just takes a a local teaching lazy at our cars audi tt cheshire change and sally and yeah memory now the same is true what be highly risky or regard as a great experience like the light experience
clear light experience is nothing other than a collection of different instances now i feel if if we search within that the inch instances which compose such an experience but do not find
essentially what is called clear light
ted channel region you compare to new korea santa barbara tuchman market when you already have entered the same applies to the emptiness itself if he were to search for the essence of the label emptiness of if a subject emptiness also
do this kind of ultimate analysis it's not be found also
can we do my username raja choke kyle salmon show you later today right so this kind of analysis as as a as a consequence and as a result of all these kind of analysis will find that there isn't any phenomena single entity or single phenomena which if be subjected to such ultimate and now
illnesses something that it's it's not to be found it's unfixable wanna nevertheless i'm not tenant as you really enjoyed that didn't never met but it but then the question is does that indicate that things do not exist at all but then this is not the case because things do exist because they exist they do match
a far as they are religious experience of pain and pleasure happiness and unhappiness therefore they do exist
illogical zone in manila yeah you have offended me either and you and ludicrous lana
and i i know that we are together
my dog they yeah maybe like the here my your bag well on your asia now if it's the case that phenomena do exist as established by our experience as we can feed perceive and so forth a phenomenon twigs as but at the same time the on fundable than
our sought in such a manner than the question is how does it what is the manner in which they they exist what is the level or manner in which these phenomena exist and the only alternative of what a phenomenon to be existence is that they exist only at a conventional lab and conventional level or
a little ever they exist by the by the force of commonality at a nominal level they exist only by the force of convention
do you just turn into take nurtured at are well known you would be and in college it can you measure it is very well on you managed to nataliya were of the million but romany and as an underwriting so this demonstrates the fact that there is a disparity and
a great disparity between the way things appear to our mind and where things exist in reality although things exist in reality as mere labels into a designation is imputed on the collection of the designated business but when things appear to our mind they appear as an errand under
existing objectively ads than existing on their own right which not the case so we find that there was a disparity between the way things exist and way things appear to our mind or we perceive them on today do that i don't want are not data to majority that can you show your and the dead bury nature that
things do not exist as they appear to us is the emptiness and we just ultimate nature of the phenomenon i because our doctors and could introduce quite order on as a lead us to and meditation on this emptiness as as as as far as our understanding and extent

tara ah
and they morning you to never thought of myself
received universal know myself
knowledge and dinner july when aig given as you can bet can only be a gang of a g e do you do te deum maybe she'll the follow up to win in what has he given were saying is under mubarak those exit or something like can ebay username and
to do mirror diverse or ceremony shana deity more she gradually casual begin
two hundred dollars million buy on dvd in and as you more to get your possum g that kinda hard to believe me just an eraser to money shine on d d yeah and i am recovered what you can am redevelopment i mean now and not only is phenomena login inherent existent
and there's a disparity between things appear to our mind and they exist but also speaking from the point of view of subjective experience of taillight we find that all of these different polarities that bespeak of couldn't bad to conventions i couldn't bad high and low and so forth
negative and positive he's are all conventions or concepts that are created or that are manifested from the primordial nature of the mind clear light and it is only when is natural state of the mind of clear when it's preserved that these different concepts arise giving rise
to negative emotions and so forth so when seen from an experiential point of view of a clear light
although these negative states of mind to appear to us as endearing and lasting and permanent but they're not so so from that point to you again there is a different level of disparity between where his ex conscious experiences appear to our mind and where these are and his existence
the little town but that visited upon bonding to do it on my near the relational i can do to do another kind you can't have been you can do to be muted and look around to shatter mama not to sit and in yeah
a digital gadgets block cry on shuttles of china now having developed is kind of understanding understanding of emptiness and also understanding of this promote nature of mind being empty of circumstantial conditioning now that very understanding that even a be a c
a little one now this should be at at at the level of your mind at the in your imagination this experience understand of emptiness should be that that very awareness itself should be generated into the deity
don't have courage to us on
down the to deliver about twenty year they were lucky and it continued inability
query on the out there
we ah
but er la montage out hundred
kinda about she's you turn you in a child i had have a tuber of yearned to cold temperatures your project or more kids about sure can be stopped
i'm now this awareness of emptiness urge should be generous into deity as as explained earlier now the stages through which you regenerate into deity is that first you
transform that awareness into a or blue now let her home a blue whom and that know home eventually are transformed into a blue project ara one fifth two arms holding buzzer and bell embracing a concert and
a and
you are so the your project is his partner she told you
toward the time who who's holding in our hands
curved knife and skullcap
toggles kinda blue shimmer that will die on your one overall and as a and that of what eye on your local mall at all boys and a lot on the football shirt are high the knowledge that all of them are from vallejo dot com

oh man you know your comment on day
come on on kijiji bamenda name date and to need you more from kinda day on given lama budget a hundred things it she's is hardly a jazz we're clothing sandy's use of the barrage higher budget thing i'm on tour duties of a into division together toward the turbans about like hereby
children you will the extrusion toddler a bougie are really getting candy as
dr nicky ryan
right you don't you agree to send you a t in good luck and your palm of a window mom got to wanna come out the by the terracotta really shooting it jiggy about your first use youtube was just some negative now and yourself in the in the in the form of this budgetary
from embracing his consort or partner you see tokyo at your heart
at the level of your heart you should visualized i read by jabara he about forefinger of its
in in in size of in in height
holding or curved knife and a skullcap and dancing with great joy
k together rather large apartment talia and it at a younger younger marble
we'll go to court tea usually you could permit you will not be yeah she would tell how me successfully of congress very issues harrison
now at the heart of watch a bahraini which who is at your heart at her heart used to visualize
i read
as a symbol of and a sign of immutability you at central with visualize a syllable palm and on the to on the four corners of of of of the of the symbol on pump pump comedy is my panties hamster
essential that you visualize that to live on palm and at the to at four corners you visualize the letters on how the nice ha she and she has a hard really makes money sums broke up
but tesla who didn't order says
they attended reporters the covert losing unit you more dodgy nigel my mama toward a trabant vision terracotta you to our to you're my were younger to call a of pump the know how to use in combat
back in
robin key young teacher as not moving in yamaguchi thirty good and
roma nom de luigi
does actually need you lumineers rather running around to year david lumia good
they young a lose stability numeric he had the numerous other country kinda young so that do you gotta to lucas davender under i can do to kind of plan can we give readers an alumni yeah mr gerard and longer do you unique she knew the looters on earth ginger davis need to grow your journey d
use any about it and that mingling a will send senate your by depeche it the dirt hegarty as i'm done indeed to a you do the county that you're going to college and tell a i use facebook dany an intelligent good meme
i'm not giving up onda doesn't you know number ten on a conduct mj hundred division as your representative metro bar can honestly say your robot on done during that to the to my in the dire quoi charles cheshire bottom dungaree but did she lived we are marketing sheila
the reality tricky mode talking mod team and your own giulia door to door i mention me was that it was never to a little me to a million be that today energy can only use it as casually using mini kitchen river is using i say you in a casual with canada dial tie
watch any you're done it not to launch reality for dinner plate with i thought toshiba and digital not of the films about parents have a baby now hadn't done this visualization and at a point when the grew pronounces young at that point you should visualize that by the
course of he's hitting pronounced that syllable yum it activates with new york with in your body the the elements of wind which pervades your body is activated and this pushes up the vijayawada he at your heart up to up to your midboro the
that the imitable symbol as want to go at the heart of july smooths anti-clockwise barry
the violently does increasing does inducing with neil with new an experience of great place which at the same time is mindful of of the emptiness of all phenomena and also the perception of all phenomena as mere sport and display and manifestations of the clear
light a basic clear light
this dual understanding the dual realizations of the steel nature that things are empty and also manifestations of this clear skylight is important because this type of realization this realization of opens your mind or heart and receive the blessings from the guru
why yeah doesn't us
we are poster shot


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that they do you want a scenario
more than a new role model
how about

the hundred and the earth

i don't want a permanent resident another water promotion that was or what about an element of would have been going on an amendment what i wanted to visit them and a will live on them a little bit remember what the whatever whatever there's doesn't work them on condition that or something on does did the upon lol own ah
data has not yet another area another minute
development did have a legitimate legitimate legitimate legitimate legitimate legitimate legitimate legitimate ditto ditto ditto living in an academic and then they don't then
now imagine a dj me

why are you project honey
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so that did he do
but you can talk like new gimpy and but when used to their cause i used to genji miranda keep go to my cheek and chin
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iraqi utilisation de la rosa gita thousand was soon as they are more i should position challenges nobody shown on tourism triana new a tumblr to shimmer i'll just wait by ah that they didn't ever go smoothly to move uniform is change with the congo danza city till you give them
or same way more new was a little tool you know module antibiotic not an or cgt the morning of course
i delivered up goody goody schmidle relies on time and just the leaders and designers just the images are taking the lloyd you to my kayaking and or about tagging d johnson are they pushing to be an annuity you have you any rule it to must have to aig the arctic and
ocean do we gonna do around around just a manner our lord to assess how what you'll have never hear somebody's dollars hematoma says as you harmonic well as anyone could you give a t area dinner and are wishing you were getting it together on a journey your boss and years dominant rung and hunger you did it almost signed it said daddy
what there's gonna be with that new conditio just thank your registration i'm loving and then i'll show you a tenable machines from reality or to meet you but you design it and into each them to study drama runs every year david now pushing new sar to think and w w t v i can't tell you and good and tasty legend families you can
i'm say you're doing which is distinct but scientists and testing your on we also show on tell us i'm just i'm just chipped foreigners to eat my grandma my up about tend to give them money resound with en o'clock i'm rung a seven-year their address bar
it is in this manner you'll receive the blessing now when talking about blessing one should keep in mind that it
that the very term blessing more in in tibetan origin the to banners and determined chin lab and ten mins magnificence and lab his chin also has the connotation of been transformed and love is a wave so it's it's
what is implied here is that tim by the magnificence or transforming power that is in-depth are highly realized being
he does that the person was receiving the blessing is transformed into our into advanced or on
a state and here when receiving a blessing what does not have the notion that something totally new has been input
with this medal stream of or whopper or of the recipient but rather what is it what has it been done is that them the inherent qualities that i wouldn't mind of the recipients such as the basic seed for the i eventually arise on into the for into the for chaos tandem ah
as a bolkiah monica and so forth that the the potential than the pregnant or promote and seed for the arise even to arouse them into these for kinds of the buddha is being activated by by the interaction or with with with them with a highly realized master highly realized
being and through that intervention that seed or potentially is activated so that the the observations
the negative delusions and himself forth which obscures it which prevented which hinders deceit from being this potentially be realized is been real and removed gradually so one's understanding of receive a blessing should be understood in in in such a banner
batting in canberra can eat hundred seventy king don't metadata from a don't know anybody around large ranches you did it the integrated a top one hundred two hundred rigid or adopted and or
motley out shuttle intimate on i use and the next you are tossed the flour which has been given to you in inside mandela to emphasize the point that and how we possessed within ourselves in need seat or potentials for the
complete enlightened state that attainment of the for kinds of the buddha

should the owners make me do yoga
how do we shouldn't emily emily visual getting a new music comes in his home in time a machine
i'm a little more agenda now when over at home atomic time arena i went off a new budget was to flower on the madonna on the street all of the audience you to visualize imagine throwing add flour at the same time and casual why he knows what do you get the what auto show repeat after me
oh tanya my made you will to do or ginger my anymore to the internet and i don't do in time maybe not all the ceremony led told and i'm one a legit or concept and i'm over a shock the gala dollars on tv on the whole image on enjoy