December 1st, 1999, Serial No. 04062

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the intention
i love it when the sound goes on
do you really do i really do we really vow
to test the truth
of the blessed one's words
i vow
to teach the truth

do we vow us sangha members
with all our heart
my father saw
and with all our might
to teach the truth
and the to target of word

yesterday for the day before probably the day before because i've already forgotten there was an article in the new york times it i was very excited about
i'm always interested in physics and physics ideas of physics but highly
i don't really quite understand what they're talking about but i do want to share with you so if i miss if somebody has a physicist here and i've missed it forgive me
but it turns out that while the old theory was that the universe was created out of a big bang you know that theory
and out of that big bang
they discovered they know it was a big bank has everything is moving away from everything else
add a certain pace and children and what they thought was because of the strength of gravity that as soon as everything got
far enough away that gravity you actually don't have this works but anyway at some point gravity was supposed to have grabbed on to everything that was moving away and would begin to that oh i know because this they would it would have the there
you know force it was making a go out gravity it would have it run out and then gravity from the explosion and such as it was
i it's a joke you know emily
we think we can actually conceive of anything now
so would have run out and then gravity would have was going to pull everything but again and who would we would all be smashed together turns out though that these physicists now find that in fact as things are speeding away from each other
instead of slowing down as they're getting farther and farther away they're going faster
and physicist haven't been able to account for this at all and is may affect it's caused them a certain amount of discomfort
because it's undermining and good deal of
they what they think they know about the universe
the way they have one of the characteristics of what's happening oh what they're trying to do is find purposes such it is very interesting concept
what they're trying to do is to is to set some up some matter in the universe it as it is actually missing
they think that the universe waves a certain amount supposed it should way of certain amount and they can only for the matter that's in it they can only account for thirty percent
it's lost somewhere
it turns out it's lost in space
and it turns out that in space this vacuum but they think of thought of as a vacuum
what's there is actually out of this vacuum which we can hardly conceive of any way out of this vacuum
is created
an energy according to einstein

is you know somehow same as matter matter energy right so what they're trying to do now seriously
not kidding
what they're trying to do now is way the vacuum

the way this is connected with my talk tonight november
can they have a shorter help
the way it's connected with it is
that out of
how did nothing
not boyd k not that kind of nothing
but out of this magical
nothing out of

there is no hesitating is because i do not want you to think that emptiness is of thing it's not
don't think that
but out of this vast ness
arise i created
and when i was studying in tantra way they talked about practice in that way that practice was a dance with energy or that you would play with energy and that in fact the emotion thought that that arise in
enough is it is a kind of a play of energy

and in a few days
many of us are going to have the opportunity to sit still
and watch
the play of emotion thought the play of energy

we are going to voluntarily put ourselves into a cauldron
a heat
now we're going to sit in the middle of it
and some of us will experience energy as desire
some of us will experience that energy as revulsion resistance anger
some of us will have states of bliss
some of us will have stayed sir
other sort
some of us will be completely lucky if we can follow our breath for three or four periods during the day with some consistency

what matters the most
in this now this magical vow to taste the truth
the to target those words
what really is the most real so called real thing
that happens when you said

is the passing show the most rail
is say imagination the most rail
what's the most real thing and how do you weigh
establish ourselves there so that we can taste the truth
and had targeted words

i do not know how to tell you besides you know beating on this lectern
how i how much i feel how important it is to sit
i really don't think
right now anyway
approaching a seven day shane that there is any other way
i'm saying that tonight

and many people feel the same way
we will be sitting with green gulch our fellow zonda brothers and sisters
who are going to overlap with tassajara
we're going to sit with people in thailand
in korea and japan
maybe in china
probably in tibet somewhere i'm sure
certainly in india
this is a real hard to says she
maybe important for of ear
and millions of people are going to sit together with us

for me the truth of the to target those words
is somewhere around the heart
if it isn't that
then i don't know what i'm doing here
somehow for me the truth is that the targeted word is around the heart
and when i sat down tonight speakers hair and beauty a little bit i waited until my heart
it's not been easy for me the past few weeks here in the city center
so i waited
til my heart opened

so there i could share with you
my deep feeling
that what we do together is of utmost importance
for each of us individually for our community
and for the world really

i was reminded of the parameters
getting generosity all of them will need when we said to be generous to ourselves
to be disciplined
carefully discipline not too much not too little carefully disciplined
we need to make effort
we need to have patience
really patients
we of course we're going to sit and whether we know it or not we will be sitting in the middle of the truth
in the midst of wisdom we will

and it's not only wide that will be sitting with people to not only wide
the be sitting in australia
there's an group and south africa
it's not just wide we are also sitting with all the people who have come before us to a exactly the same practice that we do now
and i feel myself anyway a tremendous amount of gratitude so that each one because each one of those people and they weren't just men
h one of those people
did the same kind of work the same difficult disciplined effort effortful joyous crazy
that we're going to be doing and they did it generation after generation after generation so that we could hear the truth of the ten target as words for that i am grateful
we're sitting with them as well
and they don't hand down to us they didn't hand down to us and words really not sure all in the classes that we go on by they're intriguing they're interesting they they get our mind working in those of us who are interested in ideas in that kind of way they spark things we can check
our so so-called progress you know by words and stuff like that but that's not really what they held that's not really what they pass on
they pass on the spirit of practice
spirit of practice
i can remember knowing a cigar o'shea
very near death mary very new death came into this room to
the mountain seat ceremony for richard baker with his staff and on top of the staff there are three rings and on those rings there are other little rings and when he pounds it on the floor goes changing thing thing thing thing
changing changing competing with a with just his entire effort and he's dead in a week
ten amazing effort
category the same thing when he was dying and you know effort isn't always when you die
not always in emergencies know it's too easy in a way in emergencies not in emergency it's way more difficult to make effort in the boring old day to day you know develop some kind of continuity
how does it go to develop continuity is the host within the house something they didn't develop continuity is the most difficult thing
k gary when he was dying is full of shingles and stuff shane was very painful very painful and to the end i remember i almost don't want to tell your story so personal but i'll tell you anyway

i'll tell you another time
hey i wanna finish now i think i've said enough
anyway i know that the practice spirit has been effective for people because i talk with people and things have come up
we've all gotten ourselves into a certain amount of trouble
which is good and we've noted some things great
and we've kind of thankfully come to the end of the
our kind of you know being loosed on the world
and now we get to withdraw it's a gift
you will get to withdraw we get to be alone thank heavens you know legitimate sort of way so i don't have to feel lonely we get to withdraw and sit down with ourselves
and let ourselves surrender
in grateful surrender
not holding on finally to some stupid image that we have to maintain not having to be you know hurt
buy some perceived i'm yeah i'm including myself that's why had such a hard time this couple of weeks
slight in tour i'm telling you humility is the best way to practice it's wonderful
i hate it but
it's really good it's really good and the way you work with it is just you breathe and you just keep letting go just stand there and you breathe you came or letting ago don't hold on don't feel it don't hold on feel it don't hold on
don't hold on don't identify with any of it that's what surrender means not any emotions not to the thoughts not even to the consciousness not even to do with a consciousness don't identify there either
surrender surrender surrender
and i was going and then tell you something about this sir
come on where
way i love that name none un so lyrical nine us
i knew it
and i'm not sure if i don't remember if matsuo basho in nature and you you know the polishing of the tile
oh says the same guy
the prevented
hmm i like a name much sieve
ones lyric and one is kind of staccato might sit nine new a scrape
but you know what i'm not going to do it i'll save it procession of bring it up
it's a great thing because dog and turns it completely around
so on talk about anything i've said enough and we can go to sleep
and then gonna stop
you're right you're so right
digest it completely shit it out
it's just a concept
to not be bothered by the concepts very superficial
very superficial
good luck i'll be there with you
it's gonna be tough and it'll be wonderful
so please remember that carnitas take care of yourselves
you know from between now and then tie up everything say goodbye to whoever is a friend of yours not gonna talk to them and again the same thing is true for people who are not sitting if you're going to work it's okay you know other people are going to be sitting you can remember that people are going to be sitting and at that moment as soon as you remember your back to the press
isn't moment in awareness that's all we're doing k we're just trying we just are going to wake up to the present moment that's all
no mystery
and you can do it while you're working so you can join session in that way and those of you who are close and nearby here if you want to you're welcome please don't just stay in your roof come down to the zendo it's an opportunity because everybody in this in the says she is going to be developing this concentration
certain amount and when you come sit you can get a contact high remember
you can do that come and sit come in the morning and come in the evenings it and the guy turn comes to on the floor don't go hide in your room
hey you can do session walking around in a restaurant and then come sit remember
who it can have fun it's great fun because you know white fun it's wonderful to talk to people during says she is the best so different during session people are there
they can really made
so come let's all do together
and do this thing that
has been handed down to us and that many people in the world i'm going to be doing