Buddha's Mother saves Tibet

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and then the carry the but i do room with family to be a good as mothers quite an exercise while he's in your womb remote forty two trillion different deities come to receive dharma teachings that retail
of they're gonna vmi protest outside your stomach goes just like multimedia show going on through your stomach wrong and it and the gudas are radiating and emanating and teaching and good and sitting there going to pagoda you know sort of like might like superman and the general for yoda yoda thing is sitting there like talking about the dharma is the
instead of being an embryo you know he's actually terminal dharma and so you kind of you've heard of contemplative ninety one of these days buzzing around the do but you don't want to breathe too heavily or burp or gurgle or you would disturb like the dharma teachings for trillions of some subliminal beings so
she does this my baby and she's all was there she said she's called a ninth gunners she's no good grades being incarnation of sort of feminine energy that interconnects everything she's the sort of wisdom sign that the buddha is kind of compassionate wants to do well for beings and do things without them sort of connected interconnected this that
female energy that you never would be able to do it and so she or
what do we go
running three or grid
so there will be able to do it now have to find the page and the broke my glasses
he would never be able to do it
is it debate
yeah here you go
said that she's telling its course i could just gives readers the whole time anyway
beginning with these pseudo not
then i emptied of notions of performs that that the bodies of student meets my artist on describe a little bit about the meeting with her too
through them as or lady maya sitting on that throne her physical form transcending all in the triple world haven't gone beyond all states of being facing all beings appearing according to their mentality is unstained by any world being made of myriad virtue
in the likeness of all beings appearing in such a way as to please or being adapted to develop and guide or beings and sending into the presence of all beings appearing continuously to beings at all times like this guy a peerage all beings to be permanent not going anywhere not passing away from
all world not coming anywhere that's coming into existence in any world on originated absorbed in the equanimity of non origination on extinguished get involved in the affairs of all worlds not real having attained such this not fools superior in accord with the world not emotion being divorced from death and birth
not annihilated because of the non annihilation of the nature of reality and so on he saw her anyway based on result never leaving the mundane pure non conceptual like vastness it has wandered through that i see lady maya manifesting in physical body that was not form being a reflection of form now
i'm feeling being the ultimate cessation of painful feelings of the world outside the thoughts of all beings but appearing in there for issuing from the unfair brocade nature of reality detached from a loser reaction considering the sphere of discriminatory consciousness born of the knowledge of vows and enlightening beings having no intrinsic essence
being bought beyond the range of or verbal expression etc didn't more of that new and so did i emptied of notions of the forms of all beings penetrating the minds of other beings so lady my eye in the minds of all beings her virtues sustaining all beings her body and accumulation of the virtues of this year
she was scale engaged a non-discriminatory perfect giving impartial toward all beings having united or beings in the fellowship of universal compassion
she was adept in meditation on the essence of all things remind was accomplished in all branches of meditation
she knew how to analyze the teachings of all buddhas she had the wisdom to consider all the designs of reality she gazed tirelessly on all good and
he would have had to be tired and since you had to give birth to the
the as he bowed to all good as etc etc
beginning with these new that are so lady maya and as many ways as atoms in the continent seeing her he magically made his body as extensive as ladies maya and with is omnipresent body bowed to view ubiquitous miam as he was bowing and an infinite variety of concentrations entered into him observing those concentration
the making them an externally undetectable cultivating the mastering them remembering them making them all pervasive expanding them watching them increasing them accomplishing them and fixing their impression he rose from those concentrations and circle before her a lady maya her retinue her a boat and seat and then stood respectfully before her and said
you know now please tell me noble one how and enlightening being they achieve omniscience while carrying out the practice of enlightening been
she said
i have attained an enlightening liberation pulled magical manifestation of the knowledge of great found
imbued with this liberation i am the mother of all enlightening beings in their final existence in all the world's in this world ocean where i wrote you a buddha as miraculous manifestation of birth as an enlightening being in the final existence takes place all those enlightening beings grow in my belly and come for for my
right side so here to it is great city of capital of us to his wife of the king should hold on a i became the mother of the enlightening beings should have done by the greats inconceivable miracle of the birth of an enlightening being
at that time i was in the house of kings yoda and when the time of the enlightening beings descent and the heaven of contentment had arrived from every poor the enlightening being emanated as many rays of light as adams and untold buddha man raided the quality with the qualities of the brink of all enlightening being
those rays of light illuminates the whole world then descended on my body and entered into every pore of my body beginning with my head as those light rays of the enlightening being with various names emanating magical projections of the various miracles attending the birth of an enlightening being had entered me
the front of the enlightening beings like raise to be manifest in my body is like optic fiber optic fibers that know globe with the center with millions of little buddha as and universe the center each of these penetrating every pore of her body
and it's to clinical manifestations of the miracles attended the birth of all enlightening beings were visible as soon as those light rays of the think being had entered my body i saw all the enlightening being but bedbugs who's work miracles were shown in the spheres at the front of the enlightening beings light rays as they sat on the boot
as lion throne at the sight of enlightenment surrounded by congregations of enlightening been honored by the leaders of the world turning the real of a teaching i also saw the buddha's between those good as associated as they carry out enlightening practices into path i also saw a mystical projections of their initial exploration attainment of enlight
man turning of the real of teaching final extinction and to cure rates of all those bourland as well as the multitudes of emanations of all those good as pervading the cosmos in each moment of consciousness we don't like rays of light and of the enlightening being but as i presented my body my body outreached all world
kids and my belly became as vast as space and yet did not go beyond the human physical side
supernatural manifestations of the enlightening being the boats in the womb everywhere in the ten directions all appeared within my body
one the appearance in my body of the furnishings of the enlightening being the boat in the womb the enlightening being together with as many enlightening beings as atoms in ten buddha universal all with the same vow the same practice the same roots of goodness the same state of liberation and the same stage of knowledge adept at the same mystic projection having
a couple of the same endeavor etc do all these same things they all descended from the heaven of contentment with his retinue and they entered into my belly
once all of them were in my valley i thought it was very busy there
they walked around in stride as big as a billion world universe and then this is everywhere
even as big as worlds as numerous as atoms and untold good iran
although all that i'm tall congregations that enlightening beings that the feet of wall good as an old world and the ten directions and in my belly in every moment of hot
can see the miracle of the enlightening beings dwelling in the womb
achieve guards all the heavens also came to the enlightening being in the womb to see an honor him to listen to the teaching and to hear his discourse yet even though i took in all those multitudes my belly was not in hard nor did this body of and become any more than a human body yet to receive
so many multitude and all the celestials than humans saw the various theories of the enlightening things surrounding why was this because of the development of this enlightening liberation of the magic of the knowledge of great violence were named miami's magic most creative liberating compassion love oriented thing
hey when she goes on and she'll be the mother of my tray and immediately detected about what in her former life she did that enable her to do this and so forth and any way into it is a fantastic and it's a fantastic vision of the power of the feminine not just in the form of some sort
of nate uncontrolled nature that is producing things and not knowing where they're going but in the form of a balance nature were all negativity as harnessed and and folded within two alone with ensure a tissue a pure love of infinite beings and formed into beauty and for
and into harmonious life form informed two planets were in beings can come to their own exaltation and perfection enlightenment this is what it means to give birth to boot as or at all times
i wanted to start an honor of the buddha's mother in this way in honor of this miraculous power because otherwise you know and our imagination and but its history we think that's an order shakyamuni lived two thousand and five hundred years ago and now we have descended into a dark age or also think that the guys have been doing it all in all that big monks and patriarchs and elders and good as you know all
he's like male chauvinist macho enlightened beings and we think that the girls are just been making sushi know
and this is completely wrong a nobody left anywhere the buddha has not gone at all they just dissolve one body and they still totally present everywhere how can the body it was an illusion the body has been localized even idea that someone is some kind of an entity intrinsically separate from everything else is a delusion therefore good only shows a separate
body at a separate moment in history to correspond to the delusion of we being whose need to think that enlightenment somehow localized ball at a certain point in time in history is localized table in the presence and words of a certain type of being because we're so concerned with confirming our continuing delusion that is not localized in the depths of our art in the middle of every so
well of our own body
so effective merely the death of the buddha is merely the the dissolving of that illusion and the buddha's returning to wario was has been in around suffused in every atom of all of our being my a david see what this vast galaxies and universes in her belly and the presence of all subatomic borderlands and as enlightened there is simple
a thing of the reality of all of us every one of us has billions of planets in our body in every cell in adam
in those planets are not just batsmen they're a bunch of morons having nuclear war and they are planets were buddhas and bodhisattvas are attaining enlightenment are giving their lives are giving their treasure are giving their love are giving their efforts and benefiting other beings mutually in an inconceivable web of benevolence and beauty
okay so this is where we have to start because then when we realized is that to start with this miracle when we going to talk about tibet tibet is the place for the symptom or the collision of delusion is so manifest and most manifest on this friend and to which we are totally connected right here and now
now everytime you turn on the tap and you worry about a little bit of this is minimum minimized water you are connecting with tibet invasion the destruction of the environment in tibet creating the chimney effect making neurotic the jet stream and turning it into some extra sort of twist making the jet stream sort of do the boogie and go too far south
no specific and two-part noise on the north american continent is what is depriving you of your water
and another thing
so it is totally connected to us and we have to start with the affirming of the way we don't see the world which is the way the miraculous way which is the way where i love is in fact powerful and were evil is sort of stupid and wimpy screwing up you know anyway
but really not the main thing that is going on we have to start from that because otherwise when we really look at the higher and the difficulty we will come to depressed we have to be able to find queen maya as belly
always in order to be able to keep it together confronting nonviolently confronting lovingly the forces of hate and delusion in the calm confidence that the force of nonviolence and love is more powerful
even if they kill us it's more powerful
even if we die we die loving the love is more powerful than the physical death
there's only when we understand this and not just we but a whole mass of people when more people understand that and stand up and that and are therefore able to vulnerable eyes themselves make themselves vulnerable to this other power will we win this battle is the only way we can win it
more people will have to be willing to die not to hurt others than those who are willing to die to hurt others before the hurting of others will stop
and the only way we will achieve that ability is by affirming this miraculous love it that's why i started their okay
the second thing i want to just go to was having paid homage to the mother of the buddha we have a couple of mothers and put out with us
tibetan supports money or more sense of the immediacy of the reality that enlightened rail they call everybody that have the people in tibet are called buddha or mrs buddha or something like that they don't bother with st james st george you know we're all james and george grow up to change they call everybody sort of jesus christ married we have to marriage
your luckily but we don't have or the record of married i've always wanted to know when mary conceived jesus in her womb when god sent down this messiah shocked into her womb
they wanted it feel like what they are billions of rays of light rays showing lot of the literary activity throughout all different planets and don't tell me this is the one planet girl god manage to great
did she did she went where will marry telling what it felt like must have been a gas
you don't get jesus christ and you will every day
not every person does and how come the patriarchs and the old fuddy duddy with they are you know jacket just set or over history how come they didn't leave us with the record of what she said i'm sure she had a time thing or two december
come into seeing that knitting and the guys and stone and he's like they they crucified him and aged cheeses are read that point my womb
they write it down
who depressed it that is to say who didn't publish it and but she was they were somebody wouldn't publish it
though i wouldn't make money
so anyway at least in the buddhist literature men who has to sneak through it she was able to the mother of the messiah force was able to have her say
now the second day i wanted to come around you because i don't want you to escape being then verified i don't want to escape thinking that some flowery thing and some flowery ornaments to which is not our school
i wanted to talk about the seamless monument you know the story of course great zen master great chan master angina go to meet his disciple who's the emperor tang dynasty china at the time and the emperor says who is a zen disciple who goes designs and so forth in the and the mass and he says the mastery says oh master i like us like you know like somebody meeting the dalai lama
i know it's like george bush mean that won't pay they sort of like that you know
i'm going to say how good a practitioner of meditation george's but saying the future he becomes one then you meet the dalai lama year old buddies by this time it says your holiness after you die what can i do for you
what's the journey is our heads of state and end of the dharma or big my masters transmitters of the seal and the guy like loves loves impish and he says build me a seamless monument team last monument building a monument with no seem
this emperor is no slouch and he starts to think of architectural plans he notices all the joints and joinery or the boundaries or with seems says excuse me are your home as could you please tell me what such a monument would look like
so as hard as remained silent says nothing but quite a while and after a while he says do you see it do you understand ever says no i don't i haven't had no idea
he says well the typical guy wanting to tease the guy didn't we played for he said well i have a disciple who you know ten or fifteen years from now if you ask him he'll tell you what went right
and then he went off and he died at zen master and so poor ruler the emperor never got to know right away then he called to disable down there's limited disciple took about fifteen years to come that he shows up he says can you describe for me to seamless monument he says yes sure that seem a lot of the i've had that description ready for four years
and then he says this thing which you all admitted on it's a call and i'm sure it's in the blue references salvage young north of time
in between there's gold sufficient to a nation beneath the shadow was tree the community ferry boat within the crystal palace there's no one who knows
you know i remember their blink recognizable you know there's one that's town queries translation that south of xiang now i give my companies out of young i know that's what to come on cohen's but i'd never mind
i'm just willing to bet and i don't know these finer points
an albino tibet and they grow up it then sort of show northern town is like saying south of ram that noise the south of san north of francisco
like saying that
in between there's gold sufficient to a nation
why now why do you think it seamless monument is
how do you make him when you want to make a monument to enlightenment of your ruler
then you are it's nice to make amount of didn't you commemorate your giving a nobel peace prize to somebody you commemorating their greatness right but something suddenly you are doing when you do that aren't you when you gives one person of nobel peace prize you're pointing out that hundreds of millions don't have nobel peace prize
aren't you when you create a monument you're pointing out that billions of people are not memorialized in that money we dislike the unknown soldier or this person or that person or jefferson lincoln you know andrew jackson didn't make it
so a monument is sort of separating creates a separation a distinction doesn't it
it creates a distinction between the holy and unholy actually if it's a religious monument or is it not
it's like i said when you even think good i was only sit out there and not mrs buddha mother buddha and you're saying that others were not that i am not
so it seamless monument would have to mean somehow that once being memorialized than to memorialize there are non dual
who is a buddha are enlightened master and an unenlightened disable or non dual
there's no boundary between these things for a king who rules the society to make a seamless monument that means
dare to a dead enlightened being means that death and life cannot be different than enlightenment and enlightenment can not be different that buddhism and peace and enlightenment and realization of idea of cannot be different from society
it cannot be around where you can retreat which is not sunday in the zendo which is some kind of realm of where you can be ordinary egotistical idiot
and then go look
very holy
i'm very somatic
on sunday or monday or tuesday or during session or doing retreat or doing whatever
what would be ones objection to doing that well and we're all we're just delighted all the time depending on our definition perhaps we would all star
perhaps there would be no economy have they will be no production how's the food wouldn't be grown perhaps we'd all die
so is this is their only to segment can achieve enlightenment procured the rents have to produce and work like is lanes to production to the next meal to a lifetime for meals all this endless activity which never is enough was never any way as much food as you age you cannot live wherever anyway
know you die anyway you can you keep me here gosh goodness you can you can't stay alive
so there's sort of future level somebody has to be enslaved to it but he says no within between san and francisco there is gold a sufficient to a nation
don't tell me president mr president don't tell me mister emperor that you cannot support the whole nations seamless life as a monument every aspect of their life being a monument to enlightenment being therefore suffused with an enlightenment because you can't afford it
everything is gold everything is abundance of people proceed from this miraculous level with which we started with the help of the buddhist mother
the next thing he says beneath the shadow was tree
the community ferry or for example or to come jump to stay on that other line though for example take tibet well while we couldn't give up tibet china we couldn't afford it to been so valuable we want to keep tibet as where we invaded and annexed it it's one million square miles and is wonderful map to my favorite were my favorite maps
it can see it and she there's probably looking thing we like an elephant's head but the trunk ways to trumpet you see that you know that is that's tibet
this is us congress map of eighteen seventy six that is the size of tibet this is this is india here and this this little thing here china
now suddenly have no longer exists his nineteen forty nine that doesn't exist anymore
as us congress library congressmen that tibetan map here you can do something faintly see his big thing here is tibet so i read that's expensive bunch of real estate that's the largest piece of real estate than anybody ever stones and nineteen forty five
no puede is like a tiny quaint would fit into the little tiny little like not dripping from his elephant's trunk here
he's just not
not even fill it up it this was stolen and where storm and dharma norman where's have been
where's the liberation of this
what are didn't exist as we we liberated that easily in our mind like the look weak size than from our mind i never existed it was was china wow that may daddy
don't we say oh we can't afford it we can't afford to send your china we can afford to stop them from torturing people in there and own internal thing because we need business we need them to make toys we need to think of the teapot market think of how much coca-cola they're going to drink you the next century and then the damsel and
actually drunk the coca cola
and then all the cancer research but don't cure them of can't have to send them are destroyed food
think of the business can't afford it the chinese themselves in the pile of year old dong the sitting on a daily
imagery injections of embalming fluid made from like given our monkey brains and go to tibet know we need to bed we got a lot of our minerals that are tibet going to dig up we have our armies in tibet and of course of causes four billion dollars a year to keep armies in tibet probably sooner sooner or later it will
pakistan which will need later
we going to afford to give it up we needed to bury nuclear waste we can't afford to give it up we need to move millions and billions of chinese in there to live there we can't afford to give it up or get our population is expanding no not unless control and the of our population as we did an ancient diamond the dependence do we need to fill it up with them so everyone says they can't afford everything
you yourselves i'm sure we've all had no none of you have a right out the experience i can't go on a retreat i can make them more effort to study this book i can learn this new language i can study this time i can go here this dharma teacher and gets everything because i can't afford it i gotta work that we say that
morning to live i love tara togo our great friend i love it when he asked everyone to do the little bit of exercise
of counting up the minutes of your life
his count them up how many of them were spent trying to achieve the purpose of your life
but one that you will take with you the fruition that will go on beyond the death that you know is waiting for you
how many minutes have you spend and invest it on that or do you normally religious group for eight hours i spent so many hours eating has been so many hours making the money to eat has worked as much on the house and the real estate has been so much making the money on their house and the real estate i do this than i do that when i hang out
out in between and how much do i been developing my generosity tolerance morality average meditation and wisdom which is my body of my enlightenment which is my future house my future mine
and how much do i spend on that
how many minutes of the day
you never do that exercise
it's very shocking point zero zero zero zero zero one percent of our day or normally
spent investing in something
greater than what we are wrongly miss identifying as ourselves which is the body and course mind of this personality that is running around really looking for a cemetery plot
all the money we make we can make millions and that will go on and regular expensive goal leafed cemetery headstone
it will be spent by morons
a various kinds of tertiary in lawrence
are we have me now i'm not giving into the president but they might just something little i'm keeping it on controlling and all be spent by idiots when you're dead
and also too frivolous february
but how much do we invest in that you
so the shortcut on that he says in between san francisco there as gold sufficient to a nation on the other hand if china gave up tibet turned it over hey okay let's go the zone of peace bandwagon or down the wake them up getting another injection okay don't a piece i go down in history it's don't have peace man i
join now i'm i don't appease yeah we do that generals come out we go will be mongolian next one's don't worry
get out of bed take out all the generals take out all the missiles move the chinese back to to the lowland where they are happy with their rights you know
and then make us on of peace and all these hippies and yuppies and yippies rushing over there and make biospheres the whole place is viruses llamas coming in suddenly we're taking tolerable the tourists zooming by that the land that our airports on the way
some they'll re hire as as cooks some they don't develop the whole place suddenly they are like clean up the rivers the the place will become a garden and a paradise they'll be like happy vibration coming from there and wait a been a whoa taiwan hong kong japan they suddenly want to do business with that they trust us
they'll invest in us more than investment they will come and work in our country because they now like us hey we can like each other we can work together
we gave up after all something we came up a whole huge country we liberated we were truth what we were honest
we can not trust each other you can actually make a nice restaurant without the fear that some neighborhood committee it's going to get jealous of you income and cut off your head when you're just making your first million
it did you ever go to china you go to china your business your restaurant you know how would you are a chinese restaurant here they come up give you think is the menu to go let's have some was on one township you know how they are out here you ever seen them in china
here are they look
what i said it look really look like customer what
ah why will we don't want to work we never make any money if we do and if i rushed forward someone will say i'm a capitalist roader turned me over the neighborhood committee in the hang upside down by my heels and lecture me on marxism all day tomorrow so i'm not going to rush over to serve this person
but what happened to zhao ziyang what will happen to those we get to economic development they're called capitalist roaders that all is like geology terminology
there's no trust in their country everybody had turned in their sister i've been turned in by their system
it turned in their mother or been turned in by their money for wrong ideology for egotism of some sort
send your labor reform can two hundred and fifty million people according to estimate of chinese students to our democracy i been invisible network of gulag camps right now call the number one flowery ornament mine coal mine but they get paid minus forty four cents a day
they get like subsistence food and they get lice to they get to sit in the zendo of be indoctrinated by marxism leninism all night
hundreds of millions still now as why is this your great export platform for certain unscrupulous american businesses
that they want most favored nation trading state
but if they went the nice way prosperity would rein in asia it would make money in other words if truth is implemented that is more profitable than lie
lying is expensive you have to go and rob this country can only people try to genocide them
it's expensive to send soldiers that you have to hire expensive public relations firms in the united states and europe pay them millions of dollars to put glossy lies in front of the people and lobby
it costs money you tell the truth you on to hire anybody to advertise everyone can go and see for themselves for cheaper it's not that it's good is that is cheaper
beneath the shadowless tree the community ferryboat coming back to that what is the shadowless tree
the treated cast no shadow the tree of enlightenment because it allows of no duality it is non dual is no light and shadow cast no shadow it's transparent yet it is a tree
what is the tree of enlightenment is it some treated in the ancient time many many years ago know it's your nervous system
it is everybody's nervous system
it is an enlightened nervous system that feels not separated from the world around it is the buddha's mother's nervous system it's a nervous system that is not afraid of touching other things that do not afraid of feeling other things
it is a shadow of tree in the case of this and the in this case of this dump them as was hoping it was the emperor shattered was tree it was an enlightened ruler shower was true in the case of an enlightened ruler have being a shadow was tree a community ferryboat society should be a ferryboat for a community what is it
community ferryboat this is the the extrovert as it looks like a ferryboat
chunky targets are you know like we're just going somewhere where are we growing variable cross or something what does it cross what sort of body of water does it cross it process the ocean of the some sarah
the ocean of the samsara mean samsara means not some place i'm sorry does not been california some sarah is that a preview of whom samsara is our confusion that we're apart from everything and we're the center of it that everything doesn't appreciate that that we have to were fear everything
denying our syndrome wiki that we have to greedily imposed are and jealously and greedily impose our sensuality on everything that is the samsara then we turn into what is actually a beautiful crystal diamond injured network of the belly of queen maya where we really are living where all of nature is contain turning it into
a horrible place of a war of all against all that is some sour based on our delusion of the status of ourselves
the community ferryboat it's a place to go across that how do you go across that you can't just get on and have someone else take you across it cannot go across by depending on somebody else it would i cannot take you across his holiness the dalai lama cannot take you across queen maya cannot take you across because why can't she eat because you already there
she can't take you into her and when you are in her own room
all you have to do is realize you are in
and how do you get from your state of not knowing that knowing that you have to educate yourself
meditating will not get you there either
you can manage it all you want without dislodging you're doing your delusion without first educating yourself beyond your delusion at least on some sort of conceptual level
if you just take your delusion and you sit on it
you can just be like a robot you can be like absolutely immobile joe or joanna
the guy will never had to pretend to be there like this be the very best you for everything and just ticket to do everything just right
and twenty years from now you'll sit and you'll sit and you'll sit and twenty years from now you'll have a great experience eureka
my delusion really is so
i am the greatest i'm the center i need an enlightened
be my servant world oh you don't want you i hate you get out of town
your meditation will build a fortification for you're delusional
so buddhism is not meditation buddhism is not a theory buddhism is not any particular rules or actions of early buddhism is a process of education of the mind of the hard through meditation and of the actions through morality morality to loving ver
citrus action they have voted them in history is not a system of meditation only it is a system of education it is a social movement is an intellectual movement and it is a religious and meditation movement all three
so the community ferry boat is this and this is the center of education
this is the modern remnant of a vast army of peace warriors that the buddha unleashed upon this planet
you think stormin norman is great but i was storming siddhartha he was storming shakyamuni
he was they had you know data data is nasty cousin sent at mad elephant to travel on the border
and the i had such you know he has such a vibration he just went like this to the elephant and the elephant just totally just kneel at his feet disparages trunk
it's like the buddha was still pick in his dog or something like a little like the mafia movie m efficient
that was the buddha the buddha just saw the buddhist saw that the elephant saw the buddha like the miami elephant the elephants saw the good i like my identity the elephants eyeballs or exploded into borderlands and billions of the level of and buddha and italy love that buddha so much they felt at peace and he knelt in front of the buddha and
heard like a mad elephant dies and it made to up
i got lost in that would would
that's an education and that's it
so he unleashed his army okay i it's an army had he has an army you have a peace movement you think that there's a way of making peace and but you can't because you are a bunch of amateurs were all amateurs why it was we have to work day in day out retirement number jimin it was dome and
losing money we still have mortgages we still have credit card and it work and work and work and work where got something to eat
and none of us is paid to big piece is not our livelihood none of us with a couple of foundation people want to do fortunate ones but mostly not we have to do it as amateur squad and protest the war armies they have a pay they have one
hundreds of billions of dollars a budget they have giant pentagon's they go in and they wander into golf is there and justify their salary have to think of new ways of making war
there is no good reason for it now they call each other up in the kremlin hey come on a sub this piece crappy
guys would be out of a job
imagined when jackie bonus armor arrives the army arrives are finally when in which we will have to do jarringly within a century for sure maybe a couple of decades
what does then though we can have in the pentagon
you know when it's all empty know go into situation rooms there it will almost to make man dollars and teach people on tantric visualization and the situation room or was great video displays gonna be awesome
when they finally realize they really out of a job know we just take over the building
better and better competitor
the halo so there is a five mother's pungent actually mandela has five sided thing so the point is so what's the buddha is the air he's a general he's a cane and trained you know then he went off course you did six years of like starving and meditating and doing this net these rejected that then he's you know he finally realized my
data was still with him and he attained enlightenment
we met again his mother
and then he's to general about was training so okay how no idea what this he looks around this planet here i am here we are what's there doing an indian buddhist time which is bigger the education budget and but as they engineer or the defense budget defence offence budget
the defense or offense but
arjun as it is chariot tung chang chung was gonna write whirlwind is both in an arrow there the elephants with giant how does with archer city on them just like a tank t fifty two tax that's what they've been in your money on indian as times's oh are they heavily funded the warmongers
how do i find the peace movement here says it even not say i'm in your mama forget warmer no way why should he do that why should these guys go round and the elephants making wars and slaughtering women and children in the valley of queen maya
how dare they bomb in the belly of queen maya she's suddenly she's happy to have dharma teachings going on and daddy is coming in rather universes there's an immediate it's having a nuclear war over here i'm just sign of her belly she has like that why should she why should you have to do that vs want the biggest and my mother's belly how am i going to stop
how do i funded i said first day i do is cut all the soldiers salary
how make them monks and nuns no bay
i'm going to cut down on the clothing budget how will take them all rags and saw them together bar from the corpses in the cemeteries and watch them launder them saw them up into patch robed monks and nuns rounds we've saved huge funds you how about the building fact now
we do that well they can live at the foot of a tree they can live in donated land they can live in old barns
that'll be cheaper how about the food budget they can bake for free lunch
in india all the food rots anyway there's a surplus or was they can have a free lunch they didn't even the america do we going to have a free lunch but they put it in these warehouses to and injected with nitrates just not to give it to us that to depress the prices because they poor people are trapped in there protestant mentality of no free lunch
that drastic underestimation of the generosity of their notion of guy
god is omnipotent matter how come he minds a free lunch
calvin was more swiss than god
they going to have a free lunch then they gotta go out and they're going to live for enlightenment
they'll died in the world shave their hair no lines no bugs no hairdo problems
no hair dryers they're going to just all be like show jacket
like sinead o'connor everybody no problem
and then they have a permanent job then that's a peace army then they can go out there are always out there having free lunch troops are coming they're out there have a free lunch will surround them with the charisma of religious war and general than troops will be afraid to run over them they will not be afraid
andrew you like eating like mushrooms and drinking beer and like scratching themselves
p in the street
that's why they invented presume
no baths or showers
so that's the as peace army and ten the monastic army a piece was a radical invention
she disgraced he asked for piano i decided let's have some thing here or here on oh caesar caesar forget you have high off the scale
we're gonna fight this appliance confusion didn't get any senior no business no school at a teaching a kitchen
few people came over the accusers place in taught them in the kitchen was you couldn't get a classroom and the creepy dukes and emperors
so this army has been proceeding and it pacified india southeast asia china tibet more japan mongolia those places you may think they're cute now but they weren't huge when buddhism them first winter there are a bunch of reviews
so then what has happened then even christianity started to get into monastic in the western countries got corrupted and then monastic army spread to europe and brought this idea of love and compassion in between the wars and armies
it was reinterpreted of course they are you mean got into crusades it always get smothered and co-opted but that is the peace army to you people therefore are the peace army
you people that's why this bullet peace movement has originated from people who have set premeditated who have re educated themselves and whatever complete or incomplete way with whatever clarity mixture of clarity and confusion with whatever mixture of energy and and exploitation but whatever a mixture of whatever this is the peace army
it's reviving the christian peace army that it's also there but you know they have like monasteries of fourteen thousand acres and seventy three buildings with five months making jam
three none sewing like irrelevant because and thousand things relaunch being unproductive that producing away not being a robot in a car and the machine and this label your lives they think that's a terrible desecration because they were mixed up the purpose of human life which is trade i'm not production
enlightenment not subservience
fun not work
from they have fun in tibet have fun and good as country that's when it came pretty poor suckers and these great festivals around and shake a giant link gums in japan get drunk and have fun another time
because they have you have you don't have to be uptight intrinsically you have you had to be uptight when you live in a militarized society because some jerk is going to come and rescue if you have a good time
i was going to cut your throat
it's all of says you know the while the war and san jose and all things as really why won't people face the fact that is the militarism itself and is the problem
if that was me the worst bully in the world you can invade the next blocked in tikrit he could be the bully of tikrit and abreast everybody and the next block down on third street and tikrit coming from fourth treat point out saddam hussein is nasty would say to people in third street and the tech regions would be saying it doesn't
eternal fair when they came from baghdad to stop the bullying and it would be real bad and we'd try to get in and maybe you had would come and help the people on third street and tikrit
when would have to destroy a whole place if you didn't have that machinery to repressed people
it wouldn't be necessary the machinery of it as its own it says when you have a military establishment the first person to lose their human rights as the soldier you can't disobey i'll shoot you
then of was you than what you lost yours you become a slave to a system of authority than you want to take everybody else's away when you will pillage and ludo neighborhood and you started going nuts behave like this soldiers do like the iraqi soldiers did with the kuwaitis finds them
they wouldn't have done that if they hadn't been conditioned to be rigid creepy military people lost their rights and their sensitivity following a chain of command and then feeling that other people who have no rights and no sensitivity and then they like rape and loot and pillage this has been happening throughout history
but it's all very well to complain now so this is you are these soldiers but now you're ready to do it there is this buddhist peace movement if they tried another vietnam war is that we build out there the streets you been down there no robert egg and gary snyder rab
ram the out there and trapped on the showdown ok corral voted of tray with a new guns will see rob and his older age and out there
he'll be exercising his like liberty
you'll be out there but is that gonna be enough
has it been enough so far tick out about their intervene with that nuke healing to be the railroad train and he should and he and is everybody in the big bins and i wanted to be in and they're ready to take on the bad guys but isn't gonna be enough
can we liberate to bed in that way take tibet the last big dictatorship the last run by china the last big brother the last chance cisco the last that i would say really big one
much bigger than germany or japan in world war two much worse
who has gotta restrain that if we don't help its own people seeking freedom find freedom from within it ahead of time for a change
who is gotta restrain them
so what more do we need support
what more can we do
here is where i feel the buddhist movement needs to approach and need needs to back so
in japan needs tibet zen needs to bet everyone needs tibet to really fully appreciate what they themselves are not to change to tibetan but to appreciate what they themselves are and i'll explained you have a reason for this why
in southeast asia and and it as you know buddhism in india was a great force it pacified an untamed india demilitarized it at a d d macho male chauvinist it and india was like know in the last two or three hundred years why the muslims who have been invaded india because
as india was a top was culture it was a toddler civilization
it was not it was tough people didn't know if women didn't feel like wearing shirts because it was hot they didn't aware and nobody molested
god was mrs guy and she was usually topless
women road beautiful poetry sensuality was allowable they played these fantastic ragas and they did this fantastic drumming and it has the most beautiful the eight two thousand and seven hundred and forty two varieties of mangoes
and they wrote the most exquisite poetry it was a paradise and it was the gardener been for naturally the muslim it's guys up there with his camel camel hair produce his wife is locked up and dragged around in a sec
this camel is like smelling and doing cocker around his tent is itching and scratching and he like on the road rally and abdullah and rubble and baboon and he's like really funky and he's really grubby and he looks down there is went down on a caravan or something to being somebody's camel driver
he saw there's like land of mangoes beautiful women dancers ragas
i'm i'm gonna get that raise man
the of course unfortunately once they went in cognitive course they took the ladies the master of the goddesses and they put sacks over the ladies who will them in the bay them in the harem
although a few hundred years of general bubbling up with india and they were building from a house level and they were becoming soon fees
although they still haven't restored the peace army they they spotted all amongst the nuns total is lot of them well they didn't know what was this three lines business they were westerners
and they still haven't rico store them although all of us in the tibetans i'm beginning to restore this force in india now with the modern time because the was the british and french and portuguese came in junior they they just to get up from the muslims because they were also westerners although the big no free lunch worked hard
poverty mentality of europeans excuse me i beg your pardon
but poverty and scarcity mentality of we euros
because we came from such a poor place know tin mines druids painted blue
no big deal no mangoes
so then ended but in india this piece force was always there in a balance with the war force it wanted india but then the our societies kid with their armies and smothered it and destroyed it
in southeast asia the king because of that the monastic institution in sri lanka thailand burma vietnam cambodia where a balancing sort of world outside the world they created like a piece force to balance the military political royal thing you all of those countries and sort of create a kind
the moderates the negative dehumanizing militarize the effects of the war machinery will never completely tame got society in that sense of that would have said therefore when communism came in when muslim when christian missionaries ever it wasn't they destroyed the balancing peace force of the sungai in those countries as we
he noted would say the holocaust of cambodia with vietnam the war thing when we're going to see sadly probably unfortunately in burma thailand and less well especially we who have their responsible in the west smart enough
they then go preserved you know the people as a whole go wild
all this like untamed subconscious energy comes out and violence re-emergence because only and held in check and balance
so therefore that sort of social activism in strategies from the cove countries where the buddhist tradition has never known responsibility it has always been counter cultural in that sense it has always been balancing against as political authority that had responsibility without the enlightenment aspect you follow with
the mutual tolerance between them
same in china and specially and and also in japan the the dharma sangha never control the royal military authority
particularly in japan as you know the shoguns in the sixteenth century smashed they always were smashing your the emperor's you had ever permission to be among the emperor i would order the order people to be ordained or disorder and people at order and the some guy in east asia was never the free institution that could really provide the
individual with real protection against the state
sociological journals tell what i'm saying so it was never then well grounded in those causes and therefore when the meiji restoration decided he'd eighteen sixty seven just smash buddhism because buddhism buddhist monasticism because they didn't want this peace army because they want everybody to put their energies of militarism they want everybody to go into industrial production
one they wanted mass tribal chauvinism and sort of weird the master race we're going to conquer the world you know japan in the nineteen twenties tens they didn't want buddhism balancing so they're able to smother buddhism you follow me
the government understood it as an army of peace outside of governmental control and they want to just mother it and they did so therefore no one from the east asian buddhist tradition either has had the experience of having to be responsible for an entire society the peace for never control the entire society in fact so much so that they've
have a theory but you're not supposed to take responsibility you're supposed to sit and meditate and drop out from the world realistically expecting the world to be it's worst
and yet for of avoid it
as the very practically that you'll hear the birds beasts photoshop for example had a big time i'm sure you saw that aren't been around here but they had a big times going to persuade the different meditators different people that there was some responsibility to be involved in the atrocities and injustice this within society in the world
because of this dualism which only counts the social history with in east asia which has nothing to do with the buddha and mrs buddha but as mommy's view of the world
in that view of the world enlightenment should be compassion compassion is nothing but universal responsibility
for every situation every household not just a monastic and clean
it needs the monastic a claim to balance the military and claim but eventually the military should be disbanded not kept in balance it will be dissolved it should be no military it should be no militancy between people there should be no violence humans don't need it
it is contrary to the human programming
but you don't believe because we are weak you are educated biologically within a militaristic society of the united states of america was tells you that he was inevitable to daughters interesting because you're a nasty percent but nasty aggressive instincts and you're surrounded by nasty enemies who are nasty aggressive instincts and the military sounds a day
it's all these pseudo biologists up in mit to pump out these theories of basically hardwired nastiness in human beings
and any bullets to just say wait a minute if answer nasty where's my toys and things
where's my like why i let twenty two feet tall with eleven arms and long poison his claws
as well i would like to be like if i was gonna be nasty
time i hardly got there i need a little more time just a little more
and we have soared the questions or and
but tibet does have this is what i'm saying tibet does have this experience uniquely in the buddhist world because of its location
because of the scheme of the great masters of india a great enlightened transmissions of india when they saw the muslim cavalry coming
they said hey let's sneak up on the hills year was the closest place and they just sneak right up through the hip passes and hills into tibet and they kept their institution all of them not just the part that tilted over here over there it took the whole thing the whole plot
and they sneaked into this race where there's to bed and warlords lived you are very fierce nasty guides married man
tough as hell
like xero know they buried their own household with them when they die at the king's that they were that gathered like real vein macho idiots
and the buddha's however came creeping in and they just said okay we're just going to meditate or rear one than a quarter in about for centuries that little corner was the whole of tibet and the emperors were meditating
and everyone was re-educate and events became team and peaceful because they're for any reason so far away they are able to do that and then finally at the big crisis in the late sixteenth century to when people the world planet was becoming more modern when you know energy was cooked developing at a certain way and intelligence they the monastery took over the country
not like calvin where the monasteries were destroyed by the bourgeoisie and by the king's not like the protestant thing where they destroyed monasticism and created the industrial revolution the opposite monasticism made an industrial revolution itself you don't want a monastic industrial revolution would be like
what you have to do is imagine industrializing marine county
in zen center
it becomes industrial product and enlightened person you don't have two or three oh shows a couple of people who goes like this that and their lives didn't they are trying to hold off traffic is it zooms by and pollutes the whole place is like orange everybody and marine kind of over taxes is all there to support everybody as much as possible because
being selflessly enlightened that's called industrial revolution of the inner sort
imagine if your whole society and counties texas was there to support you to attain enlightenment to realize how many themselves they would be in this state in is county how easy it would we really to have a retreat you just go to the board of retreats in the county seat so i'm alabama three year retreat know
i'm on free lunch everyday delivered steaming hot it have like you know state of mcdonalds or dominoes basically dominoes retreat service be running around going to be kind of feel orders to divert retreat hats all amber and kind of going insane getting a high salary
that's called that an inner industrial revolution but the industry is what enlightenment the product is what free people
loving people people who care about each other people who don't care about themselves
now that is what to bed did
and to bed came became like that now one thing you can imagine about it now if that was the case maybe the plumbing and marine county might get a little sloppy
maybe every house wouldn't have like for extra coats of paint
maybe people wouldn't bed every fourteen seconds three showers before this end on after and between and working in one maybe people kind of like hang loose maybe a when you had a tear in here you wouldn't so it right away
maybe there'd be fewer laundry is restaurant
les toilettes
and maybe you'd kevin intermediate post industrial infrastructure in short because nobody wants to enslave a bunch of people to keep superhighways and all this heavy infrastructure to lead to wear
to speech at a cemetery
several miles out my pores i'm heading for the cemetery
i want to speak to my pillow i don't want to get off my till i wanted to enlightenment
i really should be used all my time because of die i don't want to die when i don't know my mind if i die without knowing my mind without getting rid of the negativity in my mind the habitual delusions the greens the jealousies the hatreds the irritations those will drag me in the between
how is places with terrible infrastructures
bad plumbing no climate control
two i want to retain the ability to be free of that situation a little temperate climate control it becomes a very low priority
so since to bed was like that to bed has developed a different kind of optimism and sense of responsibility some within the tibetan buddhist the dalai lama it's is surprising varlamov surprising just because the dalai lama is a head of state
that's weird
we expect to see a highlight in the holy person powerless almost respective they're not powerless
there there's something wrong with them
not really honored with they have power and we only ones feeling powerless and to be it's the during a little sitting in between being run over by storm and norman and the tanks
why is it we put up with that
we enlightened to have to take responsibility about tower in fact and it has that social experience only in one place on this planet
bit and it did with it helps averaged to only one other place or not a society so as to prove itself i think really dialectical and historical what is that one other place mongolia
if they could tame the mongolians which they did
i mean i love them ago i may have my father and grandfather were mongolians
have a checkered history i liked them so don't get me wrong but the mongolians were ferocious they control the largest bunch of land that anybody has ever controlled without mater and the end without any modern technology the i am buyer was much bigger than the british or any other him
this horseback and arabs they really fears
and yet they became over several centuries but the buddhists call team
and don't think team is that i know if the wild west but don't think tame is bad
ten means loving selfless kind not jealous not greedy you might feel tamed when you could not become the victim of some negative passion of your own
you can only enjoy your positive passions safely and freely without fearing that they would awaken some it is monster
then you will be tame and society that has like that is a team decided that will not blow up the world that does not bomb people is a tames the site for its own worldly aims is a team society and the mongolian were tamed by the read
and they want to show what they could do
then their vulnerability has rendered them in the last three centuries destroyed
we have destroyed them not just china
we destroy them by exporting are confused idea of reality which is that reality is some external matter
wheezing that we are not reality you are like descartes undercard i'm a point on a graph
my i'm a transgender the of can't i'm not here and i'm nothing my soul that was so christian idea i threw it out and i am nothing and there's why can do anything i want because i'm not here and it doesn't feedback back on me i like apart from it
and it is all externally but i am external i my brain i my flesh and this external thing is something's wrong with me i go and play games it isn't that going around the a plastic parts because i'm external be
and the planet is external and we should produce and transform it and make it more of still place to video this external thing which is my body i don't have a mind i'm just a material process and neither to use i'm sorry if i trample on you
so let's just changed and conquer and externally and infrastructure up this world and you know you know joni to pave over the part to make a parking lot out of the whole damn place
so we don't drive all around it it's an insult we can't go to tibet there's no superhighway as payments page china paving yeah it's reservoirs will extract or the diamonds of all of that solvents and all the time as they used to give away and will extract you to put it into a bank and new york later will do business with them they'll have domino franchise
his and mcdonald burgers and then we'll they'll get it back lobby is one happy well knit together parking lot planet
this is our delusion the communists has got oh yeah we should produce with the marxists that you'll get the people that's produced china should be modern and that we just infected them with our confusion
they never bother to to conquer to bed before or tried and ever tried they used to send huge funds to tibet
all the chinese simple as they would send up a bit clumsy pray for him he sent me good vibrations when i die cut me in your network of luminous light beams obama g because i know i'm dying
to play that the god of the yellow river doesn't let us pray that the monsoon comes on the right time pray that the river's flow live up there with your yaks and you weirdo is greying away a man of them at home send out that energy to us all as what they used to do in asia with tibet they know what
and businesses and control and ten mongolians by the way this is a place you obtain the mongolians we know our great wall doesn't work very well
when you have to german mongolians they get over a real fast so you better pray and just a moment to pray
and if they were smart they would think that if it's done does helped me was smart he would say and the whole world would say liberate the tibetans train up to ten million die llamas send five hundred july iowa kansas nebraska wasn't in d c and teach those americans to pray
yea and became before they do neutron bombs on us
the last wild and woolly people on this planet is us
we have the power and we close this close to destroying the whole plan
and why did we do we made the world safe from said i'm saying
and now i think already i've seen it seventy five billion dollars worth of contracts out to the middle east again
so we can go and blow up every other woman and child in the damn place after they tortured by some male chauvinist idiot who's a lousy and dead
i'm not kidding
that's what we're doing what does that mean
whereas our american freedom and liberty
if we were there the world would be raining tibet praying in tibet to come over here and get us to pull out
china we know where be squashing tibetans it we desperately exporting
too cool lhasa
they don't know where their worst nightmare
but when we've done our trip on them and they have discovered there's that i'm the same thing in year when they got their machinery and when they come inside they want to have chinese restaurants in alaska
their own
and will turn know how we think we liked the most favored nation light light want to there is them because why we know later blow blood crap out of them
that's what we do with everybody
but why don't we not do that this time
let's not have a holocaust museum for tibet we have it to bed house right now though no government on this planet recognizes tibet
it doesn't exist the governments of this planet including the united nations on who's five security council veto holding members are the five biggest arms dealer on the planet
you asked you as as our france britain and china those are the five biggest arms exporters and arms merchants on the planet they have a veto vote in the u n is that a un or is that a trade association
and what kind of trade association isn't it is the nastiest trade association we can imagine miserably i mean literally i'm not thinking that it is the nastiest one
it's the arms trade association
and what could it does not represent the people of this world it does not represent the dalai lama it does not representing mannheim it does not represent one boy it does not represent us we're at somebody else's internal affair
cause it's concern
to interpret as we do not want to bed house new york or tibet how san francisco would have been out tucson or two bed house prague czechoslovakia or two bed house mexico city or tibet house from paris or london or tokyo we do not want those to be memorials to another
it is time we took action before it happens
if you see it if you understand what i say about as industrial revolution about the inner industry of enlightenment about the peace force from buddha's time and the war horse from good as time that leads to rumble of time about tibet as the last bastion of where enlightenment had its universal responsibility throughout the whole fabric of society versus
our industrial revolution where enlightenment was the bottom priority in spite of thomas jefferson's ideal
and you understand that them to bed is the last spark of that army a peace
it's to beds ecology if the bed society is tibet dharma is crushed and destroyed finally by the external reality modernizing army militaristic army the planet is gone
the experiment has failed
green maya's belly
was unrecognized by us we eject ourselves from it
we want to bed house we want the year of tibet thirty two countries sixty committees hundreds of thousands of people saying don't know like george bush said about kuwait
because that's the only he can open to say it about you know the destruction of this people of this buddhist social movement is crown jewel of the bullet social movement in the world it's destruction will not stand we will not let it stand we will take responsibility to see
see that it does not stay we will force our government we will for the united nations we will take responsibility not just protest without a real inner sense of hope without thinking in our own minds that it can happen because of being greek program that the good will not prevail being pre-k program that we will be crushed if we are
we will challenge that where we sit on while we will not just sit there blankly we will sit there until we realize that goodness will prevail
that is the evil is prevailing we're missing something but in fact goodness does prevail
then we will get up and gladys enlightenment is that a blinding light is that some big moment of quiet it is some time when you suddenly feel that when you are kind you are most powerful
when you know that the little kindness is the most powerful thing when you do that you feel the grace of the power of queen maya's bloodstream when you're gentle and kind
people will slap you a new laughing
first thing we're doing to save the bed was we rarely over time
and you're being patient which i thank you
so please help us save tibet
his woman as last i talked with the people in the san francisco we talked about monks and people being tortured and executed he usually doesn't like to bring it up because he might lose it even he feels the man as he is he is his yoga is to be practice being bought it's of avalon
kitajima what is that apple of it as why you've seen as thousand eyes and ten heads in one thousand and arms and eyes eyes in the palms of all these hands you seen it haven't you that doesn't mean he's going to wave around a lot of hands
that means that he sees all sorts of things is sensitive to is committed to being aware of suffering of all sorts of beings everywhere not closing any eyes to any being suffering anywhere it is a form and an icon are being connected to the feelings and the torments of all beings everywhere
so he doesn't usually open up one for tibetan who has been dragged to execution by rigid looking militarized chinese wearing western uniforms that little stupid red star on it
what shoot him in the back of the head and so that he cannot try out at the time of being shot long live the dalai lama or long live freedom
his tongue is hooked and held down by a rope around his throat or sometimes he didn't want to admit that sometimes the cut the time actually in the prison before they they bring them so they cannot try out something embarrassing and then they should them in the back of the head it's as just open this up a tiny bit and i am
sorry to myself but this is what is going on
and this is what we we cannot rescue sitting on a pillow and you don't know you think you have a little pain and the a thigh will need a like pain you know that little needle-like like thing is someone being tortured to death one of your fellow yogis or yoga knees and none are among or even a simple lay person
who is a fellow believer in enlightenment and love is being tortured to death
by people who are government is supporting
so he only opened up because he trusted us he felt really loves and itself we're we're ready to think about
universal responsibility
how we can assume universal responsibility for all beings how we can make may all beings as many as the i will say the more we say every day how we can make that somewhat genuine
so please help us
and let us see the funny thing about to bed and saving tibet
is that it would seep in some people who are trying to don't understand is that because tibet is an alternative direction for the entire planet it is not a primitive called not only like a simple old fashioned culture that is being lost with machinery it is not simply some sort of political problem what it is
it's a manifestation of a completely alternative direction of the whole planet a piece direction that the planet could have gone four hundred years ago
it is that direction manifested for us who went another direction which is clearly now we were we went there because we had to do it to learn that that external approach that military approach is self destructive it is not survival enhancing it is self destructive
we will destroy ourselves in that direction so tibet is the one living socially living as well as spiritually as well as religiously living example of that alternative dimension that the planet can move to
when inner modernity of tibet meets our maternity of us we can then have a non duo out our inner enlightening modernity we can have paradise we can have shambala we can have eaten again easily
but to do it because it's an alternative universe to do it requires a method that is not business as usual
through business as usual it cannot be achieved
you know
that is why what you are thinking about it today and what as why i'm keeping them late that is why talking with you who are meditating is not the unimportant thing and she's too bad i can't go tell the people the un this know that is why you are the people in the u n we
we are the people with the responsibility and a foreign we are the children of jefferson we are the people who know that the individual matters we are individuals we should take ourselves more series
we can save tibet when we understand when we understand this picture really understand it
and we see that there's something else in the world that the world is pretending is not in the world
we have liberated tibet
in our mind and that is the way to bet will become liberated in every respect finally elaborated on the ground tibet as a zone of peace is simply the first bubble of the planet his own of peace it is fitting where
rick ironic and exact that that zone of peace which should be the planet
begins in tibet we'll begin in tibet
thank you very much