August 10th, 2002, Serial No. 04012

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as hot as it is now it was a way hotter and agenda of the last couple of days
it was the teaching of when it's hot be hot
oh i'm sorry
the teaching of them you know just this is really it
there is no getting away from it
it's really had
and we also had fire alarm to wake help wake us up that is the taking heavy fire alarms helping to wake us up
course it could have been the teaching of resistance
and okay
it's all okay i can remember
all okay when we get to the place where truly it really is all ok it'll be okay

and that is the summary of the buddha dharma
but it's the teaching of it really is okay
not that bitch you know we want it to the however it shouldn't be that way or
you know it's that is the best way but it is that way
isn't it
it was really hot
it was not comfortable
i was sitting i can feel the little be in l a from perspiration form actually i kind of come out of the poor manager if my arm and began away
reggae and for a down and have a
sometimes we were friends and sometimes we were not
and that's the way it was
i don't know if you call that saw then
but also it is on him
as as and is not about the picking and choosing
and it's not about
pushing and pulling and wanting and not wanting and phone so forth are zazen is being able to be life as it is happening right then that's that's all it is like hands new york
that's all it is life happening
and dogan venue called the banking he has a fascicle and classical in his show began to called zinc and total dynamic working
they want to create your poem first

well there's a lot in here
i have the reach around for the right thing
once i had a duck in there
people couldn't believe it when to get
there is there everyday

we were talking about last abandoned
this is yoga if i had grown in some generous place if my hours had opened in ease
i would make you a lavish banquet my hands wouldn't clutch at you like this so needy and tight
then i'd have dared to squander you you limit list now
i'd have tossed you into the ringing air like a ball that someone leaps for and catches with hands outstretched
i would have painted you not on the wall but in one broad sweep across heaven i'd have portrayed you brashly
as mountain as fire as a wind howling from the deserts vastness
so am
in his physical sankey total dynamic working paints this total vastness for us
we are that fastness each of us individually
originally there was a sentence in the per nirvana sutra i think that said are all dharmas have food nature
and dogan change their to all dharmas are the buddha nature
where dharmas
every every saying you can see and hear and taste and touch with the dharma
all dharmas are the buddha nature h's individual and as the totality itself we are this total dynamic working that's all there is
zan in this case means total and complete a thorough
and t k means a dynamic moving working total dynamic working
some maybe some some of it
and the reason i'm going to read you some of it is because you know a lot of what we did in the intensive his words yadda yadda yadda yadda words words words and then all of a sudden the word stop and what we do is we go in
sick and we go and sit because what we are interested in buddhism is not some
intellectual understanding although that's helpful very helpful and very useful
but what we are really after is a direct experience of life just as it is and we don't have to go reaching somewhere for it we are that life happening completely just as it is right now
now why is it that we resist so mightily is it because the truth of what we are so close that we just don't see it
or is it because for some reason or other the way we've come to be were more interested in stories and the dramas in the knee
advertisements and and things of our culture
i was gonna say civilization but i have my doubts at the moment
why is it that we can't just stop sit down relax open and admit surrender to things exactly the way they are like happening
that's what we are
the instructions for his eyes and are very simple it's almost no instructions at all
i just read it in a book about maha rt actual which is a different lineage but the same instruction the end of the paragraph of the instruction was don't do anything that was a instruction don't do anything
so when we sit as in
i wish he understanding that we are this total dynamic working or which which it isn't buddha nature
that we are in our deepest truth buddha
when we sit there and allow things just to be the way they are this is renouncing the separation this is renouncing the small self
now we're afraid to do that
even though over and over and over again we see that this creates misery and suffering for its were afraid to actually let go of the stories let go of the m entertainment's of our life were afraid to be
we're afraid of this ground listeners this insecurity and so all the time we're going around trying to control manipulate arrange for our security and benefit doesn't work
what we are is this one total dynamic likeness this is the way don't put it
in the combination of its quest the great way of all buddhas his emancipation and realization
emancipation means that life emancipates life
that death emancipates death so in this case life would be all individual illness and death would be totality oneness or
an emancipation in this case would be
allowing what we are this total dynamic event to be itself
sweat developing you know breathing happening sounds coming in
emancipation means practicing no self
or even better emancipation means being
no self and what does it mean to be no sell to be no self means to be one hundred percent committed to whatever as happy as your activity whatever the activity is right then this is realization this is our zaza says in his one hundred percent activity
of doing nothing the activity is happening all by itself life is happening all by itself we don't have to produce life we don't have to produce awareness we don't have to produce delusion it's all happening by itself is nobody in there needing to do it all
or doing it
realization simply is one hundred percent
an emancipation is simply sitting down and proving to yourself or confirming to yourself that that's the case zazen no self
the of self coming up
just not being attached to it the whole thing keeps flowing on and all we have to do is stay on the page
stay on the page that it arose right then at that moment
now than now and now and now and now comfortable sometimes not comfortable sometimes no different
relative terms just this than this and this tennis
this dynamic working readily brings about life and readily brings about death at the very time this dynamic working is thus realized it is not
necessarily large it is not necessarily small it is not limitless it is not limited it is not long or far short or near one's present life exists within this dynamic working
this dynamic working exists in this present life other words it's beyond concept
it's not big or small mirror for finger not think free are not free deluded or not diluted
it just is this one hundred percent exactly it is
it's difficult to accept
because it's so
couldn't be justice it's gotta be something more it has to be better fuller more complete this is not quite enough
couldn't be
right now garvey something else will it turns out it is something else if we just let what is now being just as it is just like it
the it isn't enough comes from are thirsting does from the sense of separation
so every time you see that sense of separation arise which is the self which is what we were studying for three weeks on the cushion just looking at that self how it is that we believe in create create and believe separation every time you find yourself grabbing onto whatever
is for you that creates that separation for some people it's fear or arrogance or i'm no good or the other person is you know to blame or whatever it is whatever is that creates a sense of yourself or a sense of other that we then habitual
really grab onto and make real whenever you sense that happening
let that go it's it's difficult this is why buddhism is so difficult it's not that the instructions are hard to understand know
it's not it's just okay it's not the instructions are hard to understand it's just don't do anything
it's not the instructions that are hard to understand it's that we don't do it we don't want to do it
every time you actually have a sense of separation
it hurts you can feel your body contract
it's uncomfortable whenever you feel that way
when you're walking down the street and you see somebody that makes you feel funny or whatever it is and you contract notice it
and release release release release open open open open to this
that's emancipation that's renouncing the cell
behaving that way to go practice

you should know that was in the incalculable dharmas that are in you there is life and there is death
you must quietly reflect whether your present life and all the dorm is existing with this life share a common life or not
it's another way of putting it

quietly consider whether your present life
and all dharmas existing with this life share a common life or not he's asking us to consider this
he's asking us to look carefully whether this is true or not he's not telling us
he's not interested in convincing anyway
no he's asking why don't you think about this one should consider take a good look at your own life so that each of us can have our own direct experience of the truth of existence of this total dynamic working
quietly please consider whether or not your present life and all dharmas existing with this life share one common life or not
course then give you his opinion
in fact
the director kathleen says it all of them in fact should never say that in fact because him you know it's all relative you don't know this is exactly what we're trying to get us not to do raise it in fact
well it's dogan he gets to saying
prohibited in fact there is not one saying not one single thing nothing at all just in case a three times just in case you don't get it
in fact there is not one thing not one thing that means me you each of us okay in fact there is not one thing at one single thing nothing at all
that is separate from this life
zip zero

then he says i like this a lot life is like a person riding a boat aboard the boat chitin a the story about suzuki roshi do not it's very good life he said what life is like
an okay if you know if i even it's a sentence
why visit a cigarette he said life is like riding a but what life is like go and ride getting in a boat riding out into the middle of the ocean and drowning and sinking

they didn't mean that pessimistic with
that's no pessimistic that is alive you know who he row real hard trying to do with and matter in trying to get somewhere in the middle of the ocean there's nowhere to get to but here we are rowing the right
and then at the end of the rowing we we think
i mean if you kept that in your mind you know it might influence your life and then way but

so here we are in another boat
life is like a person riding in a boat aboard the boat she uses a sale she takes the tiller she pulls the boat along yet the boat carries her and without the boat she's not there by riding in the boat she makes it a boat
you must concentrate yourself to studying and penetrating this very time
at this time all is the world of the boat the heavens the water the shore all become the boats time and they are not the same as time which is not the boat this is a very typical dogan
a statement the last statement because all dharmas have their own time time perceval for dove is just justice total dynamic working its activity and when the person is in the boat it makes the boat in terms of a dependent arising i this is just a piece of cloth really be
but because i use it in a certain way i can call this as ago it's a bowing cloth when you have a a rowboat you know if you if you're rolling it and using it as a boat it's a vote it's just a label of a function like that that's what he's pointing to hear and it and he's saying that each each act
complete it's all each one of us how has our own dharma place and we do our own dharma place thoroughly and in thoroughly doing it each individual place does not impinge on any other total
dynamic dharma place that's a golden way of talking about thing
here's another way of reading the boat
life is like riding in a boat aboard the boat we take the tiller work the sale use the oars yet without the boat we could do nothing
but it is we who makes the boat a boat you should study and penetrate this activity this time of the boat at such a moment there is only the world of the boat the clouds the water the shore or all circumstances of the boat at that moment
which is not the same as a world that is not the boats there are other worlds and other dharmas and sentence over
and then come last one
then at the end he
in the first part of thinking he's talking about us as individuals and this total dynamic working in any kind of as he does often a kind of floats his mind into the great vastness and then comes to us with total no duality total oneness which is what he
he writes about all the time cause i

therefore life does not impede death that the words life completely itself is just completely life and
that everything that happens in the world is creating and is created by that life and when there's death it's a hundred present death and life and death in that way are not separate
when i i took history before but one time lol when my mother was going i went to see katie gary roshi my brother and i did and then we added my brother did my bed and asked him what is your life and death my brother's way more schedule than i am
he's a businessman but he though is his weymouth furniture
anyway and then category where she said than not different
not different and this was his way again really soon as can use such a great teacher he never answered me with the response of my particular question he always gave me this wide view which i never understood
but that's good because he gave me always a little bit more and as i can work at if it was always some thing i didn't understand that i wanted to grab onto him understand but that's what it is life and death are not different their parts of like the front and back of a coin you can't have just the front of a coin week
can't have just the back of a point after the front and back life and death the world is this life and death event happening is one life and death and then happening
it's wonderful when you see it that way now then when it's time for us to die although you know we may not want to die we would understand it in a much bigger way they would be some possibility of willingness okay my turn you know by

all world and all space exist equally within life and death this does not mean however that one single world or one single space is totally dynamically worked with in life and within their
though this is not oneness it is not difference though it is not difference it is not sameness though it is not sameness
it is not meninas
we can't pin it down it's not one not too
therefore the total dynamic working of birth and death could be likened to the bending and extending of a young of your arm the other words you know if you bend it this way it doesn't hamper outstretch if you outstretch it doesn't hamper this way
it's the function total function
or to a person reaching back for her pillow in the night
it is manifested by means of the great many all pervading powers and radiant brightness
this is go guns
have our activity he has big wide view
have our activity usually we can see that because we're caught up with the
some scars with the habit tendencies of our mind but if we sit
just sick and stay put or even if you don't even sit don't even it you have to send it's easiest when you sit but if you just stay present all day long you can actually see the habit patterns that you are and the more you don't do anything with it you just watch the
them they become transparent
and you don't have to cling to them and as you don't claim to them and the more they become transparent they they winter
and as they wither your life force balloons
the energy of your life force gloom
you this is rocket again
of whom i am born
i love you more than the flame that limits the world to the circle it'll lumens and excludes all the rest
but the dark embraces everything
shapes and shadows creatures and me people nations
just as they are
i imagine a great presence stirring beside me
i believe in the night

if we if we could only have a kind of it's okay anus with regard to our own delusions which are also this total dynamic working it doesn't exclude anything
if we can just be okay with them
be patient with them so that we can see through their not so thick as we think they are they're not so powerful
and develop a kind of presence
just being present
then ah
emancipation the way dogan is talking about it is possibility for everybody
this is a teeny quote from psalm number one

this is for everybody

they delight in the way things are
and keep their hearts open day and night
everything they do will succeed
and that

here is
says really pretty day i hope you guys go and have a really nice day it's sam huck helping
and i see if you can do this crack if you try and just stay present
the stuff of life
and so that we can have little pockets with vanity
in this world he it is having from a fellow