April 26th, 2000, Serial No. 03919

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all hands
oh it's nothing there are people
hasn't been who
we have it then
i talked with seventy everyday is he him
he's gone and i hope is gone
had a beard of a perfect married him he was around yeah did you notice
take you mean

her had a beautiful
baritone true true televising televising better
a really
thank you
actually happy to be referred here tonight and habitable tonight with you and happen to read more here tonight
the were born here with me
welcome to her wednesday evening talk


ah tsla spoke with him and the right spot and at that time i'm pretty much i am
no small his heartfelt talk and i didn't go so much into specifics oh today
when i wanna do with us go into specific serve specific not many and i'm just going to pull them out there because basically i feel i trust that you guys well
they actually trusted as it will take us up
so basically i'm just going to give you information and you can get rough it here as you lose your will and i and
that would be great
i don't want to say though that the first thing about so i'm talking about right speech and like last time just a reminder it's really important and one of the reasons why you know as important as because about it spoke about it and stuck it in his very basic teachings are
right away in a lot
we will that boat i said that less than
okay now just to remind your little bit though i'm mean that will just the worst kind of wrong speech that you were from here within the first cut the worst kind of wrong speech is the speech that actually we say to ourselves or were all that
time and not all the time it is you know the stuff i'm talking about right so it wasn't only the santini can be was just by yourself love yourself first
so how many times yourself as really important know i know weren't exactly make it sounds schizophrenia but most of the time that's what we're doing mccain is talking to ourselves which in itself is like bit peculiar
so listen to yourself doing that please listen if you're talking to yourself with kind speech with right and kind speech that's one thing and the other thing is please pay attention if you're deluding yourself
if you're denying something or if you're telling ourselves rise or if you're talking to yourself in an unkind way
or if you're using speech inside your own head till past her up so identity for you are well done it all the time so it's a very good practice to to listen to your own speech in your own head and get that pretty as strategy atlanta before you say anything at all which probably for
on that list of edinburgh quiet around here

and of course as you all know that were that special is going on in our mind while doing it inside
a comes from already it comes from the delusion that there's a cell phone so that needs to be protected needs to be puffed up in a certain kind of way needs to me whenever it is that as your particular needs to be
so based on this sense of self and i talk to ourselves in a certain kind of whip
you're probably already paying attention to them but if you congested and this level kind of frame it in the context and varied spanish and might give him a little candle

no one other thing little bit it was doing here
the way we speak has everything to do with intention what our intention is and for our intention is to basically really love for the benefit of things we can't hear me
i'm trying to speak read or the car is going to make gifts
if our intention is to really love for the benefit of open door bangs and will be interesting and sometimes as a playable can take on this practice
what would it be like if everything we've done it
my canon was that angel donated my mouth
what order the light of everything they that they actually dead for the benefit of others and benefit of all beings
there are some things i thought why lausanne has all the time with by hand at all around here in the middle child right the vows that will take when vow to last edited obeys what would have been like if everything that came out of your mouth was to benefit
so some beings it would say as an interesting thought
oh hey
one of the things that if on every word spoken i get
oh why would have different kinds of meetings between ourselves and among each other
i have spent it reminds me i spent oh time a lot of time now as a chairperson of the elders council which i'm really glad i am because when i was just a member of there's council i had to say stuff about what people were talking about
and the first time i did it was just stunning shock because we have it was people are talking you know and i raised my hand to say something
then i was called on in it and when i was about to say something all the hands in the room went like this
thought oh me too
you know they're actually gonna listen to what i'm going to say
it was as apartments
raw times we don't really listen to each other and that way so ahead of until like what came out of my mouth need a tail and something to do the tele discussion not something we loan terms of what i liked or didn't like or my opinion sort of but actually to love the discussion for our in some way
so air at the residence meaning the last one which i didn't get a chance to go to it i was really sorry because i understand it was really a good one
i think i spoke a little bit about rights but i don't know how it came up exactly but his hand out that toa putting another is terrific
and it somebody said

contributed these things
about for it's bitch
oh have to hurry
she said questions is a kind is it helpful is it necessary when i speak it can ask his christians as a timely is a true
and catherine added from the dollar powder
again is it true is it beneficial and again as at the right time
and also we have
when you spoke you might notice
do i want to be right
you know that's a really good one jan notice that when when we talk a lot of times were simpler we wanna be right
you know
we don't we're not even
when you know
well about all this rules will just from lenders just relaying years how about darwin right was wrong to be right
see below
how about am i addressing a situation for the past in dragging it into the present conversation lf i don't know what
then my addressing i data rather than in actuality
this is really slippery area here in other words and why talking about a person my opinion about a person or away actually talking about solving the issue
lol rural get mixed up on that one
are those running bills
for you
well if you like if you're in
southern weapons nor by power that a person and you're talking to somebody there are trying to get say or as i'm growing up in you're trying to the group was talking about some issue taking care of some issue and instead of talking about the issue will justify your plan by talking about the person you're sending the
issue why i rarely live
and though
it doesn't
it's not helpful tell the person what are talking will and so know in these books this about right speech of the things that's really kind of difficult to do but they keep saying it over the risk my room with private travel with another person
yeah and will say that they're rarely a different color oppressor
your sounds or another right
what were asked and job as actually set aside or opinion that person as in bad person and try to find something about that person that is actually try
who am i don't know it weren't a nice thing god thing in israel chronic words but something about anything and combo that they just sort of another day event in the than others but i don't spoke but it was harshly about people and couple just that for
it that they have nice plants anything to keep them lives with it well your thoughts about alternately would a ban personally or and it's written somewhere in heaven that this is really a bar and person or are ways that that somehow it so
it doesn't take home because so many on here you know there is a bit what plants something to lessen that stuckness our stuckness
and son and somehow look at our side of it when we have that kind of person
oftentimes you know obviously oftentimes when it answers or own difficulty that way that want to look at in ourselves that we project onto the other person
he wasted a little and i can kinda see us and convince because i think i'm much better at it but i would always
watching were so with people who i feel however they find errors
lake because i was too moreover and ottawa so of whoa
brunch i needed people in the village i nodded
got a form of hours of but raleigh this one it was so when i saw that foreign and people who was just ok or over hate evil and i'm sorry able to see him as but it's covered in know this about me because then you can know
the from
don't know if so know if somebody because offering yourself as a diamond that people doing it for from wrong reasons for it i'm a on my boots know the proper on my words
yeah i heard a lot of people that way know but i would i
i'm a hyper aware of it i will try to not to go anywhere near that but some to verify if world that's because they don't want app
when you're talking about it
my sash
sometimes people just don't
because rocks beach
try to try it works
times and sometimes i dreamt i was jewish too reckless about
so it's not my attach looks
just happy
believe it
in advice for such a where i'll have something like this any advice
nothing from the selling they can't believe it

really hard
so much
gentle as possible because they're stupid

it doesn't

in an area suggestions from the cylinder

you know that's another bro is very common with women
good advice for people who can't pay direct who are always trying to save the day air
with a frame first school
oh so true
no well then that's majestic joseph as an expert was her thing is an experiment well in some way to take care of each other that's what song is about you know when it's your time to actually experiment with putting yourself out there and you know going
it really badly because you live in burned before that kind of thing just for a cross your fingers for some people this is a is automated in shush issued by audible ring as your honor just experiment as embarrassing as it may be and get yourself out there and don't the response you know that you're going to beginning
and then learn to work with it will surprised when people do although in response to you but the main thing that we're about here is discovering who we are
and that's a very wide spectrum and so what the sanga is about as allowing each other to blow the a person and somehow or another supporting each other to do that
and yes we're going to bump up against jones wins over the thing about monastic practice which will do their the willing because where were bumped up against each other like little as as of the images very common image like little stones and a washing machine now after it goes round and round and round eventual this was our way as soon as and way
they get bumped up in the in a what each other and so on in iraq as bag and was as other rock as prior to and some other rock as a lang little pebble or whatever but anyway it will bump up issue against each other we swung out while the lower river with smooth out the edges and
and from paper when i'm done this for years and years and years even learn there's karma you know along us we actually respect the other person for doing this kind of her landers courageous frightening the term
effort file in many ways gis sometimes
amazingly you know the granted to a practice
because we've seen you on each other has had to come through or embarrassments in our fears and soon as over anyway get it out there it's not gonna do any good to keep it inside you will never be free of it if you're swallowing at all the time
and for people from the other side rib as a very good example i'll tell the story of tone that last at times ran a that if two people standing over here
rams way is like
cause here i am ram and in a lack of it what you will have it he puts it out there so the people in this for years people would tell him ramp don't do it in for years he has to think what they asked him to day was yeah
but no they weren't asking him to do that and stand going like of lungs and knocking but over they just say it plays go like less
no by yourself completely but just to take into consideration that their people standing next to you
can take
oh okay let's get back to right speech


house of cards right exactly so
new astra has a have do i was raining a bricklayer the time and relationship with and they said something that you know people we've all been brought up and different families so like my family was angry out loud with you know a passionate kind of passion so i know when when when i just spoke loud
sometimes it's i hardly madison it were for somebody else says like one
right it's just it's just different but when i have to take a genius different styles into consideration if i'm wrong with you
if i will retire so i wanna tear through but when it went but we love watching each other and we're trying to be through of the things that we heard too
so it's okay for me to be like was a it is a horse tennis as just how many is it's a real problem
if it if it's time and sometimes to been like that cash available to the excuse me for talking about room when he has no hair with
i'm comfortable and i can't i might long sanguine
right there for traditional on this little paper that was handed out my hair hope everybody got in an israeli it
there are four traditional ways of talking about right speech so i'm just gonna list for you and you can have little paper so you can keep it on your little wing and work with it
you guys are so great is and is so wonderful that way or journalists together it's really unusual in the world their billions of people there may be like at how many people actually glaring never met here are the for
lying here we all do that sometimes
lying now if you think about the precepts i really have to hurry say
okay i'm gonna go quickly if we think about the precepts it can't do the precepts if you lie and in fact if you don't to the precepts you are lying if you don't take care of another person sexually they'll be lying if you're using somebody sexually or lying were lying
if they still were lying to ourselves where they nails right lying it's all over there like don't want don't i mean i reckon tell you what do you do whatever but
for the why spoken with the intent of most representing the tribe since lying
next one is divisive speech spoken with the intent of creating rifts between people or within the sanga

we'll do it will hurt okay let's know that shazam kindness towards tarsus we hurt and we get hurt by some may have any devilish new it can't stand the feelings and you go out around and you'll brand to everybody when the situation was of course totally from your point of there
is it just kind of drop the hurt cause you don't want to feel it
harsh speech spoken with the intent of harming another person's feelings
idle chatter struggle with no purpose or intent at all is a distraction is a waste of time
so my suggestion that in this world and enclosed shower
is everybody's responsibility all of them as everybody responsibly or hear this happening don't participate that's all just find a way to say excuse me i'm uncomfortable new
more like gambling an eye for years have done this right speech taylor and what the what where there is it when we're talking to each other we've done this for years
we don't tell each other when the speech we thank the other person's during long speech that would be a little bit on the lower division had permission to learn it but what we do is we gave each their permission to stop
and we will do it all this i was like august saying something always anything to myself i know
and then i just stop and chose and as excuse me i have to think about this a second and then she awaits really patiently well i think about whether i really should say it this way or should i say this at all or anything just stop
and then when i read a also talking it and seeing with galen
so it was humor this is difficult for many people cause we also get easy lives with exaggeration sarcasm group stereotypes in salinas
and sometimes people was home to her pebble and it's kind of sneaky because you're supposed to laugh so when a new not be part of the crowd you know
well silliness when it's hurtful
i have to start pick her sir
all so i'm going to skip the stuff cause may have put enough out there so i just want to read something
the category ratios in the book returning to silence
he was my teacher know hello this guy
quite dead

i don't want to say no when one small thing we were really try our best everybody does so whenever we do something that is like wrongs page or whatever it is almost always it's from pain we have been hurt or afraid
so you know
let's give ourselves a little bit benefit of the doubt and be kind to ourselves when we make a mistake would just do better next time cause our intention you know is pure he also i will leave them
okay current speech
this is one of the for guidance is for bodhisattva
the original ultimate nature of existence functions just like a filter we don't know what it is but it's sort of like our loews when a person goes through the filter of ultimate nature of existence and comes out here chaise of course the same person but a little bit different this is true
inspirit know this is it's a it's sort of a transparent person would call that person buddha or enlightened person
the wrong news transparent person is exactly like a mirror reflecting and accepting all beings equally trees birds tulips spring winter all of life
that is why when this person hears the precepts
right speech or whatever they don't moralize thinking don't do it or something like that the person actually can't do it
because they are the same as a other there's no separation
same bake so what is it a person and dogs in particular so know they're all just universal life just universal life comes up
if you become a priest oh yeah if you become a priest he must be a filter he must function as a filter not only as in but in everyday life
if will focus on countless lives
in an immensely long span of time are we have to do is focus on right now right here without looking around this is to practice in the eternal world step by step
if you become a priest you have to function constantly as a filter to help other people function as a filter you cannot have any particular patterns such as being stuck in a concept of i'm stupid or i am not stupid
this has compassion we are not in a portion of the whole world are completely the world ourselves
we accept all sentient beings as exactly one regardless of whether we like them or dislike them
if we get angry very naturally there's a feeling of vilification so the important point is if where say people who don't have virtuous qualities instead of criticizing them we should suffer finding a way to help them in order to improve grow deepen and enrich all of our lives or
if we don't see any progress after practicing kind speech with people who are he says not so good anyway were really helping them
sometimes through a third person we may hear that someone has spoken kindly of us at that time we are really touched we are really moved by it and will ever forget it that's why wherever we may go was shouldn't speak ill of others if we say somebody who is not good even though she is not in front of us
we should see the good aspects of her life and speak about it to others this really helps if such kinds beach reaches the person indirectly from a third person she has really touched by it this is buddhist practice

anyway so on
i hope that you know just as some of us were going to like talking a little bit together that you continue new and talk amongst yourselves and try to help each other as a community we moved to do this because it will develop a trusting sanga sonia they can trust
because no matter what we do even if we make mistakes if we don't and to it by you know exacerbating it and telling everybody in putting in a dumping our stuff and making them into fish near the missive lessons and so forth we develop a song that a song that we can all band together
and i think that i think that egos are gonna do this i think you do
so us would have to say

so i'm sorry i spoke to to it