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has i'd put my hands up and guys show i i realized i
didn't know what we were going to change
my cat
habits it's like miracle or a blessing this working ok now it is working
it's like a miracle or a blessing
the camera in the tassajara
when the never practice period
cause there's some a very particular going on
when it's like a game what is going on
what's gonna happen next
what exactly are we gonna check
what forms have stayed exactly the same and what of completely things i was just a little lawn or
why the although this ten the rifle more or less now
the die and or any other we lose allow

he's thinking that you know it's like an ecosystem
you know the wonder the wonder of an ecosystem is that all the pieces they talked to each other and they interact and then they collectively create something
why when we when we think of is dangerous statement know this study the ways to study the self yeah i think most of the time we think of what lets me study me and then is also a collette
the so
and interactive
coming about that let's chant the dice and rainy like this
let the say that what happens completely corresponds with the vow mean doesn't but
the wow effects it
the common intention
sense of purpose
and then also
a sense of time
the to enter this time
but this time now
the last sashing of the way to practice spirit
this time of just such shame and then
practice period is almost over
this time oh
the accumulation
within hours of doesn't
of thousands and thousands of in hill and actual
this accumulation
thoughts and feelings
this amazing blend of personal journey and personal experience and collective journey collective experience
this before i came over i was looking at the gingko tree just outside the cassandra
in this amazing place with amazing time place called spring
no on the main trunk of it
little leaf buds coming straight out
and the grey
seemingly inner bark and then i'd have it is just like this little explosion of spring vibrant green packed ready to unfold with
what part of the ecosystem of now is
when an answer with
being here are experiencing needs in different ways of
i bet to fine
are experiencing reality
when we the for the the practice
the beginning of the game code three
bursting forth
the road by in for blessing
he even the weather having
it's peace
it's play in this symphony no okay now will have a little son never have a little rain now warm it up i would call it dime
is your changeable nature doing this to the way
he study the way is the study itself
can be located here with what's going on
he's like the first radical statement of practice
question is night what do you want to have gone would do you want to avoid waiting list looking forward to would you most remember from the practice period know it's a simpler more direct question
what's going on
inside outside singularly collectively
when study
yes it does involve my mind because of in involve our cognitive ability
the sense that he much more involved
the coming immersion given over
you are in the middle of spring at sahara
when you like her neck
here it is here you are you're not separate
what is such a way that's then study
what is this account for
what is this ned manifests right here
when in the paradoxes with studied by
entering in
he's like we've studied by forgetting
oh the very good reasons weeks thought up the stay separate
it's not quite what i wanted
i'm just gonna hold my breath because i know pretty soon practice period will be over
i'm gonna hold my breath because i can bear for practice period to be over
all the noise and clamor and confused and commotion of work period back
i can't stand the thought

this study is just as it is this entering into this experiencing it
this paying attention to the inhale
ten thousand times
that's how you study the email
and with ancient version something
maybe something beautiful and serene
some subtle connection to the breath that you hadn't realized before you hadn't experienced before some saddle release
when maybe the opposite
maybe fiery restlessness
the nature of a vow is either way
saddled with unsettled with
in he'll pause xl
pas in him
what's kind of magical the command and sit down and eat oil to breakfast
it's like that time
since i last did that right here
shrinks know
he just disappears
and it just seems like oh wasn't that just a few hours ago that i had breakfast sitting right here now like my buddha bowl
did the meal check
who is we give over
it's as if the world according to me
starts to melt
how are we willing to allow that
i'm willing to allow the world according to me
to not be the definition of reality
i was willing can be as simple as just holding
the karaoke balls
two small fingers tucked in two fingers and thumbs representing the six panels above others
the body and mind involved with
the com the expression and the word away
and we allow it and we resisted
and we worship it and we died it
we forget it
and we bow to it
in all that
is a good away
nothing is outside of it
that's the generosity of it
huh something is undone
immerses into
becomes absorbed in
in this is the new
the prime function of the same way this immersion
when and then i'd a winter come spring
i'd of immersion and recreation
he next thought the next of the next amy
and allowing it to be so
which is quite ridiculous because it is so
you know we do not stay in a static state we we are a dynamic expression
single way collectively
display nature
in a weekend say okay this is the echo corner
but for how long is it such
a moment a day whenever
it doesn't last
something else comes along
in shifts into its next we have been
huh so it's fun to come here
and play detective
what's going on what's happening
the listen
oh mount talking about this know
the five right
when sitting here
in docusign
i'm manifesting
my response to his teacher
i'm manifesting what his teaching
the alchemy of his teaching the thin
this one
huh this immersion and coming forth
this is the fundamental play on the five rank
hi this
acknowledging and appreciating this time and space
as it occurs to us
and as maybe it didn't occur to us
know whether we acknowledge spring it happens
where do we think
our state of mind is completely influenced by the weather
the way we think our state of mind completely independent of the weather
bill that aims to play with on
where's the scene and the unseen
when very much in our style of practice
we emphasize this beginning point
thank every time we sit zazen we return to the very beginning
every morning when we wake up
how do we construct reality
if we set forth in the day do we allow in newness where do we just
painted over with habitual thinking and feeling
you give rise to the grind of freedom or do we give rise to the grind of limited conditioned existence
why and how exactly does this one
on do either of those
so if we just come at night study if we just come with an inquiry from fixed mind
then it's like get answers from the context of are fixed month
i fixed prejudices in the thing
as we allow mind and body to be undone
by the very details of our everyday life
the night question
is not simply
referencing our own opinions and ideas
to sometimes this is called coming from the mind of not knowing
hey it's like a shift in consciousness
it's like coming from the city the tassajara
i'm just bursting into the middle of something
he said
one business with this with what's what's happening this is really something you
what is it
how the guy seemed around a little faster

when am i want to take ownership of it
hum they were faster faster than why
slower than wide
different from why
is that solidifying it or is that
allowing it to have a unique breathe of its own existence
he's the gingko tree the same as last year or is it
completely just this
huh this this mind this way of mean this
coming from not knowing
the product of being undone
my immersion
when the language of practice it illuminates
it looks a little clearer
what's or not
when it just me an early version of my reality
it's more just itself
it has a luminous quality
it has a luminous wisdom
he so we have these moments in advance
the sweetness of practice period
think we'd come here and we followed this schedule
and we immerse almost despite ourselves
because it's just
come in at his went after a bad meal after meal breath after bruh can show after gotcha
for this point
each guy show
is asking
quite specifically quite literally
to be completely done
for the self to be completely anger
hi this is the contradictory nature of zen practice we made a
ben be loaded a little things in a big thing like now that this picture yourself
he's like careful attention
to the details of the chain thing and the serving
and the bowing
and how we do this and how we do that then somehow
the mandola of practice period the mandola oh
this valley of spring in people and ritual
takes care of itself
we don't really need to know how spring offensive
we don't need to have a calibrated in figured out
have we we do our part
and then something comes forth
get the equal system
is not the proud of our collaborative it's nature of helping guy
what to say that our effort
doesn't have consequence
but it's part of something like
how can we do things with big mike
my hold up my boat
and the universe is supported
not within the usual understanding of that phrase but in some way
that's manifests through the interconnectedness of a distance
the gingko tree is not the total of spring
it isn't driving spring it's participating in spring
so this is like an antidote
do i need to separate
to i need
the have a controlled environment
when i think
have we can design practice
we enjoy the particulars and the order of the forms
the cousin the world it's just frightening us to death
because it's so immense and uncontrollable
hatsune it is
can know
exactly how you're going gonna be serve breakfast
it's quite a kick in odor just come down the road
come into this room
and know what's going on
hey it's reassuring
it offers an access point
it offers a way into
the immersion
letting go that not knowing the common for it
when guess if that wasn't confusing enough
i'm gonna cross referencing with
a sufi teach you
this poem is called deepening the wonder
death is a favorite to us
what are scales have lost her balance
this dropping away
this immersion this meeting i'm done
in spiritual terms shorthand dash
this is a favorite to
but our skills have lost their bounds
scale is how we are
we measure
how we calculate how we assess
what it's not what i wanted
i didn't want oatmeal i wanted cornmeal
i don't want practice period to end and have all those
noisy carpenters people come here

this think i've always gonna be when they tend to vanish

huh this anger
in a way is in direct conversation
what we want and what we don't want
so it doesn't feel like any favorite all
death is a favorite to us but our skilled the blaster balance
the impermanence of the body
you give us great clarity
time to offer like buddhism desmet
the impermanence of the body gave us with great clarity
neither genus of the mind season the impermanence
the impermanence of the body should give us great clarity
deepening wonder
in our senses and i
he's like when we let go of fixed view
and the moment arises
there's something extraordinary
it's like when you look at the rosebud and blaze with blossoms
how does that happen
and you look carefully at the color and the shoe of within the an aids test
when you feel the warm sun on your bike
it's almost like your bones can still remember the cold of winter
how can combat upright so much in this field so wonderful
in family
deepening the wonder in our senses and eyes of this mysterious existence with sure
and are surely this traveling through
when tassajara is this amazing event
some sensibility some purposefulness and relating to visit to reality
stays right here
and we just flow it know
when you come and nineteen eighty five and stand and work circle good morning
i'm in nineteen ninety five he standing the word circle good morning you come in two thousand and five you stand in the workshop from good morning
and the same care and kindness and thoughtfulness and dedication
in the bodies in the minds and the dramas
and the relationships
the were in the ecology of that time in place they've disappeared
but something flow through them
hum amazing
what is a bit flows through
my dorm of veins of by one great body
who can know that you think
who can stop such a thing
on this mysterious existence sure
and are surely just traveling through
if i were in the tavern tonight i will buy freely for everyone in this world
it has its own abundance
there's no need to hold it
who don't have to live this moment away in a treasure chest
the special treasure of the end of practice period in the winter of two thousand and five
one point
and the show gainesville
became a very revered book
and then
the and of course a bad time wasn't easy to copy things so they were limited numbers of copies
so the monasteries that had copies of it they them
they would say what you can see the show began them to have been here five years or three years now only senior students are like to see it
and then amazingly and and all the details of this but i do know that this is true
because of this kind of coding
it literally got hauled into the place for people for garbo
and then it became ignored
and then i rediscovered with great revelation oh yeah like
the me
thinking we should hold on to this is a little dangerous
maybe if we really care about it we should give it away as quickly and as
as fully as mechanic
whereas her faith puts it you know if i were in a tavern tonight
i buy free for everyone in this work
because our marriage with the cruel beauty of time and space
cannot endure very long
which seemed to have this kind of
mixed relationship with practice
we love it and we hated
we can't get enough of it and we can't wait to get away from me
he'll be it to way were made
his cruel beauty of time and space can not enjoy my lot
death is a favorite to us
what our minds have lost their balance
the miraculous existence and impermanence of form
all will make the awakened ones laugh and thing
you know it's quite a paradox
to devote your whole life for nothing special
what will practice worked for with any other way
the imagine if we just took ourselves more and more seriously and thought we were more and more special
we'd be sickening
with thick and i felt and with thinking everyone else
they will completely devoted to nothing special
the please at this time this auspicious time towards the end of the practice period when we
the countless breath the kind was carried the dozen or aoki meal guy shows
have listened that
the habits of five and mine
has alive some light to shine in and to shine through
that's what you're bringing to this machine
he's a lot of faster than the world
you know it's hard to be here it's difficult and challenging
but it's also a blessing it's a rare blessing
so even know
but your own pains and difficulties
remind yourself
that this
here in this place
is precious
this is
an auspicious moment going into this the last sixteen of the practice period the end
the monastic the the winter monastic fashion
his opportunity to be undone
when the go into the cavern of life and give that really there with them
what what makes more sense than that
what can be more fun and neck
can we just live in the film cake
i don't of our habit an obsession and compulsion
boring and annoying each other
oh here we filled with
yeah we don't know
enough already
give over
huh with
you're called the see
don't know what you seen it
don't come at it with your strategy how to make it work
hey very careful attention
as if you're entering in to a strange and wonderful land
we've never been before
and will never be again
and let it anew you
and let it work through you
this is our practice
we don't have to have it figured out
more by giving over
i read you a faithful last time
get is a favorite to us but our scales have lost their balance the impermanence of the body can give it's great clarity deepening the one the robert senses on this mysterious existence with your and are surely just traveling through
if i were in the tavern tonight i would buy three me for everyone in this world
because i married with a cure cruel beauty of time and space cannot do it very long
death is a favorite to us
but our minds have lost her balance
the miraculous existence and impermanence of form
always makes
the awakened one laugh and thing
maybe this is a better known thin and and here beer pilgrim
i love your shoes your coat your pants your hat
you're bald had your cup your bowl your massey closets
and most of all
i cherish your cue ears
why don't i