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gatherings of

so i guess we should get started
this is a and a night where you've been invited to bring
a poem of your own desire and
and we hope we can include these in as is it a chapbook which will come up in a week or two
without further ado
i think i'll started it
kathy about is that okay huh
okay so
i read a book recently and this line appeared in the book has a book on epistemology
this statement is kind of epigraph with the poem is
anything not experienced as something is not experienced the at all
anything not experienced as something
he's not experienced at all less by day or right professor so this poem
is called as a s s
i stare in the mirror and the bathroom wall and see their an old guy hairless with charles and all staring grey i'd back at me with a rather fierce glare as though he is some stranger which is kind of word when you
consider that we've passed these last twenty six thousand days and nights together that's two six zero zero zero days and nights in each other's company
so i say to him to my reflection and out loud to because there's no one nearby to hear i say as room you might have well tell me friend tell me nothing i've done has ever really lost or one who has ever been saved or salvaged but simply given as in given
up or given in and spoken and words left pane and the air as if to draw out hungry sparrows from their nests or words the that effect
and he acts as a brow as if to say why heck yes pale you mean all those long last places far gone spaces and love but gotten faces all that good old stuff ones to green the burden now now all changed then turned as if from cash to ashes
and sure enough i see that laugh in his eye that warns me that what this is his narcissus dreaming up some once upon a time somebody daddy who said so tall between the stick in the wall that you just knew he'd have to freefall or end up as a humpty dumpty
standing at this mole on his zhao that is my very own i make up jokes about how we're rounding third base and popping for a home can make the final score using such expressions as the dust and the soul
not to mention more the likes of old royal mail or gosh oh golly and of course goddamn
or as a visa or data such fascinating data has appeared in pairs like you know when lose pinks pick choose last found guest whole host or poetically as a sit down clown or a threesome pinch pinch hit
her in the game of our darkest most intimate jitters
maybe best to just drop it friend i say let it go and leave it for a rainy day bit each other fare thee well i do hi ho silver away for i have no hesitation seen were not a mere conventional designation let's go now to turn another page on which is written
the inscrutable inscription of our times and age leave the mirror empty again on the bed bathroom wall and smile friend smile for next time around we'll come back here again and stare each other down with eyes past weeping and to dry for cp sentiment over twenty six thousand days and nights
oh right yeah
can be fun i'm done
well as
who's next

yet to come up yeah
and we can pass this around so you can stand at your son
have you know maybe i'll stand up and trump
so today as the author and yeah
yeah yesterday
am i so for some reason i felt like
i should follow you can i wrote this opera
are actually no no it's
it's an opera boof boof so door styles math
i need some audience participation at one part and
i think i'll just divide
halfway down the middle so like between claire and prudence between todd and cedar and all the way straight down and your that's idea max's pizza
and then
if i'd quite this direction economy in beside her point this direction i mean that site and you'll just
repeat or kind of pick up on what i'm a singing and so
every pretty easy there's only because only one part
and then
just do they want to point and then and then and then at some point our signal to kind of fade down and instead the volume should fade down to nothing at that point
and really
yeah just going to follow like as if my hands room volume knobs and then on
it's very good
then somebody slapped me if i say i am god too many times
so so it's a
so this is called the harmony of difference in totalitarianism
and up opera buffa in three parts
as doors later
let's talk about he
let's talk about he
he let's talk about he ah he is let's talk about years he is let's talk about ease ah is let's talk about he is ah yes let's talk about you
these ah yes let's talk about the these that the disease that the disease kidney disease to these to these that the disease to these that the to these do these fit that let's talk about he is
the let's talk about he ah
in years let's talk about today's today's that to these studies that the that is that they didn't let's talk about he is ah
it is let's talk about he is ah is let's talk about is ah is let's talk about ease ah he is let's talk about he ah is just continue that he
ah gee let's talk about these to these that the disease these to these the to the disease that today's that is this is it that disease because i learned is that this is easy say about it is the that you
the talk


thus with each and every thing depending on these routes to least spread for trunk and branches is share the essence revered in common each has its speech
in the light those darkness but don't see it as darkness in the dark there is light but don't see it as light light and dark oppose one another like the front and back foot and walking each of the myriad things as its marriage expressed according to function in place phenomena exist box and lid fits principal responds arrow points meet hearing the word
words understand the meaning don't set up standards of your own if you don't understand this play right before you

oh looks like trouble

so this stems from an early morning conversation i had with somebody
the other early morning
and it's going back to the to green to burn theme at least it's mentioned and it's called a
i forgot what it's called actually
what's is called flame
to agree to burn no not me a bonfire blazing sixteen foot flames visible from anywhere on the beach come on up and warm yourselves gather round dance and saying that if you get too close to to green clean up iraq and sit right down sit right down and sit right down and watch the flames consume this
night for this morning on this day just like any other day you wake up and you sit right down just to sit right down next to the fire but it's fading ah zooms the yeah
two green to burn yes that's me

maybe i'll never as them were now
that then
i squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze myself through the ringer and finally a dry mop takes a break from cleaning up the world

and when i read something i wrote before we had the class but i'm going to give on things i want in a class classic and chaplains but i like this better salaries
this was for jesse on his do kind and a starless sky to see the stars in this winter to smell the spring that or this in firewood just firewood in ash just ash or both or neither not different not the same we give up stories for this we are creatures of story
to startle these crows up off their compost piles and not think of van go in the dance of wing light and frost melting off pine boughs and winter grass not to ask if only madness sees what van gogh saw no thought before the thought after the thought no thought no thought in the thought
now what
and then i told us the a computer room this other com that i accidentally wrote so i gonna just close with has very short
i run it on the tank and pad the other morning and it goes after docusign conference prep it

the where people stand up
i can stand it on to this is about one of those moments you know you have those moments that they don't come back and true self
there's no title hair practice giving he said so i did unsuspecting and sought object in mind arise together stays together me and everything moment by moment giving each other into being yourself just to get

he's gonna replace the battery

about the now good okay okay no modifiers

her guests have left
as the light fades she goes outside and clips
of was full of roses

emma get it

have two short ones
the swimmers
written when we had class in the year
listening to the mellifluous emissions from die ganze mouth entranced by the fire and the wood-burning stove the backside of the fire in the sky that drives all of this from the dead tree combusting over there to the scavenge dead blood cells being formed into excrement in
in here so much happening right now right now

a crisp autumn day on the grade school playground selecting teams for a football game all the white boys to one team all the black boys to the other save a white boy who chooses the team with most of his friends on it thereby disrupting the color-coded arrangement
he's a nigger inside anyway says one of the white boys and they begin to play

this is called emanations
dusk falls residually sticky with it's indifference
the fountain in the cloistered yard tepid still
would reflect the nearly full moon but for my casually dipped hand gently churning water
still the broken shards of light give strange comfort
like a near barren tree lined road in late autumn
the unfailing tolling of the our on unseen church bells
or the eroded sustained saints inhabiting a centuries old facade
the bead of blood growing on a pricked thumb or the ultimate flicker of a candle when the wax finally runs out
the of a last unbroken thread i raised my cupped palms
and drink

don't be shy
i didn't get written

electrical electrical like
so i have a couple short one
two years of hell and he's back in my arms
the and hundred
automatic and the
well this one's also about a new
to gain to burn eyes bright heartwarming list of gonna fly
number three sucking my thumb soothe my pain remembering my mother
far behind alyssa is the old me trembling in front of rims and dashboards stuck firmly and patterns of abuse never ever questioning plunging my path
planning my path to avert confrontation open your eyes and new me has begun
not interested in deceased teachers of then samadhi or levels of buddha head poetry resuscitate takes me

and the last one is we have to save one another please don't be afraid of beauty

okay i'm gonna read from something that
kind of feel to me very custom-made to
for the spoken word it's it's it's the section from a quite long poem that was written a while ago and it's a two part home the first part is called the vow and the second part is called music of the big top i'm reading from the second part i'll just go until seems right
i'm dust pick me up go ahead i'm not poison or truffle just print to good use if you open a flock to the right place grape to your mouth there it's placed guest under your tongue there i've said it yourself
ed numa fog lifts me up i'm a child set down here last and hankering i'm ally and equally lost my roar his radar you bounce it back sound where are you your cotton to my fields bones in the bag the ghost absorbing hymns and co
curses alike flown into your pores and sounded back as silence so why write this real people are burning their hands over mouths smothered cries than smothering of the answering cry severing of the witnessing ear and endless reverberation of the never heard i'm silent
inside it there's a noise rising up as dust from the circus where elephants tramp the ground not from love but ball duty bright mirrors have fallen there are twinkling down here reverse stars tumbled graces resolving itself into you break fog muffled bell your my furry cloak all my
last animals returned swirling at my feet and resolving into formed de on form transparent one i see now what lights you from behind you never meant to cover it only to walk the hills with me and plead for a bit of pity before the heat pulled us and separate ways go now i understand you buy
better am sorry i pulled the forgetting cloaks so tightly i could only enjoy the feathers drifting around my legs go the damage done the plumed things shot from the sky go soon the wound the sun makes and all equally move an arrow of opposition hot where it's cool soothing where it burns and
everlasting seeking out the first place fool
read one more page gone into gotten gotten up good feathered layered long black gold sheen of me batting my eyelashes giving away glisten and displaying what's left arch of back of calf barely visible spots track marks and pocked
flesh i fend off pretenders and direct true lovers to my intelligent absences then startled ones loosen the already loose skin to show what's open and singing the song of open alive di di a waltz you see you lead and i'll change with it feigning ignorance die ally
live die like the variation significant good make a theory around that take an hour a day a lifetime draw out the lovely green tendrils the whole is the same

oh god no

should just put this area
pick it up it's something

so this isn't a dog
i just wrote the other day yesterday so
can i fuck it up

and tassajara you know down the upper barn and gonna hiking
wait a year in the surface
ah basically
left the food at my in my bag and realized it at night and didn't go all the way back up to dispose of the foods i just locked in my guitar case and look like tired of her name of mice climbed up and in all night long i didn't even hear him doing it but they just left a bunch of like their food in there
the and when it hits race people check damage israel
but a way to advertise this not so i just left
a little bit at the pace with a brush i only doubt
yesterday i still don't so that world
did so
this body stymied musician
i just learned the bodhi dharma song and on your own the other day
this sounds like

spend hours
people being
as a repair of grain

and as making
the of the
the guy

the small
a would change the
but it's a
the mods and monkeys tony
maybe on me and sweater
may be out this spring day
feel much better with the had a love to hear me
the window wow

the boy
my gosh
interesting theory
so many twists
the me

the store
the war
you said
i was just a boy
an apology
the wanted me to pay

the take us


spread the


a couple of forms here
we have already died now
is it ok to be free
oh come on no one will see you
giving up everything in the universe
for one step taken on this dark path
so intimate with the stones and shadows
no one will see you belonging so completely
you can slip into that space a black sliver in the night air
no one will see you
and really they are want you to
altogether that is what they are
all together we say
and no one pretends to be someone else
here's the other one i heard this one tonight
heads were done
tales there's more to do
walking standing still
totally fulfilled
oh emptied out
let us give thanks for this inviolable intimacy and let us give thanks for not being done
let us bow to or incompleteness
for it is the freedom of or completeness
thus this beauty keeps turning as you as you and as you are

go back and his passing
i think a few female yeah
and i'm already nervous enough
thank you
i will stand out them
i've i've got two short ones
thank you is said with a smile or a bow wouldn't it be wonderful to do it all day
and the other one son smile fire what do they all have in common they all bring light to life


happy thus rhymes with truth
way out on a limb to limb with a rope swing to swing out over the ocean waves the shapeless light sound water rock crash the world of air swinging itself across
broken and other ways to drop in appear disappear rising dissolving green to gold over and out these waters will transform
says happy now that touchless warm glow how the way pointing and there goes the whole tree arms around the moon swinging on a single tooth

as so this is from my wife before my last heartbreak and a love that from the beginning was good bye in this winter i met you with wonder i hung in there even when deaths sprinted through your dreams yet in the end you defined it in two thousand and twenty first century
terms codependency i would call it fear your with another and then another and another after that good bye isn't such a terminal thing
and then this is that a climate where we were supposed to spin around or look around three hundred and sixty degrees so and
twenty flies on my foot the see rolls back silver it tickles

happy someone has found a way said for i have not yet
daughters of mara tempting me premier empire
daughter that
i don't know how to say what he'd gotten about
my daughter's that
and my apartment or what i mean
the daughters of mara
tempting me
the protects your daughter's mara tempting for hello don't
a confusing me
eos daughters and mara from near or far tempting me flaming somatic
one more dancing with demons make hits the drum know boom kumbaya my lord
can can i get from it
if it's nice if you were it
a good
i love about explain this because i read to charlie he's like well i don't really say our office the other way name here
given only that but
is called demolition once it just took a strong wind just the regular rotation of seasons to uproot a thatched hut and be done with it
today the monuments rebuild are designed to withstand just about anything except maybe our karmic return
here this roof and these walls for a piece together with careful and intention they were designed to grow higher and stronger so it makes sense that the same as rip a bit with the widening and it makes sense that the beams of the frame mon as they give
for mindful of smashing things what is the tool that takes down without destroying here in lies the mystery like those incubating chicken eggs and third grade the america wasn't just that the yoke and whites had dried up and turned into volition
such oh says the chick and mother hen don't know each other but as this just a favor between friends the point is in this business of emerging the question is first who is packing out then if there's a knock and response from the outside the question is who is pecking in and then if a
whole is board wide enough for the gods to offer flowers and the rain to serve through when the effort meets beak to beak the last question is who is left standing here in lies the revolution
can i mean
the district
something that does slowly like a habit or my grandmother something that clings on to whatever edges are available and holds with abundant tenacity to shreds the way we love even tiny bits of seaglass the way we can't put the cigarette down love like devotion scour
is what's left under my nails makes me willing to die and flushes out the question is there really anything left undone


so i have to as well

so the first one is called the nicky
the very deceptive
as a hiking without you winter comes rains all the fields go fallow know plum blossoms remain
and the next one is about are being enchanted
having just met we are already married living together we cut wood big bread and grow food having children we home school them and build a boat from wood in our backyard
getting old we sell to an island somewhere in the pacific eat fish wild rice and die

our life was just how i wanted to be
and all this was without knowing your name

something i saw
and they were no books in
should you love we were

whistles crash on sure
but as to go first glasses or the mike
with the problem is this time
i'm turning them training
i cut peruse here
the boat
was a little of both
if all things preached the dharma in being just themselves when have we ever been apart
now clear now cloudy the reflection in the stream is one with the flowing water though this image to may be just another thief i kick off my shoes and weighed in
now those of you will understand this poem was during one of those times with my boys
i can't say much about animate and inanimate but asked me about a mother's grief and i'll show you how i dry my eyes
these moves are just black ink on white papers are new to the a red low to their one i animate the inanimate the inanimate enemies me this would play raises the whole world will just so much when it burns up the universe

so remember that
since i didn't write upon the name of this poem is
with a little help from my sanga
slumped to the area's best
this is a test
only a test
if this was a real emergency
i actually let go
the chairs the farm sector

oh yeah music force
the other three us

gonna build
managers notice the

thank you for letting me join your class so close to the and

on curl rise stands stretch towering poised robe ravenous and few me dig diggin and volunteer unnatural fear space go go go erupt pursing beautiful savagely intense willing fast fast faster
this is called found
deepen the forest a scared little girl met a lost little boy and held his hand how do we get out of here he asked i don't know she answered after a while they said let's just stay
there is a golden bridge that leads to a golden gate some don't see it some do some don't walk others wachter

we want to use a worse
the smoke from okay he says three haiku and one
hey who quite a what's the longer haiku
a dog
a walker
oh yeah walker
winter night big moon walking beneath dark branches in patches of light
bright morning blue sky and the tops of the oak trees illuminated
five they emphasize in the sound of the creek rushes through silence
redwing blackbirds glides above the pond would smoke drifts from rooftop chimney up toward a daylight moon in the faded morning sky
you saw yourself

wind and water homeless
there i breathe the air i breathe air you breathe in

raucous you covering the belly sustenance
umbilical colorizing

yeah get the she served

my fourth enough here
a pistol
must see this the first two lines of this poem or from mum their guns as duggan's essay on
essay on the precepts of a bodhisattva
appearing in the vast openness of being or appearing within the dust appearing on a wall of black glass in clearwater florida or silhouetted on a church ceiling in san francisco appearing in arabic script on the scales of a goldfish or written in code on a pepsi co
can appearing little buddha in a theater near you
since buddha mary and allah are constantly showing up let's remember to show up to
yeah as the etiquette
this is this is when i wrote
as when i wrote after i hurt my knievel as time
if kabir didn't say it he should have the man who spends his days counting last two losses is already lost what's the alternative be thankful for what you have i'm grateful for the bestowal of dharma for moments of abiding without fear for the people who loved me for
the few who have held my hand for the many who don't give up
in this rare moment of courage i decided to add personal precept number eleven eleven not counting losses life is abundant when one door closes pry open another life reveals itself to the blessings of the present

two green to burn
two green to burn too strong the park redwood tree
two green to burn i did it anyway
unborn child

my clothes smell like the kitchen like delicious tofu legitimate like anyway paid eat and drink sparingly five minute shower help with the dishes play sign wash flats with bleach call my mom sent my brother at twenty days late birthday code sets it
it be careful but my roommate burnley were made by dennis i lost them like him by courtney anyone letters and bug them sensitive laundry why am my clothes or my socks are weird and stiff afterwards i think they're slightly burned acquired the bananas organic why do i love it

upon and meditation internet
a big
i think remember color
raise your tiny fists in the air like antenna pointing to heaven or silence is violence

it would be ashamed to spend your whole life trying to be something you already were all along because the mind is a vast and delicate ox and standing within this forest fire your eyes reflect children playing hide and seek by an uninterested ocean and you with your little tailor vowels than
give to the serious exuberance of your ineffable days and the heartbreaking joy of your lexical nights me that passive composure of kindness opened the wild vex ability of men because the clouds are moving very fast over the mountains which are moving very fast and my mind is moving with the three birds living cell
nothing there's still nothing is wholly nothing is secret not even the emptiness of the endless nowhere moving on in because the mind is a vast and delicate ox and people don't get hungry at the sight of a lush cornfield a herd of cattle it's enough to say we've been raised that our education and not or awareness
so i'm just gonna sit here and think of a badass nickname for myself
like laser or syllabi
the original equation

this is not a m this is not then
this is a well anyway the title of this poem is ramon
can't sit still humming to himself throwing bits of paper skinny arms and legs over the carpet a fascination with crocodiles sharks bedrooms and lately jaguars because as he says them can kill us won't eat meat because he feels bad for the animals barely reads spelling words one can only guess
once retained and still behind but a jaunty watercolor jaguar a complete with bloody fangs shows talent beyond his years when it grows up he says he wants to keep snakes and paint

yeah on us
what are you know i forgot
she said what the hell
this is slightly something slightly different from room to
the little thing is though
oh yeah that one
this meetings the gunners were that's right
we just wanna say thank you for i've just been coming last two times and i feel like green gulch is opened up poetry to me so this is a bit perhaps a bit some pubescent has not
sort of way of expressing myself because it is it's all it's all new
and this is with or thanks to a friend where did the fear and loathing began in what dark place before time began the undercurrent has been present creating the walls protecting the soft rawness pink and oozing where are the boundaries why did you not help me
create them then probably for my own good my need for freedom imposed by my need for freedom he responded
none of us conscious now i am more aware the pendulum swings between arrogance and self loathing no coincidence i've chosen to take the middle way i cry now from the depths of my being for being left as a child left not knowing left without a past
dependent on the present fully

was marked

i forgot my notebook but i wanted to read a home
they've really resonated with me
this is gary snyder
i'm sorry i disturbed you
i broke into your house last night to use the library there are some things i had to look up a large book fell and knocked over others afraid you'd wake and find me and be truly alarmed i laughed without picking up i got your and
name from the mailbox as i fled to write you and explain

i haven't
i read this before class
so i'm not sure which of the lines are read
but is it about how this i guess how this class has been for me
it seems that i have abandoned poetry
i don't know if she'll take me back but you are always so demanding wouldn't let me sleep when i was tired always asking me for spent dreams you might use for fuel
the so that i didn't know quite who was who i needed space i just needed some time to rethink things reflect you know to have my own place for a while
the years have drifted by i'm older now and half as old as bitter last night i leaped up for my dream remembering your face and we had kissed

this kind of a tray full of

so my send my friend says with a toothy grin how was it did you clear your mind or you com did you get your concentration on how was as as as in
oh i don't know i say pretending i don't ask the same questions and forget that we used to play together

kind of overwhelmed by wonderful things i've heard good but it couldn't come last week when we're supposed to read other people's problems and it seems appropriate to read this particular one tonight with okay mary oliver actually this is a book long up
poem that infection
the poem is not the world it isn't even the first page of the world but the palm wants to our like a flower it knows that much it wants to open itself like the door of a little temple so that you might step inside and be called and refreshed and less yourself and part of everything


when you do somewhere else
oh sparky
oh cause as a he grows doll how i don't like india
at wasteforge
when i wrote
is heading back here
listen don't
he did

he wrote this like great before he left and you want to trinity
the cherry trees around the temple are in full bloom they are the spirit or soul of japanese people we can't think of our life without cherry blossom i have to leave here today good by our saw in america i hope to see you again kiko tattered era


i don't have my children
where's the theme for users were

i just hold it
the like your hair's on fire even if you to rein to burn even if you're still wet behind the ears even if you're too young to die

ashley river
i guess what you said one

we'll have one in water
yeah yeah the chance on track we if we know some announcers are perfect for him and came
cuddling way alone
out on the wiki ledges snakes ddos i said cold tea and listen and imitate the birdsong at darts and sparkles through magnolia pushes in this mountain place how i am filled with salt of the seasons bright and
if only they were someone for whom i could shape my exquisite lack of loneliness
i'm a poet named christopher how who voted in the seventies he wrote a whole book based on this apparition appearing to hand from the fourteenth century in china and he kind of wrote about of
even employees that was the seventies
the everybody
christopher get published book for yeah lit leeway to haryana yeah
yes or no credit no no that's the only one i've been rising there it is their story
say presence like oh well this is to my mind your friend
during duggan study hall millions of hands reached down to had me whereas my master
what do that
the hypocrite
i'm another short are rate one
i have another business from you know the most recent heartbreak
back later was feels like quality
oh and a follow up to
the of on
the altered empty not just the flower a photo
and a reclining buddha that you left
you left and quanyan and followed
the steeper and steeper the road does not rest
each precipice
shows the way clear to the bottom only here

it may be hard
like a house down there might have points
algeria recounted that noise you're going to be interested who are going to be
i'm interested in what i think we should feel it and then
he the after practice period if you have one just been arranged them
why did you that
i think it has never practice
put them out a political comeback and the personal data
think it has to go to the practice can i am and it's almost to thank you
we can work you know the
to be a good girl
do you want exactly what i do
if you have those polled and you want them in the book and you should go with me that are released june
when i was actually a relaxing poolside
okay i mean some
you put their names of i think we find why you don't have to the enemy at
or as well as which has been a over ten a lot
hi i think it emerged he sends me a great night in february new like i like the when we get away with another
now with the acceptance you can get on the computer i mean that you know the and anonymous months
well one of my things is kind of nice this yeah and not and they can decline
like this fade
he could also the pressure jewish
what's that one well i'd like to get this was possible before i'm going to start another class little over a thousand years
but i'll be around a couple of days are not included tried getting a problem with
and i'm really are
and was astonished that verifies that such a positive actions
because i at the last minute estimate is open with the who asked me what was delighted when kind of been i've in teaching i just put it out at are oreos and
good things started that way and like it can grow bigger bigger bigger fish
and company or problems theater
instead of one hundred and for you for those this don't have a full sheet favorite tonight
a folder or a sheep for something on that table in the dining room wardrobe money collection box with that you're having an office in laugh now box in the office mailbox in your mailbox in the office okay they are be good for compare lets you can't with that
the like anti i was highly get better
it's got don't think that ah
it's very well it's about a quarter of i guess we don't do that the refuges so thank you so my get that
announcer in very much
at all
i just have to this and this have

girls that my class