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tonight we jump from
twentieth century and lee
west from the east anyway overcome east from the east to the west what we call the west to the united states
before i talk about some of the and read some of the poetry tonight
who ask you some questions about this just sir
chapbook ever gonna make
what maybe a good idea
in terms of reproducing it making a couple of copies for the library so that you can look at it at your leisure would be if each of you
either have have already written upon that you've given me that you would want in it or you might want to rewrite
on a piece of paper quite clearly so that we can simply take you down a xerox and turn it off that way rather than we don't have time for some of the we're going to computer doing some kind of nice font is time that we could do it that way into the great poem and bring it in maybe by next week
something that you would likely
and if a very short may be two poems something like that would be okay
ah me i don't think they want to specify the has to be any particular life can never gonna give it a quick quite as bunch of different kinds of
approaches to
intensified experience

something that when you simply put on the machine and that others when they read it it'll be illegible enough
although i kind of like the we wrote the other ones because the way they look
quick rating of entirely we it it's kind of neat even if you have to squint your eyes to make out the word sometimes
choose does that sound looking
well that's a question where brought brother should you sign and well we can have the book either an anonymous or you can sign their names and if you don't maybe we say sign your names and if you don't want to sign your name salt
just right anon
we can make up names

what i'm not gonna come
i got em i've got all of them and i'll be happy to bring them back into fish to them and then like the use them in you apples back home
make another book out and maybe two
some time

and and
each of us have
yeah that would make it easiest marriage
finally i thank you yeah no
and then maybe we'll make a cover up and and i think you'll be used to call it a to green and burn poetry
as one title
two to green to burn poetry
this could be the standard something being
so the next two weeks
i think what i'd like to do next week
no on his have everybody bring in response next week that will reproduce but also
during a favorite poem that you feel has some barium anyway upon the touches who might have some bearing on your practice or your place in life with it it can be your own but it could also be and they've even more importantly somebody else's some form that you find that was the to recite that you always like
and that

has significance signifies some aspect of your
what we may call awakening or practice
this whole question of language is very interesting and as i've said from the beginning one the whole purpose of this class in fact is to awaken us to make us more sensitive to the use of language to intensify
our perceptions and to
clarify our visions in words
it used to be that words were understood as something that arises after the phenomenon arises and is slapped on and terms a description
but postmodern deconstruction look of language is something as in some sense more real to both poets and certainly is view i take is that language arises with perception concepts and language arise with perception
now the vader's you know when they've got all the way back in history to the early
data's in in india those were sacred words that were sacred language that was fixed in stone you did not mess around with a language once you now there was universal language universal trait universal truths and saw that seemed to come from on high from god he can only be interpreted by a certain time
a class of people and so on that kind of language you know what's interesting all this history that kind of language prevailed in india still does to this day and is the sacred word you don't mess with it the universal's but interesting thing about buddhism that makes it a little bit them
heretical in india was that language is always seen this conventional
provisional designation the provisional designation arising with phenomena at the same time and naming it
there's nobody in the west
in our literature
who has a better grasp of the use of with your awareness of how language
and and the way we characterize ourselves in the world before in several days william shakespeare himself are great bardic poets are usually are
a tuned to the flow of language and to descriptive passages about language itself and his powers whitman does the same
some the people up today writing
ah do the same
and this is you know now we're going to begin to enter descriptive poetry poetry that is abounds with metaphor similes
in other words poetry that denotes more than connotes
in indian philosophy language either connote it or denoted and what it can noted was considered universal and what a denoted as consider simply conventional and this in it in epistemology in india today they're still philosophical discussions about
weekly the notice that is to say seventy descriptive as well whether it's power really comes by can noting universal or
i've caught a poetic
understanding of the interdependence of things in the and
two flavor
that is not found in the word itself but what it would points to and suggest by association
and came richard
the second there's the speech by richard
he says my brain
i approve the female to my soul i wonder i love the wonderful way of metaphor the shaffer
my brain i'll prove the feet female to my soul my soul the father and these to be get a generation of still breathing sauce and these same thoughts people this little world in humors like the people of this world for know thought is
and so i am
thus play i in one person many people and none contented
sometimes in my king then treason make me wish myself a bigger and so i am
then crushing penury persuades me i was better when a king then am i king again and by and by think that i am on king and street m nothing but whatever i be nor i nor any man but man is with nothing shall be paid
least till he be pleased with being nothing
with nothing shall he be pleased till he be eased
with being nothing
well that sounds kind of like something we
when will the time come that we will be pleased with being nothing till your east to be nothing

no that's a speech from
richard the second
then i think so a bernini
i don't remember exactly
i think is actually a grassy slope
talking with others about
what it feels like to be deposed
he says of comfort no man speak you know that speech
of comfort no man speak let's talk our graves of worms and epitaphs make dust our paper and with rainy eyes right sorrow on the bosom of the earth is about the media has been deposed there's not a left wing
that's choose executors and talk of wills and yet not so for what can we be quizzed save our deposed bodies to the earth
our lands our lives nothing can we call our own but death and that small parcel of the barren earth that serves as pasting cover to our boats for god's sake let's sit on the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings how somebody pose some slain and war some haunted by the ghosts of those lady pole
cause some poisoned by the waves some sleigh in the night all mark
for within the hollow crown that roams the noble temples of a king keeps the his court
and they're the antique sits scoffing his state and laughing at his pop
allowing him a moment no allowing in a moment
allowing him
i'm a little a breath allowing him a breath a little moment to mano cries be feared and kill reflux infusing him with vain and self conceit as if this flesh that walls about our life where brass impregnable
and humor thus comes at the end and with a little pin bores through his castle wall and farewell king
something like cover your heads
we're throw away ceremony to away honor something and ceremonious forms for you have
cover your head monk not flesh and blood with sovereign reverence for you have mistaken me all this well i live with bread like you feel want his grief need friends
subjected thus how can you say to me i like
now nobody but shakespeare in that kind of bardic power can talk about impermanence
and dying and they fall from grace and from power and from position i shakespeare
richard the second
now here's a poem
by australian poetess poet i think we call women are ports in our purchases please
and as called weathering
and when what i like about these poems now is that they they are not subjected to this kind of a rigid iambic forms internet and lines that shakespeare had to work with but in my course much freer verse that we're more accustomed to working with today nevertheless the use of her imagery
the so-called objective correlative to name the interior landscape of her changing life
a wonderfully cut she says my face catches the wind from the snow line and flushes with a flush that will never wholly settle
well that was a metropolitan vanity wanting to look young forever to pass
i was never a pre-raphaelite beauty only pretty enough to be seen with men who wanted to be seen with passable women
but now now that i am in love with the place that doesn't care how i look or if i am happy happy is how i look and that's all
my hair will go grow gray in any case my nails chip in flake my waist thickened and the years work all their usual changes
if my face is to be weather beaten as well it's little enough last for a year among lakes and dell's who are simply to look out of my window at the high pass makes me indifferent to mirrors and to what my soul may were over its new complexion
fleur add cock shiny
where australia thing
a d c o c k
but now that i am in love with a place that doesn't care how i look or if i am happy happy is how i look
i'm in a place that doesn't care how i look so happy
is how i look and that's all
see this kind of this kind of language this kind of
when costs so maybe
it's kind of feeling it pours forth from us
in moments of our transition the moments of of reclaiming our
last selves the ugly self that we lost in all of the a culture ration of my life
someone said i wrote it down
said the poetry
is the language of the state of crisis
poetry is the language of the state of crisis and if you've ever been in a tight spot lost somebody you love and so on you are often driven to
when to pick up a pencil and pen and express yourselves after nine eleven many people felt the need to sit down and express their feelings
oh and by a shocking event
aren't you
in general
changzhou says i'm going to say i'm going to try speaking some restless words and i want you to listen recklessly
i'm going to try to say some reckless words i'm trying to break out of the usual constraints that i have found myself up in terms of language
showing ourselves then was current in the in the far east in those early poems we read in which the self
the pronoun i my particular feelings are subsumed into
ah more like into space around the words along this
this road no one goes this artemis there's a we know that by show we know somebody's there but
just catching that moment that that is the zen idea but i don't think zen or
buddhism should be restricted in a particular way or form
poetry is zinn said
w h place
who was robert atkins teacher
and the fact is that
what we're trying to do by writing poems as individuals we going to call ourselves poets but by writing poems to get in touch with the feeling content of our life
is the reason we read the poem is more than to see our poems out there in front of people though there should be some way that the they should be some reason to write the poem in terms of wanting to connect with other people as well
and to do that elegantly
tonight i want to read from this book before we get to our palms that we have read in this is this book which is what what book
and gary gach
collected poems from all over
the country
lay people and buddhists and
laid it out under chapter headings many different kinds of chapter headings and reason when it reached just a few of these poems is they're dumb
we get an example
what people are doing today and as inspiration for ourselves
as we live here confined to quarters confined to our black question is you know as you sit on your black question trying to push away thoughts at that
thoughts will come back even stronger and maybe this employee shots to a college and intensified language and rather than trying to banish thinking from your zazen
why not just let the thoughts play in the fields of your mind
see what
arises from that just sit with the poetry of your day to day life that wants to be heard that discursive lee demands to be heard
and as long as we understand that it is all dependent the core risen and has no intrinsic self what's the problem
is is is the boss thought that says you should banish those thoughts and come back to breathing which isn't thought which is an idea which is language is that thought more important and whatever else right arises is i get once put on
yeah it's put on they are you know the black vest vest years of the judge and jury and sits there in watching you to be sure the rest of your thoughts that they don't tend to sneak out of the classroom which is the classroom of trying to give free from thoughts it's a big joke
instead of trying to get of your thoughts treat all the words as golden as our heritage as
the very life breath of are being words treat them as sacred in that sense because they are so passing so ephemeral
the time will come when with elation you will greet yourself arriving at your own door in your own mirror and each was smiled at the others welcome and say sit here eat you will love again the stranger who was yourself
elf give wine give bread give back your heart to itself to the stranger who has loved you all your life whom you ignored for another who knows you by heart take down the love letters from the bookshelf the photographs the desperate notes
peel your own image from the mirror sit feast on your life
sit he's done than your ally
has it warm
although i'm sorry that was derek walcott well know most of these poems or reader here's a quick one cats yeah because they realize there's nothing to do
jack kerouac
part of a long poem called the scripture the golden eternity
top ten american poetry and the now so cocky a japanese contemporary poet wanderer who came to this country under the auspices of gary snyder and give me readings in the seventies and eighties top in american poetry how i guess the united state
ace themselves are essentially the greatest poem walt whitman the government of the people by the people for the people thomas jefferson you deserve a break today mcdonalds
where science gets down to business rockwell international
kick the letter habit bell system
crime hits everybody everybody oughta to hit back chicago crime commission
without chemical is life itself would be impossible monsanto
i think america's future is black coal black atlantic richfield company
have a coke and a smile coca-cola private property no trespassing
dead in road anonymous
that's pretty good huh
se but the thing is is one of you can make it out of anything it's like found objects in art
pick it up

the top ten of american poetry is you are many poems in here under different this is under original mine heading
the some wonderful something i really think is a great book they put up
when just do some more examples here the empty shrine buddha if you grow your hair you save on heating bills thus the globe rolls over poverty is something money can't buy
poverty is something money can't buy philip whalen
our own philip it
you know the thing about i was watching a video about jack kerouac and allen ginsberg and so on we rail against a guide and
it was like
your six these he said was that the politics of ecstasy
and the poetry was the poetry of an ecstatic movement in this country even in even though it was engaged it was stepping out of one's or was stepping on the fifties into the sixties and engage in the world
in the new dynamic in in a fresh new way a romantic way of course but
and it was done to the cadences of jazz which is very popular at that time very much a music store
ginsburg whole his home teaching now whole teaching the lot of his teaching was about the line in terms of the length of the breath
you might try that you might actually try to write a poem that you or your lines that you can say in a single breath and see how that works breath poems he calls them
these days i wear my robe a half open the purple silk parts showing scarlet lining to thick blues share shush the thick blue sash a tangle on the floor i way around the house easily
feel the weight of the robe a cool breeze on my skin as i passed the window and see no one's watching only blue sky outlines clear cut mountains half clothed and green grass tufts peek through the crack brown earth
that has so many essential as patricia done again that has so many wonderful essential things in the robe half open the color purple blue parts swain around the house easily in the weight of the robe you can feel that the coke cool breeze the tactile sensations of the pope as well as the visual aspects only blue
how wonderful to be able to get so many different things in a poem many different sensual senses
mr suzuki suzuki roshi is where summer butterfly one meeting one lifetime deep valley
one meeting one lifetime deep valley
this is this one snow
in the morning when i wake in the cocoon of my dreams all silence has been restored or silence so persuasive as to hang on the trees to bend them to the ground to snuff out the flowers burning bright pedals to show the soft buddha statue on the walkway
yea i opened my eyes i rip my cocoon from my sides by sticky fragile wings and fly into this morning of snow
no rather just and then meyerhoff age working
beautiful poem h fourteen
when i awake from the cocoon of my dreams or silence has been restored
oh silence so persuasive who can afford it you know that it's
yeah so persuasive has the hang under the trees to been them to the ground to snuff out the flowers burning bright pedals to shh the soft buddha statue on a walkway
i opened my eyes i ripped my cocoon from my size by sticky fragile wings and fly into this morning us know
number how we talked about moving from one dimension to another in a single poem
this natural
a man comes to the door a million times says he wants to be a monk
he sits and stares and his own appointed cushion at his own appointed piece of wall or at his shadow the way it flickers and moves in the morning
or at his hands with two thumbs pressed tightly together to keep them from curling away sinking into the groove where his ankles meet
or at his neighbor out of the corner of his i the way his neighbor sags forward and drops his head he reminds himself to be mindful a million times and when i meet him on the path he always balls to me quit quietly he always bows to me quietly and asked me how my day has been and
m i shining grandly i seldom i have seldom met a monk and daily meet a buddha a child or a mother or a whale in song
just been hot fire
i think it was the same year
same person does a book by jessamine
she's the daughter of keith and leslie meyerhoff a us are
and i was born there and grew up there are many of you know her many have you done today she's and midwife i think where a you actually brilliant brilliant girl know no winner

in a drip decrepit part of town a rear ended pinto slumps at the curb
the zendo is in an old house and in front yard of rate dirt goldfish get used to their pond
holding my view of xin i enter the roshi does not console he does however smile when asked about fear
always the spiritual tourist i notice irrelevancies sandal styles but become peaceful the next day i returned with my children who become entranced with a cat they sit more comfortably than eye on the mat and enjoy the gongs i want them to take it all seriously when
they say let's go i let go
let's true at the end ah
somebody called tom greening i don't know
i just kind of took these samplers of narrative poems lyrical poems angry poems will come to a couple of those
how not that one too long
and then you short story writers knew who like longer narrative poems can do something like this perhaps
five thirty a m downtown ghetto richmond winter still black morning i get out of the car but gas station attendant disappears behind the bullet proof plexiglass window as two black guys approach hi i'm blow
the tall one wants a dollar for gas the fat one a cigarette both happily given no sense of fear the tall one goes through his truck to write down his number should i hear of a hauling job a long shot his desperation to find work anyway sometime before christmas
he's gonna eleven children the fat one is mumbling and making strange hand gestures but when i look into his gleaming eyes there's a presence between us a fumbling with his hands again he says i can't express myself i say you're doing fine
he holds both his arms out wide saying it's so big yea i say is big and beyond words you understand he says most people don't understand yes then he gives me a hug until the tall one comes back but his pen as hollow were once was it's cartridge so he returns to the
truck the fat one says i'm a fisherman to i come from the sea brother we all come from the sea which brings him to hug me again until the tall when returns with wet blue numbers smeared on tatters of paper barely legible now the fat one wants to write his name and number which he scrawls as i think getting late
and later for students know students the i think getting later and later for docusign than realize it's happening now
wow good turner
when they're nice neat narrative and just enough details but plenty of excellent people come alive we all respond to a great great poem by somebody named gary rosenthal
so try that kind of think you know
then there's the poem called the happiness boom when the poem a sudden enlightenment in this requested by a famous book poor you know milosh it's called gift maybe it's a famous pomona a day so happy a day so happy fog lifted or
early i worked in the garden hummingbirds was topping over honeysuckle flowers there was no thing on earth i wanted to possess i knew no one worth my envying him whatever evil i had suffered i forgot to think that once i was the same man did not embarrassed
me in my bath body in my body i felt no pain when straightening up i saw the blue sky and the sales hey i'm sorry when straightening up i saw the blue sea and sales see you know here that here is all kind of you know have
appy and you working in the garden it's
this kind of abstract things about values that the person has but then there's that moment he had their moment you suddenly turn the world opens up
as it was straightening up i saw the blue sea and sales enlightenment paul
now see what you can do or we can do you start picking up on stuff like this and when they go into docusign with different people you can say what eyes when straightening up i saw the blue sea in sales and then he answers with
grins on let's see what so
ajax from pump the foaming cleanser
the on book
there was something when you want to talk about something cleansing in maybe talk about something when you're trying to cleanse your mind of
of a rambling thoughts ajax boom boom
and didn't find one that
it takes you away from this kitchen sanction on
nowhere on this earth is it not know on this earth is it not a place where lovers turn lightly in sleep in each other's arms the blue pastures of dusk flowing gladly into the dawn
this is the beginning of something
nowhere nowhere nowhere on this earth is it not a place where lovers turn lightly in sleep in each other's arms the blue pastures of dusk flowing gladly down into the done know where that is not reached by the scent of good bread through an open
of fish and the flashing of summer streams where the trees unfolding their praises apricots pears of the winter chill nights alone that the trees unfolding their praises of the winter chill night briefly briefly we see it and forget as if the spell
where too powerful to hold on the tongue as if we preferred the weight to the prize like a horse that carries on his back the sack of us he will need unsuspecting look at always ahead over the mountains to were sweet springs lie he remembers this
as much from his youth the taste of things cold and pure while the water sounds things on and on i've listened to in his ears while each step is nothing less than the glistening river body re-entering home
i like a port
jane jane field
one of our alumni
now that put as if this as if that comparison
as if it were
to be in not to be to be in not to be that is the answer
to be in not to be that is the answer
tom kelly
my hat vanished when that cat that sat up look straight at it that had had had it
playing with language like you do bear with it my head vanished when they can't that sad look straight added that had had had it

then they have a section of poems called visual language
some drawings and lavished with it
when did that
why card
i i think the why not
i have to talk to fred
the equipment
i tell the truck where to go the road charles the truck where to go the road almost always wins

now here's here's someone that i read last sunday coal the dropout monk abbott
buddhist activist jail bird
you blog has who asked what buddha is should started asking about everything else instead ask about everything when you're hungry ask about food as the moonlight about the way find a porch where lemon trees bloom where lemon trees bloom
ask about places to drink in the port ask and ask to nothing's left to ask
do your blackheads who asked what buddha is she's started asking about everything else instead ask about everything when you're hungry ask about food ask the moonlight about the way find a part where lemon trees bloom where lemon trees bloom
ask about places to drink in the port ask and ask to have nothing left to ask
and then this is a really tough one
but this is
this guy in the korean war was forced to carried corpses on his back with the north koreans did his part of the country
he watches paris being slaughtered
cut parents away cut children away this in that in this not that and anything else as well cut off and dispatched by the sharp blade of night every morning heaven and earth are heaped up with dead things our job is to bury them all day long and establish their a new world
in a temple's main hall down with buddha down with handsome well fed buddha what's he doing up there with that also casually elegant wispy beard
next break down the painted horror of a crossbeam a dragon's head what use is that a dragon's head tear down that temple drive out the monks turn it all into dust and maggots buoy
buddha with nothing that's real buddha or foul mouth soul street market mother she's real buddha where all of us buda buda buda buda real living buddha one single cigarette now there's a real cool holi buddha no not that either now
even supposing this world where a piece of cake with everyone living it up and living well all equally able to rig themselves out in high class gear with lots and lots of goods produced thanks to korean american technological collaboration is you are unable to live freely with no robbing of rights paradise even paradise
is even utter he eaten unequaled all plastered with jewels still still even then day after day people would have to change the world why of course in any case day after day this world must all be overturned and renewed to become a newly
blooming lotus flower and that that is buddha down for sure with those fifteen hundred years rolling on foolish rambling along time fast asleep like stagnant water that stinks and stinks
so don't hesitate to use strong language
when we because the next two weeks you're on your poetry for next two weeks were dim the lights will get a little
we'll get it what does it goes you know what you can wash tubs turn it up on in a slump like boom boom boom pow
at we can make on drugs to conquer
you stand up ah
yeah we'll have some poetry the golden age returns
my robe hangs in the garden dripping like a tree one day i'll step out of my buff body exactly like this my robe hangs in the garden dripping like a tree one day i'll step out of my body exactly like this means that several haiku steam peter leavitt
couple more

you know him
long after
the teacher know
oh to ah
the moon in a dewdrop is the real moon the moon in the skies and illusion which miami boca scooters that represent
allen ginsberg madhyamik estates that neither the mind nor the world is either real or unreal
the moon and the dewdrop is the real moon the moon in the skies and illusion which madhyamik as gould is that represent
didactic poem we were talking about you get your goddamn coupon ready for the night now yeah
one more maybe
is one law is one in here

i mean that's it
and this is the last one

where my favorite poems sent to me by lou hartman

tom would like to read
yes jane
hired in division
then read it again louder
mired in confusion nostril don't live in ah
the cent since
sent this it no stop at the of
thank you know the one
in billions
i'm fine
we have no restrictions you how most
if it existed
now read it loudly and slowly
if it existed will be used to an already like the dream or it now or ocean
period night or unknown
incorporate topic town
howdy doody come down the mountain and was a broken having problems that you wake up in the morning of thing giving it a skill that are you a crap what and company and pointed out one thing is rising sun have never been on the morning that and challenging yeah yeah dylan and awakening
and good as many people don't you leave argument in appearing with his english and i don't know that he handed the point again to the heartbreaking and now found had a while is one thing that i looked on the i get me down and support containing it i remember
opulent strength you know that he killed off bed and i'll tell you where you can taking it will raise our voices everything we are not one everything and hello to we're going to it by moran says we're running out alone yeah going there
with and the game funny coincident oh burned all the contribute what
hello was last night
well the all the interconnected world be given to them
i'd like to see that one imprints i could read it more slowly and here my slowly his lot of and is very rich were a lot of imagery in that one could kind of digest new it's health of we read a little more slowly
hello thank you
have you put that one on a piece of paper we can
somebody out
practice giving he said i could not expect into place me smack dab in the middle of the whole dependent arising co-creating show
all the teachings of the buddhism and ancestors
go ahead each ship
i have
cohen would like that and now
closer we were the love is cleared and even spring vanishes
the river was swiftly refilling ocean basin
there is no third
what more once one
the river flow friendly refilling ocean basin there is no said
here again flat on my back nothing going to say will ever forget when you were here too

while me in the of the
what one way and ago and it isn't apply to the kitchen
what's working
why of me
the elements may have made even on the surface of the lighter
one way and other and bubbles something the next patient a sliding into the kitchen

get make the first one to the right create
the universe
the last one to leave destroyed
in the lobby
when they have without a word or
not worth glenn

the an
yes he replied home
at night
the severed finger a gateway open to the time a billion adam can like puddle metallic
why return have used your time in bubble pop pop
i try to behind them watching their severed finger a really sweet
the roommate hi
i read lament
have you
i also mentioned last week gotta to be interesting to travel ashur says see if he could write something without using adjectives and adverbs just virgin
now gentlemen and they credit
yeah well i already read it but i do couple days
so they read it without
how they don't have a practice giving said i did not expected to place me in the middle of the show
without a written
practice giving he said i did not expected to play me smack dab in the middle of the whole dependent arising co-creating so
with better i think of words between now like but i like to volunteer
home unless it's interesting you might have we had together thing yeah do it very i mean i struggled with how many people like the first version better than the same about their how like the same way
come at the first version
who is now go along with the long version of the long version
the something about poetry is and poetry poetry that trump agenda where we can suggest and leave and seems to be more powerful than what we sometimes state but not necessarily
there was a great gift that real and those boys had this to suggest so much there's so little but their language has made for that innocence that ours is not with the use of enneagram
yeah yeah
a weren't lying north of the code
but did the time
the three me
a handful of activists birds fly south you're going the wrong way you're going wrong way they squat
what often enough
you know microphone better
read how can to get the career you know when the went to grad has have a going now there is no path
who in the morning they cat cause the door nothing to crow
i have a pen pen
i know if you want to try and allen ginsberg exercise from their rope institute pair it is

the first part of the poem
have say
mine clearing exercise confusion and complexity to simplicity and five vs of twenty-one syllables each i don't care about the twenty one syllable is but it's interesting confusion and complexity to simplicity in five vs and it gives an example called big is
big deal bargains tv meat stock market newspaper headlines love life metropolis
first one then it changes float through air like that forms float through skull check the headlines catch the boys boys asked that walks before you fall in bed blood sugar high blood pressure lower lower your lives grow cold sooner or later let go what you loved hated or shrugged off
this guy sit on a pillow caught up the stairs in your head get up and eat
you see it so i moved from you know canada hustle bustle of a big deal bargains meat stock market newspaper and he said try to do in twenty one syllables with each one of those verses and that's the rolling line that he likes the breadline but you could try it and move from complexity
confusion and complacently just simplicity
well he says five vs you could use three
he didn't
big wow big deal bargains t v meat stock market news paper and nines love life my try pour list as the first one twenty one ah
he slipped ellen
not dead yet huffing puffing upstairs downstairs telephone office mail checks secretary revolt as soviet legislative communist bloc inspired group of chefs wife and yeltsin to shut up and terrorists stand on a tank in front of white house denouncing push to
push critics
september breeze sway branches and leaves and com schoolyard under human grey sky drink your decaf ginsburg old communist new york times eddie be glad you're not trotsky
so they've got a thing is you know this is a fun
interesting to work with because it makes you think and find the
work the visual images that make it work
yeah didn't do anything quite that the
do a bare clock
he goes and told the barricade valley stream calm
once why he goes and topic barricade valley and stream called room
well as twenty off
next week
bring poems you love
bring a heart on fire
bring burning embers of words
let's turn on this turn on our language find new ways to express the dharma
google has practice
i think we have you doing the same thing and classroom
in that but that's about a specific call on this is
career the that
how about curing
on during the flu
dead went
it was carrying his flu
kind of growth
then well are got the power of language is even you hear this week if yours is true you're sick sometimes our language can change it
i'm a firm believer in power of poetic expression
i know
and then
very interesting
so the a lot against report when you're thirty years ago on so and more and now will you know when the not another
you know that generation has gone and your generation knows has to pick up on it find its own form maybe it's time to fill it out again i think this generation and your generation is not the extent of generation
you know which to
about the i'm looking at a young people
okay yeah i'm joined as well yeah
but like app been in the universe of the accurate
the boomers are an extra
know the wider
there you go there is a subject great their generational poetry
connecticut up in a bag you need eleven bring something that moves you i don't care huh
you're on your i mean the one you right you don't have to love usually it on
the bring another poem also that you want to read maybe next week the poems i want you to bring
is somebody you can read from someone else and then bring the own poems the ones that we want to put into the book
next week
next week and maybe the week after