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first time i take like five
six movies
then and poetry was then poetry or then and question mark poetry
i have each week a number of different handouts are we going in
but before i hand them out from nine i'm going to say a few words
and review about what i can see wrote this class as being
the kind of material we're going to
look at something about that and also on
maybe a few words about what i feel i don't want this class to be taking her about
let's start with the word poetry
obviously this is the largest class i've ever had
teaching to dress and
and doctor i know materials
i'm lucky if you're a nine people show
the fact that we we talk about something called poetry
and the fact that it draws such interest from people
i think is a pretty clear indication of the importance
but that word has and our life
an important step
the poetic
he was in fact crucial to culture an individual
the way we express ourselves and the world and
maybe the most intense
and then safer way possible
i think the of poetry as being in general the heart and soul of language
language can serve many functions analytical functions rational functions of course and so can poetry and i don't mean to try to take this word poetry compress it into some final definition now would be the same as trying to compress our life it some finally
and meaning for this description
what i conceive of this class aiming toward his
a kind of bomb
a reawakening or recesses tithing might say our sensibility
to the honest lot of phenomena
and how we respond to phenomena which is a crucial question for asked as and students
it's true truce on a number of levels
we're dealing
in poetry with what is no one in buddhism technically is is a concept designation
and cause have designation is the way we explain the world for ourselves the way the world has been explained to us in terms of language
from the very beginning almost from the cradle you did say we have learned how to
grey up the world and to convenient bits and bytes of information
phenomena to which in its broad spectrum we give names to
you know
this is important because as we studied and there's you will be studying also with reb i think during this practice but we're going to be talking about states to smiling
money meaning in this case practice as a form of concentration or focus
a form of one pointed mental activity
and as we
practice thousand as we practice shama top or the focusing of the mind
the allowing the line to form a particular play so
in envy job
on or locus of
ah the bringing together the disparate forms of consciousness
the says and there was a pen the metal objects into one point in this
according to the various stages of practice in the old smooth long before buddha there comes a place
in absorption
probably in like was talking about the third maybe the fourth level of concentration where the censoring herself and the other business of the arising of the world you sense of the separate self rising together with caloundra suddenly drops the way
so sometimes to mind and body drop the way
but what that also means in terms of language is that our linguistic that that are
usual modus operandi of using language to understand reality
no longer is operable
so in zen poetry
present poetry although and buddhist poetry generally but most especially and then we have what's called an awakening poem and the course you are familiar with the blue cliff record or the more com the gabler skate
the transmission of light all of these books have a filled in the eastern
in japanese and chinese with images
about that moment in which concept designation is no longer operable and what happens at that moment when language falls away when there's just hope these space
now there's a problem with this
so i booked a breeder to a poetry class but i am going to quote something from
the some here or china sutra and the clears translation that is a think jermaine kearse question of what what do we mean by xin poetry what is the dialectic than is operating
in that context about self another about this question of down to
in this chapter is called the characteristics of ultimate truth
as you know it is then as an all buddhists particular that all the my yana teachings this to truths about relative and absolute and relative and the absolute or the ultimate and the relative or the conventional
in the mahayana unlike in the early edition of the here hinayana which still in a sense divided the world up in the graspable desperate
darn list or entities by which we can understand what makes up reality and self such as the five starts to warm feelings perceptions
and consciousness and so on
there are still a sense of duality in the early teachings that mean a pupil did write poetry they did they still wrote poetry and the sense that there's a cell phone there's other and the impact of that experience of the arising of the onslaught of experience and how we recorded and in terms of our emotional experience of course has always been article but is there
and for at the moment when that particular means of expressing ourselves no longer actually is important or applied at that moment
what happens
i don't think about in this room knows what happened september when including myself so there's been some sense that total theoretical here but in order to get into what enlightenment poetry is about tonight a little bit and reforms in which
that takes shape and how we might use it as a practice and our own life i think i need to talk just a bit more about this i give concept designation and the
the construction of her who are attractive
how is it is the quote here how is it that the create it is neither created nor i created and the uncreated is neither created nor to create
how is it that we only one who have form and we have emptiness we have emptiness is form and form is emptiness
unlocking the implicit intent of the profound doctrine this is the name or something reply created is an artificial definition least temporarily set up by the buddha
as such it is a verbal expression assembled by conceptualisation ultimately it is a verbal expression of various conceptualizations and not actually read
therefore is not created
if you say it is created this tool comes down to a marriage as a matter of words if you talk about anything outside of they created and the and created for same thing applies
there was nothing being discussed
what is that say
sages with their knowledge and vision detach from names and words and therefore
therefore actualized enlightenment
then because they wish to make others aware of this nature that is beyond words
the temporarily set up names and characteristics can call something creative
now there is a description
the mode of being in the world in which that description because heightened are intensified were laced with
a way of looking at the world
as as empty the form itself expressing that emptiness at the same time so all zip code to get a sense
cause and quarter all poetry of awakening tries to bring these two things together form an emptiness form is no other than emptiness emptiness there's no other than four
no of course there was a history of months struggling with this problem because if we become very interested in the question of how do i stepped back into the world and through language which are working very hard to let go through language to the heightened and
intensification of language and i make real estate which is all of it but by being ultimate without cost of designation is unachievable
so all poetry that deals with this question in a sense where there's didactic are lyric or visual any poems
of awakening of hillside take this question into
this is this question as a serious question
and some monks have been actually tormented one will read this side of your famous buddhist monk poet who will work in twelfth century
then have been closed since you've wandered all over japan
writing about the moon about this question of look at a poem with you
in which the phenomena of things the sameness
of things and the emptiness or the thing business
become where it in the port the experience of the poor and as such a course always another way really
you finding his classes day to finger that points to them
these are all fingers just pointing
the poet said
we're also good cause about this and in the sense that they wrote a lot was don't you
dorgan like tango went through lockers and is likewise on the writing and poetry was detrimental to the release because of designation as practice i'm totally fascinated with words
and the language whereby you can express the inexpressible which is of course the hundred of cause everywhere and on eighteen year olds
then on
you know kind of ethical and moral questions
so there's a history of and some love poetry
stopping never writing again from some picking up later in life
but it is finally realized i think it's particularly the mahayana teaching is that farm and emptiness and apis for moving not to say manufacturing defect
we cannot have one without the other hand so to put it down with phenomenon to put down the idea of writing phenomena was not a buddhist activity was again to plunge one right back into the hell realm of duality so why not totally express oneself towards after all
words themselves so the buddha
and using language itself within the feuding and from the language is stuff to express the buddha mind having distressed and and is the book of mine as much as any other phenomena
but there's no we're never going to too deeply but there's a long history of the ups and downs concerning his particular
i struggle that amongst of had over the millennia oddly enough those who struggle the most would try not to write end up cursed not surprisingly the ones who win the cup final burst forth because only to catch up on lot of over
they really are finally gets express themselves and we will look at some some of the posts were going to study
and i'm starting with eastern ports that is to say i'm percent of translations english translation of japanese chinese poems and the course in the chinese and japanese including the chinese were characters can be either adjectives nouns verbs depending on how their huge
used in juxtaposition with other eighty grams of characters as a whole says of illusion
and and deaths of meaning that are particular language and a linear way we write and so and i look away that are languages so subjects and predicates and software that we can actually catch so even though we're going to work with some
ideas that be ride from the eastern sensibility about capturing
the moment as it were
we have to realize when we do look at the poems that the very thing that does not translate a bowl is the portraits so he's their porches that which can't be trusted

and so tonight i want to look at some other pass these on a minute and then enough
he's the combs tonight short brief actually of
i'm kind of transliterations of haiku by a certain japanese wandering monk of our time
sentosa hear this
can talk of canada of modern tasting from this book of and the reason i particularly enjoy started as this is because this man
who was a typical
japanese can be fitted is that she would typically media of japanese sensibility in that he was a man who was a month was marginal society
the three things you said he liked locking who was require thousand miles so before you die
walking treason saki and writing haiku
and because he was a man who had actually nothing
because there was a tradition of giving up the world and just being a wandering monk
and because there was also a literary traditions which would feed their particular is a disposition of of being wandering of being impoverished have been in kind of social outcasts and so on
one put oneself in to be
and a tough situation where the immediacy of experience from moment to moment living in the moment knowing where your next meal's coming and i'm going to wait on your neck shoulders thirty now knowing making any provision quarter mile whatsoever no money all baby in your life does put one in a position of
experiencing the world with her
very small gap as you might seem very small cushion between the into experience and the recording of that
but one of the most famous before we get a haiku that everybody knows his
this one and is by course by show who's also in that tradition seventeen since she wandered all over japan and that's the most of us are familiar with the old of in the frog champion in that moment the thing is that what i would like to concentrate this week on and then we have you do
a few of these exercises and poems for yourself during the week is to find a single moment a very vivid experience in one moment that in a few words are a few syllables using capture not a long we can dispense with so far
metaphor similes
and so i just give the thing itself the moment of stuff in this kind of preakness and as we do that we noticed whether it is or korea to site was trying to sound taste touch smell but it's totally abstract intellectual and the was and mixture of us

this road
the the along
no one
the ceremonies

this road along it's phenomenal homes this utterly now this poem has been
translated a number of times and in many cases and i'm taking this problem by the way from robert akins book
ten ways
incidentally parents that if you want to think of it i'm going to take a lot of his poetry books put them on a shelf in the library number so you can read them during study this on with them for yourself and that is one of my happiest other countries a zen ways unfortunately this out of print right now one of the finest expositions was in and haiku i've never read
but the point is in japanese that is course colo nietzsche yeah and what is really shocking when he's not talking about on-road he's talking about to this road at this moment as i look up and i see no one comes in its on everything feeling into darkness
there's just the immediacy the spontaneity of that image the concrete image this rose along and no one comes to start on eve
i don't really know what isn't
isn't really know what a haiku is
he made know i can hikers five seven and five syllables but we don't have to worry most about their
not more than seventeen syllables
he's also a form called walk which is five seven five seven seven a little longer disposition
exposition that you'll find in
he accused problems which have included some of which have included like
this road a longer no one comes this automotive also in most of these this particular form it has been characterised characteristics of haiku that the season as just mentioned either directly or indirectly you always want almost always have the shooting of the weather
and you're almost always have a sense of some concrete image at the moment there's nothing is not an elaborate
there's not a kind of an elaborate intellectual idea
motivating at

we're going to those essay as first couple of weeks we will look at vision problems with your later we look at people like here is dire others are when norman fischer reports and how they teach some this tradition and use it and you know
another poem that i like a lot of haiku that really gives you the feeling
i got pretend remember it right
is this one by on
his poetry that tells the story instead of your ago

i feel a sudden chill in our bedroom my dead wife's com underfoot
a feel his seventies show and our from but dead wife's com and
so that tells on to start because you feel that these walking in their room and seventy putting this push on
but you'll notice there's no elaboration
there's no exposition there's just that thing itself that is in just give you the bear
minimal information
always perry now to that said so
this case too
you can imagine the emotions grief loss
here's another one is the famous poem as often used in tea ceremony
he's up
our enough
so you can already see where this is not far enough so just by association and who knows what would what we mean or how far they can gaze out beyond
sheriff customer

and standard lease

to those huts

by the harvard

fading in the autumn dust

i think ocean is the walker this
hi seven five seven seven go to individually gaze out far enough of course there was this convention as we all know
that even by the twelfth century was gotten a little syrupy and and try it still about the cherry blossoms and the impermanence
one of the things that i was in poetry is expensive this is permanent that we're always talking the on grass mobility
of our experienced even as we have it and the phenomena that gives rise seemingly gives rise to the similar experience you happy he's not far enough beyond all cherry blossoms there's other notice there's no
pronoun and this particular one although others say i gaze out
in asia poetry the contexts usually rather go
i clearly in any case who's experiencing is so this particular translator which may sound like a lot was lifted just gaze out far enough beyond the cliches of our life beyond the cherry blossoms and scarlet leaves that everybody's writing about in the impermanence and what do you see in the distance but something that's ah
also feeding the way by the harbor those peasant huts down by the harvard seeing those humiliate paintings from chinese and japanese were you look at it and space
the spaciousness because almost as important for more important than this thing within the space itself so the poetry to me to make payments
is important in given the sense of spaciousness
it's clear enough i think we all know that
try to find the moment in which
the word indicates the thing that has even as were indicating pests
i think i'm going to have these out from hand

three extra copies
you will have been if you're a guest and i'm going to be here african a pretty great back as i had a ready supply
i also have some bibliography appeared
i keep us contract about to do guy
he will add two years we got on of books that you might find on your own

no i don't want to media


now years ago
i was taken a poetry class at the college my projects extension class in the evening
ha what
i discipline myself to do was to begin to pay attention in my day to day
what ordinary activities to the lucia to the small things that
i saw smell taste touch and so on as i went through the day and it's so happened that canada has his job
you you're not selling newspapers on the street
this great there's not a fourth and editing and sandra fell and for two hours have it stand there and in know chronicles and everybody who met their to change buses and saw him of the city because i was kind of like a stationary i live in this swarm of commuter islam
every talk to me
in one time as i'm staying sport do you have begin to realize that the very language that people use a particular english just the way they that if you would take it down when makes a wonderful clumsiness
one morning a guy got off the bus had never seen before and it came up to me and he said
she's got
she took the car
and left me
the cast
how do you like that
how these monkeys
it is
she's got she took the car and let's the cat how do you like that now as soon as i heard that somebody i gotta remember the way said that
and as soon as i got home i wrote it down as best i can remember and this is how i remember to at least and of course the first thing that struck me was that everything was just in one syllable use all those just had been paying bang bang bang
what's more i like the way just course how do you like that with cat but it's really wanted to pare it down you can trust herself
and even the comments in effect hundred and four and you have the whole situation in three lies she took the car and left
a cat
she took the car
and left the cat to me even in that case the lieutenant grammatical we you me i have even become an indirect object and that in the direct object and then the indirect objects she took the camera and the car lifts you know left me with was so i thought there was just in those
few words as the whole story
it's a whole narrative as it works and i began to pay careful attention to the way people talk
the way we express ourselves and how actually world puts no noise
the official a few shots because they are my generally neurotic about three years
yeah you put it to wrap because your country code cause we noted for the return
renovation took the truck
the try and let me
locked out of your time i think about it
sometimes i that time
the first time
not at all
they saw it in your kitchen this
one time i was driving didn't happen to be this role but it could have been known was a person a rodeo marina and the hills and i said to somebody just said i said no matter how many times i've taken this road
i always forget how many twists and turns and heads and how suddenly see or how steep can suddenly be
i always forget or you could even say i'm always surprised by how many twists and turns his road has and how
steep it can certainly there would be a question if you i wrote that down with her about how has been noted is why why because what is referred to very
physical things in my life but are also of course becomes kind of work and cornea has metaphorical for
some other aspects my life
concerning the from this sense of something coming in to
view and then disappearing into
get this darkness and so on
in fact in japanese is saudi saudi
largely it
sabi has the feeling of isolation
and aloneness
lobby has kind of the sense of desolation
first door gets it was destiny
these are asian feelings about something that they don't like to define to clearly but the if if you're familiar with these two terms sobbing lobby there's they're actually
the opposite from what is in modern functional school useful greece focus on something that is old and rusty walking along and see an old pockets broken listening grass growing up
to some while the living alone in the hut which became the food business that a familiar and important way for zen reclusive the grass hut idea became very important with this sabian why we living alone away from the hustle and bustle of the world of
with nature
a little hut in grass huts populists and the grass have been something that is due to exposure to stocks so the impermanence living stability of world became critically important in japan rather than cloth thirteenth century because while the natural disasters
there are already buddhist it also has always a buddhist feeling of improvements because while the natural disasters in japan and was going out at that time
he raised me up
sense that disproves that an impermanent but their feet through the drama has suffering a kind of rough
eclipse holder
what was it com
martin i'm not market and markers the path buffer mambo mambo mambo the time when
the pure practice his degenerated and then the monks would go off by themselves and wandering and and like we all carry the last study
so will find a place for themselves and live from animals have friends that since of being alone hobby lobby very romantic notion for us
i want to tell you personally i had a chance to do it was and ready for him
it's pretty tough to live in a little huts and transphobia by yourself have nobody come around and see what you do so we usually it takes a person of some
in practice to become a hermit and live like this and still be creative open positive
because as you know and this is important that our poetry and in that where we noticed
phenomena like mental phenomena

when i was gonna put it sabian lobby and maybe i can come back to
what officer
they have earthquakes they have fact terrible famines and they were invaded twice by the
horace is genius khan and his troops as what com because it came from the divine wind up in both cases and the thirteenth century start the
thousands of foreign troops sent over from mongolia to the japan both times we turn back by it
the storms divine wind
and if we get the point has been i'm sorry i come back to start growing all that
another friend an american this time it was the soldier wrote a poem that i thought sounded very change that would like us out or the glare and dust they come column after column only to
fade away one by one into the purple
on wheels that on foot they pass anonymous because some unknown place your face to set their eyes deep your helmets catching her settings
between you just feel it rising him and disappearing in funding that kind of movement in the whole we didn't have that movement and in the one are interested we had a kind of story but in this one we actually see something
it can you stay out of the glare in dust they coming column after column only to fade away one by one into the purple haze on wheels and a flick they passed anonymous toward some unknown place her eyes
their faces is sick the helmets catching a setting stuff on their eyes deep their faces of pay off
the how much cash you to settings and so did you have a feeling of started watching this
panorama of convoy of troops passing by and of course it could have been back you know have been dragging the news of the border wars in china and so i'm back in the before the tang dynasty we don't know but he's just happened to be something i haven't fifty sixty years ago and wrote about it that way and had never studied chinese
porch as far as i was very interesting
hum hum phat
i don't know his name
so let's look at the moment the question sofa
here it seems like
the the machine autumn or spring seasons use the important
but isn't it it's always in the know what i would like us as a group has of exercise and that's my movies particular homes to start with is that we don't force your poetry and to
using those particular reference seasonal references or the four seven five seven five scanning
although if you want to it's very interesting to try to make up a haiku and least five syllables tennis in the lives of five
i remember once it a tassajara if you've ever been a test and new in from handlers if you haven't in the wintertime their son doesn't begin it even so any beams of light until about ten or ten thirty eleven o'clock in the morning and then in the land on the in
and our doesn't know deck outside so you come out or the after a zen and talk and walk lines to lead and across the my critical since
the few that right there seeing make a poem about that something like that
after the zen trash

simply stepping into a pentium
i sketched
in a patch

just frosty morning

just yes it's zen talk
steffi graf that one of these ideas of uses kind of break and was poetry where it shifts from
ha ha
it's kind of the shift from one mode of perception to another but anyway we
if you during your week practice whatever activity to do it listening to the way people speak the way these little incidents in our lives this small think that since stepping totally into the moment catching the authenticity of that fleeting moment a few words
at practice it's also the practice courses students because what they can help some mindfulness
and it houses to use names and a precise way rather than
because we just using
we're working with dualities but will work on the subjects and predicates nouns and thousand verbs nouns and verbs
can just knowing that will forget additives to get
that's kind of extra stuff thousand books
have you might say that it's there in yang had his left so can credit for homes can't have one without the other how they conflate
and then you can drop babies the subject i see if you can write some of these things without the study just that you know the years
has left join us and his other products now looking at send photos in poker
in the spring one in the spring when
one small gaming for
the spring when you're setting out on the top he's setting out neal three times with the knowledge and progress
well i've got and they set out to stay of war i mean my big involve steps to follow these nobody else has given me think he's not writing anything about ones not being able to have
loving yourself you are you for forty five seconds
that reminds me a reason also the humorous
we all the rumors hikers or costs sandwich
cmu is the humorous haiku with where it turns on sunday that i expected for example business from irish life one his first beside the road rose of sharon
my horse it
sudden switch beside the wrong the blowfish around by
he even if you something like this
that ross
sen ron
he pays them no mice

because the person
oh by having that line in here it pains them no mind of course cans a little
i realized that maybe doesn't worry of automotive research the as of here because i didn't know my machine from the coffee know my well she asked
bustos to get her my big able
so on fail all those increments all the kinds of weather
spring walking with my big goal until the end
here's a famous ongoing different skill zebra the green lungs
what stay on walking
what you see a japanese beautiful weather is the the japanese it's the most is that it has constantly all cousin of all has been followed by chance to play
the history for this customers
the conditions of from pumps
hockey the law to they rely on yeah very simple japanese to facebook and text was nothing deep about that although
is one of the here's the other thing of course the puff piece in poetry is a pleasure she refused refused
i like that
ryoko and like the jews engine something viewer master photographers and because the japanese you don't only right with a kanji characters and song
but you write with cheater gotta you i the celebrate
which is based on for sounds and has a much more thing with
writing form and soldiers are excites them from in a private and they have to look at very carefully and read it in this samples of his of his calligraphy with these problems
we appreciate for to one sanitary
with rights it reinforces the feeling and hundred
indicates that somebody the first thing we can play with but it doesn't work so he's the english
although i think arranging the words like she took the car three or four and then and left me three and going to serve as the catch through it as arranged sometimes we can do that and play with the ordinary which expects the in which are my picks up to flow into
to me and reinforces the sense of foot pole is indicated how it's laid out it's not done it in this particular stance
there's nothing else i can do i walk on an hour
oh today i gave myself i said okay we're you
that's how accepted
well as i said before we leave comments on tiger
ha ha
i saw i said the and all day rage and start with just something like and all day rain and then fill it in with everything using finger

he was like these things all of us can do
all day
so what are some of the things they wrote refers just to show you

to sound of dripping fills the universe
all they raid my feelings to are murky
oh they re sparrows picking on the sovereign nurse
all day rain the roadside weeds gleam in the shadows so you see you can
all the rain black umbrella a black umbrella read what a blue one just
couple of images to
next week
we come back if you come back
bring samples
what you have written would do this every weakening to go to mars from simpler to more complex poems such active poems clinical problems so i meet them different poets different viewpoints as thousand and can each tray or on and then
i'm gonna ask you you know we can read them ourselves what we want to want to just put them in a hat and read of anonymously as i kind of ticklish because we're one thing we want to watch in this business of poetry is the question practitioners right this is an object possessive for high enough about is it good or bad
because the students and and use that also has a practice and watching your reactive tendencies go what happens to you start trying to write so
he headed a kind of imagine yourself reading other people in the rg yeah okay so we can you can use even that aspect of with his practice going back into how we work with your hobbies processors so would you like to do that would you like a gretel palms and and then i'm thinking at the very end we had a suit
weeks right maybe if we have somebody who really fast good and a computer a little chapbook
the be taken a random as i don't want me to do everybody's poor politics and but you can take you know something from everybody in a little checkbook
if we have some ambitious people are lots of time on
hundred volunteers but you got
he got your images so i might be kind of fun and to see how does how this works course
just i start with philip
but my let's start now find one of your own
fine just some sent me to something and then that's one lesson that's why we exercise find a simple line of something that's happening that day and just keep pulling it it don't worry of first allen ginsberg and detroit auto repertory is they're teaching and rope used to sit through scrapped as a
first awful
i just don't know credit help your stock th
many things to get you know there's the story of
i think it was a flow bear talking democracy can buy rating and cramps and now for son as blueberries and what is the secret of is and their said the first day of guatemala is get black and white
like android
so that's why they do and not worry to write a lot of and because there's quick impressions try to avoid like and metaphors if i had said
the in all rain my mood is as murky as the weather would be this every
it's my remote my mood is as murky as the weather like we actually did right now i just that my my
choose to are murky i think you are saying something don't get the maximum he taught me something about having your feelings already
we me upset by that or something by my yeah by the by the weather but that's the kind of thing i mean just that moment when you're thinking i met to turn right but i turn left
and just touch that you know something about that aspect of our life that is the beginning of all true portrait in my opinion
you can feel from that but nouns and verbs
slightly tipsy leave saw one by one year of course slightly tipsy who has been own destiny be further delete but
there's need some instances of
the following list in the world until we find a way of one actually cheaper ones
since his team connection
hugh more
seventy seven potatoes drew his work with taste problems year
and this one i loved the few flies that remain seem to remember me
had that experience and tests are not apply if you want to live for the costs are and
living alone living alone
the small buddha statue raining down for the stick of human beings
people not time in senior happening and hope to get your cookies i think that means you can be raining down for the sake of human beings sunset the closed in poor man's shadow grows deeper
in the mountain all day the ants to are marching
the english and a buoyant need a hero using some descriptive and drifting inherent they are tasting the pure water
baggage i cannot throw off so heavy front and back

i received them and and this your my name's i put down my chopsticks
odia said nothing the sound of waves
in this neighborhood chanting sutras
can i drawn the jazz
late at night the harsh sound of the gambling he had a european are really cheap kind of skipped well because get role ends or hotels seven jetta and the able to have a wonderful animals which is big part of the transient life where where's and one hand you have we
and the the symbol and the mode of living in a grass hut after the mountains away from everything it's secluded there's no services and the travel who passes through ends meet other travelers sense of transience off a lot of connection to play
ace and goes and meeting people for a night and saw on and of course drinking a lot of very very into use from hot pills when there were places work running used for lovers interests and sorry so there's a lot of that kind of activity going on
but and
and this is called the floating world
the world of samsara is the floating world in which is a great deal of suffering going on and so many times have to go to you have a
buddhist orientation and of course except buddhist worries that i mean i'm a buddhist monks orientation
one has taken precepts one who's going on familiar with some of the doctrine of ramayana
ah look at these situations verses just the poet night
some of the others who were not trained monks but whose vision of phenomena and experience it was colored by buddhist practice in japan by that time
meaning of course people road
aspects of life for me with the passing of all the clean two forms of experience it's it's only star the software isn't huge part of the genesis ability of the japanese
once i remember up in hokkaido you have been a number of suicide in color
would you like a instructions
if somebody said to the legal com
only then leave paul could be very disappointed they didn't leave them record of that nowhere reading the world
not the they leave a letter
goodbye so did leave a note crime isn't or not the he would call
and they didn't and there were various point about it
in the grass traveled by the horse flowers in full bloom
to the mountains to the sky the heart sutra as you walked along you would check and you credit for such religion
he stay with people demons and buddhist that doesn't sound very interesting in english
okay my first look perfect he
while he wrote all of these that you seem to crack and then
if you can catch up
if you look
in the middle you received some american i do
which i just threw in some of books that i have of
american idol
and the micro recovery
to hated associated with that if you look at that are actually five seventy five but compared to what started as a means actually using this comparison but this is just another example of how people take on their experiences realized that kid with buddhist and jumping off the path of field cricket things his head the other
chainlink fence well it's about us out try his head i wondered for example rather than here push
the white tree fungus on the soft great understand several thousand and whole new
deacon send the woods with greece cannot reach us to mosquitoes like
so this is these are just examples of funding about fifty in the last part of this and doctor i gave you a babies and talked a little bit more like that is of course i noted for monsieur your for the sixteenth century cues in his
thousand students love the poetry of partially back on
with your course because he was such an eccentric

said to be the illegitimate son of the emperor acts both effect by aleve waiting for without first getting very way too long
everything fell into disfavor with the interest and the mother was banished to one of them
some place in eq was born and send to a temple a very young age and suffered under a very harsh teacher
with great privation as on when it was just a child and as you grew up practiced with other teachers us on one night on they'd be walk while rowing in the boat he heard a crow ha ha ha
he awoke from that moment on he was hell on wheels
he was a man who's going to august has in brothels he leaves and drink a lot of stock a and when he was it is really easy to allowance glide
traveling musician pay me some more more and more
laurie and some of the more raunchy problems at each movie because you have magic you look too much
things are improvement but actually it's impossible to between the really translate q efficiently because he accused poetry
moves with video graphs chinese poetry is such a with a roommate i didn't read it many many different levels of meaning what he had to say my favorite eq problem is i'm not to give you something but alas and as insect is nothing at all
he also wrote a book called stolen and used to parade around
the city or with the to stop you know that people in them
he became he became the abbot of one of the greek temples in kyoto and he was very upset by his purple robe was very ashamed of it he railed against the establishment of his
day which was of course by that time are handing low while it always was in japan and with the government and i know
became of pretty lax and long-term mostly interested in raising money
and he he to live hand-to-mouth existence but he had because of his birth he had access to high high and aristocratic circles and of course you to share neither
the monasteries in the far east just as monasteries in the west where race cars and choices
literacy and saw people to return actually
art the art zoomcar calligraphy and on eventually and monasteries
digg you this is a key part this body isn't yours i say to myself wherever i am i'm there
this reminds me of l and watches form a little bit our lives we today these very short for yourself is one one would like this
i'm that your that everything's that and that's that
i'm that sure that everything's back to that her
so there again this because we have this we have this sub what we just say or cloth or phrase nurse that well that's that it as it's like a cap increases that particular home which is funny enough in itself with and thus that in the mason just something more
my mind can't answer when you call it if it did i'd be stealing your life for me now these poems they call it actually doka doka doka are
ah teaching and preaching from so
they have a little lesson incorporated into whereas you noticed in touch with asthma
since okay he doesn't incorporate music for lessons and to this
but eq definitely has an accident
so you can write poems that have an axe to grind but it will come to those little bit later national have a protest problems
if i did with these written out in the high-performance personal time they are written is a joke doco farm i think of five seven five seven service
i'm a dancer there that are translated and comfort yeah does this particular version one of the books i'll put over there are books by irish life called dinners and classmates in orange life is wonderful
the eccentric englishman and translated and somewhat different than touched by him and he could read about maurice
you can't be anyone with you therefore you are the other one you love

does this boat is and he is not when it sinks both disappeared
those are very hear me
that com
kitchen has been removed and i'm pure shame what i do and what i say is never the same it's like another christian with me
that which i would i do not and act which i would not i do
no harm in that book
we have to put in about five minutes i think we may have to put piece chairs away and get over to the zendo or an evening
closer to the day for the refugees
so this is a kind introduction when they knew
building up our susceptibility of asked and six hundred need to use a flashing
national t looking like that hosting that we're curious to the way to flashy children horse about it was by
you see that by
catch that and a few words
you wake up from a dream maybe isn't know it's just the dream is to get goosebumps
moving from one reality to another and imagined what it must be those people will know we have come from the dreams they have a ninety nine euros
just a nightmare wow what a relief to the next step which how can we deal with this life
and in in
consequences of what i'm just standing there is only thing i just want to review about that very point
when i think he's always talking about the boys soccer this is a choice d t suzuki so one of with this beautifully written when he says and just make personal credit for ports that is the deepest part of ourselves responding to the force of my life
the doctrine of effortless and purposeless deeds
on a bogus chara is rooted in the possibility of a weakening a loving harsh for all beings even though they have from a metaphysical point of view no star substance and therefore all the relative existential value but the pitying heart that transcends the cool
and a severe contemplation of the reasoning philosopher
has no inclination to ignore the reality of particular rice dish
no inclination to ignore the reality of particular organisation it is determined to eradicate all that he was that are in the world and to save all this suffering ones in a sea of tress migration this compassionate heart has no ulterior motive except that it moves spontaneously and universally like a sunday shows on the race
this heart is called pure and undefiled because it is above the relativity of being and non-being and yet never ceases to function olive it's overflowing goodness
you can we can write poetry on his roof system have faith in the overwhelming goodness of our heart and of our perceptions not worry about

when you finally practice as long enough you always come to a place with only two things company and atmospheric paradox as we stated
given the ones wrong terrified now
in either runaways turn away from experience
when good of restraint
but media experience and so on the data refinement of sensibility to phenomena deepens at the same time we can do that to eventually
handsome designations towards themselves fall away and at that moment we exploring the language back into the world to expect and don't have them on don't score ourselves in the written for the company