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this isn't as able to target a his energies

it's a pleasure the backyard have strong and decision on your friends her
so tomorrow and talk about susan
he talked about characters as and sanders are just striker
so thought i'd talk a little bit about
the reason
spoken over our tradition
the world is also the
different lot of thousand
just to with meaningless as in the purpose of chosen
of course when say zazzle the i just know live our life
it's just our life
i find say
i received permission from
said that
history has been pretty bad
prohibition probationers practice
so i think we seem to have them thank them for sanders
some mornings and afternoons we think
the latter was under we stopped get from southern russia ratio that roster before for that was terrible
the birmingham
what's so am i was
that was that a girl around that's what i find does
actions as a it's impossible to choose as a right and you can't attend to it i forget it it's actually impossible to do it wrong
ah it's actually impossible to do
the so well with the meditation in your school as a bad is not something i can do
if you to watch
the for the as i say
it was as desert
we have to
first of all kind of confess
the knowledge they do have this the judgment or mind
so as it was not about his own practice is not a bad
in fact it's a bad mood and haven't been so we do have a judgment line
there's a lot of better progress or that pro show and eleven have better stats

and it's important actually driven it's about those treatments will just treasures
what is an infringement of our
i'm that's good than they realize that will transition it's about their judgments
that's his judgments to either
so elizabeth
in collaboration talks about
a bad thoughts launched was feel about how
standard continues to suffer from digestive juices
as doing the same way that i should have a brain continues to secrete that
when good or bad is just what happens when i'm i'm talking to
a bit judgments
so i bought products and practices actually studying
the check the the exchange months and expression it's about judgments and how good cop bad and all kinds of judgments this particular their personal lives
pedal listening to that the frustration can furniture all of those kinds of treasures that be like a shaman
see them a bag

so you have to study web but i want to talk about something
ready to wrap i'm going to talk about round weather's kind of live sound judgmental secretions may that me happens as in
not a better the rid of the task that was also going on in this
hi there

to talk about it is then you can't sit alone
so some of and my and under in the morning and reactionary hands
the people and i used to live in a sporting share
erosion is a to touch in the production syndrome with my family
in my room
an actually essential as as and was kind of a group activity
you can pretend we have to think we should on and it was possible for us to think that
that didn't have a deeper levels as something do together with all beings it's not that bad
to take that i'm a bit actually
there's this includes
everybody so
sitting here with swim to know each of us is a particular person in particular that and nine particular experiences
i just kind of silly
when you saw patterns are secreted by addressing that actual also president with your family friends
loved ones
if and so-called enemies
and the great great grandparents is done or now i should have of your genetic camera
joseph culture our ancestors exposure and sisters and somebody who a every every remember the street and somebody was
boris them there was a part of what is it ahead of time
so all of those people want to mention birds and dogs and cats and treason
those places i've ever had as much as read here
anything is included in can't avoid them

so when open up to was smarter than results and direction and sit together with albums
have you get together with our beings this is an
to see this
this wonderful world of session
according to deborah according to intentions of our school
something happens in that space
was present
it's not something you can do it's not something we can figure out it's not something we can help you know that there's something they don't matter what was happening
and it's not something you have to kind of filter and get around to present them just to set up to be present
hear the sounds of cars going by see that
forever similar comes was this sniper space and much we are committed with
for those rose to those aspects of that
kind of i should also be actually a sense i mostly prefer that you try within
we put aside our
involvement in the world are conscious intentional environments in the and research says i just
president with this
these thoughts the stomach secretions
whose memories it's modulations
cute i would say there's this turning them
when i said refers to wall the is us
in go out and cut carrots and kitchener go down market street or whatever else is do to
so there's this kind of friend interaction that we have with the san turning within and then with had share that how to russia as as and with the world
how do we share this experience as community with albums with the world has that part of activity every burger doing whatever we're doing

in the strange thing about it and instead somehow and they do that it has an effect on the world that we are going to just set up at versailles
apply me
a blessing
exxon wants the escobar bags to have read in the middle of of them
it has an effect
so we might see the effect of terms of
how you interact with
the people of course of events will work with family and friends
hello to as well as processing that that's the work of processing
then deeper than that there's a very much and says that when we said
it helps
was and the bookshelves and the windows a cosmetic bag and
so and courtyard and
a plane flying overhead
the same effect
so this is not something we can drive to track a treasure for the scientifically
this is the service you can move
well you believe it or not actually and
the space of openness mood ourselves in this is where everything is there

i feel there was a true test bad it was tested adolescent wouldn't be where was from them
i'm talking about the data together if you have tested that spill says
the affect the world
the web benefited
buy by famous by
actually so was in and patterns which are often talks about effects of epicenters of rouge area residents
i'm a willing to face this interface
the way which has
the truth with the sky and of course with our friends
so this is this is a there is a mystery this is a mysterious where others as in this a separate cabs figure out exactly how it works on can do a every chance
sure to be the same way
the arises and it
but how you do that

we've kind of gotta move to russia britain will happen
got to admit to that now
poor at the borders and of chris rwanda who are
when i have names and addresses and his and that was the some aspect of who i've ever done now this it was as it's about was a fun aspect of the war but we're done now and then some aspects of zaza i don't know
practice at the standard practices to play with that
as just says to god than somebody
to just the and cushion
so those practices we can do with inside of our best weekend camp last weekend pay attention to our pasture all of it as a settling into the super space where we just the to were
what an extraordinary were just watch it go bad
so said
but for now there's another bath

the middle of that this is another aspect to this mystery there is a lack of japan
motion and was kind of hidden and car she has to do with help or guidance
there's some unknown school was hidden help
can support
the actually want to do the work of children in a video first that you cannot see on my bet
cancer and fish were getting there to settle into what is the surgeon are faced with the willing to
your kind of mysterious hidden dog
guidance and support com
that is there

we've have some sense of that
something happens now
the crush of retirement
coincidences sometimes show us this but it could just buy a flower
after appreciate
just add the space and walking about us to were sitting at a desk worker several pets okay just

there's a workshop and fifty about this realm of says i was kind of dark mysterious that support available says and
and as some stranger
we can't cope with and i'm not exactly asteroid tesla and face now
this is something that will have to find their chef so i can talk about this
doesn't have anything in this
the recession the weekend
the terms of those as it
that have some experience of this and
it's kind of the
concern to us as it
children have it a lot
experience and childhood where there was just a sense of
this life is okay
i said it fit the size is okay and asserted this this guidance or support is
it's not kind of passive thing it's like it's an avid because we have to actually remove it for to be there said i just sit down
raising the water
the secretions and in secretions and this never should a best buy where am i will

babbling about this but i
love to hear
about the show if you can share some their comments or questions
does anybody have anything to say
about this mystery as it

ah ok
transcendental something as road sometimes it seems to me
because it is the
that is
trying to understand you come in contact with was regional normal state of consciousness because our thinking and ideas
rose or ideology is only kind of thing is actually something that keeps us from what's real he used that word
and decided disaster is trying to get pass or ideas and ideologies that our concepts all this time to start to feel that the
i am
ten is she said
it's about coming back to a deeper experience which you can say that different levels via there's the conventional around by changing the and out every stop
we have to earn
we have to record was rather rather than others are still alive and our culture show line
the frogs our best to around in that final shots in each other so of course will take care of
good man
bad person is about also
were find i to be experience
this sort of bad and it's not about the as a bad experience it's about had him
passionate confused
in this world right now
and it's about becoming very intimate and true about whether they're doing
and then turning a bathroom out and see what happens when i saw them
better my job over
so many as would say keywords
the cowboy
moisturize about the and of course that anybody has a different story about that the swallows them
the substrate we can go on enough
to get through the day soon as they then there's their businesses
i will never show up tonight which is more
and fresh and
we'll talk about it was kind of
how can you know
come back and remember said that there is this aspect of this aspect of a real experience which is nice all the stairs just foolish the stores are at the saxophone

interesting what she said
city low
because like is celebrated on i find myself sitting all
a lot more said
he is
and somehow i had the feeling
well how's the else
the randomly my city
well it's got quite as good as coming through his etc sitting at present though with other people doing this at all
it's somehow read something smells kind of work correctly surrender your i'm not really sitting around and i see the point of world lets you said so i appreciate that and i also impact
quite often
i'm it said well
simply that
well that was formerly study over call on off
i'm that might be on right
so what do they mean it a super death
the prison
can you
i didn't say the prescription of tomorrow thank you so
i'm also going to get caught by with them so i have traveled a move that gets more thinking
the ocean establish a center
don't watch as i'm just thinking
what kind of federal staff and i didn't get getting caught up in phones and train of thought and is the gop members have come back to
me see the center who will sit with the problem and we should with i live in fact most everybody is because we our products
the hell is going to be a problem and if you don't have any problems with somebody else will show up the best
the crucible of favors to them so rare
since suit without problems and that most just to to do this practice as to a federal a bad things are digestive juices about things and
bad things
the problem is and there's other realm is
which includes everything so when we had a problem and the i think were willing to do it together with everyone even efficiently mean
something else can happen i moved away was due to the bear particular problem was what i do with that person who says
is after the taliban no evidence whatever kind of
probably have whatever kind of situation and i love food and practice to be a question
in a room to to just see what it is to present me with to represents new research to much i would do anything about it can i try and fiction
sit within
getting rid of talks about it was not adjusted then the facts about a dozen more authentic more delusion
they had to move the present in this it was labels getting since
we have right now that problem and they just took a commissioning and continue to take an expert in japan and i'm that to have a problem
fix the problem that the city just when you're shooting with a problem with that roots in touch
is it was a question and is a question about my is this ritual residents where is this guy from whoever who is this other person or depression
have to settle this another person and what is this problem that i've decided as your problem
so to can turn around
now the to not to be it
usually for to be caught by any of the data about to tribes and settler said that to see definition a judgment about it professionals you're just judgments just and then consider
since i've kind of process will actually dynamical arrive where i live
one and warmth and and
the goofy
it is a helpful if you should have practically speaking to survey of every people sometimes
you can get him off balance that are thousand magazine
the sugar together with everyone
so the average you should have a bad the boy read residents kind of
the have to just say the problems
so because do said commissioner should alarm
let's get this kind of sometimes
that's also will be there should have been patiently listening next to the last ten years ago it was a that person is there some way
so does this kind of dance going at the time

channeling all that you actually see

well as well
that is that you are

i don't think the various types of her
that's when metre watching the scene isn't going to talk about it that we will be setup for the willing to just sit there with whatever the answer would the chaos and ownership we want to sit up there
police in the middle of the chaos that was kind of settling
experience so my fault seven cylinders has been battling to just felt upset it and we do for a bell i said it if you have a projection of about it then the onset of visible which can consider into that
yeah so there's a kind of for more them to around
to talk about channel which were open to the energy as

time machine
this as an essential about this being kind with their shots the should with your chef
fisher confusion and frustration
not to mention that the confusion and chaos and of our culture
which will carry with us about issue
be justice
travel with them
a very kind to do that because a kinds of a chef so those are reading this kindness this hope the just the fact of the blue orange and to successor
first as and say it's a set of a gentle kind of happy now
the comes out of all
intention of everyone in the bushes and and then the practice of course when this practice for life chances
that roof on top of that coping
now that that congress and and gentlemen switch to web has around of the cruelty and which we went along the encroaching so how do we kindly there
oh no
if you think about the city was the worst than you ever did
when i tried this is a reputation for the that that is the western ever did manage to do the right now
it can be forgiven chef and from the scene as permissions for times several chef in addition
the and is it ok
out of it was managing the consequences which i thought to your chef another step
the chemistry from seven
so this is the kind of aspect of confession that is part of this was kindness this this mysterious shop
and then the images of the revelation that was a problem
it seems like any other

there's no
let me out few statistics reputation through the what are your life

but it's the the
is all
browse through our continue to study didn't have cell service so sick of the worthwhile
he said about the rise of
a big problem
this is progress
yeah we anticipated my response which was
there is a this notion of progress has one of his own stores that
the something so you want to have some sense of progression
and then it's possible for tar sands that's true
the sexual and continues and practice religiously as they say
sure do some kind of progress the that the progress is really just down the boy open to that site has been there
and then have never said of it is a bad people people who can stay safe web isn't true exams and was totally out of me
recently there has been doing the physical difficulties so those as him
and as inspiring and encouraging that the best travel of anyway
mlb the show progress
so where the central of the ensure that allows us to continue social life
and that's wonderful
would you prefer
a natural abundance
i can get upstairs of adventure with a prohibition
mm well i wouldn't enjoy it as a previous to take many years ago since
the often office a

perfectly the publisher no i'm not saying we shouldn't progress
the sure that we were told stories about reversing immigration you know you can look at allies and see things that are but it was better than sit down and
party will have been assessing can sit for some food as essay was to the that would be given a practice that sometimes
the first i'm sitting it's harder because we see
and confusion much more flu
and you seen over saturating attachment and as have masterminded and sometimes i said at a paterson
say from try and talk about the professor of practice over the years i think the fed times with the budgets from situation where will be progressive and practice and on this neutral region and aspect perspective
suddenly become
that is extremely painful and difficult in this happens to people to
so was their progress reporters everywhere
and miserable for around
so problem with part of the back as as continues to find a better in jail
the fact that we going to fish i live to a question as to them just settle down and said
and russia feel good about that and the german it's a wonderful dad's that's still dynamic and them
first happened and nothing happens it on down
and so it's okay to testers about it you know
to get upstairs and downstairs about it and but just don't take the job too seriously

national it wasn't i remember
it wasn't really a short story
beginning in
i i'd always been doing it has got the
lewis to them
was and
he goes through learning it's gone suddenly there was not working
iris time and started with you instead of being alone and died
he again those loose with him that he did his child live suddenly the trigger a muslim wrong
looking at nine this model
and on a square instead it's like time to start
i'm on long as you were going to be described
is it was at stake and i think i always remember never rats
it's something i think you understand
something i've always relied upon
is that noon
ah part of the will need to talk about this whole thing was his remembrance
so to an remember the to remember that the given their civil experience
remember child and not caught up in so many stores
and said michelle whatever
and it was really there
and are actually lives to experience i was like that always has been
that jan how to remember that to their life
some cancer
lately spending a lot of time to you
by john
every day
how much work
did you do it