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the perpetrators world

the cerebellum and term catherine blanche here

was team

the typically focus over point

this happened over the last time i was here
paul how to and i have created places so he was speaking at to set a cruise tonight and i'm here
and when i have to talk about hear something that
the bridge and i just to completed together rooks visit
go to the east coast to epidermis centers
and i i wonder if that was i don't trust to this group so to the their i don't know here
when i got my request right
i hope this mobile scary

has process
the better but i'm working with the headquarter allergy reaction or something so gonna puke home
so i'm hoping my energy whatever hold up for this talker might be a short talk i'm not sure
i really really has been asking is a yesterday and today and hi reuben ratings what happened however go
the workshop the code read at tassajara the summer and ambassadors requests from her and said remember same dialogue i said well it depends on who you ask and she said well i'm asking you
i'm having a little difficulty talking about that just happened because at for i was compelled in battle limit
and that merged or richard
and then

joyful about this
but it was such an immediate experience for me
oh and roadster watch it because that's what a powerful teaching for me
in them
i think that was the teacher that i reboot when i was there was missing and kind of came around backside and cut up with me
side have been through this is a very where a group of people for me to spend time with
we're ten eleven women from the east coast and midwest in california
and then
eight or nine men from the same geographical distribution women attended and do
no from nebraska
he wants to be other men i think came from the east coast
portland the constants for portland right
to have time to spend the three or four days with colleagues who are also
working with and to to and them
understanding that dharma and that to from american
back for the rest
it's pretty unusual opportunity
this year ago
those one or two more women than men which was a shift from the previous battles with system called the second generation present teachers' conference first generation will be the japanese teachers who came a second generation is there but i'm and dollars
the third generation and i think blanches third generation so it's sort of like second and third

and then commit some unusually gifted
who are in groups
the searchers now tremper
and three women who are in addition to badge correct
a major donor centers
a worker and chad she was here last january i think seriously about at the syracuse same center
she was a bad idea of her era shoot from sub sir
run a story
the work
truce i guess i'm not sure but the last name is pronounced she was the obama era of data murray at mount tremper can we work to quit just the outside of woodstock or woodstock is just outside of mount tremper she the verse
vas abbott's i guess and his first time at air
oh interesting to see room and ascended to these possessions just as branch has become
it here and a sooner
will be at should have told you at the minnesota and meditation center
so that shifts the conversation some
oce just the energy of the or something so many different
and i think
i'm burned how other groups teach i learned how the diamond is presented in the side centers the language they use the images the the style gurus it's it's somewhat different from our tradition
and it's invigorating to hear presentations during the talks and language and emphasis that's a somewhat a fresh from my perspective
in southern california was a teacher tourists experiment in a recent ad in sessions
a couple of hours every day
time to be chosen by each person i have an interpersonal work with whenever was around so that they cannot express directly

it doesn't have to be a painting
plastic arts can be movement
what can be writing it can be some other out for but whatever places arousing when we can reach for was stuck at the a blocked websites resistant to show enemy forever for whom she is a rather people to
the at bad pretty successful at that place
a to deeper root good
go to be very well with the persistence of black comes out with a hard place comes up if you feel totally stuck pay that well a fact that would be bad in some way to get away from that dressed
do that
the factory as if it was such a
innovative and a liberal use of
that one could good
sometimes group of characters to surrey and i asked them just to bit surrounds and read more nothing you know it's such a squirrel thing we haven't done was to match and so
they're not sure what to say that the previous to handle but if you took that place herself and then add a worked with that expressed to exploded have experience to it
for two hours something third shift that would just shift
so she's when people do something like that to turn back to social refreshed and invigorated it's showing his energy from that
then we also could have a practice
most obese factor setters also can't
colbert more of a teacher they smoke so much to support have struggled as to pull the rug out from under the standard the teacher was to put away at the students to pregnancy to undermine the dependency
i don't know how about and as i'm sure those flexibility with it because these are large carnivores so there's great warmth the teachers that the face to face encounter a focus on a relationship
the teacher has a
i would say a stringent relationship just right now regular what's happening
i've kind of them pretty interesting
it wants me to my experience was
this week

the notes

i found that
the rabbit to introduce ourselves from a circle
talk about we're at right now
well everybody said something
whoever school was was moving i think and heartfelt
i i i remember it ever spent so comfortable about what we had said there was a sense i haven't been exposed be
we're ashamed of that we have said besides that we have presented and so sorry regret or some uncertainty maybe not everybody but some people felt like that
and of course said and have students miss true i'm sure something deep and trembling
we've been a mentor and how uncertain
then denver throw up to every rule about my santa wasn't acceptable he said okay
reflecting on this i began to feel as if there was a room movement was dry land
double that doesn't really matter
the apart that the rage those dry land to the point that i just happen to say well the circle
read the rest are just don't call the most interesting part was the type that percent or added
i remembered how many levels in february wanted the web
so retro nature and a building was a accessible to us or flow or not
when fact that was to out horizons you know as the wanted was for
and doesn't reveal the rivers
the flowing
and how
teacher tells us where every are those who are no bad know that were under underwater
the respond february to come up to stay required and consciousness or awareness that the roadster richard and i attempt to formal language to communicate and language
this is the monk
as i root for this
as a for myself
how much is underwater
does it has to be that way was to practice to
to dry land
in recent could share with other applications were pretty nervous so many remember describe themselves as him irreversible a secret that was interesting i hadn't moved the men would do that
the remember the women felt they had a the
henry lives of invisible arrives
the medicine man as the assume position to have responsibility which was the public and the challenge it was so complicated to become public and
available to themselves
so as i'm just thinking about all the first
as but it was there a stroll it was on moving that i will suggest to swim and then going downstairs or florida or sweater or go upstream
the it was on the stove a swimmer and a strong rule out separate there's no clear to me remember those experiencing and separate from a bit to energy and the good because this is a remarkable book because francis's movement of that stuff
and in particular place group of people practice and twenty to thirty rooms page
the matter what everybody said at the virginia
the or two or three
shift it was can flow through us
to experience myself as the smell even there is no identity when the most part of a snail but to serve it in france
my about concerns are my questions expressed by imagine the concerns and questions and and am experiences of others
was pretty interesting
true to an interesting that the success of separate identity and separate self and separate person forever
separate luka
but that keeps roots head
he so fact that it is held
no patient space
two cents into resolves into the women's movement of everything it was
quite wonderful to from the dissolution of some separate
i don't know what moved to lose some but separate me
so separate observing self remember it kept popping up and back of course we didn't seem to have so much substance and so to does add the prick and kind of get it back down and pistorius has been question as go back and forth and it was a space where with to route
in that way
but whatever personal to arrest was provision or was soon as professional
the come on that i took
the a teacher at the santa cruz and monterey well the cohen of matters
right livelihood
we've been steadily road for a pair
and i've been a typical right
the spokes of the who're as deliberative
liberator of understanding collaborative attention for that rebel out of action or liberate of speech
we talk about right livelihood or boot it counters that route around so get caught or the the i've right a contrast with what's for more
so how to work in the corner
right livelihood as blue the neighborhood liberated livelihood

to to see them

if you put it in a box
the teacher
i'm the type of similar to those types of better well a teacher have right by the liberated library hurdles and lot to be good coaches comfort to others
want to do the job as crew stating dishonesty
to do weapons or intoxicants
concession to others like hunting or fishing
but you can't put
either heard him to those boxes and then decide what able to access those deliberative
but i'm group stand there we had people who are okay large corporations but overseas offices
and oversees the same and then we have true sober
are said integrated internationally now but it was hired to know the consequences and mfi activity here
when i began to think up
right livelihood
in terms of right understanding
right intention and right action and right speech
and but didn't reach depended on that particular profession as how wrote them acted
when a relationship
so ourselves separate
but mercer said outside the work
could run so i don't fly with well
consignment of a task that will happen
but none separate
connected interconnected relationship a relationship between didn't know what our relationship was called
know what was correct or not
when little by little we can do we explain that about him to experiment and explore and experiment how to go with each other
the rose
who is that were food have conscious intention to conscious girls
good will take as the the right method
that which true suspense our life
that which true

and what would that be
what reboot temperature urge to spanning and ruined
what questions would ask
when do you feel enriched by bear activity
when do i feel liberated enlivened by your activity they your work better action better relationships
so bad you don't know anymore
what the notion of bad livelihood might be
it's live in the sense of enter into a space that's quite i know
caribou erosion is to set up
to put your head in there don't create a bath and put your head in it
towson atlanta but i talked talked about his teacher or carrying hope so take your head off it on a cushion next to you
so that size and practice could be sure of the discriminations
a brain there was obvious working
the generation you know as show how coworkers as opened my hand at that but every thats are coming better though
put your head down here how can you change to challenge how to enter our situation as the of on ebay arrive and
been feeling
that this trip about the teacher was that we've heard
that they were both cons than coach nach started losing battle to become each pie by the con
so here's an example

the campaign by by belgian on work

when asked the monster every burgers high work could do it for
the master said was someone who requires it
when said
why not have him do it himself
the master said he has no tools

well if will take this corn
is the code that
right we heard about that effort
eddie davies hard work to do it for
there's someone who requires it
so why not have handled it himself
job was conversation separate badger badger and says he has more tools
so long and fissures
in the winter of ninety seven issue of terminal via has an article on zorin work in which he speaks to the scorn and an interesting read
car bomb and says because there is someone who requires it
who is that someone
who can say boons
considered reality itself
we can set buddha
but none of these was quite accurate
someone require said
the neighborhood was best to serve a bit more who that someone is
why doesn't this person do it herself
because we are good tools
our body my mind our whole life on her tools
so you say i saw center our work
with a lot of verve and joy
and tonight
last sunday
time it won't
spanish turbine to talk with this case
and talk to bad
this case and
the reason
check it

when you say
sure there's no tools are some of those tourists why does my and upset because it has no tools
to had tours will have to be separate from tools
you have to be separate from the situation
it matters not realizing the koran
the fingers of either to and with good reach of it may remind your heart
your stomach your feelings for energy
that the person

that's the person that we're responding to
there's seven will require said
don't trust and who said that requires us to work
some openness
the call from the universe call from your heart
contrary to the same attention
the deepest now
and what damage story here for our work
why did will convert insensitive to work
but be looking for here
when a the work opportunities here
wedding service requires us to build their
well that's the reds as to go here
a widow tools
when i read tools
where do the thing

what you been the children been overpaid
for specific skills were gifts better burger chain
during the marriage because she didn't work to develop it it's just very nature

so that's an example
we can repair show
well good
integrated bay in interconnected a man separate personal distance

whatever's best for the

what enough space
cool about was just i went to the to me
every presentation is a powerful stubborn speech to that read this limit right here
what's happening and yesterday what next week
it wouldn't have happened but i wish were happening but now married about what you can't express can muster with bad

can you stay wet from of stuck in with
they weren't sure that's her practice that's the plan to cyprus moment sarah and thirty
the saucer lot our confusion
it's about that's the terminus of so works

the horses
story isn't bad bojangles of the pay attention in the same tradition following the sixth ancestor
and then he was responsible for change the same community
the my master code from india to china and chinese it's according to this text
and them

however most a service instead of a close to the and privileged elite
he's the one who said a bird i've is a day of birding were introduced him to resign communities instead of the system of origin for chapel
half an hour before
certain books but i'd be subsidized by the generosity of liberty
the game and food to new foods take care of themselves apparently the ablutions that grew out of the system as
giving support to the mx couldn't to couture
the time
it was corrupt because those will give to the banks are needed to get photos from them
so it was a patriot act system
in vijay cut through this and a bad system and introduced work so the commander to be self supporting
cuz introduction says
but the charm features in this was person of six surgery seventh century said other etc
she was chinese buddhism emphasize a practical application
you can have an idealized image of a simple general data
and this is new to me
angela return works a charity education and service in the world
so here's an example of engaged buddhism bathroom and century tang dynasty china
the banjos
teacher emphasized pseudo the teacher to could not allowed to become a bad word
she said the dynamo the meditation hall as the center of them when asked and community
to demonstrate that the teacher was more than letters words or images per teacher is a bad was a for yourself
the neighborhood of life
watch to
the battle over catcher was dependent on a teacher a for the payment and books and lectures but your own experience
cutting through this wandering around
so perceptions and throws several cultures as the school ever arrive so the experience that
continuously generate

thanks again for the bachelor was such an better known for our time i think
there's this wonderful expo bad page

oh out for a walk
not so badger serve services teacher
the service
join church you can i stop short of i a ducks go by
vijay said
what's your said what's that a bad job said rod ducks sort of transition survey of geese matsuzaka have they done
badgering said small array
website them to the grab by james knows
tagged at it and a better to cry
what said the roster said mean away
but those words and head inside
vijaya return to the attendant quarters
crying pitifully
a little bit
a asked him a picture of her parents as one a criminal
vijay said no
some or tablet said
has suddenly die at home in badger said no
what are you recruiting
badger i said my nerves was grabbed by the teacher through a pen has stopped
he said what happened
why don't you realize
i said
go ask the teacher
so the tablet would last for matter
the incident happened that attended banjo to record with
he's crying on the other room please explain to me
and so said day badger don't understand
the table tennis to go ask him
several time it went back and said to badger want to social understand the time to ask yourself
the master them laughed
roger i just laughed and the and said just a man a pair of over crying
well they laughing
he didn't understand
about young said
just that i was crying
right now laughing
returned tender was at a loss
what does
nazi and belgium and a member conversation
poggio said the restaurateur who grabbed my nose i haven't heard
this is the don't walk stand guess the also said festival the just set your mind
by said my niece doesn't hurt anymore today
what you said you have to go understood estudos of hand
the master bad and with him

so it's interesting that girl who they played a bread
two nurses cool
where was most strange estudos mean yesterday
restaurateurs to as girl
let's should i was crime to go matting
karin conceptually ten
restaurateurs paper today yesterday his confession to bell
forests whatever is arising now

that has fallen away from the moon but
so what was yesterday's burned fragments you have swollen hours yesterday
these days they miss style of teacher i said very encouraging
two preventative
i haven't seen it
the teacher and whiskers
not to look at thing out of animals are bad not to meet that been putting a packet to remember and burn out on to most suitable location
and as a daemon
a teacher the was
can the talk said no said
and last thing
something like bet that will be a good thing but it's not better than no thing
the teaching views hiding a network and the experience and thirteen
a crystallize it and make a concrete
focus on it extracted from causes and conditions separated perhaps a man surrounded
in get cut diet then i caught a swamp thing
objectify the that has another
you return
that can stop now famous person question or comment how will that have some conversation
yes jim
there's nothing you're getting together just to get together
wherever they develop such a question
is that these losers have been happening for years but ten years
i think the teachers for isolated
and it's a refreshing to come into a chair
to save it and people who trying to develop friendships before this meetings happened when when the mistletoe tradition of admin side but punched a community but i met separately sober san francisco center including developed separable from los angeles
i'd a community
he hadn't gotten no contact with minneapolis because of category versions relationship to us but not so much contact with the winter tradition at all
the load of people learn but cohen practice was didn't know how to organize their communities have under the teaching and but services they use
so we're we are collectively arriving arriving as an american buddhism western buddhism
and syllabus centers
i'm a tradition of in the earthers diversity was very traditional still had a bad japanese person so it's quite formal trample has accommodated to burn in a restaurant the mad roads about monastics and
the low people so it has a very flexible very strict discipline a program but also flexible so low people can come and go
it's quite exciting to see the forums that the is taking as people from very intelligent than their own questions that will experience to the teaching role
a bad mood for instance has spent about that mount tremper with celebrity a spell that
the ten stages of a pair for both monastics and my people
cause he believes that the restaurant i want to know where as about going and what's gonna come next and that's soon
different from says diversions way and i'm teaching style registers a stage shows there's no path
so it's interesting to kind of considered
the whisperers suburb or materials that he's developed
and how it works some people's lives
when we don't know you know just did a visit to that said
about to the people we met felt very encouraged responsible for me
intelligent helpful
yes your final
this southern on steve white house this weekend
oxford heart before you get
so how
champion experiment on of you get the car up turning hitting the to just rip yeah
it's hurricane is a similar battle is i have explained it
gene therapies is interesting or like when your have so
i really do nothing was said
oh how do you do that without turning it into just so
to just another agenda well how do you do that
have you heard that question highly experimental other question how you been mined and it's categories
it's intention
to that question exhaust or that so when cigarettes left
i prefer to take honorable it's whether it's me or the question of tools and
converse the word
the discriminated intelligence to to it and then hide photos i took you oversight board you what does the next question came up because everything that you try will be conducting your mind
that's the center of the those those who understand the prototype of water pipe at first appears packets land appointed water
enter the room of quotes and she did she quoted somebody that will commit yourself to set up a committee yourself rooms that resources to who commit committing yourself to central plaza where the river and something
what overcome it
to commit your heart to collect your mind to political intelligence to do do my life to this question how arrived is that question for you
if it's just a kind of curious question that you had been out of occasionally though it's not a little grab you but if that to valve was verge by that question if it resonates with something happening that has to be solved that's going to pay a hello and you because your life is right
immense will come on who will become one
something will happen so then
there's your exhaust yourself as more frustration and out of that a lot of frustration and then there's a woman relaxation
staff swimming
what's the tank will attack from work
hi for an hour they were talk about it off thirteen ten minutes off book yourself for twenty minutes they were going for a walk around the block when you go to a movie but it's not like that each person in they just work the interior and which it's alive and for
a necessary for her
no idea that said that children sauce to interact have a remote her red black skirt something else
arises something that's beyond
but the mind can filter out with
i think it happens in different ways for different people at different times depending upon the urgency of the question to help provide introduce you
i can tell me all kinds of things where i work with things like this it's just becomes total
take it into a body
take total taken into the body a body experience cats are just a my experience
become the cart become the when become the person who's
become read become the worse they come every pint of that
that's how i work with colored
and that's how we work with ginger caroline
that's how i was working with best business of being underwater
i had to become all parts of the situation took to see burned my idea of what was going on
to forbid or completely


talking about service different zach are provided if they are i know that's like a body for the early chinese that box and
sort of system sometimes they're kind of described as and civil engineers and and a red cross workers
exceptional was providing service and china and i wonder if there is any discussion of service that the communities and providing
can you talk about
social service well yeah better immunity earth for the community
they talked about death and dying working in hospitals working with and
a patient mostly around death and dying i was out for a holiday with my runny nose and in missouri some plants to manage that
when i miss military
not particularly
you love
once since reagan was on
tennyson says just and guy was one of
focus of one thing is discussion
mastic tree matron
they have a similar
discussion and
financial this place and
fundraising know
each year we started to take a different
roofers subject to to focus on otherwise
so there was
but other than how
working was dead nine become service to
wow that scientists
asked was where from the or or be
the responding to call from the hospital and someone who was please
that time
i've been to for me just need a service book today saying to serve her
tom burns of badger and to sober to him
encourage them
introduce that aspect to most community is wonderful because was getting into an entrepreneur some getting in santa cruz they've been doing it down in monterey
better but rider and the
there's a a tradition and about we started from asia perspective it was more like just working on yourself rather than the social dimension it
hey apparently in china there was something else happening
but i prefer me
groups are doing service for average person working with the homeless
and correcting code
working with kids to entering various projects like that in turn cruz just didn't get him good effort
we talk about i understand that they benefit sex or my gender next to sexual element a or something
i wasn't there for them
the internet it topic returning a bike of

but instead it
that's the practice
strong m
best practices service
restaurant feeling of aspects serves the late
although this is not
lot of like new conference sessions and workshops
that's a very much as servants
to maintain and books the it run a story so that others can use upset which i mean providing providing the
matrix people to come and practice to stay

thank you very oh yes message
sick one day city for a women well what would that be like
the things like
another me take a long time
could you tell us how can enter interesting that topic well my interest is
the specifically a woman's practice
look what they say what was that
basic i'd never identified exclusive room has a woman sitting with anyone and that a mixed group
read to communities in santa cruz it's about half and half the know it it's a matter no seventy thirty eight and twenty four women
so i don't develop special program was just for women and there hasn't been a request for that
i know
two and a t and some other people grow large get a workshop for women only is that right don't toss her
repost this that said
berkeley pass here

whoever i had a room teacher so better different sort of psyche
you ever been insurance came out because arab women felt a need for exploring a woman's
who says we have received the attention from japan for
more teachers
experience to so what differently
i am teaching is different in significant ways i think that good posture
i would with pasture from poet social promotion of
now serves as a row she said
so and i get into some conversations pad how to work with people's pasture and thousand
so i think
what was interesting that woman had moved
changes and innovations and answer session schedules that also was scared to do
because they were working with the balloon and your burger with tradition and creating reform and a that scary because they've been booed it were better than a form and were carrying a form in this tradition so too
you know if you have permission you have to give yourself permission to experiment it's interesting and the women are finding they need to do that more cause their experience working with their bodies require it
i know there's been a request from santa cruz to strapped with our okay survey of
the more relevant to american life or work is not so relevant to your home world
can i ask this question at the movement it turns out that many groups than ever been story okay it's quite interesting capital roshan was painful i think folks foxo sports at night
chance to add the juice or alchemy
and circles those plants
kinda works and spent so i've served or kind of the sacrosanct parliament tradition to know thank you so i am job search the video tokyo over service serving food or replace them that that's what people have moved on from there
at and have already adapted to a western forms total never happen here
access to a doctor
they have those big where this beautiful sets that richard was with has made in beds okay lot of them damn
so good spend days or so that we will have to have special sessions for two i only that's what i can imagine happening and we need to switch present a google search but most part of a time maybe not every may open by the time
years ago and concept is go stewart brand gates etc
but nervous that when you place this it was six weeks
but that was die besides to the rash the first bears with their thumbs
there are some hard to imagine that
what interests over the most elegant style most elegant firms there but they don't you said so sticks
drinks so we can see that but everybody's were born here is just one variation
in translation go from translation to the heart sutra
regional difference in return
the first develop developer community me i'm a standard as a service so as you were from can move into the other would understand the able to chat about the chant color but i needed the chant card in the tremper
change the there's a chance but those are different translations

thank you very much