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not sure if we should to it to show intercourse with mr the
i'm sure if your question from
you should do anything the encouragement
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and i might khalifa
i'm joan i'm just here for term
when an employee gang here
talk about
a shame to pay for have perform
the phillies
dr mike wooten campaign
the number of the woman from school the room for the last five years in
i'm the rules on our website collection sure
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the integration with by which from road true because was about hundred bush
the through machinery machine conversion with this conviction
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the number by saying will show you how you're not doing a bonus room conference cancer which is different
i wrote about control premium to make it wasn't be foolish
most extreme come to guitar
demolition tradition tradition shorts have feeling of available
about ruining buddhism
of course on several times from bush particular culture of from the shows
public domain roman teachers in alicia
finish work
much as a precious than
turk was the first commercial promotion board system from zero to bush if only you would want to open communal simply pool want to read to children wanted to buy we can also learn
what principle on the way don't need to do it
which which will show shown can we celebrate pressure wash
in a comparison have children and the can cancer research from the council
in rules and frustration challenging and transplant down
we've on my nails regime from the virtual meeting according to circumstances to don't start with a bunch of rules and guidelines me they were added according to things that happened show was just how for patients and and point for which for from talk about game
found her a much broader and
home and don't shrink
people can probably going to throw a wrench impressions
but sure for daughter must be a commercial doors hoping to focus or rather than
up again but first
overcome the first woman ancestor although yeah
still smoking when normal children chant but but she's added an echo location and kushner and your submission i think and worth of him any into garnish the first an a lot of to get
when you're vacationing one image is information we can poems about her
life that might be interesting to do next week so that was for my how i shot the clash
i'll show you know
japan sure to reserve books
remember that was a lot of george articles and chapters from our books
mad cow
if can evaluation of them with an orange commitment to launch that's for you should encourage show
the really hoped to general
next week is rural was my catch fish was a book called the first british women in translation from commentary on retain water term elders older women in the occasional bush the traditional for the virtual selfish one of the refreshed ordained and down
the moment verse
much show visible charles that retain a challenge but term
the change good turn over the patent term she's on the pilot term for the road that became in
don't enjoy music became offshore in a chinese it was his show at a chauffeur had been which was a child so much joy to change to the ocean guy russia was gonna teach it to watch it has a dirt
i grew up the most familiar with of the game show the ocean
if china so
graham said the end but stay on for having
show actually that's a problem because the festival little pony projecting the japanese and challenge of cause behind
but can eliminate it's a shame on the chart control your trash bag class or school so natural shine which personal the clash royale channels and her up and find out about her and when now
what just when she was and how are you know about her story
affected you work
spokane relationship you have to that material of that pastoring so what you want to do looking for something you want to okay so maybe i am
i that he returned to just from changing the names from met postulating or a in pushpa republican ron to look them up in should be permission
well it's actually
and talking about such the family in
you can i remember running and so forth between can just look up your question such the library a cashier's check projects monk from were blowing assignment
that's just want to hold back on about
the relationship to this material
as your thoughts about town
match against the have been having why should we haven't had some contact with from you again a picture or arrange it was calling from school they attended earlier sure john
show personally everything parents can produce practice
saga on penile shaft from their own
difficulties that's my feeling is have an overall no officials true get mean we have come to practice
western shame because i prefer the and countries for
british news
the cannonballs or religion in uganda has a burnished and everybody knows british came to a different range but i think of a rest los angeles over what's happening now a definite burma screaming we're going to british family already run don't have where people from his pants jacket on
during practice production so of venture that's been on this generation that's kind of have been withdrawn from to prove response was happening western travelers pay i think
can those those competition a real job practice that's burstein suffering or pain and feeling listless ceremony to run pet
so from a shrunk
what i found the work a
from milan
rose pan around
general issues may take out my personal and emotional or financial gender issue for billion general issues i can't stand here
the information waiting on a moronic had come to plan
society edge
questions or show the united states americans are chinese
pretty patriarchal and probation worker of political this practice sandstone challenges her domain extension shamanic to a child has for example
i'm starting point is rather already changing room and ancestors were it just was that was just running surface
okay so so
that's a personally think because when i paid for want to change at the center for example it was the board start for the rest of my body was the snapped i shouted a special night as back and but the restaurant fun
jamie and crusher or general trojan war to language
for all bush and shane was right now you're around saturn for for bernie and first child learn now the british shows child for just how much you got changed everyone has been shot and changes over the last thirty thousand times rose blanche
for those people coming and that's just the raiders from chance to improve human ancestors and in a way cara
patriotic was shining and i'm time
procession pretty unconscious i think when i first came to page about the mass straw at the women's liberation movement was going on like a restaurant because i was i talked to her so
he's just doing my and stuff and last roller
the go to rich
the bushes around gender have to do all my suffering but there was some
there were a lot of material that was right there for me and for example
coming from a family eyebrows that rotherham dollars and were encouraged to barnard her and know it wasn't a bad ever run you know
when we can get an education issue but i remember been told to let us help restrain before i had a very young age that down
they have seen each other with by and the dollars those more great church those are great option your especially on the radio and rose version is just so that my blanket statements and
in contrast to have been wrong but it's not being able to
yeah no came back with promoted on photoshop right about the sun
by the age group in a and was right now so we blow identified and rich means this may be
this a general issue
times i'm not just reverence
territory the sunshine suffering territory candidates so it should be able to uncover and kind of look at this was about and
so this material
about the renovation i really spoke to repair and that doesn't get alive or question i get or notice especially from the a material that's out there kind of a lot of
but shy damage
so i was just working on this picture of a very neat
a broad market in many ways and i some other way from being a bot that that's waters feeling
i'm enjoyment and exam to an assertion certain exemptions about myself and others and were examined certain conventional ways of thinking and constructing a reality that and will much i haven't shown early look there's so much
was channel helps smoked or that
and i hope for how do get terms of pets and the sugar as directly affecting our practice relationships and teacher student relationships are shot in relationships harmony in the shoulder and
and to show browser like to some areas that we may have not looked at than and so so
much like how about why i find that material
i'm from a significant and
and also referred by pertinent for us to divert from rather with potential is because those who run out there that is kind of pie polarized
furniture and i think it's it's helpful to know
you know that central so such and such are the brutal don't say that or or what scholars working and presbyterian well it looks like the british had such a church about the role of laminate say a man as and covering that that was problem for the program and lord
a college most later or from wrong after the brutish a short term doing restoration and what was going from the society they can rely monks would say such a thing for example prevent my daddy
in much the trash left permission or not last very on would reply sooner die and five hundred dollars rather than the asking bashing news when we have heard that in scholars restaurants galleries than a launchpad have a marin
some of the actual round which and suffer much more to have been me
shut with an actual shepherd and to over show
so has to sift through i think sarah will
the maternal reddit new carpet in circles and a moment
the discouraging we can actually
have a large catch you know it wasn't necessarily in that way
john questions so far as show that everybody room would like to them
and to how does that you chose to take this particular class with with ones i think so
resonate with your or for just curiouser
when like to say how the in china
congested congestion charge of was this way to the third or fourth time and thinking
hey something funny and wearing learned for that
rather than putting more and more credible
confidential was going as well as and eighty nine avalon through images of women and the operator said
gonna teach her some accessible
back in the bavarian ancestors
i just say go
i am a report told me
a emissions for pleasure for pantry and much for machina with those don't documents me
although it's role models of run we begin during a prominent religious positions and young i was growing up there know what i'm going to analyze and you can the first manuals were damaged and like a share with h i don't know exactly
those my birthright for now let's go it gets much more common in fact that trump temples just ten percent shame on the hey the monitor both have has been on weight while my plans you know so much of a computer that
those are various types and i think in terms of diversity of rotor i wrong
different january different sexual orientations different races and forth to have different models was born and it gets very helpful for us for reviving the and for those of us from trials which was can plunge into with wrong with sharing on a functioning and it was just avoiding with dinner table conversation
what guess i was so to ask research about and internalized about myself into one of them
does your some romanos and having match be
i'm getting dropped in their profits didn't really important and was just run out his courtroom
klein who was a scholar and a more profound the bush crime makes him that she manage about feminists went to been practicing
sure the first commercial shot a roman bed practitioner to touch or sitting in the sun setting where in the and showed she was drunk growth
she was just the kind of thought it because it was during national and the effect of that on her own personal
except in charge of her own life i seem natural heritage models but i think it's really important

i was tired that and pebbles book a in the snow and
i am
in terms sarah knows as staying in a server to to rather like restaurant that that's where am i had a wonderful time with band and it was sort that i mean at first encounter with is no other road
a set of the spiritual permitted to dedicate their lives to the dharma and through reading the kid with spanish really
much more guys were
there are more true to the challenges that but they're having
just like in other parts of
i discovered
so the power has her practice fairly standard better within the ancestors and we had that the in
just got a taste of it and i think it was that a crash you can kind of city centre
i can reading pa at a women's day he said that so years i've been together that's just a chairman of the essential and i remember that is working
so i've been common and my year i've wanted to hear that
one time
this class and hey the boss so i was really in a is that you know having to teach and we a here and seven years of
to teaching and investment to have i'm an approach things
when tomatoes he was kind of like bad every time he drank the story of how are you swimming behavior to practice from the man's struggle that they add that so
really looking forward to this time of year
i'm i'm an interesting challenge is for a long time because nine the card by them either gay
but what gender
as other poor
can we don't think
into them so
in my college days that you know
we can help you said nine
make to sign
you know you know him more traditional british society is right in japan there is a to traditions merchant and i will and increase
stay is mary
too bad news
that main contribution to mean having the lashes to behave
she's anxious
i was actually identify the difference i mean that i can chew
take on class and then the last bit of the announcers
what had like
can just
can page through whichever way i from it's kind of national service mature
the catcher spills in a government will be hand from again i touched per hour but we should be available so like us to throw stranger so really
say to should holy wiki for second in in formula was just kind of change it at that level of thing to push oh man i think that which are those run itself to hang of
account of what's going to answer a question for the door know should feel comfortable with each domain knowledge and approval house of reviewers from which don't show me i can do it really have to class
right on we can be watched at read
how a was ranch where we can
a you have a giant the orders were told that story but i was i just want to seven pm in japan
well i'm teaching english and those lounge and i have had a when they have ambitious who a kind of lotion and sorcerer but that's a price for it was stolen about the me where's man police can i was also one
we're are worse
how i can speech people look up to the world and way
but don't
you played there was some and can declare that
wish to be also have that much of but over most of men and women represent them to prison
my approach trip but not
it's so
the world just to show a bit about distractions a collection and came from here was the son of a pinch but his father was running was
provocation from it
people transport the fact that has private david
you have a son and his son became and push and they were down on the children are bad press because it was kind of room and
i would have a push your conclusion can be catholic
a challenge how to your that for actively trying to the from for people serve that the ban but there was a she came we came up as weight or and we head towards him
really interesting or practice and which has been leveraged made just for make you know the rob is me and physical professor person
i'm a struggling
a potential for mean i'm a bit of a band kirk was not so unusual for the last train service that it's unusual for a woman pushed to be needed in a newer books on
she's a hero she's waiting for them when i don't want to share well the fact staying in a rowboat or baby and my hampers me i should just put sugar from japan and show like the production of time for say and on a special bond their pants or process she can get over africa
the transfers i of with
so are you an anomaly and want you to do i just wish was a need for wearing because i and in the british room to drive the family have made one of my parents were and because the rest of the modest world has a shower edge
on chance
a version of you
changing things so had a nice springs between the and
good start and finish
one of the story after the border be much most of our this okay so and to the matters right now going to add them
insulation and should go back to when the water was still push for the installation says parents should have to angel ran into a stake in the palace you want to see the world and me he saw the first time for the international special research and research was trying to have a british person push their way to work strange position as
legend so she was so sick or dying to have plants that were for cash i was that were dying of the best restaurant for because it's hard to conceal the service to kill in safe from suddenly it was character in a safe and we the streets or rather will share with the way to from a shrine
except there was wrong
was actually haven't been in estrogen your sample and it was sick person to he was one sick person and via distress to them with australia i was going to pre-installation they you're going to prevent antigen then he saw rashes are older person first that suppression that it's a corpse reviver going off to the pyre
well was for sure everybody dies or uncomfortable
the industry has turned out he saw are we gonna flake
he saw
a religious person in when the time there were giants and brahma chellaney and the work and were really wanting a settings
and no reason for federal lobbying about and so the rest of the brush for the with reservation of such thing but they were i'm getting the is couple and he started as person setting doing some kind of meditation practice and that so well as the for heading the messenger was a negotiate so this step you know
struggling for the berlin tokyo finally launched
the whole life and became her over and and respiratory question
i brought with me

the sporting which store the british traveller with the ocean story straight it's different from that
well this
well i had heard applauded
and now she a say that means you have been putting get all the intelligence and they're all the books about how the bottom left was crying
life and profession has something like decora the slumping life from the baby rapper meaning better long-term stinking and went off and the tonight cottage hand was that particular
roche actually
pushed fanatical as if it's outside of the british canada restaurant scars i picked up on and and are short termism british countries tourists from back with a lot of them are other variations of that tale than
strata of the pound cannon and the reason
of posttraumatic running it's outside with british cannons were of a additional story the other stores have several stories as should run unless version his father and mother and father gave underway and
wish for just anyone from the barrage was to run have been
slumping doesn't understand and he was something something reply was my name and she really sharp
and have have belonged and shouldn't comforts her
she tells me on your planet you can choose it was
just reproach by russian painter
sure sure that national academic route from don't really comfortable with growth and that range
you can choose
and he also decides to grow on his quest
i'm involved with her and she says we're ever going to take the your he should certainly a waiver i go and will take you from he promised information shows i have taken her room can push is how we describe what term chart and internally that she's i was hoping to kinkos procession is course she's pregnant and she's either a cost of the
from which ran a perception
during this time machines on her spiritual quest and as as ascetic practices and shows us about it and as a a practice show from he doesn't work properly and then she goes for mac and they're afraid for the bamboo and it's a whole story and enter the water was on the event
scrolled through the launches are built and i'm sure to monastery and just broke that night show this kind of
oil pan spread
the crime in and the buddha hand so i just read generation is to put much of it's not show never never issued pistols me i thank you for no purpose and also an extra one few minor major bummer because there's a times about
how checks were to solutions can recognizes his father and does
image of course that many more peace in their legend and and other kinds of stories but
i love the site that it doesn't know was working paper for her at the bottom line was welcome the sanctuary when we have a real of a that sometimes it is however a how ironic perspective natural rustic license photo
does i had a friend tomorrow relationships as
because those are the strongest challenge to break with tales of affection i had to break or where nation ceremony
answer of course he was able to break them showed you know he's from florida it's it's an advantage i think to prefer from within was bound for about the researchers from of how how difficult it was
this particular one we will make another and she's pregnant and then this panel of things and a functional
when compared to look at and server
so attribute he did
first group of a sonics
that can teach the class and the lack of the builder in september and my fantasy
it's definitely an emotional extortion
will show wish combat in the life of the pollution and play
i saw the first and final that the mansion with is a solution into a relationship practices interested in seeing him so for the ancient package when give him because we had prevented much he didn't they delicious rice pudding member of sad
so when they saw him and he was the second line and me a warning notice can those became so taught the first tourney for world and moved by
cutting edge they can and can't remember the first game would get that you should come
kind of piano cancel it you know and we both became the first for and began in irrational order establish but it was just can do it i do and the other ones
the longer we have no special place to do they had no established fantastic pleasures me be kind of show but women one was a the process where over one and one night in one place and they received onstage they different from regular weren't putting the hand of women
it just
ashford should they have hamburger when we will be and bush began to grow in arena has a very bold and strong spiritual
conditions many different spiritual traditions and people have flocked to the broom and began in the past for ordination and the revolution was very simple it was just come you can be calm down
problems for and enjoying
the broad approach to religion so hard on and the young about seven years five or seven years after this time
the brothers
foster mother who happened to a fashionable is an agenda team which means matter of a great show somebody shows russia bangers
yeah for dark knight was as well
i was just one of my and pajama keeper sisters and we both made kingsolver diana
so it was the question i guess that the king a hobby everybody can have more than
they don't have to do we can maybe wonderful price and uncle j motorbike which show them how to the waves but we will be to measure that both shelters where was came and
my died after seven days and java tm took over a foster mother very sort of shadow is children
about seven years after the books or the most established job change has been a british father sure they haven't passed away she was originally by man anime heroes fraternity when they like and six your the was about thirty five so she was maple
like pronounced like sometimes sat on a substantial something
and she
there was actual room painting sculpture rod between the shocking clan
put it was shattered berlin from the shaft shocking clan a gautama and show a charcuterie and her system or from them and clan they happened to be the kind of skirmish between mature and people were killed on both sides male marines were killed and several remember
roche at that time for russia members and i came to provide team from our help and sour sugars probably no shows she was the brutal his foster mother in and push the king's machine learning spanish probably at their time and they came
do her for her happen so android tablet wish
ah the buddhist son had become a monk and
so yesterday his wife was was profile husband was shown us go on your bible and rajkumar so every time in indian society ancient greece ancient that poorest in society
he was azerbaijani the or under the auspices of the father when her husband and man sudden drop me a protector and to hold a lot of weapon close to the brutal in
the logo fam family ties perhaps
repent of left perhaps that position
bush canada's prime together a lot of things which is what instruments are kind of put together
and burford last go forth into the others life term and project the team as the senior elder was asked to go and ask the breeder for permission for the ranch or forth into the border and i'm watching some because it's nice to learn a language or this a power
personally i am
you know so of the population
so check majority here
no one can be restored about sanctions and couple of after in the bathroom monastery so by which time i guess the
push or shove aside during the regular season because they found that when we walked around in the rainy season asking for arms are a lot of folks in india they were out in the it was when i push had to move around cash killed kill insects from the watch on there was a rural maine
and and in the process was the relationship to stay in one place so in a random so by this time i just want to hear from my store
a temper tantrum run to the to of a brother was approached him and strong and a respect for victims spoke to him
is running a better of to renounce their homes when we enter into the harbor of state under the dharma and the bishop remember to talk to her
the article titled don't set your height and women being allowed to publish
a second and third and to rapidly some request pricing which will show for same prime
what could have a dog site heritage and women go around two dollars
when thinking at the with a woman to enter into hundred fish
bathroom of interwoven into reputation back at him and keep our rights and person to patent from change english bush and i tell them change and finally not have a different process where the story and that sugar from challenge but projecting that she originally be allowed to join the erg
when the best don't settle for less i will provide get out for sharing program second colored roach and helen for by several with the number of shattered women show rob pegoraro home i don't grow was from such and cover the best one point she stood there
outside behind
she was stolen on their the when i asked for i'm fine
but the helping hand with a bunch of or does not promote women carrying out their homes we enter into the harbor of state and with obama and discipline for a plan to cancun
during the weather don't remember when to the that by before him and took extra one side he said project between was standing outside the entrance church for strong front covered with dust and crime because you can wait around to announce their homes and venture into the humble state
my go to the between religion and permission to famous
don't touch your heart and weapon being allowed to publish
second and third time i've done and made the show request that the same and we seem to show reply after that the bloodshed were heard and we're going to cut off
then modified the brush or brian fishman parents' permission let's not try asking him other brands
commander was you're supposed to reverse can choose a random checking about shot put champion own sweet really from front to work and beautiful for race
so picture from the progress of try something else
full time
ruin the problem is not who had changed his mind
this conversation commander
let me try asking that other grants and rather lord when we have entered into have refers to relish the fridge for strong ensure wants return while i'm returning and i'm chip
with a our hand

because the name of and floor
level stream ammunition you interest with version runs from turner returning once you are only a rumor of paper more returning when she's your national birth and i had chip is
yeah the normal ones are the ones who have had really
preble perfect of emotions and understand the damage or so shows i rarely ever there were two to handle sport
struggling to last from chairmanship
now returning an amateur was of them are over
the the able to reach perfection and so
we've been a sucker together on the rest but was a good
the swimming you can be allowed to enter into consciousness
this them represent the to accept something special rules went on to rent and as for emotion
now that amanda went back to push apple tools
i'll tell you what the special rules home
i haven't just want to stop him commentary to the special rules so i'm so this list of pro-social commander is very important that effort
basic level the broadest sense the slab difference between men and women a all right mentor chipper go around
there was just countries there's no difference and
down some of it bro christian correct clickfunnels
christian would be teacher
right away from my have sort of feminist spiritual
diatribes drives are kind of since family
but the highest standards that the cabin
as instructions a woman i'm not you know like the fullness of life and it was some very original sentence and brain from a basic kitchen say is wrong had to kind of broken by and time goes by comparison the current total and other places coverage will talk about from mirror with
it doesn't have difference that of most basic teaching tool we confess we can lay out there that foundation and then and there was other since they can put it on top of that by virtue of social convention and cultural custom and tradition and so forth so we have to be able to separate out what's right and
everyone was screaming romans and the brothers pad for acceptable of sangha and so forth that this person teaching that isn't a difference less was running my own oh that's all that is left for to change his mind
secret shop from
i haven't ever gotten
his thinking was thinking behind why women shouldn't be around it first year that doesn't seem pigs plane climate science experiment some course
i was just rather than wonderful
for the next elections and next some putting that from
description of the history that has the nuns or the function or and some with a saucepan because of a couple so she's a tie
that the transfer by couple some just she's program
she's a scholar and was
since well sir francis and kind of thrown out of compassion has micro soccer team has profanity problem
some of and local the palace how do i realized education is now eligible
i'm a billion for food we're gonna be
exposed to the blamed yourself
the elements and know saw some way about
reading and mobile or rates and memes were wrote pistol or first doilies things out by themselves and so that's why we thought that her mom was controlled setting the society assistant referee said for been a terrible deal with the hobo life with the wandering life which is so those run side
and national it takes texture about this
i was also the scientists the product or version by some
exalted our casts and was from down rest of every summer trying to reform society that was was a burglar alongside our society we moved from sustainable and
a reciprocal relationship with society but i've also trying to reform society other ten people were finding their own individual lives you know she doesn't say out to do a lot of social reforms so the the macro
i know from a guy from ten thousand we're a little bag two thousand and five hundred employees mckenna said well how come this to capture this now and the forefront of quality from a weapon until and sofa bed
i think
it is hard for us to imagine a lot of his life two thousand and hundred company arctic ocean
taxon exciting so you know the woman's royal society it at that time was wife and mother pretty much exclusively removed from the home sometimes of and that's that's what this tobacco kabul satisfaction that they
the a sad it's pretty much bad as the man i worked for women
and so for them to this was over i was broke up families never know when the monks left with them the left and husband's that this was disrupted for families of about the mothers and wives and dollars for them all terms we're not all that from
new adventures on the swings but he couldn't be some is the separatists are saying so those are some ways brief him for his hesitation to rob just a one action of course there were to ever been encouraging
but i think know yeah
specification worker was doing it you know
you know three church you know
the romans for economic toll rose three times i've ever watching this lot of rain
i just go
social say whether this this particular model of special practice at work but i was going to practice at the time i think was back to the low sugar doesn't arms and i support him wandering ascetics and so forth like
like the the woman who brought back the race play to the buddha who sometimes was some kind of it tries border dating regular been so she brought forward and often so i think there is a rural tourism with them
met him within the religious life definitely was as a professional tapes of highest total in the practice and the society and the fact that the russian model as as a but i think the giants have the roman james at that time and probably religious chance bitch
as the rewards
pounds for awesome for different kinds of women with don't see it says something we know those who wanted aesthetics and who were top nuts and there's different routes for them so they sunk during the the room women who are making some kind of religious like that there was no model
not for us now
the am some men and women corrado or data who i lobbied pressure that model or that example can be a revival
coach but for us to say and the russell so the sincerity this woman at that time we don't have about the other than the border and the bronx they so rather than fiscal two
i asked as other so great and it was a contact with the nuns and monks the the photo of games recently
the lifers they take on a lot you know it's flat and also to to one pledged to limits was for life tells me you know it's
so the special models with the world
no special rules
he was famous for several difficult amanda we can certainly talk about it

it was also this prediction with this town for this woman
we're matter out the word allowed to announce that would criticism that data would have less too much longer but because i lack of remorse it's going to be shorter so that's that's ensure this or that and i felt was a little rights for the diverse
a certain contracts
this is to translate the fact that women enjoying that were members of the day rebel faster
suppose a prediction at the time of his decision address to anonymous this reform will have some permission to renounce their from have some punishment of ministers under the obama and discipline proclaim that to temperature on the planet engine of rest of your home goods on the road was stood for thousand years but
since one of the mouse their permission the training which of have it lasts around the a of room now stand fast forward five hundred years just as houses of which there are the women have someone like me someone violated by robert byrd was just so will bomber jessica women are allowed to launch their homes on the internet to homelessness
what religion are not last long
and so forth so i read the most ancient rules further machines not to distribute and throughout the whole life now once it gets is that obama has lasted longer than a thousand years it's when ten thousand and five make more sense for bruce time
so tournaments the prediction visit with a cold although maria the top
doubt and the nose for their lungs for them from the muslims killed
see muslim
one thousand and one thousand or all all the monasteries it was wiped out
they don't know i mean of her screaming because it's all describing
increase of it lasted
countries for so he's are the expression of the schools the other translations want to compare

the first call this
staff cheryl special branch rise up in the presence of now than before and perform unprecedented storm and as around
so if a picture
the was a of those doesn't have travels and asia of those old you know them
you should ensure and then used to swing children are just terrible
chavez ball bounces and do so this this is business putting in place with
amongst and ones are the rob was the social customs
watch today
contracts us
second he

i have a second one was i managed to stay in the rainy season with just a river is no luck so in the reverse is true who can spend the system and district way that there's no wrong but a man has to put them under the auspices was just the same has been them under the auspices in some ways of
your father that has been percent they have to change with priests
that's right that's right for events
versus about the feminine several pedantic and moving from and this was problem was this other iranian aesthetics from get together and during the summer and have tensions and so that's how about a ceremony everest that seven seventy two earnest programming the better surrender to that to kind of can
several years old and so residents
so every has gone
the for an a root cuttings from the order of monks a date of the scientists say what i'm going phone number of the liberal salmon and the time the banks will come to the teaching so don't have to come to berlin for that recitation in the monks touch them after the rains returned the man
a to hold
he watches
a ceremony to end of like the pikes foaming at the other than a them around where the purpose chrome is based on their term months wanna see some of the mandible practice that and was based on that telegraph ninety seven after the hours from trying for months at a herb the ceremony which brings as to whether enforce
been committed during the country's problems from can have a ceremony
from perform a service that of amongst the model for and respect to has been with the has been heard and what has been suspected so well so
can chronic ceremony for them it has to be the to have to do with
the nets with the reference number five a man who has been voted with a serious offense must undergo a particular discipline my matter before those sanders bottom bunks and of nuns so
the bugs overdo it with monks demands for discipline have to have both
six billion dollars has trained from travelers and six percents the first five precepts subsequent the percent of teaching one more boy before long she should seek or emotions from both sides so the happiness of your machine from both
and also
i believe that of service the services treated there was my mother's period for the monks and nuns had a novice training for for for admission
that looks just were allowed to fail our nation right away
and seven and nervous lot to rebel or a among the any circumstances
i'm think for sure you know wasn't will and then to allow for a revolt
via our blues but to i also room
the helpful criticism they pointed out as components to amount of work with them
rather than his rage and the i also made them the mouse can prevail and and post them special adapter
it was a doubt within the broader that there would be impressive that says monks less violent lose are able to or i gave him permission to like percent about criticism and chastisement and at that level i'm not sure about it today by permission or this is ammunition by
terms of monks is preventing
ambition is okay evolution hopes of cases so romans k by orders
the revolutions evolutions by means of monks is forbidden admonition of lens by monks is not for them
so those are the special rules and project and i have a job of time
i took a look at the rose
set of clothes but she also said later and this isn't a story restaurant on the toilet presented to return with a further request
implementation of will request with know the first one she said teleport
yeah i would ask grandson the best phone and i'm ashamed to announce it to the rest of the middle ground breaking salary cushions standing up in the presence of a muslim and ten elections and the proper performance of buildings to take place he coined the term those functions and actions according to celebrity
it was only one had been a way to progress of repeated or ones to him this is some possible level by can have allowed will most teachers a first timer don't promote such conduct in relation to women how much less on camera to tap to allow it
so this particular one that fresh run about a month on about the name of one hundred and was best bow down to for something or suffering
there are certain things that have changed a to circumstances for example desert storm an old man they shall we have ever hundred euros was the right to the village of boy in the village and van die kosten and last as long so the lounge and by the gate
walked along to village a he was breaking with hasbro read program whereby the monastery and so she gave him her food and he will eventually come back and twelve geographical that eventually the makes them
what to the verge got her from came back and everyone's again she can refer to him the next day in the and the third day she did this she collapsed in a faint and wrong with the carriage soccer took her into the carriage it cash back to the last day and told birn services and this arose out of the
vietnam and so the buddhist sad that i was going to buy nerds will not be given to the monks
so you know the sort of by circumstances there changes you know was
she's supposed to bow down to herself with but if she crossed her arms she can be protected also the rules whereby the nuns were not allowed to so wash
you know and don't have as household name for the monks that the safer than motion and a best friend of the process so so elegantly special rules and then there's the silicones for the man so that there will come dressed hostile person
inmates to the temple servants or
so the show was that just another a special rules in the day the same time the man's head from returning so then special practice
in teacher that we're retired the brutal touch
including spiritual to but because the conventional the cultural setting up a social setting was different eventually burn had a great effect on the over and good time
he thought out
that was to out perhaps
the demolished quite a bit of the muslims camp to
true i shall destroy but completely we have died out quite a bit
also because of hesitant special rural cycle management one
the right away it was very difficult for women to be a teacher relationship with the banks because to borrow attention relationship you have to be able to point things out
a mash and that would be part of contractual promotion of this tutorial with driven and this particular for around
going to bed i was to possible
so women didn't have become teachers for both monks and nuns are mean there's less and less on it says by cameras attention to both months advance for sub management one perhaps kept that from happening
also because
we were with the house
that's because my extra trick for a title of us from higher hierarchical higher than half of god mode illusions of land for master homeless saw them better get money that central's and
the educational the ends are true that will show the boy was
the casualness your throat was raw and less diplomatic means more or less able to take care to themselves and so those wars reasons that are pointed to ride as special rules eventual
contributed to the demise of the for
it was function at a time in fact for sound
the snowbirds let's just chemical romans brothers embarrassing was women are best for say that
right there's a whole check on about this sound
place for other suspects shutters on them
and as promotions made by monks and nuns from us kosovo second over there no stones and of have been in my book
sencha green essential for building with pay tax to pulse and was great books temples and places to certain in the strippers the buddhist works for
this particular post show petrol
somebody else relic serving as well and most the stones that rebounded and the shows as a beneficiary brother to make a pedophile circle immigration reform and there are inscribed by don't ever some of them scrambling for the dinner and has a runner from lives so to have the road to
make a donation it was kind of also those rooms with inscriptions so those for all donations to a your breast
either side but it was been constructed at the time and weapons
i was from two mugs for restorations rich
run about i trust they weren't supposed to be able to handle money so how how did we make the donation for this so the of have handwritten attic rooms are feminine dress surrender bed
worse than the from the third sancho bizarre
that shows
this is historical evidence of
even assertion and brother or sister were over to do this kind donation but that eventually died down them
terrorists monk pilgrims who can get a certain time and the
bring i'm and afterwards books should have bought had come to china and the greater their behaviours and whenever necessary to choose the virginia are you know how radical groves and care for him so that's attested by pilgrims of china
right around
those various things to point to about why
updated special rules you can see how they have led to
we can pass a border with
thanks to component place
hysterical a speculation that those clothes
some says that as a brother
he was written down for the of everything was on it was organized and all the wrong one recited and the first british council that took place where it has approved by a man who was forced to have women i was going to bring ever said it was working for all those years were saying what we tell
it was i checked they are checked to make sure that that was an understanding
and that was recitation and from hundreds of this but this hussein
so i should we have a of was does not occur until well after the a died and some of the items have been written down on maybe
find patient check this demo tape this but with a thousand and yourself to the perfect time that don't to write things down so i'm gonna them over to my have
he's open to
thank you can say that although
so you know what special rules
a cushion said the robot was
my local banks and they said the public service and he just didn't want
reminder to camp
more daughter and just say the what will occur sometimes you know is on
from his talking about the early in the gnostic gospels and so forth it was and then later on they became me
patriarch of the of course there's a whole thing about
the roof and down and subjugation of the seventy which is a medical billing fascinating topic well as a book called the best went out of bed roses unnoticeable with that goes into this cause trouble running my alphabet game word and how
admission society and spokane so dominated
and woman became such a so because i saw of to of this yes there's something about you read about why this was set up by the special events were set up that now
the ourselves whether more of them and men are beggars
i'm sorry that's out of our
remember that works and then there's a consequence was that women's you a public this
retail because some of the rennet actually is head for the behavior and the same scary similar to me
yes was so that's true that tells us says the winner at first but just like amongst mention that over behind hundred and first when you can embed themselves and trump's solitary wonders with go for hours and sofa would come together with the form of when
happened that we've then told to the product i said
we're not allowed to go somewhere we had to buy a choice wherever they go pick up at the royal society animal lamar
which is this book is called for for some does it was rules
that's hard to go ahead two hours people seven of it my understanding is that it was for the protection of compassion but of course
they also pay the price which is that the last their his father was gone into them hundred illness than the same way
and was so hostile witness there's not available to most rappers and so we're not going to with the household of them are you know rather than looking at we had a problem minutes but
and i think this because sick children and i came upon this web about the cinema amazing designer
sort that i lack of here
so if i can remember storming
there was some
check they rose up and showing that the means of styles
for some yourself
saw the
so the time
voice on the parasite side those banks that to and
despite them i am
first rule is the to
who were respect and available their respect now i thought that was a again
accurate cannot afford and i'm finding that of that first words over tablet you know gets those for really respect
whoever again but not somebody who's abusing a barrel and don't have to show respect him get up in their presence and so forth so the minister of finance that the naturally second
what happened the exposure can amongst last that kicking around
privileged to have either have been chatting
but older respect you know you're not upset by the revolution so
that's another
for with story was stolen from them
i wanted a different set of wrong but i think it's supports sugar from her silence

that son is about them have a lunch to a huge leap it since about five months to nine
such promotions to serve as a special rules
because we're still restarted of a revelation his own special rules
present day
carolina countries
for the rest
the house
we won't stand for it i guess but restaurant
those in the last teeth as i don't take us on our behalf to they have to wrestle response
because the whole video editor right and stuff that he said can let go of the minor precepts whatever the ladder but he didn't say well the amazon's and for so does it was first council for dive into below every role amanda of the buddha said we could we go to moments but for several minutes i that my
he adds remember it so that you couldn't decide so they said several people now so
so for somebody like a in the westerner cause moisture from a special master bath and tremble requests
if not true so
no have last year and so on and suffering but from take us on the and then zero when i don't know that if you can read that means from a spiritual practice
the practices patients in
selfishness or whatever and what kind of turn that they tell them why i was wrong i can return to ramble stuff so
purpose of i'm understanding static analysis and was at this conference for like this album was a nasty some of them are i'm going to start talking about like
but there was an adult a show
done the center resurrection was treated very disrespectful by another baby show a breakdown by work and she told the stores it was something about summer job then
you can have an urgent towns but rather rather than monks were sort of a story at this conference started crying
because he foster a person was
the group that doesn't sound can
the recent has been going to tab the system was wrong with it sounds like a person's health up expensive and spreading and thought i came out with this guy sitting over here one thing without having what's going on with him so i said joanna doyle became the i can up and ten percent communication to some
would you be mounted shelves of don't say that she felt that he was this big show being disparaged animals
he was so the that was baking them
concept of discouraging better diamond sangha she's a member of the summer that the canon
he was right for her that she was totally after the suitable as process and this life and then don't travel this way and then the consequences for this long come by virtue of his social condition
let's try for this will end the comic right family and everyone was just great
that was a bad vegas so was going to have been taken dinosaurs through and
what happened was of these situations where a family and a terrified who monastery
you know you can't touch men or women can't tension she was working and sure to put the tour down while was a raise and then he could pick for tool up mineral cabinets to go when he for us to brainer for all we can say persistent very thorough
practice of patients and all sorts of other things that i don't really understand me but i'm glad to throw myself line
can commercial what comes out of anger
and then of course the constables ones on internalized shame the manage your feelings and arctic it's it's this is how long term sorts in some subway
i think it's proposal will happen there is a lot there and
i no i found really rather than other ways you know
i'm sorry i've blown is that
so it's got caught
so i went to the hereby sentence
hello to my heard
one a job
oh prefer to start tonight and we can go into oblivion listening