When You Have A New Experience

Given by Suzuki Roshi at Tassajara on Sunday, August 20, 1967
Zenshinji Track 1 1 7/8ips Suzuki Roshi 8/20 - transcribed 5/8/68 TD ------------- August 20, 1967 (evening) [misdate?] Zen Mountain Center Edited by Brian Fikes [The first part of this lecture was not recorded. Roshi was talking about the four stages of belief, intellectual understanding, practice, and enlightenment. This transcript begins somewhere in the third stage.]
NB- the photos for the boxes of 05134 and 05135 have been switched as the track listings only make sense when you do. Presumably at one stage the two tapes were mixed up. - SDH ---------------------------- David Chadwick's notes: [This transcript is a retyping of the existing City Center transcript. It is not verbatim. No tape is available. The City Center transcript was entered onto disk by Jose Escobar, 1997. It was reformatted by Bill Redican (10/26/01).] Updated by SDH from the tape, 03/21. *** File name: 67-08-02: when you have a new experience (titled by pf) (Not Verbatim) Edited by Brian Fikes