Transmission of the Light Class

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What enlightenment meant to the ancestors might be different than what it means to us, it's important to come to everyday events with a new outlook or view, Daitaka, we can tell a story, but never the whole story

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anyway and she says the last night
the six weeks
reading some of the cases of the dinkel local transmission of the life
transmission over
light of awakening the night of understand them as much
and i've tried to bring to bear on the subject as you well know probably nauseum
well that rather than
simply come into a texts like this with a does
that wants to
needs to find consolation in the feeling that the ancients had some understanding
called enlightenment
they call a yeah
i'm changing
he turned all
that is not shaped by any historical or cultural facts
is the loo
i find it naive and i think what i've tried to bring forces that we look at this was critical eyes
and read it
with the mind that is open but the not simply too
such support our
desires for something called enlightenment
that we think that the head back the thousand and two thousand years ago and that would be on
modified by conditions from time to time
historically as we go on and so that what the ancients might have meant by enlightened that or and by men by enlightenment might have been quite a different thing from what we mean

i wrote down you that the figure the ancestors evolved along with the understanding of what enlightenment could mean to the extent that in practicing through
the ancestors one projects ones highest aspirations onto the ancestors thus the ancestors always represent but the current practitioner could conceivably become considerably because even though that conception changes over time and the height of the ideal as project
projected makes to actualization virtually impossible since you have idealization is always something else
because it is an ideal is something that we can't quite grasp
and furthermore it is you know i've been know
really stressing the fact that what we call practice or what we call life actually what we call our existence
the social human beings is largely a matter of storytelling
her storytelling to happen
there were reading stories here and were always telling each other stories
about our life
and the stores are passed on from generation to generation their enlarged as they go on necessarily so
and soon as i've said before we have to bring a new and our our stories
independently or rise to our story or raise up our story was the stories that we are studying here
and that was really are a critical reading to the pinnacle recent events and not something that were just reading too
amuse ourselves or
come to class with
but something that can actually widened our understanding and in that very process of widening
just the opportunity for
seeing through our stories because these stories and like most stories are about the fact that we tell each other stories and because the stories stores are family core reason they're empty
if flows will remember that fact
mtv any intrinsic sell for at the any
lasting graspable ultimately graspable substance
we even a storm telling enough
especially is tough
if we have that kind of critical mind and that kind of awareness i think as we encountered one another in our life and and our studies in and are reading and the lecture hall even in are sitting and listening to the various tapes and or my understanding at that's how we that's what understanding is about we are born in to understand
it is already understanding we've learned how to cross the street and get run over by cars of various metaphors
what a function in the world
what else should i say
whether we're putting it simply that human beings at any stage of development will be able to imagine
ideals greater than they can currently achieve which is essentially what ideas areas something beyond the present
so in other words that we have a complex reality of shinar roseanne that
we don't allow to be gradually replaced by some simplistic image of what with a zen buddhism
that would be are kind of selling out
we need to constantly we know i feel we need my stories that i feel that remains in custody come new to come true that arises in our life day by day
without asserting any particular point of view as being the truth
and i think that the these stories have something to do with that aspect of not
oh long
you know one way that doesn't masters are they taught by persuasion but the article also taught by disruption
and the masters taught by disruption by disrupting our usual i our usual way of unconsciously
solidifying the world are redefined aspects of phenomenon on when one of the exercise that came out of the theater exercise actually that's really useful to us
jarvis is did to point or something new sounds like table but don't say tables this guy
since as any other known that comes in as fast as you can go try to do ten objects
pointing to a teapot for handle and calling it whatever
word comes into mind and course a know you know and just practice with that and you'll notice is very disruptive it's actually kind of fun is very disturbing to him to your nervous system
so so deeply are the words embedded in our minds
i'm with the objects of that covering that naming
i tried it today and i got i didn't get very far i had a hard time going quickly from new jersey
girl sky war
ha ha ha

when always say this since being enlightened
the ancients had to be right since they were enlightened we think rather than surpassed
and the onward surge of history they had to have to be interpreted in such a way that they are not only true but also continue to represent the highest achievements projectile by our concert current imagination
so maybe they weren't you know maybe the whole idea here is that we get these coins and these stories throw an error interface and
immediately assume that we don't understand don't know
as an assumption that we come with to
of practice that we don't know what enlightenment is
we don't believe this blind arising and what we call the mind rising now been shaped by the forces of the moment because the conditions of the moment is already enlightenment yeah that seems to be what donors and is pointing toward
the all inclusiveness of our awareness

still at all
it's a problem when we read these texts like tonight will read and they talk about the original mind
and if there's no such thing as to birth and death no beginning and no nd hoping i have an origin
what flattered an origin
unless the origin is distant from the preceding causes the conditions that arising now you see the origin for this class was such and such quench the origin in that sense and not in any kind of finality as finality
anyway tonight we're going to come to die attacker
a little less side
story than the when we had last week which is the big one as i said before
aruba chiquita the one
had to cut the route and home leaving the very root of his life in fact the very existence root of his life to have that cut so there's no way back there's no way home
there's not going forward
all reference points dropped
and then they carry on this story tonight and little bit about her home leaving
leaving the safety of our concepts in the safe gallery of our physical environment that of our mental environment
so an income page forty seven start sooner i can never want to follow along with available to
twenty bit more time for twenty four

i'm going to read from cook tonight i'll start and will not look around him and read
i'm not sure what your the dh of our was a little doctor is the our role as ever the diamonds underneath
i did have heart out
ah thank you said it different
anyway it's easier to say die taka then
dhaka dhaka
the replica through the got to lose the annunciation guide the i know
and when i say it say
less reputable
the the comics or know how has kind of as because i'm very poetic start to
well for university die talk i've been saying that for some years

fifth patriarch do the zika said quote because one who makes his home departure and becomes a monk is a selfless self
your selfless and possesses nothing and because the original mind and neither arises nor ceases this is the eternal way all buddhists are also the eternal reading the mind has no form and as an excuse me and as essence is the same as they were in essence again in a non essential as
doctrine that word always upsets me but
will pass on
yeah i'm standing here too
hoopa gupta said you must become thoroughly awaken and realize it with your own mind
the master was greatly awaken the masturbating the route
that's that's it
and the attacker so routine that know i've written about critica
cartridge the
gaetano di talk to have a husband okay so there it is
sounds pretty good what he says you know it's all eternal and and and the buddha's are eternal of the mind is eternal has no no it's like best basis on the masters as you know
it is colleagues something or read
have you must make you must really understand what you're
the to reading it was called a recent event is happening all right let's go on the circumstances let's go this way with old in osama
him dr cow was born
his father dreamed of golden sun came out from the house and alumina heaven and earth
the foreground huge mouth magnificently adorned with jewels at the summit of the mountain world for the spring flowing in four directions
when dirk dhaka first met but that he told him about this dream
but gupta interpreted for him the great mountain is me
seems to pouring forth your wisdom and truth without it
the sun emerging from the house is a sign of your present entry into the way
the illumination of heaven and earth is transgenders through wisdom
since many names
mcguire's the reduction of it the masters division it isn't then in a in yeah we are yeah see you don't have to remarks about his name
so this once you read your part the master was originally named ganda huston fragrant elephant but because of this dream his name was changed in india he was named does dhaka which in our land means into a limit of reality that's nice
police really get lit with the intimate with the limit of reality
check you going
having heard when pick pre-cooked to said the mastermind this verse from the lofty mountain of seven jewels a stream of crimea insights duchess always it transmits the taste of the true dharma and various deliverance to those who respond
you know every religion
wants to have one central teaching right that everybody can agree up if no matter how many schools or how many sects there are if there's just one thing that we can awaken to and of course in buddhism it is this awakening idea and no matter how many sects there are many schools there are we all understand

i just do three hits like

for the lofty mountain of seven jewels not sure what the seminary first and then they have any idea who the seven first substance of so minister
listen and covers
the one taste transfers the one taste he doesn't have it in here he turns into the flavor of real truth since the one taste when you know enlightenment is like everybody go into the ocean knows that the ocean tastes of salt
this that old metaphor about this that we understand that one taste
so this is because it has to be something that we net is not as doctrine on a snake
if it's something that is fundamental to our our human consciousness to consciousness itself
okay so on his gosh what's the next verse
dr gupta and cooper good calories kindness service i can't knit my dharma to and you will manifest great crash night inside a golden sun appears for the house and brilliantly illuminated heaven and earth
last year pay letter to reconquista and consequently followed him
requesting to make his home departure
supergroup that asked him is your intention to make your home departure a home departure of mind or body
the last replied my request for home departure is not for the sake of mind your body to good guy said if not for my your body than he leaves home the last reply the one who makes his home departure that
and when the main case and became greatly and it was the etc mm is this the opening case
his selfless and possesses nothing because the original by neither arises in sisters

so the mind and body is not leaving home doesn't mean minute is no basically there's no home to leave
savarese case perhaps
if money as my default
if you're not leaving physically or here on this
this home leaving which we usually think of you know breaking off and the past and successful because he says this has nothing to do that we remember that that
his teacher in the last case
was the one that was used the same thing about it do do i live in mind do i live in body remember that so he's passing on this idea that mind and body
you know what does dog is about mind and body
my new adolescents about my nearby mind and body drop off
submitted interface for manifests in the original fishman choosing docetaxel mind and body drop off division of his manifests
something that has already always the case
is it already off
how are you know i invest
that's what this is about i don't think so myself
but how about how it already is
only becomes what it is when it comes to consciousness through our stars
that's what i'm adding to it
as where they have to tell us with each other stories and past the story on further along than you take it and them someone else
when it already is historians from your as is doing well it might not be a story and of itself but it has to be put in story far it has to be me in has referred to as concept designation usb
set forth and words as i call it i'm just using the word story for description for explanation for explication
for the way we understand
her life both on their gross and subtle play
but what is it that understands what is it that all those already already the case when the cost of comes what we call consciousness but or mind
we're going to tell stories about that after the case as it were
after the fact
the documented that satisfies
hooking consciousness itself is not enlightenment enough
do you feel it is
it must be enough but is it
it's easy it is not always easy
we have personality
there's a consciousness exists apart from personal of and stuff
the guy so because i make the personality is just start
a look at our tastes typically operate in the world that our consciousness is
the the process of the internal working that we do it doesn't necessarily get revealed in and
with the world
what just doesn't the don't didn't we say though the consciousness has have an object goes to be consciousness
well maybe not using your personality as i heard it
personality it doesn't have just been a style of relating to
and isn't consciousness of eternal in internal process and
dialogue within the most intimate part of your stuff is both was a consciousness includes everything
oh look he stressed now and what what we call in her naughty
requires consciousness with awareness this is another word for it
both consciousness or mind can go beyond awareness for example when you're asleep at night and deep seat there is a conscious is going on here
if caught if what we're talking about consciousness your your hardest working at lunch at your breathing with you know all the unconscious and unaware of things
in buddhism that is still conscious a standstill my sake goes beyond awareness i say that a fall short of orders
well short of awareness consciousness fall short of ornish we we learn the often
well i just i mean we can use the word conscious awareness and i guess for example and you can see your conscious there's a guy consciousness operating in deep sleep which are not aware of it but as soon as you somebody calls your name and awareness comes then for you can call a conscious awareness or maybe this just nasty
couldn't consciousness for archery dependencies and as clinical research as you can experience something with except for experiencing as submit to us and what does the out at night does not quite the same day as then you can't a consciousness without experience but without an object or you know mean at least
when we think you could have
consciousness experiencing self is not your as contract is no self consciousness consciousness gonna is at least one structure or that's performance consciousness can express it so that taste herself how how hopelessness how can good
well it's using the metaphors that the tongue and i tasted selfie i can ask yourself the tongue cannot taste itself the i cannot see itself to finger cannot point to itself fire cannot burn itself
so in that sense
that's true but so by extrapolation you're saying that's true of consciousness but that doesn't necessarily on seems to me just because the trouble is other things that because consciousness does not
the eyes and physical world
thomas was more consciousness of not physical working that says such as if it's not clear to me that the same rules necessarily ah well and buddhists and i understand that their the six gunderson addition they are the scandals have these of consciousness course there's like each is sgrna as a consciousness right and there isn't one consciousness can stand for all the time
consciousness is that there is no consciousness without an object to their consciousness
do i think it means conscious awareness i just started yeah i can't remember the name of the scripture but it's the one where are the rarest twenty dollars during so she cover find a way where i put a curse he spends the night in the potters of in his workshop and then it goes through all of
these things you know this is not the as am one of them as consciousness all that remained his contract he was pure breasts the products from all that remains college me that's all that remains a his consciousness pure and right because and still there's some question you know this is jill and i can still on the stuff but at that point there is no discussion
of an object of consciousness so how that comes back to what we're talking about but there is a discussion because they discuss it is the they use language to discuss it
they're using language it's true they're using concept to discuss it
to discuss consciousness that so consciousness understand understands so
so you're saying in that case the objects of consciousness or not consciousness itself that the words that are they used to discuss it is no way to legally couldn't login just conversation if we didn't have that
if somebody had hadn't taught me the word consciousness to be analyst
seems to me
until until until according to gender kirti until a wrong perception
the first of sixty fourth of a second
it is the raw consciousness it cannot articulate anything itself that moment only when concept designation arises with it
a mess when calling object consciousness your say if there is no articulation that no no i'm not saying that because you can articulate yourself
but i'm saying until it comes to yes not that there's no consciousness is that they do that you can formulate anything up from that consciousness is just a feeling
you can say i have a feeling about something oh now i gotta it's book
and i articulated now as who has articulated you understand there's a reception of what i'm saying you awaken with that there's response to that until that moment is in is if not even incipient yeah it hasn't even
some these immersion but it is that born
of picture a story
something that reflects on that point to for until that point it's articulated
is there consciousness or in consciousness is there an object or isn't there
there's always an object always always an object consciousness consciousness does not exist or least in buddhist terminology without object
the object is it can be just a description for example through such a thing as consciousness without an object they are just describe something to
and then you are you described it to me
the british crown
what you're saying is when there is direct t there is consciousness
yeah not accurate hello yes
i can get past the
when the world arises the mind arises
because is this arises as the world but in the world arises as consciousness
but is split
there's a basic split
although we can say it's one there's a split
when consciousness comes into being along with the world
when you think hutch jimmy very specific reason for this notion of my organs
that consciousness is such a bad word it is well it doesn't matter what word we use what we're trying to get at here is is this something at all
that you can name that is not that doesn't fall and as politics with it doesn't fall into the realm or conventionality
well i'm not going to go to one but
i'm an investigator for fear that maybe kind of another way instruments and it's that on the face of golden sun appears from a house piano and i'm really interested me because how could a golden sun appear from house you know so that it's wholly leaving you know there's the conventional life
and i think there's a tendency we we want the golden sun right now we want be here are the perfect awakening but we don't want to see that is the to say it's coming out of the house coming out of their conditions of duality the you can you know other phenomena and without that you know without fats i think you know there is a c
think of that includes everything that includes the personality and includes don't do a six split in our high makes but out of it is the golden sun that the golden sun couldn't rise of house
and the the golden sun is the house
well i like that he doesn't say it's not phrase that the it's think it's appearing from a house right and that's when the i understand what i'm saying what are the notion of the cooking time here's the house
what are you just say that unlike the that's the eternal that that unknown can spread the word consciousness is something that while the golden sun is enlightenment or is a buddha nature essentially that's just a metaphor for buddha nature overtraining
storytelling we were looking for words that are like he's to open what does buddha nature mean what does the golden sun actually mean what is is something prior to concede that's how we came to this what
before the word comes up golden sun before you are knew this was a table you can still touch it before the word you still have feelings too a tactile sensations of
it wasn't that all of all of our understanding of reality is simply a concept but until you finally understand somebody says table
do the baby i was one and a half or two it becomes table and not only does it become table but it becomes the mommy's table and it becomes don't touch mommy's table or don't walk on mommy's table it becomes immediately associate with a vast and subtle array of
ideas concepts about our experience
about understanding what the world is not understanding a rose rises with the procession through language
so years we will say consciousness to basically conceptual experience
so that of which there is no witcher
what is that that of which there is no witcher
tiger one of the things that we found out from megan charity is that they are teaching children to sign
before they can speak because it relieves their stress now this time comes out on the line with the signing and comes out of our language and our designation or language but that the children there i guess this been going on from three four years are many years
is that it is the way to actually communicated well we read the world we read the scroll we read this sutra of the world in many ways
to or gestures to the way our body postures to our expressions
we have reactions but until we we have all that in conscious innocence that we react to it is part of our consciousness but it can't be articulated until we find a way to articulate it
in other words there's a metaphor the world comes forth in and says
what does this mean you know
or during the second world war
now that other gestures we have we can communicate with his gestures and japan this means come here
i was nearby and
but you see there there's a case in point
it is that this is a culture asian crisis
but what is it that is always already the case christians that says god or vedanta society the grammar and he says buddha mind or something i said in other words we found a concept known as the name there's something there's of which of which is the witcher and beyond their concept you can see
you have an experienced but and you can't have that experience but but i can't have that experience you know what you mean until you put it into words for me to get you till you tell a story of i
so we're telling stories year because there's a vested interests to tell these particular stories about something called enlightenment if you're experiencing out or truth you can't just as a when everyone has to experience that own does not communicate about landlords
well have recently
so says the suit area
the help they can wait to appointing but the actually experienced to sell i don't think is translatable and any kind of work
i think you're just so you just you just explained it but you didn't experience it
i'm a girl later for did you experience often features and i'm experiencing my truth because of the your excellent strange you zero a how do you know and i goodness
how about human last website
but they know you see the point is they know that they don't know that
but there's no more maybe the ultimate truth is nothing more than some manage them i knew enough who i'm trying to say is maybe we think there's just something that line beyond was obvious to us was so obvious they were looking for something else when it gets a problem i guess it's beyond it's not beyond its what
but what is insofar as is
matt the name as much different than
let's go on with our store
where are we just the max
the river know how she has the right after oh yeah to after the order for henceforth your talk if became a disciple of with a good to it eventually start your announced the world and become a dedicated will cook though asked to you are intend to renounce the world he renounced the world and the holy writ that you said
a different reality is truly through the strength and so actually i guess to hear are actually actually
actually unheard says the world shows the self that has no personal stuff therefore it cannot be understood in terms of bodywork this software stuff is eternal turtle way it cannot be fathoms in terms of birth and death therefore it is not good is that is not living beings how could it be material or psychological m
elegance roles and desire or or formlessness or southern states of existence
that's the mind has no shape or form even know it
even though it would c and hearing to zurich and knowing ultimately it does that camargo it is not an older street
one who sees it this way that as someone who knows to mine still must be sent to understand it on the basis of bernie for this reason into africa
dennis says in this way to put them to were killed by stage you should awaken completely and you realize this in your own mind it is like putting the imperial still on article of merchandise with superior civilization that people know what it's not working
is suspicious and users now comes with practice is that
therefore people use it and emerging that for path of teachers transits reflectors even if might understands all principles and comprehends all past when we're still become greatly mind before really a team
if you're not breaking enlightened ones to one day become here with elections you hadn't arrived at the ground mind because of this year are not yet met of use of food and pharma someone will ever get out of the bunch of self and others that's he
even if you can remember all my son has spoken like we're over forty nine years of teaching and do not accept establishing just trying to of the three and five cause of liberation if you do not read me awake and once you cannot be acknowledged as treason seven addict so even if you can be found thousand
pictures and ten thousand treatises says cause that will have to share their lives cause here to travel i was time to shower flowers this is justin of recession has professor not that every than ever
so you should not understand in terms of the world is only mind and you should not understand in terms of all things are characteristics of reality you should not understand in terms of all existence being the essence of of it nor should you understand in terms of ultimate the empty silence the care
victor of reality is still involved in classification all is empty is the same as decadent nihilism oh existence resembles spirit only mind it is still not free from conscious cognition therefore when those who would seek this matter secret among
the thousands of scriptures and myriads of treatises unfortunately they are running away from their own progenitor
we hear a car to stray from cook
all things are realities is it still has to do with ranking all is empty is the name of the incorrect view view nihilism
ah the whole being is buddha nature resembles a spiritual
resembles a spiritual in nature and mind only does not avoid ordinary understanding someone to cease this matter in the thousand sutures and ten thousand and treatises is regrettably of banning his father and running off
when he should view breaks open your own treasure store and carries out the great store of sutras which is your own mind the holy teachings when naturally becoming are all

someone else when he's the next
if you do not attain realization in this way the buddhist and zen masters are all your enemies that is why it has said what demon caused you to become a mendicant what demon major go traveling even if you can say you will die on the hook if and if you cannot say you will also danach thus it is said that the renunciate
one of the world is not for the sake of mine your body so even though die attacker had understood this in had understood in this way he was still managed through a debt he had to have it pointed out to him again for he was greatly lightened and actually realized it
who should were found a way carefully and continuously without being literalist and without interpretive spirituality subjectively smashed the universe completely without any obstruction even as you go back and forth between before and after he found any disparity
even as you go in and out above and below digging out a cave in space rising waves on level ground ground seeing the face of buddha perceive enlightenment clarifying the mind experienced the unity of being and spin a pearl perfect night when you know there is something in
the inner sanctum of buddhism zen masters then you will finally a canvas
i am i want to as thing to this story when you retain the marrow know the attainment is clear and i of still has an incurable salty
by acquiring the marrow you will know the clarity of what you found
pr on still possesses subtleties he does not pass off

this sounds like it we can never tell them how story that's right
we've only tell a stories was never the whole story right
because the story because the universe
story i think it's because universe and open system
constantly okay as they changed
it's all get our stories business

but the
in communicable aspect of my subjective experience because the same as the what we're saying i guess another way is that the subjective experience is in communicable your the experiences in communicable the other than through conventional words of putting on a point
really don't let your feel
but that knowing that saner doesn't particularly for years
i don't see but i'm dancing around some going it just felt like a huge burden dropped from me
we've heard this a million times and we go back to more books and keep digging for the final explanation that will make it clear to us
i'm going to realize it's just another explanation or lester
what i'm trying to say is although our particular look at what to think i'm trying to get at is although each person's particularity are unique us if you want to call it that from the subjective sense will be just that and can only be communicated somehow through science
and representations

the still there should be
plying the waters they say so we all have this kind of which are this consciousness
along with a world
and we've always known that
so what's the problem
what's the think cause suffering about them
that's what i want to know
that we've always known i think there's also we don't know what are we forget it
and there's suffering
they asked you not you brought this up before they asked
hmm was the such as and under with the numbers what is nirvana and you know he answered
suffering of course
suffering and nirvana or the same thing
well that's no i understand
if there was this same thing what will we be practicing poodle
and yet
just because we just think it's suffering
well you just set him off with it was just think is suffering

well you're all looking at me and i don't have the final word and i was going to out you can tell

they don't to give us to comic com where how many people run their problems and right
i don't a and
i was you heard my poem that was long winter paul
so let's start with you
this is just for nights
you're reading now some people who are for last week's and they were mind for the whole thing okay
this is your understanding of who we understand that the subject is roughly what
the poor
transmission of life i not been penalised myth
transmitting the life
look in the deaths feel their approach arising through murky waters gradually revealed
too late to hide they are here blinding radiance
they are you

he registered innocent yeah
this this title messages from home
ah enlightenment doesn't last greed anger and ignorance rise endlessly
bowing to cut off the main road you have nothing at all to depend on
leaving home and another and another after another after another weeping over each failure will i ever see that failure is what homeless or for
another last night

falling and standing are matter no matter is melting into a heartbeat butter glaze
baramulla plays butter butter police clutter plays
guess that should call it with
he said like a butter lamp
how is the ha ha or a butterball like laws and i'm not one hundred and land because much better for a period again yeah falling and standing are matter no matter is melting into a heartbeat
thank you
so i didn't mind out alive and crook reached in his hand paint divisions on empty space and raised raised on factor
go as far as i can see spaces painted and waves are
i can't see any other way i could
not much what
this through the line is
the paint divisions on empty space and raised waves on fire
on as far as i can see faces painted and raise armies
i can't see any other way and if i could my i know
and it could you read the last line him and a little or clearly a good sign it and if i could would i know it

so i was a little confused about which challenge a reverse to write it for him was so i thought so
fooling around the phone maybe already camping versatile for know split
for the footnote
no ten response or something
diving under the margins calling over the page waving goodbye to an introduction and telling an epilogue hello
tickling the underside of a footnote in tipping a hat to a capping verse the body of this text is spoken in banks bars and my fields a conscious and our tea for breakfast and slithered slithers out the door but the mornings cats and dogs if you can't hear it you can't come alive now
if you can't stay what it is that the green gulch sanga trampling on the way to the ice cream
however about the history of amanda
asked my your blog
did you get anything beside the golden sleeved road
my pressure boston and under his take down the batter cool
so i got was twenty years and twenty more lost in the shadow of giants
there's a time to remember in the time to forget
a golden winged scours the ancient forest and snaps the banners around jerky

i'm talking about a healthy and diet
fifty percent

where are you writing a poem in the dark
even if your tongue didn't get twisted into knots and words won't feed a poet when he stars
he wrote there for one of those
i'm sorry nobody got enlightened the tonight
or maybe every nobody you're deluded tonight going to have

i didn't think when i picked up his book and one or two
which they can outstanding discoveries in his phone and didn't know that they would i didn't i hope we might but i'm
to sing it does for me
and present your text about something so elusive as the subject is that you can hear
when you begin to voice your opinions are your ideas was this grasp
where there's some invested i can feel myself from mode
and until you actually articulated he can't see how your building stories for yourself that you take israel out of it
and i find a health photo set up here in town
put out something and then fence in either feel something coming back or nothing coming back and whoa you know
this kind of like to stand up or sit down comedian
who try to get some kind of response and by doing so hones his or her
and so will teach a will will come back in the read the next six cases in september if i'm still here
the plan to be for this class
a parting remarks
thank you
he's thank you
no besides that reserve
a partner
for me as really
three to separate or pumping aspects of
it's your chance
you know
i leave here and go out and the rock and i save everything

it's been a real growth prospects
he said he tossed stories target because they're also a story through so would say it
so louis saying that the world understands itself through us so steeped in vice versa yeah i like if i like to reverse them if used to them
to do so yes

sure ah i'd like to ask if you thought painting are our is somehow different from telling stories
in the way that we can talk

well of course is all kinds of different
as first painting there's narrative painting i'm in the storytelling and pictures bitches to see abstract painting from chicago
in such as yes that because this a long history and art art history about job
a how much content it should have to do with questions metaphysical questions for example any questions you know the abstract expressionists were begun expressing themselves
in pay for the emotional the inner life with jackson pollock and on would be expressed this is who i am
but that theory of released for art are no longer than the moment in no particular theory of art holds true as being z way that human beings can best for the communicate there's a style of art that
answers to some deep question that artists in a different category than religion for example but someone like gerhard richter says i don't hold any allergies was the other other than painting
the arch ideology know ideologies whatsoever no idea this was all idealism is made of out of our fantasies for comfort and security in the world i just paid for the sake of paying i have no designs
no idea what i'm painting where i started and has it has no content other than the painting is and so forth
for i think about that it depends on that the picture i'm doing
an and
what using the european
well i kind of had developed a theory and cursing and i'm grasping reinhardt and that that there's some there's some quality that isn't dual in art and in very great art ah even though it's an object but there's still that there's something that town
this is expressed their that it can be conceptualized
i attended a lecture in september with mama torture and repression was an artist and i'm just really just last night about what he said about and on a test
i took notes but basically he says to i would put it so it's really tricky you would ask because center
tiger thinking about the primary fans really
the factor art
brings beauty instead civil war and beauty goes to that place than atoms
but he says you know
he's really precise so she gave me your email i tennis and
that's because he said he is very
well that aren't they handsome and for that
yeah i been have they asked him the idea i really respected for year
hey i'm really struggling
the process of making a picture
of having a two dimensional to and making a mark on it can just starting with a mark color made you also read
because will you're desperate to life book sets up
is due to watch the process between a shape that two lines three lines firearms of colorings on begins with your conceptual and fueling in perceptual f
organism this code
cook horizon of the to the tension between those two when the picture begins to take off in its own direction from something
the you don't have what it is here
something else is working
itself out
in the best i think the best pictures from actually my own point of view is something that things i've been entirely different from what i've extracted i think most part was in penises
so much just such as a metaphor for our life and as cell phone
he started with this kind of thing and we arrive at a whole different realization
and they hit in the given take of the for the dynamics of the was would you say the dialectic between what's manifesting on the canvas or in the room and stuff and what you want to control and there is control to some extent
there's also still to school
yeah skill
i think it was also because of who said painting and this is good for life painting is not a boss objects and painting itself is about the crisis of painting
and the crisis of painting is that you'd get a picture to a point as the picture but so what now if i do this to be released some in it'll fall apart of something else but unless you push it to their next point
that's where painting is for a lot of ours that was particularly in his case because they worked with form that when i found that very interesting
so maybe practice
is about the crisis of practice was nuclear think
anyway i don't want to keep you it on your thank you very much