Transmission of the Light Class

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Upagupta (Ubakikuta), leaving home


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who you speak
he was he kuta
you better lock down all your possessions
and says you'll take everything enough
as we should hear my story which is about leaving home
and is

i think particularly revealing just how far
that goes and statement goats for you get home
you don't have a copy
again if you're gonna probably be looking raised over some the shorter
this it
the meissner

so leaving home is the scene
and until we get you really dig down into that feeling of home
what it means to us
what can we really begin to appreciate what
home leaving entails
that's to some people are brought up in homes where
we've beaten and abused and whom does not have a very happy connotation
but i think from moss well i can't say for most to produce basically my feeling on my hunter my
assumption that most people have a sense of home conjuring up a place of security of subset
place where years relatively safe
please you can call your own please ring that a kickback
please that you want to innocent hang on to a nurturing place a route in your life
i'm place of culture of faced when you finally have a stable identity
some reading all
since our home leavers you have different times in our life to the left home and some young some old and only to create another home something i think
none yet another home and yet another place so tonight in this story ravenna me the place where home leaving guess it's
maybe most eloquent
and what for mysterious
in this book is called a good to the rooftop
not that's right you by others
the with that
the padding he has more check if i can
i don't know i don't think smoker

the fourth patriarch was the venerable over gupta

now that we all have found that security with something you're looking at initiated
where was named in the heart and our this was sick sick the men in the heart

so we've been talking about what does this thing being transmitted in the first time is well you're in the first case with the buddha was just a gesture speaker for flour and held it up and simply smiled and responses and a silent were the first one was transferred then
i've kashyap i handed down to a nando's winner was the big blob master nash group because he remembered everything and some of thanks to amanda we have to study always

christmas never did not side of the stories that the fisher if this was penned an employer
nanda passed it on
face to face something about them body and body looseness of practice to show a washing
national washer is about to meet to book
the i like the japanese who book he could the first time i heard that it may maybe you feel a little shudder and maybe a scuba
not too bulky coat anyway anywhere knew there's going to be an encounter here
and would not forget
the fourth patriarch was the viterbo for ghouta in this gifts he attended sound of option for three years and then shaved his head and became a month once the venerable asked him did you make your home departure physically or in spirit
the master replied truly i made my home departure physically
the venerable said how can the wondrous dharma of the buddha's have anything to do with body and mind i'm hearing is the master was greatly awakened
circumstances the master was from the land of dolly and his name was hooper gupta
he belonged to the superclass the lowest of the first social classes that the age of fifteen to the visitors kind of vasa at seventeen he made his own departure and at twenty two the acquired the shooter practice traveling about and converting others he arrived at missouri the number of those who became most was exceedingly great as result
like this part the palace of a demon mugs shook and trembled and the demon grieved him was afraid
each time someone was enlightened hooper gupta tossed a tally four inches in length into a stone room talisman the room was eighteen q as high and twelve cuba square and was filled with tallies one cuba is equal to about two feet i don't know why they exist but that enter
uber gupta was cremated with the tallies this important to understanding their leer poll was cremated with the tallies accumulated from a lifetime of encouraging home departure
he was cremated with tell you that member every time somebody gathering lighting is a italian to this room and filled it up
the number of people who made their home departure was as great as when the tathagata was alive therefore people called in the buddha without the major minor marks as you know the thirty six march thirty two
no no story about the demon
the demon resentful watched for a time when europa gupta entered somebody that's interesting that when he's coming out of the but the demon waits until he goes into it kind of yeah
shift your exercising all his demonic powers he tried to harm the true dharma
can see how
the vulnerable while somebody saw what was intended to the demon watched and secretly hung a garland around and for goof does next
then the venerable had the idea of subduing him
raising from samadhi rising from somebody he took the dead bodies of a human being a dog in a snake
transport form them into a flower garland speaking softly he put the demon at ease saying you offered me a very rare and wonderful girl in and now i have a girl he which i want to offer you in return
the demon was very happy and extended his neck to receive it
back into the streets smelly coach
insects and worms crawl from
the demon detested it was greatly distressed how could he get rid of it despite all his supernatural powers
he could not give it to spend on the supernatural powers nor could he unfastened it or move it seven a double the
danny rose up maybe where means to have a devil little time are suddenly point you have a good time i drew the devil of a time i started out but i guess the devil double overtime means like this
he rose up to the six heavens and the realm of desire and spoke to the celestial beings he also visited the brahma heavens inside the liver's remember in the indian mythology celestial beings are pretty much like as humans they have lifespans and of eventually die and lose their powers
so let's you're being said this is a supernatural transferred nation done by to several the boot who has the ten powers were rather ordinary beings so what can we do about it would just got the demon said than what can i do the brahma celestials told them to take refuge with rupa gupta and then he would be able to get rid of the girl
the reset this verse noted to change his mind if you fall down because of the ground you must use the ground to get up well known if you followed on because of the ground take a spill
you must use the ground and push yourself back up if you try to get up with out the ground it makes no sense
now remember them all of these teachers with i'm a form and andrea is going back and forth it he says now return and seek liberation from the disciple with the ten powers
having received this instruction the demon left celestial mansion and in repentance paid homage at the feeders a vulnerable a
the vertebral asked him are you going to ever try to harm that and scientists true down
most basic demons venison the demon replied a completely take refuge in the food away and will forever cease what isn't that good
the said in that case you must say that you take refuge in the three treasures the demon king joined his hands and pronounced the refuge formula three times in the garden fell off
well at this point in the store you can make of the garland and of
and what could the demon is and who this the garland
i think that's pretty clear in your life isn't it
what's gonna destroy maybe they're going to i was like the alex a court
what is this thing this dead dog
his ten snake is the human corpse from the left our minds the a memo remind to the human mind myself
was progression whom he was still be hung around the street and was rather now in this way with a gupta display now this institutional now this is a kiss and joking
taking the story of and either way you know these stories and particularly this one i've been reading in the footnote the we know almost nothing at all about such a character even in a chinese chronicles which are taken from skimpy the indian findings
so whatever this particular teaching is it takes the form of his computer
so he says when he was seventeen years old and shaved his head shot of us to ask him did you make your home departure physically or in spirit
for buddhists are basically two forms a departure which are physical and mental
i get this
leaving home physically means that they cast away love and affection
leave their homes and birthplaces shave their heads done monk's robes do not have male or female servants become monks or nuns and make an effort in the ways throughout the twenty four hours of each day
whatever the time they do not pass and then the desire nothing else they neither delight in life nor fear death their minds are as pure as the autumn moon their eyes are as clear as a bright near they do not seek mind nor do they hanker to see their own original nature's they do not cultivate the holy truth
much less worldly attachments in this way they do not abide in the stage of ordinary folk but cherished the rank of the wise and holy but more and more become mindless seekers of the way
that's a good one they ask yourself how they became the in the secrets of the way
and we just seekers of the way and real for seekers that away or i'll just mindless period
fumbling around
combat hope that our south korea
they do not call today to holy truth and much less worldly attachments and this way they do not abide in the stage of ordinary folk were cherished the rank of the wise and holy but more and more become mindless seekers of the way
these are people who leave home physically
those who leave home and spirit do not shave their heads or were among slowly
even though they live at home and remain among worldly cares the are like lotuses which are not sold by the mud in which they grow or jewels which are immune to contamination or dust
even though here there are karmic condition so that they have wives and children they consider them as be trash and dust
have a look at night
if i know i do like her
what is clear it
know they may have i got attached to them now as low as medicine and i forgot about a testing as a little bit treating them like trash and dust and that
but you know interesting it in the sense of the kitchen of course is to see the impermanence of things that you know seen everything is dust the whole world is transmission of from dust to dust sitting in the off and how the india era charnel grounds and on contemplating decay of
bodies and started so maybe consider them in that light that there
they're very perishable they do not entertain love for even a moment
dang i've found that sentence in your asked
even though they have spouses and children according to circumstances they are not attached to that
what's the one the other version of they do not entertain luxury apartment i think it's included in the on i attached them because the next sentence says like oh yeah i like a pro new bar day so that sets and then drop that one since he does that include an area the they do not entertain love for even a momo
we have covered anything nasty not attached yeah the guest says it more than just not attached
the one who is free and instead of bustling say like the moon's is still in the sky like a ball rolling around on the trail you live in a noisy city and see one who is tranquil in the midst of the three realms
corn farmers and desire around they clarify the fact that they dwelled be on time
we realized that exterminate the passions is the sickness
hmm and that aiming for ultimate reality is wrong
he realized that nirvana's and are are illusions and they are not attached to either enlightenment or the passions these are the people who live the home in spirit
i am requesting implication here is kind of that see their own
but there has been sentenced assembled so a lot of allergy to save her civil question i can see what happens before we get together
okay so soon of asha as ubuntu but they had made his home departure physically or and spirit if it is not one or the other than home departure is not home departure hence the question however polluters replied truly it was physical home departure
in this he did not think about mine speak of original nature or discussed the abstruse he just knew that it was the body composed the four elements and five aggregates was left home
to her mom
who by four elements and five hundred guests are going to visit your the next month
that kind of the take lightly and spontaneous
and therefore clarified that it was a matter of psychic powers
he acquired it without seeking and therefore clarified the fact that it is unobtainable
since this was the way to it was he said that he had left home physically
however now comes to kick after all of that two ways of leaving home and so on and really sounds like you can cut the burn your bridges man and cut honest minute but listen to this from the standpoint of bhutto's wondrous dharma this is not the explanation
explain that buddhists do not leave home physically or in spirit nor should they be seen in terms of the four elements in fact five aggregates nor seen as the profound mystery of truth now when you begin to hear that message you know what land are we in here
which school which teaching land is this
her jamaica he had second image alagiah you're right in the middle of the present a paralegal
they cannot be seen in terms of wise and foolish nor are they bound to such thing as his mind and body
gil a space which has neither inside nor outside like the ocean which is neither surface or interior
even though they are like didn't even though there are many subtle principles and numerous teachings he spoke only of this
now this is interesting do not say that quote i alone am honored is buddha and do not say that he either comes your goals
who can speak of quote before my parents were born on quote or quote prior to the mtv
aiming at this place one transcends birth and no birth one is liberated from mind and know mind it is like water conforming to its container lace face which rests against things though you grasp your hands and enough filled though you search word you cannot find a trace
this is the wondrous dharma of the buddha's when you reach displace hooper gupta does not exist and soda vasa does not arise so you cannot consider them to move or to be still to come or to go
even though there is is and is not other and self it is like the sound at the bottom of a stream or like the innocence of space
if you do not experienced displaced one time
then even a million teachings and countless wonderful principles will end up uselessly as the flow of ordinary karmic consciousness
this time it gets home there
if you do not experienced is placed one time that even a million titians and countless wonderful principles will end up uses is a flow ordinary karmic consciousness karmic kindness courses
second nature that her third length of the club links with cognition
which is born as we know from ignorance
in this way when sound of us who spoke about this and hooper gupta was instantly awakened it was as like a clap of thunder in a clear sky like a raging fire bursting out on the great first
whence the thunder roared not only was yet as if the roots here comes his word know all the routes every every reference point
the roots of oprah good his ears were cut off not only that but he instantly lost and root of his life
the region fire blazed and suddenly the buddhist teachings in a true face to the patriarchal teachers were completely reduced to ashes
these ashes appeared in the name of the venerable hooper gupta
these ashes the period was a name they were as hard as stone as black as lacquer
getting rid of the ordinary nature's of any number of people and smashing their bodies he vainly counted emptiness by casting tallies and left behind traces of emptiness by burning emptiness

any questions
we'll be lucky kind of practical restaurants
you know trying i'm just curious did it ender and that book i'm sorry the universe
today just descended the diageo monastery would like to look for the traces beyond the clouds and fix some words to the clear sky
would you like to hear them
house demolished
the person perished
neither inside or outside work and body and mind hide their forms
that's a little prefer
house demolished
you let me you left home you know
you left home for some idea some belief system or other over some person or some place some dream
some job you fill in the blank space we all gonna do this trip
only to find it turns to ashes eventually
of which new fire up against a friend this new thing until more and more you get more and more subtle and you're craving for understanding lesson less gross to finally give up all the things in the world even give up your attachment ideas and saw the is still a free are still caught by something by some some
thing comes along
when you're ready in some form of it is it says here you cannot make it happen you can prepare yourself in which you are cut loose somebody else's as erosion what is the tory lite he said your like it
there's no way back there's no recourse to any idea
any wisdom tradition in the figure in historical moment nothing is left for you
in those in that sense that's that this is when a new pollute the hacker cooper gupta love that name us too funny for with the group that comes
nice on your door and she's already got your least in his hand hook and has ownership of everything your is if you let america
and if you don't let a man you'd only find
this is moment where media group to gupta say getting a little nice and comfortable and safe since he's gonna come along and shake up your space
effects of i understand a hundred and one hundred
so what strikes you in this story that we can discuss moment

i mean how we hold reavers enough
have you feel about that
is this about giving up everything
you know it feels pretty easy to settle down here the whole is good
showers or pass something wrong
there must be doing something on yeah side is that go with this
well where are you making your home
wherever you are making your home you made a vow to leave it
there's no for on console here that means we can stay
oh maybe maybe that's why were we keep ourselves miserable yeah and had better so we can have something to work on we want to go out and do something else and to work out
it's easier talk about you know we've all had the occasion when somebody during our life has left us in this because of dime
but because of some misunderstanding and on breakup and you listen for the
the footsteps your karma consciousness is plugged into the fact that is that certain time of night you hear his or her their footsteps coming on featuring and alive and someone come and say hi and that no longer there anymore her news and i can i live without them
and i live without how much can i live without them about diana
reassurance soon you can do a pretty good
you know
and then maybe
use find that you always changing to your bookshelves area phonograph of this of course inspiring music quickly
there's always something when you're living alone that you can find inspire yourself patty
but he says you know now
just giving up everything is not
the boot away
but has no idea about what is my always years going to give up from partner
you know ideas left about was wholly onto by all that stuff
but how many people have we met like that
schedule were wanting to go to that place
new for homeless and drifting about what we're doing is actually looking for a new identity rather than a homeless wander at wayfair
push for homeless wayfair was traditionally a month that you can't help it because i mean if you're not going to send your identity and you're looking for no idea of course is just listening for heather against actually that's what this is a about
her constantly waking up to the new sneaker hundred
the dead dog the past is beautiful girl and then came to us today because into smelly hunk of garbage tomorrow
who was a this is only four questions in life would i want but how do i get it for when i get it why do i do with it and what i don't want it anymore how to get rid of it
and i had a stupid amount of a couple of strategies you can have built around that
so something about this getting something and then the turning into something smelly and
and maybe one of the us is there's something about that you're always gonna be looking for an identity that it doesn't quit
well what is your feeling about them during the peace is just something that looks
gives up looking for an identity is the time in your life when you're no longer a will be particularly conscious or update or and even interested in who you are so i'm now he's was really noticed that i had him for a long time had an idea that such a tablet cup yeah
but even can
a wiki and empowered arresting
thank you care
like everything we do
he just have one ten
we're going home to her from where nestor
now like i still in place
but he says here that we have to take
refuge or a trip or treasure
that's will make your
the dentist says what does this say about the triple treasure
and seventy two gas system dog in a course the candy and candy
i mean that's what i find my family during the refugees and stuff like that
the escobar inclination you know like to sort of project concepts upon taking out you know such a
as such it's so hard from life with in a frying because it has sense because it's so there's that
the practice of taking refuge but then it's like but but that mere act is it's it's foot with for concepts and team
and limitations
some sisters bitter sort of contradiction
this is famous can't know for his famous there was a story about it was called the product is but one of the judges on the tribunal for joan of arc
this prelate was the middle aged man would come in convenient to take part of his political
and he was a man who had in his early life been inspired by the level god so god and everything everywhere and was inspired to join the church and so forth
but his passion over the years and to circumstances hip wings and the fire had burned down and know is it said the when it even embers of that fits left
nor was any hope of ever finding that degree of connection again that he felt lists
he just went through his life and a dead like a star studded to call stop everything and died for him and then joan of arc comes along and she looked into his eyes and she sees in his eyes and is that deadman that deadness but she looked into his eyes as he's looking into hers and seeing this fire this commitment to
an idea although
something that she would put mr life for and so on can be a great inspiration for it
that's kind of very kind of and he's looking for he sees in her eyes she says that in his eyes that he's looking for that he's looking she's looking for him
in his eyes to find that young man who had that faith and she is her faith that he exists still there that weeks him off to hurt
and then traced the saver for too late
it's very interesting story but this boat that and about a person who had totally held on was so inspired by one
when a revolutionary change in his life something radical in his life and and an abundance of opening in this sense of
connection in love and so on and then slowly see that rigidify and turn into some kind of principle and then the structure on which that as principles that he was serve the church connections
was not any longer a political liberation and place to find a gambit acapella to the prison for him to someone comes along like a bully suffer and and wakes up that spirit again and bodhicitta that need to know that require
but it seems what's the story is thing that seems that we actually have to have the home
even when we think really home we're still needed for something and it's when the teacher comes along and like a bowl of thunder life cuts right through the movie life the thing that you could not egregiously possibly make yourself give up
but i think the other side of that that job deserves dissimilar that attention and get something at least it
and that's course you can you interesting this work it's part of the story than that the teacher has to be there for the
captain the disciple welders
this is the is the disciple falls totally into the abandonment of
the island you know the unrestricted open in this sense of free fall and like before nirvana or just called non-attachment
like kind of waking up in the middle of a dream and still being in phenomena
and they just stuck there and doesn't come back down into the conventional rules or the street and functioned under the on the conventional level of probably take to be
and see that that real reality is another reality of emptiness itself
make that step make us to steps logo we have an r richter and the and and everything is they're just as it was before receptive spent everything all your tests of in kansas
hope the amazing thing to wake up memorialize that
then nobody would rather you recognize them but his face that everything would still be new brand new deal you know who this person is but you'd be like to have moments so with you
do you think that's something that happens when time in a flat
personal and not myself going to go in xinjiang teaching that that kind of enlightenment is recorded station to your let it go immediately at their core
because if that is if there is consciousness of a state of mind an observer or an experience your have any experience because there is a hour and an experience that was core ryzen that means is dependent cobras is born in time people perished it would change
no when light and states are not states that don't change everything changes
there is not a thing as changing however
that's the point right
there's not a saying that is changing there's changing that is distressed as a thing
turn it around that way
we think that i am others as i and everything over here is is phenomenal moving and as long as phenomenon doesn't change too fast i do not react to it the too much panic but if it changes too fast out here and what do i call this ideas or rather upset i begin to get scared angry with violent
easy things
i know that the thing that a stranger mirror and hold on with on the phenomenon that seems to be running out here does not fundamentally exists except as a mirror that
then they visit with no and fury goes
but knowing that i can make that happen and you can't make that happen we could hear how it happens now they would tell us
through the endless volumes and stuff to read and no sooner were we give up and say i'm finished with this i'm tired of it
to free that you've finally gave up all your attachment as them to go up buddhism for example great liberating feeling if free france and recently
i'll do it but is this the mgm surface if you're doing it like you do anything anything that's it
it looks that was pretty good
do you know this is this the category of experiences with the phone you know a bow and bumping or something in the mind don't do get so what i mean it's not like driving a car
start likely out of right now missed in mistakes you might make mistakes that we've devised so we can feel something but
and then all at once you catch yourself
device a stretch
constantly hatching plans and bracing for life
the can stuff their extremities because it's not like strategy
who was it is a new and we have this feeling that we're on this airplane out the have some people get kind of tense when you're taken off or become a hang our likeness as if you hanging on heritage is very get going to get the plane off the ground
anyway this story the night and fashionista listener
time is always timely for us people that are living this life because i don't know about you but in some sense for homeless to make a home to r chris wood everybody is a knife which is a metaphor foreigner but we stated that the process a little bit so we had a moving from place to place on the
a year you could travel alone your trouble fastest and like travels alone she started having kids and so i mean yeah we try to thirty years before other move on maybe eighteen it
but home leaders to see the whole thing business
such a mock my yana text was not that it was for monks that this enlightened us for maximizes releases from marks or for
home leavers for for
that doesn't even apply anymore those names

oh why why do you think it is that we do things like directions
quick check know the refugee no chance chanting them and then
maybe you're like grandstand you get into going to couldn't believe it and so forth
there's some bad and i think there's something ancient about people getting together enchanting and affirmation
a collective affirmation when something
the thing about the buddha clinton affirmation that is not effective after affirmation and anything you can grasp
have really seems can increase your mobile site graspable what we're talking about some name of on unfavorable other than with the way we're talking about right now it's defined as being what it is is the definition ungraspable
and we we tell ourselves a collective story about something like this we find a reason a values by which to live and we set of structures around them one of them as we bow enchant that was passed down to us as we have many selflessness and offering to the world because it functions because a functioning and it's a
of yoga you're actually putting your body is the sound and movement concerned dramatizing of
the rituals and ceremonies of our ordinary life some
but because sacred for maybe to some extent
couldn't you thank you it worse
yeah so speak speaking worse to the extent that i believe it exactly that i can enter into it and note yes take it casually but i actually believe it and actually even reaffirming yes but at some point i think what to say as some point if you try
to really do that you're always looking for chicken and yourself to be sure your nana yeah sweeping up he'd been a good mountainside i really doing at some point that whole and get a little heavy handed and unisys screw it
so we just say like there's a time for and then there's a time to well the time forces to do it i mean ethical practice is not whether to say screw it or i love it but just as do it like or not you go and just bow and you hit the thousands on wholeheartedly yeah
that's why
you put yourself totally if in an interview situation into the context and at the same time by doing so you don't you see where you get hung up on the context and the naming of the functions within the context such as dolan doshi know i on in the rules in which replay in those contexts
and that's important
to have these farms here is what is kind of the glue that holds everything else together without the forms and the willingness for us to subscribe to the farms
there's too many agenda in a place like this to keep it together this interested in what a ginger different and laser
and why we committed to a practice group so that we will actually makes more and more effort than we would just buy or sell them odyssey
so we come here to
to support one another in these persons search or non search or each person's
transition between homes and then the teaching hears you can't make a home in this will make buddhism a place to hide out
so i've been thinking about this question you know about why chant what is the lack of on topic i think it's like that
there's so much it's been going on for such a long time that when i participated in it it's like making a little flame and smoke you can't like instead of the match the range it becomes brutal cuts through the stop just because up
power of the fact that people are enjoying it or come to pass and years
a ritual from these to access to pay them back
energy and maybe that will push me into the thing i don't like
well i can speak from experience in the mornings and days when i've really enjoyed services and all of the ceremonial your functions and and other days my life could easily live it never do it again to feel that way
but in that rhythm of noticing that most arisen
of being kind of attached to it and like it and then being repelled is actually the least indifferent more or less indifferent to it sometimes even tired of it
he stood up and when mech first talked about it center
maybe it only works if i believe that your and even redefine and i i couldn't quite enter that and then i think i think it was still make that said do it or maybe used to do it wholeheartedly and that seems different to me i mean how hard wholeheartedly some senior centers
necessarily believing at fine and i just wondered if
if wholeheartedly the sufficient for working in a few if that's what you managed this hard to work at least a lot of the whole heartily at something you and testing the site well i wasn't talking about liking or disliking out just that responding to believe like talking about like and just a it and how that fits into
but actually i think most interesting question and happens in the point and then not the same passion
but because the what ice
of that history soon as you do it your there it doesn't matter she liked just because it happened
i mean well i was thinking when i was just be careful because he has got to like about these days said ah we have to pay attention that the near the far end of a the feast of this and really she had very most intimate with keep going
a date deeper because these year and foreign enemies
actually prevail and much ah
one pronounced played in our daily life in these situations
and and
the rounds are ah
but they unfold really even kind of know where you've landed somehow is it in a row you can't play and so therefore you try to go into a little box to justify it and then you try to get out of the box and they can try to rationalize
as the but you know it's just that it's not a syrah wheel i think
that's the part that i constantly see in that indifference to and
then that kind of
for estate in the states a co-ceo of the closing ceremony is really good my heart is really holiday to help you know isn't soviet got thirty three vowels provide can
hey can i have a whole story
well we have a lot of stars them
is how attached are we to our story sets it's one thing to talk about this but you know somebody could say you know like a office in europe so the tanks outside the door and barbarians at the gate you've got twenty four hour yummy that to i forget to order to get out it's just stuff and hit the road when you're dead
some monks had still
like i wasn't a gun whose murder by the pyramids sense that any a screen it was her through the ages
and what was one that burned down when they later and this was very refreshing cool breeze blowing today is it burned alive rather than leave their whole premise
i want to just to but is that what they want leave well
let's hope they didn't die in vain
and the last minute ratify oh my god i am attached to this africa
i'm just a military would agree there on theater ceremonies only work if on
if you agree with them or what was beyond expression a few are you know if you will find em or a few on or if you believe in them what you to read them because they think there's an offense dad are both chanting has you know the way it vibrates body falling out and if it's performance there's the way to kind
like a yoga like you said that it works in you even if you either don't understand what you're doing or don't particularly want to do it
that's where i was very word say yeah he ever to data as you get every time there's there's also the the the idea that
here yet
rarely see sanders
buddha taught i speaking when you heard it the teaching to sit from
ah there's also the idea that chanting and vibrations
of the sound the i seek to this sounds psyche or something about that
yeah yeah that's how i feel you know if it's like that were particularly bothered me for this chanted and i didn't understand yeah slings and present at eye level you do
my my
my support for what he is saying is that what he was asking is that we all believe whatever do it well you will be is that we're not believe us or belief
a police i believe there's understandably his eyes a belief system network
this is that there are assumed assumptions are a and
the assumption is that we haven't recognized it because they have surface but sooner or later they do surface and then reduce see that were holding under where we're at a certain place to you have to assumptions from which
retreat dispositions and
act accordingly
taken for reality
ultimate reality even
we seem to have a story around everywhere
they each each were like people will here material story and bring up to the workplace
i'm very serious about the the
the place of language and understanding language a new husband many of you know who heard me lately i seem to be hurting others seem that i'm a new tired of hearing language that words of church and on and that we get beyond that we're going to understand the pure land once we get through our concepts and that's a whole story can
we got some concepts so was i think is the reality that we have to the down upon us is that were born into a story and we can make enough stories and that's was human beings do about it and the thing about this story that is so interesting is the one story i've ever heard that says
this is just a story being put together by our minds forced to look at what the mind itself is that's making this story that's what the stories about
and here's the ways to find out that and see how we keep suffering on the same keeps collapsing we suffer that's
we just gonna pass on knowledge about how we do that and with one another that i think you're fulfilling i
or to grow home
it wasn't a be here before we all move on to in the next place in our life wherever that may be accurately were by karmic consciousness
the twenty dollars in other provinces particulate some good part of the of a rising of
one is born in a you know what i'm going the negroes because of that there is correct how she crisis because of karmic consequences include there's a consciousness or which react to the consciousness of with public or for treatments react to build up something called down the roof of mind and body mind and body depend on
the censuses artist since rather than touch your contact of a contact depending on contact arises feeling i like it i don't like it i don't know if i like river on a feeling comes grasping at some think of death or extension or something more strawberry sundae
out of grasping becomes i really like that one really eliminate the whole and i relay strawberry and they keep gasoline or no agreement as plastic clinging on the claim arises becoming and is to say after the old world died old is that we make a new one bricklaying to the idea of
the buddha can we make a new story and we become that know when we become that out of becoming as birth birth is the shreds of sickness old age and death and which we start again
says our effort not to become
yes the whole subcontinent of india was dedicated the proposition and i finally becoming anything but evaporating into nirvana now having to come back to this weird place called the world
what about us from i am but my hyannis has a whole different story probably because sooner or later word got out that you think you're gonna get out how to hear from the you're always consciousness is always gonna be here as one of the other of you and you're not ever going to own indifference notes expressed as this nice expresses
and it's not even in it you can find what it is but anyway it's always here is always known you can't find what now or hear you i is but that's the feeling of it and you're always going to try to destroy any find out so here it is and your it but this as soon as you say that i in the world honored one that's not all your caught again
you're not the world another one for the hands on either with our
so i guess what all of these are the dielectric for all in the stories is to your the police in the from received the form aspect of our life and then disease
ultimate inaccessibility by the mine or the body
other than the mind of the body
geotech merger explained in yogurt a of kelly i don't get yeah
explanation for and we aim to address in patrol can we could be attended to still for the what for home but why does
book just says
i'm leaving home physically and then the explanation i don't kid
he only knew that the animated by a new song and eight like age they prevented by body comes without movement to them
getting educated course you don't get it
has he taken over a as well with the english at once was it
once it's quotation marks dawns on you are one quotation marks
you realize that independent core reason thing called
oh no what does not exist it never has its door doors but that were is not just toward their doors than the word yourselves that the whole world that you are at the same time
but if i take away that word from you in fact if you insult somebody's about to the name and some countries at least you'd probably get his knife in your ribs the name is extremely important to rob somebody is a name we go to litigation over that we are hurt your name is how you so doris you know
as long as you go that's our comic conscious was we use nationally respond that's what original to call i answer i
there is just me there is just ended and he was just the physical body even think about as my mind when we used to stars reactive tendencies
he was just holding out we did not rely on just the by
yeah just left homeless by just took body and i'm moving on
goodbye mom and by dad that you know stick of her shoulder with you know is that the same physically which is that
explain further if you read both of those over and over you will see that neither mine nor body things to anything that they're both turn into stones like this priest it's like you don't have any response
you treat your kids like their dust to treat the whole world like a dust and in the midst of traffic and so on your free of all the attachment to the followers of city living it's make and the news was on attach the bird song is see
are a bridge with the beggars my data did for fifteen years until the perfect perfected is thirty five years of practice before that
find out if you could actually there was a lice in the ras enough scum of the earth
it wasn't true that there's nothing so small that is not deserving of love
it was not deserving of compassion

my but you were have time i looked in the mirror i see ah
how much longer you know how much for what whereas homes where was their old over
how many homes have you been to how many places have you wander through how many times have you been in a place and they didn't know where you knew all along and your linear for her gets a cold windowpane your hands you're in your pockets you're looking up into the empty street again from some window on in terms you know that you're like the i get data analog
pretty soon fills up with people stuff and then you get to another place in at all
except one thing or follow you like an old toaster
and had this toaster that stayed with me for thirty five years of marriages divorces and in the tourists would keep turning up because like artifacts from some passive musician
i am all had that experience orange then were randomly yeah wonder if in fact we have a friend or they know they even a review have these houses filled with beautiful stuff because all their friends when they're breaking up or is
a house full of beautiful buddhists and tacos and so on those people have given them in the breaking up because they don't want to have any stuff would
when i came here and nineteen eighty four i came in with my vw bug and then the bears one trunk and i had one sack and i had two or three boxes of in a small boxes and a backpack
lose something and our hanger like a rope with none that would open something that was it after lifetime of accumulation finally got it down now
now if i remove i couldn't move in twenty minutes like i used to do it does
like the pain first the bags of he wasn't happy and myself into a clinic
i grown up another place where you enjoy and of the mountain you know now that how i get rid of i use it for we you so velvet gallery sure okay
all right so where are we did we've had an hour now which hardly tell him
he said why are we obsessed with know it work
in any more discussion on this he's forever
now i have a better finish up the
business about the books tonight and so anyone who was not is charlie
these page i don't get his attention to i mean yeah you're totally and anyone else than i have any way aesthetic as burst out teacher
so we'll take care of that business trip tomorrow and the next week we have the last one would just go on with the next one i talked him
mazda six weeks
so bring a poem next week a mature
about what found the poster
well whatever i mean
one by one well when we're in roast we your there to write poems by all these here
have each case

under summers sky and winter moon he makes march time sitting cross legged and moving just taking things as they come no world left to crush no clouds left to scatter and was about one of those
that will were still out as they may one naked dancer ten thousand gestures as honey
he was something short life that couple lines about form an empty of the fast and form an emptiness by leaving home you can make it really concrete i don't care something that's real for you
who read it to something think about this with how would you i mean at the end of these chapters is wonderful
of each one is summed up enough
and particularly the one to nine fences
the house broken up the people gone either inside or out where have body and mind ever hidden their farms in this one

a lot of sadness to angeles
when he kissed frankly
now that's the proper attitude for various stuff lessons sadness why can't know
but the idea i can't use that we can if we if we can learn how to beat at home
but most of us camp so he's
just wants it seems kind of meat was comfortable for us
there were changes with for new what the reject the same one has been made before although maybe and better
some sense
still it is born in time lives and time and dies entire
have you done anything about that
on those shaped hamlets and make her laugh at that

as an education