Transmission of the Light Class

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What brings us to these stories(?)? What is the unrest? What is the transmission of, how does the unrest be calmed (?), impermanence is that essential problem. Stories are what we can't get a hold of, how can can we let go? Shanvasa, nature of enlightenment, dropping body and mind, losing one's mind, importance of practice for grounding; we have the feeling of eternal light

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has anybody who needs

he said on

customs that that to hold a now


so we have these stories

some kinds of transmission
transmission is always a family affair
have some sort
daddy or grandpa or grandma somebody
but discovered started something new and has been passed along
what is it
mean one thing we we can come and study and just read these stories together on their fun but can interesting and provocative and so on
but the difference between this kind of story
in the dharma dharma tax is that the story has a self reference and it always points the light back at itself
so as you read a story or as you hear a story in particular in the mahayana
particularly the zen school
this illuminating the text itself it's illuminating what is saying conceptually and what is it sank about concept
two things are happening in the transmission
remember buddha looks up one morning sees an object of light called the morningstar and bingo and what does he say
when nobody said i know me
with a greater
achieve enlightenment or just imagine all beings exactly as they are enlightened or
bingo all at once i wake up and there is no separation between enlightened bentley what i thought was the world something like that occurs
it's a little bit different from the way anybody else average at least enunciated or articulated the way to see the world and the that's the message something in that message is being passed on but what is it
now you know what happens in the study of these texas we study the text itself
what happens to our minds as we read a buddhist texts particularly one might get that talks about this phenomenon or this experience quote called waking up for enlightenment her revelation or
on binding even as we read the text is pointing out something what is there
what the text itself but you in the text coming up together and reading it will not separate comment you not separate from the texts that you are the in the texas just
does this black ink on paper
nothing is happening until their book is opened or until ananda or someone spoke it
and we heard it and then conceptualize that and then later somebody wrote it down
but the thing is as we've been tough talking from the beginning if we get stuck out in phenomena including our conceptions of phenomena it's a form of binding or bondage
you caught by names we could cut yet
on the other hand and the soldiers other hand why are we here
why are we choirs are such a place as zen center or a tradition like sin if the world is paradise in everything is it is perfect just the way it is all people are a loon why would anybody in the world has to come to a place like this
if that if that were already the case
for us it seemed to be for buddha well he realized his them most of us don't play he realized at least we get the story
that somebody had a vision or an opening of something that we all feel we would like how come we feel that we would want that story what's wrong with our story that makes us dissatisfied embraces together
well our story including to dissatisfied okay so we're dissatisfied there for were dissatisfied
work similar us want to do something about it we might have been here to satisfy the what does other reason that brings us what do we want to know from these stories what is the story of the tissue being handed down supposedly according to distort enough credibility in a lease the myth of this story that brings us all together to on air
what is that
i'm asking myself this question because if this to the garden of eden or would ever motivate me and the first place to wanna know the answer to something if i'm already satisfied with my life
never use as both are now what about shakyamuni what happened to him he was silent for a long time until he realized he had to open his mouth again or otherwise other the beings wouldn't be literate but before that yeah i mean what does that miss about
he saw people suffering one right
to so the awakening to the fact that there's pain in the world but what is that paint essentially about for sure ah separation in the air but the separation comes with an effective and effective since that causes anxiety
self really need the phenomenon that you need you need a vehicle for practice so if you don't have some
but as promised in the hardest suffering itself what is that suffering ignorance of what was a reality as a of a reality how about impermanence things are changing into can't hang onto it
old age sickness and death right now even an important what at what age do we leave the arms of our security and suddenly realize that everything is mortal and upon earth even if it's the garden of paradise is an error can be a stable i guess but in this version and happens to be the other side is
the high born you know the press the one is born in everything going for him box outside one day in the world changes can no longer rest with it so what is it is a death is that that sense of unrest in us to brings us to ask these stories and is it the as
answering of that unrest that is the transmission
or the meeting of that or the revelation of what that unrest is is that unrest the same as buddha
or for his or his buddha or rest something that is on the other side of some wall that we're going into like a reservoir that we're going to tap into and that's going to finally quench the insatiable thirst for gondor of you savors you're positing duality
how would you go back to where you said is that unrest the same kuda we just haven't thought about that well that's the question is
i think my question is
if i'm satisfied with my conception of the world i make
i see a world in a certain way it can pretty much conforms to my desires and a got comfort of got all the physical things i need
because unrest is very often started with people when they got to a place where the basic needs are satisfied
another is it takes a little bit of
substance or leisure or something to suddenly raised the question of what i'm unhappy with my existence in some way there's something else on the other side of this that i can perceive and understand with my my there's something on the other side if i can tap you into that
so i begin to look for answers and this seems to be traditions every tradition seems to have that searched the question and every tradition seems to have some answer for which has passed along and come
you think is a thirst for permanence
that i don't want to die
well that's what was one of buddhist questions is the source for permanents were eternity and the other services for what the nylon heritage relations in violation exactly i don't want to be here
get me the hell are off this earth is suffering this was a mutual eating society everything is feeding and everything else like it or not and there's gotta be a better way that kind of fuel which we can snap in distant past
because something can happen in these stories i mean even among us in this room by by getting into the great inquiry with the spirit we can actually
redefine the parameters of our understanding as we go along
so that's what these guys are doing their it seems to be easy start with buddha who has this revelation he passes it on silently with a flower to cassiopeia just picks up the flower after all of this doesn't try to put it in words
least the mrs in art and our heritage is that the first thing is the gesture
the gesture of reality heritage in a single flower the universe books
then the next guy
is he gets it from from kashi schioppa and he gets it orally
now this in other words you might say there's a spirit as i see it and then esper can take shape
in the second generation car shopper the third generation opens it up at sound too did you say as violation that pack pakistan
no i'm saying what is it that motivates us to ask the questions and bring us together to wanna know what these guys know what was it that brought them together suffering yes you could say the four noble truths seems to be a nice smile of definition of something like that because we crave a symptom of something else
we look for a cure and we find that were insatiable somewhere were dissatisfied basically someone yes
in someone seems to have found or some more than one maybe different traditions
and an answer to that a medicine for that kind of suffer and this person called buddha says that i had not discovered it for the first time it's been going on since time on a month
i didn't never i've just read just agree we've redefined a rediscover that actually sometimes that means redefine the path
and the path and in our tradition at least in what these books is kind of deconstructing the fact that you have some kind of thing you can hang onto
yet you must have something to hang onto the here to understand to project to deal with called a conventional world
that's one side of it that conventional world however isn't permanent it has no
ultimate substance and didn't get hold of in any place yet it is a way things function
so we're caught in that duality and that's man's canada lmr human kind of canada them and what can we deal with it so here's a tradition of somebody so i discovered that all beings are already free of that anxiety and is this is my reading
what pass it onto you
you're already happy
c'mon gimme a break
already have you gotta be kidding i'm going to be happy tomorrow
difficult when i get what you got i'm going to be happy so you teach me what you got so that i can get happy
yeah but i can't step into his skin i can i guess there's not a single thing in this interdependent nebulous network that i can exchange it with you other than these concepts i can step into your body i can feel your subjectivity and all other than the way your project it
and safe and so for service
so there is an absolute separateness experienced at the same time
have we should all
back and forth from now i gotta know i don't know i see it now i can't
and it seems that these dialogues in here are both conferring power yes the world exists in concessions such a week and taken it away and other form an emptiness
but don't get attached to these teachings don't get tests see how this is a story about something that you can't ultimately get holder
now speak do something live in the world
that's as they're pushing her threat immediately to act in some way so and you know he's talking to get it in the cook a dish bahia i mean case are joking because voice that he is exhorting the monks in his teacher monastery to a weight right now
with these stories
with with grasping and letting go for it is understood than the same story i can you say you can't get ahold of him
does it have a hold of you
we can change the product is thrown in the subject and i suppose you could say both you could say that as the world honored one that is the my total subjectivity i can only stand understand what this is because of everything else out there
and i read everything else out there according to my own personal history my world is different from your world
although we call a table the table we experience it somewhat differently so how many worlds is there such a thing that as the world
how could it be the world that on changes and in a in a universal of the pinnacle rising and concert and permanence how can they beat the world
where does this one least individual flashes of
oh nature's recognizing itself and being articulate as nature trees pebbles sky tudors devils as us
that's a possibility
in which case then each person understands here she is the world ana when no one can ever step into your shoes when it could ever experience the world it to the world what to call the world will ever be experience except uniquely as the life it's tourist center
have who doesn't love is that we are you read say that time
my cash out can walk in your san jose are exempt
but the thing that we feel the same time is that there's this thing called one mind
and were brutal experienced and what mock my car shoppers to experience what are not that experienced and what room you experience from a shams experience
and lord knows with nisha experienced and name it was a kind of opening or a unified state of consciousness but i think that particular idea
is subject to some critical analysis
it may be analogous to falling in love and i guess you that breaks through all cultural barriers people are attracted suddenly to one another it wakes them up in a new way to the whole world loves elaborate the whole world changes the list for the time that you are
i want another you do shift to perspective the paradigm shifts these for a while
i want to give myself up to you because your beloved and i love you so much and that analogy is used in a spiritual practice for loving god or buddha over the world itself
but how do we find it comes in here these tissues and concepts that say let go of me
now that you happy and see me let go
then what
so i think these stories go back and forth with that question in andhra
i don't know that we get ever get to the bottom of what we're talking about what go
will eat maybe we could raise our own sensitivity to this question
snow tonight is shown a washer as we call them on
i'd like to also follow along in the article
i think it's pretty interesting they're two different translations
who has coached from us do
you may be elected us
read a paragraph or so and then know maybe or so ah here a paragraph or start with the first one
of us who asked a land of what is the fundamental uncreated essence of all things what does it say in the cook
he asked fernanda what kind of thing is the original unborn nature of all things
look difference here essence is a tricky word in buddhist
madama can practice because the
the essence this can find a vital essence of something
so i like that the thing is with a thing
what does it say
excuse me i got somebody in here as a kind of a bluish gray why i think i dropped them and are classify as wrong
not here to manage
thank you for breakfast
yeah now
now at that moment
what happened to show a wash
don't take out car
for a moment sooner washes worked up
who takes your lashes place an astronaut john or is it was the image trust somebody in my mind's eye level i'm talking about the shore wash and then i see or truck
but but what sees shown a washington what sees the truck
what does that that minds yes mind
always imaging with the moment moments from will totally focused we all heard we all got the message that he was that god was perfectly understood made an answer extend and return to this
this is what we're doing other time but even in nurse as it was noted and our thousand minus constantly doing this in we call it distracted distracted from what is my question
mm okay from the idea
are notified the internet is that okay
well maybe
ananda pointed to the quarter of shot of losses best
and that's also in the circuit board case i agree with is a rope here for romeo shot of us who asked what is the basic essence of the enlightenment of the buddha's what is the basic essence and what does it say for kind of thing is the original nature of the buddha's awakening
yeah here's a here's the very question we're asking tonight for what is as thing your original what is the thing passing a law
so ananda grab the cornerstone of lashes of vest and tugged on it
as the and story hands on
what is the original teaching
what is the essence of work grabs quarter distressed
shot of us who was dinner enlightened unlike us
we greet somebody grabs us know you know the shelter
little dog
somebody switches the plan and suddenly the unexpected happens that's what the teaching of our life life jumps that is the teaching of suddenly go in kristiansand this is really really emphasized
no he says he was enlightened see this is you know every story has a presumption behind the presumption of the hundred is that we're interested in knowing where to enlightenment as far as readers can just tell you otherwise you pick it up right click of a mystery story you want to find out you're interested in a mystery want to find out what it's about you have your audience it takes two to tango
so here's the maturity to offering us and i want to know something about enlightened but here's the word enlightenment waking up
oh good i'm going to get i'm going to find out now before this is done i'm going to notice marks on a page on it is marked on the page and who's reading is martian the page for telling me but some people this consciousness itself another cat and they doing this game let's reader and sanskrit shot of actually means natural clothing
what is a minute
natural gas or coal crusher for sexually i heard a robe of health move and him through yeah sounds interesting
when china vasa was born he came more clothing
in summer was because it would became cool clothing and winner became more imploding
when he was as buyer to leave society is ordinary clothing spontaneously turned into a mendicant vestment i guess that would be the case
well here it is in our indian
lovell mythologizing the story we've talked about last week the possibilities of all that's been exactly so but i think we can also look at it as metaphor and be comfortable with enough not scientific rational minds
although i always find that interesting because this whole at this whole aspect of the teachings will disappear once you get into the chinese because we walk but once you get into the chinese ancestors if all this kind of supernatural islam
the can almost like the occult was happening disappears this trip and typical indian way of engaging us something that can i call cosmic poetry
in which engages the higher mind more imaginative side of arsenal's
you suddenly want to be the next the next river cheryl boss who did not just happened to be born this way from alaska the not just happen to be born as wave and is present lifetime when he was a merchant that past life he gave up hundred buddha's a thousand feet of felt and ever since then
were you are natural clothing in every life
usually people for people refer to the interval between giving up pleasant existence and before reaching future existence by the term intermediate existence during that time they were no bloating
jenna vasu is also the name of an indian plant called nine branch beauty for the saying is born this plant grows on fairground when shallow vasa was born in this plant grow and that is why he was named often off as has been western yeah it's fists on the cookie goes to
during this time the integrated period they have absolutely no clothes and get you onto something else and this one he says and the present case the shadow of us that he wore clothes the under an intermediate period whoa
i was that they didn't didn't ever know
the very tried to to jobs and then i must have it is not they're not a nice now
commando for this sentence that says the shiner hostile war clause that the intermediate period that sentences not in him he says during that time there were no clothing
yeah that thirty yeah
but the second part of the contradictions good but but that was the whole point that and usually in the bardo state you're naked right except for him but he he came armed with what
he's pretty went to the bardo in you know wrapped up in the dharma
we'd like ah ha
can help me
activision part of
mix pumpkin landed right on here you can pay for the fifth
you know i was talking last night
stephen batchelor in a student best wishes he no longer holds with reincarnation theories
so i can tibetans and these training tibetan buddhism as was created in his flown to ben that of course he is the kind of non persona
he if you don't hold with the doctrine of reincarnation than the course that undermines the whole religion political system so you really have to hold with but of course
the really old
we have looking at the world and and the japanese blue this i think that's not about the chinese today for japanese actually believe release when i was in japan that they were
that you were reborn again and again and again and i remember that first went us out of baloney
we only live once can all the gusto you can't remember them one

more than an excuse me
but there's a great product if we now can we don't we're on everything
was blue which is our upgrades this a lifestyle is it you know the name of trustees and i'll def realized everyone was shining my shoes masks there was another highlight the question and i gala is for it is a clone i scouted us about an by industry so the judge
isaac and he's always the a show looks a through the air than yesterday's because i know that i didn't rise off the and she's other show boss the bargain
consistent what
a distressing for him to the cars that has shown of us the volga
i want to know the nine degree in china is this your makeup syria there wasn't me those guys get as things could can they just couldn't a someone and say integrated and an office in the mood is not as the water
prior to the arising
of self knowledge that his prior to rising in within consciousness for as consciousness within consciousness
there's no there's no sense of self
at all
the self an object a cousin of consciousness arising together and it rising as story together and if you notice a moment to moment consciousness within seem to be an adaptation because if consciousness less space itself but you can molded and adapted when ways you adapted of course is linguistically or through imagery
for a moment to moment the stories move about among us consciousness changes book according to whatever stories being picked up in every story there's picked up as also real fight supported by what we call the names of phenomena things stuff so we can pass on these stories but what this is take tell
the story is necessary the story is about the transparency and emptiness of stuff
can you live with that
can you live with know
what's obvious
i mean this story well our stories are gonna pass pretty fast
nobody's gonna remember one hundred years from not any of you and the barrio yeah
you like
i really like to hear your strike
here is the same old story
i'd like to hear
a hotel something
this is mister is this your stuff
you jacking me
yeah i can tell my story
you get my story every time i sit down here i get your story of tenure sitka you don't get the definition of the story but we get the abstract
the other night i saw this show of abstract photographs of just calm and reflective surfaces without naming them he said he's never tell us the names when you're going to shoot these beautiful pictures glorious stuff i mean and of course when you finally named it when you put it into a framework you underwood yesterday all at once
you you can just feel you my murphy oil that's what that is but until you have a name for it was just as coloring
amazing formations that you never quite imagined before it's on the east stories that were reading your own kind of like from jack staring away where it is ah
but like and i'll get a caroline
but what is that opens and three i was going to say is there's something that isn't being interpreted right now
my everything's opportunity to accept these people that were the top reading about they're not here in life
well he said true and away because you're not here to talk about it well i would say that this story is yes that voice that you're using is here are talking to a new by reading is is that voice talking to ourselves about what this is
to be you in this moment trying to understand this
you're talking about that phenomenon that's what the transmission is but their face to face right now all the buddhas the past in the future and so on our meeting in israel face to face cutting each other story always doing it
i think that i think that's what this is about
i think that's how we live our life as buddhists
we're doing it right now but would do in the class were concerned with the translation of a text but in a real class which is tuesday night and tuesday night great transformations have you didn't that it
you know that you are brought here by special messenger them
he transformed my consciousness but we will not too late
later was who who was shown a washer
jackie now here it here's a very interesting and several appreciate this he was in the womb for six years before yeah
a lot of it will do too
i am all for that
i rationalized that without even trying to like me guess it sort of not what kind of rationalizing it when i read and but in what way get ah just woman was whatever you call at a of
that she didn't have she didn't a period and center she thought was in over six years then she suddenly a baby and there's just comes to i met you know that you know but i just thought they made it to us and what i've got a life like electric it just sort of i didn't really try to rationalise it just there it was used
the number six is interesting
because it's in a list in the extra logical model of a world or any pie of twelve twelve new nations in a circle and is twelve the twelve was always about the twelve munitions nations and a solar year that's where you get whenever twelve when you go from one to seven and say
one starts with areas or something and seven as the opposite is the complete
equinox or solstice and know that point so the the six points leading up to the the six point is very important because esta
point where you have to work to make it manifests into harmony encasements or concerns to six that's really interesting number i don't know the indians mean by an exactly
and he doesn't have a doesn't have a note nota
why six years
why not twenty six
you me was just there i i do have a long time
go on please
whoever's reading
in the past the him pants the buddha have pointed to a forest and fetch in this will inevitably shavasana will turn the wheel of a sublime teaching a hundred years after my death as it turned out some of us of was born a century later eventually received a request phenomena and stay
in this forest turning the wheel of the teaching the overcame fire dragon fire dragons submitted to him and offered him this forest this was indeed in accordance with prediction of the buddha
well we go from the sutures is on that in my other only and also the term only a buddha can predict a buddha as squandered
to set mean that we can't predict the buddha
i'm not going as well there's the question
if we can't who's going to
i had to predict that one
this in my tree is always waiting is always a buddha coming
the going to spend oh didn't talking about that particular so is predicting that someone's coming that nothing really
isn't there something that you to have a predictions on
yeah realize doesn't me mere yet to be predicted with centuries to he owns before he goes through all of this this was the idea of the path in india that you'd have to go through light and that's that can be predicted that one day this would happen if it was party or karma
and it seems that the you know at least because it's a chinese translations of in some ways they've absorbed part of that mythology button
no i don't think holy the chinese holly says subscribed to that
and suddenly the japanese do though
originally however shot of ah she was a sorcerer from emily a lot of their parties have like vanilla rape was the sorcerer for the himalayas maybe asked the same old myth
she started out with black magic know using it the power and they got a lot of power and they're using it to the neighborhood heard that is big can mafiosa daddy maybe
and then they get religion say after becoming now becoming a disciple ananias what is the fundamental uncreated essence of all things what is the onboard so we're in what rail
former emptiness which often
and now we're talking about the and grasp ability of everything
listen if it is in fact something that no one shot of us would ever asked it's hard to believe that who
the fundamental uncreated essence of kind of fundamental untreated essence let's atlanta what kind of thing is the original unborn nature of all things so what does that less than the front of a than set of us possessive christmas
is it can
he says then the senses after that this is in fact somebody their own version an aversion to dim them is truly a question no one had ever asked and qigong he alone asked if there is no one who was not born with his original unborn nature of all things but no one knows it and no one asks about it here it gets a little better than
i think the fundamental i created essence of all things is in every one is a little different than particularly as we talked about dogan saying you don't have it in you to start something you have there's not a you and there's a have there is a separability you are
yeah is you
nor do they ask cocaine why is it called the uncreated essence known as no to us so all things are born from it the essence has no producer so it has called the uncreated essence
therefore everything is fundamentally uncreated
mountains are not mountains rivers are not rivers that this is why not appointed to the corner or should have lost his vest is his first time in and right secondary points
no there's no points points for address
this vest is called the cashier
a cashier cashier project okay so the occasional ecclesia in sanskrit ushio this means in this is interesting mrs an engineering indefinite color you know the usually it's the kind of the reddish brown
see that africa was color under the tree lives is as well of securities that farm the korea as good for me it means on born color and as our lives can i pay faded as
well you know what they did in india erected wouldn't picked up old rags
it southbound and then they washed the family they actually did did colors by different sex belong to us to understand it but but this by the time a cut gets to japan and china the whole idea ideas that the rope is what is the color that's the question you should ask his nana show someone to come of your role
as used to foment a question asked at tahseen ali host what is the color of your rope
but what does the owner created essence through all things are born from at the essence has no producer shows that a cold on created this vessels called the cushy up
the in different color means on born color actually it is not to be seen in terms of color yet in one sense the subjective and objective experiences of all beings from food as to insects are all colored okay
all things are the painted rice cake
just as were seen earlier were painting his picture they're painting a picture with us right now
repeating a picture of something called the buddha or called elaboration are called freedom are called happiness
but this is not colored perceived by ordinary senses so there's no world to transcend know enlightenment to realize
so you again he moves back and forth from formed an emptiness soon as if that's true it's as to what you're saying sir but this is not the controversy with these in other words i should i should not color these words with my meetings the words or color medical has understand it now hockey goodbye
even though i understood this shot of us who went on to ask what is the fundamental essence of enlightenment if that suddenly waking up the buddha although there's never been any mistake at this unless you find out that you have it what does he say even though we are not confused in this match
or from since ages ago if we do not realize its existence one time we will be vainly obstructed by our eyes as yeah like although there has never been any mistaken this unless you find out that you have it you will be uselessly hindered by your eyes have it again to see him
it's a little more pests kind of there's the self as possessing
the holding it sounds like here
okay on
this is why shown of us who asked the question to clarify the source of all buddhists
well i think just with transmissions to how to clarify the source but
again if the world is beginning this emphasis says beginning as an endless and services how can it be a source

we're making the well
i do and your face the on my face misled you know
but the world beginning less than was is one thing who is or enlightenment he did one of the beginning with the nebulous is another thing but it is is it
well if if there's no world if there's no world what will be the used for their to be a buddha and being on buddhist suggested this know anywhere on how to act to enjoy the up have
just about a truck yes we know their daddy or i to nine
thank you so i was so i'm just gonna lie that tracking life
just like are on
we just how to get attention to get on earth together and lights were on it is our true because down down i and three cigarettes
it's all about a heightened that will maximize design and who were trying to turn lights on and i'll go to try to hurt her off
yeah towards the something that happened on tuesday night
a lot of doesn't and a vr hires count don't turn them off
but don't forget where realized that the animal or not nottingham
we interviewed going that well
that's are we in the vehicle or not
does this more vehicle
been edited
if you went on to ask anyway what's the fundamental essence etc although there has never been any mistaken this unless you find out that you ever this of projects
but we don't believe it well i think you guys are a he cancer
teach them into
but anyway he hasn't eaten but i don't happen i'm not yet
you mean
tag you're it
going to step up and get a practice
there was reps are sushi a car you come up and say something expose yourself express yourself testimony and then you get a response
the inquiring mind a response come up together we chanted and one which one is also the spirit of christmas merry
so they're always compare her losing my way up is almost no in my face as just worn off the tooth replacement
so he was greatly enlightened as my or something toga on to walk 'em up
somebody comes to the door and weeks and so but then we think it'll be like should last forever
what's the latest on
should remain i was not the only other cutting-edge does not for their way for these people
i don't think so
that's not dobyns understanding that once the light is on a course the line is always coming home because every moment is replacing the moment before and and in both physicality and and mentation processes so that sense you know you always redefining a some carson
the redefining what you who you are and given in the response with you and the so called you environment that the pinnacle rising the event which i keep saying golden coast the although he doesn't use that word it causes the buddha
the hotline was to do on a he had like seventeen and like human experiences as
it was morning that a lot though when it was a different number yeah so it wasn't like who he was enlightened and then forever like yeah
here is a between
see there is no question i think an interview our minds that there is a rel or
least a moment of something dropping away they usually come skills and rise we think that's where we use to conceive the world use those words the extra you see something we've never seen before
is it more as if the mind opens and it doesn't spontaneously case volition the make it happen
i just get the impression that with these ancestors lived in in the world like all the time i always opening up
well than me where we saw but what if the the sensitivity is just that we all are doing that but the practice is to become more and more sensitive this was always the case then the that's another we're looking at through a night out talk later
i'm becoming why near to the fact that from moment to moment consciousness were constantly redefining ourselves and we have a set a certain effect affect about their consciousness of who we are if change in the in the external environment happens faster than the effect can handle that
we freak out a bit we panic you scared we're losing we've been stripped of our identity that is our
the decatur road psychophysical holding out of what we consider to be ourselves for good reason but you can hold onto a in substance you lose your mind is different from dropping body and mind and losing nearby
drubbing body and mind i think means that you can you step totally into the workings of the conventional world but you see the emptiness of that whole affair is so you're not bound by it in the same way anymore whereas losing your mind because you can't read it you can read the signs anymore
you do see their empty but they don't make any sense to you
that's why i think it is the police practices we need to study we definitely do meditation you need to get really grounded when that flash happens in a kind of blows away our usual grabbing mechanisms you can freak out if somebody has trunk or repartee what is the distinguishing effective bark of a body softened shit and without any hesitation panic of course
and authentic well i mean out my personal experience to sort of like to have been really like select your already have several years
sapphire six years ago
i just that i'm trying to stay it like the all happy little me
enlightenment episodes in our lives all of us and then
what i have trouble with it is how do we lose them when i lose my but notice noticing and notice the way you're expressing if i have had
there's an assumption that i said we talking we don't run not talking about the ego you i'm talking about an assumption that there is a being that has an experience versus than just explore experience being the be
and that is constantly changing
so we say i'm i had that experience several years ago looking back thinking about that experience you're reinventing a story in your mind about it spreads you once said you never there was only an experience and experience passed away he left a mark and of seeds as those causation
but but then the field that through out there is this being to whom it is happening
rather than a series of experiences as if consciousness is the mirror and your the mirror of those experiences like of these are regression if if if my he haven't like the south with steve martin and away he read this stuff relates to an appears to be a regression
in runaway it has already previously on your establishment and that's what out he'll be getting all jackie repossess yeah we're gonna end up you know by george willard
all of us were going to enter five years
we gotta have this little dirt and over again in the people who know
a bag of garbage
so yeah we are going to do we are going to disintegrate on politico yeah well we couldn't get the pet parents did you get here the but anyway i will show you fat against are going to hurt her
so but the interesting thing on what you say is i had this experience and knowledge seems to perceive years and there's a judgment that a jury
there's a self as in for the trial
you used to have these experiences and i am not an animal you are regressing
well how can we live that to be brave city center seventeen experiences three foot who who isn't in in the experience itself is that that who drops away body and mind drops when there's only pair experience
herself a young lot sometimes comes back
that's where we practice
have you noticed the world keeps coming back i mean buddhism has been around two thousand and five hundred years in the world is even worse than it used to be
maybe three don't how they always let me know reality that it wasn't so great that the weather's would be the dinosaur they just probably isn't changed the balance
but anyway i'm now
we are here is a consciousness defining something
we've even spent part of our life getting together know that to try to understand something as important to us reading a story and reflecting on what the hell is is seen it
what is this practice at zither passing along i want to know that
you wanna know if there's anything to know and i think in some ways or say you already know i already not you don't know that you know it my job is to wake up to know what you already know and you go on my god so simple said the mean you forget it the next day
set within the next day you're going i don't like is us
that's the moment that truck has arrived on a washes arrived as i don't like pancakes destroy the last night i was living on sober or the glory and bliss was why the package thing
cause if the pancakes check with yeah we're done
they were you ever wonder there
going to be correctly so
you're testing your package
yeah i was angered by in order to sit up
no catholics are and
at the floor in the world as a painter
experience the world is something that is delicious can we want to eat it what's wrong with not likely prefix and he may not no no nothing there's a wetland went the extraordinary amazon i love lucy no no no i just figure out who is just that in other than anything
you feel you are you older or an expanded state what i've seen is he has a question will go to live in this cousin expand his face state and well maybe they do but maybe that a constantly expanded state is not as the different from the moment to moment changes that consciousness
adapting to but the realization of that and adapting one's behavior or way of relating to the world according to that disposition rather than the normal disposition which is i am evidence experience and it's different from the experience i had last week and saw it isn't it actually
the the constantly expanded state the state of an hour hot and they maintain it by like avoiding intrusions of old nurse yeah i think you can probably find a state of my as peaceful and finally you know but me i'm not the least likely just like an online last confusion
you know yet i think that there is janice states are we can practice and reach absorption states that are very blissful and so on but eventually to have to come put it in you know he went to what was his name well
what was a promoter who pollute oh no
anyway the one who taught him like and or have a cup of samadhi and neither procedure nor the person proceed to drop dropping a way of conscious the total absorption of the separate sensor and yeah phenomena distances but you gotta really sink in almost would call a trance
mine isn't generating for some reason the same kind of neurotic neurological responses i mean that they put these people under scientific scrutiny in auto on has gotta be so that different areas in the brain or shut down in different areas are excited and so on so the state of conscious
this changes
but then huh buddha function in the world i mean who were not with you know we're not autistic or something with the go out and function normally in the world the world and the function is not
i mean it's changing all the time what does that change is as douglass birth and death is already buddha
i read
fr on summer of com the teaching of totality which is fine fine books somebody at which i early my computer algorithm soccer if a great
ah but there was an a metaphor and and i thrive on capture the whole thing better to play for the gold gold was poured into the statues made into statues of lions and the goal liver metaphor for the absolutely for buddha and the lions was the conventional are in a discriminative
yeah and
so a lot of times i do we talk about you know where i'm food but know sometimes it
you know you're really expanded in the next time i like on
apple announced goals in the shape of a real expanded finale goals in the shape of i don't like my friends are present but it's still the same move on
but yeah put up can see they see that consciousness is i think what they call to target the garba this that like okay madhyamik as says you can't get ahold of anything ultimately but at the same time there's this sense of something i didn't just mentioned this it's all gold is all changing so
we have that sense so maybe that's also true maybe that's a target the garba the madhyamik the mind only school with movies as the experiences movie from state to stay on of one will not become paramount and another aspect of experience becomes paramount yes there is an underlying pure
state called buddha which is undefinable indefinable on fundable and song that sounds very much like the classic examples of for illustrations of god or the guardian or something or brahma and nephews conscious that something is golden
you know brahman as all things being manifested we playing all the parts of god the unless the indian and hindu point of view
and that seems very you know
lot of people practice a whole lifetime of happiness with that that story
when is it there is no story that you can hold onto and then there's yesterday is underneath the there is the unstained consciousness itself which cannot be defined which cannot be found another but there will also be considered to be biking inherent existence where are we
cigarette he pages for sale will consider it will name it will try to shape with our cut concepts and we know that we're doing it out of whole cloth and we can't get to the bottom of the cloth but could we make it up
when that becomes an experienced and we know that we can drop the stories as we learn them as we take a step we need to step into the the story in relieve the book go on the next cross the next to leave the boat as the next one
but most of us of most of the i probably stop doing that when as about fifteen in some way
can cut down on the image of the world that i really wanted to maintain
and then build on that
have got out a high school
well maybe just finished this
this is why the buddhists have a period in the world one after the other and wise as investors have taught generation after generation mrs eighteen although has never been anything to give to anyone or anything did receive from anyone is necessary to experiences as intimately as feeling the
nose on your own face can't be said better and more clearly
what we've been talking about
since steady demands that you investigate and a weekend on your own after awakening you should meet others who are also enlightened us and last tuesday night obviously
if you do not need anyone enlighten you will just become obsessive and cannot be called as nc good interesting what cooks as read that i can't find where you are if you do not need a person all it says when you are enlightened you should meet a person who is a true teacher and she do not need a person you will be like a bomb in the spirit
mainly dependent on grass with and adhering to strings class
well what that means a person in a different kind of appearances of things and that's a kind of madness that's what's so interesting is that it is culture because you know the woman came the mean she's a old one can she said when i was six years old i went to my mother and i said were never born mommy
and she sat yeah on yasha run along on place strange little girl didn't fully eleven and a little bit older they wouldn't give her some prozac or something you know and center to sit
psychologists like psychiatrists he would happened in india they put a girl and around her neck worshipper is shocked he your she or something and then said gom player go to school now or costs which the steps old
so you can confirm but this young woman when she was young this privileges for the next twelve years you so depressed she went to kill herself
they took away or light saturn needs his children no that's not all have a bunch of baloney knows know
so we've all bought that game with i think we all had their sense of being a turn the brightness of our life and it was slowly with
hide it in a behind her something so we have a feeling that we are light and that there is something like eternal light in us
there's no doubt about has having a feeling
anyway getting too late to efficient
you may think now it should be cleared from the story of shuttle buses that you should not waste your life you should not just be a spontaneous naturalist i like that what is it what is this a lot mainly express nationalistic views but a naturalistic view
well as my life just comes naturally i mean this is the other side of it is why practice if he were over the counter and ah hench now he is naturally quota conviction alec will
i upstream doing what comes naturally people say i'm just doing what comes naturally this is not a socket thousand huh this isn't a pocket thousand at the sorcerer with what it is use word answer do not vainly express nationalistic views or put your own and and industrial i use first and be a very good point there might be it
an allies
well they were research to this is that this is a yeah this case i'm talking about something to on camera that's very good point i mean there was a time when the zen in our school in china and dollars school were not happy with people at all
but if there was there an issue about down not so much in japan but i think i don't know but that's a good point they may be first down i like that
yeah okay where are we
you may think that put them glad it's just for special people that you are not fit for it but such ideas are the worst kind of follow yeah you know
houma ancients was not immortal whose personality was not influenced by social and material values wednesday's that exam however it penetrated all the way through
there may have been differences here is true imitative and decking as video and in japan yet there have be plenty of saints and sages realize the fruits of buddhism since you have the same faculties as the ancients so wherever you are you are still human beings your physical and mental elements are no different from those of cash
a and amanda so why should you be different from the ancients with respect to enlightenment it is only by failure to find out the truth and mastered the way that you lose the human by being without ever realizing that and yourself
amanda to kashipur as his teacher because you learned that he should not waste his life and for this reason he also accepted of us as a disciple
that's the way was transmitted from teacher to apprentice the treasury the and truth and the ineffable mind that the nerve of nevada communicate in this way or no different from one the bhutto's in the world
therefore she can go here therefore do not regret that you are not born in the land of the food his birthplace and do not lament that you're not met the buddha living in the world in the past few plants and seeds and virtue informed energy wisdom is because of this did you get appearance congregation
this is indeed like standing shoulder to shoulder with cash bar said he needs me with amanda
so while we may be host and guest for day you will be buddhism zen masters all of your lives do not get stuck in objects of sense do not pass the my days and nights and thing work on the way carefully reached the ultimate point to which the ancients pantry and received the seal of enlightenment and directions for the future in the present day
i have another verse to clarify the present story the source was river on a mountain miles high piercing rocks sweeping class searches for it scattering clouds and the flowers flying profusion and length of white silk is as an absolutely free of dust
yeah does checking your thoughts on
laser white silk purses
it's the mind free of all that is interesting because in in this poem harkins
two or chinese poem with near yeah and but it's already free of dust and
the sources river as yeah i'm a double ungraspable
a mind
okay any questions to finish up and create so much later systems about greatest failures
prettier cook says such a view is truly the stupidest stupid because the
no limitation of
i'm of the
i'm actually a yeah my item last my navy post and yes for a day well as i've been hosting guess we refers to principal and function
the chinese is the host and the and it is in the five ranks and problem across america there's the guests with kinda a host post within the guests the guest in the house than just the rather just a guess the host and also
regret the ultimate and the relative or a conventional value is the size one guy who says you have melded together and they also refer of course as we know from our para
chatting in the morning that goes in a guest and host referred to one of the
two of the hexagrams in egypt so you might wanna look for much in tennessee where staff and interesting i haven't torn down to start from question okay ah how was reading the contraction in the hook and i got the impression
that there was this early separation into two lines in such as an the last in to start merging year and line of sociology because the sushi gg so she's because we
how can i at right
is that right well case i also went back to a huge to ah itself
that gets declared the first question is did that foot continue on it the impression i got from this was that there were and separation is did for quite a while but night by case on tv
no tomorrow
when picking the dynamics charts there's just that just soto zen i mean it was case on others right that took yoga is in and made it into what they call so roseanne and propagated the church
that was i tend to be to tezuka who fell into bed
favor with at least half of the months and ag and was kicked out like chipmaker and service yeah so this just happened with dogan to happened with almost every single saga you can think of through time as there's always at some point a says a break
almost always and why because we settle into some particular idea what we've got the truth and they don't
i thought i can't just and
you know
i got this dense and as the few branches continued on alive that's not so well at least and two disciples now not after a while matches
there are to sort of just actually so your chooses with him that everything is one story of how to fix them that are living you can ask brown
okay more like me