Transmission of the Light Class

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Be careful about taking doctrine too much on faith, Don Juan's two cats; Ananda, every one of these stories has a warning, Dogen: all things, just as they are, are perfectly enlightened. An ax to grind with Tendai? Religion is a big ( ? - word not clear) Disappointment is a warning that we're setting ourselves up to cling to things


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and the way i would suggest to get a chance to either buy this book
i'm going to library and look at more the best expositions on dogan as energies
his cook cooks interpretation of golden zoos interpretation of enlightenment
which after all expository
yes it's translations from the shovel denzel night of them all having to do with the question of what is enlightenment at least and organs in his view which we've already discussed is quite different than the earlier
dr doctrinal views

since this book you know what we're doing with the transmission of light is studying the central question about awakening hand i think it's essential that we come at this with a critical mind by that i mean
not too kind of just accept because we see ourselves as called buddhists that what is set forth in the book we take as gospel
otherwise i think we're in danger of sounding ourselves until of goods
and buying into some ideology that in the long run is self defeating
and we've had a con ourselves your own greatest con artists when it comes to religious practices in the world wasn't so buddhism would still be enlightening the world cambodia would not have committed
his genocide the christian tradition would not have resulted in i help to
support the genocide in the west so forth
there's a story you know enough that i like the largest that

before we come the nice
another story
and just vis-a-vis what i'm saying about gov
he goes two ways of looking at one way of saying well
you know we we we have a tradition of enlightenment like a light that has been passed down from mind a mind i believe that you know as a buddhist and
other kind of state and the objectives than just as buddhists believe a zen buddhists
steady you have a feeling that there is this thing called mind a mind transmission there's two different points of view and i don't think it hurts for you to hazard
do any of us to have the second point of view as well as the first they were examined with critical attention that's after all what the buddha dharma or at least the early buddha dharma
he exhorted us to do p
if you take things on faith and become trying on dogmatic than i think we just lost
and that reminds me of a story enough from buddhism from carlos castaneda thought about this today in the read those books
well you might remember an episode that cast and eight who's always playing street have not done once mystical yaki sorcery
is reciting to down one a favorite story is in the story goes something like i had this friend that had two cats
a woman and she had to move away and the cats were older and we had no way to take him with their and no one to lead them with and therefore she had decided to take it to the vet
or maybe it was the animal shelter and not sure but anyway the fate of the two cats was
pretty wet settled about what would happen to them and of course it was heartbreaking but nevertheless she came to cast
he was helping her and they were kept in oh and i went to carry the cats inside
the one that he was carrying
leaked out of his arms he said and ran down into the sewer that was nearby and one those drains it
and disappeared into the sewer
well the other cat was being carried in purring and meowing to it
he eventually if not almost immediate destruction so down while he said love that story because the cat that got away because the captain made it an existential choice about no matter what happened to it it would what do we got eaten by rats or starve to death or at least it had made the choice to to be free
and he said no this is the point is that down what i always like a story than than one looked at me with that smile that sent a chill
through my blood and he said of course you've always identified yourself with the one that got away
and it looked at me in such a way that i realized that i was the cat that was being carried in
so the point of the story was that were both cats of course but we're not always the at those moments when women new in you know in the arms of the buddha dharma thinking that we're getting liberated you that's very likely that we're about to be
rubbed up
and not in a positive way but in the way in which we real fire get caught in some kind of idea about what we think this is
and try to exemplify those ideas other than what we already are
i always like that story send a chill down my back to whatever
all right ananda i don't think there's anybody here who needs to know the history of and on anyway on the internet by the way there is a
the you can look up and the various
disciples and lineage and they have a credit bit of information i think what was your birth to me last weekend and my kashyap as life that was
where it all comes from birthday i was kind of interesting about the stories we make up for ever been told but these percentages
start reading it let's start from minnesota night with catherine
you would please read a couple of paragraphs and that's follow along and maybe just read it through and then go back and
discussing aspects of it
amanda as comes to i have watched it was a hand on t to about
has you said that i'm gonna say yes crash out office they take down with an uproar and from of the gate and nanda was greatly enlightened
he got me up fernando nando's from the warrior caste a cousin or shockingly buddha another happiness or joy he was born the nine as the buddhist enlightenment and he was so extraordinarily handsome everyone's happy to see him in doing
amanda was boston and learning intellectually brilliant and dry you can understand easily with the good of detergent for twenty years complicated all the buddha's teachings and studied all of the business manners from the treasury as i chose to crush but he also interest instructed the founder to help communicate the kitchen
so amanda accompanied fast travel for twenty years and twenty warriors and became thoroughly familiar with the entire treasury and the ocean he has no in the cook rendition
i think the next paragraph right be institution of marriage
another was in this particular a rendering of
unlike others there's not much history and on to glaring at the beginning most of it's a potential case himself
this document the fact that way of then is not in the same class as other schools and ninety was already foremost and learning having studied widely and gained broad understanding with devoted himself giving him a approval many times yet he did not hold the transmission of truth or attain a combination of the ground of mind
when cash flow was going to compile the teachers like by the buddha and i was not permitted to attend because he had not yet attained realization
then it nanda meditative carefully and soon attain sainthood when he went to go into the room where the teaching from being compiled cash you could told him that if he had obtained realization you should interview show of paranormal powers sunanda appeared in a tiny body and went in through the keyhole that he was finally able to enter
the disciples off that another another was a good at attendant for we have heard a lot and study widely it was like a cup of water poured into another cup about filling anything let us ask and then the to recite the teaching is far focus yoga said to amanda
everyone is looking to uterus like the things of the buddha plan another who had kept the request of the buddha within him and then now also received this request and pasha began to recite all the teachings of buddha vita
how's the others that to the disciples is this any different from what the buddha tough to decipher said it is no different the disciples in attendance were all great thing with the sticks to her knowledge is knowledges including the knowledge and past lives clairvoyance and knowledge of the end of contaminate
ocean they did not forget anything that didn't they had heard with one voice they said is this the buddhist second coming or is this amount of talking
they said increase the waters of the ocean of the buddha's teaching of flowed into amanda the teaching of the buddha
there's have come down through the president
are there were spoken by amanda so we know for certain this way does not depend on great learning or on the attainment of realization there should be proved an honest of hours just cashed out on for twenty to follow cash out of for twenty years and he was first great and enlightened at the time of the event
to cited in the beginning
hence he was pulling out of the paper from that
and then defensive positions of power a picture that he all a concentration of range of photo and countries safe as we have not heard taking and length it will not enter the way of saying since the same as allocated to enter
in it in a distant past not that had we can pay off traditions from the perfect enlightenment in the presence of the food and called he has answered that the same time and still present from the shock is money another the fondant and flexible learning that's why he had not yet truly realized tonight
shockey you do not the other hand cultivated energy whereby he is he's true enlightenment surely much academic learning is hindrance on the way here's proof of that this is why the flower ornament scripture says much learning without practical application is like a poor man's helping and others treasures
without half a sense of his tongue
if you want to find out what this way really do not be fine with academic just be energetic in progressive practice yet i dare say that there must be something besides to hanging hanging up the road best another one website because japan the beneath equipped with go
and to grow to what else did he transmit because you have realized in the time was right com and under when another respond in case you think that take down the mountain home front of the gate and nine was greatly enlightened as he said heard this the buddhist group spontaneously entered the top of the and ten
that goes to throw was the best when transmitted and kept by the seven
there are three explanations of that room one is the fruit of brought it with him from the world another is that it was given
by a big of the heavens a pure votes and the third is that it was presented by a hunter there are several other estimates of the border with as know transmitted from three sharma first fully dark
coatings are right yes sir
to the first six the founders in china was made of of new black muslim when it came to china for blueprint logic was that it was put in
it is now have to a shrine of the sixth powder and is considered a national treasure is this one this is the one mentioned in the treatise other chance that transcended wisdom for instead as the voter put on for smokes primer
the corner feels very own have as conscious death us and made a last minute hockey have her stuff and i gave it to divider least i only he's only to one or two of the investment has for the miracle associated with them
that they are found in a scriptural passages contains he changed the mountains and an ancient times and the buddhist masters versus the that was challenged by never came to break through and like a five posts well in a fire have your final the sydney
distinguished to estimate was unharmed he then you need it was voted best man it is that which will be transmitted from my chair
the treasury of the i the truth was not managed to people on the last person has sharper image received as good as professor
more on under attended a shop for twenty years how the transmission of teaching pastor the gross you'd be known to be a special transmission outside of doctrine but recently it it it has purposely come to be concerned with the theme at that time of school if there are one if they were one
name and fernando as the same to the sticks to chronologies you would have received the goods bequests and we have been a british excessive or is there anyone who understood the teachings of scripture is better than amanda
is there was if there were any ones who passed unarmed in this regard then it could be admitted that the idea of a scriptures is one of the same then if you say they are just one bio and anomaly to take the problem to attend out of for twenty year on illuminated a woman at
a command take down battle
no at the idea of scriptures and not to be considered the way of then
it is not that there was not a the could even if another with with attendant how could he met me as a seal and long as he had not penetrate the enlightened mind you should realize that this does not depend on having a lot of academic way even if you can memorize they were teaching her books perfectly i mean to encouraged you do not penetrate the heart that is like used to
antibiotics treasures it is not at the height of nine of scripture of scriptural teaching but that another had not yet penetrated a literalist interpreters in the forest failed to penetrate the hardest
the way of them like
whereas i got to his first in the favorite you using like for lifetime propagated benefit cycle of a father who would not go along nevertheless you should know that it and he attended pissed off and again off again for teachers after his like it was like fire joining fight
if you want to reach the true path clearly you should give up your idea or sell your fault feelings i can see and some importance and returned to the pristine fired hi to comprehend and like knowledge
as for the incident and a nod as my story
amanda thought that crossed jaffa and received the golden reinvestment and wasn't a cycle of korea that there was nothing special other than that never going to last and fallen cause i iphone came close way he found myself i have realized something more
cash open their new to the time is right and they called two hundred
like a valet spirit had to response to a call and i responded immediately like as far as fishing from a flat
although cause you a called and nanda here is not call him but and another get not echo and reply
as for take them again when when kind of the cake and the first a customer linear when the buddhists and followers of other religions and philosophies to accept today both sides with colorful banner
the latest sign was defeated their banner would be torn down the president's is used to suggest that cause jaffa and amanda
that said if their banners next to each other since now and now that was carrying world has yeah to should follow this banner one
she folded to stand on one of hearing one disappearing food
but this is not a story name it cause yup and nanda are both banner polls the principle is not evident once the banner poll was taken down another banner for should appear when because yeah been instructed not to take down after this nine the banner quo in front of the gate and that was great
lee enlightened because he realized the chameleon of the paths of teacher and apprentice
pastors and enlightenment and knowledge of god even catch a bug and mountains rivers all crumbled away hence the voters grow naturally and to the crown
but do not use the story to remain and state of standing on a mile high wall in the massive naked flesh not paying her impurity you should go on to realize that there is a valley spirits but has appeared in the world one after another the said that you from that generation to generation there was only this matter the minds of
my communication with ultimately unknown others
even if the obvious masses and naked flesh as jaffa and amanda are one or two faces of their appearance in the world of that one do not consider gestapo and amanda as that one
now each of you stands like a wall a mile high you are a myriad you are myriad transformations of that one if you know that one you will be buried at once they so one should not look for taking down the banner pole outside of for stuff again i want to add some words the vines with
third the trees falling the mountains crumble away the valley stream swells in a torrent sparks fly from stone
well what's it about

what and all these stories is a warning
every story isn't warning it
it's the wine
to less and
well too much into it sounds like your kind of anti
your molecular if you don't give was cut up in the intellect and be kind of in the intellect
does he loves the outside of yourself
he also says do not like and fury
this is a very important point in this last point do not linger integrity
sudo guns and geez
what is dog in zingy thesis
what is still convention what our thesis well how would you present organs geez view of what enlightenment is where his experience of at like
all things just as they are exactly are already perfectly enlightened
that's says this is
all things without exception so whatever what what about whatever point of view you take including when i just a see which is setting up a banner
his what
in like well it's another well yes and another point of view
but doesn't mean then that underneath our poisoned you there's something called enlightenment
well have you say no then our points of view
could have to be enlightenment
but that's another banner
the file was that i will miss a day
well whatever position you take as a physician or isn't view
nice and that one
if he now there isn't something outside the not that they're often for their entire and
well do well is there an outside and inside that we are affirming its you not you are
well then i'm taking the view
he said
so if you're tearing down the banner because they can only be one banner miss that would he said well i noticed that he said something that wasn't it by
but he didn't quite say but it was it
but let's go back over the story
let's go back beginning with touch yapa
no no no
we know about ananda being you know okay ananda represent maybe who didn't approach to this way work and what might a nanda i was thinking that this much what might an under represent since we're dealing with representation
the me he was an enlightened right that was the problem with them
the pre enlightened he not well
fostering the word here most consumption consumption
learning especially when it's not so i created with
and change realization this before he attended look up for it before it was never know
before people go through the vehicle before i got to okay because the the keyhole happens twenty years before the banner okay
also devotion i would say abortion facility ended

or relying on intelligence it seems that that what of these
it feels a little bit to me like these doctrines have a a
a kind of x degrade
which may be an historical question
and that axe to grind might be the fact that the date that the doctrine of schools at that time was the attended school
please put great emphasis on learning memorization
being versed in the sutras
having a clear understanding of
the lotus sutra for example anything
privacy from a particular point of view

but maybe there's something
the to be looked at his prior or already always the case
because at some point
dogan zingy talks about all things
all animated and on animator ascension an essential things do not have buddha nature they're already be very perfect expression of buddha hedge
this is that one this got home in the home ngoc with that one doctrine that one
the forefront in the thirtieth century
whether we blew that it up because the indian buddhist often dispute this point of view that we are not enlightened beings we have the potential for enlightenment there is a self that as a potential for a nightmare but there's a self that has potential and that self
we think is it like this book or something that is going to get a new cover on it and a certain amount of time when a purifies when it's gonna to a purification process then it would seem to me there are we falling into a kind of duality
and goggins angie's hope whole approach is to overcome all dualities
in terms of buddha garden
but one does not have to
one does not have to do anything but realize that what one is already in the act of being one self which is it also that realization of the interdependence of all things existing
concurrently with that aspect of the one is enlightenment or his realization
isn't understand open since you to me
therefore our practice or whatever we are applying ourselves to at the moment
the in terms of wholehearted i've looked like we're doing up wholehearted
is authenticating
the interdependence
of everything
realized as yourself
that makes me
presenter see the thing is this difference between this is an intellectual understand anything that actually
the feeling duggan's injuries and kazan have a great deal emotional content
under their words is not try it's it's feeling attention
how are you really have doubtless or ensure the and
then like don't linger and empty
the gun and go nigger inform don't linger and emptiness jumping clear and the many and the one is what
so you're not you up by that lingering means at last in other words suppose you all at once we're doing something cutting carrots reading a book fulfilling some activity and you're swept with his feeling of
kind of inexplicable oneness of who you are what everything is if you it feels like a kind of shattering of your normal perceptive
as soon as that experience happens what have you feel the emptiness you feel the sense that of you can you cannot get to the bottom of anything and yet exactly what is happening his emptiness is in as for suppose you really are the that sudden realization
it is it can't be gradual and has to come on all at once
but then what happens immediately after the next second clinker exactly the next second you take that you put up in front of you and you make it into something
in other words it's so delicious you know because you don't want to let go of it
as soon as that happens it is no longer
yeah well leaving on a cure
in dog and zingy there's not a one time enlightenment the enlightenment is no one when i practice this whole heartedly every day that's just entirely this self and other are one thing
but how can be anything else but one how good how can this moment be anything else but everything that has ever existed be realized is now how could that have couldn't be any different from that i mean when that it's so permeates his work
that we don't see this moment is the divine event we think this moment is preparation for something we're going to get if we just purify ourselves in a tomorrow
for imagine with that whole thing became bullshit to you he and after he just saw that you'd set yourself up for the lot of deception
and there's always going to be dissatisfied another and then is now you gotta you know you've gone without chocolate sex rock roll whatever the things they are they've made your life or as well written order to get something you know at once you feel you've been taken down the garden patch
you've been conned religion is a great khan is the biggest car around
as soon as this because religion where com
as soon as the buddha recording this old dog and zingy becomes something else but that very activity that you already are you are can you can't yourself
you're a buddhist
and if unlike is the attack
the thing about the thing about
religion which is really nurses a wide breadth the story of tonight and is something that all of us should come up against again and again we cannot import ideas or we cannot import zen buddhism and to america like a toyota
and drive away in it and the road to enlightenment you know if we do we're just making a church another church
why don't we
and so why do we do it only too well kept me
why do you do it the way you don't have to do a family after you have some way
good as you have to have a content for the a favour container and there is a tradition that is you know passed it along with nutrition petsitter long for the buddha from the very beginning is be a light unto yourselves you need says you we are independently have risen
there is a pass there is causation
but since enlightenment is the king you knows all things are already enlightened than they cannot be the cause for something else
yeah yeah the enlightenment is already the result it cannot be the cause for something else
because there is nothing else outside of what can be enlightened in other words
the light and the lamp or the same there are delighted to see by as the like that you are the likely you are as a light that you see by
it's interesting that enlightened and causing anything else because it's a never to teach thick cream and correctly that everything is comcast account
but that everything that's causing everything else is enlightenment birth and death his enlightenment and in buddhist in gorgons buddhism
whereas earlier birth and death was something and try to get out of your trying to overcome you try to overcome the world yet but it's let me get to build and you know what i'm trying to overcome and you don't divide is i'm just saying that this what i think they are trying to sell us
where have a look at i don't sell it don't buy necessary i think about as you should ponder the issues that is well as what he said from all angles from the angle that that there's emptiness and you can see that all things independently arisen
that i reach out to support all things and all things come forward to support me we can all see that as a take and much so understanding that to see that
the county for said chan
when one realizes that
the planet
have least for me
he personally is that marva although i understand feel out of times you know there's a rush it goes through me
i got it
because no connected about my next action right
good how can you connected to your next action who would be there to connected you see
our delusion is our enlightenment in this case the delusion that there is somebody there to connected to the next thing that there is such a thing as enlightenment dogan says enlighten people are going to understand illusion deluded people are those who think they understand what enlightenment is you can't separate the two his soon as we understand and lie
i meant as a delusion because we understand is that i don't understand something but that i don't understand something was already on always already the case anyway before you understood it
but by practicing you seventy keep trying to grab onto some aspect of the teaching and you're always always always disappointed eventually
i hope not all people are still some people make a whole career that but
most of us at some point become very dissatisfied are very disappointed with our practice
this happened that particular delusion happens be a very beautiful place to be
because as a warning that we can we were already setting up me getting something
but you already set up to get something
we're already that's something that set up
this is not a matter of putting a new clothes this is a metre just seems to the old was emperor it's not only seen that the emperor has no clothes on and seen that you can't see the emperor period
cause the emperor is there in the process
and the process is realize and authenticated through practice and practice is not just sitting zazen that's just the old meditation way of making a ceremony about sitting still and watching all the
in body and saw a rise and fall away from moment to moment thing you take that out into the world
in practice that
which also is realizing and authenticating
yes liked him and tells her tom never ever you wherever you are everything is authenticating ultimate truth exactly as it is
but as soon as you say exactly what it is you cannot find out ultimately what it is other than just just this and that was what buddhism coast just such this
the such this of things
i think we'll see the thing is about this that so sterling's we all know this
we really do everybody knows this i've never met anybody who didn't know this already
but knowing it doesn't mean that you said i know there's no and now now now i'm gonna go and start living my life differently
just like that and to be may you may not
most of the most other
practice discussions that i've had both as a practice or called practice leader
you want to reaffiliation as a big one and going to teachers
is that there's always a feeling that are not quite adequate i'm not quite getting it right
and if you go and have got it right
other countries if you actually gonna say i understand i'm already buddha one show me
and then you think there's something you have to do to show it on top of what you just did
this is the game of them
mrs is xin uses concepts and and so on to show us the emptiness of our concepts but that are dependent the core reason and must be so that we don't we that there's not that i that exists separate from this process that is arising called you and me
or yet and us or consciousness
and suddenly when we're permeated with a sense and like somebody called it like being flooded with
what is a melting honey slowing down over you
his essence of joyous this because everything just as it is is already pure is already happy just as it is including all the horror of the world
ah i can't buy that if i bought that i would just smile and children
being destroyed and some know you hate
can you see why you wouldn't
it doesn't mean that suddenly that things are perfect he's gonna put you in a position where you're going to stand out of the way things are because then you really find yourself and pull yourself out of the world again
which is another way we try to understand buddhism's by abstracting ourselves for our experience
despite of it again
this is my deluded way of of speaking about these things
so let's see what awkward other parts of this
what about you know they're very interesting things he's born on the night of the buddha's enlightenment
this i suggest
i mean why would the i mean the people that wrote that story long before case on thousand and three for days or something didn't believe that they used it as a metaphor for three treatment
why with you
the perfect omen
snow omens omens of to a big part in classical
he's just thought and western thought for that matter to
in other words religion and the miraculous are integrally you know we have this these scientific materialist minds of since the age of enlightenment but not so long ago people in the west not the same thing very clear about them the miraculous things that we have we seen a miraculous
business of of the atom maybe and so on but it's a little different from the
making the kind of anthem for morphic miraculous
how about going through the keyhole i like l when he has pretty good as wonderland yeah that's how it goes on to wonder that is to be huge for lid off either know but what would the keyhole what i'm in the interesting image the key hold the key holder new
but there's an actual rock where people who have gotten to this level girl and take the rock and squeezed that eat their fingerprints so when i read that equates with pinky on and i just bought a on average the pictures of that rock people actually go there is a
of practice and they also have a what is that shroud of jesus on years touring me from her
well there are more worlds and adjunctive and your philosophy original write the song
this our world but he did for with iraq as point where we can ah where we know this is our world we can walk through walls i'm looking forward to that
well i leave any repair
but such as low i don't want to get into this discussion has been that i would love some this this would already be is a pretty faint humming this already just as it is is about as far out as you can get as far as i can see but there are infinite number of dimensions
not known the question about that you know in a certain state of samadhi i don't know if
when john is stated his i had a korean monklands tell me that at some stage and listed for seven days are going to sleep
just and sit and he'd been sitting more than seven like fourteen days course you fall asleep but he just kept sitting at one point he could go through the wall the wall open the way you can see everything through it there's no question of our he was in a sort of this supernormal state and a paranormal
subaru state he could understand the miraculous of things up
a bug flying around his ear was the universe there was no difference there is no difference and all that he went to his teacher is teaching that's bullshit
don't get stuck with that stuff that's just you know that's just you know on audi audi cause that is how i heard anything from functional macchio but not only module
well mike your ghosts are you know
it's illusion but actually he said the research data of of
yeah of going into the states of exertion when you can leave her by
and the odious in india could traditionally do that and some of them still do they're like a
neglect since a thirty corolla crawley baba was hoses the korean coast thoroughly baba he was one who people swore that marine corps alibaba and could be a two places at once because people would see if the two places at the same time they say how could there possibly be so i you know i'm not an actor
as it comes from an experience but i'm just telling stories
between his teacher said that's closer
you didn't make it a huge thing that's not a huge my dad rat visited least interests are actually he's the where he wasn't bullshit shouldn't i mean it wasn't he actually have either mean it wasn't as easy as don't get stuck there
it's very appealing to suddenly have this this sense of enormous radiant power that you know that you can move around and well as i flying in a dream or something like that
but that is that it would be getting caught in one thousand really be putting a ban or up
the whole thing about emptiness is to come back into the format started with swansea to finally understand what emptiness is an ashy stress and the interdependence of things and our grasp ability of phenomenal ultimately but it's another thing then they have to come down off them up
after misty mountain peak and that's what this practice is about for us if we claim that were already enlightened as dolenz mg place already buddha tennis practice that we do the manifesta in this dimension that we live in called the world
which is a pretty much our invention
our culture rated invention
then this story of a day
this disaster three parts to his
they kissed the the attendant to grow into who knows all the stories that he doesn't get to go to them
there's been concentrating because is not realized from becomes realized you to attend a council meeting
is certified as the holding a story but there's still another enlightenment that hasn't happened yet so what does that mean in my of shelving the dog is real realizing that said that enlightenment is instrument practices confident because it is because enlightenment is metaphysical practice practices and a regular basis and
is manifests right there
at this moment is into infinity so maybe at some point that least according he had to take that like step not only does you need someone like ananda who can authenticate the teachings that there's somebody who really remembered what through the sash
but that maybe that's a symbol that there is as i don't know what what we might call our collective unconscious memory or something that we pass on i don't know i just thought that if we played telephone call in this room i could tell him a very simple story about america knew it would be quite different so even if you remember the story and pass it along it was very likely
the change very quickly so maybe it means something to beyond just a political historical need to pass on of tradition that you need an amanda amanda ananda i love not enough the another in your junior
structure of religion particularly in those days remember we talked about the need for an authentic traditions passed a law
thus have i heard

but damn talking i want to hear what your views are you have a i really liked it
i think that that
when you read
there's always the
yeah that sense
what about the same time that at the it and then add to compare put a teacher and she wasn't allowed expected to cost better as well until you to do you need you need a certified occur
to bring their stories down that she was that certified by who else and having the same understanding than that he couldn't be authorized in
as it were to carry on the tradition or to pass on the tradition
you need somebody who was the secretary of you can remember it all and of course this is this is legend
how many suit for switches either of the buddha
asked for thousand or something that was forecast that was well that's one on
that's what that's the mean a of was the endless numbers of switches and who who is it that can account for it
we forecasted an obvious
to practice authentication like enlightenment this activity was the next day
doesn't practice in the item
when i think jovan since you would say it does but i think you would also say that if you realize that there was a difference that he that you had a subtlety of understanding the new your life would be practice
but as somebody who first came when i first came to buddhism i understand that i was separate from practices on then before her these teachings i mean i i haven't yet thus i haven't there hasn't been a non-diet who's passed on additions and that i could hear it
until you can understand what the distinctions are the several distinctions are then you might think that practice as he says practice and realization are two things
from once you hear the practice and realization are the same that you already practicing your life that everybody stone walls pebbles everyone's already practicing their lives just as it is
then you might say to yourself off that's fine and i don't have to do anything more you could say that
but i don't think dogan zingy you satisfied with that because i think you would say well now that you realize that now you have the really practices and the way you really practices is to take it out into infinity into the into the conventional world just as it is that was you push the limits of conventional world further and further and they had no limits finally
because this internet
for duet these things really are two things really and authenticate me jimmy i think the there's a big word for dogan zingy them we authentic eight practice the our activity yes through the form aspect of activists yes as emptiness guess
for as form
how about reach bad
my spine
what metaphor about later
you don't get me there's a lot of sense from china standards that are speaking as metaphor i thought message i started understand it sometimes when people are talking they're not actually a using words in these languages stuff i know what they're doing is practically
practicing their lives just as we express his practice why i think i've been able to hear that the hopes of speakers and teachers you know an exercise in today and i said picky because a the to talk about this for miles and spirit i worked with the taste necessarily as well yeah
you her have a opening of his i and i said a no further and visit this is a representation of what you're saying is of cinematic for years
it can communicate
i can't say well yes you can and that's i heard you can say is practicing but we don't use we don't use language self consciously that way when i pick up with use a hand me the cup and i don't sit the sink henry the cup that's already in place
but the word and is the sense hand me the cup is a representation of an activity and the cuff but their representation of the activity and the thing itself the cup as and now verbs and nouns were learned at the time that zook slowly at that time when we were a culture rated ourselves
perception and neighbors came up together and daddy the cup yes know if you know that a year and a half i begin to understand what that means
but here's what i can reuse the that if we use the catholic faith bringing get in trouble for use language is a think he didn't cover
get rejected because the i'm using the cup is wrote that i get tired why would you get in trouble because it's hot
because i'm attributing some reality but yes i understand what you're saying but you have to first understand that you must attribute your reality the concept to the thing then through the concept that that's what you're doing you understand this concept deconstructs itself when am just trying to draw an analogy mighty range of the same way you might
language like using language to talk about you're using an aged over language but botanical type
i suppose that's because that is where speed most times if i guess my practice
well i think go make up a cop he was such that
not just talking
i think your museum is exactly the buddha just the way you get it right there that's just it just what we're doing a no difference no gap
i sat right now
this is buddha taught the buddha
but there's a gap year because we don't believe it
and the reason we don't believe it because we think that's just an idea about something we think there's going to be some other thing beyond the idea
there's something besides our concepts around put this might be and that might be true except they won't come to the for it cannot be articulated until it becomes conceptual see that realization is itself
such this
so is that what we're thinking about it
is the thinking itself
it's the doing itself is this moment arising and passing away itself

as i see it as as as i understand organs and jesus
as i like to think i'm practicing my life
but if i grab that and then use that as a model and then of course i always put bringing that up in deuteronomy and watching myself then i've divided myself again you know how it is when you work on your computer today down there you are just you were absorbed into that work you weren't think you are standing on to yourself and watch it is
over there you were just doing it
really enjoyed the promise of enzyme told engagement of for what you call yourself and the objects of your perception not but he is possible to measure of their coffee sundays i'm really gauge like
as as the same trick with here's my idea of our practice
and very appeared that eventually helpers there there's the idea of you expect be something behind the idea yes
but that's new study to see if there is anything behind the idea
oh since me i don't know but listening to what i what i'm get a run for i'm thinking for myself right
get my attention
quality my attention was different
and that there are times when i am wholeheartedly giving my attention to things and then ecological i'm really not that how i feel that okay but the times that you're really not gonna buddha well it's not whether or not a buddha but it's
if what he said
so it's like
you know that like on
but not really paying attention than and i'm not really practicing you always paying attention or it was previously i've always imagined thing but a lousy practice no no no i disagree you think that that that this from this point of view that lousy practice that's exactly what what dogan practice is just that
just what you're doing that way everything is arising perfectly to support just what you think is lousy practice
that is our delusion we indulgence and you must go back to your delusions
and what of the delusions is this is lousy practice that's how we live with this kind of dichotomy there's no separation of in the dichotomy however
so what is greatly understanding delusion made it in a killer like this exactly like this that there is no
separation from great understanding delusion enlightenment empty just exactly what do you think delusion enlightenment is as that a moment and it will change doesn't for moment to moment when you think to move when you practice and think of as a delusion and enlightenment and that moment depends on everything else in your life
i probably like got a little bit of what is said because this for the question was arising with was there's there's one way of understanding collusion which is well as looking at it psychologically and they're looking at it this mountain
and even a lot of ways to look at our delusions and then hoo i was just thinking that maybe i just say there's a way of understanding a delusion which is to see right through it to the enlightenment so yeah enlightenment and delusion or the same thing we're right enlightenment is the ultimate nature of to loosen know
i just switched languages so
could have that going back through the way and up his language that we learn language was a complete sense of it just transparency like daddy get that it a cut you know it the word and the action and the thing are all completely i'm accustomed to their and so a little children with us
where's that layers there and can get on the page next to me i have power and that he played the candyman you stare and then you we get kind of cell smarting some questioning and contextual are hope that your understanding of the of talk is a couple along with language as well as we get pretty good and tweak press because
masters that it and only then does that become transparent eugene
well yeah i think you're right a one of the things as we use you see language languishes instrumental as a kind of veil as i said before as a kind of way that we that it is used like a suit of clothes and on top of realities of or suffer from that reality but it's not separate from that reality
and we use language to see
but now that there's such a thing and news as reality and that's separate from reality that's a linguistic conventions and i'm using the jam map
no i'm talking to our local fasting today i saw this out the younger girl and she seemed quite annoying me
the it she was just quite nine think that i mean that it right here if not to do nothing else you know quietly quietly an template menthol thing i boot is buddha dharma as i see does not make a good little boys and girls
they're grumpy the grumpy buddhas and there are a serial polluters and there
depressed buddhas and share sensitive to their long branches and xin and a short branches history bugs that one does it worry about the guy got could turn into a fox news for hundred million zingy said it was wonderful five hundred lives are being a fox the five hundred lives a buddha
this dog is as you said about it dog is as you said you can't eat the rice cake in the picture
you do eat the rice cake in the picture you made the picture you're painting a picture with your mind you're eating at all the time the whole world is nothing but a painted rice cake
in gubbio and manages yeah and gabriella this is grew glucose as is really the quintessential point of view that domains mg is holding a and it's a radical point of view because it really leaves you out in what we call it kind of chaos and space there's nothing get home of this and that is what he kept chickens
thousand is through it and when ah
okamura shock okamura once said in one of our prejudices
there's nowhere you can she possibly judge as who are judging that all ones hint of course i've been judging at all this time on my doing it always going back to central headquarters checking in david and jennifer
if you had it yesterday but today and i'm doing so will your mind is all over the place you must really be you know really bad day or so what he said that was like a e o of have understood what goldman was trying to get out and then i begin to get just a taste of the profundity of that five that is release into your life just as
it is imagine enjoying the alleged just as it is folks without any improve it because as soon as you do improve so what's the point in factories that make like practicing the precepts of your life is already well that's that's why you know people say if if i understand this that i won't practice the precepts anymore but if you really understand what i'm so
saying here you already been nationally practice in precepts you you will see the world is something so something separate from yourself to exploit
it also it to be i'm over here pakistan these precepts of there if like to come out here to be i'm understanding as you asked me that question was how you asked many questions i couldn't respond to it so media appreciate we arise this question arises as you and me together that question between us
so that we're constantly are raising these questions among ourselves and looking at them but nurses among ourselves among us were telling these stories and as we tell him refine them we add onto them we changed them is dependently car reason it's a living thing it's a practice is it's a process is
a dynamic process and we what we call life for
anyway sometime
yeah the military because then i think to the other you know what off what i understand terms of you know looking i could i find it off it
you know number
diana my life and and accept it so you know is truthful years thing about that everything's coming up is pregnant i find a place snippet and a lot more instrument and there there's the head of contradictory with i feel something that we have like annoying anything or angry or greedy or anything that i probably shouldn't look to
except the and and i was like as parental mind they actually away i kept and have they still act on skillfully i don't know but i can can feel that are not as aggressive because out why i'm okay with acting that way and infinite know what's going on then probably a will project at one side myself and also known as the other
people with those afflictions i am or you know i'm having even had to makes me more accepting of it's size it's kind of a paradox mean like why he knows if something comes up in akron lawyer because that isn't there you know it hinders katanga really and pakistan and yeah i agree that whatsapp month
don't miss teaching a really something item isn't it's an amazing teacher
the measurements just as it is is the divide event
well i think we should stop as a quarter of and i do what i can create the question of books how many people are getting books tonight
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