Transmission of the Light Class

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Tuesday: Breaking through the conceptual veil, Kasyapa, nothing to be transmitted, investigate the conventional world to the limit, Kukkutapada

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do we
a handed out
the xerox copies if you happen to admiral
the second case for precaution kashyap

the guy and carry extra
ha noi don't
and i said last week gun
said something about
how and why we have this thing called transmission
and i said something i think about down
and the evolution of
so-called enlightened that as it was understood and practiced in india
in the sense that it required
a process of past of purification
not only over one night time but over series and lifetimes
under the and when the context still
trask migration that regeneration
that when go to china that was no longer the case that there is already in place a culture that
it's a taoist and confusion
dual experience for life
that one from any class
too hard work and effort
and abandonment of
clingy i suppose
could accomplish and could achieve in this lifetime
that's something we would call enlightenment that is the dropping a way of our
attachments the following free free freefall gay
the to open space
and then when it got to japan
during the thirty and by the time the thirteenth century rolled around for the
zen church was just coming into its own along with be
churches of
she groaned
meet you
the because of the historical causes and conditions obtaining at that time
there was
as usual in history
her new need for a modus operandi in apprehending what is this thing called buddha dharma is about and that something
came forth that had already started in china
it wasn't placed in japan to some extent and that was called the time maria
home gakuen or the concept of the doctrine of original enlightenment
and that he had his fear further purification in duggan's and geez
a qualifying statement in
not only to all beings have buddha nature or the potential for good and nature all beings are already
i had only practices required to realize the often certification of that realization and that it would dogan zingy rather than a transformative process is more one or just realization and everyday miss of our life
and that as it was passed along and his church who set up to date hazy
when he finally managed to break away from the
orthodox religious circles of the

i'm a hard time today with a with remembering word so please bear with me
anyway with the establishment if say breaking away from that when data has a considerable struggle for him to do so
he found a rich patron
no to haunt a western japan who's set em up and what is now a hazy and that his
very pure way of practicing that is very strict monastic practice
did not have a lot of fun
at that time to the laity two people at large the world at large
letter was left to his heirs to spread the word for word of what in fact buildings inches you know did not even believe in calling his practice zen or soto's now
there was the
how does the dharma was the buddha dharma
without sectarian
there's left to his heirs corny jaw
the particular tattoo geeky guy who has as i said some problem we don't know what it was historic in but he was kicked out a specific set up his own establishment
the keys are joking studied under him
and it was case i'm joking if i think felt that he needed to go back to some chinese sources and order to authenticate
and authorize the soto law school in japan to go back to to establish a lineage connected up to the chinese so called
real and legendary chinese ancestors all the way back to indianapolis is shockey modi and there's already in place transmissions of the lamp and china which he had recourse prospect so this is what behalf
as a result of them and
these are lectures apparently that he actually gave to his sanga during their ongoing during their and ninety ninety days practice prudes
the fourteenth century thirteen for this entry
so last week we start with shakyamuni of course and and that story of shaggy money we all know very well how is that was very interesting one wanted one of the
it's here it seems that there's some some aspect of phenomenon phenomenon that sets off
an intense and long period of practice that sets it off or crystallizes at or on
prince it to ahead
jackie moon is case was called to see in the morning star and and doing sean's case it was walking across the stream seen his face other cases of you know breaking a foot are
anyway as some physical using some physical event both to one suffering for him phenomena
is the precipitating event the kids loose all of this study and there's what's called a sudden breakthrough the realization when what does that breakthrough what is that realization as something devoutly to be wished to think where we all
have set ourselves up to practice and hoping that in some way we can have the same realization her what might be characterized as something of the same
breaking through the veil as it were the film
the conceptual film and veil that separates us from the world that sets us up into a separate identity to which we claim with fear and trembling him an existential anxiety and so far
always thought was interesting with dogan or with them the story of shockey money because you know
the morningstar being venus the beauty of venus arising as a morning star and the old world
in the india it was called the harbinger it was the servant who
preceded the the morning sun rising of the sun we bringing the lamp or habit to announce the new data was the enlightenment the their brightness that was coming
so i don't know if that was later incorporated as that old engine into the story or psyche brings enlightenment or not but i think it's very interesting fact
that it was that very beautiful thing but we see in the morning and have been at tassajara in the morning
from the east and seen that is for kristen wareham the buck elemental aspects of the day
at any rate each one of these stories
he set up in such a way that

he's i understand it and the there seems to me that we read these stories and ponder them
and anyway you try to grasp of anyway you try to come at it with your mind kind of defeats the purpose
i'm really getting hold of it in some ways ten of like mercury getting on of mercury and kind of slips out of our grip or matter how he try
when i think by a careful reading of these stories at least we'll understand
what case i'm joking understood as a disciple of buildings and jews zinn
practice of the buddha dharma what they understood enlightenment to be
and as i said last week as it certainly does not seem to be
some unchanging historical consciousness but is something that is constantly changing and and in tokens in this case is not a one time event that has to be renewed and every dangerous and everything we do
right right in front of us is the possibility of this moment of realization of dropping away body and mind body and mind dropped away shinji in dothraki
she have any questions about last week's story since we kicked off
so that's yeah pressing that greenhouse will references to our original unlike the i just can't help it contrast that with the concept of original sin can i help as an avid faces
oliver activity and how you
some level could actually become you could actually almost understood the same thing and away in over just needs sounds like sounds sounds so kind of like opposite trend you know
certainly is more
inspiring to be my life

just it will always have go into that i think ignorance and the first
lincoln and twelve links of the clinical origination has been
the eastern doctrine
original sin that budi said it know a diagnostician of are suffering rebecca
it's a misapprehension her a misunderstanding of the nature of reality that causes are suffering
in the western world where centers because we did have not ah
we do not carry out the moral laws to god the creator of the different
that this world is given to us
the dominion
the man has dominion over
the world
quite different from the indian state of mind which was the world was a place to one of they get our pick
and that interestingly enough the doctrine of reincarnation westerners kind of like is another chance for easterners thought that lifetime after lifetime after lifetime was living now gotten the results to happen to have you ever gonna be doing the same thing over and over i understand this that your your point and
i was just thinking about it is like kind of original were dualistic domestically speaking you know like enlightenment being like home you know like one forward in his inner inmates me out of whole and
but the original sin was needed for the tree of knowledge right well the knowledge that couldn't have a listen to the to elegant
a well you know it's a
i think i brought up last week that it is an indispensable
download that a procession
mediated by concept
that is to say how our perceptions of reality as we project our her
as we see phenomena we project upon at our concepts and then react to the force of our own projections and next a of now that's kind of ignorance which is he be interpreted in some senses and
there we do place
rare find
that we give to objects our ideas of what they are from our side reapply that solidify that divide the world up into discrete manageable units and think that is reality but it's a little miss bit of a misunderstanding as i as as and last week
i think it could have got maturity and and others that a raw or basic resection of the world of first flash and sixty fourth of a second
before the arising of concept cannot be in itself articulate the nature of reality that requires language requires fans have to do so

so that one you know no central authority that to rush reception i know we're having a whole we are three-way dialogue about this
well a according to what dared communal real writes in his introduction to the sunday stances on margaret juna this he said that no one school broke up the within a within the wink of an eye there are sixty four distinct beats and the first
beat of that is a direct perception immediately after that sixty four them to snapper because they have a finger or says a blink of an eye are some says never the finger but simply depends how fast you think i guess
which school scores
well this would became the prosodic school that passion came out of the earlier on
why wasn't the retires so much before you retire before isn't when amy goldstein
metallica know before can the was glad or not i bought the car car traffic for name is outside tried to go i
okay let's less the car schioppa this
so just in time but such crusher for case he said last week
i'm thinking
i was thinking that a
learn that came out of all of my thinking was transnational
if it transcendence whether it's good or evil you know cancer
in stories well it's interesting because i don't personally think that that's what dolans and she's interested as in transcending who were to go during his injuries is much more interested in realize in the world as already buddha i trust in there was an earlier
a concept as i understand but maybe so maybe pressing this is part of it's more of a realization of things as they are that that's what i would define as transparent as a a fierce and realized
i'm not him the two hours monday as well non-duality asleep so so as there another word that isn't listeners damn little
all we're not according to die
always from in australia and the only thought was that
now this is a famous story of course which actually keep legend and trimmed down later
about the story about maha kashyap have been the first one to get transmission face to face transmission the impact my cv imprinting of them of the one mind
and as think we should read it
he will have a copyright and try to get some copies for let's start with it would you start less read a lot i'd like to pass it around them greetings little bit m with you start note when the buddha raised a flower handling his eyes cause your body broke out in a smile
the buddha said i have the treasury of the i have truth the ineffable mind of nirvana these i interest to kashyap off again on that phrase you know i think you know that their phrase the treasury of the eye of the truth is what should we going to show up against as the organization
kushner paul was born in a brahmin family in sanskrit crusher bombings drinker of life what he was born a golden light fill the room then went into his mouth
hence he was called costs your pop drink or life his complexion was golden and he had thirty of the thirty two major marks of grapes and unless we drew went over there really isn't anything new for any comfy jackie you have

kesha are met the buddha at a shrine known as to shrine of many children the buddha said qualcomm many again cash shop or having already shaved his head and madonna patchwork vestment then the buddha entrusted him with the treasury and the i have truth cassia a package
austerities and never wasted any time
only seeing the ugly
an association initiation of his body and the wretchedness of his clothing everyone doubted kashyap back because of this every time to food i was going to give a talk in some place to either he shared his seat with kashyap ha who danced for thenceforth was the senior member of the key
has jaco was not only the senior member of shocking with me to this community but he was being attracted leader the communities as all the buddhas to the past he should know that he was an ancient buddhist do not just class him with the other disciples of further
you can read couple of paragraphs
for for an assembly of eighty thousand on spiritual mountain the buddha raise the flour and blink his eyes
no one knew meeting our remain silent and cassiopeia a loan broke into a smile the buddha said i have the treasury of the i have true the ineffable mind of nirvana and the former teaching of completely illumination
i interested off because ya know the thing is about this of course presents important because
i mean this this particular beginning of holding up the flour is emily and some ideas why that my pc
begin the transmission yeah but why that my flower well beyond beyond description or it was silent and was the silent transmission is an interesting aspect of it
for the perception products for a look at that point but yes but at least you know when later bodhi dama was say the understanding of their the transmission of truth is
not released not necessarily rely on other words and scriptures direct perception a direct message and the media communication
so this is always an extremely important
the stories we know for all these and heritage now the all schools of zen and of course many of the on are based around this declare
so ready to fire me
what does the say what i mean to you
you pick a single flower and hold it up what he was showing what you think
when you think
from my perspective at this moment ah which is very conventional
i would just see beauty
i only have a hard time thinking how it and quick represent the garner an empty nest or the transmission or realization
well remember that is far as billions mg in the
you know that was saying that we're going to go to dimension the internet is the the one teaching the one the one trace the one thing when the one emphasis whether it was reciting the name of the of the suit raja
sitting zazen
never in in somatic practices that we've been reading at lunch every day at present endurance on he talks about stone walls and that that i get that heart
he didn't really know that there's a phrase in busan says
raising a single flower in the universe booms
a single an elaborate ruse a single blade of grass swirling build our sanctuary never in the book of serenity
so i can understand the blade of grass
flowers is step
he's the founder of my rational now would it matter what we picked up
i'm equally picked up a handful of dust
where is it like this is is it isn't it like saying this his justice is that you have the same thing don't you think so i think so
just this just act as who asked to picking up his flour and holding it up
but that's only half of the act
what's the other half
another was a transmission
get it
by the time
you know our
let's say that there's an inside joke raped and i wink at you and you went back we understand what that would mean is i care
get it i get it we pass it on without another word words just this acid up we understand
but the nature of the secret is different different court where you're saying like precision inside joke right
so it is a joke is a joke because only one person has gone down a few people know him well only this to understood it was persuaded by their sergio
in the story way it seems that nobody else seemed to understand the hands of he picks it up and
my kashyap a smiles

purchase the my mention a translation i have yeah it's true dyspnea reading my words ergonomic which is back when the world's on at once said welcome them to kin his hair fell office of results to he shed his earthly body and he was miraculously clothes in the ropes
mark and disaster if you go on that one way we haven't eaten as the and shaped on zero here are some significant yeah was yes
the cleary drops a lot of the
no kind of supernatural
i wonder wondrous stuff that happens in the early indian
transmissions that are passed along and the chinese and so we i think you think so we've which is just too much for us it is for most westerners bring them the magic stuff we just can't quite by and we were scientific rational us
is the same texts translated seem to ask how interest
the listen a little bit that she just ran have a clue that wherever it's needed will appear as if they still here
what what is it
the teacher or the mama hook transmission the understanding we've been a symbol of their yeah to be
so maybe less my rational mind saying that it's not just projects hurts
well here it saying i'll also on
then the buddha interested in you see when you put on the patch with investment than the buddha entrusted him with the treasury of the under the truth even before the sensitivity about hair holding up the flower
we'll get into that he'll talk come back to talking about that
right then as my cassiopeia transformed before his very eyes and to mendicant monks and was transformed into a mendicant monks and became his right hand man so to speak
the right them there was the transmission and seems
released a step in the transmission
okay let's go on where are we so called raising of the flower that at that time and then transmitted purely through a succession of masters not erroneously allowing outsiders to know how and yeah no well now we start with the taisho of the dolmatoff of keys or himself
this is his words about it and of course
in order to authenticate the tradition we have to feel that this is transmission that has passed down to
father to son
generation after generation so to speak for kind of pedigree line
what i what i understand early the know we still do these transmissions at night at midnight and in a room
enclosed in red which is a cursor
i say yeah
symbol of with bloodline and passed along sore
is it wasn't kind of secret ceremony but i don't think it is anymore but it was in those days
probably because the you know one of the one of the books i've read is because even want the other schools to nomar is that what the transmission was the way they pass it on
and who outsiders who who he means by outsiders is very interesting question because he mean just lay people who doesn't mean other clergy using
time is it reminds you of her
coins or transmission in live on itv well they did that see your hands that's a very the crusher to because the guinan and the story we won't get us to hurry
that he received the the rope in the middle of the life the sixth legendary sixth and since to chinese ancestry buddhism and then
apparently get had already been the case as
way no good he was an outsider that was the problem he wasn't also like he was not so well he was a riot callum right yeah
that's the story as the legend which is easy about we know of course is that is he's illiterate he's not one of those learned scholar types that if you're learning and memory is the he's a guy that just here's something from the diamond sutra and immediately as he's carrying woods puts down his life and goes and finds the teacher
and a question or the story
the two ways of
the two poems the handwritten between
yeah senior mungkin for him know how the cinema what than one was
criminology boggy his life
we are here instead gas deer stand to my use like a deer near continually polish to let any dust pollen and winnings and
there's no areas characters the body is not anywhere like you like an stand of a mirror and the mind is
mt therefore and what there was nothing from the beginning and what could dust like so the project a paramedic teaching in the second thing fact that there is nothing to be enlightened
there is no one to be enlightened then there's no enlightenment actually
but of course both of those you must also practice and study him clean up your mind and your actual was speaking to realize can be one of these traditions that there is ultimately nothing to be cleaned up
so you get to see side by side
that's a really interesting time in the checking the history of the transmission and i think
ah what's his name that wrote via
stemming here i broke the chinese heritage prisoner and his handiwork andy warhol
erica henderson and dandy is coming here and going to talk about that another on wednesday nights out he here yeah
some of the heritage in some of the past you know there's a whole political question about that is it's really very doubtful that we may here actually
was the sixth patriarch
but doesn't really matter perhaps held him as long as the church felt that it needed some oxygen asked authentication then that's what seems to matter in people's minds that they that we have some kind of imprimatur and stamp of authority for authorization
i have a hard time with the personally i don't think we've actually need at least mister contagious americans from i'm not i'm quite alone may be and by reaction to this mean we will offer your followers of gas teaching the hackers no way
we see various traditional provision training wheels yeah like to take away in fact that what what all of these stores are tying about is there's nothing to be transparent
that isn't already the case but we have awoken after that fact
what is it that bad guy
how am i return autonomous met a stroke or something let them to surrender
i most really get in touch to talk because i cannot come up with proper names anymore just a hoot mussa mussa russo so sick you know almost system so sneaky was he was a famous fourteenth century
fifteenth century chinese monk and so had his enlightening experience and he said
him he broke his top
new yorker you've been practicing years and years and years studying there is a year after year i dug in the earth looking for the blue of heaven
only to feel the pile of dirt choking me until once can the dead of night i tripped out a broken brick and kicked it into the air and saw that i had without a sock smashed the bones of the empty sky
so he looked for buddha everywhere north pole salt pool howard johnson since and of
one day broke his toe unless like much was a month period as
broke the smash the boards the arctic all things are empty and yet ah tell me all things are empty when you break a total waste of your tone that somebody preached the doctrine of emptiness to at that moment so what do we make question
furthermore let's go on furthermore the therefore it is not known professor the doctor
he memorabilia
recovery gets better the so-called raising of the flower at the time has been transmitted purely through a succession of master masters not run the allowing outsiders to know about it therefore it is unknown to professors doctrines into many teachers maturation bit of dig their right
i wish the they do not know the reality why ha seriously
what is this
obviously they don't know
furthermore this story such as a day
is not a record of the assembly of on spirit clown these words were spoken
in entrustment of the request of the shrine of national know it goes back to when you met him
the records that say it took place on spiritual mountain are wrong unless you're sure of the of enlightenment was recreated there was this kind of ceremony ceremony noses in quotations therefore if he were not a master bearing the seal of the enlightened mind crash opera were not have known
own the time times that of that raising of the flour and he would not have understood raising flour and they have some comment on it
who's then about them
sounds kind of when the teaching of like move to be there was a kind of ceremony therefore therefore was not a master bearing the seal of the enlightened mind if if it were not a master bearing the city and like my car schioppa would not have known the time of that reason of the flower
and so far
we thoughts on that
he had been remaining my times before moving
one idea but
choose something i mean after all he made kashyap on his right hand right from the beginning lol kasha became the buddha's
the meeting at a steady job
it was immediate a meeting meeting of the mind so yeah it says new legends at tasha had been
buddha's and past enlightenment and past he owns topless i don't know myself what it means but
now he says investigate carer for me see thoroughly know that kashyap but he is kashyap understand shakyamuni buddha shakyamuni buddha and simply transmit the were complete enlightenment in depth
so although we talk about this legendary historical persons
make his neck
which is very important of africa reality each individual yeah
if if if each is if the universe this is dogan says you know all things come forward to confirm the self but declares that when the self drops away
it's another way of in the universe realizes itself as you
personally as you doesn't it
suggest that
if all things come if we don't just go to try to grab the option of all things don't rush off to grab hold of everything and put them into our spaces is unusual habit but simply let things go than all things come forward to confirm
the road honored one who was none other than cedar
nevada that cedar
are you for me
she's begun
if if if i mean what are we talking about and what we're talking about here is that is a radical trip is a radical falling away of the ground from under our feet the usual patterns with which we have been a cultural imagine that you know that's a radical fundamentals stripping away of the usual
modus operandi that we deal with the world and yet if that happens to us the world is still there it's not like you know is in some other world it would have to be that this world as it is comes forward and and all of his particularity
it seems to me
right now right here
but january it seems that were we have is mine as trying to grab ahold of some aspect of and hold onto it but what dogan xinjian oliver same you've got to give up everything without exception let everything go there is no knowing there is nothing ordinary that you can no other than some conventional idea about it
does not something outside a convention that we're gonna real realized and that if we real real fight a conventional ideas we missed the point to her shop is just catching up
bert is exactly bert
in all of its
you need us you but more birthdays you don't know ultimately we don't know we don't ultimately we don't know what anything is
do yourself and model
is there such a thing as ourself we can get hold of other than what is coming forward at this moment and our usual reactive tendencies
it is the nearly how can we can't even though well we can know a conventionally known and we can understand that is dependably core reason and then to experienced that fact for a moment to moment that's with dobyns and she said to do one thing thoroughly
to understand the buddha right is that mattoon you know chopping care that's what sort of dennis was to be about that once that becomes the case you don't have to sit under the tree for seven days and so on and wait for the morningstar you just chopped carrots and
cut the grass
when lie in bed or whatever you're doing completely doing that
but without this useless separate self since it seems to be the steady thing over and against everything outside as movie
you should we have this senses i don't change i don't move everything else is changing but i'm making and under some thing called me
there has to be something stripping that away in how much we study at however thoroughly we try to investigate all of this finally after work give up
but you can't give up and say i'm not going to do it anymore because then you haven't investigated phenomena completed we put these saying you must investigate the conventional world to very limit
let's go
who's next i invested it right
leaving aside the raising of the flower for the moment everyone should clearly understand the blinking of the eyes
raise your eyebrows and blink your eyes and the ordinary course of things the buddha blink his eyes when he raised the flower
these are not separate at all
you're talking and smiling and kashyap is breaking into a smile or not different at all
well that sounds clear enough
there is a meme didn't do really believe there
but if you do not clearly understand the one who raised his eyebrows and blink his eyes then in india there is documentary buddha there is a shopper and in your own mind there is skin flesh bones and marrow so many optical illusions so much flowing dust
the for countless aeons can you surely will be sultan them for years to come
this is the wake up call to his sanga
we have called us
don't wait for tomorrow
okay first phone list
well whoever handled care
once you come to know the and yourself more time that has sharper and wiggle his toes in your shoes
he's not real
the red sox were raised his eyebrows the police concise sakyamuni immediate and anxiety when i am
that were shop of broken or smile her shop i immediately became enlightened
is this not then one is on

the treasury of the i the truth is interested she went stuff and therefore you cannot call it to shop for a shockingly there has never been anything given to another that there has never been anything you see from one mrs com true
wanting to reveal a shepherd shockingly hell of a flower to show unchanging a shepherd smile to show longevity
in this way teacher in apprentice see each other and a lifeline flows through completely enlightened knowledge
perfectly enlightened knowledge has nothing to do my thoughts to shepherd correctly kept hear his own conceptual facility check your faculty and went into
let's check out money to is eternal
therefore since before you were born it has been pointed out directly implicated simply extending over all time classic everywhere
therefore you should have looked to two thousand years in the past
if you just work on
hello kitty
she ever will be able to appear in the today without i'm going into prototypes are now i try to find look at to at the bar but i've been finding reference to you know
i try and every word in the below communist
no learn and you can let as an associate isn't that much freer
of puffs alumni from lack jesus his physique ease and facility
move laboratories are some kind of speed and is there like laxative
eating that lacks the that stuff
i'm crazy i don't think they have the same
you know when someone says move with alacrity the interests or ethical can step on it and get moving
i don't drag your and a tail that's and that's gone
there wasn't a with yes
theoretically struck by something and on a piece of
there are contradictions where you get up this
certain culture over and over again here's you're seeing how many ancient ancestors and transmission something that actually look that sounds almost all that i don't know what to push some buttons you know about who you know will lead us in or snobbery for then then they will they had students because it's just there for you should now look to two thousand years
the the camera so you know after setting up something i fit and it totally gets cut away and i just find that very often
interest rates for coal what we do here well they're trying to i think what he's trying to say yes there are essentially thing as a pass and a tradition has passed out that everything that comes to us comes from yesterday
innocence everything we don't so on comes what we call the past to this moment but at the same time it is this moment that realizes everything that work has come to us from the past so you can have one without the others again this dependent core rising idea i think that he's trying to stress here and this of course he's taken some of this page from
be interesting to talk to someone i care of your fellow against read the chinese original to see if he does with dogan does because dolan zingy was set up the proposition at the beginning of a sentence such as things are eternal and but can we get to the end of the sentence he will be actually turning that and saying things are exactly as the
are now have never arrived in prison before so
i think is part of around
the idea that the problem with language is not the words or the language itself but his are grasping some aspects of language and then but as we said before then projecting that for the heat can somehow through skillful means set up language that deconstructs itself especially in one sentence in a
aspect of that you tried to get hold of
and see that of all things dependably depend on everything that one thing is dependent and everything else and vice versa
then we can understand without getting caught by the shakyamuni historically or by thinking you know i'm shakyamuni buddha without any kind of
because after all we are hearing this tradition we are using language and so on the pass on what are
ancestors and least some of them in this tradition that has come down from the last eight hundred years to us here to understand something to tonight in this place so who's sitting here tonight doing this you know
it has to be the same here raise your eyebrows and blink your eyes and hold up your book until the same kind of activity is constantly being manifested but not out of a clear blue sky has been manifested in terms of what's come before but always knew i was always knew always fresh
just as eyelashes lashes for moment to moment and finally ungraspable ultimately
doesn't the says i was gift from reading this is that kind of feeling is that we you have to have both
the past the traditions the language was which is which manifests aren't going to see through there
at this moment
let's get onto the end of this his next week
the setting
if you studied away sincerely investigate it
yeah we did that disaster
thus the flesh i'm checking on his body
still be one shot the smile you reload if you can reach this realm you will succeed to christiane by and yet because jacobi your air as what we talked about it is not only come from the seven years antiquity to you you can even be the route teacher on the same it
you can he was an endless beyond the passage of time transmission of the treasury of the i truth will still here
yeah i got this shakyamuni buddha also receives a request from chris yoga and is now in the heavens satisfaction be voted in an you are also be assembly on turtle mountain and she and he not heard the same always fighting on
the spiritual mountain and other dwelling places my land here will be safe securely great firebrands always thought the last year old humans that's referring to the end of the chopper you know capitalism are world system from its inception to the title is destroyed system
so ah i was really has how strange physics quantum mechanics and there's a new theory that came out that the damn bank has spread stuff around and that nothing is ever gonna come back together again because it's spread apart and too far apart
and it's going to a compared is pointing burn on the page through
yeah i'm catching up with poor
this occasion you joe's essential kit
well that's you know the with the world ending in flood fire on his
something deep in our
i think of ourselves that we know
okay just refers not only to the abode of the assembly on spiritual man how could anywhere how could how could any where we left out and to anywhere be left on think they should dressed in anywhere here
teaching spread about and mac
chameleon that interesting point
then as assembly here must be the assembly on spiritual health while that assembly on spiritual mountain must be this assembly here
the bruins have only appeared and disappeared depending on your diligence or lack of it
even today if you work on the way over and over path through it every detail shakyamuni buddha immediately appears in the world
stand yourselves the shockingly passed away and often times since you are children of buddha how could you kill the buddha so get to work either way to meet your loving thoughts
where'd you read the russia
both shakyamuni buddha is with you all the time whatever you're doing he is conversing and exchanging greetings with you never apart from you for a moment if you never see him you will be remiss and even the hands of a thousand for is are not teach you reach major to thank you
i have some humble words to point out is principal
know that in a report recently misty valley there is another sacred time and past is the electrical
what is the will vary with you read it the less of a lines from an administration official he says know more about for they are even
know that in your face a cloud covered valley was sacred time that passes through the chill up the ages
well in is also mentioned earlier about but the monastery well extreme okay goes on couple lines about today this descendants of diageo monastery and then in brackets i e successor of test to get guy the first and an attentional monastery behind to
save campbell words to point as principal do you want to hear them
and read it once more
the holidays of yeah yeah no no no that know that in a remote place in the cloud covered valley there's still a sacred time that passes through the chill of the age
well you know if you've ever been to haiti and the japan
is ten like tassajara most even call him in the winter is buried in stone and the course what is the sacred pine
it passes through what are cold
where's the sacred time that passes through and to check it's a stretch manage my f
me to try it passes through lifetime after lifetime
teach and even in this place and even mrs somebody tonight know that in a place
beside the ocean and this declare night
shakyamuni buddha raised his eyebrows and kashyap a smile
or has been cases this class may be found
f it had so
do you ever have the sense we've been doing this lifetime after lifetime together
a little bit imprint crambin different that i always a i was going kind of deja vu feeling and i've been doing this before as poems with because we have and i just forgot in this lifetime but
anywhere that this is true and cristiana genus seventy two in the buddha dharma and don't know about in this moments on but when you raise the banner when you raise the sacred tissue or when you raise the sacred
words and so on your manifest in the hole
the whole godhead or the whole buddha mind and software and ostensibly at least what they're saying we're doing every night
the problem is know quite believe it
he still go home feeling filled with anxiety and worry about what we're going to do them are
sort of the question authority for question that i was sort of a question of yet so so i just thought
shocking what he raised the father and cash the fireplace was the one person and the crowd he wasn't sitting there going on what does he mean by that he just saw the flyer with and
and now i don't remember what you just said but something felt like this well you know the in the whole thing about zen is that in zen it is thus posted in dialogues is not push being the mediation between what you're been answered with feature system you can write back with a without thinking
it's your immediate responses important and you'd rather than trying to calculate some kind of response
so in visit the chinese and was the hundred chinese invention of this whole tradition
so i think you're right and then huge advantage is delicious that reaction
when this arises at buddha that arises when this is not arising and wanna see that
so we're just about finished here down
hmm yes know yourself this assassin there so when i wiggle my of cashed out wiggles myself wiggles his toe and line and i thought well that's like being on a winning team you know what kind of a sports like the yankee snap
and so
being went away to see you now listen
i can't believe if you say a winning in the nurse we're in the l tell about a losing team but i don't know if the but
i just a t okay yeah well rounded were on the buddha team or the good at teeth and i got like this with my towel it's keshava you know that's pretty
that's pretty like while your ancestors could wiggle regular toes same similar you're wiggling and because they can wiggle your toes you
i mean i know back when dna was first reforming itself and sciences in a toll wig with limber
we his dna getting ready to leave his toes
the slime is us as though it say herman we met the sleiman is is us the
here's some form of the next to amanda
it's an islamophobe
can your extra please you your mental condition
if you're just a vicious oddity in the class please don't take what i need him
let me see if i have any from last week i awesome there
the courtroom
well are there are no books available in the marketplace but on the internet charlie is working to get so rich go oh well
so far has been ever they have to clearly but maybe you can we can get locked the for transfers he said referring to
here's was last used to talk to charlie
did you get worse
discover colorful best which actually i mean matter a on has been early has a lot out about her travels i have a list yes we have a list of our lives that
china has
but what will be able to get the butcher knife at least would probably going to have this can make easier of every way for us either
read and nanda your credit rating to head next weekend of is there something strikes you about it write it down when i was just were raised with priests were doing this with rev we'd all be required as is required people in on his other classes to bring a little home about
about our understanding of so you are so motivated
feel free to remarry
raleigh gonna be a recurring and do you have your wrap your comes that you really pulled out of their homes that i will all bad and kashyap oh i'll have her here
of so happy
but we do have some of them are kept some and someone who's very good people who know i don't have this book