Transmission of the Light Class

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Tuesday: Keizan Jokin, legitimate lineage, mind seal, hagiography, Keizan brought zen to the people, Shakyamuni's story

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when i yeah
first proposed doing this class i thought
that there would be adequate texts available to back it up that is to say the transmission of light
thomas cleary
translation and the transmitting of the light by the same thing but donald cook
we do have a copy or two and the library i put one up on the shit top-shelf deserve shell for your perusal
but unfortunately it turned out that they transmit the cleary translation has run out of stock and it's going to be printed this summer but alas not until after the class is over
i am trying to get some copies of the cook translation which i like very much and
in the meantime what i proposed to do and i think i'll continue to do as we go on is to make
xeroxes of the first few sections that we are
going to look at
i don't know how far will get who are no
some fifty three cases here even if we did tonight
going to be twelve we get done in six six lessons but the point is not that we go very far with it because
each case is similar to the case before but i thought it would be
interesting for us to get as far beginning with shakyamuni buddha as we could could get
we have in this class how many are new to the class never been here before this class know any any classes
the your your your part time i used pair for shorter can how about you to force a just guesser
well that makes it easier for me
since we have all times instance
every morning
we chance some sixty one
names dial shows that the buddhas and ancestors
we chant this lineage this genealogy of zinn
it has come down to us through case on jockeys
and that sixty one includes of course these six buddhism which and six buddhists before buddha
as well as for japanese ancestors
this particular text takes place or takes care of both text take care of the
twenty nine
indian and sisters
the twenty two japanese or chinese than the just two of the japanese dogan and call an angel tattoo guy who was the abbot at the time that kazan tolkien wrote this was not included he was still living and of course he did not
the case i do not include himself
so what i'd like to do before i hand out the first two
chapters is make a few
if i can a few preparatory remarks about the text itself the message of the text and even maybe how to read it a test like this or how to come at it
if i may
as much as for my own clarification is needed before yours

to the first thing considering the text itself why and how did to come that we have to have
a genealogy or ah
because you know in india this was not the case and in the first
seven hundred years in japan or china rather it was not so much the case it really became more thank you
it became important to after present school became began there were schools because began to be become the dominant competitive schools
a buddhism in china in the seventh eighth ninth centuries
competing for patronage competing for imperial favor
and the course
that meant as for the future of the particular sect that was struggling for it it's survival and existence as a sect of buddhism is insect a chance act
and it was of course
on chinese soil
and in china that was already as you know because of the confusion history background the whole sense of family or familiar lineage
who tradition was already in place in which the authority in society was the authority that has passed along from the case of families from father to son
and ah so on down a line of family
families but as and in truth also in any kind of formal practice whether that was practice of on
you know artisanship the master and the defend the student and disciple or whether it was in government
whether it was in religion it was important to establish credibility
by having a lineage and of course the lineage that was to be promulgated by this in traditions
needed to go for it
austin to city and its mom might say on
go all the way back to shakyamuni buddha in india of course this was something that took place in the soon dynasty
which was already almost two thousand and years after the event of
some eighteen hundred years ft the event as a shock and money and so the texts that were the lineage that would be established to the various stories that the various lamp traditions and they're already word lamp or around
lineage just been established by the other schools the pure land school for one
each would have have to establish their own particular
methodology of how they would
ah come to credibility

if you look in in cloud hall you see on the wall a genealogical chart of all this in schools
with many many successors issue of the school some of them dying out some of them supplanting other schools and so forth but the particular
single genealogy or
lineage of a school was usually with was just one teacher with and one disciple
rather than several passed down rather than name it all of them they're just name one like the father would give his recognition of this to the sun remains son and there was this idea already have what was called the seal or you know the sealing it with authority
he had also i had a stamp which they still use which we even used to the this day and their lineage that has come down to us as practitioners those of you are sitting with raucous who a part of this lineage and they catch you may argue the blood line and the pre to the bloodline and the priests apply
it was shocking money through ah
ha ha duggan's and then of course all the weight after case i'm joking
to the particular ah temple in japan
our monastery and l the abbott's saw that at tassajara that we have another thirty five or so
names since as is the monastery the home monastery that is added to the original
ah lineage this is the tradition of the japanese established later i don't know if they do it in china i did it in china so we'd actually check down there somewhat ninety six
buddhists and ancestors in tulsa her

see the thing was as i as understand it
it makes this interesting was that it wasn't a doctrine that the xin school wanted to pass on as such it wasn't something out of the written tag of the written sutras or the shastras or the commentary is that was too important to be passed on it was something much more intangible called of course the passing on of what the
most important thing of mind the enlightenment of our mind or the enlightenment of the light itself to pass on the light from person to person
the student would have the mind of his teacher for her teacher
this idea took hold in china because you see they already everything was already always sealed with officially with a seal and so this idea of the minds you will be passed on mind to mind that the teacher would impress his or her mind upon i usually you will use i think i'll use the term his because
just didn't include many women
at that time pretty much of a male dominated
so the idea of course of the masters mine being impressed upon the students mine and student and finding somewhere another student
which that understanding or that light could be passed on the idea of the lamp
the substance and the function of the lamp light being the image of of the teaching originally from shockey morning you might see as a kind of
repetition of a timeless identity one where they put it
which is something we'll look at
the particular idea has we get into it and the the text itself
the case who came to right
that's the kind of form he used was already
and in circulation it was the co on form and this is by the way the transitional light called the dinkel roku is one of the texts that is used
by the a tradition as well as the social tradition of the on tradition together with the blue cliff record in the gate escape room on khan
as a one of the books that students are expected to pass the koalas that are listed in the and the dingo roku can
and the first part of the dingo roku the way it has established is that the co on the case is first presented
it's kind of short story and then the after the case the history or the circumstances around which the student meets the master whose the two of them are wandering about looking for one another
and then
the next part of the third part is usually what you would cook cause the taisho or the actual zen teaching based on the particular call on corn is that it's not broken down that way in the clear translation but it isn't a cook and finally with a gotta the end of a summarizing
first for
to each case is written in the same way these this tradition is actually you know one could call it the hagiography and were hagiography is a study of
or biography of saints biography of exalted almost supernaturally exalted percentages and particular is you study the
the biographies that are
of the indian that twenty nine indian
ancestors their victims as a lot of it very young
what be just a supernatural phenomenon that has brought into play as we know from and the part of the indian mind case on joking actually took all of those particular cases and music chinese cases from to chinese classics about the transmission of the lamp so i won't bother to go into that's rather interesting
history in and of itself
and who was keys are joking ashley says maybe something about him for those of you were not too familiar with the history
so dogan zingy you know having ft you came back from china he
had his own particular i want to talk a little bit about the or took thirteenth century
teaching of
idea of enlightenment in japan but anyway dogan you know
when it first came back had a hard time with the traditional
ah ah
establishment official establishment i'm out here the
can take of the words night ten die the ten school was the oldest school long with a shingle and school the in japan had been the for years was very much establishmentarian the school was supported by the imperial court and so on
when dorgan came back in the part of the thirteenth century japan was in are very chaotic state of civil have been chaotic state of civil war and know
the natural disasters were happening
there have been all of these monks dogan was one
sheen ron was another nature and was another their had all been monks at mount hey
ten day marks a basic petition the ten day is both esoteric teachings and of course based on a lotus sutra much of their fundamental teaching but it's very eclectic kind of teaching that they head
because it was establishment and because it was the power oriented there was a great deal of this
affection or the dissociation from it by people break in a way of trying to find the heart of buddhist practice at that time
and you know there's the three periods in three cycles you might say in buddhist teaching the first cycle is the first five hundred years they call it of the growth of buddhist teaching then there's a kind of settling out or mediocre
what kind of a watering down of the teaching and kind of establishment in of the teaching to the churches and so on and finally the third period is called of course we know it's called mapo or the degeneration of the teacher
and during the thirteenth century the japanese because of all that was going on in their country being invaded by the mongol house you know there twice been an almost been overrun invaded and and
number of famines a number of natural disasters and so on the people were looking for new ways to
understand life in usually at such times we know you know it's a crucial turning points in history the people look for new answers the old orthodoxy doesn't really satisfy so people like dogan and sheen ron
chin run was the ones that have sheen borders that is a buddhism that is
was no longer monk oriented but or in to the population at large you didn't have to be part of the clergy and have to be a monk in order to have salvation and
the same with nature in which is both both of these schools are still flourishing today the issue in school was the school based on a man who believe that to the lotus sutra was the basis of understanding and of buddhism and all that was necessary was to simply
repeat over and over again a single practice which was normal on oak ring a key or number when me holding a key on will just say that with great faith and so on and possibilities through your faith of salvation
ah was possible was available
so dorgan you know each one of these schools that was already aware of a practice called a single
school had a single practice by which one could reach salvation in this lifetime
dogan single practice of course possess it
ah as a bought a machine ron was do this was to the guy marco was namo namo amida boots namo me the boots namo amitabha to that movie the boots over and over just a repetition of something that the common people anywhere could do they didn't need a lot of a lot
cabret in fact they needed almost no particular schooling of the history of their of of buddhism and so forth they just needed faith in this one particular practice and behind their particular practice their or had developed in in china already the idea what we can
to be known as home gakuen ship japan which was the doctrine of original enlightenment and the doctrine of original enlightenment stated that one did not have to as in the case of india practice long path many lifetimes of purification and order to reach bullet
but one was could already has
become enlightened in this lifetime
based on the idea or the doctrine that found its authority and the lotus sutra that one was already they already had buddha nature course dogan change that already have buddha nature to one already is buddha
various men went off to on the gorgon went to china and she run and nature in there all contemporaries
found a way to try to reach
people that were not any longer satisfied there was a new need and they were they filled it
in society at that time for belief in the practice of the buddha dharma
and of course is this caused enormous i'm getting back to the fact that doing that a hard time when it came back from china because the monks on mount here
the ten day monks of better
we're very much incensed by his particular emphasis on zazen along and
did everything they could block him
and as you know after establishing himself in various places in kyoto he finally found a patron warrior
ha who are none
norton north eastern japan set-apart was later to become a hazy his own monastery
and at that place doggy and it was a purist he were very severe and very much limited to just monastic practice he wasn't so interested himself
in spreading the word are finding a way to spread the word to the common people he was interested in a pure practice however of enlightenment of what he considered to be enlightenment and
it was up to his disciples actually and particularly as it would turn out to be case i'm joking
ah to be the one to spread the word of what soto's and was really about keys on joking
ah was a tattoo geek eyes disciple
have to go after dog in there was a corn angel who as you know
he passed the lamp to him and his understanding of what
what his you know the dropping off a body and mind just sitting and so on there are those that are that doctrine he was passed on a corn angel kwan angel in turn pass it on the test deca this result done in age at that time the tenth at some point apparently
hi i'm not sure the year but it was some time in the stolen thirteenth century
that they seem to be a system a break in
the secession in ag
and test gitai it was forced to stone quite why the as far as i can see it was forced to leave is set up his own monastery
the keys are joking who is his disciple went to study with him left a hazy ashley
and eventually came back to ag
and when he took on the habit ship he didn't take it on ashley it is he took it on at what would was another temple that had been established by tetsu geek guy
keys i'm joking was born in twelve sixty eight some say twelve sixty four died and thirty twenty five token majority who eleven years old dog and guy you see
so he
you know dogan has been called some of the textbooks to the dolan has called the father of soto zen and a kiss on joking is the mother
the one who propagated the one who who went out and established the church there was a huge need in the countryside together for people under a new umbrella the rinzai tradition was pretty much established that the arista in the aristocracy and the new rising military class and the com
a cooler area
it took to rinzai is a much more militant way of practicing a very
highly authoritative and someone militantly of kind of must fillers in as they call it
so that that left a lot of the common people the peasants and farmers and actually were going to become peasants this was the beginning of the feudal era in in in japan
hum suitcase on joking established
had to kind of genius for establishing the church the and church and eventually the soto's and kind of corner the market and on practices perform and funerals and didn't come a place parrot practices for the people it became much more ornate much more ritualized it incorporated and earlier
a very early ah zen practice cody
the rumor shoe or the bodhi dharma issue and these were originally aesthetic monks mountain aesthetics who didn't really belong to any particular school but practice a kind of a mountain asceticism
gathered together under a teacher and had their own school the didn't particularly practice the precepts just were interested in aesthetic practice sitting personal asceticism and enlightenment whatever that meant to them and this later became incorporated into now
the gorgons tradition
through case and jokey
formed in it
the derbyshire yeah the room issue but this is a long story but i don't want to get into too much but what happened is that the government that the government it always was very concerned and both in china and japan about how many people were wandering around in the hills practicing and not contributing to the economy as it were and
so they they they kind of ahead limits and in group were kind of force people to take on a more formal discipline
now what this little bit of the kind of the idea of the tradition had having some sort of authority the in a tradition and so
it was not yet a it wasn't until a case on joking actually roses ah this transmission like the dingo roku that sort and had its own particular
lineage that it could point to and of course when we breed it and we read call on a version of the indian teachers and saw it is for interesting because it's really something that was developed almost two thousand and years later as the in the zoom dynasty this was not what happened in in
as they said enlightenment in india was considered to be something that one had to work toward the past with several lifetimes when it came to china there was already have tradition in china that virtue of one's own hard work through their examinations that this the service
civil service examinations i thought anybody could achieve
a place in the world could be a
to be somebody if one could pass certain examinations so wasn't based on class distinctions as it was in in india and that is the you know the for classes in india
there wasn't the idea that you're born into a comic situation and cannot climb out of it in other words that idea that that enlightenment didn't have to be gradually can be sudden
was the chinese idea was not an indian ideas so sudden and gradual became would eventually become two kinds of schools in and buddhist practice but that's who gradual study one could have a sudden enlightenment even in this lifetime that was already in place by the time dorgan zingy began to practice
durkin was a gradual and graduate
no i don't think so dogan his practice is that ah
well i want to get to that i'll get to that event but
dorgan the well okay dawkins practice ashley is that everything everything in the whole universe is nothing but buddha already in that practice as soon as one practiced soon as one sat in zazen one is already practice in the buddha dharma
so the
it wasn't that one was it would that one could claim to be buddha with our practice neither sheen run or not you an orb logan said that practice was not necessary practice was necessary to understand what was basic to our to our nature and what was busy to our nature
interesting enough is an idea that was not clear to all the traditions because it's not clear because
the really teaching said it was one thing the based on the dharmas that later teaching of the august charles said it was one mind to madhyamik us so you can not find any ontological basis for anything at all things are empty of self that the thug garba of tradition says there is buddha nature that is inherent and eternal
oil and is the basis of all realization all of these work on tabulated into one teaching over time of dogan since you so sudden and gradual realisation of what well that's what these stories are buck
what is it that were study what is enlightenment what did you see
it's an interesting problem because if there is an eternal identity
genesis in a sense it's not much different from what was earlier
considered to be the substrata of all phenomena in india which was the brahmin and ottoman doctrine that there was something underneath all of this that is eternal radiant inexplicable that there is some kind of
awakening the on our conceptual knowledge
this would become a question of some dispute and different schools
and we'll get into that as we study
these these teachings together
one of the things that i find in studying his books at work is that if we if we come at a book if we come at the study
with the idea let's is a modern idea of simply you see

if you're inside of a tradition you you kind of take it for granted you have a belief already that whatever is written as probably we have some sense that what is that there's something in this that we can believe impartially that what don't want to get an experienced with tetsu geek i experienced what boot experience
but bodhidharma experienced as enlightenment was always the same thing
well how can that be here see i mean as society changes and new ideas arise
new information is incorporated into the occult duration of the people who are studying
that is a dependent cobras and event how can it be that what is it that they can be the same kind of realization two thousand and five hundred years ago now that we're experiencing today so one could look at this kind of postmodern way and say well these are just stories you know about have a kind of detail
a few and that one is not really want to simply based this in their belief a totally on faith and it's true that even dogan based is all this
all of these traditions based partly on the faith that there is such a thing called enlightenment and that we can all experience it for the nature of that is nuts let's not a settled question to deconstructionist can say today that that's of linguistically designated wave approaching our experience
but if we read the texts and we find a as we read them very closely and we find that we have challenged in our ideas and our feelings about who we are as we read them we've been to see our own prejudices of mine we'd be in the react to the form of the text itself
then it becomes a dialogue between ourselves and the text so as we read these stories
rather than just simply looking at them as as stories kind of far off stories at that
and as something in which is actually challenging our own who we are these stories are not really about buddha or enlightenment there are about who we are each one of us at this moment so we should look at them as studies of ourselves i think and read him in that light he
it's the kind of critical encounter
okay maybe that's enough of my talking and will pass the stories on begin to read them together
yeah yesterday
yeah break them up
if you're not going to be here read him tonight but didn't give it back to me if you're not going to be here as together to keep them for

any questions about need us
yeah i'm i'm just going chronologically where
who chi
cu chi that's a shingon yeah colbert i asked the issue he was in the eighth century in japan he was one of the first to go to japan to try to bring back to the esoteric contra to that tradition of the what became sheila and and this was before the kind of the
crack down on to her make
like chris because most of his followers were wandering around the countryside
i don't know a lot about the shingle but the shingo was pretty well established the
you know at first maybe he he incorporated
some of the wandering ascetic but i think the shingle and get my church it had a hard time also with the establishment at first so this interest brought by my essay for that basis
from china
the of tradition and of corn study
they also question
she said
the system they weren't interested in practice i wonder with
in gpc in china you really like more yeah it's in china know but in china you can be for example taoist
you know what the way is but you can still drink wine eat meat have sex and so on it did not depend on that the chinese were not concerned with the kind of purification of the flesh that was a very much of an indian tradition and that was true for japanese and the japanese what did they call them i can't remember anyway
they recall yamaguchi your kind of you know look like the hippies of their time they were dropouts essentially people who dropped out but they dropped off who for reasons of
finally some kind of transcended practice or maybe a man and practice ashley with within themselves but it did not depend on any formality
that is to say they didn't have to have a precept line so in fact that actually they were the people that would come like in the summertime that would come and help build the temples in saw
the a lot of the work and but they let there were more free spirited but they could be very troublesome because they kind of windsor own way they didn't have a formalized or an orthodoxy her a heterodox tradition about the heterodox tradition
and in japan as the country became very it was already very highly organized and it's and administration
a heterodox the obstacle traditions were not and star particularly welcome so they were gradually absorbed into other traditions
other other formalized traditions like goggins dog or not actually dogan took a lot of the esoteric practices
i'm i'm told him and there's interesting things about that in this particular introduction that you might want to read
i'll give you a bibliography some boy
okay so let's read this together
the other questions yes
i just one
i and higher
first he casting know
how many people would be interested if we could get actually this i think maybe still still be imprint
this is the cook one and i've asked john and library a few in the office if he will see if you could order copies how many people to be interested in having which would you recommend
were just taken that let's just take a number
let's just say and i want to spend all that time i know rather well as paste paper at the name
how you just gimme account a countermeasure which you prefer it i think they're both good
i like his introduction better than i'd like the introduction their cleary has but
the a good comparison apart me like like really took a lot of tissue class me yeah i think it's interesting to compare the two i like are both of them actually can i once more account which one two three four either either one just
you just want one okay tumblr or odessa challenge and how to order okay cook first me yes
effective might be open
the cooks not in print anymore
clooney will be imprinted again in july the will get a lot of also i keep your head that you can your burning king
that's been happening with your why a necropsy conducting
the mix of sees the fire pit
ah the finally about curse
anyway i like to do this little later if we could and and
but new i mean you didn't tell you that he wants to do players can we can do this actor
can we go home with the fans and
yeah and we we really can do this take yeah that's just that's half of the catholics that
i'm actually really make now from the and flipping for mccleary tradition hits just put the shakyamuni buddha because that's the one that i duplicated but we can go back and forth
shockey model you know that this is the first one hears they can be shocking when buddha realized enlightenment unseen the morningstar he said i and all beings on earth together attain enlightenment at the same time
coaches virtually the same thing simultaneously inlet just use different words as part one
shocking were now would go to some of the tradition shakyamuni left his palace one night when he was nineteen years old shaved off his hair after that he spent six years practicing aesthetic exercises subsequently sat on the indestructible seat so immobile there were cobwebs in his brows bird's nest on his head reach great up through his met
does he sat for six years
in his thirtieth year on eighth day of the twelve you in the morning star appeared then we spoke the foregoing words the first lion's roar
nine years helping others by ti strix staying and sixteen
which just one robe and one bowl he lacked nothing he taught it over three hundred and sixty assemblies and then finally interested the treasury it of the eye of the truth as the shovel guns off by the way and as much so begins on means and duggan's the treasury area the truth of a schioppa to cash yapa and
it's transmission has can tell you to the present indeed this is the root of trent indeed this is the root of the transmission and practice of the true teaching in india china and japan
all of these lamps to talk about the one true tradition it and as i think it was mark twain's that there is only one true
religion ten thousand interpretations
the behavior shock of money buddha during his lifetime as a model for the disciples he left behind even though he may have lived the thirty two it maybe even though he had his the thirty two special marks of greatness and the eighty kinds of refinements he kept the form of an old mendicant no diff
front from anyone else here is an india that the give the chuck revive the chakra of art and is the one who was born
with special marks have been a great deal of secular or religious ruler and of course we know that a tisa said when shakyamuni was born according to the legend that he already had these study to marks i bought from i brought along
vote because usually somebody asked what are the thirty two march but i won't spend our time reasons and i thank you
why going on there yeah
if you ever heard what have you ever read what the three commercial how how many have male yeah how many want to hear him
like regulated
they already have you think here thirty two marks
his head as a turban shape protrusion on the crown his hair curls to the right his forehead has brought an even he has white hair between his eyebrows design is a very dark with lashes like a cow he has forty teeth his teeth or even without gaps and very white is a keen sense of tasty as a lion's jaw his tongue as long and slender has an
excellent voice his shoulders around and even the back of his body as seven around curves buttocks thighs shoulders and back this trunk as stick his skin is smooth and golden hued his arms reached his knees when he says thread up his torso was like a lion's his body has the proportions of a banyan tree height equal to our span
his bodily hair is curled to the right they stand straight up his penis is concealed in a sheath his thighs are well rounded his ankle bones do not protrude the palms of his hands and feet are soft and delicate he has webbed fingers and toes of his long fingers yes we'll signs on the palms you've seen that hands and feet his feet
well set upon the ground he his arches are brought in high and his calves are like an animal's
so anytime you see somebody walking around like gotta get
but this was a course in the indian is very much a part of the indigent tradition to have a special march and look for special in fact all the ancient traditions in all countries had something like this
have i can eat cancer here
anyway by the way if you're interested in all the new miracles with the three's the five the tenzin i think that the holy kitchens of america or ramallah kurdi by robert thurman at the back as one of the books i always refer to what i'm looking for numerical enumerations
of which buddha them
which the buddha dharma since the thrive on
therefore ever since he was in the world through the three periods of his teaching this is what i thought well before the genuine imitation and the derelict teaching is incidentally that mapo that derelict teaching although sheen ron dennis described much to it nature and really did really said that the reason gop
man was in such terrible shape is because these priests had really task of self understanding self understanding foremost have been transmitted from buddha to buddha from a death to at the end up to adapt to the true teachings have never never been cut off pfister clearly points to the
this is your ticket on an authority that this story is
even though what the buddha pointed out and explained in more than three hundred and sixty meetings over forty nine years was not the same the various stories parables metaphors and explanations do not go beyond the principal illustrated in the story of his enlightenment that is to say i know this is the taisho this is case i'm joking
his dharma talk point at this from our that is to say cool i is not shakyamuni buddha even shakyamuni buddha comes from this high and it does not give birth to shakyamuni buddha or beings on earth also come from here justice when you lift up the net and the holes or a
raised in the same way when shakyamuni was enlightened so too were all beings on earth enlightened
and it was not only all beings on earth that were enlightened all the buddhas of past present and future also had attained enlightenment
well this the so do not think of shakyamuni buddha as having become enlightened do not see shakyamuni buddha outside of all beings on earth
however immensely diverse the mountains rivers land and all forms and appearances may be all of them i really i have buddha
and you two are standing in the eye of the buddha and it is not simply that you are steady their the i has become you as i has become everyone's whole body each standing still while we can hear jovian alex toth each standard so this is of course dogan as interpreted by
case i
therefore this clear bright i that spans all time should not be thought of as people evidently here you are buddhists i e buddha is your whole body just being so what do you call the principal and enlightenment i asked you and i would remember he's given his taisho his first show was given around
fifteen hundred this is actually exactly one hundred years after buddha's birth and after era
joe deserved what do you call you call the principle of enlightenment i asked you is the buddha enlightened with you are you enlightened with the buddha if you say you become enlightened with buddha or you say the boot becomes a night with you this is not the buddha's enlightenment at all
symbol of enlightenment even so i and together or neither one or two your skin flesh bones and marrow are all together and the host and said the house is i
it does not have skin flesh bones or marrow it does not have gross physical or mental elements ultimately speaking if you want to know the on dying person in the hut and said word on dining how could it be apart from this skin bag
who's the skin day
who's kinda
oh any of us yeah who's ever reserve whoever prison so you should not understand the beings on earth as distinct from yourself for the seasons come and go in the mountains rivers and land changed with the times you should know that this buddha raising his eyebrows and blinking his eyes so it is
is the unique body revealed in myriad forms it is he facing and myriad forms and not be facing myriad forms the ancient master file and said what he facing or not a facing can you talk about
and dies on said
what do you call myriad forms so studying from all a was penetrating and always you should clarify buddha's enlightenment and understand your own enlightenment i want you all to see the story closely and be able to explain it letting the explanation of flow from your own heart not borrowing the words of another i also want to add a hobby
saying to this story
one branch stands out on the old apricot tree torrens come forth at the same time since seen of his transmission of that same
know that even a remote place
no know that in a remote place in the cloud nah sorry
a splendid here he says a splendid branch issues from the old plum tree
rather than one branch stands out from the old or factory a splendid branch dishes from the old plum tree in time obstructing science flourished everywhere
in time he says thorns come with equal force at the same time so i want a smooth and well as
have been kind to her and cancer

what do we think about yes he says
what you call the principle of enlightenment
is the buddha enlightened with you are you and loot lightened with the buddha if you see you become enlightened with the buddha or you say boot it becomes a lane was used this is not buddha's enlightenment at all
therefore it should not be called the principle of enlightenment so what is this principle do you think
what school are we talking about here
but what is the principle of the enlightenment that he's looking for
van around non-duality is one of them and he was
yeah but where if all things are empty
it doesn't sound that is all things are empty of inherent self as true finns are selfless but
it sounds to me like he's talking about some something that's
when you wake up wake up to the same thing that buddha woke up to
does i get you
what is that
yeah i asked become you
who's i has become you
is whose buddha
what this means the holidays are of movie
is there
if we stripped away all beings on earth is they're just being
ha doesn't matter doesn't there
if it is being that is to say is there just naked awareness
prior already prior to the arising of many phenomena no no
is literally a know the chair
it depends was lawyer in
depends what school you're it this is a yoga chara
the fire that garba doctrine
as far as i can see the other chars that mind only all things are projections of our mind all phenomena that projection of mind but mind is the touchstone by which ontologically speaking of being itself is touch on which we understand all things are
mine just a thought that the garba doctrine is that there is eternally present the buddha mind the
radiant ungraspable
on a mobile consciousness
awareness which is how buddha see how this caravan and seat garber means warm the womb of the buddha
i think that the myself that the dialogue with the idea of the original enlightenment was born in china with the doctrine after madhyamik and we can ask robot is stepped on that gun
human beings want me
we human beings have some kind of idealism that we want
he wants something beyond what is tanjung tangibly or is explicitly or what would you say empirically available to us we want a few i feel i think we want to feel that underneath phenomena
and if we just practice and long enough hard enough workroom all our conceptualizations on our ideas our history is all our shootings as are going to drop away and there's going to go eureka i finally understand that's what these stories in the palace
but how can that be so
if all things are dependably core reason that means that all things are also dependent on the linguistic formations or designation is that are culturally contrived
it is an axiom of buddha dharma wherever school it is that all perceptions is mediated by concepts and therefore is not pure
asked reception at versa perception all perceptions are not such a thing as a pure perception that although there is a peer perception it only occurs in the first one sixtieth of a second quarter in the diner kirti
the wolf sixty second and that raw perception in itself cannot articulate the buddha dharma it has the next half what
the kids conceptualisation and what is conceptualisation designation ah verbal designation is with verbal and construction his tenure he said an actor
see direct perception yeah it's really don't them
there are all of the john states the genre states and one of them as perception and nine perception and which the perceiver and the perceived become one and it has said that in that particular state conceptualisation drops away or but in that state your
no longer
may be available for functioning you know that ramakrishna to go into a state of trance and sit there for seventy days like this and then but soon as he came now he was back in the world
who's back into the
the conceptual around

i asked the question once i think that work actually this question but the question was
experienced as something is not experience
or anything that experience as something cannot be said to be experienced fully in other words not until we formed the concept that were that there is an experience happening
there's nothing but that first rob perception and this is the sense not until it finds conceptual designation and generally speaking in the buddha dharma concepts of the bad guy until you clean he says since in the buddha dharma we project onto phenomena are ideas above phenomena and phenomenon empty of our
ideas in another themselves according to what we've been learning about samadi states
then all we are seeing in the world is a re is a motel i says response to our own projections that is our own we're we're actually responding to as our own projections of what reality is our conceptual designations however if we could understand through conceptual
what we're doing
and it is true it's very interesting that it is through words it is to language is to tax the study of text in buddhism that would come to understand the language itself that language is inherently empty itself have any
language is itself empty of any inherent existence
so that whatever we hear congressionally designated the independently co rises in our culture and so on is just the story but that it's not just the story
it is a story that functions in the conventional world and therefore we have what's called the to truth has been studying that
the truth of the conventional world which is conceptually or and linguistically designated
and the story of the older the truth
which is understand the in some sense the emptiness of all dependently quarter recent events that is the madhyamik a point of view it has nothing to do per se with the under some kind of under nice
strata up
of awareness cold that the thought of the garba except later
who was a yoga charles position you'll get charges position is that the well the only chart position is that one must first find in conditioner designations a valid conceptual
object of observation are very conceptual object as observation is all things are impermanent i'm in permanent euro and permanent
that's a but and then from that from that point you begin to analyze
the point of impermanence what is a valid or invalid
conceptual designation or valley conceptual designation
first you find those points and then you use that to analyze
your responses your redefine responses to phenomena and language itself
i find this very interesting this takes for interesting because it challenges me
about who i am the in in terms of my resistance
to any doctrine that reports to suggest that there is something eternal
an everlasting i had always assumed or for my reading in my study that the all things are impermanent
as we study is deeper it has said there for example what we call permanent is part of the conventional world
but that itself because it is dependent core reason idea that is the stairs and linguistic i do that we agree on among ourselves that it is a relational
phenomena because it is dependably core reason has no substance to it whatsoever so that madhyamik a point of view that know jonas point of view is we can talk about mind as being the
place from which we
the mind is the one place
that though it cannot finally be designated is as mind itself
the buddha dharma is the lumen is this luminous mirror mirror image of the world and and the madama marcus just how can you say that my delicate by representative point of view of how can you and what do you base that
so although the middle way them madhyamik a point of view does not assert anything in his place we have a hunger
after there's some ongoing a eternal buddha dharma and i always have the feeling that when i read that dress mission of the light that that in substance dog is as it takes that position
i'm sorry at last year i have a feeling that dogan as confab related into his teachings the to target garba of the woman of the targeted that there is that the buddha
dharma is
arises is the doesn't really kick cannot arise from deception cannot arise from
but has to arise from something that is already
uncontaminated and pure to go on basic awareness or
so the of that garba and the the
in there in yoga chara you see
what do tourists that is emptiest duality
just as the overcharged schools than what is empty is that all dharmas and the abi dharma are empty of any inherent existence themselves for the my diameter point is is that all things are empty period of any self and what the to thought of that garbage this is that the original pure buddha nature is empty of defilement
so that there's a pure on the file on conceptualize
two existence
but that sounds very much like we're back end of vedanta a brahmin and not mine
what is that cold and harmonica no no that's called the darker
the dharma guy the pure on
adulterated substance yeah but if it's if we will you can't call assumptions but the thing it sounds like an essential this doctrine
when she say the past present future have known ah inherent existence
so that's as time has not have existed
so then be cow is meaningless yeah
yet guy
and it isn't planet for the facts of overeating these teachings of the fact that buddhism is the only quo faith religion or practice that deconstructs itself constantly and it is constantly invited to dinner nest that's true
but one of the interesting features that's that's particularly true the madhyamik of but one the interesting features of reading the transmission of the life is that it seems to be saying that there is a timeless identity that has passed on
in them in the
transmission of
the light that is of enlightenment
in but at the same time there's all the doctrines in zen buddhism about going beyond your teacher
so if it's a timeless
dimension this
form then how can you go behind it yet you asked to go beyond the only we can go beyond it is as in a culture rated individual in a society
that is out constantly adding new information constantly having a new take on what the old school is about the organ broader not you know token token brought to japan his own particular did to drop enough a body and mind was dobyns version of what he thinks enlightenment is
now cause june ahead of his own version of what he considered enlightenment to be bossed we've been to add is mine only version of what enlightenment is today in our post modern deconstruction this time we try to study this and say this is not history this is a historical that stand apart from that
and and haven't you know kind of critical and analytical approach to this but that is that the buddha way of doing it because our own subjectivity must become involved in this text for us as we read his text a change to get it now which were all dependently core rising this stuff all the time
and read describing redefining what enlightened money is
so i think if he's if if you think that that shakyamuni buddha was enlightened
and therefore you're not
or if you're enlightened and
dorgan wasn't
it all depends you know the truth kind of depends on the position from which it is viewed
it is dependent core reason the truth it is not how can it be something that is
unrelated to anything else
but this time
but this moment
yes they're all interested in learn about ourselves and relations are who we are here and now and this moment but who we are here and on this moment is defined by everything that we understand about the past that is all conditional designation and his own linguistically define that we all have a history
in in these teachings is not the cling to any aspect of that but we learn that clinging through words through language the biggest thing that is happening today in linguistic studies is that perception and conception come up together they do not consumption does not follow perception
what about that sixty percent well
maybe service mama got off a nominated for china says they arise at the same tight race
well it depends on what part of do i chose to with armor courteous does not checking but
he anyway
what all the what is interesting in this is in order to validate in order to validate who is what they thought they were in china and in japan you needed a tradition to go back and say that my understanding is the same as my teachers petitioners images violence on this does not hold true and you're not as
this particular
we have we we go to the other extreme of thinking what i individually experience and think is is the truth over and guess what everybody else my thing but in asia that was never the way in asia you finally understood the truth when it fit in with what that's commonly considered least in thicker circle to be the truth
in japan you're considered three of your neuroses when you finally understand that mommy and daddy were correct
in this country
it's just the artists
indonesia in japan it's not just the are pursuing this country in europe
well in this film we put this way in this country that people who are actually doing something and moving the society forward believed the same time nostril
but in japan you would say you know the nail that sticks out gets hammered down
this country we say the squeaky hinge gets you oil
so so could we go back to the dharma cayenne and that three other guy se
so in my conception of what you were talking about the dark kaja was like all of this
a suburban kayak was the creator
sound to bliss body yeah but it's through sound that everything is created
and and thought
and their mana kayak was the space that you were describing as infinity know the know monica is the taken on the flesh the actual flesh of the boat of the to abstracts yes but the flash of the to abstracts are like
not here and now in the way that i couldn't pinch that like i can pinch myself which i could pinch the dharma kaja
or i can build a beautiful monastery have lots of people come and have reference
he well this is an interesting point but i i don't know i could argue with you right now or so there's no i meant where you're touching on that i don't know that it was touching because i see the girma guy that dharma kaja is the ineffable indescribable
the first flash right
the first it's it's like the dharma guy is like being in deep sleep
dreamless sleep then as you come out dream of sepia go on we begin to stress you haven't quite come into your day to day reality you go on to kind of blissful to come out of that dimension into some sort of form begin to take form can all at once you back into z
the conventional form of yourself
designation as correlated know mind as i see it as i understand that's just my kind of feeling about and he weighs almost ten minutes to folks roxanne
i'm getting a horse to around in circles or song can we accept the class of static class notices contained a contact number
honestly a young lad yeah you know
yeah so so now everybody who wants to get a book of either this or this
the early
and we'll see what we can do about getting texts i had the next to the clock
it cook is about fifteen dollars and the
osama the both working only for okay so or have gotten f k carolyn ran for jackie and an cedar kathy early andrew shaw and nobody for transmission to life after jack it's a use version then how is it wants to if we can get them though we don't know a pressure
i have a feeling though that maybe for with me via cook will come through from like some supply house
look people are some twice again
but the maybe transmission of lies will also be available in huge bookstores and measure thank you very much