Third Precept

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are you i like you are
cause and reflect concerning the yeah material at last week and do it
you can be harmful for
and intention
one thing that i tried diagram for working out of adequately a
the sense that
what you did certain kind of intention
and certain kinds of choices
have a very powerful effect on your whole situation
putting your past time
the that very angry
not sure is david gotcha
yeah that
how much that know
that's yeah affected his is that
the most powerful
which you can have at least finding out of reasons to thought of life
more and more into put his doctrine comes to do that
the most important thing
the thought of writing a new stuff really very simple it's just often
you haven't talked and it's possible to escape or be awakened for degree
and the first time in theft auto makers to you and your life
he's supposed to be a very dramatic com
he sets up and conditions for your future awaits
and as well
and go in early buddhism family car and they were much more concerned with the mechanics of away
getting rid of appreciate provision practically speaking fee
the potential power such a simple
and his heart is really brought out so much more of the dialectics
and flexing week
when god made a with more for back and kind of guy
consequently the power or force of a bow
for our luggage for great vehicle features
almost more important thing in your paper
the wants a really good it was much more involved the exoteric side of few behavior which sure how you're actually doing with your he filed
so to our ears as snacks history puritanical quality
it also
produces the kind of of precepts
it are very ill
to detail which would you do it which are not doing for the idea of a bow or you might say down and intention that you
made an effort to keep
working definition of the gas or that like any thought except repeated thought you'd think of
so family may or may not necessarily a very strong thought
you may have a growing we thought begin with i started life and can be very
it just a query
but it tells you can repeat that products to close his phone and or maybe a very strong you taking it you don't care it also doesn't function as bath
so hours after the fact that you keep and card was also a thought
visual pattern vector for the that
voluntary choice between p yeah

so thousand kinds of karma that it is karlawish
is in the direction of immigration or in which is progression of three parts so your car car
although functions can i the same way you'd be called down
on merit

so i do last week this is period of carnage
mascot if you carry with you
and then i pointed to be appointed present moment in which you have some


and that picture is the same regardless of your spiritual traditions difference

and the average person
what you're doing here at this point of the thank you very much enjoy can be kind filed by your visual addicts
so you're not at all sense choices is at all
i'm part it's ready the spring five
a long time whereas someone who's more freedom south of this at the time there's a kind of space in the cat
i'm sure created
you see all of it and national and allows you to loud
purity brain to function without
you started with yeah
no escape from
it's it's funny that ten there's a certain posted western idea
maybe it has to do with the christian idea of resurrection or and
or some kind of
celestial existence as we found the body but
this idea that somehow i'm spiritually awakened person
he kind of super super bowl
gotta get scared for
complete control of their culture and court to she said
this could be a rather
discouraged idea that is funny way because
fact that liberation of rather than being be a functional about some kind of
athletic and like
ahmed ali
you extraordinary people can do it but to be to get it and so it's rather in a way rather narrow idea
wait to think that it's some kind of special
how are they have issued to be
i become whatever sort of the extraordinary that may accrue views
not really have much to do it
with that
spiritual practice as much as just get out
and the package
have you
some lot of great fancy to ready secret
don't feel ya go to die for the free
he was actually one of the shortest lived craftsmanship
if you have forty five fifty an intriguing because of famous
after school students started so young and your product young agent road like now have you been there many yeah the average age yourself
great teachers were living is about unusual sixty seven
nobody else they seem to
on a guy rather war
read more read
many of them sort of just after after guy got kicked out in coming home
on for a temperature after
you are
he's some supernatural powers to carry themselves for walk a lot of responses
interesting stories can teach his demise
which is fitted inside track when it comes to mind toes on the toe sotelo
and he's been gone it is and what he was trying a lot so we woke up
it looked ridiculous now i'm actually do this if you're going to places
now he's back around every week or so and a getting they more to carry local guy
the first time he didn't really die of colon cancer
what did you do
but they are also other animals like situation and others some people who died better employee
so this is secure past current mostly having by which point you chose to you
come home it and getting away from group included have much effect on i thought you'd be dealt with that
gardeners and the good his own kayak to valley already
was good
dysentery lay down guy

i'm just using drugs people get back with
a difference was coffee powder
in the factory state of mind much about it was the space around his presence existence that it's a vehicle or detachment from next weekend
all of us have this ability which is actually available with at in time
but on a pole the weight or are without practice or without some effort
all the characters
keller just becomes reality to act
it's called actually
about my day put it another way to pay for parking space
thought which
are mobilizing
before i did he have your attention grabbing them
the average attention of five bodies mostly rundown on
borrowed our
i'm running on our previous to
so it takes its coward and borrowed his power
for some kind of recreated an issue recreate
and bow is more like
i thought which to create fully
and he created that way
and these refugees which is the first can read them
with that kind of when they're more a snake or she said more like down
some kind of statement for me for every ship
although it is true that to treat refugees are
i would have to make a good explanation from of he says this
you need before other forty something similar which we call
so one of the first things to families
what exactly why by
do dot com
does a person qualifies and kind of exclusive
it by yourself
the for and comfy about other possible
because they says the to refuse such
sarah now
you some like good protection shelf your abode
he says will i chosen resort
like i get you like last resort getting
if what you mean to hurt you
for wow because she was using the phrase now i returned to the food
without contacting you have to do it is pretty good

i think i understand the was removed take refuge
you have to acknowledge that
the aggressive plot
which may not be general impression
it already has been a great treatment
i'm really understand what is fire and take refuge
in the time of the three jewels that one has done some
our toes
what what refugees you've already have
this may not be services yosemite for the navy said
and one of the
there's a huge savings like volume is revealing to yourself what
what you actually take refuge here
i'm already
and many of the resistances and problems and about in the early years city are basically forms of becoming aware of the extent which a the things we should not do that

the core or refuge which we give up
the buddhist practices the refuge in was a to decide
basically a prior to conception of is thinner
which is cancer
his fancy phrase for it was because her
who said
this spaghetti and
prior to conception
harrington says
has the most compelling refuge and other refugees i fear
orange again
after tax there
one important yeah chunk of course you can we take refuge in our own party but i'm thinking
it actually believe the reality on thought

so for instance the to believe for not
an inherent existence is an example other repeated dot com top of the pitcher it's gone wrong with the level of you know that you weren't going to the day in yourself
hey i i have a brief i am
conception of compared to different
we always is embodied in in
very deeply in itself
that kind of but so it's not something is conscious at all
think would get your activity
he is colored by even bucks
of all time
there is plenty
you can kill him
the funny story is i'm promise to live on an historic lobby it's kind of the general spiritual teachers struggle and five encoded with on clothes
of from concrete happy somebody came to a teacher i really know to put aside
yeah i am going to tolerate
sounded good
an impact on a duet
like always
it's the most important thing in my life on it used to teach you stuff back into a nearby com held it down
he practically now
we left the air if i asked him
what was novel was for the day
and yet you confess that actually very interested in surviving
you can be laughing during that time the you know that you're picking a very simple direct threat of violent way
the teacher expose his unconscious thought that the course of african very nice to watch this five
the we didn't have that thought
some extent you was car
we'd be like the food billy spartacus and installing last five minutes
you demonstrate believes that character start
really fantastic degree of pacifist is to see me a and which his father says i believe you can learn how to swim throws them into the cool things political topic was
i was on building
on the flags
a job at some
i think that's a or bakers she's trying to bring out the sense to higher
how can you know it's all right you have some
on the spot search myself when it's useful
builder and and packers and
to tell it about
of the office
does he up and so
to take refuge in
the three to hardly to you
i think about shoes
look at it or try to reveal what what refugees who always has
and it's not that i don't think
namibia over yet
extra effort to be a medical degree i don't think that to take refuge in pretty darn it sounded kind of statement has can is fully which excludes
they've been awkward
three jewels are pretty broad i say could keep it the second the darker
could include i suppose any
of christianity today
i think the underlying spirit he is
it's the of the idea of taking refuge
in return to stop it is too
i take refuge in something which is not
conditions are part of your personal party
so it functions psychologically very much in the way from god with was so on top of his face you might say someone who believes in a deity is taken refuge in something not part of your own percent
of course there's have any explicit guy mentioned for the three
three tools
the buddha take refuge in the buddha

put up put at the word buddha
he was a waiter past participle occurred
be awake awake
and originally it was a title that was given to anyone who is way
so that who does the one is week
so it's most general sense of used to
a refuge in the possibility
a thorough awake which
was exemplified by the historical buddha and others
he found
so although it does mean to some extent to take refuge
start with that is part of
to read
not to take refuge in historical buddha as sample of buddhahood of awakened

take refuge in the possibility

i've also been struck which increases i was younger
study and european existential philosophy fighting it
and after a certain point nice very good sense that you might say what was exposed by
it is do
the relativity of all refugees
actually no refuge for anyone knew about
was highly five
actually the dilemma
once you see through the relativity or into spatiality of every possible refuge for the ideology of the
what does that rather than
without much hope
so this refuge in buddha is is a week
out of that
and i think what all it gives us the confidence to do it
use the reality that it has done i can without that
this could do it
so i think the guy
you have prove provided by the continuity of the soccer and little kind of stuff
generations of of
good teachers that's what gives us confidence to
take his refuge to make it stick with before
what would save three from the way the harness
counts with look after the food that the zeiger or the us
dr on sunday
have more useful
so it means
he grabbed you can get potential which we all have
i like to come back to the more universal size of
refuge in the recognition about the blue putting everyone at the back foot
i'm practically speaking
take refuge also means particularly like you i take two steps forward that it's from some one
i've been very least you're taking refuge in
the authority of the person using computers as gaming authority or
so traditionally greatest country style
people are given
let's take care on my education
some time finding a life often began to make function
i'm like await confirmation
it's your intention to practice the way of the good age thirty five
i receiving the precepts from someone who represents is possible
not necessarily your spiritual teacher exactly or somebody you have
a close personal relation to the son
and often now the parties the wedding ceremonies quite you out
don't see
i'm usually comes from enemies
and often done
it would be preceded by a we procure instruction
actually something like back
the meaning of the precepts of how to correct
and it also
the you do for the average layperson of
real experiences attention to see
the relay people who have
experience of receive the steps formerly of ceremonies
can be kind of big life
don't you get
stood for
in this and tradition
which emphasizes a relationship with a particular person from new study says teaches buddhism by the apprentice of your to be someone to take refuge in buddha or extends to
that's specific kind of relationship in which you
made by your own kitchen
the relationship of interest to live

so it ends in and other forms of version by countries with is emphasized a teacher
irritation or vow to refuse buddha
create a teacher for
this is something that can read but
a teacher does not just the abstract for saw soldiers into this future
who can say that the it's good
the actual relationship with teacher and students just related violence
i verified pharmacist
why it is essential condition for promotions
granted by the school
which sets up the relationship of mutual trust

and without the relationship has been used

so is an important aspect
he put up here
and role feature is to is to represent and more you beat your life
represent that possibility point
it may also be a more informal time
he gets your satisfaction
why can you hear your
participated in this particular
start with this particular teacher but
you know
need a specific and personal and tested
someone who will be a sergeant students
to teach
he bought the company asked me what are the qualifications between the sound extreme
and i answered away to people off the field for me
a petition for something that i'm exception just what it gets you should fit the definition of instinct is the you go to the a say say i would like to be started with student debt
apologies to it is not a definition it all happened although i could we got
allow people to reply
every spring
so it's not it's actually not in more complicated in state i take refuge
but people made you know years people from that point and also decrease in actually yes
do is done downstairs
has to be useful
usually when teaching me
definately set up to
so i know get
when campus for
the company to take up for twenty nine management
anyway we
to be a son the student to be someone with is form of his first day

i looked out of here which is more my own thought about
take advantage of the buddha which
he's actually something that is hard for people to acknowledge forget the fact that
someone could know something
he's actually a possibility that someone because of
which i think is right now doesn't distort situation is definitely gap
is this many steps with skepticism is probably as well founded well maybe nobody will complain
how do i know they are for somebody joseph
i'm getting here
side by side with that spirit skepticism it's of dielectric he goes with it is
of steps
somebody to get an extraction people to trust all kinds
he starts with diet think i'm an exercise program with something but without fresh faces
things on through our culture society states quite quickly to expand
it is purely and
quit but it's fairly is
don't know the article i can have to ask is purely as passe
those massive been running neck and they to a simple year
nobody even hit the and fifty rupees
we can hear that if know people are willing to best know their ref take refuge in all kinds of things
you know rather
he feels almost no we would very much like to be it's possible for someone who knows how so on this time with an act that way when anyone asked is directly we all know we don't think anyone else
so yeah it's
it's the emphasis year listing is to make your refuge conscious
he's right in front of you just yes this is exactly what you're doing
and the effort to make your refuge conscious doesn't everybody cause you to question from refugees with mom and going on tonight
here is often you some degree of inconsistency shops out there

so oftentimes that in people take refuge in someone or something
the sake of the security of take refuge but with all
at the same time that key ingredient which makes it work for you which is the trusted is possible so much joseph
aren't you are these potential to be right
you might say take refuge in stock the is a the host of the not have
is that
that seems the obvious
and twenty two
no effect on the paper
the in-store pickup he felt a training for distracted trying to give you wrote he would be future better
whether or not anything
he will play the you can make a danger
i never leave if you want to do and then we'll it was surnamed type of work he says
if tibet you know they're astronauts in the
but we treat to teach your toes
i'm afraid we can make them up like through trees that were it had made
the interesting point here
she said kind of subtle on the papers point to that from one side you can
you can make use of someone as you can choose a pair of and not so good
on the other hand if you
if you take refuge in that first blindly
that's how to get even content and as people express take advantage of the three
so the need for refugee status the same time
yes in fact you're going to take refuge in southern food is perfect if you have that as
because she said i take refuge in his first acknowledge you have to be an intuition a perfect
and with some sense of down
i think a cultures like that culture indian culture where the much more emphasis on a kind of total partial surrender
to the girl
what else is that he's not your own
a personal sense of judgment for prospective your skepticism but
the cultural pure system
roughly figures out these who's reputable business with where the isn't and the most traditional cultures which have some kind of tradition like ten you have a kind of network
hi i'm determined he was going to be college
allow your keys
and if some
your computer gets out of line near others district
help i'm so part of what is lacking as distort the western
a structure like that
so the game we mostly have to be our own
eternal sense
what he said authentic ones does not so well with that
as you made
he years

yeah the last point to mention it
of course is basic idea that to the is something which
it's everyone's possibility
mean that to take refuge in the buddha
ah is now
he'll be like other people
as though that were so
can relate to each person has potential
why this is a change
you know practically speaking from
take have featured more committed employees
to take care of yourself or you could take refuge in your own routine check of which when we have a feeling of joy
the other the broadest idea of would have been study is something that every word from and
for access to
this affects your relationships with people
you can actualize that day
see each person as on a path
whereas someone
who's deepest the is to be clear

it could sort of human relationships in the simple of the respected
as you might say ten quickly retorted speech follow are
the outcome of
this was more financial sense that
the are you
and the nature of the lake
the implications of the wrong

i'm by the institute
obvious examples like the way with israel
they repaired hundred
they had a clear sense with the punches if they were killing
someone very much like themselves
so they would get to college guys in is like a cottage times can do with please explain this link be fisher
why a job and from what you
the way would like slightly
if you decided to kill your friend to the and bluetooth
i respect your thank you explain but i'm sorry
i will make good use in your company
use your students from the book
they have a chance of course a failure
they also have scan if they didn't do that
the deer would not disappear

have you around
he showed they had a stuff stash was sometimes usual fare
you made yourself
so i don't think issue for many started too much energy how much shellfish john people
it worked on a whole i think the arab culture much more in custody
have awakened quality of everything and your relationship things
i think much more body part of society
so it's effects your relationship that he believes in australia pty
i don't think this class will be much in for for discussion river
incarnation but
one of the many ways in which one can understand that function
it expresses
the flow of continuity vacation in all forms of life

we need to be of the ball of life for one great be of all life
and desktop

to see life as a whole as
or as a way
is the my shift
so i feel like you're
last week when is i promise of days
the pastry looking out the window like here i saw trees afternoon

if you can three
she nervous protection
if you literally most of us
have that kind of insight can be refreshed by what the would
take refuge you it to work
actually live that
like and respect continuously here and more and more
when can take to
amazing waiting
with modern science we have
the ability to actually tell how totally
what's the university's get it doesn't seem to affect or like off whenever i hear about going to be so
people that thinks the birth black ones to yoga people to do or think that they follow flock to come his clock
he's actually i agonized hundred thousand because but actually the world is collapsing enough for most people need if you're honest with you started to bit
conveniently his own people clap
scientists are the whole the these things experientially
i don't necessarily live in different way
maybe less so
you ship your perception so that you're living for like the actually is around for days a week actually does affect you in isn't employees
which i think if you want to be characterize
you people comfortable
upset good as well it's say that's probably the best way cared for those people who in nearby to try to make that friendship and i'm trying to be
when it really is very young
a fundamental shift and world
if you talk to somebody could not get ship your car
able to connect great
it's really but we needed a very tolerant