The Tenth Precept

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Wednesday Lecture

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our intention
good evening

so due to the japanese art seminar we have her wednesday night talk tonight in the sandal
and that naturally
changes the formality of it
i think for the last
weeks we've been meeting more informally and then breaking into small groups
two well talk about the precepts one by one
so even though it is a little more formal i thought when i would talk a bit about the tenth grieve precept and then
we'll see how long that goes and then break into groups again to discuss this
pigs are the tenth grade precept or prohibitory precept is a disciple of buddha
god is it
ah a disciple of bullet does not disparage the triple treasure is one translation or disciples the buddha does not abuse the three treasures or disciple of the bullet does not defame i've seen all three translations abuse
disparaged defame
and i also find a translation does not speak ill of
so what are pointing to
a certain attitude towards the triple treasure so
ah just to review a triple treasure is the buddha the dharma and sangha and i think go
i asked to the precepts the disparaging the triple treasure go goes along with the first three precepts of the sixteen bodhisattva precepts which is taking refuge in buddha dharma and sangha so we start with taking refuge in the last one is not to disparage that which you have taken refuge in
so in thinking about this
you know how would we do how would you go about disparaging or abusing the triple treasure how do you how would one do that and just reflecting on the ten commandments from the judeo christian tradition there's that one commandment town thou shalt not take the name of the lord thy god in vain and i remember not understanding that way
what that meant what it was vain what what was taking someone's name in vain you know it was out
ah i didn't quite understand it but as a girl by when my mother said don't say that like i remember in eighth grade there was a everybody just what the oh god oh god you don't like that that was kind of like she'd hear me on the phone with my girlfriends oh god and then he said this and then he said that and she said don't say that
at don't say oh god
so then i thought oh that's it that's taking the name of the laura they got in vain
kind of lame the using it so i think in our culture judeo christian culture there's over the millennia we have you know profanity right or swear words or
i'm like when i was in italy i remember one of the swear words with the profanity or was to say put a camera on nine you know which is pig madonna you know and that was like oh that was really a big one and other things with madonna that bet you'd say am
and pig madonna and remember that was that was a shocking you know and you could probably think of your own ways ah paris ways of abusing
or taking the name in vain but in buddhism it's like i just don't think we would say you know pig guanyin you know it's like it doesn't were not very it you know it's to it's too new
the or and we just haven't developed that we're we're too happy to receive this new religion and we haven't quaker happened to be
next our phase
so so then how would you what would be disparaging or defaming
and why is that at the end you know why is that the kind of capping trace
just in reading i read today a conroe she died or laurie
my zoom hiroshi suzuki roshi rib
huber just kind of looking at how they all
dealt with not a disciple of the buddha just not disparage the triple treasure and sharing hubris was interesting hers was
share hubris us in teacher who teaches in mountain view i think
i have never met her but she has books lots of books out and there's one book and the precepts upsets basically retreat she led and the precepts and it's a dialogue between this group of students and herself so conversation and questions and
she translates this and deals with it as not speaking ill of other religions
ah and they got into this discussion about christianity and
how stereotypic
ways people felt about how their origin their religion of origin and so forth and so not dispiriting the triple treasure was not to put down other religions was basically how they were discussing him
ah it's so
the suzuki roshi as a some lectures these are all by the way in i think it's in the library ah
a notebook precept notebook with a lot of these different lectures in it that have been gathered it's a big big thick binder three whole loose-leaf binder has some of these lectures if you can ever want to look at them but this is one lecture by suzuki roshi that i remember ribs saying was so there is very ball
during it's like it he begin to talk about the three treasures and people would go to sleep and
ah so i was trying to really focus on it to see what and and it's very hair is not very juicy you know in some ways for us
so suzuki roshi talks about and this is dogan as well this a suzuki roshi and commenting on duggan's
the teachings are not on precepts
and he talks about we can think about the triple treasure in three different ways probably more than that but and this is where i can almost feel the room go on how extracting to sleep but anyway it's the indivisible triple treasure the manifested triple treasure and the maintain
change triple treasure so the way we can remember is the i am am that time remembering it
so the i am and the indivisible triple treasure buddha dharma and sangha as one indivisible truth or one precept the one precept which ah
is before buddhism or before we begin to divided up into buddha dharma and sangha the indivisible one precept of
what you might say i'm emptiness or
the truth
which existed or was it was not invented by the buddha shakyamuni buddha but was more relaxed by him so it existed you could say existed or it was
there to be discovered before shakyamuni check him and he didn't create something
so this indivisible and the indivisible triple treasure is that
this is how my zoomy roshe was talking amount of that everything exists right here right now you've probably heard this before
right now everything is here there's nothing lacking that's the indivisible including us
so i
one single body in the midst of the myriad things one single body revealed so this one single body is the indivisible buddha dharma and sangha
and then the next is the that's i am am so the next is the manifested buddha dharma and sangha so what manifests shooter came forth was shakyamuni buddha
as a teacher who realized the indivisible buddha dhamma and sangha mean manifest to this and he spoke his teachings are the manifest dharma so these teachings are the truth or lot sometimes translated his law
is what was manifested from
shakyamuni buddha and then those disciples those people who
i wanted to practice that way and who followed this particular teaching were called the sangha
or is called the song of the manifested sanga
and then the maintain this is the second am of i am the maintained buddha dharma and sangha would be
these buddha figures for example in this room made of wood and brands and
brass and ah whatever stone these put of figures are called maintained the maintained buddha and then the sutras and the written words in the libraries full of the teachings the books the written things is
a maintained dharma and then the just community of practitioners and priests and lay people who all follow this teaching
our the maintained sanga
and the basically maintain this teaching through tie you might say so that's one way of kind of looking at what buddha dharma and sangha are this indivisible and then the manifested and then the maintained
so this is from dogan
about this precept the body is manifested
the dharma is unfolded
and there is a bridge in the world for crossing over
so the body is manifested is the buddha body is manifested the dimer the truth is unfolded and there is a bridge for crossing over the bridge is the sanga there's a way and you can actually see people following that way and you too may want to follow that way
the bridge the saga is also talk about as the harmony between buddha dharma
the harmony between awakened they awakened one are awakened beings and
the teachings the harmony between that is sanga so you know for the full moon ceremony at the end we take refuge in buddha dharma and sangha and there's a subtle vs so the first one is some the way i always remember this is i before he could just give you all my mnemonics tonight so i take refuge
buddha minutes i before e so it's immersing body and mind deeply in the way immersing body and my deeply in the way is taking refuge in buddha or awakened are wake and nature and then the second i take refuge in dharma entering he entering deeply the merciful ocean
so entering this
fathomless ocean of truth and then the last one is i take refuge in sanga bringing harmony
to everyone so that the sangha kind of conveys this awakened beings conveying the truth bringing harmony to everyone
so this saga is harmony
see to to go a little further taken out hands translations are i take refuge in bhutan
the one who shows me the way in this life i take refuge in dharma
the yeah see i take great emphasis assad in the buddha the one who shows me the way in this life i take refuge in the dharma
the teaching of our understanding and love and i take refuge in sanga
the community of mindful harmony so this harmony comes up this the harmony of the saga
so what would be dispiriting or abusing or the filing buddha dharma sung and why is it one of these why is it a grave precept and
it's considered to be actually
if you're following the other nine you are following the tenth and if you are disparaging the tenth dispiriting the triple treasure you could not be following the other ones so they are very young
to enter
twined but the benign are seen as nine limbs of this tenth one so if you understand you're awake and nature and the teaching and are in harmony then all the other precepts fall into place
not line taking what it's not given not killing and
not misusing sexuality software so
they're all bound together just like all the precepts actually are bound together you find that you're not observing one and just so happens you're not observing many
the back tom
i found this interesting that if you're not completely following the nine the for sure your disparaging the awakened mind
the teachings and this harmony so one way when big way of a break this precept would be causing disharmony in the saga that's that's one of the big ways that this is
one might be breaking this precept are not observing it is causing disharmony or
which was pretty serious out
in the old virginia to cause a break or schism or division in the saga was very serious
i think it might have been worthy of expulsion if you cause divisiveness or a schism but then i'm not sure and if that is too harsh but i think it might be meat does anyone know for sure i think it is think that's one of the ones there's just a few where you get x expelled completely and that's i think what
i'm crossing divisiveness
so ah i see the gravity of this one also
well let me just finish my sentence
so when we take refuge in buddha dharma and sangha often we are in we
we need a place
to go home to you know we need a place are refugees means to fly back to we feel like we're we're separated or or around
fire away from our own true nature our own true being
alienated from our true self and we long to come back to take refuge to go home to our own true self so if we are fortunate enough to be exposed to buddhist teaching to these teachings
and and it arises in us that we want to take refuge we want to actually
return to this question and answer on sunday someone was talking about twelve step program and at it had been very helpful for her to have this higher power to
to ask help from her higher power and to take refuge i guess that are higher power and she was wondering if there was anything she's very new to buddhism is there anything in buddhism that's like that and i said i talked about taking refuge and ah also
so calling out for help
so the refuges this triple treasure of buddha dharma and sangha is a can be a ah
a turning point for people in terms of the suffering of their life to have found the triple treasure and ah
to have found a practice and thus it is
a manifestation of the indivisible triple treasure so to have found a practice of zazen and then as it divides and we look at it in different ways buddha dharma and sangha ah
you know to feel
amazing grace you know as someone said to me to feel like they ah
we're home and
do have great gratitude rise up to have been exposed to the teaching and to take it up and to not only that but have a place where it's being maintained having the conditions the right conditions so that you can practice this is precious this is very precious so to do something that would destroy that
divide that
ah make it hard for people to find their way this affects people deeply and to wow destroy the conditions for someone's liberation or awakening are realizing ah
their true home or their true nature has some
enormous consequences for the person
you could say that the indivisible buddha dharma and song is not touched how could it be touched or abused in any way and i think that's that's baby true but in the manifest in ever been kissed me
the maintained
there you could say there is disharmony there can be disarming
to feel good
our ancient twisted karma sets up the world as self another and then we act in such a way that we believe in that
and we do actions that then further separate is further alienated further cause problems and then to be shown away you know to be shown a path the boot away the buddha dharma ah
this is ah
this is saving all section beams so
dispiriting the triple treasure this
you know you could say wish fulfilling jam it was called a gem it's a treasure or triple jewel this is a jewel for beings for the many beings and to treated disrespectfully or and you we are also part of this endeavor
treat ourselves dispiritingly to treat to abuse ourselves or to abuse any other being or plant animal or the earth can all be you know you can and i'm just giving us a kind of wide way of looking at this in all different ways this is also abusing the
triple treasure disparaging

maybe that's enough for seeding the conversation preceding the discussion
and i guess what we've done this last wednesday's this come to practice leaders and then cut off is that right
so how many manifest to practice leaders to we have one two three four five
meir six okay so why don't the practice cedars
count off
do that we'd do we cut off know we don't get up why don't we start
a down the road just counting
you want to start reading what
two three four