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morning everyone
there must be careful or gesture too much today
this player may be on the floor
two months ago about
i sat in his seat and they brought up the subject
oh right speech
right speech was a is a fairly
i'm a complicated subject to talk about since it's something we all use and are to day social intercourse with one another air
and how we speak to people heard the tone of voice we use and so forth
made it a fairly easy subject for us to to investigate together
and i think if i recall correctly i talked about
there were right from a buddhist perspective
this right species the third
full return of full path
that shakyamuni buddha had recommended
as a path that taken to
liberation for a year usual egoic clear
do a sense of freedom in the world freedom from our
habitual unease in and
south defensiveness
oh right does the
in the buddhist says is not something that some contrary to wrong
his more like it's all inclusive so they're rather being based simply on a duality of this versus that it takes into account the multiplicity of convention hurricane conditions
that arise from moment to moment in our life
in a world of manifest change
and so right rather than having a very dogmatic standpoint on the one hand were totally indifferent attitude on the other
postulates a sense of finding a middle path between those positions
an open hearted path
today i bring this up because today i would like to touch on another one of the falls and the a full path toward liberation which is right livelihood
and right livelihood
in this day and age is a particularly complex issue
and so just how to address it
is a little bit of uproar over problem
but i'm going to try
you know ah
in choking what a buddhist time
ah twenty five hundred years ago life in their particular system
which was based on a kind of a universal moral imperative that resulted in a class system one was born into a particular past and class and once whole life was dominated thereby if you are the son of an artisan you would grow up to be an artisan and sword
so that the
the choices about how we make our living in the world how we sustain ourselves
when some says quite a bit more simple very real says if if we could appreciate was a simpler and the complexity of our
so colder would be post industrial world
the question of how we make our living and how we work
is a question ultimately of how do we express a noble heart in our life
he felt all these steps are how they do have to express the
the nobility of the heart which is the human birthright
in my view that was what shotgun wedding is teaching us about
and they be wrong but i think
when we talk about right in this sense it is the expression of that i could say in need
gift that we
can develop with practice in our life
and toward which we were there we are so aware of it or not we have a profound thirst and desire to express and realize
even when i was growing up that was my childhood was during a depression
times are so much simpler and just to have a job just to be able to earn some money and put food on the table and shoes on your children's feet was a gift
there wasn't the crisis of choice yet it would come
but the options were rather relatively simple
it wasn't that in chungking when the buddhist time or before or since there hasn't always been moral dilemmas arising in art
in our day-to-day
job situation
get there have been no moral questions or ethical questions about how we live our life and how we express the norville nobility of non clinging not an exploitation
and the would have been no need for these particular teachings
so obviously it's a is a complicated question because
from this point of view there is no hard or fast answer ac
it is a willingness to
open up to the situation as it is
and develop our ethical
and moral standpoint from a completely open disposition rather than a closed one
when i was a kid only cost a time to go to a movie
and sometimes i was a lot
nowadays of course i don't have to tell you
we're more or less all of us and is cyber age on the fast-track
all of the technology that it was to have freed us from some of the
limitations in constraints placed upon us by the need to earn sustenance and life to be yoked to a plow so to speak one way or another
the freed from some of that so that we have a choice a number of choices that we can make and how to not only sustain our life and our obligations but how to fulfill ourselves and and mr drink so
that's a kind of privilege that we
fine is also troublesome
this fast track is meaning that we can hardly get away from our beepers or faxes
the information almost the information overload that is pouring in so that the benefits of technology while they have alleviated problems on the one hand and abroad enormous benefits to us and you know producing a whole new world on the other hand there's producing a huge amount of anxiety and stress in our culture
i think we all know that it's a secret we only have to get on the highway in the morning to see that go and fifty five miles an hour is being a real slowpoke and they're going about ninety to get to the place so they can go ninety miles an hour there
seems to be the order of the day
somebody who has recently quoted a statistic to me
and i don't know if this is true or not a couple of how to verify this but it's interesting and said
the leading indicator of sudden death his job dissatisfaction
the leading indicator of sudden death his job dissatisfaction dissatisfaction incidentally is the buddhist one of the blues trends in one of our translations for the sanskrit word suffering or duca to satisfaction
it seems that in the midst of all there's plenty where the billionaires a common multibillionaires play a big poker game of
of venture capital investments playing you for big stakes that the game itself making something fulfilling ourselves by getting larger and larger the game itself becomes the drive not just taking care of and necessities
and i'm not putting any moral judgment on this i'm simply trying to state the situation as as it seems to be and as it is creating difficulties and stress in our life
they're enlist you know workshops on stress management and crisis control and so on books written can't do it on the television in which is some panel discussing these problems in the workplace the ethical problems that have come up and that we are addressing sexual abuses and so on
so it's a widespread
concern that
this technological revolution that were enjoying is also
how two edged sword that is
producing a lot of lot of 'em neurosis
killing of separation of disconnected this of unease
it's no wonder that we have to come to places like green gulch some of this for longer term some of us were a few hours to touch your ethical to slow down a little bit and feel ourselves take a breath that's what meditation is for her
take a breath
the moral dilemma you see the path is always a question of how we fulfill some ethical responsibility but this ethics is not based on the wilson god in buddhism the buddhist perspective know some
moral imperative handed down as it was a new pioneer shots in india
or even as can't produce the categorical imperative to
based on a huge humanity and know
but how does the individual and the social entity work together harmoniously
in which the potential for both aspects can be fulfilled
without producing so much suffering
big question a problem in all of our lives
because we face the the day on our jobs with
the dilemma of what do we do when we know that something we are doing to make our living is not quite right or we have mouths to feed
and responsibilities to take care of what do we do how do we handle that
and then there's the other side of work to which is worth mentioning as a kind of you know workaholic addiction in which when in order to keep the problems away
the the deep seated fears that we have about ourselves and our world we keep busy busy busy all the time she keeps rushes and busy and business coming task activities amusements
so more and more playgrounds more and more
diversions by which we can not face the to kind of emptiness we face when a loved one somebody dies on us
when the doctor tells us we mislead our future and got six months to live with somebody is something opens up our life
all at once we feel the futility that kind of treadmill to nowhere treadmill to oblivion that our day to day rush has been about whom we stop
you feel a sudden you know we've had a couple of deaths here recently right here in
what i've noticed about those situations is suddenly we feel vulnerable or life comes down collapses around us and there's a certain vulnerability there's nobility the heart opens up to other people
we feel our basic humanity in questions of birth and death
just hired in the workplace work is not just about that work is about getting something done in cooperation
no i can think of an interesting story i've been trying to think of an interesting story to bring this into some focus because rather than talk about this case that case when there's in a number of books that address the cases that could his concerning ethical questions in the workplace or what our motivation is
is what does this mean to fulfill ourselves and our work and so far and i think it might old father
you say
well as thinking of all the different people have known in my own life i was looking for a story but it's just recruited me and my father who's now been dead forty years
no him
ah histoire about work about the bright livelihood and as it as i've already told you
that generation you know was the generation born during the day before the depression and run turn the century so that they got married and begin to have the family's just when the stock market crashed in two thousand and nine and everything went to pieces here
so what it was to have a job as he said later to put shoes on your feet food on the table
was the all consuming question
a terrifying raw edge of existence not not to see your kids fed and thousands and millions of people out of work and so forth
because i remember course for the youngsters it was a wonderful time because everybody lived together had to cooperate had to relate it wasn't a lot of entertainment no money for it anyway
but then you know he got the job was with a corporation that was to become fairly successful in the post-war years there were successful before are not going to bother telling you which corporation
maybe going to go up in the world a little bit of course there was the war that made it you see suddenly the were opened up all the opportunities you you just you weren't just yoked to the desk anymore great as that was been others an opportunity to broaden up
the war made this country rich in deep in debt as we went for it
at least for the broad white middle-class
can work in class
women went into the revolutionized positions of women to some extent
who is them from the home to into the world and so on anyway it was a kind of catalyst out of which was brutus prosperous time in my father saw an opportunity for the bluebird for going for one of the big shots he was an ambitious man hard at work all the time always busy when he wasn't a network he was painting the house he was fixing something always calling one of the my
brother be to help him

so it begin to make a name for himself
in the company and begin to rise and there was only a man of you know high school education but he was smart and he had intelligence and is very personable
it is difficult to live with around the house at that time
he was gonna lot when we came home it was very very tired and and much sterner than it used to pay
and then one night during the party fell over the heart attack he was forty four years old
it's almost killed him
interesting about a heart attack and thought about that of course are all the genetic all the scientific reasons for it but one wonders what if those in all of this constricting of the heart congestive this some holding back of the natural propensity to
we're loving compassionate kind not so driven human being that he bottled up
in order to fulfill himself in a world of change an opportunity but now suddenly overnight it become a world of limitations
and his life above fulfilling himself by making money and by being somebody by gaining great status and a bigger status by being as his mother my grandmother would say the
i remember the thought on lawyer was imposing which is interesting word for a lawyer
what she meant it you see or had a real presence
can my father was when she talks she was a german immigrant
and then he had his heart attack in his her and his life collapse like a like a house of cards rug
suddenly know those none of those things were going to happen for him and what was there
well in the midst of his examining his life he suddenly got god or religion for the first time
are we were not well the families divided between a catholic mother and a lutheran father the lutheran father along with occlusion with his sons would take off on sundays while the women went to church and do other things the things guys to together like work
but now that didn't mean much to him and he found a teacher
somebody who had actually buried or grandmother little time before that there's impressed by this man and he began to talk about the fact that over the lilies in the field and so i'm not striving and your father feeds them and what have i strike striven so hard for it when the things that really matter of the things that the heart
the small and simple things of life you know that story
but then they begin to recover from his heart attack
still have a job you know he knew he wasn't going to become one of the senior vps of this organization which was now becoming really big
but you'd have a nice position and and in fact it was still room for growth and and some of ambition could be fulfilled
it's a little by little stubborn to church on sundays in the bible was no longer read to us as a sudden revelation that he had found to be and then week my brother and i didn't find so revealing
and he became kind of the old dad again you know the one that will get up and was always busy and then another heart attack april
and he was devastated
i think if he hadn't had the kind of heart that he did which was essentially this a leo heart one that was full of the need to shine in the world and the need dish shine his light and to feel the light of others on him for it hadn't been for that opponent might have given up
but how is values changed in that time
from a kind of clinging to an image that he had of himself in the workplace is being imposing has been somebody and something
because my mother always said i don't care you will have enough to live on a modest house and little garden da da da and never all we need we don't need to be something in the world but he always claimed he was doing it for us
until of course you know the heartache that he admitted that it was to fulfill himself
til you see we're all in some sense and bring up the story because in some sense the critical in this modern world where we have opportunities we all have this this this kind of double need to not only sustain ourselves on a very ordinary level which is difficult enough now but to be somebody in the middle
and nowhere this crisis of choice
we have counselors the orenda priests talk to people about which shows going to make and what did leonard cohen's in one of his poems or songs where do all the highways go now that freedoms mine
which one do i take
big crisis
well what to do next
particular in this society where loyalty to a particular company to particular organization and so forth all of those values all those ethical would yesterday's ethical values have shifted from very slippery landscape now
what is right livelihood in the midst of all of this
even if we're not making arm selling munitions slaughtering animals and so forth even if we're careful with the environment
no takes care of all of our little garbage in in our life pay more attention nevertheless were confronted with this problem what is right complete open non-explosive livelihood and is it possible
is it possible to have this express this nobility of heart and the workplace
christian books written that it is you know we're trying to find ways to do that
how do we find nobility of heart with ourselves and the midst of our ambition
i don't think there's anything wrong with getting up at four in the morning to get to the gym by five in order to do ten miles on a machine before i get to the office and make millions all day
can get home and watch television and be on the net and something all even keep busy busy busy fulfilling myself but is it fulfilling
is it right livelihood in in that sense not in some phenomenal sense about the stuff with which we are working for what it is doing to our heart
how we are relating that back into the world be question i don't i know i don't pretend to be able to answer it
i do know that in the eightfold path called noble the noble path because it has at as basis this question of what is ethical
right speech right view right livelihood right effort
right action
complete open nine exploitive action
what is right livelihood for a priest and for a monk in this day and age in the old days where livelihood for a monk in many parts of the world is what you're getting your big and bowl
they've got your get bigger going at it now we have with the churches and are going to religious organizations of fundraising
office isn't so on that's our big in ball
i can remember a job i had one of the first jobs i had in a own hamburger job
what kind of car hot and i think it was thirty five cents and are paid
and they heard this other kid it was from a minority they remember mentioning to my friend about thirty five cents an hour in the boss came over with them up because he has been so they could fifteen cents the kid was a bit of work are by far than i was
but this guy knew my father
right then you see i understood what does this deceit how are we treating each other this way you my using somebody else the claim in the world
we are pleased with this get up in the morning you'll only and then get on a bus it wouldn't work hard you will feel love the work it's heart always to do it over and over and over and wondering if it's worth it
working within the limitations
the conditions in a world of manifest change imposed upon us is it possible in that world in any of one of those by or through any one of those conditions to find something called permanent happiness
it seems to me and what i have heard and understood is that
the only thing that's going to bring his personal happiness is in some traditions called the love of god and the buddhist tradition as code
when the liberation is found in our tradition by helping all beings to be liberated from the anxieties produced by clinging to egocentric notions of what we think is right and wrong good and bad and so forth dualities
hard practice
because there's no answer for it there's no easy answer for a moment to moment we reinventing it
the final thing about the all buddhist ethics and teachings is that these buddhist ethics in teachings about right livelihood or all the eight full stepson
in the path deliberation
all of them are also linguistic conventions
that we have made up among ourselves that we have to see the emptiness the impermanence of those conventions that they too are not written in stone
that leaves us with nothing
to grab onto
and then by leaving us with nothing at that moment to grab onto his the moment in which we can seize the freedom of our life the freedom of sacrifice and surrender to things as they are within a world without limitation think that's what the buddha was talking about this a footpath
he's not a question we can solve except for moment to moment
as i've said
has it seems to me has seemed to be in my father's life
that happiness that bluebird that he was looking for as always just started reach except for maybe that moment when he found out he was still alive
the sun still shown on him are still or the water tasted good when he was thirsty
his kids were alive is wafers reasonably happy there was a life in the world
and it was pretty good
and then changed again
because there's so many inducements to do something else but look at that
well that's where we come here to look at them a little bit together

one of the practices you see we take what's called bodhisattva precepts revolves
and you can look at those to an order of the things we already know no killing
but we killed a live
don't take what's not given what's that about in our workplace
but we do even if it's not outright stealing
don't miss your sexuality big issues around there
how about the not lying
that's another one disciple of the bodhisattva doesn't lie sometimes you have to lie
to save somebody else
very complex isn't it
don't slander
don't push yourself at the expense of others
where it does the speed without that

don't harbor ill will
we can have you a well but what do we harbor it you bet will get those sons of bitches year
in and this isn't out there whole starts in our own heart doesn't it
where we blocked our heart
don't abuse the three treasures buddha dharma sangha and the widest sense of the word buddha your own free nature
dharma the way toward that the way to know that got everybody in the world don't abuse that
don't intoxicate mind or body yourself or other
mind your body well we can get you know we can impose their disciplines and ourselves not to drink coffee or booze or somewhere whatever you know and then there's lots to be said about all of that
addiction talk but dumb and it's true at least the miseries again but what about the addictions of the my
much harder to give up as the golden chain of having some certainty about our existence
easier to give up the gross things harder to give up the spiritual eyes
we become fundamentalists in some way
those are easy to to see but as we take him into our life as they say for a moment to moment
we can't run away and just hide in some other task we don't know how to solve the more we can do as be open to it and listen to our heart
does you think
trust there
that nobility
already abandoned already free of clinging a child is two children two babies your know to death and two babies
looking there's no babies anyone a program to yeah you know they're just there
but when a baby's we know who act that way now they put us in some kind of hospital
could you have that kind of heart
open for things to come without any preconceived condition or idea about how to handle it
beyond the functional ones i'm so beyond the functional conditions
i can tell you i haven't solved the problem of myself it's not a bot frankly
this can only be livable
and then life is not a problem and resolve but life just becomes an experienced to be lived

here's if i'm rambling too much you
have pretty good
she told me ahead of time make it longer than ten minutes
we're going to have some discussion later on there so
where the nest for questions now we'll get into is very very important and complex question of how we make our living in the world make our were in the world and support ourselves and others

anyway i think the key word
one of the key words is not exploitation
have you have yourself to begin with
of human resources beginning with yourself and of course of all the resources and then what is the exploitation me

please be open to your noble heart
thank you
the is the weekly