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intel chip
how to be aware
in sanskrit it was so
the root for the the word quota or them is the one wakes up
so use this word is very mine
the one who wakes up
when we say good mind i think a lot of time we immediately think of dirt and above the
var idea of years

that's kind of a problem
and it's not a complete understanding of mine mine is sir
we we could maybe think more curricular mine mine heart
lionheart hartline this very my heart is the one who wakes up
what helped me as i was pumping gas
i was standing there
i took a deep breath
but as then students you are you giving the these old habits of eventually kind of self correct your posture
he began by learning how to sit straight and then people come it
the can push you in the shape
your teacher make combine and straightening up
when i first started sitting house sitting well like this i thought i was straight on something like this
we will come on push me up
i remember going in and meeting category rossi and books on
the first time i had books on was kind of erosion
other times
the boy and a million books on a separate close to each other but this wasn't a big room and san francisco zen center answer
space i sat up straight as i could
and he started laughing
the irritated me is that you know you're sitting like this

so he only all help this this mind
this mine is the one who wakes up is not
separate from the body and goes like this

and mind that wakes up
no definable exactly
but my own experiences that i have confidence
a practice of listening
the mind that wakes up as a mind that has an attitude of listening and orientation for listening
paying close attention

now one of the reasons town
i wanted to change the gender and the story and if i tell any other
traditional corn stories today i'll try to change the vendor
is because
have been finding in my own life that a person who is very important for me
was my grandmother
important to me in the sense of conveying least a glimpse of wisdom
and i felt that
when i was a child i didn't really understand the dynamics but in reflecting upon the situation
i realize that time
she had a very narrow space in which to work
because it was such a patriarchal society my family was very ah germanic
ah grandfather was the
head of a family
i didn't learn any wisdom
i learn many things from grandfather and from my father but ah
now what i would call wisdom
the listening mind
i think it's characteristic of our culture or by that i mean western western culture
we put emphasis on knowing
and i'm doing
to the extent that we lose
the not known
am not doing
the the being are not being witches
ah imminent
and we cut ourselves
and to and we do that

so on story about my grandmother
and how she taught
and i'll get our minds said personal personal story that maybe you can find yourself in some place and the story
seeing was
oh farmyard in kansas
and the child myself was riding around the yard
on the horse
round and round the i
and it was a pretty new horse
she was on a spirited mare retired from racing
and my grandmother came out and she was sitting there watching
to didn't say very much
she watched me and i wrote around
i was pretty content actually riding around
and being observed by my grandmother no problem
and then as i came around one time she raised her hand and i stop stop the harrison
and she said though
why are you just riding around and around in the yard
i said well
dad told me i couldn't go out
this too dangerous
i was about maybe twelve years old
and done
the horse was pretty new
so it was understandable it i would be told to stay in the eye
my grandmother not have been
my road around and three more times and sheer
watch me and she's however hand and stop me again and she said
you know
i've been wondering if there's any water in the reservoir out in the pasture
i said i'm pretty sure this water from the reservoir
she said but i don't know
when you would you go out there and check
i said mean ride out there
is i take the horse it won't take long
and then
this check fit those water in the reservoir
and i thought well she knows if dad said i shouldn't do it
she's dead mother

if i get into trouble
have a pretty good argument
so i opened the gate and go down in the big pasture

then run very fast and i'm walking and trotting little bit and go out to the after for the reservoir and sure enough those water and reservoir
i turn the horse around and she takes off
vol i can do to hang onto the to the main
and i grab the reins on whoa whoa things are out of control
we come to a creek across the pasture know what's going to happen and riding bareback
and so all there is that is to hang onto a balance and pulling onto the main and kind of the creek and course leaps the creek
i almost fall off and get my balance again and the horse is now running this at full tilt prosper cost pasture and
i realize
this is fun

i'm still here
so there's a way of keeping balance and the way of writing
where things are moving fast but it's all imbalance
now i still out of control i should finish finish the ride
but i gave up trying to stop divorce for a while and however streaming across the pasture that there's a fence at the end there is an end of this pasture
as we begin to approach the fence it i realize what's going to happen i don't know i've ever stop the horse i started trying to say whoa
she has been in our kids
and we run a right to the fence i didn't actually going to jump with answer
but about five feet from the fence she puts on her breaks or for fee dot
can i go right up or within the next over the head and fall in a heap

so then i i take up the reins and i
get back up on a horse find a stump i can get on it
the fact open it or under control and by now she has come
said her partner she's a little exhausted
and down
so i go back to the art and grandmothers still there
you probably saw most of this
she says how to go
i said no water in the reservoir

and she said in a ride and okay
she said well
now you can ride anywhere

now is wonderful news
and was kind of one key moment in which i felt released
from the authority
and a patriarchal structure that from the family and andres them
so having a grandmother who was watching for opportunities to
people children like myself out of their rut
very important
and mind the does that is a mind that is willing to take some risk
how would you feel if i'd fallen off and broken my neck or something after
but mind that that's pretty alert
listening and looking for
some opening
now in the story have fun da may and matsui
earlier on
when when she was a a young student
she was sitting zazen
her teacher and nine your way
none un poco her mother mother nan mother nan came and said what are you doing sitting zazen
and maher said
i want to become a buddha
nine way i said
but nunu i picked up
a piece of fan
broken tile
when started rubbing it

you hear that
something like that that's what my heard
masa what are you doing
none who i said
i'm polishing this tile
to make it into a jewel
my said
how can you polish a tile and turn into a dual
non-eu i said
how can you become a buddha sitting zazen
do you think that you can become a buddha sitting zazen you're denying buddha
what does not somewhere else
when the is your own
your own mind that wakes up
very important

you're going about your daily activity
mind that wakes up as what counts
i'm it's right there
they don't have to go someplace else
but how to remember
the i was kind of busy between the first gas station and the point at which they latched and work
on the nozzle on the gas hose

sometimes something stops us
that's a clue for a queue
for those of us who practice
and are looking for a wisdom
there's something stops you
consider it an opportunity that really stuck
when when something is out of control
like riding a horse
here in there
it's possible to
and a full gallop
what you have to be willing to be there
now we say
we vow to save our means
and saving our beings
has many meanings but one meaning is
that you're willing to be there
with whatever comes up
when i see people going out the door so
that must mean something and what does it mean
you know
the minor does not know how wonderful
no matter how ah
so maybe i've talked long enough and okay
oh that was most of the introduction pounds thanks
wow i've i've come to a lecture here occasionally and i've heard down
tension roshi abbott
ah sing a song
and so i've not why should take my turn
a part of far
in our culture some of what does not recognize i think is important and part of what hasn't of course been recognized in our culture is black culture
and for me is very important to
learn the blues
at one time
and the song that i want to sing right now i'm actually have have you join me is
not really a blues but it's kind of a folk blues he
hoodie led better lead belly song called relax your mind
and down
see if i can hear it here
relax your mind
relax your mind
make you later create long time
some time you got to relax your mind
dum dum dum dum da dum dum
so you can do that right
relax your man relax your man make you a great long
song time you got to relax your own
relax your man relax your my and make you a great long
somchai you got to relax axiom
and when the lad
turns green
put your bird on again as so the
that the tie you got to relax your own
join me relax your man relax
and me to the a long time
now's the time you got to relax your mind
and when the at turns red red
put that break down to the bay
that's a tie you got to relax your mind
have you keep their go and relax your man relax yoma and make you happy live a grey long time that's right some time now the time
you got to relax you know my and relax your mind

i know it's important to realize
there's a difference between me
st louis on relax your mind feel for you

taking care of your mind
sometimes taking care of your mind to singing the song
he likes of mine
taking theory of mine
they're doing something very different

sometimes it's not at all clear
when it's not at all clear
then the practice of listening to your practice
one things are going too fast and out of control
staying right with it
saying right with it
and pretty good back

so thank you for listening and taking care of your mind at wakes up

i've come i learned it
probably read sixty five or something
moms i'm on track
he does say
the light turns green
put your foot on the gas and i should time to relax your mind going on itunes read the breakdown to the band that's a time to relax your mind
nice weather versus as well
says projects minor realizing your highness or something
you can learn
me do it will
relax it right now
and sometimes life is correct
i know that trying
manuel involving the actress brian user is not relaxing is actually going on and on the field for this can be
read statement they will also experience
if you get better listen your devices though
back the
the voices his voices what voices
own my voice is you know you can't do that you
well i wanted to them now
right realize what i'm doing bread machine they'll come near going to
i was reminded of new pokemon he really want to do that
the news
not that important
you hear me

mr this being recorded
hello no lights supply from i say so
reach family gets on the scientists
i like that
like a question yeah i i'm just the notion
sometimes you are are sometimes to mind is relaxed sometimes it's not and how much do we claim in there
how much control to be now
if we have any control it all and it is not controlled the as issue in his shoe

and how much we go on this and how much is a version and how much is attachment
richard let
he will settle in

i think it relaxation is
maybe the opposite of oil from them
admit it
and didn't want to talking with
make an act of will

so someone is letting go
he feels to be some fabulous is compromised history and really all i can do a lot of this mess it up and i don't think that is happening that i gave a mess it up
our life
this is fun
the voice of experience
in between your experience and away from one administration to another
you noticed that you will revert irritated
the no use to the noticing of the irritation
help you go away when she noticed me
sadly though

i mention the sender
but this process of is that
exactly and linear
how things would say okay now i'm aware of the thin now i'm watching it
what we find as we have the whole complex said that
more information
of mine
awareness feeling
memory with fantasies
and the events of the day trader
hope bastards
what we are caught by
you pay well the funny i'm caught by the
the the process of
i'm practicing
if that is helpful
but you almost have to say you have to give up wanting to be helped
if i pay attention to have been irritated with the hope that this we can stuff like that for eleven for the taken a truly not for fact is that were
he's not the fact that everything
them for doing
the fact that for thing and we're doing it
you acknowledge his theory of your taking
and simply let that
a thing
the party girl attempting know when
have you tried er immediately american and is think health and going away yet
i think i'm beginning to create more division the occasion arises from some kind of a did some separation
many many separate
it was a human nature that know i was it the no that we can exist as humans without having some fans separate
ah but in the midst of separation
we can also find connections
that's very important
not just the
obituaries on one side
oh fine fine feeling irritated and is important to me to recognize that
if he had i come to that the found a teacher actually found the died what is what is there
driving my annoyance
what am i was fundamentally
my father
when we can take that would affect to manage any problem that comes up
some time
the study
and in the process i don't know that the problem goes away
for the texture of a lily thing
and the mind becomes more
even say you aware of irritation that expanding the consciousness the next moment of fellow fan
and the little difference between being aware of your and irritation and thing i days
those type of cell phone cultivating awareness lightly
lively now
bring your attention
do whatever it is that can you believe they should mom
i say slightly because i think are have your point is will take an intensive day i like
i feel them free of the problem and followed by funny

the my down
your condition that nothing
i'm gonna do
and that reflected aspects and factor for food
who wants to build
who is
he said that were
the time for me
very important nicholas me here
he felt this is already doing up
one of enemy
we're facing while we don't know

i think i don't cause trouble that
perfect for someone found me on the way over here that i'm a grandmother
mad n had been home
and he created a real problem for me
maya when she said my sister-in-law really resent me having any way too many have been
the building

so i that if they thinking
biden around doing

i feel
for me the central
no i like grandmother
fact in the story
but you're done
yeah layer
the very well he can vary from
careful to watch
i know

my mind i found the year

hey to

dharma practice
whole body fat
oh man in fact
motorists have some sense was down
that is limited to someone

they find that there
when be patient with yourself you might find their food
the way of having thought
and finances and recruit the lives in here
like a physical being
why they wanted them enough attention
it can be away and went to the something that you've worked out to convenient pattern a response or reaction of the situation

the risk management services are offer for life
there's no point at which you think
the field in which to work in the middle

the really a hard to tell then we can be thinking mind really toyed with elephant of mine
remember the time
and you like
an acquisition information
the fact that really doesn't have much to do with that affected itself
i was really no fallen with information he said he was was what really has it
the recognition though is that we live in the world
the universe recession has created
in the disarming in our consciousness moment after moment
on top
weird ways and pretty getting a good way of mine or emotional feeling respond
off often from direction then they've done
old habits
no idea really i was what we can them them we can't do
find ourselves in and out on thin ice
not quite sure i were were coming from
the bedford i have a dream of the reaction
getting diminishing
the whenever we have our like mine necessary
they can watch the limitations to what i'm thinking about mine
when we say south carolina to am i was a limitation in my moment
simply to ask what is limitation

we haven't seen any know
go again
japanese and in in a school
them to practice with no good away
study the south
the same started to go beyond the south
don't forget
forget the started to be awakened with awe
oh baby
to reawaken with all beings as to leave no trace
so there's a horse this is kind of up
a fray a series of phrases said he might find my locate yourself well
to stay away is to say herself where he we need to do a lot of that and to study the self as actually to look at what is coming out what is confusing what is he thought was divided in ourselves what is limited
now the idea of getting ripped saw the idea actually of appreciating ah all these aspect
the when you look at the edges of yourself you find other beings
other people
and these other beings and other people are also
included in your study
so actually to take this office to say okay
leave anything out
and then the work of the moment as to take care of of thing
what's up now
and trump as you mentioned look a relaxing and getting at a certain you might find a comfort zone
they will do this in their in their practice they find it work through some struggled very high with some things and then breakthrough could find an area of comfort like when i'm riding horse after an almost falling off as a point at which ah it's fun
but that didn't last too long for
sometimes if you if you're ah
feeling pretty comfortable
ah it's good if someone can help you by giving her a problem
and if it also you can invite their i i sometimes sir
asked my daughter or my wife to give me some feedback
what am i not doing
that's why my wife told me that i think i know to much
i'm going around the house they can i know too much
okay well as a terrible criticism for someone whose practices not knowing
the average

i have one my

the restaurant

what about myself



event there the kind of spaciousness and said once removed
brings a little more space in the relationship
and it's very difficult as apparent not to be
very tightly on attached the relationship of course with good intentions
sometimes i feel i have two children and then
my son is twenty four and my daughter's seventeen and
it sometimes i felt i need to be like uncle
rather than father
in our culture the way were set up with nuclear families if one one one real
can the limitation yeah if you look at ah
certain families that have a whole supportive network
extended family or in which friends actually are members of the family some of their
the weight of the responsibility of being a parent
it's taken up by other other members uncles aunts other friends
and down
because of the way our industrial society is gonna play it out many families are left very very isolated
and it's really too big of a load on a path
so as apparent sometimes
i found when i'm feeling isolated as apparent i need to
i'm at i'm going to her
be an uncle to my children room apparent
just tell will twist sometimes sir makes a big difference in how i respond to them in their situations and i don't feel quite as sir
what they do doesn't implicate me
the same way and who can
if they have a problem it doesn't mean that i screwed up a i were
best monster miss that itself
just to remember that term
there are many causes many factors
the contribute to this moment this
present situation
and for you think you are in someone else thinks they are it sir
it's not linear causation
and so if you're trying to help someone and why i'm trying to help my grandmother by telling the story
my grandmother is long dead
no i'm trying to help my daughter by telling the story
that perhaps we can create and
and that by creating creation i don't mean by something at arm's length and think we can create by simply appreciate in value of the kind of fun
awareness and attention from talking about
doing that
you can create a field in which children
for now teenagers can be wise grandmothers
in their time
sonic this guy a story like this can work
ah the various ways and we need to do this to help by
create a nourishing environment

a basic question
or maybe you're not quite like
it doesn't want anything not i can't tell you he did asked go ahead and ask it and then i'll get to meet him
sanda get the impression had a zen buddhism kenneth is like an extension of social responsibility of a recognition problems
so and i hear like precepts that is and lot of
i get the impression it's a little bowl of them
like a conscience
coming out of a sense of conscience
which reminds me a little bit of christianity which i have a war
problem with and myself
and then sometimes like a story he told the back door again
he kept at it he started to be mislead ten start with cellphones and exploration of herself
started a different point
so i guess i'm
i have it's easier for me to start from from there than the other and yet as i was asking the question for myself it seemed like my understanding of basic buddhist story was that he recognized that the with pain and suffering and
and then he tried he came up with a way of communicating well problem
and when it starts there and it's like it starts from that appointed feel million contract i think i feel guilty or something something something really hard

no i think that where do you start and fruit and what's the was the fundamental
what's the fundamental were getting quite a practice
right in what is the reminder of visit right to censor killed or since
what is it a read nephrol process is a resident a problem or reservations
i could say in buddhism there's no guilt
does it say
say the the natural order of mine
your true nature
here's okay is
his beautiful
so part of buddhism of course where you arises as a response to suffering fee
and it arises as a very personal
kind of work

are there would be any problem was suffering if you didn't feel it
but i wouldn't have come up with any
toward with suffering fee and felt it impact in personally
fucking him historical shakyamuni buddha twenty five hundred years ago

sunk when something is not recognized
there's a little
consciousness when something is right there and not been recognized
there's a little break
it's a little painful

with the
with our relations with each other if are some way in which we actually can recognize each other
that's healing
we say it's healing because usually we don't
usually we all really recognize ourselves completely he will recognize each other to query
now there's a kind dynamic i think that you need to be willing to recognize yourself completely
to be willing to recognize someone else complete

ultimately say in buddhism there's no self and no other
so when you realize that you're willing to recognize yourself completely are also willing to recognize someone else completely
with parents and children often there is some
some division
my him with my children i've found sometimes it's helpful
i can do it just for
an instant if i can say i recognize your completely may i say that that would generate a response like the dead

but when something comes up
and i think is part of fun
being a parent or may as a part of being a person to receive what comes up
and often now you're trying to do something right
you're trying i'm trying to make dinner
someone comes in with door in they have something that they want to talk about
hey you're trying to make dinner
you're trying to help this person by making dinner but surely i say hey
i cut my finger
or somebody somebody somebody call me a name
you just wait a minute yeah
cooking dinner
we think we're already fully engaged but actually only a part of us is engaged usually we're telling ourselves we're fully engaged but we're actually kinda lazy
embrace and really they go i can't do this you can't hear this can even
too much some founders too much
but i found a that much as i am able to make it a practice of i can just turns i am to give full attention for one second
and to say okay
what is
that makes a huge difference
sometimes that's all it needed sometimes a little voice is going in yeah not a gigantic sometimes they're completely taken care of simply by being
completely recognized for one second
but you can't else comes back to you can't say on going to take care of the problem by giving on one second he can't do that you have to actually say i'm gonna give them my infinite attention
one second for the way i can getting into it
but if you do even if even hold back so i'm only going to go in because i really wonder if you do that then ah they feel cheated
this the way we all have felt cheated by someone that given us their full attention
so in this practice when you sit first thing you do actually to give yourself full attention
save yourself full attention
as you extend this practice out to out the door who and you can do that when you're in the zendo and it's really a valuable practice to take some time make some time each day to stop
and have nothing to do
but bring attention to what comes up
people tell me they don't have time
to do this ah
then if you think i have to have
forty minutes to set period as as and know have forty minutes try
if you can do it if you can by the time in a place each day to do this for minute
of full attention to just what comes up you don't have to solve any problems and i have to do anything but really helping up your mind to what comes out
settle the carrier urine
body and let your breath
because the breath his eyes and the present moment right now
very important to touch base with the breath
do that and then you find as you walk out the door and you have your full attention to
someone else
while the work that you're doing
it seems like such a small thing
and it makes a complete difference higher life goes

if if every year and situation pump the gas and and the match was there
i feel pretty strongly that somewhere in the back my mind and i took a deep breath and said myself i get back my practice i will set out of habit the bot so that this irritation will go away from hunt and f and even if i can
can work it out to say
practice is just something i want to do all the time regardless whether your taylor not
that's still maybe is just somehow surrogate for because i know what i'm not practicing have been irritated if i dont and saw i just i wondered when when you're when you're with tibet rabbit i return who put that not the back here had somewhere or or kenny and it just came to practice
log out that it it just really isn't there
either the trick question is
the content
good is nothing to do with practicing long enough
it's a kind of giving up innocence is accepting
and so hot so hard to do
and the ah
you may find that term
something in your life
enough of a challenge or enough over to come a fixed thing that you're you're pushing against that you have to just accept the way it is
you know just and in a sense given up in that kid is not so good you know maybe i should have on
to have done
i could i i really i didn't report back to the service station manager than this thing was broken
that would have been
having more connected to think about it
what i did in this case was i thought
ah mrs interesting
this could be lecture material
i'd better remembered that that
hey usually i don't even remember those things that types of those really come up with examples because an unknown
i do like all things
and ten
and if someone else had a hand up

and you are



but not

that's like good the phrase sam
the suzuki roshi roche's things are perfect as they are
and there's room for improvement
what the heck
in and off the
my experiences to work effectively with anything the first how to accept the situation you have to acknowledge
so just the fact
facts may be
even largely unknown you have to accept that
and then respond
your response may be a mistake
time moves
the next breath happens in some and
no it is time for dinner and you do have to do have to
actually act
i was somewhat ragged attention sometimes air
basic recognition is this actually all is
a field
of enlightenment all this is working perfectly
within that
there's the waves
the tips of wave that come up with their
flags and different colors are people are saying and i hate your guts
our practices to us to recognize that that are a part of our or life as our tendency and the question is doing exaggerated
now though is if you're feeling some irritation to attend to build something on an irritation exaggerated
we have a precept do not harbor ill will
if you feel some irritation okay recognize it and as long as it's there it's there accepted acknowledge him
but don't build a philosophy on irritation
don't miss your
ah your action your social action don't base your family ah
rituals don't base here
politics my irritation
ms terrible went out and look at look at bosnia the the the three factions there who all have a religious
there's a muslim fashion that an eastern orthodox faction and music
roman catholic fashion
it's terrible
to base and justify some kind of some kind of five
even and even an attitude for a moment
based on some irritation some actual limit in yourself some cutting off of someone else
mean these these grey war is grow out of
a kind of a diminished view that festers over time
never is acknowledged never is
see clearly
that's an extreme example but instead actually not so extreme it's going on right now known as many other examples we can be
yes your first anything
our sometimes he'll provide way
options as i kept check morning as from bike
i also i realize
because a reformed myself
the said arguments
dislike for finding
where it's coming from the cracks it's test day an aspirin situation
i'm all for one some important
can see my kids situation

sounds to me
sure does
have material
and as you are saying petrol i needed a wonderful chapman's beautiful the way so
patio and
i can't do it
however i have since the you really have an experience and of what you're speaking and and there's a very physical as kind of a posture and and an eternal sensation it's very good to get to know what your experiences whether it's petulant sir
some kind of anger
what does it actually feel like
what's the texture
really get to know it
and where does it begin in your body where you first notice it may the arabia thought in than you feel at bill twin trailer here
it may be very subtle
but we we do these things to ourselves in a way of certain patterns and we build it build it kind of in or by i'm a certain feeling
and we may associate than this feeling and with
a particular experience or even another person everytime i see that person i feel
it's very important to see how we do that because
this all is preventing us from seeing that person
really really sing effort because we had a certain low
by us
a certain little credit on preoccupation
samantha hannah five
i wonder sometimes whether the word acceptance
we communicate with matches recognize and acknowledge seats because time
so often assembly is associated with acceptance
as much about me leaving town
certainly one doesn't need a little certain things for time
samsung is also a seconds as well as recognising
as it can make us
cat reality
hacker could felt like it does for you and that's reality
so yeah the first the words are some
somewhat clumsy
i find her to that accepted sir
chance to have a carnival
very flat or are sometimes a resigned quality
that off the grid
for the practices to sit up straight
stand up
i thank you
cracking the path and i beg your pardon has to do with them the are dictator can compare weather that her your your lecture on the other side ah and evidently am for what we understand it wasn't but perhaps arizona
on her head girl
happened after x expected of and how many are very i know
i can remember hearing any
a know
i was thank haha
we haven't spoken yet yeah sure
i've been asked about that yeah had enough ten
then aren't offended
i have my hat
anything and be attended to can attack your hands they all because today a woman's day or the i can ever getting ready to get man for being out at one day and yeah yeah no big deal
i'm gonna die
ha ha
her getting irritated and is getting ready to get it
android have of on
that urge they quite an excellent and some some time sir i've seen people who i felt have for ready to get irritated
dummy any reason at all
many of us to walk around that way sometimes
i had a teacher
harry roberts you're a comedian who's trained as a showman new york's them
for while he was a consultant here at gringotts before he died when they sitting rooms
yellow ford pickup truck by over here on the dry when i came walking around the corner and down the road
why are you walking around like that
like what
like you don't like mother earth
immediately ariel has you know i just l the stuff going on and i'm not a fan fenton i'm walking on air
miss teaching also she called him walking in beauty
so i just want you to see how beautiful and
that's still possible
i almost didn't make it a lecture today was driving up on a hill around the train and was just spectacular and have to that the sun lit up the green hillside freshly washed flowers and grasses i asked splendid
i had set the poor over decided i thought have her come from
and i remembered i did the election
yes your bag
and the perfect segue that asking
your interpretation through this interpretation
ah the line
i haven't collected london he enjoys a man
appreciate the hinder way of looking at
find the differentiation and vaccine
hard guy
to live out of bed and then
you spoke about the wonderful thing like the dog from that place i immediately liked them to something that had clearly by monster not
i don't read
and i really and try to get a grasp how you feel
with on yourself with the online
the only practice if you have been a practicing yoga what are you practice
you dropped down into something he brought down with a razor defender

haha it had that
i don't think i've never heard anybody here ever say vicky the june
how do i said do i say big g were nothing to harm
it's it is a an interesting
can i use of language historically
you know that the buddha shakyamuni buddha
would not speculate
so if people would ask him about china god
he would say
that's not really well i'm here to teach
it's not particularly useful
what you need to do is
liberation from the self liberation from the self is actually recognizing that
the self as you think of yourself is not real
and that term
so there are of course many connections would say certain now
when there was a hope the hindu pantheon of gods and some of those some of those gods and her buddhist stories but not as the big g they enter the stories as got
there are ah
then i think
there's an interesting time now as this
culture meet western monotheistic culture in which as big jim and it says right on our money height and god we trust her i'm not so so that's really important if it's right on our on much and could have the other car
so i wonder what the what is that that we trust
this the the whole image of zen buddhism as
always been able to say anything you you put up
as a concept
so he said buddha and then we hold up buddha the concept
ah and i didn't get to the next the corollary story today was not mine not buddha
which is also also saying that they mind and the buddha has you conceive of it is inadequate
to reality the reality is beyond your conception
so buddhism is it has said
don't get caught in the concept
they're the big g concept the broader concept the
self concept
but there's a very interesting now point
which i think it goes very deep is related to how we understand causation
and korea time they to to get into it but
in fact that
we tend to think of causation originating from a point in the west
the big g created
the world
god created the heavens and the earth
mix the understanding of fall of the buddha dharma is that there's no single source that can be attributed
causation is cope
condition there are multiple causes
there are interconnected
so we ever go back to saying okay pick one
our name one that as say okay we'll never know cause but it's tentative name resource source okay there's a source but it's tentative so i also say
even when something really wonderful happens like the
diamond sutra
the buddha brings countless beings to enlightenment
the same time it said
no beings at all on brought to inland
why why are no beings brought in line because to conceive of a being
to conceive of these beings
is really to make a mistake these beings have to be understood as know beings if they're understood of no beings and we can say the boat rings beings to enlightenment
this is recognizing that the causes of this
holy experience that would know whatever we can bring into our consciousness these causes are multiple
so with their
and it's golf cart her yoga someone pada sanskrit for yoga summer parliament
conditions co arising
phenomena for those the phenomena arise
ah in infinite directions
and all four dimensions
the course we can theorize other dimensions
as cosmologists are doing but actually really they can only really think clearly see four dimensions
this all comes together in one point which is our moment of consciousness
okay this moment of consciousness and new you see how can you can see past present future from the point of view from the present past present future actually only exist in the present
and somebody would say okay get
gnostic gospel
so i think there's an ongoing dialogue with that ten in some circles said down
lobbying be interesting
i heard in the space the dialyzed destroyed inherent talk but i saw on a paper somebody reported saying the dalai lama said that to the west chair sir
solidly christian and is gonna stay that way something like that ah he said just chris said christian jewish
neither the three big religions of monotheism ah
there was so here i am i'm a convert to buddhism as they don't think of myself that raymond
when i say they come stay in our family
i am
the having recognize some of the limitations of monotheistic culture from my own experience
i'm i'm finding nourishment you
my my not good
and and this practice was very very real practice
me the law short answer
them is that there
no a follow up there
it seems like to be an ongoing conversation
a death
that will and rabbits
napoles see the line
okay hi

how long do we go here this
i work at define hunger he thought my were kid and on