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Witch puppet started giving the talk, humorous. Why do we practice? Because we are dissatisfied. Halloween, Seijiki, legend of Seijiki, general dharma talk - impermanence, control, Buddha nature etc

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the worms

thank you
can help

but happened well on good morning
i only have expected to have an unexpected visitor today
but she demanded that she come with me
at the last moment
i want to tell her in front of all of you that i find her presence rather distracting
particularly as i'm here to give a talk today
can i practice for all week long
it's really something important i had to tell you about the teaching
that you would not go away disappointed
but i think one of the first lessons that we all learn in life is to expect the unexpected
but anyway this
visitor that visits me
not only this time of year but at other inopportune times
it has been given the name of biddy blue hex
and betty blue hex well
i'm here to give a talk today and
is it okay if i give a talk today or not
anyway would you think of my talks

when you lay my talks know
i think they're very boring
or ring
well i'm here to talk about today the essence of the dharma
what in the world is that
i want you to get the talk or i'm gonna give the talk but we both cannot give the talk so let's have a vote
because this is a democracy and we will abide by the decision of the majority harmony let's see the hands of those who would like me to give the talk
come on get him up there
and how many
wanna see listened to biddy
i guess then
i all i can say is a pigeon
pitching your number which
oh he always does that
post little put down the sides of his
you'll want to know what the truth is
want to know why you came here today
why did you come here today
because you're not satisfied with the way things are right
huh think you're gonna hear something here that you never heard before
all right you've heard it before and i'm going to tell it again you've come for something that is already your own huh
now how do i tell don't samples
you come here to practice what is practice
if you say you see here a witch
which which is watching which
isn't that i'm here because you are there or i'm here because you there i don't see which is i see a lot of pretty paypal
to look like me someday
and that's what are the reasons you're here right
you don't wanna look like me
you don't want to be at all of which pokes you know
you don't wanna be old and sick and infirmed
you wanna be in control
the okay okay me too yes yes you'd better one up
he thinks he knows that sometimes he thinks when it gets up from his question he understands
as if he didn't understand when you sat down
when he sat down the birds sang and he heard em
when some fragrance or other past his nose he didn't think oh i'm smelling something he just melted
when he sees something when he opens his eyes long enough to see it the blank wall he thinks he sees emptiness
is if that was emptiness
no he already had perfect perceptions
it all got perfect minds already hearing seeing smelling tasting touching
playing your life but but but it's not enough
thank you
please there's one intelligent person here
haven't are heavier fun
but what i'm saying
you shouldn't take seriously
but you better treated seriously
the problem is you already take your life too seriously
you think you're going to control your suffering by controlling now on
when i love zombies have been trying that for millennium still doesn't work
you can sign petitions walk in parades still time the world is not going to change to suit me well may yes
but not him
about like a lot of level
what's happening
she wants me to hijab
do i mean our shop
i can do you think it's enough
put them
you just wait until halloween
the time
that as i say
who did you think that was legal
the one i always wanted to sail the things i've never say want to sit here
and why do we practice
we are dissatisfied
the witnessing awareness of all phenomenon which is on born unspeakable on ungraspable yadda yadda yadda you heard it all before
but we don't believe it
the same person i thought i was when i was too was ten was twenty was thirty was fifty was sixty was seventy that consciousness that has heard smell taste touch than so forth this world and gone through it that awareness has not changed the bit
nor has it for you
nor can you ever remember a time when it has actually what does changes everything else
that you can't see as you can see and what cannot be seen unless we begin to practice or that which we cannot be aware of
in our practice is that which is always already the case now witnessing awareness
that has no beginning or end is not borne out of phenomena doesn't go away because of phenomena
they call a brahmin they call a buddha mind they call it the god had we call it offers and names but there is a dynamic process at work here
have a weakness
when that a weakness has been talked out of itself by all of our conditioning and institution to see that fact truly to sit down with it to get quiet enough that we can tune in and listen to the twelve tape serial that's going on in our heads telling us what we should do to change all of this
how by searching for an answer up there somewhere or even in here somewhere i will finally down the road under some other condition or other know the truth
in some sense practice is an undoing of their whole
trip that whole ceremony that whole ritual of constantly searching for some relief
for some relief from those aspects of our life our mortality that plague us
halloween as really is a time when we have some ritual around bringing forth the demons
the on let go of the attached to
the remnants of the beloved
that the in those as well that have no face
those ghosts in the night that go bump in the night
and that night of course you can't find outside or inside either that night is also everywhere
the unknown the unspeakable that of which we are afraid and threatened thereby
it is the time in which those spirits and that feeling is released
into the collective mindset
we call it down the astrological scale and the old days scorpio
the time when all those things in the last six months and which light was gathering and so on finally comes to next the equilibrium
and now after a month
of going into darker and darker days mornings particularly we notice it in the northern hemisphere
we begin to get that old primal feeling that if i haven't got my next day together i ain't going to make it through the winner
goes way back this fear this turning and brings all of our
insecurity to the for
the time of death and regeneration of time of total cleaning up our act
this is not the
this is not the dark that were coming out of the springtime when coming into a new phases give me life liberty and pursuit this is the time that says after this is the eighth step after the beginning in which we say something's gotta die
we can let go of something
and in order to do that human beings since time out of mine have performed rituals of one kind or another enacted this is not the mardi gras this is the potent and sisters the dance of death
this is the one that acknowledges in our collection mythology is the inescapable knowledge and all of us have that what we got or what what you get you will lose eventually
and because we like to hang out of those things that are pleasant and sustaining to are imposed identity the identity imposed on this ever present witnessing awareness we feel threatened by their fact let's admit it and so we feel
that by searching for some answers some book some teachers some lineage somewhere
this a way out of this suffering yeah of course people have come along like the buddha who said i'm own interested in two things why we suffer and how to get rid of it throws away and the nature of our suffering very simply as we all know is not understanding the true nature of reality
the true nature of reality
prescribing that we all know that his prior to all of our experiences but isn't not separate from them
and the aspects of aesthetic or monastic training is a simply give somebody a format where they can sit down and it's finally have all the distractions of the world removed that is to say you don't have to hunt around for your bread or your shoulder
well you have to do is get your butt on a cushion and look at a wall and do nothing
and is it possible for a human being to sit and do nothing
well if you haven't come up against that already i will save you the explanation that would spoil the fun of finding out what it is to do nothing
why did to find out what nothing really means
and have all of that nothing suddenly redeemed and everything that is arising
but we have to talk we have to have some kind of structure to talk ourselves out of striving to get what is already the case we actually have to go through a very painful process with our mind in our body and actual yoga reading is not enough
and so to have people come here and swear to get up at four in the morning and come to a coach zendo and dark and you know
and be sure you enter with his foot and face it this way and to this everything prescribed exactly so they can sit down and do nothing
you think your mind is gonna buy that your mind is going to sit down and are my and sit down and think this nothing has gotta be the big wham
there's nothing is gonna be it all i have to do is find it now
and the more you forget the old there's an old saying you know
you can't find buddha god brahman whatever you can't find the witnessing awareness ever present when the seeing awareness who cannot find buddha so stop looking you cannot lose buddha so stop worrying
but we worry and we look endlessly and we still feel that somebody out there some condition or other that we change will finally make it better it will make it better on a relative sense on a compounded sense and the sense of experience with
ich because it is born in time will die also in time
we come to sit with all of our goblins in witches
which are our attachments to some form or other of being in this world in a solid way that we can hold onto
and has been said again and again in the instructions are very clear the way is not difficult second is the second go and the blue cliff record
for the way is not difficult to the third chinese ancestor of zinn
if you hold no preferences
did i hear if if
i used to i used to know some people on the street and one of them would always come up to me and engage me in some conversation
and i would start talking back some kind of answer and if would appear and he would always say did i hear if if ain't nowhere he did not want a condition or mood he wanted the absolute touching in right here and no no if ands or buts
so this is the time of the year where we get in touch with all of those beings that are bewitched bothered and bewildered
think they're in love
until the object of the love changes
and then the object becomes hate
run that see so
greed hate and delusion that moves her life that's the wheel of wanting to search for some answer to this
thing we call our life
but you are oh this is a the answer is already the ever present answer that is prior
to any thing we can put on it because it can be placed into
time and space
and yet is not an it apart from it and if you see that if we see that if we can practice from that disposition over and over and over again every time the world steps energy fee every time and bumped into our ideals every time we are rocked out of are comfortable niche by the force of our own experience
who is not difficult to have no preferences
the he knows and was here to remind me that i have all kinds of preferences
i still draw the line
a monk that puts on the robe isn't that was not supposed to any longer draw the line
between what i'm trying to protect and what is happening in the world at large
but how is that possible until we finally have worked through all our stories and trips that threaten us
not possible so we have to practice even if their practice the of commit of their practices i knew it all the time i just couldn't let go the store

among the ceremonies that we do here there's one also that is celebrated in the far east
in japan and is celebrated during the month of august actually in ceremony card or born
the day of the dead or it's called on
what is the ceremony for treating
say gawky say and gawky gucky is learning in hungry ghost
no it's interesting that in japan they do it in the summer and it's done with a great deal of festivity
boat sir
the paper boats with candles and there were set adrift on on the river different rivers in japan and ponds and the pavilions in which people are doing folk dancing and there's a lot of saki flowing and
it's a similar very celebratory time and it's actually acknowledging mean
i guess we can see an interpreted literally and psychologically and intellectually and many levels but we are acknowledging our attachments to up at both good and bad both in the sense of great gratefulness with all that has passed before and also for the understanding that would have been passed on to us has been paid
yes down by that is that which is now gone and dead and we honor them and that in some way by calling to mind those spirits so that karma or that aspect of ourselves that is unfinished on resolved
and so by acting out and by having celebrate celebration by calling the hungry spirits the printer loca
to reveal themselves to come forth we can acknowledge the fact that we there's a part of us always searching always grieving always rendered unhappy
by the loss of something important in either very near or culturally more distant
but we performances that's a ceremony and
there's of course many legends
the underworld legends and ysis in the west and one of the tom
about this say gawky ceremony is that there was a disciple of the buddha
and he was tormented by dreams of his mother is deceased mother suffering on speaker bull horrors
that she couldn't eat or drink that when food was presented to her turn to fire in her mouth and
in a libation anything to quench your thirst turned to blood or pus or some very disagreeable thing like that
and you'd have this stream over and over this vision over norman so he goes to the to the expert
to the practitioner who knows the answers to this and he says hey and imam is bad dream can you help me and he said get got in touch with it and he said your mother's spirit is hovering in the hungry ghost realm
and they're hungry ghosts realm is depicted as the being with a large had a tiny mouth and very small neck long neck and a very pinned a huge belly
bigger even than mine
be like someone suffering from malnutrition
the advanced stages or
and the the aspect the insatiable the unquenchable the and snackable aspect of it is that
no matter how much the being tries to either put into it's mouth we can't ever get enough to go down to feed itself so it's slowly starving to go
they're turning to shit arts burning the mouth or wanna starving to death and so the being as constantly craving craving a new experience creating a new beginning craving driven by them in a sensational so he says your mother's in that realm and and and you have to go then get her out of it
so in this hell realm of course he'll always seems to be down doesn't so he goes down with our around another one of those
and he opens here's the key the key is the dharma he has the key to open the door
for the hungry ghosts realm but when it does he neglects the shuttered fast enough and all the hungry ghosts flat out into the earth
and so he meets his mother he gives his mother the tastes that she's looking for the test benches and spitting out as a taste of the truth
which is the taste of all the all embracing this the all embracing love for the universe the all embracing acceptance phenomena
but all the other beings that are still suffering this insatiable craving one kind or another are abroad now in the world and has to be called back
to see if they're finished with hanging on or are hanging onto them
our reluctant to let the beloved some aspect go so called back so there's all sorts of in the ceremony all sorts of noises made and we have noise makers it sounds like halloween or sounds like new year's kind of combination to invite the hungry ghost to here are to see you to meet with us and
we will offer them whatever they want
to make them happy whatever they want they can have
it's not our decision about what the hungry ghosts once you're hungry ghosts we will feed them what they need it has called the body for practice we feed one another what we need at that moment even if you're hungry ghosts we give the teacher you wanna know the okay
why my slippers or dharma and with it
which is he want candy here's the candy but after have the candy you're going if you're stuffed and want to take a walk and then you take a walk going to get her to get a lie down lie down have the bad dreams and if you're groggy so you gotta get some coffee when you get up you know rush after rush after rush after rush
that's funny where the hungry ghosts or abroad in the world and in china they had ways of entertaining them with chinese circus and dances and acrobatics and sulfur just as in japan and we don't do it so much here we don't entertain them as much but they might find us very funny
and entertaining but another and we also pay you know our on
we also pay homage you could say or we're also bear witness to all of the goodness that has brought us to the realization that there is a practice that teaches us that things are perfect as they are even though we don't believe it
he must find out each worms herself himself
vanessa top bidder would give i think
right bidding
no bidding never agrees that is the part of ourself who refuses to go along with whatever trip makes you feel good
it is the one the witches the one that comes and upsets you
and the good which upsets us in a way that we helped see through our
our masks are stars

there was a monk named hijab is actually a teacher who's a teacher were very great zen master wong po
in one day when one port woke up he understood something about what i'm trying to drive out which was
how things are perfect the way they were that he was already free an unhindered because all of the trips had dropped away he was just trips so we just movies and he can really dance with the movie and really dug the movie in fact he played the movie to the for
in the rules that he was given the rules were given we'd play 'em up anyways
we have a practice for that just started here all the monks or city
and the head one the headmaster's really sitting very well very tight but one pose down in the coroner he's sound asleep
in fact is curled up on is awful
teacher goes up paycheck goes up and grabs of unsure
one paul looks at them
but just goes back to sleep
teacher goes back to the head mug and on the shoulder
there's a monk awake over there why did you wake up

oh right now i don't know which are those two monks you think you are
fact is we're both of those marks
where the one that's being carried in to the veterinarian purring in its
mistresses like a cat in his mistress his arms and old cat
we think we're going to be given a new can of tuna or something
another cat jumps out of her arms when she carries them in runs down into the gutter and gets eaten by something maybe but it made a free decision not to be carried in
and some persuasion or other
the other cat
he doesn't know she doesn't know but she'd met a leak into what she doesn't know
so in that story i've always thought which can my and i suddenly realize that for years i want to be the cat that jumped up
the arms and made a free choice but the teacher reminds me the time reminds me it's not life i'm also the one being carried in
and what carries me and hour my preferences as is my views
that have to be undone little by little
day by day effort by effort

now this is the time in the movie when we need to say good
i'm adding some ways it's the ceremony behind all of the did orange and black crepe
so i exhort you if you have a practice or not that if there's hungry ghosts lingering in your psyche or your life
light a candle and
two that spirit light a candle an incision make an offer to that spirit make a gesture to that spirit
and say goodbye

there's a poem by
basco the bosco drummond dollar ninety
a time comes
when you can no longer say my god
a time of total cleaning up
a time when you can no longer say my love
because love finally proved useless
and the eyes won't cry the hands do only a rough work and the heart is dry
women knock at the door
i don't answer
i remain alone the light out and my enormous eyes shine in the dark
it's obvious i've lost the capacity to even suffer and i want nothing from my friends

family fights inside buildings still go on
and no one will ever really be free
some the delicate one's judging the scene
will prefer to die
but a time comes when death doesn't help
a time comes when life is an order just life with no escapes
when we reach their place and scorpio as system here
when life is just an order
no fancy things up and down gross or center just life
by sitting on a cushion long enough or by being present long enough we can come to their place in the that just life is not just life anymore
release the just
no longer hurt

there will be a question and answer
oh after this
so on
we'll talk more then this is probably enough
thank you