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the morning everybody
i began by referencing the chat which we just did not chance
the dogan vow a hey coastal have gone on ah
which i like a lot and of find very ah
inspiring i think and encouraging especially the last part about confession and repentance for for some reason that has a bigger grow tremendous appeal to me and and then all the part about never failing to oversee profound help and and now
what inspired about the router transgression
yeah all of that you know a crime very encouraging but for now is the park just before that that the mysterious character time master lung ya and why he had to say
which is also pretty encouraging about buddha's you know where the same as buddhism and all of that but there's that one lion air the second part about and this five save the body which is the fruit of many lies you know what the hell does that mean and i'm that i'm ted the temptation is to take it
the to me and literally you know that it is talking about this body there's one of a body you know just take care of my physical body in this why save the body which was the fruit of many lives than you that what the fruit of many lives as that karma well maybe or it could be you know if this is
just my body as
the result of everything has gone before me write my parents and grandparents and so forth euro all the way back to the beginning to the beginning of everything in this is with this body your body is we're sort of the combination of of everything the fruit of everything in here we are so take care of it take care of the body
day but i'm not totally sure that that's what he's talking about you know it could be some other body one of the bodies of buddha how are our i'm not sure but
this talk is about the body this this guy body
and particularly and valjean
i have been thinking about to the talk about zazen ah but was getting a getting to be too long and so are to involved so i think they'd be choose of the next talk will also vbr dogs and but it'll be more of the head heart and this is
you know like the fatty for of to accept from slightly different different angle same thing but different angles but this one is about the our body the kind of like thousand and destruction and but what i have in mind is really advanced with vase instruction what i would consider advance dot eyes and instruction basically the blissful rico
what part
that we keep hearing about of of basically how to fit their that here still and quiet and
reasonable comfort instead of and blissful repos instead of sitting here away for the bell to ring way for to be over
and i
don't see why they're not possible or even a desirable thing you know all the think about pain concentrating the mine and all that ah
an man don't have much confidence in that
this is so i found seem to have i come pretty close to that and like this machine i had very little pain on this session i rarely do so i thought i'll try to share that with you offer you my experience of how i came to that and maybe it
will be helpful
plus it has the benefit of it's basically from my own experience so there's not much danger of hurting you or giving giving you wrong information and risking five hundred more or lifetime to the five
but it's by nature is very subjective you know it is very very subjective what i'm going to talk about so it it may not work out so if it's not working
it it's just tedious or if it's just the no aggravating you let me know and we can switch to something else
i can talk about my other passion and opera
it comes much easier
or maybe maybe i could sing for you may like just thing you the song i didn't sing on skin i
the other options their eyes
was good they have option
okay so how
this business about pain while my first few years first lot of years really i hate is that change and as so much pain and so much resistance and i can remember go to various things happened paul was very patient to with me as that he's in turn i remember whining gmail one time
about sciatica and he had the attitude of terrific response he said
what are you saving your body for
which i mean that stopped me cold or either an unanswerable question you know i still don't have an answer to that well what am i saving my body for why you know do i back away from from their what am i say me for more for
more misery and old age or why you know
the a terrific question very typically male i thought are so that was one thing and then i remember on another occasion another section a sniveling to norman about the same thing and pain and he said we didn't really register at the time he said
well basically john ideal with pain are at a very low level when it first comes up
well i was a raging pain know so that didn't make much sense to me but it leads somehow i remembered it
and i
on another occasion i remember a paul asking me about sitting posture and he said do you
build a think is the verb do you build your posture from the bottom up or from the top down
so i didn't have an answer that question i would know where even in or near that it a point
but my answer now is from the bottom up
so that was one thing and then more recently a couple of years ago maybe was talking to him up and about breath and breathing and he made the remark about he said well as the come on john cohen is how to support
upright body upright posture sitting with a soft belly
for the breathing you know how do you do that ah
so i think that's very critical question and then more recently just the other day he made that which kind of pushed me into wanting to do this was made the remark remember about a
conceptualizing your posture from the inside from the inside out instead of imposing something from the from the outside so i think that's also
very pertinent
so with all that introduction will get underway and i
so this what i'm gonna say basic presupposes really that you've solved already a big problem is sitting which is your legs of what to do with your legs this is more about back back pelvis neck and may maybe some knee pain but that assuming that you've art you've saw the
the which i think is the basic problem of what to do with your legs while you're sitting there that you've figured out some way that that you can sit for a period without your legs going to sleep and don't let your let it go to sleep boys and girls it's not a good idea you know figure out what it is that your do
doing that's causing your body to respond that way and changes so that you can sit for a period thousand and without your to your legs going to sleep
this is heartfelt advice to do that but supposing that you've already done that and you can sit there still without moving
yeah gross movements bad when you sit there for a long time resource and heard kind of pain starts to come up and over as it gets worse and worse you as though this is about that you know how to deal with with that
so my basic experiences that
it's really a matter of by relaxing and balance of relying on balance and relaxation with with the body that you have now whatever whatever it is and i
so our body
just how our body works is kind of interesting that it's so we've got our pelvis is kind of a central
thing you know with our legs often fit and our spine spine coming up and
a fairly intricate and as all these muscled law the muscles attached to the pelvis that's coming from all different directions to allow us to do all these things you know move our legs in different directions into bend over and been backwards or to decide and and all that not to mention just stand up and walk and at all of these muscles for move
mine to and we used a my especially the big ones and habitual patterns that doesn't do habitual things know of how we want just exactly how you are how you cross your legs you sit down and all that kind of stuff you know a visual
patterns of usage which are getting there was muscles and kind of live there and
and they really are these some which can even make a one leg more developed than the other or one a muscle larger or the balance can be off you know because of of these patterns that so when you sit down when you sit still for a while these patterns don't go away they they're there
and i think that's a big part of what causes the problem so it's just discovering all of that you know these imbalances that can
torque like an i k torque your pelvis
so there's not bouncing more which causes all kinds of problems difficulties
and my experiences that is not the large muscles that hurt it isn't that you know the quads are they are
hamstring or even the large muscles in your bag as a little muscle the little muscles that hurt big muscles just do their thing and low muscles suffer and they heard the goes a bit so i learned this year with a shoulder with a rotator cuff and
murray and
found out that it's like a rotator cuff is just these four little teeny muscles of here that basically are all those about to do is hold your arm and the socket here they're not supposed to do anything else you know do all your activity these other large muscles your delts and biceps and
and all of that are supposed to do the work but through poor body mechanics and ignorance
is i stress these or muscles like swimming overhead stuff and you can damage them and they start to hurt is not the big muscles that are filled with the little one
so ah there's that a good way to explore your situation in your own body and start to get a feel for that in my opinion is the basic yoga position which was just standing as called tadasana i think tree pose the way you just stand
there you just stand on your feet you put your feet
on the ground and to determine near or to think about your alignment with though was i in guard yoga you can you put your feet down you can do it anytime just standing or it is nice to have a nice flat hard surface and
just to stand there to see how you your experience gravity for example now that's an extra bowl constant force that's pulling on our body
gravity how do you deal with it how you experiences i think i experienced it is it wage really and the way and but how how do you deal with it in your body
balance and i'm so we we've got this internal support system aren't skeleton which is really quite marvellous and you can i use it to
overcome the
gravity to stand up and to be upright anyway so you can explore that with tadasana just standing there and of how your it all works the other muscles
combined with the balancing can keep your standing there and what's going on and try relaxing and as far as your pelvis concerned if if you
flex your leg muscle dive is the sensation of pulling up pulling up all the way it has an effect on your pelvis and with the world kind especially if you do first the outside the outside your legs and then the inside and it will can re
reveal the month the muscles will kind of even out and they can will show you in a habitual lopsidedness are talking there you can feel it
so you get an idea
are you can
and then ah so can't hand is just kind of in and an advance over that you can try from standing and today to know try just putting one foot you know what have a step forward
and just as experience how you actually do that you of the mechanics of doing that without falling down if we do it unconsciously most of the time all the time which would bring it into consciousness we were doing again and yeah how do i actually do that maintain my balance and being reserve relaxed as possible and so on your next
variant experiment with that which i think is is revealing and useful and very is also very are concentrating keeps keeps me anyway and a moment
bad we're talking about sitting so thin
with those notions you just you sit down and and your preferred leg position
and i settle and into
a position that you can commit to for an hour whatever that is
and it's important to have done if you're sitting bones and contact with something
to be sitting in such a way that you're sitting bounds are
perceivable the chicken so that been there and contact with something you know the port cushion or something
where does not always the case they it on that that means really you know that you can be should be back a little bit that helped him
so you sit on your city bonds and then i so you just sit down so you you find your position and relax
first this leg and then
see if you can visit the beginning of the period the very beginning of the period i gave you can assess the situation of what
here's the situation with my body right now if you can feel a where is attention when i when i sit down one side my body is always noticeably tighter than in the other side it's not always the same side interestingly but i can tell like right now this this does
i did titers and the site and it's have in particular so just notice that
see what the situation is and then the next thing i think we're for me is very useful to
think about a vertical so of course there's the dogan since the zero just think about your nose in line with your navel but i find an external reference a very very helpful so just there's something in my field of vision just find something that a vertical there's always something to to to to look at as as a reference point
from time to time or a horizontal it's okay do if can't find anything and you can you can infer vertical from that but it's important that you be square to it but your knees not your upper body because your upper body is and we will find out and a minute is often not in alignment with the lower
am i making stances in february doing so some external visual reference point a vertical to that you can i
check without any effort yeah just open your eyes and areas them
so okay there we are so we're sitting there and this point we're say there and these what i think of as isometric tensions i don't know that the right word or not but of are holding us up you know of our kind of
leaning on the tensions in our body
that make any sense are basically what's holding me up like if the your quads are really tight you can kind of lean against them and it'll it'll hold you up and so forth that kind of thing i is hard to articulate the experiment with it you basically lived the
leaning on your own resistance somehow
but as i mentioned before the problem with that is so uneven and it also changes have used to it as we sit here for a few minutes it all changes your muscles start to relax or stretch a little bad are the opposite happens you know you'd think it's something as something titans often and so the
this changes and pretty soon you know like this you know but job your eyes that they were shopping
i'm in
so that was so we're sitting there with as though
reliance on an habitual
way of holding our muscles so did to help that the breathing as is really wonderful
breathing so i recommand which paul recommended to me was that at this point which you may be a couple of minutes you know into the period
breathe five five times beginning with out breathe out
all the way and i
try to let the breath
perception of breath go low
very subjective hard it's difficult to talk about
because could put them in your diaphragm is over your eyes are clearly abreast does not go down here but the feeling is it
does it's amazing
out leave out and i and it's not so easy and i experienced the especially if the beginning there's a lot of resistant the blocks this curious i sometimes especially the beginning it i had to for the image of erm
stages or something like an elevator going down the i breathe out and if not it wouldn't be smooth at all they would be like little bumps the going down me
odd bad start then you do it again and breathe then and is probably kind of jerky within out
and so on
try to
breathe it all out which is very difficult
i learned this basically and swimming years ago of when i learned to swim when i was twenty eight and i mean i could paddle around in a lake but i i wanted to swim you know with some eases and gray so i took lessons and i found out that the breathing was the whole thing that breathing as the hard part and once you get that down there's really not
to it you can swim for a long time with ease and joy
and and a big problem with the breathing was breathing out of letting go of it it i would never i was afraid of the water and i didn't want to i was afraid somehow and they kept telling me this let go of it breathe out but you would get this the
hmm feeling that i can't get enough air and because i haven't breathed out enough beforehand you know so that's the whole thing is trying to breathe breathe out and the sensation going down the saw barely saw from the ballet so that
the lower the relaxation i think down here enables your diaphragm to follow the lower
i don't understand the physiology exactly that that i can know the feeling very much and
it's getting the sensation of reading lord so down into horror areas is okay but it's not really low enough
to keep at it until you can get the sensation all the way down and your pelvic and account of bowl of your pelvis
and then even lower than that was impacted all the way down to the bottom to the your parent of does everybody know what your parents young is the very bottom if you're sitting bonds to the sensation of the ah
breath going all the way to the bottom and then you inhale from there and you can check that you can configure it with your clothes if you when you're doing that you do you feel in your body movement down here there's no movement out here at
all you're not using your anarchist kastles to breathe what we do eventually most of the time said that let you know what i mean so that you you don't feel he is all down here
then it does why to me like dog and little things make a lot more sense to me eat and drink moderately it's a lot easier to do that if you don't need to pay for one thing and if you haven't just eaten if you if your if your stomach is not full
and also ah
having your robes was it loosely brogues and belt in a loosely bound that makes a lot more sense than as a whole lot easier to do that or relaxation
then so the breathing
then then we go ah
you practice for that and then it would go back to the your assessment of a few minutes earlier you know where there's tension air resistance and just brave to it and i'm just mentally and it's amazing parties and a couple of breaths and my experience is loosens his hip is a very tight if i can
just breathe
to that if it will lose then and
hi powers will straighten out
pretty interesting
he doesn't stay that way like it is i just a constant
movement and a body
so you need to keep checking can keep checking the visual
and then another thing so if it all this is going on if say if of start a pain in your bag something starts to hurt in your bag almost always if they have even when that happens to me if i look of the young i'm leaning on leaning and just starting of justice of the painful sensation just starting
just ah
see why i'm mean is there some on
kanchan holding the cranium balance that's causing major lane ah
either from tilting or for ordered the base the bases is out of balance and pelvis

not sure where to go from there
by noticing
the tensions down here gradually we can get our pelvis to be even the sitting bones even on whatever it is that they are in contact with and then relaxing they got muscle so you don't need your leg muscles at all really realizing and leg muscle which has
very beneficial effect on your knees
the pain and them and then i am
think about your spine is as ours your spine which sits in this
socket i didn't call it i guess both of the pelvis where the second really ideas and just comes comes out of it and if then it's just so much
the way it's supposed to be if your pelvis is flat and straight which for most of his it isn't as poor drown but with father right of every long effort of the end of the thing even
so now you can think more of going back overlying on balance of the just a natural the wonderful beautiful natural structure of the spine and how it fits into your pelvis which is now a good base for it
and pinned up as the balance and how actually little effort it takes to to hold yourself up
so just to think about balancing
check your vertical
forward and backward and visit
relax balance relaxed muscles the are not no longer necessary to hold you up because they're not
countering that the other forces can relax
the natural curve or your spine
basically will hold you up all the way to the top ten
ha so then
our head
my experiences that most of the pain in the shoulders of here and from my head of holding my head incorrectly of not taking advantage of the cervical curve here appalling on my head of basically my if my head been too far forward and in
and to have it back
allowed a hot olive a most of this really to rely
i feel awkward at first

your head weighs about sixteen pounds i think there's quite a lot for the month old to have to deal with especially
hanging out here
i you ever they use the physics of it a way to lot more went down here
data to hold up
anyway so then there's some and then further learn from alexander technique that you say your spine goes up quite a ways into your head right i think and sit on this a kind of a pivot in their these little and more little teeny muscles the basically enable us to you know today days
these movements subtle movements and to just gonna try to contact that you know and relax you relax your head and allowed to be up there
not easy takes a takes some effort however you doing this is has beneficial effect of concentrating our attention of actually being present in our body and a moment on the cushion doing this you can do that period many period many period days the holes at elsa jean and i think it's fine it's
and then other stuff comes up you know crap comes up and distracts you as on the source of heart which will bring you back and so on you know the great fight or goes on goes on and on
but there's a lot less pain to deal with which i think is wonderful thing
relax and relaxing relaxing and balancing
now the best part once you once you've gotten this far which who knows it may take it took me years but if the best part is now okay so there you are and
the at some point it isn't really a matter of doing in the car letting it happen is that
having the
sensation or the thought of the pelvis
sacred tilting forward a little bit just a little maybe it's not even really children maybe just thought of it and maybe if i'm lucky and everything is lineup up that i've settled everything and as buying a straight and pretty relaxed
the energy will come and up my spine and a and everything lives a can goes up to a point some vertebra thoracic vertebra just below
hair because after their and
it's quite quite wonderful it is why does no effort to just that there just comes up and they are my chest opens the shoulders go back maybe in fact nothing happened maybe it's just an internal experience but it's terrific
the shoulders go like this should shoulder blades go in kind of down and and which kind of
helps to support them the whole thing
and the like
what i don't know like an umbrella opening our a flower blooming or something as you to go
there you are you know you just
sitting there and with written no effort and
for a moment while then you know gravity reasserts itself or habitual patterns you to read so you just keep have keep paying attention in area to what is pulling it is wonderful exp
variance of being upright
check the pelvis a one thing is no this
tendency of the power that they want to come up with it no no no no you know i get that down all down make sure that things are back down stay down
don't relax keep your legs relaxed and so on his kind very dynamic
situation but it's great and to me that did you know that the repose in a blizzard master dog and talking about and with attention i can fit for a of that way and then of course them
sex or opera or something comes up and drag me away into another realm and new and relax and you know back into the mess again they're just start over
the for this to happen
you can't i can't impose it for this to happen that my breath has to be all the way to the bottom all the way to the bottom sitting on can habitually haven't been done that for a while period or
so that's close to everything so to me this whole process is a conflict is a metaphor for our practice in general of results in general i'm just noticing what's going on noticing my body allowing
that to go on
first of all and then being willing to let it go to the let go of all the tensions and patterns and habits so on short of i
now under my how to put it
so that last thing i wanted to and was
in terms of a posture adjustments which i hope will be happening some especially when decision gums
what you could expect from me is his first of all you know that if i come to you too
let you know of any leaning that i see gross leaning which is not very much for most people but just do
bring that to your attention physically somehow
then you can do with what you want and and your shoulders probably just to try to drop the shoulders and especially the drop in it
falling back this way shoulder blades down not for it
not leaning in and then may be a touching the lumbar area just to remind you of this the arch down here to take care of that arch just to touch that the area of your body and then to him
what the word remind you are ah
of this
spot just below the shoulder blades that thoracic vertebra to touch that and and when that happened if i do that if you can ah just relax just relax there
if not okay maybe next time the jazz in some subtle ways are some subtle respond
respond to that just to get a feeling for it
and and maybe your head tilt your head but that's so subtle is a bit scary you know but for probably not
so that's what you could expect i think from as far as posture adjustments
i think that's all
i hope it made some mad then does anybody have the question or comment yeah raven
mudra on that's the same thing right
the to be honest that's the hardest part to me the murderer is the hardest part of awesome
i haven't solved that go on
so i don't really happy
effect backpacker
i just i don't know
well let's go over this a little okay
yeah i want of it with selfishly want to practice with questions i would have
because this is gonna be a bit coming up yeah
particularly particularly to crack to practice
the ability to hear your question
to listen to hear your question


better people
okay so those are
that kind of thing
it comes before all of this
i think and just need to work on it and
i were my recommend recommendation is that you find something that works and pretty much stick with it and then by very conservative forays into you know
and i'm trying to do some the lz mean i have i had to be pretty conservative i cannot certainly can't sit at full load is for more than five minutes or a dog my body does not like to sit half load is even in every time i try it which i do every couple of years and i try it i regret it because i i get nice that was actually sacroiliac gets out of whack and
really hurts and it just isn't worth it so i think may be but now i've learned that the okay just give it up you know just do what your body wants to do
he said
i'm strong can think about my right leg and front because that's just what my body wants to do and sometimes i would try to force it to do the other way and it is makes me pay for it
so i think i've finally accepted dead and
i don't think that it
necessarily you know who creates an imbalance
but i'm not totally positive about that in anyway so yoga and anything you can do to lose not the hip joint you know is terrific but it is very long term proposition
certainly not a quick fix not for this practice period or or anything like that you know because the muscles are so big that these muscles are so big and so powerful and the joint is so big that it doesn't want to change and the punishment just gets sense to the weaker joyce the new
knees and their wheel yet that's where it
hmm yeah

well yes that was good to have an external reference point

right means that you're going to lie up with one of the of it
yeah and then you know i try to see what what is what calling that

nine graphic that's what parliament with the the on how to maintain upright posture with south valley
so my answer is that it's really a matter of balance of taking advantage of the natural structure of your skeleton
i'm a bell and solving the problems is pull against that so that you don't need your all your abdominal muscles to sit upright you can then you can relax them
mother gave them
hey know and then is then the back muscles
not the guy muscle
the best way that what i was trying to
verbalize a sensation of the show is going up the back muscles is not it's actually an intention of the front would inhibit their
he didn't need to be yeah totally especially down here pubic area and again
module tension there would inhibit their
come up
i don't know that the
alien concept man
i realized that fairly strong time but them
it's not part of my personal experience
whatever talked about to talk about it just might
so very subjective terms of weird and so on sorry



oh i completely agree i'd make the same distinction and
i'm partly i don't see why i should do to tolerate either one
especially when it's so easy and beneficial to take care of it it i don't think it's avoiding pain i mean it isn't like mine laying home and take me six ibuprofen or something
it's just the is just from misusing my body i think it's just from using my body and in normal daily activity were moving around so your muscle you know we're moving around so it it keeps changing and so the pain is not so obvious or doesn't come as judgment week
the bill
the poor body mechanics become so obvious and register as pain so you just take care of it and the bank doesn't happen i don't think that avoiding paying
i do
well i mean unless you sitting on a nail or something the


is there are thinking not abbreviate it before paying not a breathing into the paying down here but into the tension that the
holding the before thing
well i just think about it i just don't try to keep my breathing as low as by law responsible which is not an easy for some reason and i always the want to be shallow
and and then the somehow you know to think about the hip or what knee or whatever in his let go is it is letdown kind of amazing
the of the physical sensation of dropping but just learning i actually letting go of course it doesn't and because you're already on and contact right but as the sensation of left
yeah i don't know i don't have the much
problem there deceptive i get them to me it seems to be mainly the head and you know of the way of
thank you you're the head problem


yeah does it an attempt to
articulate a concept though it can be the freezer to the word
but i do all of that and my shoulder without having problems my shoulder you know i gradually discovered that it was poor biomechanics i just wasn't using my shoes my arms properly that was basically the problem in and
i'm sitting the same thing that you can count examine that
what fairmount familiarity with one's own body
what wakening
ha ha


know that so that like with breathing out removed through your mouth visited was chris paul's instruction to me or and i mentioned it i think lies wages read out your mouth and entity that five times or nine that whatever invented some point
it's just empty
to make the contact
right from mind her branch of them at the beginning of the region that make that establish that the contact and then then it can be more natural about it but still you know with the i
what the word intention of bern
lower lower
and with the indefinitely the emphasis on the outgrowths emphasis on an outlet

ah i just don't like to do it i just have resistance to did that mujer for some reason i don't really know why i don't want to do it sometimes i actually cannot will my hand to come up out of like they are right now and i laughed out of the year they just won't move

oh yeah i'm dirt with on ah
denigrate it i mean i think it's important and i just haven't solved that problem i think it's a bank out of thing in the of just learning how to do it learning how to do it with the body that i have and and a way that the sustainable and do it and i think it's important to from the zero g and and like ed brow
he talks about that such a relationship between one's heart and ones and so that's not wasted on the and you know that i have trouble with my hands and all those other items
so we have plenty of time

not there right yeah

besides the cosmic mujer
and has great appeal and
in sounds and guidance time was so what i heard of them to thought
no they were
okay got it started again

ha ha ha
host trevor
that life

well as darlene that he taught me a visit tongue tied to the smallest little adjustment the just like a millimeter makes a tremendous difference and that and i do myself when i was forced it down of that's very important you know that and just a flash or whatever
we're around the sitting bones that point is really important to where they are i feels like
chords or tendance or something and i often you know which is physically move
til you can tell you know what's going to work in while using our word you know that all i know that in about ten minutes that's on his doctor really hard and they just moved a little in since okay so yeah just experimenting with that and find out what works
court the
the your side are run by there too but either way most of the time and my experience the problem deciding problem comes from those psycho earlier join
it is not from down here from sitting on it the irritation of here you he proceeded down here
song do i want to sing that
i do not reply
when you worked phonics which one
design that is related this was so this is the g go to my turn at all

it's not an arm or know

ah does give a lecture that
so this is island as a number
is laughing
and the hand
the guy

i noticed
on cigarettes
no way that's a valid and ballot about gone
the heard
oh you have to rematch
or that they think to somebody and
can you try healthy and they were tagged before
that may others if they don't reply so
or aren't much by download a lot
now worth of also there they are the combination here the art of the orchestra and often pay for it
i'm not that that that that that either that that that that that dot
john bar when the time to take for the really we got there are that in what will be what will be by giving your did why did why i had
dan though get right down and turn around and dark practice than
an hour to pack and
oh how we loved firefighters
henry gonna give my big fear
who there
people are gonna go to the yard do then you're or than broken down your breath
can you hear that from now dr than data
am now you know i know
he hurt you know how they are
there is no they know them
the last
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