The Seventh Precept

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excuse me

oh yeah down construction zone
the next year

the option of a mixture of the next topic
the next he said
have you can take even have given
because even though we haven't finished here
the first mistake
some to very quickly
discussion began
he said

i think one general issue about all of this
first five you get these yet
one can't entirely separate ones on an individual who gave you can behave like
you just to save it gets done
our individual time and merges into the karma every but everyone said
so that
decisions about these things and i never i never cure
what we're currently i mean an ambiguous because some
the shadow areas each year in some way
he thought
does he some violation of business
so the
one one has she can get your this year is
that arena in the world which is most uniquely you are
your own responsibility which is your own thoughts on
it's the one nine corner of the universe which no one else can say about
that should be poor yeah
what much more so much you actually do

this may see
trivial like coincidence
years ago and just a hard day's revised periodically
collapse about killing things in the garden
if your garden
and you have to kill him
is he breaking soil in the disturbs by friends and
much less so you can actually be involved in county
snails the to go for my chest
cambodia as what i've observed to visit
otherwise by gentle him
non violent people do you have nothing but a good feelings toward far as suddenly to can find advisedly are angry it
something which is just concluded game
yeah i'm sure to be so garden is not a
from the wrath but she's in
can but also if you're going to love
are so what do you do in a situation like that so of years ago and as far from there was a campaign not to kill the areas but did you receive a bar
and he kill our local priests were consulted
yeah not least one says it
as he as you run
year we say to be complete
this may seem like an artificer it may seem silly
or it may seem to from the airwaves point of view is not much
your senior gear is not much
gratified or i'd give much solace by faculty are arguing with stuff get the intentions
given the fact that you're going to do something like that anyway
the thought which which you produce around you
he doesn't make a gift
and this is the way will be read by the strange word practice
practice leads taken seriously those kinds of differences which stands no one knows for you
i don't like a good working definition of practice practice practice is making conscious and
working with those he danced with differences which no one knows for here
there was no one knows when you pinch the early really your same yourself these become the unless you're whispering allow these be
so the as this ethics of intentionality to be talking guys it's face not just on
the fact that what your intention was determined to a challenge quality and d
again it's it's based on the idea that foster real as any history
whereas i'm the of
a like the thoughts are not less real than us house
thoughts are not less real with something here
taking life

he's alive too
yeah you can kill a fox show your own
the owner others
i thought
the bank ghana i'm really be or a product being discussed is
he had said in the strictest sentences and embodied or physical eyes thought
and what you're really taking when you take life as you're taking back and she would stop the way
so this is not just you know legalising the for ethics is also
ontology it's also a different sense of what is real or what what did justice to something years i think that for us in the west is he had said
the part about the alien potions potions really the hardest to get cross or to grasp is to
he's dead yet
a real consequential

so i know the of practice of the henry beans because you guys your hunting mostly the condition and quality of your thought was the critical factor
nothing technique exercise of bringing down the game that was conceived via you know second game that the main thing was
the purity of your mind
because it was felt that was the most real thing and the thing that has most effect on
on the outcome the hutch and the outcome of future hunting

i read something interesting recently
cardinal secretary of twins beverage built and past
how can i was reading about the states in which for some reason
oculus has chosen catholic
why would you
but not only has yet
has it has the effect because of the financial incentive
two people i'll be sharing getting up flowers but it's also changed people's habits ago he can attract people are that
he was noticed that in those states has been more than after just voluntarily
can picked up after yourself of living so i'm going to make it more conscious of it
and of course
you have a law which
which i say through greed motivates people pick up after themselves as a bit you know
strange way we might also imagine that you could just be somehow directed treat people value not living like to do with your handlers incentives for the boat jackson syria
you can see so low class
an army shortages lv struck it and at kind of no excessive for social
the and maybe it has to do with
some underlying conceptual basis of our society of free huge rally with reviewed our society is based on the idea of individual within a certain sphere can do whatever he or she likes me it's all right yes
maybe the idea of rights that we all have rights and right and left wagner or maybe some rights to you have a right to throw up your campaign his lungs not throwing you on somebody schedule you fact
free the buddhist picture of the know rather lax side your rights
because of it
extreme degree which everything is connected you actually have no rights at all you only have responsibility
and those are your a insincere and your freedom or your rights get rid of for industries
is to be awareness sufficiently developed and awareness to act in accord with
your surroundings of harmony with your surroundings
a to the extent that no or very little
ways current are producing
so buddhist ideas if you if you carelessly throw a beer came out a car window
is it the the harmony of the world
he is therefore affects your own
if the thought for the lack of the song
is real and it's not just the he has a real second year
yeah the corollary to guess he's dead notorious for you fix the world positive
the unwholesome thinking is real has an unwholesome text as notorious for philosophy is real and effects to your positive
this is you might say the buddhists most compelling for a route response to you know how this doesn't help
his in thousand just used to escape

if it were the case that acts and were real fast
as doesn't these japanese speaking waste of time with not have an impact on to start
so far as
intended thought is this video as an actor is as real as appeared
the activity or
purifying the mind or consciousness by seeds field
use meritorious action the and effects
and when i say that i don't mean if you're seven yorkie eric strategy is your thoughts that go into walk down the road and never be as lose it you calling an efficient use of fabricated and all to see the some kind of for
he is socket pollyanna ages
where there's some kind of you know yoga is extremes i mentioned hercules is he asked best idea that you have these sages and volume to hundred vacation
canada and take care for my do
and you know gotten better recently does involve some suited you apparently they have good friends in the stupid you are pretty convinced that one didn't do anything about nuclear issue because the flying saucer people are taking care of it
and the dare people out there you know somewhere you are superior beings who won't let a cat
it's all testers so it's okay
retired to seem like a flying saucer people to block his eyes and we can it you right back to her if i were quite saucer first
i would be
very leery of his whole planet and i would be way i would be watching very closely to see whether people here who were saving but they didn't even save yourselves and probably as close to county songs all now look at the can separate separator that your dog injury know
dangerous dangerous people
you know what has difference i some people really are a superior race i had a you from
they are just not be around the wait and see whether or not return any sense it all
so that doesn't wash for me and i'll use such beings exist which i you know i'm actually be of mean he said but
you know it's it's a complete rationalization and yeah get
i think is still based on the idea that somehow
your thoughts are real or who can't really do anything anyway so you might have escaped the flying saucer t
in a way you know it said
most of us
here are
aren't really develop africa
the arena in which we have you encountered these skeptical pointed out by killing and with
in my of yours
the level which were discussing the charity not kill user rather subtle i sort of level
there is equality can be you get out there but for the grace of good the awry
that the main reason to get most people are good because they're in good to have a vision
not because they have made a conscious attention in lives
and after that same person to the circumstances will not be subject
and this is the difference
i mentioned earlier in the class it for the standpoint of liberation or beautiful
both good time in bedtime are somewhat suspect
that to says long as your wife is not really awake or thoroughly imbued with intention
so that each thing that you do use by intention of not by your heart even good things that you do or not so good because they're based on
habitual patterns which would be favourable still or rather a visual habit for or not
fresh somehow they like roses
actors could be frozen food freshly
practices to make your life much more like fresh you
go shopping every day
your activity comes out in the freezer
and ah
you know so in a way to be to imagine to yourself well i know i mean killing somebody that far as i mean i could never do that's for people who were in jail daddy
this may be a little bit unrealistic because
what you may be simply be saying is that the conditions which produce him murder if not the your condition such as
but it as long as you
suffer like everyone from the fire conception of inherent computer you played yourself there may be circumstances which arise he was you will find yourself killed even if of it will be
and get farther
becoming complete in practice is is to know that you seven
which usually most people only experienced and dreams
fancy some yeah which can be think doesn't count on is real
although traditional cultures right here mister frankenstein huge homework
the waiting for private investors in fact you might say that one defining characteristics of our society is that we all share a belief that the dream of is less real
he gets it kind of underlying attitudes

here are not too long ago i had a dream which i understand
rather strange dream for somebody like myself
you know for quite a lot of chances to quite a stand against a wall or wiser machine gun now yeah he made some sort of combat out fifteen million people down
quite question why i suddenly found myself in her role but and i was quite yet
have you been doing a particular
i wasn't quite myself that kind of
residue of other possibility in your life is
you know what that means is bitch
suppose that in spite of nine years of practice i still have some potentiality to find my consciousness can low
and if one has to acknowledge that without really use the beginning a real compassion for people less fortunate se
realizing that
he thought we should give which they have given rise to which produce their unfortunate situation or not thoughts which your savage
you're simply thoughts which recently headed to save his life the last few years and time as white lifetime you haven't been in a situation in which
how to produce it get so attempts to
when i put to good people under stress
two people are becomes rather different one
somebody who you think is not a particularly be got a person may shy and something else are you really counting on the golf cart

so when conditions change we have that
what are real intentions are on you
attitudes may be
so i'm kind of swinging around to the question came up last week and about his job and much top
what is the buddhists social responsibility for
the world in which is riddled with
murder is in town
at every turn
not just in distant lands where people are just waiting for poorly by your own streets

i'm consistently amazed rise and time
when by deranged people more grateful
how few people and visitors can actually act has recovered from one percent were happy one percent
is extraordinarily large number of people going around with no longer nights all the time virtually all
him somehow i stream at the yeah
this great
and it all i can say is good i think the
the seeds a good under an hour
restraining order from his desk
when even a person's quite firmly entrenched in a murderous fantasies is restrained from acting on your thighs
lingering sense
trespass for
as been your content on one area there is what each person
he couldn't for would have a gleeful for academic record wishes
it's not that it's hard to a rough aroused and spirit very hard to suppress
you really have to work at it for a long long period of time with fairly suppress facility has no manifestation
pecan people who do commit murder i'll usually new one
in our lives even the ones that are caught and is quite a few in our time
like the for five dollars per person
the streets here
to secret
i'm for you
they can't feel better
the lot of people get a
are two things resign
so it is extraordinary in spite of the
pressingly even be a picnic or much
people these goes well as a do
no people from the inside of mine asked if her wealth and work in a bad
have one way look into the world is not how gabby williams terrible people are from something you become little there is compared to which you might expect your employ people
our egypt
still has been father's pakistan
great who is much more is
the same time
i would say mean issue for most of us of on valuable long time and work to
exquisitely has been on we find them are difficult
what is our ethical responsibility for the second place
about that cause you can find a way

and the buddhist answer really is that
you should do what you can
but should recognize that the group of starting his gravelly tractor
very very hard to get you
in one individual much less stuff
and that even if it looks like there's some movement afoot to change the society or improve things inevitably in this case pregnant over and over again
the same basic dynamics of power corruption and exploitation rape over over again because
the fundamental root cause of suffering is cellphone
he our convenience
a universal law of condition by rich and poor right stupid
revolutionaries in dictators are all his best business very through his formation and still
the best part of the reason why up till now we just have been theory
pessimistic about the chances for any kind of structure
large scale structures because
the problem is so freely and has as heavily
the psychological
in rude and structure of consciousness
and so historically buddhists have felt that the basic way to deal with
first of all understand it thoroughly on dyneema
until you understand yes
structure agency own body mind a very little chance of accurately acting on
the situation fun

and i asked the war is you are able to truly on the country can
the incorruptibility of communities through you know the subjective a raise and wrongful activity through mutation sensors to the other
the more you are able to seize first of all notice again to seize the opportunities that encourage you to get some
and interview act accordingly
i don't think buddhism in any way by autistic or have
don't be fooled by the perfectly
and can act and its
pretty way
in a way which actually helps
i think your kid
i'm doing the heavy having of young projects in may twenty eight pages something and food is really has he tried here and i think and right it's to be
my future in west
to somehow
combine traditional young practice hacking mode i've been society but
i would think the the preponderance of effort needs to be on the yoga not on the accurately because it's very easy to come a very active
he very difficult to be thorough in your yoga practice
and not so many people have the perseverance and patience to do
he need
in order to do it first of all adjust sensitivity
his sufferings of other
she wants to do with very very bad it and feel as you have to do feel compelled to do it
for the sake of
yourself others at the same time that you have that extreme sensitivity you have to have the ability to accept it
i'm delighted audible than clearly you can do that
have that combination of the
it's easy to accept it if you're inured to it
and it's also easy to
ha he's sensitive to any want to fight it those two things are rather frequent come cheap
what's rather uncommon is that one can be extremely sensitive to it and also have a broad sense exceptions to that
there's article very the i from can do in short
and in most of your work as to beat them along that you create try to create favorable conditions for
future generations to move in the direction of negotiations
and it there's not a lot of can do to change them from a large scale and when something appears to you in the small scale play
so ah
to the best of my understanding that seems to be met a buddhist attitude about who might say indirect i kind of course eclectic on central of job as participate in
without being able to effective
and can get the most fundamental way to effectively the way that appears to have to be the least effective witch is simpler to think difficult and your own privacy of your own consciousness

he left her
i would expect an open for had some cash yourself
sheriff group
why did not
the council of the over file on component coding
you know your family
and i have a good for
well i would count on it made be so like
yeah well just make them comfortable bomber
the more we can do i know the act
how did the o'clock require for follow that one patient entering the movement
the people most a crime rate of on computer
this is a tour to perform
our primary antibody has not been kind of course so they didn't ever want to block from the event that the majors can are fairly straight whole america
we have our work cut out for can't get better
a much higher in separator as department we may have actually cutting have given my might the and commitment to have an answer also the fact that we chased him down the street names to forty nine a problematic
how about to be chased down the street if you weren't really against you know i think that traits and the collective
but it's chewy noise it's definitely safer on our block because we are we watch our black pepper
well i don't this current completely to in fact i thought you were going to refer to this isn't about more efficient and i'm already about that kid
death i do think it is observable in history in our own age that ah
ideas do tend to crop up simultaneously in widely different places among people who are not connected like the idea of practicing reason or something on fire you know me very frequently our pockets and gasping in where you from san angelo texas
nothing was you
and you find out about his or what what did you start thinking well as a teenager i
the almighty to kind of go along for everybody else was doing the answer it has started maybe you should meditate and just ignore people
would you actually get their stories you find out that they sort of cooperating on their own and many people react kind of of
you can take that kind of
no field of awareness which permeates
the society the different level than speech or media or for time
but i would know i wouldn't make too much of it like in a refined sauce with people and that's all i think it
it's very easy to use their has kind of use
i love it
let's put it this way the existence of statue in effect for such a reality it does not excuse you from acting in conventional ways from the after me the rise better
after know
stubborn need some help with the correct in kind of we'll drive back into well medicaid five to take care of you know nephew who's struggled at an act like an ordinary good samaritan get out helpful
you know that that certainly may exist but yeah i have it done knowing the guy is not necessary to be on a health care industry impact then you go just to do not know and what whatever effect that happens infidelity are going to work
he said
maybe i'm saying you should approach such an idea with the underlying attitudes you know any random
damage yeah
as often times when when the perfect
what is the car fortunately for price quote for my second one actually practised one of its call for my a literal for both effect of them and not just hope we can withdraw from
let myself included in that
if if another family well that's what i meant by thoughts via your attention your formed intention
to drop everything and it hasn't kept
get the perfect but it's not an effect that it helps you particularly to know about it just hasn't effect that stuff because everything
the only round which is helpful for you to know about it because if it gives you a favorite companies to do anything other than that it's probably not too because one of the main problems with spiritual practice
what it was interacted with intractable problem is a prime
pride is really difficult problem because it was read defined itself at every level and the people out of the path and the board you advance on the path for more food there is for you would rather self satisfied by how well you're doing yourself pride is me if the flip side
i have any kind of transformational change that you go through and i would say probably by make a sweeping generalization that the differences between various spiritual traditions and how well they work for people did not have so much to do with you know the effectiveness of the technique
the but how well the tradition project comes from and as work out to dry
i would say that
my understanding of buddhism buddhism has paid a lot of attention to the pride
an been very careful to work out the dynamic psychodynamic for five
my observation superficial observation that a very spiritual traditions if they did not have quite the same degree of sophistication for awareness of how to deal with that and so one can slip reduce it
probably try to get yeah and it's one of the later the problem
it cancels out all of your project and was leave new offers that you were to go up again so it's sort of like one of these
one of these said pinball machine pitfalls you know if your in injury to his points and like a fan track and
it's a big black hole forms with him
so your next the issue
such ideas
how can we become a good for a trifle feeling
self righteous
struggling with when you were saying that
how is a consciousness
he's my own
i sit around in my circle of like ignorance the cause of suffering
and self clinging is suffering only or for ignorant the broader aspect of stuff
the for really aware that itself that the interconnectedness of everything and the boy for years of sorts of florida then cleaning herself as you thought extinct
the issue is because something
but the record himself to key
very bright
i know like between two different
so if you cause your stockings for a pakistan
practically speaking and even see the same thing taken some fans also two
did you know he just used to divide different words but ah
so is a car even if you have a very big cancer cells which you're clinging to the one yesterday you know i'm bring myself in a basic dynamic of a dualistic point which is
not even accessible to most people as i say to people sometimes the most get every penny the average person and calories if you step off a curvy with safe
so when he goes off all of you your buy you can actually feel it's life because you know the whole by just react to if you can take you hours to come here because you have a very primal mechanism
about family
yeah that helium your heart beats faster and new but pops and you'd always have that self cleaning you didn't walk down the street for years and never and never explained that it must be conditions pointing out to the only other way
but you can get access to abuse but i know he used to sit still
stop following and surface track of your of ideas and then fool you begin to actually see a function so yes sense ignorance of that is used to be or the genesis of it but the dynamics of
okay yeah
of is excel to which we claim he was the other causes such as the root cause there are many many causes of suffering that will just happens to be the underlying cause of all the other car
well i think buddhism in marxism actually have a kind of kindred spirit
in his dialectic
understands the human process as a dialectic process but it does not understand these materials
when he barks understood that cause is celebrated as
a fundamental economics or the allocation of material needs a human beings that's true antiquities that we disagree with that when we simply say that is not the root cause the root cause of that is something deeper which will reappear in any kind of society but it's marketing around mr capitalists to it
ever and i think the history is out to be the case
let i don't think communism has solved the problem cell phone and better than our society because pitch is simply a different
and didn't know
if there are any jai marxist marxism you from the audience here else for us because we've been having as argument guy but
well here is even the marxist and so he's using a toilet decision be are not really thinking of marxism as the case their society because of census is failed by job
i think it was definitely a major insights in human history to realize yet
sabrina reduce is not the will of god
he's not to will of god you get paid for is it's the way people relate to you know adjusting for themselves somebody the loser if you have your down next show
the basic dynamics that taking what if not given
i would say simply didn't go deep enough to understand the the the depth psychology or side with dynamics of why that itself wanted to be heavy blade
give dad even though is the aggregate it turns out to be against those are very selfish
because it brings us all down and clarity
remembers employees that you have any questions
hey version because people who don't be racist or enough to for
second i'm actually quite clear court
i thought it can usually be really funny talking some the really have much of your biggest industry research because they're about fifteen people hundred and one came with incentive young star
if you're in that if you're a good physical shape new york you pray of your musculature which is about the gulf after you can survive there was a young boy who was a teenager funny stuff and he jumped off with very trivial reasons subset of ice rock
he survive without much as he wasn't very good shape and they have done some research knife i see reference to it to the research of article i've never actually track down the research to they have any real people end up
i know at one can handle is the none of them would ever tried to commit suicide attempt
it seems to have solve something for a fundamental
a quick as surgery and you know several of them discussing the greatest thing ever been the greatest it again of your life said
and the transaction
for some just the people you need to go that far to connect with witches or and true
when he crashed in the sun
out on tap into
joining our the a few of can provide that's true you know a lot of people of
do you think leave my say are justifying the same reason for me said that is fifty five
to somehow find the ground of fear of being under you waiting for the heart and it's fairly effective
the problem he has been a doesn't it's rarely dependent on on yeah
on the technique you know if you only get there when you're at that point so it requires you to go again and again into the snow
climbing out to driving fast cars are taking drugs or something and it tends to wear you out fairly
new job maintain
a body and line which is able to sustain their effort is a lot
he might say that and is kind of slowdown more healthy version of china ration card
you have some of the same effect on you but it's much more manageable and it isn't doesn't require some effect to be
put upon you can be outside and you doing it from the inside himself you can be effects or last and so are you actually want to say to somebody who asked him much
i will difference was a few in a motor me
he said thousand you only have to do y
a buddhist practice you'll only have to do minds were the other things i think he's feeling was ah you have to keep coming back down
because you somehow
because it's not something you'd totally created for yourself something
he made to enter
thinking about claiming when my lifetime show me i also learned that
in part to me
why you
it appears we must be like
so any family with me out any kind of collective tractor than have fun i could be given a hot summer and he ran by alert clear in fact and at the end of teach people come map and half bath
i i had haven't actually her compassionate
after into how did i get there
i know that they'll very much flak building and that can get down to downtown can be very productive and dream
and he actually suggested that that
what about this medication
and again
nine top with any better you may address me
when when you are
how could i have
when you have a
you every actor jason
the the the time and common
so for my life that i've been found wanting people who actually the same been to and
very high percentage which makes them very safe
to handle them
he had the to one hundred thirty soldier
i'm game project
a professional with people that i had was your experience with people are just not quite sure how to respond and they responded that they can
but something here for speaking which can be they know something
when they could in a way of them responded that i think they i know
don't understand i'm happy with that party
for people who are who were are a hill or die often have a same spirit that the people that are trying to related and health and villiers mostly related to their own anxiety and noted
you know that what they need in the situation something quite simple and direct not function
which is
the economy
have you
maybe it's partly because
we have lost the the nationalists and yeah of second
he began the coach on february nine hundred
come on nine carries
it's interesting that in most cultures recursion have coexisted for the other a religious tradition and the good if you are responsible for to death to death issue
dying people and get and thing
tandy and if the photos you took care of the happy step way and a busy during puberty in all gap and british with left with people would be a burial for from area in which still completing comes to the surface you find it was just have
the search particular show and your hands where for shinto and buddhism and views and shadow takes care of the yeah we
purity of life and losing take care of the dark sky reserve
he only saw a movie once to put it kind of new classical japanese movie japanese movies to artes traditional style is very static a can we just put the camera in the room just need to get out our his of car and you know the whole job of it has to do with the way
it's on and fifty ti hard to get into their he spoke with the western tastes
and this one movie
this young boy's grandmother guy young adult be nineteen and they were doing a service for it
and chanting the heart sutra to be changed to get and changed in hong kong
well i've taught myself how can you after
just as i thought that boy he said i hate that
ran out of a couple of families the very to basic can't come to view the i can hear that sound and his pound was the emotional resonance with his brief just behave that a finding
have a wake up tomorrow you could argue about the traditional japanese reality about these changes is rather less romantic ideal life again primarily you you get connected with agree
oh yes
something out about stepping off there is another do draw the line
three basic survival in for
and some plenty of so did you know
hey i guess the desire to survive i'm wondering if that equated with softening if it is then right of way to slip into put i flow
heading away obviously it's not because if you if you meet someone in pakistan and i think we ought to you
he would be struck by a a time
the quite a lot
so somehow come our way before you can be free of self lead to more you survive in the more refined than could ever have my spirit
i would say the difference is not between those who
what is survive those down africa those in
every action is the story for a limited by a clean environment those to the next he didn't i guess the question does not to
i think like that were carrying triplets does that that we can make the distinction between of things on only happening each which we really have the quite good fortune to be able to fly to work on the phone for killing power for people are going to make griffin is
fair and minimal and it's more a matter of survival them stop me
in viewing of problem on of what do we do what can we were privileged give about the ah
the whole idea of thinking and inflammatory i thinking vs activity become
it hard for me i'm not pregnant without i can't do that without feeling it i'm once again exercising my privilege you know the superior
well into the car regime girls went up to one hundred and seventy five oh yeah
the but i don't have to be a good format for the here where worried i love to be to give them some different knowledge to the and later
well maybe you are actually started the privilege but if i don't even feel it
i get here is the volume one weight are exercising and i'm sticking avoid the point where you kill and i proposed by
the to promote retaining a warning about the
they problems all over it realizing that i can
i'm not going to be able to change that probably but that in some respects provide a very nice out so that i can only so of focus on my my
my love them from my thinking ah and when i'm moving when as we thought i saw him on perhaps a decision comes after to india to i take
by saying that whatever i do it's lovely to have much effect
gives me sort of a way to flip out of taking a fan
if make particular gene and
but it seems that the charity to him you are
know if i do this when he has nothing to and different
yeah because i personally can't
changing and the specific uniform kind of in washington now
identity for my flop bikeability it mostly to my washington
you know where i can fit
i do a lot of
but i go to work and
i can make for example or decision about alone to
wait for your government
no noise suppression i could also make the decision not to do it for to three
doing that job because i believe what the bank is doing is unethical and they bore and directly or indirectly take for life
the amtrak most is is is and make any difference they become a perception like behind me and i'm not really going to have any effect as a matter of fact the general reaction if you for the need to be
you usually preceded some sort of a radical changes time breaking and they're really going on around anyway
so i suppose that
you know if in fact that it's true that we can't make that much of bit different from you just provided i felt very good excuses for not really going out on the lead to something
well yeah i mean up you will make much difference to the other hand
sorry not to give a loan fee
south african somebody else as you me if you haven't affected south africa and all but you do affect you fell
and the people around you can know if you do it skillfully if you're you may not be procedure to read
which are you know that a great deal of the causes of those kind of material surface of the world thirty her find the because he's right here in our country can we have long periods of that
even though
even affecting you can be worn children for strangers
no during the vietnam war he was a real effort between human and you happen to be why he can be camouflaged know many people who games the running and wars they actually charging through their husbands
and yeah that's a big advantage to small chance to center stage and i think the every year
everything gets such health
but go back to your earlier point about privilege
i think you least please
a privileged you should expect it you should use
and not your know something out
you can be gifting gop about it can can you not your only you know
well if you have the privilege he time his face to do dogs and i think you should do it i think that's good
here's some poor person in the world that as a like to do so that they like even if you choose
if the choice between doing it or not doing it i think you should do it but keeping in mind that they are many people
mean and he reminded the people maybe you don't have that laptop
their practices divided and one would hope you get by changing our lives a little bit
am going into small way one that will happen
a cumulative effect on the corsican that she liked that you know so many yard
do good project of the so-called privilege we have no don't look at totally backfired
just don't work and already can very self congratulatory here i mean if we can say that if we get think we just don't work and i'm going to configure your circle agriculture refuge or like get it was a tremendous difficulty the nine kb can get like you because you from getting anything
it's very difficult to actually company
very hard to get you motive here figure out exactly what you're doing so
every once in the wild bunch of the right and the church stuff as you know you lectures me or features and we aren't giving enough we are reminding us we have privilege which we arguing and county and you should have more
awareness of the ashes of the you
i don't me that didn't like what you're saying
but about medications you know
i don't give any reason take some special attitude about it i think we should just be yourself and that's probably the most part of and to the public attitudes it
if that for person working with us to feel most comfortable make me laugh
yeah they don't want you to be somebody different just for makes them less
he wants you to be yourself and to do something useful
so why
i think my problem who i said look you but i think you to dance of it which has to be a documentary something useful with it
i go with i was operating under such field or to well i really think there's something has to the company meritorious thought and what a company that is game
well military is thought will lead to military that md quite casually if you persist system that he can
that's that all that can be
and the computer division a tiny speck spectrum that restarted the top would look so more even and moved down here for the being a revolutionary new bridge long as a part-time reforms over the open your fitness and where her make a choice as to where they fit into that and i
or maybe some questions you're asking whether
there is a cop out a fantasy involved in buddhism he was caught them to our brains and how about two three cars and it's target development prices can vary for the very first to of that the also the contract
this going to now he's very to check the from which economics and political fence
and i'm like you said everybody deciding for themselves but
one hundred and one of the always having a little bit is that it was the tonality of that is is sunday originality of the his involvement in the interim period while a yogi please to take have
if you're asking is there a cop out can achieve good as my fiancee vs tendencies there
i nervously he can stop
if the price on i'm talking that immediately time you start to change yourself to take time
do nothing healthy
a unique than wasting your time
so you have to learn
tom faced with that fighting and even for developed an awareness of what it is that you your found and what it is she supposed to be doing and i paid detection and key is getting to all spiritual life and
ah have to be are you have to be worth the time
stages of your practice
and buddhism actually
he doesn't have a great track record as far as a profoundly finest
widespread social change of social action
and much more of a tendency to influence the society by by in iraq mosul by affecting the talking to the reason time
the fact that the tendency to there doesn't mean that somehow fatally flawed
but simply that every effort to do anything has we won't have to canada death
but i think there will always be people practicing buddhism to are escaping
and i don't think it's wrong to some people are gators some people enlarged some people are evolutionary
but some people are not money and just not cut out for and you should try the
yeah some people need some period of time escape on to mobilize their resources enough to be turning from the town
though you can have them there because i was guilty
he yourself down
last laughing i would say that i don't think you can judge the effectiveness for of the long term
effect of a unified citizens in a very short space of time for to be to observe it
the way you deserve a forest
you want to go on to your time and you see how it fits into the ecology of time before and it remains to be seen whether buddhism and he's entered eastern religions will remain a kind of fringe bad and now fashionable alternative to the christianity which presently
if tending to be or whether you will fucking into the mainstream
and htc the used to detail a crazy buddhism is not the mainstream
it's on the edge for the edging for the me
i think the here
the very serious interest being paid to good exploitation by catholic monastic
it's a it's a significant
i just talked to them than disabilities when typically
try to designing

conversation indicate to the that
he came back to be six people like him were looking to buddhism to provide some
experience a basis to schedule
within the christian tradition is something that
you know christianity is may be gone more the other dimension emphasizing the necessity of the beyond offensive social action but having lost the young faces
and so one doesn't have any government on
to be the company and himself
the discriminated width and of how to exercise the way which actually works
i didn't need to find in the failure of government projects different users could not use the not doing that and simply point out that
those who looking at it will be guided or inadequately form south what's actually going to work
that me a baby
the contribution of buddhist ethics education practice can make use by somebody here
a deeper understanding of how people function in a decline you we might have a somewhat better chance of
to our efforts to help his ways to actually to be better than just the projection alarm
one can hear from you and the doctor
what a campfire be determined guilty in a regular basis again
what was

and i had taken him getting that
yeah like how to use the term to include things like more killing it

and i use it for lack of better language for thought he was to turn
an experience

what yoga is john that she joked
here you can be

what does a simpler definition is is ah

the effort to to go

consciousness the question
treating your own consciousness as
something that we could change as complemented happy to contribute any practice with choose your consciousness actually become done
for was not a teacher stopped the we're
i think could be included
the the other launch it
much thought on probably close to universal one
have you and i think they're kidding christianity
mantra is he is
how are you know application found that sandwiches
made do something funny
everything came together to form
and thought the to can until your back quality to me
there are major kinds of the other hand
he married a practical sometimes to when he returned
five or six different name useless to mature in fact can be can be quick
the hell is

smith and generally speaking what i would i mean of egypt kidding
the line attitude that allows him to be offering for the reality fit in effectiveness yoga reality
he's just got something our society as much about
showing him
but we last question we need to see