September 7th, 2005, Serial No. 03947

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a woman
at jc chasez as i get to his words

pay you back

ha ha thank you for coming
my name is tear and them
i'm sixty one and a half
and i i to that practice here more than i do now
so i'm very happy to be back
chris practitioners of the way
hi to when i was offering incense i couldn't help but see the and
card on the altar so
he must mean that you guys have kind of service for the people who for the people who ah
have died and ham are displaced by the hurricane

thank you for coming here
and that

yeah there you know the first noble truth is there there is suffering in the world
and each of us has our own
i think bob dylan has a song something like he is at an amateur its pop kill him there's a song that says if you tell me your
i am mattress is suffering but if you tell me you're suffering i'll tell you mine
but you know suffering is not that big a deal
suffering like these people have that we can all feel
he's a big deal because they're massively displaced and some people have lost family and packs and left ones and everything they have
so it's you know awful
and at the same time to little bit risky to say back at the same time we actually don't know
i mean
we know that some people ah
have real pain
but we don't know whether that is going to
ah cause despair and
or whether it's going to cause awakening
we don't know it depends on how each particular person responds to it's happened to them
where don't actually know we run around trying massive way to control everything in our lives thinking that wig have a chance to do that
it should be clear to i think everybody in this room where all old enough to have noticed
and we really can't control it at all he just imagine that we can we pretend that we're doing really well
my last getting better
why not

but so one of us that person in us that so desperately needs to protect itself and make itself happy and
get better
here's the very thing that keeps us suffering

the idea is to just simply stop
just stop

iowa would it be like actually if when something happened in your life he didn't do anything with it you didn't resist it and you didn't want to make it any different than it is he didn't want to
make it into a drama or a story or
didn't charge it

what if we just took the mind that has those ideas
and just let it
we can do that

we're all here in one way or another because we think game his practice and we're all here to get better
are you trying to get better
how long
do we have to do that hell on
three years five years ten years fifteen twenty twenty five years
i'm going to be better tomorrow

i've heard that the reason why
people ah
have difficulty letting go is because on the deeper and deeper deeper level they just don't think they're good enough
i have to control the process of letting go and
but it's been said over and over and over and over and over and over again that it's here that we let go of wanting to change anything now not tomorrow when it's better now when it's exactly the way it
is tonight
had a quarter to eight

and we're told
that's the reason why were given this information is because
the peace or joy or peace really contentment me very deep acceptance of things as they are
right work that's what they awakened mind is the qualities that they awakened mind is a very deep
acceptance of things as they are piece at peace
come to get that circular thing right
so wait that can happen now
hey the point is to mississippi where she said that same thing on page
i can almost remember it's on the top left side of the page what he says he says the whole point is to make yourself peaceful and then stick to it
he doesn't say you need to be better first
he says make yourself peaceful and stick to it as a whole point he says

in the beginning you know this process is a process is a kind of a psychological process
i was explaining i'm a teacher at a m high school i teach high school kids meditation and ethics as my job
and there

what is i talking
above is that we can help
cj article price process
these kids are very close to am
hey close to how can i say here
they don't have a really very much of a veil between who they think they are and nothing
it's very very thin veil
so today i was talking to a girl and she was telling me how frightened she was of death and i said why i mean i'm not i'm not
and i'm a lot closer to it can shares i hope
she said because i was it she said she was lying in bed the other night and she we had a lot of anxiety and she began to am
you know put her mind and your body and kind of relax and what we do in the morning when we are in gathering when we meditate together and she said she kind of fell into this empty place and it was scary for her

i so i asked her what was it like what are the characteristics of this kind of empty place and she says she wasn't there and she was afraid of not being there
so what was it was like what was your experience
how she said it was peaceful and quiet and
wasn't making judgments about ourselves or anything like ten
and it was and it was awake

and then i said i said to her well now i'm
that's really that's a that's a kind of a at a nice as a nice place isn't it
she said yeah
i said
i said what's the difference between that place and how you usually walk around
she thought for a minute she's fifteen she thought for a minute and she said well
my mind was gone
i shouldn't really she said yes
i said oh
i said noticed that when that happens that might that might be really interesting and just known as there

it's not necessary to
dear psychological work it's necessary to wake up
we don't have to do psychological work so if you get angry instead of saying the reason why i got angry with so and so in such and such and light editor
just say first say ask yourself who is angry
see if you can find out who is angry is there anybody in their angry
and then if you don't find anybody in their ask yourself who knows that

i told another a fifteen year old today no i didn't know this was during practice discussion in the morning a sixty year old person
i said we were tagging and she said something something something about the mind and i said well you know when you read the of com a seizure what happens is
those who don't know about the the time psychosocial is paid five is
probably a thousand pages read something like that
three wives and
three volumes and the every so up the plot is like one page long and then there are five pages of names
a right body sad for moon gazing and bodhisattva flower loving and body surfer of horsemanship and bodhisattva of you know scary sword dragon and for five pages on and on and on for five pages
and i thought to myself the reason why obviously is not to follow a plot this is not a book about holding onto something's gonna happen here and get better
this is a book that throws your mind into your mind just can't hold on it just gives up
it as and then you find yourself just reading bodhi sought for flower dwelling bodhisattva sword carrying horse person
and then i said to this person i said look at if you don't have the other towns like a ossetia take the telephone book
because the same exact things will happen to your mind i have to do and i came i have to do is just read the telephone book as if it were a holy book you can wrap it in a seizure cough and take it out and then open it up to the bees let's say and start reading
and pretty soon your mind is going to go just exactly the way it goes when you read the i was homesick procedure first thing your mind as is it says this is stupid right now
my mind that this is ridiculous i'm going to sit here wasting my time with five cater to these names you know over and over again and then you get over that
and just like bounding hundred thousand bad that they do in the tibetan thing
your mind finally just keep up the concepts are useless in a situation like that your mind cannot help you there's no way to do conceptually will not help able one iota so it gives up it stops and you're just there
and guess what people
there it is
the place game in looking for

and then some people have experiences of oneness and you know
true nature and
i dati di di di and those experiences ninety nine percent of the time they go away
and some people just have you know wake up from can wake up from get it from thousand and just know you know their true nature doesn't make any difference
what matters at that point is to actually
i live from that place that you know so whatever your insight is to stabilize that insight
is to live from that place which means no grasping at anything
no being fascinated with that the mind that you just let drop away
no being fascinated with anything that changes anymore no being fascinated by ideas now being fascinated by emotions now being fascinated by sensations know being fascinated by anything that can conceptual mine has to offer
attachment know grasping
no holding on and resisting nothing like that
and that stabilizes and deepens insight
which is not far away
it's just always might never changes never has changed never will change his hair all the time

just read the telephone book
when dogan
just let the mind rest don't pay any attention to her

what's looking at me some some of you must have you
i'm looking at me is not you looking at me

i'm not looking back here

we're just hum
sitting here

nothing is happening

my name is ah dharma servant
when i receive that name i am
had some questions about it

there wasn't enough me in it
you now servant

but actually ha
i really like that name now

we can choose in our lives we can choose what it is we want to pay attention to
do we want to pay attention to the mind that divides to wanna pay attention to the mind that struggles to wanna pay attention to the mind that knows right and wrong
you know that won't let go of point of view has that mind made us better happy
or we can choose to serve the truth
we can choose to serve
what we are deeply the deepest have for we are
the one that knows
there is no one there to be afraid
there's no one there to protect
we don't have to uphold some image of ourselves
we don't have to convince other people that were okay we don't have to convince ourselves that we're okay or not okay whichever you prefer

can we serve that

how we finished with our stories

if you're looking at it from the point of view and small self and the self is very small how we can feel it when we contract around the idea of me it will physically it actually contracts and the mine contracts everything contracts around me
when we look at the world from that point of view it's gigantic and
i'm a mountain to climb because where this little being and gigantic universe
but if we drop this contracted
kind of constipated point of view
and look at
the life that we have come to be
from this really wide point of view to self kind of just

it's you know our our problems are not that big a deal
a scheme of things
my am web page at home out dear my web page at home is am
antwerp something nasser something or another and i get pictures of the universe every day to remind me
and they're gorgeous
did any idea what's happening out there think are there were were whirling around at fantastic spade and they're light shows going on all over the place and
i mean it's and their whirling galaxies and were just one galaxy and and will you know there's like the homes cluster of galaxies and that's just one galaxy in billions of galaxies
we're just you know
well some people said say where that which is actually true
anyway i've been them
just wanting to be with here tonight and that
slate talk stop
i just hope to encourage all of us
to stop fighting
we see it too much around us
so inside the first place
just don't be at war inside
relax take it easy
the mine that's a wake is already here he don't have to grasp at anything is mere fact the more you relax and release and just let yourself be who you are
how can i say here to stop it stop stop mucking around here just step just just released back into just being awake
and trust that place
and it will take care of itself and it will take care of you
just relax back
hint stop
having a war him side crash penguin
to stop

and it doesn't promise things will be happy
so you can choose you can try to be happy and better or it can be free
your choice

anyway thank you for being patient with me and listening high pressure air
i wish you
to go as far and deep in this practice that he possibly can
and place
that's including myself let's try to be nice to each other and
because sir
these little places where people try to wake up her little pocket sir
saturday i mean we at least we're aware when we make mistakes and stuff like that
and am
there's so terribly much suffering

he knows me