Second Precept

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two years
have you know it's a very basic level of human beings so
it's pretty universal and to the observation of the them which again seems to be borne out by experience
he's dead
her unwholesome and to be seems to be characterized by one of three modes
mississippi altered any time something he often say grieve ancient division
it's a little unfortunate and we stay that a lot of these terms that you find to become our standard vocabulary in buddhism he came out of barely books really translations by people that often did not
you know they did their best but the word it turns they used to not be best to these terms are not really too accurate
i like to explain his for a minute was what is worries me greed hate and delusion a more accurate worries would be something like
a desired
or attraction a version
and confused to be much better
don't we say it that way you can understand that
what we're referring to here is your relationship to and pilgrimage is something else outside of you as you think is outside of yourself
a description of the dynamic mode of your relationship to that thing
so here's this glass of water for instance of
are there are three basic
possibilities from simple possibilities
in which i can relate to this glass of water what is it i can be attracted to and i could want it
i can want it
to satisfy some desired could i did i am
so incensed my dynamics with it or i'm going to draw closer to be i want to breathe in i wanted
so i reach out either literally or figuratively i reach out and drawing closer so i reach out and interesting question
i reach out and drink the water and i feel like you're gonna feel satisfied
so this is one possibility of dynamics woodson
this is desire
it's opposite possibility of course is that i don't like it and i wanted to go away i went to push you wait
this is a version
within a version we have all the emotions that go with this basic dynamic like anger kill will jealousy and envy
can do this
and so forth
the negative side of our emotional life
is some version of the dynamic of a version i don't
what the object to be around wanted to push it away
now both of these are based on heavy an object clearly viewer
i see the glass of water whatever may be another human being or the enemy or something i have a very precise focus picture how the object
another whole possibility is that are because my mind is quite distracted i can't get the arctic brilliant photos
this is the third possibility which we call confusion
some confusion is characterized by i like the other two which are opposite poles of focus this is no opposite from that which is unfocused
you're not focused enough to be able to decide whether you like it or don't like
this is a guarantee past don't
and this confuses the broadest categories is what we call on the corner unwholesome action

guess if an unwholesome them to be thirsty i knew someone would ask ben
it is a famous phrase and yet when hungry i get on tired i sleep sleeping
and now it's been bandied about ever since the thirties when the to physically first published in their states and
it's actually quite a profound statement and mighty we're not coming back to them and later because
course one his response if you're honest is what what's so great about that but everybody just right
and in fact there is a dialogue and has taken from a dialogue
ah when she started applying he aimed to death
ah in which the response of a teacher who said out is i'm sorry that's not what everybody does
you know hunger and sleep in this sense virtually the entire range of the possibilities of our desires and so forth means all of human lives here are all the things the video it means current
and to say when hungry i eat and when he hired i sleep as you might say
ha a very succinct expression of awakened decades
but it doesn't mean you know some kind of naive spontaneity off
it means
a state of purity or a state beyond fury which has been reached by much hard work
you might say it's weeks describes a state of consciousness which is quite thoroughly cleansed of
a karmic
so this is a rather profound point that we have to cut back to because taken out of context a statement like that would imply that well you know
to consume when you're hungry can retire and so forth
so if you might say to statement which is in code
if the kind of six think utterance which expresses a great deal
so of course he's not unwholesome to to to drink on thursday but what's the difference is the point what's the difference between ah some legitimate sense of satisfying your basic needs and something creature is not there
a lot of the early precepts and something
had to do with refining that kind of distinction and i just came across from my research something interesting i didn't know before which is that
on the whole it looks like the the monastic or monkish rules
worked with the most part designed to simplify your life sufficiently and so that you could practice meditation in unhindered patched anything beyond that was considered unnecessary if not actually deleterious to practice and hasbro
david and i discussed earlier in the week there is a tradition in buddhism of the aesthetic practices
like never nevermind down on mean a very small mouth and living up in trees and things like that
and these on a whole were not considered necessary for monks and a david doctor who is the mythic schism make your in buddhism
i recently found out study one of the proposals that here
i tried to split from the bhutto was honest matter of a special ascetic practices he felt among should be very very it
and do these special things and the buddha did not agree that it was necessary
and some of david dodges
point seem to have been incorporated particularly of mentions having to do with vegetarianism it may not be known to you that the earliest to buddhists were not strictly vegetarian
there were certain
there were certain that categories in which it was okay to be with me to work in are laid out of the sutures
later on buddhism becomes a strictly vegetarian that was one of david doctors said the schismatic points as he felt be among she always refrained condition of each hundred every surface cancer this apparently was not at the bullets are teaching
he felt in under certain circumstances in the school is okay
hello the interesting point to come back to i think the issue of whether or not eat meat it's one of the practical points that we can disgusting with classes and just what's behind act and what of various your arguments about it as you know exemption a week
our kitchens are entirely vegetarian reviews fish stock but i would say there's hardly anyone who since in a room absolutely refrains from all fish should be under every circumstance
his aggression himself a kidney
this all came from for is gratified about the out is not good
drink when you're thirsty will have to come back to that
i didn't pick a very good example you know he was drinking water is not something you are you into emotional and great side of be
to bad the i have is things my son and maybe with young children go through this you know you want to drink soda
i think why do you want to drink sorry if i'm thirsty
okay violet has wire wire yuck
you like gonna certificate
the drinking water is not have on your emotional and very of
to capture know i have this thing with my son and if you with young children go through guess you know you want to drink soda
i can why do you want to show you my thirsty
okay hutch has a water war yuck
have you weren't gonna soda because you know sweet bubbly and anyway
you know if we all know that water is probably better for us and then sewed up on sugar junkie we go to this wedding long time but
ah maybe the to make the question more vivid we should put out an incredibly for target and glasses would and things in
and then see given the fact that you're thirsty what is it is you choose to drink energy drinks callisto the water
i have a good vintage wine or some soda
and so forth you know if we actually tested you
without anybody around to watch be mighty very new products you know it's kind of a joke your investment in that many people here have quite on a surface quite yet
strict and pure ideas about what they should be
chip is bad for you and no chocolate and
but yeah everyone knows that if the kitchen makes some people have chocolate chip cookies and put them out
know we all know that the ones you as long as nobody watching the ones who who are rushing first or the very ones to
publicly stated preferences about what's right and not only for themselves in for others when it was pretty
so you be psychology vol this is rather complex as we all know and i let me just finish my exposition hear about both from the pimple to carnival
description of course and karma would be the opposite of these three thing
that is to say
wholesome karma means that one has the underlying root he's are called the three routes a wholesome or three roots of unwholesome behavior and the roots impulsive behavior are non greed
or generosity in giving and forgiving
not a version or
friendliness or goodwill
and non confusion or clary

so this is the acid test this is how you can tell whether some action is wholesome mechanism
and and i get calls from action produces a wholesome result unwholesome action movies on pulse
now what do we mean by a or unwholesome yourself
buddhist idea of karma is almost something akin to like a natural law
that is to say if you
how act and unwholesome manner
he produces a wave which persists
ah indefinitely
and affects your future is upper period is colored or in one school of buddhism they use the image of procuring of fragrance which is little less tangible than away know it's more like
when you get angry at someone for instance it produces a kind of spiritual odor
which permeates your spiritual body and peak or your you are allowed
ah consciousness
and the effect
it becomes again part of the bottom pyramid and affects your next to time
the more than you allow yourself to act in an angry averted fashioned the more likely it will be in future the more charge they will be more enriched waited
meaning there will be to go that way
and this is just an observation of back isn't some kind of greek you know the macbook and ipads hidden for most ordinary people i think that
that can
ah you know if you walk down market street pete gonna be a people who always shouting implications that everyone walking down a treat with bag of what we look at their faith
you know their faith in line with the most rare to hearing from you can make i've been doing it for so long and actually become physically evident in a fresh we all know
in fact we actually i think judge each other in relate to each other on the basis of our faith and a lot more than regenerative hit and the face that we show to people is our currently does express what we've showed them to how he showed me to be over a long period of time we talk
about worry line
laugh line


so a wholesome or unwholesome result mean that
this action will affect
how you will be fine

strangely enough it did it bounces back and rather unpredictable fashion it doesn't always god you know
come back to you immediately there's various divisions that how rapidly the effect of what you do bounces back and somewhat you can done how's the beer the action in
if you are
but the idea sooner or later there will be some
bouncing back or a consequence or echo of what you do to holland

and in fact is is happening all the time most of us don't notice it one of the first practices that you do in a monastery if you practice mindfulness
and one of the first effective practically mindfulness in which you start to notice
that in recent always how rapidly and the effects of what you do come back to you
princess is to give you a a kind of trivial example most a time when you trip over something or bite your tongue or study told you you don't think of it it
somebody that you chose to do
when you practice mindfulness and when you have some extreme for meditation very often he will discover that just prior to the of stubbing your toe or fighting your time for tripping over something or tearing you run over
you will have had some distracted or disturbing thought
and immediately get some countries
so part of the validity of the insight into karma he is revealed only when you can develop enough clarity or precision in your perception of to notice the
for great deal of a problem of course is that people just don't know it
the large and small effect their actions

perhaps i should i should start is about more needs to be classed and allow you to
bring up any area of what i've said that could not be clear on cozy
do you
i may have gone a little graduate i wanted to i want to get as soon as possible into some practical discussion of these presets for this is practical to and i think it's the underlying
insight which all the precepts and derived
you haven't
add a coming yeah

gave up with data gave a data
tom david for short
to create
he was the buddhist first cousin and if you know independent innovation and he a very very bad
the key idea to their five deadly crime with the most serious thing a buddhist can do at which are a many schools of buddhism prevent you from taking over the years
carmina buddha killing your mother killing your father killing and are hot
person and the fifth one is cardenas a schism in the summer
the data gotcha
a good three
have he tried to all of iraq and libya
hypnotherapy yeah the the actual stories are probably made up of didn't you out there what a person and quite liked in often yeah i'm great teachers
and what happened was one of the great guardian king and the celestial heavens saw this happening and reached out you whenever a hand or something you know and stop the rot the boot and thermal protection
but one little chin
he gets through and and and stretch the buddhist toe and cause to bleed
and so he
davidoff and guilty of harming put his body now it's interesting that also in his story some of the mugs are dismayed death
a buddha become to any harm at all have inquired a cuckoo to on how a year that he can now be bleeding from his tone and he says he is your lungs because of past d but now i have to read the climate fruit of something i didn't pass which still

absorb the fruit of them
to they often say things like that
that's the exact difference between a buddha are increasingly buddha is someone who and learned not to be kicked out wave and but and has also learned to accept the ways that still have that those things at the same action if you can complete accepted and
and not respond in any way that create new problems in your free from which is what it means to be yeah technically speaking to sampling of carbon and these chris debts which were going to study are the practical description of the behavior of such person
so the precepts are clues to how you would need to behave in order not to they producing new new way
and gave a doctor
no fell immediately into the deepest level of hell the time of his death during his great crimes but according to johanne
reading some text of just as he was about to die he he began to recite the tripled treasure i take refuge in the buddha be fed on your the passionate he began to from fence with that
and dogan said

it has done
again these things are not just made up i think that by experience
you can observe how powerful how powerfully some we can change their lives by a true actively weekend
like someone has been an alcoholic for twenty three years to come to a point where they can actually change and never
yikes i think all of us seen that kind of change people can i think that shot
when you have a spiritual community and you have people coming to the community all the time you see this happening for or not happy and the case may be sometimes you that looking a person thinks they recanted but you see that actually it has hacked because they continued to go about it or do they have
and historically i think for to output is history there have been instances of the buddhist song that taking in quite town know murderers and people that have been quite it by terrible thing but they have actually somehow
repented of it and it's neutralized than that the karmic way the what they've done because he was possibility exists and for
that's why in our in our full than ceremony that first verse that the chant a subversive
now we saved our dependency would bow all of your ancient car that you ever done you admit it
and this is supposed to happen during important current infection
you can produce
thirty eight hundred com combine of carbonized the action can be patterns group
how many you can read tonight
one to in the lower the your one of performing that well the papa would be in both be parker would be here that is to say the fruits of all that you had done which to in his home and he might could be hopping frantically
these are fear because
the emanate from what you're doing right now and cora would be like to sit his point of the the on
so the boots you know from past and future
you know come in both directions come from the past and open out into the picture where we mean by karma this is a you know a particular buddhist usage of the word carnage not the use of karma it into isn't more or some other related to a tradition i mean you have to beat them
remember that that this use of a particular used for good
because it emphasizes be the possibility of
dramatic and permanent change in europe in your
karmic extreme by practice
that is to say that you can be liberated from from the karma of human suffering in this life is the basic liberties we're optimistic messenger of avoided
we are not bound by our our destiny or by our fate or by what we got to what are your system
oh yeah so them
yes in confession in
how can be important knowledge to her tonight i the last night i will get people just to confess in the form in fact that we don't we don't do anymore in fact a fun can change and then about the anti-choice compassion
well it is where i'm talking and a confession and repentance your honor to see the difference is that you don't have
you know they had as someone mentioned to me was juli you still said last week after the class that lama good jinja
ah has committed to her frequently used to be a terrified to you know
about the ghouls that pretty much a appreciates he said they always find ways to get around them
you know and this relates to the idea of do you have many small rules that try to cover all the possibility for do you have a few very vague rules that conveyed you the spirit of your activity and then leave it to your own
responsibility to figure out what to do because of course every every choices a new event is no actual
precedent it tells you exactly what to do so it's true that if you have a large body of miniscule rules if you go through one by one and say now as anybody actually physically taxing anybody gun this or not
i'm a bisexual is it important to tell from what you do or is it just an african your stuff to and ten
the debris another company directly from fact i confess
quito i see

it's important to bring someone else into it
but job
i still think what i what i was seen also applies which is dead
when you revert more to the basic spirit of all the precepts
he would not have time to confess everything
you might say that your activity is a constant confession
because you know the idea is you know you have infinite lifetime to take era know the infinite past ah which one interpretation of back is the internet past in humanity all the instances of greed hate and delusion which have occurred
and which if you say well that wasn't me that was something that was near or that was that was gained good kind wasn't me
but that's not exactly enough you know because gang is kind of you are not all that separate
you know
you're human and gang is congress human
you know given the circumstances you might very well gone that way if he felt
doesn't necessarily mean that you personally have been reincarnated in all these lifetime exactly it may equally well as mean that human beings have done these things and you are a human being
and it isn't enough to say well i was born in ninety four seven so anything before that don't talking about will work too
it isn't quite enough one has to soften the broader perspective of
oh you know the bodhisattva vow which is our practice
the there's been a time we are due to to possibly incorporate everything so we we have more weekends to ongoing confession and ongoing effort to to follow it will have to talk about it
it's a kind of
a difficult point to talk about for well yes ticket
the addictive
not into the next to be done over
i mean that he's dead
i think it probably workers but historically you know one of the things that
we may tend to go too far in the direction of thinking all these things must be good because in an oral culture i think they actually certain things they can pay very accurate
the people yeah yeah i would be at all surprised if you have that particular part of it was historically true and it would also be psychologically
a understandable that
members of your own family may have the most
yeah the buddha had quite a large family i mean he was the he was prince of the clan the crown prince of the clan so he abandoned the whole family to do this spiritual
and they weren't all happy got it was actually caught some products for the family
so maybe something to
anyway there were assuredly people people lie
whatever you are set up as a teacher they are always people that you decide to me
particularly people who knew you when you're young
yeah still frowned upon the distinction between intention and action
i think you have helped
more about that
spirit letter
for example of way for the it role is brought into computer and best all gather volume of slender and through with a without it still it's his patrick
or would he not in fact that
the way
give not intended for
no he would have those been quite period be they have it distinction which i believe off with kids prefer eating in catholicism between body speech and mind refinery the when away
are distinction
you know
the about the body is the most theory you know if you think in principle i call you if you think about to kill that
becca you kind readers
we have it
free to think that
from a good point of view it already is killing at some level and
if you say it
but again the court much more intact and had a much larger way to compare with because someone will hear it and you will have some effect on that version of your killarney people feel
if somebody walks in the year it green dots started painting good people wouldn't do it but it may be it a lot of people think we are you know and then if they do it of course in in our whole financial level grade but from the standpoint of crap
it's the most important one that he thought he condemned the source
so intention mean a thought through the airline bought the the direction and
that's the main arena of your of your of your work
because the other to derive from net and until you can have access
to the source of your thought
you can't actually be freed and your activity
of course practically speaking the first level of our work in preceptors to restrain our body i'm only thinking of doing
that's where we began because the body is the place where we have the most active so intense practice begins with the body and worked in
you know you you you you can't have access to your thoughts directly during very the way to have access is by starting to notice when you're buy you're doing
is a big effort in and of itself off
and then gradually tried to increase the clarity of your awareness and kill you can notice thought which
are they doing them
so that could you in ah
so precepts really are about
ultimately about he thought
but practically they begin with the bottom with your with your head
if your voice of course what he's saying
a part of that the your speech and your
the around and your physical action higher or where you begin in practice and for most device
speech is a very good place to be
his speech and god of course very close and practicing right speech he is
we can have a whole couple of classes this discussion is gates to the editor or write speeds you go
he is very good place to put into practice all these precepts and if you notice on the list about five of them explicitly or about right speech out of the tenth for them to increase you have to do with what you say
would we work in but darting into traffic
works with your whole life
and in particular it
i'll shut down

and so we
could happen to temporarily we are in quote these particular part of your by the eyes are certain way handlers or planet you later profit and your mouth and friendly shot
and that you know that
as is encouraged used to stay a lot
the best way to follow the precepts of to exotic when do you dodging in falling off
i think the gala started going to be a time for one more
question would call this here in maybe the rest of you if you have questions you can get me afterwards
any other questions
what you've had come under the can be actually
and you can people can ask the africa
next week