Second Precept

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ah precepts
i didn't ask that
when his precepts do not come from my high
exactly but rather energy
ah graduate or a situation where york as the situation in handy as the early quite informal
ha gathering of
valencia or records
around the are a great teacher
began to take shape and time community religious community
even at that the simple road with day
set up
we're not really in any way did up himself you need to a prison
you might say that the major ones where for the most part d
the are
the basic care guidelines academy of bit
we're pretty much established in and
in religious culture wifi religious culture of the army i held your the invader culture which
was the dominant culture around the area where the fruit of time
so what really is
explicitly buddhist about
via the precepts is
the your karma
which sure
it's one of the is great contributions to
you are
religious teaching particular into them
for the distinction of our time and was not he really was
is or insight into the nature
nature and consequences human activity know he was not at all in agreement with your in the mainstream out by indian religious
the philosophy or teaching after that time
you can see the him in the number of of dialogues the in early surgery
in which the buddha
speaks weather has a dialogue with many of the disciples were actually no leaders of other movements
and of course given that it's a suture suture yours convinced there rather than the other way around
but still it's clear that he had rather different ideas about things in particular about nature
the source of our behavior or activity and and what to do about it or how to comfort
this is all arrived under the heading of karma
which like many words and bruising it is the word that has a long history long before it was picked up by the buddha
it's one of the big workers and eight or ten big words and buddhism that have so much yo
a cursed amish territory that it's very hard to even use the word as a in almost the the topic heading or and title of a title on of i have a teaching a buying your teacher
and in and of itself the word doesn't carry enough to cover all of what is meant by it so the word carnage on a piece
the big words
means in it's simplest form mean how would you do
these actually

the task that it's also common or addiction mean here that's what the word bad language june

the the underlying religious question that that began buddha on his
a spiritual path life
the question of what why do people do working to what's the what's the underlying reason for the human world as we perceive it

which results in in suffering and unhappiness and
frustrated existence
this fundamental religious question
nice were all of a start and way one way or another
i once we open ourselves to get to that question we have to look into ourselves and and worked it or lose him try to get some handle on what
what fundamentally motivates human beings to do what they do
i'm very quickly we come to the issue is our activity a matter of choice
to freely choose it for is determined by
the past or by our birth by
by impersonal natural forces
if it's some combination of these taxes there no rhyme nor reason to any activity that kind of a random
ah observed and on a whole you told
and i'm ruled are unruly a kind of get this
these issues were
we're looked at in a whole variety of ways by the predecessors of the buddha
and you also western philosophies their various kinds of thinking
a characteristically be high in the new year that he was the buddhist solution was to practice yoga meditation to find out this was innocent science or the approved or the investigated means
to determining the answer to this question so he started out by practice
while the standard yogic techniques which were available to your time most of wish i had to do with their
the alteration of states of consciousness which one end today
state your psychic and physical status or com in which at the activity mental activity was very much reduced
if not entirely stuff

this is a very sound approach in a way because if what you want to look at he is the source or well ring
of what we do have our activity
it would tell her to stop to after a while back
winter i california
the buddhists on a conclusion
is that just by all-time state of consciousness or temporarily stopping the process and and trying to watch it started yet was not
i'm really have a thorough thoroughgoing enough to somehow or and he's got what he was missing her but the actual resources
so is a great mythic get to see to the both poetry poetry
sorry to practice somewhat differently
maybe if we come around this theme again at the end of the class we could talk to some extent about the relationship between
the kind of precepts we have and kind of meditation practice couldn't do because they read some relationship here
the conclusion of the buddha as you will have a thick
is that job
some combination actually are you might say determinism three three bullish that what we are is a result or consequence of what we have done
and what we will will be as the consequence of what we're going to do right now
this nexus or cusp of of activity is should be the be the focus of our effort homes spiritual practice
so karma for good for the buddha for buddhism means are intentional action
p a body
speech and or mind in the present moment

so intentional action of of bodies feature mind and president is what we mean by car
and the precepts are
focused on that are focused i
intentional action of body speech and like and press
that's what presents with a virgin
is what you're doing right now consciously and unconscionable

now this question of intention is fairly tricky to look at her to organize him i could like take a little time to do that
because her
immediately first question would come to mind is what is intentional action
we could think of some examples of borderline cases

now makes this for
the power tower iti the handler
hundreds of calls into certain regular and visual patterns
prince is a good example bad is smoking a lot of smoke
and the most people who smoke a long time stalking is pretty habitual you hardly notice
exactly that you're reaching procedure that or whatever it seems to be reddit
unintentional almost or and your exactly make a conscious choice
to do it
but nevertheless each time you do it some intention is there so intentional doesn't mean
clearly intentional that it's obvious to you the contention that may be intentional
what's put it this way with regard to something habitual rapidity of that you do
the intention or to do it may be of the nature of giving a slight kick to a potter's wheel it's already turning
you know the basic energy is quite big and the intention maybe to maintain it at that level might be quite tiny
so a great deal of our most yeah
important intentional actions or of that nature because they're they're they're running in the pattern in the habit patterns that we built up over a long period of time
and for buddhist roots saving on many lifetimes
so we may not any longer be consciously aware of our an intentional kick or an internal spark in the activity because most of the energy may be coming from what we call the fruit of previous actions
so actually are activity is some combination or some coming together of the have what we call having energy or fruit ngo all that we have done combined with some willingness to to do it yet one more time to go along with it again
course occasionally we we actually make a choice or decision which is quite something quite fresh and new and all the energy of it is coming from your conscious intention like a decision to
in all changed job searching
to go to a movie or something like that we don't have much doubt in our minds that yes in fact this is intentional and we do have a choice and so forth
but interestingly enough of those kinds of choices because you have so much control over them actually not really where the problem out on the of life on a lie
ah so interestingly enough
when you have some choice that's very clear to you it's cracked quite easy on the whole to run to know what to do
and what town
what really is the problem for us is the choices we're making them are not even aware that would eliminate
and this is where the question of precepts i think really as its primary applicability is not ah
you know
some artificial situations where of choices are so clear that that you have no sensors can be willing for ambiguity all if you know i could you do deserve bath
you may you know as an agonizing about those things but still
what is the primary motive energy of our life are things that are on the whole rather hidden from us
and the real value of meditation practice for for us for buddhists is not so much to develop or investigate unusual state of mind particularly
that's the be a sideline for us but primarily to get access to be a fundamental level of our intentions
which particularly our habitual

what's interesting about the inside of buddhism about pieces effect
i was fundamental level of intention does not you need to ask but in fact is shared by everyone
to put it another way that
at our most fundamental working level of our spiritual life
human beings are very much the same all over
he's not a great deal of difference
so one of the maybe you think about a rather obvious for one of the interesting
points of buddhist understanding of human life is good it is rather universal understanding
the waves put for it as a kind of universal ethics are universal psychology
have you indeed it

where to put it another way you might favor yogic inside of the buddha
is that is sufficiently primary or deep level that it
get yo
it doesn't involve culture or the specific stuff
your upbringing her background too much and i think that's been
at the time of the buddha i would say that was a hypothesis but i think given the fact that buddhism has
effectively spread throughout the world gone into many different countries with which would lots of different value value systems can put some value systems
he managed to find a way to fight after those situations i think is too large extent prove the point that buddhism has stood up as an hour
hey i
an understanding of how human beings are and and act which is pretty universal
this is one of the you might say articles of case and food is an actual which is the all ears are fundamentally yeah
or have good natured

and not just all human beings but all beings are all life
however the particular teachings and practice of buddhism are directed primarily to be themes like ourselves with you

the via underlying understanding of
how karma works applies to all beings but ah there is specific teaching for the kind of things if we are

these precepts that we have you know precepts for human beings animals life i have to find different kind of
and kind of the a tiger
good father present not to kill her usually to this design
designed to kill
ancient times than the surviving in a way
but in a way animals so
don't need precepts
in quite the same way as you may been asked because i repeat what makes the human kind of consciousness rarely be in the six world the six different probably base different kinds of sentient beings is that and we have is stone
the ability to
change and adjust to how we are all the time we have this ability to develop our consciousness can
and change it within our lifetime other kinds of beans have much more fixed kind of consciousness
he's not
how much flexibility in an animal consciousness for even a you know the buddhist idea the cosmos includes various celestial rarefied beings like angels and guides support
and they too have read a fixed kind of consciousness they can't adjust or change who they are very much so you might say the other kinds of
grounds are using the human round behind the
intention a life is not is not there some very much much less fun
mrs wyatt human encourage is supposed to be considered to be in buddhism the best most favourable kind of birth
because as a human being you can not only
be born with the nature of a buddha of an awakened one but you can choose to become
and then actualized that choice by practices unique a gift of human life and
buddhism which it's rather broad
in addition of the interpenetration and
going back and forth various kinds of life fell like unzip the rarity of human birth this is a
charming little
metaphor for human girl is like a
a tortoise with sea turtle turtles into my theory the wife turtle
a turtle with an eye particular kind of turtle that has an eye and it's and its stomach
and god
ah with it with very deep desire to see the sky
however this turtle you know turtles don't usually aren't able to work
while back in the water usually they may have the other way so that you eyes point down and this turtle requires a board floating in the water with a hole cut back the middle of it that's designed for the eyes and fingers on track for which is famous its peak of the eyes looking up
so the rarity of human if his life a turtle swimming in the ocean finding a poor designed like that floated by and been able to get up here and rabbit
and can can you know be satisfied whose spiritual tearing can be satisfied so
one of the big choices that that i been to in traditional buddhism is considered to happen is the choice to take a reserve is considered to be a choice
i don't want to go too much into this
aspect of things because it's not really on the topic of the class but
but yeah there's some idea that in some deep way we want this like for that's why we're in it
in a ways important because it means that a lot of us think well here i am you know i a fighting i didn't care do this to just sort of happened and i suddenly found myself here and buddhism has the idea that you're responsible for being sunlight or these you should take responsibility as though you
chose to be at least damage you should think of your being here as you are as something that
you're responsible for as a choice
and whether the explanations of buddhism having to do with reincarnation of the bird so forth far metaphorical and literal or some combination of the to is not really so much the point of this discussion
point is that
a precepts begin with
some however vague sense that you might have death
the first of all the factors are here at all something new if you're responsible for and certainly now the tree hear what you do with it is irresponsible
is your choice
so the and maybe make it more graphic does if you behind the board and can see the world how many same enjoy a beautiful
if you think about
have all it has happened cause you have done at the kind of triangular pyramid coming to a point in this present moment
and v
but the code of possibilities emanating from the smaller than be an inverted triangle which opened down from his mind
this picture is always are pictured in every moment is for picture
it's a different you know the contents above and below are different
a presence at the moment of your of bird your physical theory
there's a great deal below the line and not a great deal about life have done anything yet he's come out the find you cried at the all that was your first choice may vary him so much choice
ah not so intention of doctor slacking and cry from iran in the starts to fill out
but this is always the picture and
this is not the part of the below the line is not accessible to you it's already happened if no longer in no longer can be adjusted and collected all the coalesces right now
and of also what will
ah happened to you in the future is not accessible because it had happened and what is accessible is always what you are shooting to do right now and the spark of choice the a present moment and
a complete everything that has come to you which is
the word car english is not used for this
stuff below the line we say oh it was my karma as though
it's our fate in some predestined way to trip over his dollars it's my car
whatever ap
there are many many passengers and the buddhist scriptures in which the buddha is asked about fate or destiny and been consistently yeah
nice the businesses understanding
new narrower restricted and understanding of the japan and doesn't give enough credence to the fact that the critical a critical point in this picture of are active or ethical reality is because point of the credit
what you do with the luggage baggage that you're carrying some beginning was passed
he is the critical point and it's that opportunities always there
this is a special feature of human consciousness

so there really two words we have to remember one is karma
means action
have you don't worry be pocket
in fruit and action are
interacting in every moment
so the fruit of all your cassidy's comes together in the present moment
and the fruit of what you are now doing will reverberate into the future so
the interaction is very much like
the waves in a pot
you know there's some kind of waves going on all the time
some of the waves are left over from previous
planning and seldom some of them are going to be produced by
platinum and you're going to do now
and the ordinary persons effort to deal with the problems of their life is something like that you can imagine yourself as a little froggy middle of the time on a lily pad
in my ways in the pond
and kicking the way to try to make this stuff
offense to of the ordinary persons effort you know of course without realizing that you're perpetuating the whole process
so these waves in the pond or like are
our individual and collective past
where buffeted not only by our own deeds but the deeds of every language in our society and so forth not just got here we don't live in some
a little each of us do not live in some separate time we all did the same pot so many of the ways that buffet i have to deal with things that you may not under our control it all
the critical point is not that the ways are there because point in buddhism is the ways will always be there live
and security says ways of a nature of wine so some kind of time over activity is the nature of life and the nature of you would be there is no way to stop it unless be all
guys we got existed you know that get on the moon and there's no during a ways like there's no life but here on earth years this way
the issue is ah what are we going to do in response are we going to kick a create more ways and exacerbate the whole process all the while feeling
quite right is that we're doing something back and are kicking his way
we feel is with we must do this
and without realizing and perpetuate the process for in some way
do something to change your altered or stopped briefly
and the buddhist understanding of commenters today
two basic kinds
ha we could say good and bad but that's not those words in english panel to start
what's more accurate attributes to use the words wholesome and unwholesome

wholesome karma is
simply that kind of action or choice which produces a favorable results for yourself and others a favourable fruit
an anonymous the average produces an unfavorable

and there's a very precise definition of these two
again to reiterate the buddhist understanding of the source of human activity is